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Plant Engineering

Condition Assessment
Modern Power Plant systems are extremely complex, with various factors influencing the operational reliability of each component. RISK Condition Assessment is a whole of plant review that has been developed to systematically review these factors and assist in planning major refurbishment activities.

RISK Condition Assessment has been developed to assist in Upgrade/Replace/Retain decisions during tender preparation. RISK Condition Assessment follows a structured assessment method, drawing on the experience gained during ECO|RAM, STEP|x and Condition Assessments performed at other sites. As with all such studies and analysis, ALSTOM employs a cooperative approach, drawing on Station Staff knowledge through site interviews and discussion. Comprehensive technical and operational benchmark data as well as a catalogue of potential improvement measures support the systematic analysis of a plant.

The current condition of the plant is determined by external visual inspection. A comprehensive review based on FMEA methodology - is conducted by Plant Experts. RISK Condition Assessment uses a software platform developed specifically for this application. This draws upon:

Our Experience
RISK Condition Assessment offers access to the substantial knowhow and experience of ALSTOM:

Worldwide network of experience in assessing power plants covering all technologies. Experience in operation and maintenance of plants worldwide covering all technologies. Access to historical as well as up-to-date plant equipment costs and benchmark data. Experienced engineering staff with proven track record of developing solutions for existing equipment.

Assessment Criteria for known failure modes (damage mechanisms) for each key system/component. >250 individual assessment sheets covering known failure mechanisms.

The results of the investigation are collated in a single cohesive document, including:

Customer Benefits

Risk ranking for all equipment. Recommendations for more detailed investigations wear/material analysis etc (eg COMPONENT Condition Assessment) . Rough Scoping for proposals.

Expert review of equipment Risk Factors Ranked Risk Register for Plant Equipment Single contact for Whole-of-Plant Review Rough proposal scoping

The assessment is typically executed within 8-12 weeks

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