Ravengro expanded Npc’s

Name Kendra Lorrimor Sex/Race/Class/Level/Alignment/Personality/Quirks
F/Human/diviner/2/NG/Friendly, Outgoing, Bookworm, Educated/Talks slowly considering every word, seems shocked when people are crude, fiddles with her handkerchief when nervous

Starting attitude

Occult, history, academia, alchemy

Once read a vile book owned by her father and released something Once tried to exorcise a demon from a young boy in Lepidstadt, he failed and was sent to Ravengro by his peers as punishment Is really a coward and a disgrace to his order. His knightly title is inherited. Has a drinking problem. Is a member of Quess’ secret sex club. Deathly afraid of getting old, he once participated in the rape of a young girl in his youth something which still haunts him.

The Lorrimor estate

Ally and possible romantic interest of the pc’s. Dislikes crude, unpredictable and uncivilized people and violence. Dislikes troublemakers and pranksters. Fear and respect the supernatural, but strongly opposes evil.

Father Vauran Grimburrow

M/Human/cleric of Pharasma/7/N/Stern, pious, traditionalist/Hits people with his cudgel when they curse or act inappropriately, likes to put youngsters into their place

Councilman Vashian Hearthmount

M/Human/Cavalier/1/Aristocrat/1/LN/Cowardly, posh, poser/Uses horses in metaphors a lot, blames everything on the “bloody outsiders”, dries of sweat with his handkerchief when nervous

Indifferent (friendly to worshippers of Pharasma, Unfriendly to those he suspects deals with the undead or uses necromancy) Unfriendly

Religion, history, The community, traditions

Temple of Pharasma

Politics, hunting, equines, good food and drink, rumors

Town hall or at his house, the laughing demon tavern

Dislikes outsiders and “adventurers” and other “heroic” types.

Councilman Gharen Muricar

M/Human/Expert/3/N/Hedonist, lecherous, dandy, sarcastic/Always a gentleman when ladies are present, likes to talk down to other men, especially young and handsome ones, always carries a fine walking cane

Indifferent (unfriendly to young men with charisma 12+, friendly to young women with charisma 12+)

Politics, rumors, history, women, art

Town hall, his house or Vashians house, the laughing demon tavern

Dislikes people who refers to his age, dislikes young and handsome men.

Councilwoman Mirta Straelock

F/Human/Commoner/4/NG/Optimist, outgoing, motherly, friendly/Likes to sing and whistle, gets hysterical when angry or scared, always pats people on their shoulders or rub their cheeks


Rumors, the community, stories, music, dancing, cooking, family

Her house, the town square, the town hall, the laughing demon tavern

Councilwoman Shanda Faravan

F/Human/Expert/3/LG/Judgmental, stoic, serious, valiant/Quick to pass judgment but also quick to forgive, likes to hold rousing speeches, dresses in conservative long dresses and avoids makeup


Politics, rumors, justice

Sheriff Benjan Caeller

M/Human/Ranger/2/NG/No-nonsense, Straight talker, Loyal, Brave, Poker face, Easy going, Slow to anger/Has a laidback approach to law-enforcement, strokes the rim of his hat when making a point


Pugilism, Nature, The community, Gambling

Was blackmailed during her times as a royal accuser forcing her to let a horrible criminal walk free. Secretly in love with Jominda the alchemist

Her house, the jail, the town hall

Dislikes violent people and chauvinists. Dislikes those that disrespect traditions and family values. Has no patience with curmudgeons and pessimists. Hates criminals and evildoers. Dislikes those who don’t know their place. Dislikes councilmen Gharen and Vashian.

Old river Pevrin Elkarid

M/Dog/N/Loyal, brave, protective/Barks at strangers, follows people he likes, likes people who wants to play with him M/Human/Commoner/1/NG/Friendly, hard working, smart-ass, talkative, overachiever/Annoyingly offers his services to anyone he sees, claims to know a lot while he really doesn’t, likes to follow people around



Playing, running, barking Working, talking, rumors

The jail, the town square, the town hall, the restlands The town square The town square, the laughing demon tavern The laughing demon

Zokar Elkarid

M/Human/Expert/3/NG/Funny, playful, friendly, prankster/Likes to play pranks, jokes away all serious talk, juggles with his cook pans, makes up nicknames for people


Jokes, Pranks, Cooking, Juggling, Rumors

Dislikes those that can’t take a joke or are too serious.

goes out of her way to please those of a higher standing Friendly. smells strongly of perfume. secretly wants to have kids but knows she’s getting to old Secretly dabbles in crafting dangerous substances. chains and leathers. the town square. History. gets nervous around other dwarves. Reading a good book Business. juggles a slingstone when talking. Is a member of Quess’ sex club. Secretly fantasizes of being taken away by a handsome rogue. Family. outgoing. Secretly likes to torment animals and dabble in vandalism and other petty offences. The jail. Money.Luthko Avanaki M/human/Commoner/2/NG/Laidback. children. adrenalin-junkie/Uses sexual innuendo a lot. Dislikes undisciplined people. The unfurling scroll . Dislikes uppity and dandy people. sighs whenever a customer asks for something. respects those that can stand up for themselves. quick to punch people who mocks her. family Business. the town square. poetry. stern. Has a secret crush on the sheriff. constantly sucking on candy in his mostly toothless grin. the restlands The jail. history Quess Yearburn F/Human/expert/4/LN/Matriarchal. nostalgic/Sometimes rubs an old medallion while gazing melancholically out into the air. overconfident/likes to give people friendly punches. juvenile. popular. the town square. Unfriendly Secretly wants to learn magic but her father has forbid it. dislikes frail or physically unimposing people. Vrodish the deputy Luramin Taigh M/human/warrior/1/NG/Brotherly. Dislikes overly religious and serious people. physical. bad jokes. fair. working. the Restlands. burned out/Always reluctantly follows his wife’s orders. bad loser/spits chewing tobacco to make a point. patient. knitting. the laughing demon. always asks people to taste her food friendly Alendru Ghoroven M/Human/wizard/5/expert/1/N/Strict. and bossy men. clueless. herbalism. Riddles. brash. nature. Singing. likes to tell rumors. educated. pragmatic. indifferent Lets Quess use her Inn to host her secret sex games Was molested as a child by his cruel master The outward inn Dislikes violent and crude types. dislikes magic and things he doesn’t understand. the restlands Dislikes smart people. Is haunted by the loss of her son Remon. Becomes furious if people talk bad about her children. (Unfriendly towards Alendru which she blames for her sons death) Indifferent Bossing people around. Athleticism. used to getting a lot of attention. scandalous. Dislikes disrespectful people. tomboy. lazy. calm. Genuinely loves children and is not a pedophile. walks around sizing people up. serene. occult. boastful. obsessive/Has a disturbing fascination for young children and teenagers. gets angry when someone threatens the weak and helpless. Dislikes simpletons and bad writing. Dislikes lazy people and takes pity on bookish and frail people. trustworthy/constantly doubts herself. flirtatious. chews on straws. honesty. S&M sex. Dislikes spendthrifts and dogooders. has bad breath and ink on her hands. constantly practices swordplay Friendly Brawling. Bullying Riff the deputy F/Halfling/warrior/1/NG/Competitive. The jail. carries around a teddybear which he sometimes talks to M/Human/expert/4/LN/Shrewd. the laughing demon. loud. tradition Jominda Fallenbridge F/Human/alchemist/2/CN/professional. Dislikes unsophisticated humor. strict. scared to disappoint her peers. danger Leromar the deputy M/Human/warrior/1/N/Bully. hearty/Laughs a lot. snooping. rumors. drinking. Dancing. friendly. professional. carefully counts and weighs every coin given to him or loaned out. Jominda’s Apothecary Dislikes boring and stupid people. likes honest people and crude jokes Indifferent Trestleblade the deputy F/Half-Elf/warrior/1/NG/perfectionist. forbidden pleasures Cooking. academia. being left alone. always well dressed and well groomed but has a faint smell of tobacco on him. Ravengro general store. math. chewing tobacco Swordplay. singing Jorfa F/dwarf/fighter/2/expert/3/LN/Secretive. likes to protect smaller people. baking. domineering. Smells of mothballs and mint. hot-head. the restlands Dislikes chauvinists and under-achievers. history. twirls his waxed moustache while waiting for others to finish their sentences Friendly Indifferent Justice. Dislikes people who can’t get to the point. outgoing. Ravengro general store. The community. despises loud noises and people that talks to much. Dreams of singing in an opera. crime. eccentric. Stops to put in his dentures when doing business. Dislikes laws and traditions. Bossing people around. respects elders Indifferent Girls. old-timer. Ravengro forge Dislikes people who tries to get to know her better. alchemy. wears a lot of makeup and scanty clothing Indifferent Medicine. friendship. energetic/Bosses her husband around. The jail. Secretly engages in vandalism for the kick of it. playing. tired. The silk purse. toughs up in front of girls. controlfreak/Quick to put people in their place. easygoing/Likes to sing but only when she’s comfortable or drunk. the laughing demon Dislikes being talked down to. Mathematics. competitions. Dislikes chauvinists. becomes irritated and tight-lipped when angered Working. the Restlands Dislikes being bossed around. shy. spoils her children to keep them away from her store. dislikes outsiders. Smoking some good pipeweed. art Has secret dreams of getting away from his wife and the boring life of Ravengro and retire as a fisherman. See adventure. Hates being told what to do. jock. Blames himself for the death of his younger sister Currently working on a novella about a businessman and his unlikely romance with a young duchess Hosts a secret sex club which uses a faux Zon-Kuthon bible as inspiration Dislikes bullies and evil people. competitive. Partying Magic. secrets. slow to get involved. likes to take naps on the rocking chair at the back porch when his wife is not around Indifferent Taking naps. The outward inn Sarianna Vai F/Human/expert/2/NG/Enchanting. has an aura of authority. servile. reading. no-nonsense/Has no patience for small talk or excuses. the laughing demon The silk purse Dislikes unfairness and evil. fishing Marta Avanaki F/human/Commoner/2/NG/Bossy.

xenophobic. rambling/Rants about forces beyond your comprehension. rumors. The walls are smooth and slippery. To help battle the Allip Kendra arms the pc’s with a scroll of protection from evil and a scroll of magic weapon. his shack outside of town. She was haunted by nightmares for days after that. mad. If the pc’s help her she will give them an old silver box containing a Varisian charm. Pestering people. The charm is worth 300 gp. smells of alcohol. Likewise each npc made unfriendly looses the pc’s one trust point. miserly. The entire clearing is surrounded by withered trees and sickly and rotted vegetation giving of a rancid sweet odor. troublemaker/collects women’s paraphernalia which he keeps under his mattress. likes to play with his war razor. drinking. At the end of it is a rusty old bucket filled with the same black mud as below. attends Quess’ secret club as a sort of selfpunishment As a youngster he played with forces he didn’t understand and it drove him mad The town square. slandering. the laughing demon Fears spellcasters. The area with the well is easily spotted and smelled. The box is worth 20 GP. The pc’s gain +4 circumstance bonus on further diplomacy checks to improve Kendra’s attitude towards them if they fulfill this quest. The silver buckles of the child’s long decayed shoes can be found with him. She has since realized what must be done to rid the well of the curse. The entire area is desecrated as the spell. and each made hostile looses them 3 trust points. Is friendly if offered alcohol *new npc Trust: Each npc made friendly through role-playing or doing personal quests grant one trust point. The Varisian charm takes up the bracelet spot and automatically casts Protection from evil (CL: 3) the first time the pc is targeted by a mindaffecting spell from an evil creature. . wormridden skeleton of a 13 year old child (Stability DC 10. Kendra tells the pc’s that the spirit of the tomes author haunts it. the laughing demon Hates women and outsiders. After the duration ends the charm corrodes and becomes worthless. The bottom of the well is unnaturally dark and act as if a darkness spell (CL: 4) has been cast there.Gibs Hephenus M/human/warrior/4/CN/misogynist. acts antagonistic against outsiders and women Hostile Heckling. heckler. the outward inn. but a rusty old chain leads to the bottom. a 2 foot deep pool of black mud covered in rotting leaves and decaying animal carcasses can be found at the bottom. The chain is stuck and requires a DC 20 strength check to pull up. There is also the blackened. The well stands in the middle of a 20 foot clearing. After that the wood surrounding the well has become withered and sick. Personal quests: Kendra Lorrimor: Trigger: Making Kendra helpful and asking about her past Reward: 1 trust points. 0/1d3) at the bottom of the well. She also hands them four vials of holy water and tells them how they can destroy the tome. Each npc made helpful in the same manner gains the pc’s 3 trust points. This is Marta Avanaki’s missing son Remon and returning the corpse and the buckles to her fulfills her personal quest and if the pc’s tell about the creature they also completes Alendru’s quest since he was blamed for killing the child to cover up his supposed molestation of this young child. With a DC 15 Perception check and 1d4 rounds of searching the pc’s can pull a mud soaked leather sack from the bottom of the pool. Kendra once read a forbidden tome in her father’s library. The town square. mysterious. A perception check DC 12 notices several animal carcasses under the rotted vegetation. Rambling incoherently. She unleashed something that day. The well is a crumbling stone construction surrounding a 20 foot deep hole. The cursed well: (EL 4) The well stands in a clearing about two miles south of Ravengro near an old abandoned cottage. or an evil summoned creature comes within 15 feet or someone tries to posses her. collecting occult paraphernalia Had a particularily stern mother who hit him when he was disobedient. gazes at people with intense mad eyes Unfriendly Drinking. The well has mostly dried up. his hack. but she hasn’t dared to do it herself. harassing Old man Harken* M/human/adept 4/CN/drunkard. but she dropped the tome into an old well in the woods. something she still fears. it has become an undead phantom known as an Allip and reveals all the information she knows about allip’s (assume she takes 10 on her knowledge check) and tells them about the allip’s ability to enter people’s dreams. constantly drinks from an unmarked bottle.

this particular horse has +2 in strength and constitution and maximum hit points). they realize that he is an honorable man at heart. Black tentacles. They are also allowed to rest in the temple if they wish. If they complete the mayor’s quest they will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the mayor’s attitude. Sending. 5 wis. Fear. If they refuse the old priest will demand payment as normal. If he is reduced to 0 wisdom from this study he will be targeted by a magic jar effect from the Allip which will be restored to its former self (a level 10 wizard. If the pc’s can prove to him that they have destroyed any undead threatening Ravengro or its villagers or they heal any wounded or sick villager without demanding pay they’ll gain the clerics respect and earn 3 trust points and the old priest will also cast anyone spell or use channel energy for free once for every undead they can prove they destroy. If the tome is protected by a consecrate. Suggestion. a paladin’s smite ability. Contact other plane. Phantasmal killer. Anyone foolish enough to eat any of this vegetation or drink any water there has a chance to contract demon fever (DC 18). Touch of idiocy. protection from evil or hallow effect the Allip can’t manifest as long as that spell remains in effect. The Allip can attack anyone within one mile of the tome with this attack. The tome radiates a desecrate spell (CL: 10) and any plant life within the desecrate area will start to wither and rot and within a month will all be decaying and diseased. As long as the attacks persist the creature can’t regain any lost stability points. The Allip will try to kill anyone who tries to destroy the tome. a chosen steed from the mayor’s stables (A heavy warhorse with military saddle and bit n’ bridle. Trust 1+ Reward: 3 trust points. uttering a sound as if a thousand madmen were screaming at once. damage and saves. Father Vauran Grimburrow: Trigger: Killing any undead attacking the town OR healing any villagers without demanding payment. If the pc’s start to spread rumors about the mayor or lets his secrets get out. which immediately emerges from the well and attacks. he also invites them to have dinner with his family. 16 cha) while the pc becomes a new Allip forced to guard the tome. The priest will also heal the pc’s for free as long as they do a favor for him (typically one full day’s work either at the temple or helping townsfolk) for each spell he casts or each channel he uses to heal them. If the tome is destroyed the Allip vanishes in a burst of dark energy. When all of the pc’s friends are at the brink of madness it will start to attack him instead. Rage. Arcane sight. Allip (bonus bestiary) (stability loss DC 15. Dream. The pc’s must allow the mayor to take credit for one of their deeds or improve his reputation by speaking on his behalf to the townsfolk (a DC 20 diplomacy. Blight. 20 Int. but he is deathly afraid of losing the respect of his fellow townsfolk and sees the pc’s as competitors in the face of the recent haunting. This particular Allip also has the spell-like ability to cause darkness at will at CL: 4. any form of holy damage or as shown above. he will immediately become hostile towards the pc’s and start a campaign to have them chased out of town. To destroy the tome the pc’s must first cast a spell with the good descriptor on the tome then use channel positive energy or holy water and deal at least 30 points of damage to the tome with these attacks. Detect thoughts. and +4 hp. The Allip will rejuvenate within 2d4 days (as a ghost) if the tome is not destroyed. 1/1d4) Due to the desecrating effects of the tome the Allip has +3 channel resistance. payment). Darkness. The creature also takes 1d3/1d8 stability loss (using the same save as the save against wisdom damage). bluff or Perform: oratory check in front of at least 10 townsfolk). If the pc is foolish enough to try to read the book (which is in Aklo) he will take 1d4 points of wisdom damage and 1d6 stability loss for every hour he reads the tome. If the pc’s are unable to do this themselves they can ask Father Grimburrow for help. A creature damaged by this attack has horrible nightmares and suffers the effects of sleep deprivation. Crushing despair. Magic jar . If the pc’s are foolish enough to take the Tome with them the Allip will follow and start to attack everyone close to the pc’s with its dream attack. . If the pc’s make a DC 20 sense motive after speaking with the mayor for at least 10 minutes. The mayors campaign to get them thrown out loses the pc’s one trust point for each day they stay in Ravengro. If the pc’s make him helpful he will cast any spell he knows or channel energy for them for free as long as no one else in the village needs it more. Healing and spell-casting services Father Grimburrows quest is simple.When the pc’s starts the ritual to destroy the tome. Hideous laughter. they anger the spirit bound to the tome. Feeblemind. Scare. The tome takes 10-int (Minimum 2 hours) modifier hours to read and contains the spells: Cause fear. See invisibility. Mind fog. The book is impervious to normal damage and can only be destroyed by a dispel evil or similar high level effect. Tongues. Trust 1+ Reward: 3 trust points. Each time the pc studies these spells (Even if copied to another book) he will lose 1 wis point per spell level he memorizes from the tome. Confusion. Nightmare. slowly driving them mad. If they complete the cleric’s quest they also gain +4 circumstance bonus on any diplomacy checks to further improve the priests attitude towards them Councilman Vashian Hearthmount Trigger: After the fire in the townhall. This Allip also has the ability to cause its wisdom damage to one sleeping creature every night unless it makes a DC 15 will save. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance. +1 profane bonus to attacks. but unless he’s been made helpful he will demand a task from the pc’s (or if they prefer.

the Broken moon if the GM wishes) Sheriff Benjan Caeller Trigger: Making him friendly and realizing he’s in love with Jominda. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Shanda’s attitude. She only learned later that the culprits had bluffed her into thinking they were someone else. At least six hours each day must be spent with the children to grant this bonus. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Gharen’s attitude. homemade pastries (grants +1 morale bonus on will saves for one hour) If the pc’s comes to Mirta she will be friendly. Access to the towns records Shanda tells the pc’s about being blackmailed from a corrupt bureaucrat named Velkar Mott in Lepidstadt. To do so the pc’s must prove to the sheriff that Jominda is engaged in illicit business or arrange it so that the sheriff sees her in the arms of another man. Her secret is that she was duped into letting someone into the city archives in Lepidstadt and they stole important political documents from the vaults. they might try to convince the sheriff not to pursue his amorous ventures. If the sheriff could be convinced to help her cover up her criminal endeavors she would also be pleased. . telling the kids about their travels and adventures and helping in watching the children and teaching them she will give the rewards mentioned above. He will only agree to this if they will put in a good word for him with Jominda however. inside is a small vial containing a single dose of Silversheen) If the pc’s gets him to admit his affection for Jominda they can either try to help him to win her affection or convince him she’s no good for him. He will give the pc’s free use of his deputies for as long as they’re in town and his old masterwork longsword bearing an old raven insignia on its pommel (the pommel holds a secret compartment which can be found with a DC 20 perception check. She would also be impressed if the sheriff publically defended her honor. let Gharen take part of the credit for saving Ravengro by acting as their de facto sponsor and contact in Ravengro. Councilwoman Mirta Straelock Trigger: The pc’s wants her help. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the sheriff’s attitude. If the pc’s manage to arrange for two of these events and makes a DC 20 diplomacy or bluff check on the sheriff’s behalf she will accept to a date with the sheriff. (The plot with Velkar and the evil aristocrat can be expanded upon in part 2 of Carrion Crown. Trust 10+ Reward: 2 Trust points. Each additional day spent helping the children grants another trust point. 1000 Gp if they give her proof that the culprit is arrested. If so the pc’s can make a DC 20 diplomacy or bluff check to convince the sheriff to let go. A casket of six bottles of exquisite wine (six bottles worth 50 gp each) Gharen wants the pc’s to help him win Jominda Fallenbridge’s affection by allowing him to win against the toughest fighter of the pc’s in a mock duel after that particular pc has offended Jominda in front of him. If the pc’s spend a day helping her at the day school. She never told anyone but somehow Velkar found out and used the information to let an aristocrat responsible for several heinous crimes (raping young girls. Trust 21+ Reward: 2 trust points. Councilwoman Shanda Faravan Trigger: The pc’s manage to make her friendly. The pc’s needs to make a DC 20 diplomacy (or bluff if they lie) check to trust that the pc’s will try their best. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Mirta’s attitude. Alternatively if the Pc’s comes up with the idea and makes a DC 17 diplomacy check. Trust 15+ Reward: 2 Trust points. but wants a favor from the pc’s to give them her help. The only way Jominda will accept the sheriff is if he can prove to be a dangerous and fearless man. If the pc’s knows Jominda’s not good news. Having him executing or at least publically humiliating a criminal would impress her. She wants the pc’s promise that they try their best to expose the bureaucrat if the ever go to Lepidstadt so that she can clear her conscience.Councilman Gharen Muricar Trigger: Making Gharen friendly and accepting his proposal (see below). and even killing one) get free to save her from getting fired or even facing trial for giving away national secrets. Trust 21+ Reward: 2 trust points.

If the pc’s manages to convince him to go around gathering information for them (a DC 20 diplomacy check) the pc’s will get a +2 circumstance bonus on diplomacy rolls to gather info and knowledge (local) rolls. He wants the pc’s to help him with a practical joke against the old cleric to get back at him. Trust 1+ Reward: 2 trust points.Old river Trigger: The pc’s befriend the dog with a DC 15 handle animal check. My disembodied spirit could only watch as he chopped up my body with a wood axe and put the pieces into the bag you found. when he hit me with a whiskey bottle opening up my jugular. Zolkar wants to get back at Father Grimburrow after the old priest humiliated him in public after being insulted by one of Zokar’s jokes. 300 Gp worth of various coin. Be it resentment for my brother or something else. If the pc’s give the corpse a proper burial they will be visited by a benevolent ghost the following night. They can also have him spread a good word about them which will grant them 1 trust point for each day they use him for this purpose. He doesn’t want to insult Pharasma. The ghost is that of Barnes Hephenus. silverware worth 200 Gp. free room and board for as long as they stay in Ravengro. In life I was Barnes Hephenus and I was betrayed by my brother Gib’s one fateful night. when they arrive the ghost is a goose covered in linen and painted with luminescent paint (DC 15 to spot the ruse)   . A vial of antitoxin The dog takes the pc’s to a secluded place in the woods and starts to dig. “I thank you for releasing me. two bottles containing Oil of magic weapon.” He tells the players where to find the hidden inheritance which is hidden in a box buried under a huge willow tree in a clearing near the river. The pc’s must immediately make a will save DC 16 will save or suffer the effects of a crushing despair spell as they are filled with a sense of hopelessness and sorrow. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Pevrin’s attitude. The house is the home of someone else. Trust 1+ Reward: 1 trust point for each day the pc’s hires him and they manage to control him. I am finally free. As a reward I will tell you were I hid the inheritance from my parents. We were arguing about one of my brothers drunken bo uts. Trust 0+ Reward: 1 trust point. Zokar Elkarid Trigger: The pc’s laughs at one of his jokes. He will then plan to play some jokes on the pc’s. but would like to put the old curmudgeon in place. They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Zokar’s attitude. Spice their food with something which makes them particularily gassy (DC 15 fortitude save each time they make a charisma based check or take a -2 circumstance penalty to the check due to flatulence. make him pale and cold using make-up and prepare for the funeral. A silver sickle. I bled to death in minutes all the while secretly cursing my brother. Pharasma knows you deserve it a hell of a lot more than that murderous brother of mine anyway. If the pc’s refuse to help Zokar he will tell them they’re no fun and ask them to leave. And with that the apparition disappears. thanks to you. He will however be a constant annoyance giving the pc’s a -2 circumstance penalty on all perception and charisma based rolls as while he’s around. His plan is to have one of the pc’s fake death. When the pc’s snoop around their caught by the residents and must explain what they are doing there. on a failure the pc’s will lose a trust point instead of gaining one. If the pc’s make a DC 15 perception or survival checks they see that the earth is disturbed here. They might have to talk with the sheriff. they find a bag containing the remains of a skeleton. He tells the pc’s the following. maybe the mayor or Alendru. Gibs Hephenus’ brother. If the pc’s dig. then have the pc rise from the coffin during the sermon to scare the priest. Deed to the Hephenus farm. Some pranks he might try to pull on the pc’s:  Having someone (Probably his brother) dressed up as a maiden (DC 15 to see through the disguise) claiming their house is haunted. I knew my dog wouldn’t let me down. so long has my spirit been bound to this wretched corpse. He buried me there in those cold dark woods. Pevrin Elkarid Trigger: The pc’s hires him. but something stopped me from getting to my final resting place. this may however backfire. he will work as a guide and messenger and can do simple chores like shopping and cleaning their rooms. To keep Pevrin disciplined they must make a DC 15 intimidate check. But he will accept other ideas from the pc’s if they seems better. lasts for 1d3 days) Send them on a ghost hunt. will do simple chores like acting as a messengers for them If the pc’s hires Pevrin for 1 sp/day. they also loose 1d3/1d8 stability (DC 16 will).

and after having the hammer on display in her shop for years she leant it to warden Hawkran after he had admired the hammer for a long time. The poison should last long enough to allow Jominda to complete her business. The hammer can be found in area U11 of Harrowstone prison together with the rest of Warden Hawkran’s gear. Jorfa will make a +1 weapon of the PC’s choice as a reward for fulfilling her quest and give them a 10% discount on all mundane items in her shop for as long as she remains helpful Jorfa once lent a magical warhammer to the warden of Harrowstone to help defeat the prisoners during the uprising. Trust 10+ Reward: 1 trust. If they complete this quest the pc’s also gain a +4 circumstance bonus on any further diplomacy checks to influence Jominda’s attitude. she don’t care how only that he’s gone when she receives her new supplies of drugs. The hammer is a +1 thundering warhammer. put some funny mushrooms in their ale (DC 15 fort or be fascinated for 1d4x10 minutes). “He always showed a bit too much interest in children. Jominda Fallenbridge Trigger: One of the Pc’s discovers Jominda’s illicit business and accepts her offer. The Allip made the child mad with its babbling and the confused youngster jumped into the well and broke his neck. The cargo is due 2d4 days after the pc’s trigger this quest. Pyrotechnics in a candle explodes after a few minutes (DC 10 will save or be shaken and dazzled for one round). They will also receive a +4 bonus on diplomacy checks to further influence the Avonaki’s attitude. Jorfa Trigger: Making Jorfa friendly and convincing her to tell the tale about the lost warhammer. Trestleblade and Riff are especially troublesome since they are very suspicious of Jominda already and always come around to ask her questions and they have made a specific point about checking her supplies the next time they arrive. Trust 23+ Reward: 1 trust point. The hammer is a masterpiece Jorfa had made as a gift to her clan in hope that the hammer would earn her redemption for her past transgressions. the ridicule gives them a -2 circumstance penalty on all diplomacy checks in Ravengro since people have a hard time taking them seriously Luthko and Marta Avonaki Trigger: Either parent is made friendly. But she never could build up courage enough to try to present the hammer to her clan. The drugs and poisons refined by Jominda is sent back to Lepidstadt and beyond to be distributed on the streets. Jorfa wants the hammer for sentimental reasons and she can’t bear to have it locked away in some haunted dungeon.  Give them chairs that break. She will provide the pc’s with enough doses of Oil of taggit to poison five people if they want to do it that way. hide paper snakes in their pie (DC 10 will or be shaken for one round). She will meet her contacts on the roads outside of Ravengro and bring the supplies to her shop.” she proclaims. 5 spell levels worth of magical potions of any type Jominda wants the pc’s to get the sheriff off her back. Trust 21+ or the pc’s return with Remon’s body Reward: 2 Trust. dangerous components and poisons. She thought it would be better to have the hammer be used instead of gathering dust on a shelf. When the warden was locked within the prison the hammer was left with him. She can’t have the sheriff or his deputies snooping around then. put sneezing dust in the pepper pot (DC 15 or be dazzled for 1d4 minutes). If the pc’s recover the body and shows the Avonaki’s proof by showing them Remon’s silver buckles they will gain the award above. If the pc’s succeeds in this task they will receive a +4 circumstance bonus on all further diplomacy rolls to influence Jorfa’s attitude. Thunderstone in the mug covers everyone in wine or water (probably scented with really foul smelling musk) The pc’s becomes the theme for all of Zokar’s jokes in the near future. Marta is quick to point the finger at that old crazed wizard Alendru and his black magic. The contents of the cargo is up to the Gm but assume at least 3000 gp’s worth of poisons and drugs as well as dubious potions and elixirs. . A mithril small shield If the pc’s befriend the Avonaki’s they’ll tell the story of how their oldest son Remon disappeared one day about a year ago. The truth is that Remon was playing near an old cottage in the woods when the Allip summoned from the tome Kendra had stolen from her father attacked the child. Jominda proposes the pc’s put some poison in their food or drink to make them sick the day of the delivery. She asks if the pc’s can help recover the hammer. Hidden spring on the platters tosses the food in the pc’s face (+0 ranged touch).

He can hear the bear. Vrodish will stick up for the pc’s reducing all future trust loss by one (minimum of one) for as long as he remains friendly Vrodish has lost his lucky teddybear and now he can’t find it. the Pc’s must be at least level 2. Trestleblade the deputy Trigger: Trestleblade is made friendly and the pc’s engages her in conversation. which he calls Eddy. who’s blind affectation to the scheming alchemist. Only one pc makes this check. A Feather token (Tree) Trestleblade confines in the pc’s that she wishes she had the confidence and skill to become a great warrior. If they fail at the editing process they won’t get paid. Trust 21+ Reward: 1 trust point. She has heard the stories about the pc’s adventures and hopes that they might give her a few pointers. If they complete Trestleblade’s quest they gain a +4 circumstance bonus on any further diplomacy checks to influence Trestleblade’s attitude. but anyone else aiding in the training can roll an aid another check to grant a +2 bonus to the roll. She knows Jominda’s expecting a cargo any day now and wants the pc’s help in finding out when and where the deal is going down. has blinded him to the truth. Riff the deputy Trigger: Riff’s attitude is friendly and the pc’s speak to her. a trade note worth 100 gp’s which can be exchanged in any major settlement in Ustalav. Trust 21+ Reward: 3 trust points if Leromar survives Leromar wants to go with the pc’s to Harrowstone where he will probably be more of a hindrance than a help.Leromar the deputy Trigger: The pc’s goes to explore Harrowstone for the first time after the attack on the Townhall. Reading through and editing the entire book takes 20-int modifier hours. If the pc’s refuse to take him they lose 1 trust point as Leromar will complain to the other villagers that the pc’s wants all the glory to themselves and think they are better than “us locals”. Luramin Taigh Trigger: Make Luramin friendly. If the pc’s offends Luramin they lose 1 trust and suffer a -4 penalty on all further diplomacy and bluff checks against Luramin. . If the pc ‘s bring Leromar and he survives they will receive a +4 circumstance bonus on all further diplomacy checks to influence his attitude. scream for help in the night in his dreams. When they have succeeded in at least 10 such checks Trestleblade has learned enough to upgrade her warrior class to the fighter class and gain a level as well. 300 Gp Riff wants the pc’s help to expose Jominda’s illicit drug trade. a free copy of his book. The raven was last seen headed towards Harrowstone prison. If the pc’s help Riff expose Jominda’s drug trade they gain a +4 circumstance bonus on all further diplomacy checks to influence Riff’s attitude. Luramin asks the pc’s to proofread his novel and post their critiques. Vrodish the deputy Trigger: The pc’s makes Vrodish friendly. To successfully do a good job they must make a DC 15 profession (scribe) or Linguistics check then point out the errors and areas that can be approved without offending him with a DC 15 bluff or diplomacy check. She especially wants to show the sheriff. Trust 7+ Reward: 1 trust. See Jominda’s quest above for details about her delivery. If they succeed in this quest all further diplomacy checks to influence Luramin’s attitude gain a +4 bonus. If Leromar dies the pc’s loose 6 trust points as the villagers expects the pc’s to protect Leromar and will blame them for his death. The teddybear can be found along with a dead raven on the east balcony of Harrowstone prison area R7. The teddybear was stolen from him by a raven in the town square. To complete her quest the pc’s must train with her for at least 4 hours every day and make an attack roll against AC 20 every day they train to see their progress. trust 21+ Reward: 1 trust. Trust 24+ Reward: 2 trust points.

they’ll lose 3 trust since Quess and all the other members will start a Campaign to slander the pc’s reputation. and not only the usual murmurings of necromancy and witchcraft. The DC is 15. Must show interest in her singing Reward: 3 trust -1 for every 5 they fail their perform check with. 5 levels worth of arcane scrolls (level 1-3 spells only) Alendru wants the pc’s to help him prove his innocence. Free room and board and non-magical healing services and tailoring/repairs Sarianna has always dreamed of becoming a famous singer. If they succeed in this quest all further diplomacy checks to influence Sarianna’s attitude gain a +4 bonus. Quess offers the pc’s to join her little sex club. The pc’s can use a diplomacy check and 1d4+1 hours to gather more villagers. If they fail miserably they may instead lose trust.Quess Yearburn Trigger: Make Quess friendly. If they agree they can attempt a DC 20 intimidate check to impress Quess. The DC for the perform check is equal to the number of villagers present at the show. trust 12+. Stop him. Gibs Hephenus Trigger: Prove Gib’s crimes to the villagers Reward: 2 trust points (as long as they don’t kill him) Reveal that Gib’s is behind the desecrations and mutilations. for every five they beat the Dc with they can muster one additional villager. He has lost almost all his students and he can’t go out on the streets without having people spitting at him or cursing behind his back. She dreams of holding her own show but doesn’t dare to do it alone. but only if the pc’s help her. Giving Harken alcohol grants a +5 bonus on diplomacy checks to calm him down. If they succeed in this quest all further diplomacy checks to influence Alendru’s attitude gain a +4 bonus. The pc’s can make an aid another check using any perform skill or a diplomacy/charisma check. The pc’s must spend an entire day preparing for and performing the show. Letters of recommendation (can be used to gain a +5 circumstance bonus on a single diplomacy or intimidate check against a city official or bureaucrat of Ustalav). If the pc’s can prove that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Romen Avonaki he will reward them. Sarianna has a perform modifier of +9. trust 31+ OR find Romen’s body Reward: 1 trust. . Sarianna Vai Trigger: Making Sarianna friendly. If they succeed in this quest all further diplomacy checks to influence Quess’s attitude gain a +4 bonus. If the pc’s makes Harken unfriendly or Hostile he will attack them with thrown rocks and empty bottles and his teeth and fists. Trust 26+. Ever since the Avonaki kid disappeared there have been vicious rumors about him. As long as they take part in the groups games they receive a +4 circumstance bonus on diplomacy checks to gather information about Ravengro and its citizens. Alendru Ghoroven Trigger: Make Alendru friendly. The pc’s must have been to Harrowstone and returned Reward: 3 trust. If they refuse to join and start to spread rumors about it. For every point of trust the pc’s has one villager comes to see the show. hours of kinkiness. Old man Harken* Trigger: Giving Harken alcohol and making him helpful Reward: Can tell the pc’s the story of Harrowstone as if they had made a DC 20 knowledge check. Each successful check grants Sarianna a +2 bonus. If the pc’s can convince her with a DC 20 diplomacy check she agrees to hold a show. If they impress her they complete her quest.

Senses: Perception: +6. Cmb: +5 Cmd: 16 Feats: Caught off guard. Perception: +6. T: 9. Aklo Gear: Filthy rags. Rage power (Brawler) Statistics: Str: 15 (11) Dex: 10 Con: 16 (12) Int: 12 Wis: 10 Cha: 16 Bab: +3. -2 rage) HP: 37 (3d12+12) Fort: +8 Ref: +1 Will: +3 (+4 vs. Uncanny dodge Offense: Spd: 30 ft. Init: +0. FF: 9. (+1 dodge. Melee: Unarmed strike +5 (1d3+2) or Improvised club +5 (1d6+2) Ranged: Thrown rock +3 (1d4+2) SA: Rage (9 rounds/day). Throw anything. fear) SD: Naked courage. Defense: AC: 9.Old man Harken (CR 2) Medium humanoid (Human) Old Human barbarian 3 (Drunken brute/savage barbarian) Al: CN. knowledge (Dungeoneering): +4. Handful of rocks . Great fortitude Skills: Intimidate: +9. Bottle of swag. Survival: +6 SQ: Raging drunk Languages: Common. Knowledge (Local): +4.

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