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final exam espaol iii

Fecha de Examen: _________________________________

materiales para estudiar: Previous chapter study guides Grammar Notes Supplemental handouts from class and for homework QUIZLET.COM FLASHCARDS - Leccin Preliminar: -

Unit 1 Lesson 1:

informacin bsica:
Your Spanish Final Exam will be worth 10% of your semester average The exam will include around 20-25 True/False Questions The exam will include around 20-25 Out-of- Place Words The exam will include 50-75 Multiple Choice Questions The exam will include a written essay You will be evaluated on the falling units: - Leccin Preliminar: talking about likes and dislikes with gustar, identifying and describing people with ser, describing how you and others feel using estar, talking about what you and your friends do and have to do using tener and ir. - Unit 1 Lesson 1: travel preparations, the airport, and direct and indirect object pronouns - Unit 1 Lesson 2: more vacation vocabulary, gifts and souvenirs, AR preterite forms and preterite of ir, hacer, ver, dar - Unit 2 Lesson 1: talking about sporting events, preterite of ER and IR verbs, demonstrative adj. (este/ese) - Unit 2 Lesson 2: zombie vocabulary, body parts, irregular preterite verbs (estuv, conuj-, etc.) - Unit 3 Lesson 1: legend vocabulary, imperfect verb tense

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Unit 1 Lesson 2:

Unit 2 Lesson 1:

Unit 2 Lesson 2:

Unit 3 Lesson 1:

CONJUGEMOS - Practice conjugating preterite and imperfect verbs! - Enter desired practice time and click START - Omit Vosotros forms THE FOLLOWING WILL BE COMPLETED IN CLASS: - Online Reviews on TESTMOZ.COM U2L2 TESTMOZ.COM Enter password: colfax U3L1 TESTMOZ.COM Enter password: colfax - Paper Review for U2L2 necesito estudiar: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________