The Yamasi /Yamassee Enrollment Application and Form

The Yamasi /Yamassee Native American Association of Nations

Treaty of Camp Holmes -TREATY WITH THE COMANCHE & WITCHETAW, and Associated Bands., 1835. Aug. 24, 1835. | 7 Stat., 474. | Proclamation, May 19, 1836.

1a. First Name- Birth Name

2a. Last Name

For Office Use Only – Native Name

Please list all other names along with the name of the county and state you resided in during the use of the name. List names on these lines. 4d.Eye Color

3c. Other Names- alias


County and State

1. 2.

5e. Blood Type

6f. Current Mailing Address

City 7g.Height 10j. Social Security

State 8h.Weight

Zip code 9i.Nationality

11k.Birth Date (mm/dd/year) 12l. Email

Home Phone Please note:

Work Phone


All Items Must Be filled in completely for application to be Processed. Applications returned with missing info will be discarded until all necessary information is received.
Occupation Company Address Education-Name of School Location Date Attended (mm-ddyear)

Company Name

Degree / Diploma

Details: Rank Date(s) Served .List any Children Child’s Birth date Mother Name Are you the Legal Guardian? License/Certificates State Type Date of Issue Personal ReferencesName City/State Relationship Contact Phone Felony Convictions YES / NO Misdemeanors YES / NO Pending Legal Matters YES / NO Circle One If you answered yes to any of the above Questions Please List Details below: Are You Employed by any Federal or State Agency? YES / NO If you Circled Yes Please Circle One: FBI / GBI / NSA /CIA/DEA/ ATF or if not listed fill in here :______________________________________ Please Explain service Details: Are you a member of a Communist Party Have you Served in the Military? Branch YES / NO If yes.

WITHOUT PREJUDICE to any of those rights.YES / NO Honorable Discharge? YES / NO Disabilities? YES / NO Last Physical check up date: Health Issues? YES / NO Please List any Contagious diseases or ailments: CERTIFICATION BOX Initial here X_________ This certifies that this request was completed by me. PERJURY JURAT Under penalty of perjury under the laws of the Constitution of the Yamassee Native Americans.1 Who referred you?________________________________________________________________ ( ) Enrollment Fee $500.00 Payment Method: O Postal Money Order All fees are to be mailed to the address in the header. Submitting this document via email. I/We now affix our signatures to all the affidavits herein. with EXPLICIT RESERVATION OF ALL OUR UNALIENANLE RIGHTS. And further deponents sayeth not. I authorize Mt. snail mail or hand delivery with the certification box checked will validate that you have certified all information put forward. Signature: Date: *********FOR OFFICE USE ONLY********* Application accepted Date: Filing Clerk Reason: CLERK ID NUMBER: / Accepted / Denied Tribal Affiliation: / Authorized by Chief: National ID # Issued - INARS RECORDER # Certificate of Naturalization Issued? Cert# Date of Issue: / / Auth Signature of Chief of Tribe Form Nationalization SGSWYNA-011810-v1. ‘Arafat to make whatever investigation deems necessary. I affirm that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my/our informed knowledge. I know that false or misleading information may result in disqualification. O Cashiers Bank Check . and that all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

culture tests. as well as an inside look at our INDIGENOUS TREATY of PEACE and FRIENDSHIP with the United States Government. (PLEASE Initial each number below showing that you have read the entire policy and procedure). workshops. Dated:______________ Registrants Autograph:__________________________________________________________ Services We offer CENSUS RECORD ($250) NATIONAL ID ($40) PASS PORT CARD ($45) DUPLICATE OF CERTIFICATE OF Enrollment ($45) YAMASSEE NATIVE AMERICAN POLICY & PROCEDURES We would like to thank you for your registration with YAMASSEE NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of NATIONS (YNAAN).I hereby enroll as a National of the Yamasi/Yamassee Native American Association Nations. and constitution tests over the period of a one-year term. YAMASSEE NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of NATIONS. state identification. These Policy and Procedures are your authorized ticket to enter the YAMASSEE NATION. & social security card – We use these items to verify you are eligible for enrollment. At the end of one-year you will be administered the oath to become a voting Yamasi / Yamassee Citizen Mandatory items to complete your enrollment process are : Official copy of a Birth certificate. . and lectures. to access all Yamassee trainings. providing initiation into our NATION through naturalization registration. we hope to provide you a complete education of the YAMASSEE Cherokee culture. You will receive a series of language tests. I have received an introduction from a qualified Yamasi / Yamassee Official Representative. conferences.

forms. I declare that I am of legal age.. courts. regulatory branch or . conference calls.g. Yamassee will issue to you its common law copy righted educational materials and will issue to you all of your rights and rules of how to maintain your YNAAN Enrollment / NATURALIZATION. and Mount Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native Americans (MA’ECYNA) via the Embassy office in California. I understand that I will receive periodic communication and informative services. and instructors) shall be deemed private between the parties. 6. and that YNAAN government has neither coerced me.00. I understand that I will receive my YNAAN Enrollment / Naturalization Documents (Credentials). recordings. 5. and I agree to uphold the integrity of YNAAN. according to my current state of domicile. 1. discussions between myself and YAMASSEE officials. by any means to make the decision to Nationalize into the YNAAN Clan. Chiefs. and Education. depending on your nationality) credentials at a cost of $500. and also consulting with Yamassee appointed counsel. or tribunals. standards. I understand that upon receipt of my application of Enrollment. 3. Nationals. (e. emails. This agreement is not binding or enforceable until received and accepted by the Yamassee Native American Association of Nations (YNAAN) government. and constitutional laws that govern the Yamassee Nation. you must register to receive Enrollment (or Naturalization. I affirm that I have received adequate introductory information from a YNAAN official. I understand that I will receive all necessary forms and instructions on code of ethics. Upon your Enrollment. 4. without first having followed YNAAN procedures. economic and wealth development success. duplications. flyers. I shall receive a welcome letter via personal email or mail (USPS) which is provided upon signing of this Enrollment contract. power points presentations. Elders. and by telephone. intellectual properties. I understand that all content. I understand that I will receive information on other valuable products and services from YNAAN government and that my Enrollment / Naturalization with YNAAN provides me an opportunity to acquire additional training to enhance my cultural. I also understand that should I accept the Yamassee Enrollment / Naturalization I am NOT to submit the prescription to any USA governmental authorities. nor has forced me. you will be assigned to a regional chief where additional administrative fees may apply.COST of Enrollment: To declare your YAMASSEE NATIONALITY. which will be conducted by YNAAN instructors and YNAAN government officials. personal. I understand that I may receive information primarily via the Internet. 2. federal agencies. strategies. I do understand that all Enrollment fees are non-refundable. I am responsible for the payment of all YNAAN taxes and any other tax required under Yamassee Law. business.

Once I am notified by YNAAN officials of any revised policies and procedures. where and if applicable to me. persons. money order and all taxes and fees are nonrefundable. 9. or Chiefs that I may encounter while being an active or inactive YNAAN NATIONAL. laws. 13. 10. and products are subject to these Policy and Procedures. local and international organizations. All YAMASSEE services. 12. If I choose to become a YNAAN National again. I agree that such policies and procedures. I agree to never misrepresent YNAAN (Mt Arafat Embassy Clan) or any of its Instructors. federal. 11. and bylaws. properties. become a binding part of this Agreement.only cashier’s check. contracts or instructions that I hold with YNAAN MA’ECYNA. or Organization. I do understand that expatriation from YNAAN means that I will no longer receive any benefits or services from YNAAN Mt Arafat Embassy Clan. I also understand that after 72 hours of the posted date of delivery. rules and regulations. the notice is considered effective and the policies and procedures considered binding upon all YNAAN nationals. county. I understand that from time to time YNAAN may develop and/or modify its policies and procedures. I understand that I am not to circumvent or violate any private matter. I understand that the YNAAN GOVERNMENT STATED HEREIN may give me notice of policies and procedures revisions by posting any such modifications by selected mediums. all state. compensation programs. conversations. I understand that all YNAAN Nationals must be initiated into the YNAAN Clan by a LIVING MAN or a LIVING WOMAN. Please review the entire Policy and Procedures included herein. constitutions and Laws. Corporation. I understand that my Enrollment / naturalization fee cannot be submitted via personal check . upon notice to me. Elders. monetary cost of services. Elders. Officers. Upon denouncing my YNAAN Enrollment / Naturalization. . I must follow all instructions provided with the notice. and officials must be notified within 30 days of expatriation. and Nationals. compensation programs. and all changes shall. Instructors. Nationality Status Requirement 8. and not by a PERSON. I understand that I must submit a new YNAAN application and all fees apply. I understand that I have the option to expatriate or denounce citizenship as a YNAAN National at any time.taxing agency of Yamassee government with which I must comply. 7. Nationals. including its Chiefs. Individual.

I understand that my request to terminate requires my wet ink signature. All services provided must be deemed appropriate by YAMASSEE GOVERNMENT and a YAMASSEE BUSINESS LICENSE is required. I am not to use these lists of names for any commercial purpose or marketing schemes outside of YNAAN. I understand that if I breach this agreement. or any Terms and Conditions as stated HEREIN.00 per infraction.14. 21. 18. purpose. I understand that I must adhere to the YNAAN oath. Bands. which are considered inappropriate means of expatriation or cancellation. I must speak neither negative nor deregulatory nor say anything that will be found to be untrue or defaming of YNAAN. I must forward my decision in writing to the YNAAN Embassy. I must return all YNAAN materials to any local YNAAN CHIEF or local YNAAN CONSULATE. I understand that once authorized to use YNAAN’s list of names. Chiefs. Clans. 17. Elders. or other services. declarations. as well as misappropriating its mission. 19. I understand that should I alter any YNAAN materials. . 22. and will not be honored as an authorization of YNAAN to cancel or terminate my Enrollment / Naturalization. and my YNAAN Enrollment / Naturalization are deemed to be proprietary and private information protected and held as property of YNAAN GOVERNMENT. and may not be conducted over the phone or via email.00 to $5000. 23. YNAAN MA’ECYNA will seek legal action against me for defamation of character and slander. I understand that YNAAN’s lists of names. policies and procedures. or terms and conditions without consent of YNAAN GOVERNMENT. trainings. Policy and Procedures. All services provided must be both ethical and moral and may not infringe upon YNAAN GOVERNMENT and its Constitution. 20. or Instructors. 15. I will be immediately PROSECUTED in the YNAAN Court. I understand that after YNAAN receives my Cancellation Notice. constitutions. Nationals. I understand that. other subsidiaries without the written consent of an authorized Official of YNAAN GOVERNMENT. first and foremost. I understand that upon dissolution or expatriation of my YNAAN Enrollment / Naturalization. I understand that should YNAAN GOVERNMENT find me in contempt. Tribes. its officers. 24. Each of these charges is enforceable at $5000. I will be fined $500. without prior written consent of YNAAN GOVERNMENT. and must always honor the Elders of the clan. I cannot create or modify any materials to promote YNAAN or its. I also understand that should I decide to expatriate from YNAAN. 16.00 per incident.

I understand that YNAAN GOVERNMENT will ship products and services within 15 to 30 days of receipt of order and clearance of funds. I do state that I am responsible for any and all taxes payable in my resident domicile or jurisdiction wherein a tax is applicable to me. Taxes: I understand that in no way does YNAAN GOVERNMENT condone tax evasion or support individuals or companies that carry out or attempt to carry out such activities. 27. correct and complete. I understand that my Enrollment / Naturalization constitutes being in agreement with the YNAAN Constitution and these Policies and Procedures. 29. 30. Elders. I have completed this application truthfully and to the best of my ability and understand that any conflicting information may result in legal action and prevent the acceptance of my application. _______________________________________ Application Printed Name _______________________________________ Application Autograph Red Ink THUMBPRINT . I affix my autograph to all the affirmations in this entire document and I certify that the statements set forth are grounded in fact. other family members or associates by each completing a separate Application and forwarding all applicable fees to YNAAN or MA’ECYNA. to the best of my knowledge. 28.25. and Associated Bands and Tribes OATH & VERIFICATION IN WITNESS WHEREOF I hereunto set my hand and seal on this _______ day of _____________________________ and hereby certify that all the statements made above are true. I understand that YNAAN will not return/refund any fees or taxes once I have registered for Enrollment / Naturalization. Some products and services shall be subject to availability of items ordered. 26. I understand that this Agreement and the Policies and Procedures constitute the partial and not the entire agreement between me and YNAAN Chiefs. I understand that I can register my spouse. I understand that these policies and procedures will be governed by and construed to be in accordance with common law copy righted bylaws and constitutions binding to the YNAAN GOVERNMENT.

and that by his/her/their autograph(s) on the instrument the man.Jurat STATE OF ________________________ COUNTY OF ______________________ ) ) SS: ) ACKNOWLEDGMENT On before me. or the entity upon behalf of which the person(s) acted. who proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the man. woman. a duly empowered notary public. or person(s). or person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she/they executed the same in his/her/their authorized capacity(ies). personally appeared _____________________________________________________________. WITNESS my hand and official seal. I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the State of ________________________ that the foregoing paragraph is true and correct. _________________________________________ Notary Public Signature _________________________________________ Notary Public Printed Name _________________________________________ Date Commission Expires seal: . woman. executed the instrument.

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