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The Business Intelligence – How’s that??

It was the day I joined a growing MNC as a fresh graduate, and my leader, a pretty young and beautiful lady, asked me on the walk way, what do you know about Business Intelligence? Being an explorative personality I tried to break the word in hurry, business and intelligence and said business that’s done with intelligence! She smiled with a raised eye brow and said the other way around, “The intelligence required to do business”. Well that’s exiting to know and more than that, to join a team which works for it. For a moment I felt like Einstein of business. So the story begun, she continued to ask... Abhinav, what do you require to run business intelligently? In collage days we always asked our friends to share the questions an external asked in final practical, but here I was alone to answer something that I was facing first time in my life. Uhh...project? Or product? I don’t know the business yet, I said. Another senior colleague from the team, walking the middle way joined the conversation and said “Data”. Data is required to run any business, “Any Business” he repeated. I was confused. What data?? There is a lot of data everywhere. I remember a quote I read somewhere “Soon the amount of digital information will grow to 988 Exabytes of data, equivalent to a stack of books, from the Sun to Pluto, and back again”. My team introductory meeting was scheduled in next half hour and I did not want to be publicized as BI illiterate especially after securing top rank in collage, and opportunity to join a Business Intelligence Professionals team. So I took a leave from that conversation and ran back to my desk, which was right next to an experienced java coder. He asked me wot’s up Mr. Business Intelligent? I sarcastically said, grooming up my intelligence and jumped in to my Intel Celeron based PC’s 15 inches monitor. Typed “Business Intelligence” on Google and hit enter. The top three links were seemed to be BI product sales advertisements and the next one from some unknown website I don’t remember now. The one that help me that time was a definition which I also copied to my drafts forever is “Business intelligence is a set of theories, processes and methodologies, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes and widely used in decision making activities” (now it is there in Wikipedia via Rud Olivia, my industry friend) and an image something like below:

In simple words BI runs on top of DW and DW is there to facilitate BI. presentable and believable. And How?? To be continued…. Competitive intelligence is more outgoing and analyses the competitor’s data. there will be lot of intention and actions will be applied to this raw data to make it more valuable. usable. but a lot of entertainment around data. So I assumed it’s not just data.Another word that keeps on being used as synonym to Business Intelligence is competitive intelligence as we use both of them in decision making process. however the intention and usability is different for each. I knocked my head with index finger and thought. . though the core is data. and no wonder they work so close that you will always hear BI/DW together. While Business Intelligence refers to internal data. The Other brother for Business Intelligence is Data Warehouse Providing Data Access to the Enterprise. And who decides that? That is you & the business.

An Innovative thinker and humorously energetic person with strong connect to music. About Abhinav: Abhinav Jain is Sr Manger for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization in Online Services Division. . He is BE. With ~10 year of BI experience he is a renowned speaker in BI forums and a certified BI trainer.PS: There is a session planned for “Introduction to Business Intelligence – the sixth sense of business” later this month. he has a great interest in reading off the road books on technology and management. Keep an eye on training announcements. and IIMB Alumni. MBA.

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