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Most I just haven’t met yet.SEOGorillaTactics.Tim Beachum My friend. come join me. • Facebook • Twitter www.“I view everyone in the world as being my family and friends.” .com 3 .

com 4 .you can: •Automatically get your users to give you there name and email address using the worlds leading website to help you? OMG what more do you need? •You can also automatically post to their wall! WOW! Can you see the viral potential of that? Go Right Now And Check It Out Ok. •You don’t have to learn any coding •You don’t have to install any scripts •You don’t even need a website!!!! If you have the ability to copy and paste. you can create a Facebook Optin Link in minutes. If you don’t. I warned you… If you get it. Continue reading below.SEOGorillaTactics. That’s enough. The one you used to get this free download. Just incase you missed it check this out .. you get it. www.HOLD ON… WAAAAAIIITTTTT A MINUTE!!! If you are reading this that means that you have seen the greatest technology to hit the market since the creation of the web browser. just like the one I made.. your lost.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors to SEO.SEOGorillaTactics. The question is how do you find backlinks? You are going to need to either be using the Safari browser or Firefox. I only supply the knowledge if you choose to abuse it you take full responsibility. Go to http://www. This is extremely valuable information to have when trying to find high quality backlinks. DO NOT go out and try to build a ton of backlinks in one day.GHETTO WARNING: If you abuse this information there is a good chance that you can get banned from the search engines. (My attorney told me to put some other clause here but I wanted to make sure it was crystal clear… Ok It’s on you!) NOTE: Before you start crying that you have been ripped off let me tell you that your list of a 100 directories that I promised is at the end. So make sure that you read every 5 .” They are all ranked because they have a shit load of backlinks pointing to them with the anchor text “click here” in it. you need to keep and do a search for the word. because this information is kick ass. this is a DAMN good start. Thats it… There is no big secret! I have given you a hundred backlinks. Figure 1 This little plugin allows you to see whats going on with any competitor at a glance. Even if you screw up everything else and you get this aspect of things right you can crush your competitors in just about any niche market. Once you have it installed it should look like the image in Figure 1.Google. Download and install the plugin SEOQuake. Next your going to need the SEOQuake plugin (if you do not already have it shame on you). “click here. Beyond 100 Backlinks Although a 100 backlinks is a good start. This is the exact list that I give to my team to build my backlinks. Don’t take my word for it . As always I under promise and over deliver. www.check this out. “click here” (without the quotes of course). None of the results that came up are optimized for the keyword phrase.

I use this program to immediately determine a pages PR and a few other factors that you can customize in the options section of the plugins 6 . (which is also important). www. Under the find section choose your method of finding backlinks (I recommend starting at the top of the list). how do we find backlinks? You can use the free backlink finder tool: http://seogorillatactics. Then click on the search button. . Next you will choose the domain extension you are looking to build backlinks from i. Figure 2 As you can see the SEO4FireFox plugin can gather such data as PR (which is the most important for me) and Alexa etc.e.SEOGorillaTactics.e. you now understand how to identify a good backlink.SEOQuake will allow you to determine the value of a page by showing you the ‘Page Rank’.com/free-backlink-finder-tool/ Using The Free Backlink Finder Tool This is the easiest tool that you will ever use in your The next question is.. If you are targeting Internet Marketing enter something like. ‘Alexa Rank’.edu etc. “list building” (without the quotes). . etc… You may also want to download SEO4FireFox (I highly recommend this one also). See Figure 2. Ok. . Simply enter the keyword and or the keyword phrase that you wish to target

The results that you see are prime candidates for backlinks and traffic. Well… That’s not 100% true.Figure 3 You will be taken to Google. However if you find a site with a lot of traffic (a high Alexa ranking) it is worth adding your link there. DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW LINKS I am sure you are familiar with these tags or at the very least you have heard of them before. Keep in mind that you are in this for the long 7 . Here’s a good example: I have a small niche market site that generates a few hundred dollars a month. As far as search engine with the correct search string already entered (see figure 4). they are meaningless. Because of my neglect I often loose search engine rankings over time.SEOGorillaTactics. www. However I still wanted to touch on them because many people skip over good NOFOLLOW links because they deem that they have no value. Even if you only get 1 or 2 new visitors a day it will add up over time. The site is in a highly competitive niche and I do not have the time to babysit it all the time.

I was able to generate 47% of my sites traffic from referral 8 . Figure 4 If you look at Figure 4 it will give you an idea of the type of results to expect from the backlink finder tool. www.Because of the backlinking campaigns that I had launched early on.

) The goal is to show an organic growth in your links. Just select it and do your search. If you are in a niche market more chances than not your competitors are slacking on their SEO.its awesome! NOTE: You do not always want to find high page ranks. Checkout the imagine below to see the wide variety of domain extensions that you have to choose from . If you have done your keyword sites. As you can see you should have no problems finding backlinks. Lets say that you wanted to find nothing but . that will do more harm than good. and you are targeting the correct keyword phrases you will soon be flooded with traffic. PR2 etc. The free backlink tool finder also allows you to search by a wide variety of domain extensions. Although it is time consuming the results are well worth it. Then answer the following questions: www. This is a sure fire way to crush your competitor and to move your keyword based page up in the search engine results. That will get your site flagged (If you only target PR6 websites and you have zero PR1. Go right now and do a search for one of your targeted keyword phrases and take a look at your competitors 9 .SEOGorillaTactics.In the image to the left you will see a list of resources available to you.

1 Webs Directory 11.WOW!!!! Who da man? 1. 00 Link 2. 10 SEO Tips Directory | Free Web Directory 15. 12 Step S Directory 20. 1000s. 123 Hit Links 22. 020 Web Directory 7. 10 Web Directory 14. I assure you that you will be amazed at how many people are slacking. 01Web Directory 6. Your List of Directories As always I under promised and over delivered. 1 Web Directory 9. 10 Directory 12. 000 Directory Info 4. 1 Webdirectorys 10. 0mg 8. 10four Listings 19. 101 SEO Resources 10 .• • • • • • Is the site updated? How old is the site? Does the site look trustworthy? What is the quality of the content? What is the sites Alexa ranking? What is the sites PR? Those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. 123 Kidzarea 24.SEOGorillaTactics. 000 Directory 3. 123 Hitlinks 23. 101 Web Links 17. 12 Step’s Web Directory 21. I have supplied you with 200 . You do not have to be the worlds best Internet Marketer you just have to do a little better than your competitor. 123 Stones 25. 1235 Web Directory 27. 01 Webdirectory 5. Instead of just giving you 100 links. 101 WebDirectory 18. 12Vetkong Directory www. 123 Web Directory 26.

4DM Tech 50. 4DM Tech Directory 71. 2yi 56. 1Ask Directory 34. 2WDirectory 55. 4ZF Free Directory 73. 1abc 33. 36 Towns 60. 1800 Canada 31. 3 Soft Web 57. 24x7 Active Dir 48. 1st Choice Search 38. 1a dir 32. 1Dir. 160 Marketing 30. 4My People 72. 247dir 46. 39 Italia 62. 2 Search Smart 42. 3w index 64. 48hrDirectory. 35. 5 Stars Directory www. 2Space 54. 2 Add Link 41. 24hrlinkdirectory. 24x7 Web Directory 49. 12Vetkong Directory 2 29. 4 All Directory 47. 1planetpark Directory 37. 4 you gratis 11 . 3D Web Directory 63. 321 Webdev 59.SEOGorillaTactics. 3 Web Directory 58. 1stdialup Directory 40. 1st Web Directory 39. 360link Directory 61. 1dollarlinks 69. 2cv Directory 52. 2010 Directory 43. 2day dir 53. 22 Century Tech 44. 4 Fun 66. 24x7Links. 28Wap Directory 51. 247 Web Directory 45.

Abacus Web Directory 114.A27 Online Directory 104.74.A151 Directory 107. 511 General Web Directory 76. A Podium To Add Website For Better Results 95. 500 Links 75.Aardvark Business 112. 777 Media 80.A3 Place. 71i Web Directory 79. A Big Dir 90. 777Dir. 555 Directory 78.Aaj Kal 111. 511 Web Directory 77. A1 Links 97.A1weblinks 102. 911 Catalog 86. A Christian 92. 888Links Directory 85.Com 81. 9sites Web Directory 88. A-Premium-Directory.AAA Directory 108. 7Books 82. A sports directory 96.Abacus SEO Friendly Web Directory 113.A3 Directory 105. 7si 84. A1 Web Directory 100. A list directory 94.A1Z colleges 103.Aaha in Web Directory 106. A1Web Links Directory I threw in an extra hundred directories… How cool am I? 101. 7cd 83. A free directory 93. A1 Directory Search 98.Aaa web directory 109.ABC To Me www. A 1 Directory 89. 99 Kat Directory 87.SEOGorillaTactics. A Biz Directory 12 .Abarcy 115.Abboo 116.

Add Page 155.Abstract Directory 128.Accessvisiononline Directory 131.Abhinav’s Directory 119.Add My Sites 153.Acts Christian 143.ACF Directory 139.Account directory 133.Add Good Sites.Acom Online Guide 141.Add directory easy 148.Add URL Add Directory 161.Accurate Links Directory 136.Actual Web Link Directory No Reciprocal Link 125.117.Ablogin 124.Access unlimited 129.Abilogic UK Web Directory 122.Add Site URLs 159.Accra Web Directory 135.Abcde 118.Add link suggest 152.Acne Directory 140.Adasjica Directory 147.Add Site Link 158.Actual Web Link Directory 149.Add URL 8 Directory 160.Accommodation and travel 132.SEOGorillaTactics.Abmscorpind.Add URL Computers Directory www.Add My URL to Directory 154.Add URL Ants Directory 162.Adama Directory 146.Absolute Top Web Directory 127.Add Google URL 151.Abi Real Estate 13 .AbiFind 121.Accountants pages 134.Access Web 130.Add Page 24x7 156.Active Web Directory 142.Add Site Direcory 157.Acelink Directory 138.Accustomed Latholi Free Directory 137.Add Google Directory 150.Abso-Bloody-Lutely 126.Ablaze directory 123.

Add URL Games Directory 169.SEOGorillaTactics.Fast Approval 181.Add URL Now Dirlist 79 .Add URL Store Dirlist 8 www.Add URL Shopping Directory 199.Fast Approval 183.Add URL Link Aloox 172.Fast Approval 184.Add URL Now Dirlist 17 Fast Approval 187.Add URL Recreation Directory 197.Add URL Free Submit Link Free 168.Add URL Store Dirlist4 200.Add URL Home Directory 171.Add URL Search Directory 198.Add URL Now Dirlist 43 Fast Approval 189.Add URL Now Dirlist 56 .Add URL Now Dirlist 64 .Add URL Now dirlist5 193.Add URL Now Dirlist 83 .com 14 .Add URL Now dirlist8 195.Fast Approval 177.Add URL Now Dirlist 99 Fast Approval 186.Add URL Now Dirlist 80 .Fast Approval 179.Add URL Now Dirlist 50 Fast Approval 190.Add URL Now Dirlist 93 Fast Approval 191.Fast Approval 180.Add URL Now Dirlist 52 .163.Fast Approval 178.Add URL Now Dirlist 84 185.Add URL NOW dirlist 174.Add URL Now dirlist1 192.Add URL Name Directory 173.Add URL Health Directory 170.Add URL Now Dirlist 55 .Fast Approval 176.Add URL Now dirlist6 194.Add URL Dmoz Directory 165.Add URL FREE 167.Add URL Now Dirlist 51-Fast Approval 175.Add URL For Directory 166. Add URL Now Dirlist 53 .Add URL Now dirlist9 196.Add URL Now Dirlist 18 Fast Approval 188.Fast Approval 182.Add URL Directories 164.Add URL Now Dirlist 81 .

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