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I have successfully completed the Physics component of the course in year one and am now working on the Mathematics. In the known universe, planet earth is miniscule and our galaxy just one of billions in a huge web of galaxies. To contemplate just how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things is mind boggling and adding to that, the fact that our bodies are 99.996% empty space and the rest is made of elements formed in stars. This enough to make my hairs stand on end every time I start thinking about it and I realised I would be a fool not to pursue the subject that made me feel this way when I had opportunity. A desire to gain a deeper understanding of the cosmos is what led me to studying Mathematics and Physics at Birkbeck. I knew I was going to find it hard because my grasp of both subjects was very limited but I was determined because I wanted to learn the language Mathematicians have used for centuries to beautifully express difficult concepts. Before I started this course I organised two placements at Oxford University to spend time in laboratories. One was in Baroness Susan Greenfield’s lab during which I dissected a rat brain and identified different parts under a microscope. The other visit involved a guided tour by Lowri, a Physicist working in methodological development and using MRI equipment to better understand cardiac metabolics by visualising pathways of the heart and how they change in response to different stimuli such as disease. She showed me the huge magnets needed to conduct MRI scans which I found very interesting and inspired me to research further. When we were asked to write an essay as part of our Physics coursework I chose Superconductors as the subject of my essay Is it a Bird? Is it A Plane? No, it’s a Superconductive Maglev Train (Just what is so super about Superconductors?). I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment and achieved a distinction for it. I came to the lecture The new Science of Astrobiology and the Search for Life in the Universe by Ian Crawford – part of Birkbeck’s activities during Science Week 2012 which confirmed my decision to apply for the Planetary Science with Astronomy BSc. As such, I am reading Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology by Ian Morison which is recommended reading material. It is fascinating and although I may get the answers wrong, it hasn’t stopped me from having a go at some of the problems. At work I am required to manage databases, work with numbers, be good at timekeeping and communicate with people effectively. During the Cert HE course I have developed discipline and organisational skills for studying and have made steady progress. This year for my end of module test in Mathematics I achieved 79%.

Now I appreciate how important Mathematics is to understanding things on an astronomical scale and I am keen to have a high level of competence in this skill. When I started the course I struggled to complete work without extra tutorials and lacked confidence in my ability to keep up with the rest of the class and learning pace. geometrical cells which form a leaf which in turn is part of the larger tree. I think I am suited to higher academic study and I have a strong interest in astronomy. . I ensured I was prepared for all laboratory work so I could get the best out of the valuable experience.such as the perfect.I have had excellent attendance and have met all assignment deadlines. This is the type of natural fractal that illustrates the astounding symmetry found everywhere we look and thanks to mathematicians and scientists we are making more discoveries about the observable universe than ever before. I am now seeing the benefits of my hard work and am much more confident about working through problems on my own and I have become highly effective at independent learning and filling the gaps in my understanding. I am enthralled by science generally and want to work on and the geometric patterns which occur naturally in things around us. I didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy maths because I thought it would be such an uphill struggle. I want to join them. attain accurate results and get the best grades I could.