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regional exponent for progress
Bicol, the philippines April 14-20, 2013 P5.00

Sarion seeks reelection as Daet mayor
vol. XX, NO. 38

DSWD, media launch war versus ‘Epal’
along with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has partnered with the local media to undertake efforts to unmask politicians who are capitalizing on 4Ps and using the program to influence its beneficiaries to elect them. The partnership was formalized yesterday during the launch of “Bawal ang Epal Dito” campaign in Camarines Sur, which was held in this city. The campaign aims to advise the public, particularly the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), that only DSWD has the sole authority to remove from the list any member who are noncompliant to the regulations stipulated under the Conditional Cash Transfer. DSWD Bicol public affairs chief Agnes Mayor said the campaign is being simul(Turn to page 6)

Dir. garcia
NAGA CITY — Candidates are discouraged to place their faces and names in tarpaulins along with the information or data on the 4Ps, neither are they allowed to mention about the government’s conditional cash transfer program and brag about their supposed participation in its implementation. Wanting to ensure the success of the campaign, the Department of Social Welfare and Development

Naga City gov’t starts search for mayoral awardees
By Analiza S. Macatangay NAGA CITY -- In preparation for this city’s 65th City Charter Anniversary in June, the committee for the Search for Naga City Mayoral awardees has started the hunt for Nagueños who have excelled in their respective craft and contributed to Naga City’s growth, honor and glory. This year, the award program will be composed of four major categories that include the Mayoral Recognition Award, the Jesse M. Robredo Youth Award, Leon SA. Aureus Award – the second highest city award and the Juan Q. Miranda Award, the highest city Award formerly known as the Distinguished Mayoral Award.

The search committee has started gathering and collating entries or nominations and encouraging every resident as

DAET, CAMARINES NORTE --- Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion, who is running for his third term as mayor of Daet, the capital town of Camarines Norte under the Liberal Party (LP), has stressed the importance of his main platform of governance, the “Daet On The Go” as the only effective vehicle to ensure the continued progress of this town. In a recent political gathering, Sarion discussed the components of “Daet On The Go,” which consists of the availability of Daet Comprehensive Development Plan; anti-crime and anti-vices campaign and disaster risks reduction; education, training and personnel development; tourism, culture and the arts; organizational development; natural resources, environment and food security; technology application and investment promotion; health for all; economic enterprise development; global linkages, twinning and international relations; and operational infrastructure facilities and local government enterprises. Sarion is supported by incumbent Vice Mayor well to take part in the quest Felix Q. Abogado and for exemplary individuals majority of the incumbent who have backed the city’s councilors such as Joan ideals. Kristine T. de Luna, SherThe Search for Naga City win Q. Asis, Rosa Mia L. Mayoral Awards 2013 is open King, Elmer M. Bacuño, to native Nagueñas or Nague- Jose Angelo Coreses, Reños or to migrant Filipino citi- nato Moreno and Felix C. zens who have resided in Naga Abano as well as former City for at least five years and councilor Corazon Yuzonthose who were born in this Bacerdo. city although now residing in Sarion’s line-up is supother places. porting the re-election bid Groups who have also ex- of CamNorte Governor emplified themselves through Edgardo A. Tallado, Vicetheir outstanding feats can also Governor Jonah Pimentel be nominated. They should be and former Congresswomcomposed of individuals or- an Liwayway Vinzons(Turn to page 2) (Turn to page 7)

3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


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April 14-20, 2013

LEGAZPI CITY -– The regional office of the Deparment of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) here ordered the dismantling of campaign ads that have been fixed with nails and staple wires on living trees. “We are ready with our ‘Operation Baklas’ to deal with these illegal political advertisements everywhere around Bicol,” said DENR regional executive director Gilbert Gonzales. He said he instructed DENR field personnel and deputized agents to go around places on a daily routine starting on the first day of the campaign period on March 29 to immediately remove nailed or stapled campaign paraphernalia on trees. This operation is to protect the trees, the DENR regional chief said, as he warned that his office will not hesitate to impose penalties on those who will be caught nailing posters, billboards, tarpaulins and streamers on any living tree, be it in private properties, along roads and highways or public parks. Charges may also be lodged against candidates who own the paraphernalia for violation of Resolution No. 7767 of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in accordance with Republic Act 9006 otherwise known as the Fair Election Act. Fixing campaign posters on trees with the use of nails or staple wires is prohibited under Section 23 of the resolution, Gonzales said. Hundreds of trees in different municipalities of Albay can be seen adorned with campaign materials nailed on them, to the dismay of the Comelec and DENR officials.

DENR removes campaign materials on trees

Pay Correct Taxes
(Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International – is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). DEADLINES: We wish to alert everyone that the last day for the filing of income tax returns (ITR) is on Monday – April 15, 2013. For businessmen, their ITRs must be properly supported by audited financial statements attested by an accredited External Auditor (CPA). Entrusting to others the task of filing returns with payment of taxes due does not relieve taxpayers of responsibilities. Misfeasances of associates or contracted professional may cause you to pay twice. There are findings by the BIR that fake or unscrupulous bookkeepers or accountants are taking advantage of the tax filing season. Misrepresenting tax agents fake BIR receipts to their clients. When the anomalies were discovered, taxpayer-victims had to pay the taxes once again. Opinions Unlimited advises taxpayer to be careful in hiring agents even as professional accreditations are verified. CPAs need to be accredited by BOA-PRC, BIR and other regulatory bodies to practice auditing, ANTIDOTE: The best way to avoid hassles including subsequent BIR investigations is by computing tax liabilities, filing returns on time, and paying correct taxes due. Taxpayers wanting to relax as they comply with tax laws should select their accountants and auditors well. Oftentimes, tax avoidance advisories may turn out to be illegal evasions if not properly thought of and implemented

opinions unlimited
without due regard to regulations. Businessmen economizing tax compliances by hiring fly-by-night professionals or pseudo-CPAs are finding out lately their costly mistakes. BIR now has and procedures with which to check on errant taxpayers. One effective way is the third party information system whereby computerized transaction reports of counterparties are reconciled with taxpayers’ financial statements. Discrepancy findings are investigated by way of Letter Notices, leading to deficiency assessments. SUPPLEMENT: Rather lately – BIR issued Rev. Memo Circular #27-2013, instructing all taxpayers to submit a onepage mandatory attachment to their 2012 corporate Income Tax Returns, showing a breakdown of the regular itemized deductions claimed in the ITR. The breakdown must be aligned/ reconciled with the accounts in the audited financial statements. Corporations availing of the Optional Standard Deduction (OSD) – are NOT REQUIRED to submit said

Naga City gov’t starts . . .
ganized or domiciled in Naga City for at least five years and was organized by Nagueñas or Nagueños have been in existence for the same period. Criteria also provides that no individual person, group or institution may receive both the Juan Q. Miranda Award and Leon SA.Aureus Award on the same year. An awardee can only receive the Juan Q. Miranda Award, formerly the Mayoral Distinguished Award once in his lifetime. One can be nominated though in other lower awards if his current endeavor will merit the criteria set by the Award committee. As a general rule, there shall be no posthumous awards except on an instance that the nominee or awardee dies during the nomination process. Mayor John Bongat of this city said that the award program is their way of honoring men and women, particularly Nagueños and Nagueñas who have put Naga City on a significantly remarkable spot through their efforts and passion for service, dedication to work and excellence in his chosen field of endeavor. “This is also our way of encouraging others to follow these role models and be counted as a productive member of Naga City, wherever they may be. The positive contribution of the awardees will be taken into consideration irrespective of its scope, whether it belongs to the local, regional, national or done outside of the country.” For more information and queries, interested parties may get their nomination forms at the Awards and Committee Secretariat at the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office , Ground Floor Raul S. Roco Library at City Hall or they may call telephone number (054) 4783987 or the Search Coordinator at 472-3235. Deadline of submission of the accomplished nomination is on May 6, 2013.

attachment. This requirement is being imposed in the light of the BIR strategy instructing their people to conduct preliminary examinations of all ITRs being filed. Under our Self-Assessment System of Taxation – the taxpayers (or their auditors/accountants) determine their taxable net income and compute the income tax payable. Once the ITR is filed, BIR has three (3) years within which to check the filed statements and the taxes paid. SEC REPORTS: There are two reports required by SEC to be submitted by corporate entities – the first are the Audited Financial Statements (which must be BIR-stamped). To prevent overcrowding in the receiving area – SEC ordered that on or before April 12, 2013 – all corporations may submit their AFS regardless of the ending of their SEC Certificate. After said date – the weekly deadlines are based on the number-endings (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, and 9&0). The other required report is the General Information Sheet – which is due within 30 days after the Annual Stockholders’ or Membership meeting. Submission of the Minutes of Meetings is no longer required. If no actual meeting was held – the Corporate Secretary must report that fact to SEC by way of a Sworn Statement – declaring therein when said annual meeting will be held, if there will be one. PROVERB: Gray hair is a pretty crown of splendor; it is attained by living a righteous life!

Why are there Political Dynasties and Scrutiny of Candidates’ qualification
The May 13, 2013 national and local election is almost at hand. Once again, the people will exercise their right of suffrage to elect or reject candidates. This is the advantage of being in a democratic country because the people are free to express their preference in an election. Section 1 of the “Declaration of Principles and State Policies” of our Constitution provides the following: ”The Philippines is a Democratic and Republican State, sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” Hence, the people’s choice in the election prevails. Why are there political dynasties? Political dynasties exist because the people elect them probably because the people are satisfied with their performance as public servants. If they are bad public servants, people will not elect them. There are also political dynasties that have disappeared from the political scene. It’s time for the electorate to scrutinize the qualifications, official and personal track record and character of the candidates --to see who is best qualified to the position they are aspiring for and be able to serve their constituents and the country better. I am hereunder writing the qualification

from my window
 nenita fuentebella-peÑones
and accomplishments of congressional candidate in the 4th district (Partido) of CamSur Felix William “Wimpy” Fuentebella. I hope his rival actor Aga Muhlach will also inform the people of his qualification and track record, so that they can make an informed choice. * Finished his BS Business Administration at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. * Began studies in Law at Ateneo School of Law, Rockwell. * Continued and obtained his Law degree from San Sebastian Recolletos in 2006. * Passed the Bar in 2009.

* Was elected Representative of the Partido District of CamSur in 2001. * Served as House Majority Floor Leader. * Authored a House Resolution inquiring into the proper use of the Judicial Development Fund. * Filed an impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Hilario Davide. * Was responsible for the timely passage of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (RA 9160), which he coauthored. * Pursued the legislative amendments in the Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184) to provide warranties for government infrastructure projects. * Co-authored six hundred ninety three (693) bills of national and local application, of which 64 passed in the House, including the Rent Control Act (RA 9161). * Improved link between municipalities by building bridges and refurbishing or concreting roads, using foreign and local funding sources. * Improved communication within Partido and connectivity to the rest of the world by inviting telecom giants to set up cell sites. (To be continued next week)

Are Pinoys really happy people?
Family affair. That is how people see it, this charade euphemistically described as elections, monopolized by the same political families occupying the same positions for decades. They are again seeking the same posts through close kin to, hold your breath, serve you and make your life easier, swearing God is their witness to their pledge. Deep inside, they are laughing in fiendish glee at how easy people can be fooled. What else is new? Nothing new. With the same families holding the same posts, the same people who have kept this land impoverished, what are our chances of escaping from the curse. Will there be change? There will be change from bad to baddest.

A Question of privilege

Head, Advertising Associates 0920-533-7766

Lee G. Dullesco II

salvador d. flor

Let us change the topic. If you go by the number of your neighbors smiling after a disaster strikes, you will probably conclude that we are a happy people, perhaps even the happiest in the globe.

A not too recent article printed in the Philippine Star written by Scott R. Garceau, How do you measure happiness? Stressed that the happiest peoples are not from the Philippines nor from the United States. The author, quoting Forbes magazine, listed five countries in Europe with happiest peoples. They are Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherland. This was the result of a survey conducted in l55 countries from 2005 to 2009 by Gallup. Gallup attributed this sunny condition to the five countries ‘ economic prosperity. They are rich with high per capita income and other material benefits u heard of in the Philippines and elsewhere in Third World nations.

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April 14-20, 2013

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Legazpi deploys special police unit to protect tourists
By Danny O. Calleja

NCF signs MOA for child sponsorship program
CFC Ancop Tekton Foundation, Inc. (CFC ANCOP), in partnership with Naga College Foundation, consolidated its effort in providing quality education to the Bicolanos through CFC ANCOP’s Child Sponsorship Program. CFC ANCOP is established for the purpose of consolidating Couple for Christ’s efforts in building the church for the poor and its mission of answering the cry of the poor, further believing that a child’s education is the key to human development. NCF will be providing 50% discount on tuition fees and incidental fees are to be provided by CFC ANCOP.

Mayon volcano
LEGAZPI CITY -– They are called the “tourism police,” a uniformed contingent of the local police force deployed in all tourism sites here to ensure that tourists and visitors are protected from felons and secured during emergency situations. While street criminality in the city that may victimize tourists and visitors is considered “very low” at all seasons, City Mayor Geraldine Rosal on Friday said “we deemed it advisable to field this special team of police personnel to ensure that none of these people coming over from different places of the country and abroad fall prey to criminal elements.” Initially, she said, Chief Supt. Clarence Guinto, Philippine National Police (PNP) regional director for Bicol, has provided the city 36 welltrained police personnel as the tourism police team. Included in their training were on foreign languages that, apart from English, include among others Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Seeing uniformed police personnel in tourism sites also generate a feeling of security among tourists, making their stay comfortable and convenient for them, according to Rosal. Apart from providing security, these tourism policemen and women are also tasked to assist tourists, attend to complaints and respond to emergency calls like traffic accidents and any other untoward incidents that may take place, she said. “The creation of these tourist police units is a noble program for the safety of everyone and timely for the influx of tourists, vacationers, balikbayans, excursionists,
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CSP scholars may maintain a minimum of 18 units load per semester in any four (4) year college program like Arts, Design and Music; Criminal Justice Education; Business

Administration and Hospitality Programs; Computer Science, Education and Liberal Arts, Medical and Healthcare and Social Sciences. NCF is now accepting

scholar-applicants for academic year 2013. Please visit the Alumni External Relations Office, Rm 601, MTV Building. You may also call or text us at 0999-426-8363.

UNEP Interns off to TV5 for hands-on training
In line with the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) Media Relations and Communications Department’s program, sophomore students are being sent to big and prestigious television networks in Metro Manila to have an actual experience in news gathering, research and other related works. This year, UNEP AB Communication Arts students, Mark Anthony M. Ilano, Joy B. Blancada and sisters Merille and Christine Molina were the lucky recipients of TV 5 Internship program. With them are two (2) students from the Communications Engineering Department, Benmar M. Boslon and Joselito A. Hinlo. The team is now off in TV5 Manila to have a handson experience on the said television network. They were personally endorsed to the television management by UNEP Media Relations and Communication Department Director Melody M. Ordonez. “We usually endorse our students to the networks where they will take their internship. We want to make sure that they will be given enough exposure, particularly on TV production operations. Our interns have to spend 240 hours to complete their required hours for internship ,” Ordoñez said in an interview. Assigned at the News and Information Department, particularly in Radyo Singko Program, the group of Ilano will have a chance to conduct the actual news gathering that they have learned in some of their Communications subjects. They will also be given tasks to research, conduct interviews, collate the data and finish the task with a news material. “We want to look at this experience as the start of opening ourselves to the possibility of entering the broadcast industry or related works after graduation. We are excited at the thought that we will have an opportunity to personally touch some of the state of the art equipment- the ones that we have just seen in our lectures, and indulge ourselves in the actual broadcast work,” Ilano stated. The two (2) Communication Engineering students were also assigned in the network’s Technical Department. Aside from the internship, UNEP’s Communications Students are also being exposed to the privilege of conquering the international scene through UNEP’s media education programs. The International Center for Communications Studies or ICCS, for one has been its constant partner in the related activities. This upcoming semester, UNEP once again opens its doors to students who want to become part of the Communication Department and be included in the long list of UNEP’s Global Achievers.

“Naga excursions” launched to boost Metro Naga tourism
NAGA CITY --- With an eye to strenghtening its position as a premiere tourism destination, Metro Naga, an alliance of sixteen local government units at the core of Camarines Sur, has launched March 23 this year, a new brand called “Naga Excursions.” Naga Excursions, or simply Naga X, is anchored on the colorful, vibrant and nurturing environment of Metro Naga. The same concepts were also behind the festive mood at the launching of the brand at the historic Plaza Rizal of this city. Naga X presents tourism packages that are diverse and satisfying, and appeals to a wide range of visitors including groups of friends and family members out for fun and adventure, devotees who wish reconnect with or strengthen their faith, and professional, civic, religious groups and organizations who wish to hold their meetings and conventions in a place that affords urban comforts while providing easy access to a wide array of attractive destinations.

DPWH Bicol to remove ‘epal’ billboards on public works proj
LEGAZPI CITY -- Billboards of “epal” politicians claiming credit to completed and ongoing public infrastructure projects in Bicol will be dismantled by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). “We have a standing order from our central office issued by DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo directing us to tear down these billboards mounted by politicians and I have tasked all heads of our engineering districts across the region for its immediate implementation,” Danilo Dequito, the public works and highways regional director based here, said on Friday. These are “epal” billboards that should not be seen on or near government projects as these sow misinformation, Dequito said. “Epal” is the informal Filipino term that refers to politicians who are seeking public attention by claiming a government project or service as a product of their own efforts. They are considered as persons who are annoying and obnoxious or someone who does incredibly stupid things to attract attention. These epals, also called “mapapel” (attention seeker), are obviously after the votes of those that they would be able to convince by the misinformation they are spreading. According to DPWH Bicol assistant regional director Jesus Salmo, their central office in Manila has received numerous complaints on these epal billboards mounted over or near infrastructure projects of the national government. These complaints prompted the DPWH to come up with Department Order (DO) No. 30 as early as May 7, 2012 that directs all its regional offices to affect the removal of these campaign materials, Salmo said. Although the order allows DPWH field offices implementing it to place project billboards that inform the public what the ongoing works are all about, it should comply with the specified size of only 4x8 feet in size and no name of politician on it, Salmo said. Contractors undertaking the projects are also instructed by the order not to place billboards bearing names of politicians along roads right(Turn to page 6)

With the newly-minted Metro Naga Tour and Travel Operators (MENATTO) and the Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC) as driving forces behind it, the formal launching also brought to the fore unique aspects and important features of Naga X. Indigenous therapists known popularly as the hilots of Magarao, a kalesa ride, the performance by theater artists of a parts of a play depicting

the devotion to the Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia, and the choice of venue, the historic Plaza Rizal, decked with buntings and lit up with pyrotechnics - all highlighted the colors and local flavors that figure prominently in Naga X. Booths featuring destinations and participating service establishments provided guests and onlookers with a foretaste of the Naga X tour

packages that cover eco-adventures, pilgrimage, heritage tours and island excursions. Newly opened attractions were also offered including rides on all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) exciting routes at the foot of Mt. Isarog, as well as zip line rides, wall climbing and many other fun activities at popular resorts in upper Naga. Naga Mayor John G. Bon(Turn to page 6)


bikol reporter


April 14-20, 2013

Dokotan mo an Sakong Kinaban
(Color My World)
Dios mabalos duman sa mga nagka-erenot na nagsurat manunungod sa dokot (color) kan Bikol, huli Ta nata’wan ako nin sarahutan tangani man na ikaheras ko mga sakong naaaraman asin namamatean. Dakulang kasusupgan an manubli kun igwa man sana kitang nasasaray, siring baga kan tataramon. Maooras daw ini kun parating ginagamit? Halimbawa na an dai nin plato, maninigo bagang gumamit na sana nin dahon o upas nin batag, dai pang huhugasan, alagad sa ngunyan igwang plastic, Styrofoam asin iba pa. Dai man kinakaipuhan an kutsara buda tenedor, kamoton na sana. Papano kun may sabaw? Ay tara, higupon. Sa ipagsusugad na sinublian dapat ini iuli na mutang. Urog man na sarung kapalangkawan an magtugdas nin ba’gong kataga tangani sanang maunabihan na igwang kabatiran, ini kapaabaw-abawan, siring man pagratak sa kakayahan kan kasangtawohan urog na kan satuyang kahimanwa na sabihon harap o buta na dai aram an manlaen-laen na dokot nin mga bagay. Kinakaipuhan na ugidon, hanapon, isihon, maghapot, aramon ba’go magtaram o kaya mag-surat manungod sa sarung kataga siring baga kan dokot tibaad nang matalang ka. Masakit an magbawi, an magpauli, ta sa masunod tibaad dai na liwat pagtubodan. Nadadapat na paka-isipon na igwang tugmaran tanganing an paninindugan magin pusog asin daing duwa-duwa susog sa sarung bana-bana o theory ta ini saru sanang huna-huna o kaya pagsasaboot na daing katibaadan kun tama o sala. Dai ako maniniro sa kiisay man sa pagpintakasi na an Bikol saru sa pinakamayaman na tataramon sa bilog na kinaban. An Bikolnon kaidto pa tatao nang mag atid-atid kun anong dokot nin sarung bagay. An kahalimbawaan kaini iyo an mga manlaen-laen na ngaran kan pambulang susog sa saiyang dokot. Siring baga kan bakungon, balawon, bangkas, buranting, dalusapi, hirang, rasak, sarab asin talisayon. Baloa tabi na English-son. Minsan siring, dai kinakaipuhan na satuyang pagtuyawon an Espanol na haloy ta naman ginagamit arug baga kan berde, azul, amarillo, lila, alagad ano an pula? Rojo. Garu naiiba, ano baga ta bihira ta ining gamiton? Tumubod kamo sa dai, an pula ginagamit man sa dokot na yellow siring baga kan kapulahan kan sugok o bunay. Minsan sa Tagalog pula man ini. May nagsusupon na tataramon na English na anas man daang sinublian, alagad iyo man sana an ginagamit na sukulan asin iyo tulos an minalaog sa agimadmad, kaya an sadiri nyatong olay dai na nanggad naaraman ta sa katotoohan dai man talaga aram ta dai man pig-aradalan, dai tinawan nin pagpapahalaga tangani ining magdanay. An iba pa ngani tinutuyaw pa an Bikol ta tataramon daa kan simbahan. Saen baga nakanood an Bikolnon magbasa kun dai an novena, pasion asin an Bibliya. Nya, kadakol na akong naunabihan, uya an mga bikol na kataga manunungod sa man laen-laen na dokot sa Bikol gamit an English na kahulugan. BIKOL ENGLISH ABOHON Gray BARORON Brownish gray BINAGO Dyed in red BORISAK Multi-color BOGASE Whiteness BUGHAW Clear blue DULAW Yellow GIYAW Pink ILOM Brown ITOM Black KILING Purple KINOLASISI Green KIYAW Yellow LAMTE Purple LATAW Visible color LATOM Faded Y BIKOL LUBAD MARIS-MARIS PULA PULNAS PUNGSI PUSAW PUTI RANGGA RASIRASI ROMARI SARANG SINABILAW SILPO TIROM UGIS AGOMYOM ENGLISH Faded Changing hue Red, Yellow Discolored Lively color Pale, Ashen White Fineness of red Extremely white Aqua marine Fades easily Blue Red ochre Blackness White Fair in color

RIBBON CUTTING. (L-R) Atty. Marito T. Bernales, CBSUA President; Dr. Edgar R. Madrid, DA RTD for Research and Regulations; Juan P. Lozano, Chairman of the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines; Santiago Cervantes, Chairman of the Bicol Bicol Federation of Dairy Cooperatives; and Dr. Jaime Lopez, National Operations Manager of National Dairy Authority lead the ribbon cutting at the opening of the First Bicol Dairy Congress held in CBSUA on April 11-12.

1st Bicol Dairy Congress brings hope to local dairy industry
PILI, CAMARINES SUR --The Bicol Dairy Council convened the dairy cooperatives engage in the production and processing of dairy milk in the first ever Dairy Congress in Bicol held at the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) on April 11-12, 2013. Senator Chiz Escudero, son of the late Cong. Sonny Escudero who was a staunch supporter of the dairy industry, was supposed to be the guest of honor but he was not able to come. Juan Lozano, Chairman of Batangas Dairy Coop and the concurrent National Chairman of the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines served as the key note speaker. He said that there is a big future in the milk industry, especially as there is now an effort to distringuish between the real “fresh milk” from the UHT milk (milk that has been heated to a very high temperature so that it can stay fresh for 6 months). He said that putting an expiry date of 6 months in the milk labels is the best proof of misbranding being done by multinational companies that dominate our market today. He urged the dairy cooperatives to support the pending bill of Congresswoman Cojuangco on the regulation of the use of the word “Fresh Milk.” “If there is a big support from the grassroots, we can convince the lawmakers to pass this bill.” Only then will our local dairy processors have great chances in the market,” he explained. Meanwhile, Atty. Marito T. Bernales, CBSUA President, underscored the importance of dairy production as part of the government’s food sufficiency program particularly in the Bicol region which ranks third among the poorest regions in the country according to NEDA reports. Atty. Bernales also expressed the university’s unwavering support to the management of the Bicol Dairy Council headed by its Chairman Santiago Cervantes. Dr.Edgar R. Madrid, DA Bicol RTD for Research and Regulations said that the establishment of the three (3) DA operated dairy plants --the Sorsogon Dairy Farm, Sorsogon Dairy Processing Plant and Albay Dairy Plant -- in 1960 paved the way for the birth of the dairy cattle program in the Bicol region. There is also the dairy processing plant in Albay Breeding Station in Camalig serving as show window for farmers. All these DA managed facilities have a total of 170 heads of dairy cattle of all ages. He also identified the major issues besetting the industry which are lack of dairy animals; poor marketing strategy; underutilized processing facilities; high mortality in animals; and low repaying rate. Santiago Cervantes, Chairman of the Bicol Federation of Dairy Cooperatives, on the otherhand, disclosed the sad state of the dairy industry in Bicol which he said has a total of 541 animals but is only producing 600-700 liters raw milk daily. The Bicol federation of Dairy cooperatives which was established by the CBSUA and Land O’Lakes in 2006– composed of seven (7) dairy coops, is only producing 270 liters of milk daily. He said that much needs to be done to accelerate the development of the dairy industry here. This year, they have acquired 10 heads of cattle imported from New Zealand through the assistance of the National Dairy Authority under the Dairy Multiplyer Farm Scheme. This addition could bring about 80-100 additional raw milk production per day. Cervantes is optimistic that with the present partnership with CBSUA and the strong support of the Department of Agriculture regional office, they will attain high level of productivity and sta(Turn to page 7)

Sa gabos. mawot ko sana na maaraman na igwa man palan kita nin sadiring yaman na olay.

inner chess
by j. henry danican

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April 14-20, 2013

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Cam. Norte Capitol holds farmers fisherfolk forum
Over 2,000 farmers and fisherfolk in Camarines Norte converged recently for the Farmers Fisherfolk Forum at Agro Sports Center Provincial Capitol compound in Daet, Camarines Norte. Governor Edgardo Tallado thanked the farmers and the fisherfolks for their efforts and share in the development of agriculture in the province. Tallado said that the province allocated funds for the implementation of various programs and projects in the province in collaboration or through counterparting scheme with other line agencies. He emphasized that Camarines Norte is supporting the rice sufficiency program of the government and they are bent on implementing various interventions to ensure that rice self-sufficiency be attained by 2013. He also presented the different projects of the province in relation to agriculture and fisheries as part of their transparency campaign which also included the different funding sources. He also lauded the support of the different agencies and enumerated his plans

Photo shows from left DAR Chief Agrarian Reform Support Officer Liza Repotente, PHILRICE Bicol Branch Manager Dr. Reynaldo Castro, Sanggunian Panlalawigan Chair on Agriculture Romeo Marmol, Cam. Norte Governor

Edgardo Tallado, BFAR Director Atty. Asis G. Perez and BFAR Regional Director Dennis del Socorro. Right photo shows the huge crowd of farmers fisherfolk at the Agro Sports Center.

for the province. He said that he will continue with farm mechanization, rehabilitation and construction of the irrigation systems, construction of farm to market roads, construction of trading centers and the construction of farm school. Tallado thanked the farmers and fisherfolk for their support and commitment and assured them that more programs and projects will be implemented for the

province. Meanwhile, PHILRICE Bicol Branch Manager Dr. Reynaldo Castro thanked the farmers for doing their share in the quest for rice self-sufficiency in the country. He presented the rationale of the National Year of Rice and enjoined the farmers, consumers and other stakeholders to complement the efforts of the government in attaining self-sufficiency; raise pub-

lic awareness on responsible rice consumption and boost farmer’s morale and motivate them to adopt technologies and good practices to improve farm productivity. After his message the recitation of Panatang Makapalay and the signing of commitment of support by the guests and the farmers followed. BFAR Director Atty. Asis G. Perez in his solidarity statement said that the farm-

ers and fisherfolk are important as they are both pillars of the economy. Activities like this is very important as they are given the opportunity to know what is going on with the different agencies, they are updated of the different technologies and at the same time they are given the chance to be heard. “This is the time for our farmers and fisherfolk to shine” Asis said. He also disclosed that the budget of

BFAR increased and it goes with it more projects and programs for the fishery sector. Likewise, certificate of awards were also distributed to farmers for farm equipment, machineries and post harvest facilities , BFAR distributed fishing gears to fisherfolks and DAR distributed Certificates of Land Ownership Awards. Also present during the fo(Turn to page 7)

1st Daet Cooperative Congress
Daet Heritage Center (Old Municipal Hall)

Morning 8:00-9:00 am Registration of Participants 9:00-10:00 am Preliminaries Invocation MSSD MP Cooperative National Anthem DES Teachers MP Cooperative Welcome Address HON. ELMER M. BACUÑO Chairman, SB Committee on Cooperatives Opening Remarks/ RONNEL C. YU, MPA Acknowledgment Municipal Cooperatives Officer & of Participants Secretary to the Mayor of Daet Messages ROMEO Ll.CLAVILLAS PCDC Chairman/ Manager, CN Coop Bank HON. TITO SARTE SARION Mayor of Daet

April 25, 2013

10:00-10:30 am Snacks 10:30-11:30 am TOPIC 1: COOPERATIVES UPDATES Speaker: ERLINDA N. VALERA PCDS Cooperative Development Authority 11:30- 1:00 pm Lunch Break 1:00 -2:00 pm TOPIC 2: COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (CDA) ISSUANCES AND DIRECTIVES Speaker: ATTY. MA. LOURDES P. PACAO Regional Director, CDA 2:00- 3:00 pm TOPIC 3: STRENGTHENING OF COOPERATIVES IN THE COUNTRYSIDE Speaker: CONG. CRESENTE PAEZ Representative Coop NATCCO Party List/ Chairperson, CN Coop Bank 3:00-3:30 pm TOPIC 4: LGU-DAET PROGRAM/PROJECT UPDATES Speaker: RONNEL C. YU, MPA Secretary to the Mayor 3:30- 4:00 pm OPEN FORUM 4:00-5:00 pm PLENARY SESSION CLOSING REMARKS: MCDC Vice Chairman LORNA G. BERNAL Master of Ceremony


bikol reporter
“Naga excursions” . . .
gat, who also is also MNDC chair, has been personally pushing for the development of key areas in Metro Naga which have high potential as tourist magnets. Underscoring the power of tourism to generate jobs and investments, thus bringing more livelihood opportunities and income for residents in Metro Naga, Bongat called on the community to support tourism-friendly initiatives. Meanwhile, stakeholders have been called to step up to the challenge of bringing quality tour packages to a fast-growing industry amidst seekers who want to pamper themselves in between the adventure treks and fun engagements have a wide range of facilities to choose from. Rosal pointed out that tourism industry gives employment opportunities and is considered as one of the backbones of the local economy. Guinto said the PNP Bicol is also preparing to deploy tourism police units in other tourist destinations in Bicol such as Donsol, Sorsogon, which is known as the whale shark capital of the world; Catanduanes, which is known for surfing area; Masbate, with its Manta Ray Bowl; Camarines Norte, with its Bagasbas Beach, and Camarines Sur, with its Caramoan Island and water sports complex. “Deployment of tourist police in leading destinations in these Bicol is to protect tourists during their stay and to maintain the stable peace and order situation in the region,” Guinto said. The target is “zero” criminality in the region victimizing tourists, he added. the continuing rise of Naga and Camarines Sur as a premiere tourist destinations. Providing the energy for the thrust to bring responsive tourism to the fore are Metro Naga tour operators who have formed an organization to better serve a growing clientele. “Metro Naga is colourful as it is the center of the biggest Marian festivity in Southeast Asia. Metro Naga is also considered to be the best place to experience the colourful Bicolano life – spicy, expressive and diverse,” according to Lewis Boni, president of the Metro Naga Travel and Tour Operators (MENATTO), the association which is in the forefront of marketing Naga X to prospective tourists. “We at MENATTO recognize Metro Naga’s potential to draw in visitors and experience the distinctive pleasures Metro Naga can provide,” 30th year of humanitarian services to Bicolanos. The Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, Civil Registrars Association, Inc., Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Inc., League of Local Planning of Development Coordinators of the Philippines, Inc., and the National Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines will also be holding their national conventions in the city this year. The 27th National Biennial Convention of Alpha Phi Omega is also slated in the city on May 24-27. “Indeed, the city government has specialized in ecotourism and action tourism, providing the combinations of safety, adventure, fun and comfortable facilities that make the industry such an exciting proposition today,” she said. The stimulating new horizons in tourism in the city’s outskirts allow visitors to push themselves to new levels of adventure and endurance while soaking up natural marvels and dramatic cultural attractions from the natural world, according to Ravanilla. The city has a great comparative advantage in this sector, based on several assets—guaranteed peace and order, healthful environment, hospitable communities and a base of powerful cultural attractions plus a wide range of very different, often stunning natural environments that are easily accessible and virtually undiscovered by the tourism industry. Ravanilla said quality hotels and restaurants throughout the city mean that thrill-

April 14-20, 2013
Boni added as he noted the enthusiasm brought in by different service sectors into the alliance. One of the fastest growing economies in the country, accounting for more than 21% of the total investments in Bicol, Naga X also features Metro Naga’s modern amenities and vibrant lifestyle. To avail of the tour packages, interested parties may coordinate with the Metro Naga Travel and Tour Operators (MENATTO) via https:// www.facebook.com/nagaexcursions or through telephone number 472-4432. More information is also available at www.nagax.com. – www. naga.gov.ph

Legazpi deploys special . . .
conference and seminar delegations and other visitors of the city especially during the summer season,” Rosal said. Considered as Bicol’s tourism capital owing to the majestic Mt. Mayon and its being declared as the “City of Fun and Adventure,” Legazpi tourism industry growth is something to boast of. From 358,617 in 2011, tourist arrivals in the city climbed to 438,100 in 2012, or an increase of 22.16 percent. The city has also emerged as one of the country’s favorite venues for national and international conventions, conferences and seminars bringing in thousands of visitors yearly. One big gathering slated in the city on July is the 30th Bicolano National Association of America (BNAA) Convention that expects around 6,000 balikbayans from the United States (US). “We are making this grand event memorable more than ever for these ‘kababayans’ of ours who have been successful in their respective careers and crafts in the Continental USA,” Rosal said. They will find Legazpi, now internationally referred to as the Philippines’ ‘City of Fun and Adventure’, very much different from what it was seven years ago, the last time the same affair was held here with over 4,000, including the BNAA second generation in attendance, she added. “The number will be bigger this year,” Maria OngRavanilla, the Department of Tourism (DOT) regional director for Bicol said, noting that this year’s convention themed “Balik-Bikol IV” will be a celebration of BNAA’s

DSWD, media launch . . .
taneously launched in various parts of the country to ensure that the beneficiaries will not be swayed to vote for a certain candidate on the ground and belief that they can be removed from the list if they fail to do so. This, after DSWD received alarming reports that there are politicians, most of them incumbent, who are threatening beneficiaries that their names will be removed from the list and will not get their benefits if they are not going to vote in favor of Epal candidate. The beneficiaries of the 4Ps were chosen through the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR). The list is continuously being validated and updated to ensure that only indigent and deserving families are covered by the program. “Epal” is a street lingo meant to describe creditstealers or those owning something which should not be credited to them. - AnaLiza S. Macatangay

DPWH asks . . .
in putting order to highway traffic, particularly in town centers or market sites, as motorists often times encounter congestion on the approaches of these areas because of the presence of tricycle terminals or parking areas encroaching on national roads,” Dequito added.

DPWH Bicol. . .
of-way or even posters or tarpaulins on equipment being used in the works, he added. Besides, such kind of prohibited political propaganda materials as well as oversized signage could pose danger to motorists when placed along the highways as these may obstruct drivers’ attention and cover road safety signs. Dequito said that to make sure that district engineers comply with the order, he recently came out with a memorandum order reminding them of DO No. 30. However, a DPWH regional official told the PNA Friday that such order places district engineers in difficult situation, considering that most of these “epal” politicians mounting billboards on infrastructure projects are incumbent congressmen whose pork barrels are used to finance projects in their respective districts.

Extrajudicial settlement of estate with waiver of Rights Notice is hereby given that the intestate state of the late Manuel A. Baylon of Naga City consisting of various parcels of land known as Lot 23 covered by TCT No. 16735, with a n area of 274 sq. meters; Lot No. 2 covered by TCT No. 23391 with an area of 200 sq. meters; Lot No. 7-E covered by TCT No. 21934 with an area of 294 sq. meters, has been extrajudicially settled by and among his heirs and subsequently said heirs waived their rights in favor of co-heir Haide R. Baylon, per instrument ratified by said heirs notarized by Atty. Florencio R. Rosales under Doc. No. 1265, Page No. 253, Book No. 25, Series of 2011.
Bikol Reporter Published: April 14, 21 and 28, 2013
Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Naga City In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that JUAN C. PAAÑO JR. II, has filed with this Office a Petition for Change of First Name from “JUAN JR. III” to “JUAN JR. II” in the birth certificate of JUAN CATIMBANG PAAÑO JR. III who was born on SEPTEMBER 24, 1972 at NAGA CITY, CAMARINES SUR, and whose parents are JUAN BERINGUELA PAAÑO JR and LOURDES LEGASPI CATIMBANG. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than APRIL 28, 2013. (Sgd.) ALEXANDER M. CAYETANO City Civil Registrar
BIKOL REPORTER Published: APRIL 14 and 21, 2013


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Name of Deceased Date of Interment BENIGNO DR. CELSO March 5, 2013 VICTORIA N. ORDILLANO March 3, 2013 DINDO B. VIDA March 6, 2013 HILDA A. ALBAO March 9, 2013 JOVITO A. PAYOS March 8, 2013 EDUARDO E. AYALA March 9, 2013 ZENAIDA S. BENITO March 12, 2013 JOAQUIN JESUS DC. TEODORICO March 18, 2013 DANILO C. PANTE March 20, 2013 NEMESIA V. GONZALES March 25, 2013 DOMINGO Q. VILLAREZ March 23, 2013 JOSEPHINE B. GAYA March 25, 2013 EVELYN S. FILIO March 27, 2013 SABETH S. IMPERIO March 26, 2013 CONSTANCIO A. ELQUIERO March 27, 2013

April 14-20, 2013

bikol reporter


Aldp Plaza Mall–Envisioned to Succeed
One of Bicol Region’s City with the most polished culture, and considered one of the most popular of the entertainment hubs, is Naga City. You’ll find a lot of first-class malls, hotels, and restaurants as you travel along the city streets. As such, you’ll find many expats engage in business and often times live here as well. Naga City is one of the most modern cities in the Region and because of these, the city is also deemed as the region’s financial capital. Additionally, the City holds some of the best shopping malls in the region that includes one of the newest and biggest shopping malls, the ALDP Plaza Mall. If there is one major thing that people most likely do in Naga City, that would be to do business or go shopping. This area won’t be that hard to find since all you have to do is take a taxi or a jeepney to Diversion Road and find the place where the Puregold Hypermart is. The business district is bounded by the Triangulo and Concepcion Roads. Envisioned to have a very bright future, the ALDP Land and Construction Corporation was created on May 14, 1996, and now occupies a vast area of approximately 6.2 hectares of commercial and real estate land, where stands the ALDP Plaza Mall, and soon, the first condominium building in the Bicol Region, that shall be open for tenancy this year. The man behind what seemed to be a pipe dream and now a reality is Mr. Antonio G. Dy-Prieto, who out of his hard work and persistence, the company became a commercial complex, business started off at its present location and eventually became the center of trade and industry at this part of the city. His early interest in photography led him to establish the biggest network of photo laboratories for Multicolor Philippines

a question of privilege . . .
Our country was at 94th place while the US was at l4th. When the Gallup survey was conducted the US was still in the pink of financial health., But Costa Rica, a developing country like ours, was at 6th place. The explanation for this seeming enigma was that the pursuit of happiness is different from happiness itself. At the opposite end are states with probably the most unhappy people. They are Lithuania, Belarus, Kaszakhstan, Japan and Russia. They have the most number of suicides, according to Forbes magazine. It did not, however, indicate the reason for the high suicide rates. In the article, The Art of Rice, published in the very recent issue of Reader’s Digest, author Robert Fry said that despite the back breaking labor and low pay of farm workers in the Philippines, they are paid only P200 a day, the farmers are, in his view, the happiest. Robert Fry was in the provincial town of Cabangan in Zambales to experience the life of a rice farmer. He met a 73-year old farmer, Robert Opinga whom he described as still active in growing rice each year. In Legazpi City, ask a man you meet why he has a ready smile for friends and relatives. Chances are, he will tell you he is happy to see them. Foreigners, according to reports, are baffled by our people smiling even at new acquaintances. They smile even when they are hungry. You can look at it as a sign that the lack of material things does not weigh heavily on their minds. The belief of Catholic Filipinos that there is a reward in the next life for those who have only the shirts on their backs for the possession is another reason for their sunny outlook.

in the mid-80’s, and Mr Prieto became a pioneering entrepreneur, and the photo lab business in the Bicol Region, in a very short period of time, ranked second in the entire Philippines. Mr. Prieto came from a family of entrepreneurship and highspirited dynamism. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the city and has pursued en-

deavours like the construction of the ALDP Plaza Mall, Aljosh Cafe and Restaurant, and radio stations DWAR and DWSS FM. He is popularly known to his friends and family as Anton. His competitive drive and fierce desire to win has made him a powerful force in business. It is also interesting to note that the company has a legacy of great

Cam. Norte Capitol holds . . .
rum were Assistant Regional Rice Coordinator Tirso Perlas who presented the overview of the Food Staples Sufficiency Program, Vice Governor Johan G. Pimentel, Sanggunian Panlalawigan Chair on Agriculture Romeo Marmol, DAR Region IVB Director Homer Tobias, BFAR Chato in the 2nd District of Camarines Norte. Political observers in the province believed that Sarion’s clear vision of governance through the campaign slogan – “Kay Sarion, May Direksyon” will surely encouraged Daeteños to once more support his re-election and last term bid as mayor of Daet. As of this writing, various groups and organizations are Regional Director Dennis del Socorro, NIA Provincial Head Engr. Rogelio King, former DA Secretary Leony Montemayor, DAR Chief Agrarian Reform Support Officer Liza Repotente and Acting Provincial Agriculturist Francia C. Pajares. -Mabelle Roa-Ilan showing their full support to the candidacy of Sarion and the line-up of Liberal Party. “Nagpapasalamat ako sa Dios at sa inyong lahat sa patuloy na suportang ibinibigay ninyo sa aking panunungkulan. Sa aking huling termino bilang punong bayan ng Daet, makakaasa kayo na hindi ko kayo bibiguin, ” Sarion said to his supporters and constituents who attended the proclamation rally.

management leaders and good will of customers. The change it had undergone in the last decade was amazing and quite a learning experience. Now, another milestone shall be crossed in the coming years for a growing company like this. Housed at the ALDP Plaza Mall are shops whose concept is to give the public satisfaction in as far as their line of products is concerned. Apart from the PUREGOLD Hypermart, one of the biggest supermarkets in the Philippines, here is where you’ll find the ABENSON Appliance Center, DIY Shop, ANGENA Trading, and VC Trading, the textile and garments shop. The Mall’s ground floor section is also lined with retail stores for garments, acces-

sories and natural supplements, food carts, the BINGO Boutique, and the ALJOSH Cafe. The HYPERTECH Computers, is right at the corner section of the mall, and the PNB Life and CAL Institute.IT also located at the second floor, and is also be the home of the PAG-IBIG (HDMF) Office Naga Branch. The advent of business at the ALDP Plaza Mall is considered another leap forward for Naga City’s commercial and industrial center, and the Management along with the shops wish to thank the public for their continued patronage. We are proud to say that....”WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS AND LOOK FORWARD TO CONTINUING TO SERVE YOU IN THE FUTURE”. -Olivia Opiana

Sarion seeks reelection . . .

1st Bicol Dairy Congress . . .
bility in the coming years. Jose Canaria of the Philippine Carabao Center discussed the Carabao development Program. The PCC has 13 centers nationwide and focuses on Genetic Improvement of carabaos through gene pool, carabao upgrading and Artificial Insemination in the rural areas. He encouraged the participants to invest in dairying as he says “sa Dairy, ang Kita ay Daily.” He said the PCC is offering training on carabao breeding to organized dairy coops who has shown good track record. He added that Bicol is rich in forage grasses so there is no reason why dairy would not prosper here. Also present during the congress were Dr. Jaime Lopez, Operations Manager of the National Dairy Authority; and Atty. Ma. Lourdes Pacao, Regional Director of Cooperative Development Authority.

regional exponent for progress

outstanding local newspaper

DPWH asks LGUs, police to ban use of highways as palay drying ground



For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

march 14-20, 2013

04-14-2013 <www.lonelyplanet.com>

LEGAZPI CITY – It’s palay harvest season in Bicol and the malpractice of drying the newly harvested grains on highway pavements is once again a problem of motorists, which irritates the regional office of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) here. Since the DPWH has no police power to enforce traffic rules and regulations governing this malpractice by some farmers, all the agency can do is request local government units (LGUs) and the police to see to it that national roads are free from these palaydrying activities. DPWH regional director Danilo Dequito on Friday said it is a common observation that farmers taking advantage of the sunny weather are using portions of national roads and shoulders of highways in desiccating palay and even putting up barriers to prevent motorists from running over the grains. “Owners of the palay use boulders and pieces of lumber as barriers which

are dangerous to motorists. These also render traffic obstructions, apart from the fact that persons tending to the palay that is being dried expose themselves to extreme danger from speeding vehicles,” Dequito said. It is also observed that shoulders of highways being used as drying pavements are cordoned off by the palay owners, a practice that should not be allowed as it is an encroachment on national roads, he said. “We have already coordinated with LGUs with jurisdiction over areas with major highways and urged them to strictly enforce the ‘no obstruction’ regulation and antiencroachment rule on national roads, including highways’ shoulders, that were widened to provide more space for the smooth flow of traffic and not to be used as solar dryer,” Dequito said. The DPWH has also requested help from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and barangay officials in solving this problem, he said. “Meanwhile, we are the also urging the LGUs to help
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