Two Stilll Waters Collective Teens to join Brave New Voices this Summer

Angela Thompson, a senior at Riverside High School, and Nicole White, a junior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, will join four students from Madison, WI, to represent Team Wisconsin at the 12th Annual Brave New Voices Festival & Competition. Brave New Voices 2009 features over 500 Teen Poetry Slam Champions from 45 parts of the country and 5 additional cities from across the globe, representing over 50,000 young poets in their local communities. These young writers are a diverse, creative, intelligent group of trend setting community and cultural leaders. They come to Brave New Voices each year not only to compete, but to attend world-class workshops led by renowned poets and writers, participate in youth development programs, and highlight the voices of a new generation of leadership. Brave New Voices 2009 will take place in Chicago, IL from July 14 - 19. P: 415.255.9035 F: 415.255.9065. For more info visit ==================================================================

HBO presents: Brave New Voices
A 7-episode series highlighting the voices of 21st Century America Narrated by Queen Latifah Airing on HBO ll PM ET/PT Beginning Sunday, April 5th "Without language, we are nothing." -Jamaica Osorio & Ittai Wong All over the United States, a new generation of poets is emerging. This new HBO series captures teenagers picking up the pen and taking hold of the microphone with passion, intelligence, creativity, honesty and power. These voices of 21st Century America transcend race, class, gender, orientation, and red state/blue state politics as they show us all what the next generation of leaders looks and sounds like. Brave New Voices is a new seven-part series that features teenage poets and their mentors from San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Santa Fe, Ft. Lauderdale, Honolulu and Ann Arbor as they prepare for Youth Speaks' 2008 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Finals.

These young poets represent a growing national movement featuring thousands and thousands of teenagers writing and performing spoken word as a way to have voice in their communities and in the nation as a whole. These are the Brave New Voices and the organizations that support them. The youth represent an amazing blend of spoken word, hip-hop, poetry, music, power, voice, imagination, and more. Brave New Voices sheds light onto this largely unseen world, putting an honest spotlight on some of the most dynamic young adults in the country. The 2008 Brave New Voices Festival (BNV) was held in Washington, D, just three months before the presidential election. In the shadow of the White House, America's youth challenged each other with words and ideas. For five outspoken days in July 2008, over 500 talented teen poets and spoken word artists from teams around the country joined together for workshops, poetry readings, late-night cyphers, political organizing, and of course, to vie for top honors at the National Youth Poetry Slam. They came from urban, rural and suburban areas, from the Deep South, Native American reservations, Hawaii, college towns and even from across oceans. Their backgrounds were diverse, yet they shared a passion for opening minds and hearts - starting with their own.. For many of the poets, the BNV festival was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. They left their family, got on a plane, performed in front of a crowd of thousands and found new opportunities for growth and friendship beyond borders. Equally life-changing was the four-month journey to get ready for the festival. Eventually, one team rose above the rest to become the 2008 National Youth Slam Poetry Champion. But all were winners. Join us for this unique four-month journey and listen to the Brave New Voices of today. Still Waters Collective 300 W. Walnut St. Milwaukee, WI 53212 414.265.1500 fax.265.1515 ================================================================== Still Waters Open Mic Poetry Series Taste of Art Cafe, 4701 W. Lisbon 8 pm - 10:30 pm Buffet Dinner & Show - $10 Show Only - $5

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