[Letters to Charles Olson] Author(s): Stan Brakhage Source: Chicago Review, Vol. 47/48, Vol. 47, no. 4 - Vol. 48, no.

1 (Winter, 2001 - Spring, 2002), pp. 25-27 Published by: Chicago Review Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25304798 . Accessed: 25/03/2013 19:18
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toCHARLES OLSON STANBRAKHAGE Brakhage Dear Charles. rusted to (for our stained-glass window). is giant steamshovel used in making The somewhere.OLSON BRAKHAGE I 25 This content downloaded from 81. The house is old and new at once and everywhere we are very happy here. purple in the sun oar buckets. . holes caving in on themselves.106. and I am single room. rusting away into it. Panama Canal.1964 a town which once had a ghost town in high mountains. / Box # 554 / Rollinsville. We watch is also equipped with gas range. 1950's. space heat and the stars.. And. Seventy years later there's nothing left of it BUT: The Postman. Off to the right The backgrounding a out of sight. August Colo. poles and a much dining children's quarters which can only be entered thru a 4 foot tall door bath and utility room at far end way leading to two rooms. take pictures (for "Night I'm making) thru large windows recently placed in the moon in it. oxidized. AND. as it has a 1913 addition of kitchen room made of telephone newer. surrounded completely by aspen and new spruce. great rock fireplace around which this cabin IS. shovels. shacks holes Image aged bring Imagine stacks of cut trees.179 on Mon.151. all leaded glass turned. and film Blooming" the walls. and I think we very much feed off the atmosphere of a ghost town such as this where all of gold-grub has so obviously & failed. as this is a TRUE story. rock-look of hold wood (fit pieces great beauty dry for us. with them. etc. 25 Mar 2013 19:18:21 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . the all to myself. fuss of it all. the cabin is the home of The Brakhages. etc. modern of hallway's wind. I am writing you from the UPPER story. 21. planters. serve as a children's is There toys. only household Postman survived. very retired now and living in one of the three still-standing shacks. and a lovely old wood & coal burning stove named ALCAZAR: but the house ers. over 2000 and whatever of population family some man gold-diggers tents to in the ground. AND came with home inmind the only man who apparently street-signs the cabin of and built to last and of a spirit fit for growth. come to its last ditch here. etc. my first workroom children and the my green green trees and overlooking playing mountains of Continental Divide.). of the 1890's.

body birth. and/or/also avoid the public event scene far So if/and/when neccessary.. The taped Colo. at 3:15 in the early in born to the sounds of my 8mm camera (I work lovely morning. Dear Charles.1965 semblance of your voice fills our house often these 2" "Maximus copy of your readings of/from sea-creatures mostly with song. We named him for sun's arc or sense of the light of the sun taking shape upon the moon: Rare Brakhage. and the name does sound him very well these sev eral days we've had him.'s "Thoughts sometimes they are songs". intense centered expression softening some a 7 12 oz at down of lbs. "At of the ark of the foot even. including songs 26 REVIEW I CHICAGO This content downloaded from 81. tradition. Jane easily delivering and in complete on black the world and born trol.D. Alphabet"). curiously enough seems to have origi nated in an early poem called "Sort of a Song").one that I can afford to send some of these films of the joys of into the very rooms of my friends. It is 8mm: the days?Dora '62.179 on Mon. and all play sense are things?and now PLAYED off of H. I'm now working "home-movie"?AND it being LIVING lent me less-expensive?medium. etc. January 8. We now have 2 boys 3 girls?a full house. if you like. 25 Mar 2013 19:18:21 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .106. only "Songs" in 8mm. Kelly's Noah's even.151.. being now more "amateur" than ever) and Bach harpsichord music from our portable We have into the hospital. thru "Song 10". hair. which does also carry Ar (c) thur (of for me Arcana.. my yours to keep. Arcadia. of course.a new baby boy. looking flowing long (2 inch) from into lines gray-green eyes. that less expensive medium almost entirely now. abt an hour's worth. Arcturus ("bear watcher"). of beseeming covered sensitivity. and he was born as gently as phonograph smuggled con the moon from clouds. (Vancouver I'm sending you copy of "Song 8". of "Maximus". bridge. Thought OF same started with "Go! little naked and SELF sense thereof with William's impudent songs". 15th.. deepened "No ideas but in things" (which. born Aug. / Stan Blessings.and much. ? Box # 554 / Rollinsville.

in that sense.different.I mean...* your drinking exchange (rather than being used by it) having spoiled me from that the usual such occasion. ed..). "Respond Dance" has been reprinted in P. I'll try to get up to Buffalo. me thru February. 234-257. I'll include the form thru use of alcohol source in the event there's some address of the Film-Maker's Cinematheque one there you might pass it along to apropo showing there. Where'll in I'm Charles?. [Ed. I'll be in the east is) (salvaged. 25 Mar 2013 19:18:21 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . and..106.. arriving?ah well. which relates those to me when works of most poets known "song" is invoked in the thereof.151. name of The University there?it's been a hell (Imean there before) and OF a long time since I've seen you. graphic representation title)?the basic of meant DIRECT. in the case of film "Songs".. Film-makers' Cinematheque up for the "now setting see sort him" of... there's any chance of my having a show in Buffalo. 1970). etc. 1963). Adams Sitney..] -OLSON BRAKHAGE I 27 * This content downloaded from 81. so-called. leaving an intact sense of source. how ARE you? I hope this and the song get to you okay. but please in any struggle for flicks?I don't involve yourself have the feeling I that is) when places (publically."lion you feeding time" brought I find right into the colleges.I mean: I hope to Blessings. being kinematographos: even had a good Oh. Let me know if Well. this and Buffalo. unLESS I and/or someone struggle alot to get me there (inWHICH case I'm usually being there EARLY with all attendent diffiCULTties. / Stan Brakhage's marathon meeting with Olson is described in the letter to Jane Brakhage (dated May 17. "tour". I'm coming closer these days to "writer of moving". pp. of move being then.. hell?I NEED a good talk with you. But on these recent films is any inspiration des-script which BEcomes of itself. 1963) that was included as the final letter in the section of correspondence entitled "Respond Dance" that concludes Metaphors on Vision (Film Culture 30. they're about ready..(as see you arrive most to privately soon. a focus flat on perspective. you your "Song" to mailing even know the I Gloucester with a "please forward"?I don't mean...I don't just go looking for sun's on with gee string (tho' there is a shared sense. Film Culture Reader (NY: Praeger.haven't I since last with drank maintenance of you... etc.179 on Mon.

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