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J. WILLIAM WORDEN, PH.D. Two Woodhaven Drive Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949-831-1414)

EDUCATION 1954 1957 1959 1962 B.A. Th.M Ed.M Ph.D. Pomona College Eastern Seminary, Philadelphia Harvard University Boston University

POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING 1965 1966-1969 Stanford University Boston University

LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION 1970 1979 1983 TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1959-1960 1962-1964 1962-1966 1966-1968 1968-1972 1969-1986 1972-1986 1977-1980 1986-1998 1986-present Lecturer in Psychology, Gordon College Lecturer in Pastoral Psychology, Gordon Divinity School Associate Professor of Psychology, Gordon College Lecturer in Psychology, College of Liberal Arts, Boston University Associate in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston Lecturer in Clinical Pastoral Education, Massachusetts General Hospital Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School Lecturer in Psychology, Radcliff College Lecturer in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School Professor of Psychology, Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology, California Licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts (513) Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology (3149) Licensed Psychologist in California (PJ7923)

Princeton. New Jersey "The Portrayal of the Protestant Minister in American Motion Pictures--A Psychosocial Analysis" "Longitudinal Study of Student Development in Thirteen Small Colleges" (NIMH funded study) Research Director. Boston University Clinical Associate in Psychiatry. "Consequences of Parental Death for School Age Children" NIMH Grant MH-41971) 1960-1962 1964-1968 1968-1972 1972-1976 1976-1980 1980-1984 1987-1991 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE 1962-1966 1966-1968 1968-1974 1969-present 1970-present Dean of Students and Counseling Psychologist. Gordon College. Boston University (part-time) Psychologist. "Suicide and Other Coping Behavior of Cancer Patients" (NCI Grant CA14104) Co-Principal Investigator "Psychosocial Interventions in Cancer Care" (NCI Grant CA19797) Co-Principal Investigator. Boston University Research Director for five NIH supported research projects at Harvard-MGH . Gordon College Director of Counseling Services for School of Fine Arts. "Recurrent Cancer and Its Psychosocial Consequences" (NCI Grant CA-27020) Principal Investigator. Gordon College Director of Counseling Services for School of Fine Arts. Chairman. Massachusetts General Hospital Private Practice in Clinical Psychology ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE 1962-1966 1963-1966 1966-1968 1968-1991 Dean of Students. Rockefeller Brothers Fellowship Program. "Psychological Autopsy Study of Terminal Illness and Suicide" (NIMH Grant MH-15903) Research Director. Department of Psychology. Student Health Service.RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 1960 "The Rockefeller Fellow: A Five Year Profile" Research report presented to the Director.

Inc. Hershey. Department Health & Human Services. Washington. Massachusetts General Hospital Chairman. New England Institute. "Begin with Goodbye" Consultant. Program Committee. Suicide Prediction Study. Midwest Research Institute. Cancer-Coronary Research Project University of Washington Service and Rehabilitation Committee. Johnsson Cancer Center. Breast Cancer Project. Hospice. Columbia University MEMBERSHIPS IN PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES 1968 1968 1969 1973 1975 1977 1979 American Psychological Association (Fellow. The Hospice Journal Editorial Board. Div 12) Massachusetts Psychological Association American Association of Suicidology Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Society for Clinical Experimental Hypnosis Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy Society of Behavioral Medicine . Boston Trustee. Needs Assessment of Cancer Patients. Kansas City Subcommittee on Human Studies. American Cancer Society Consultant. Connecticut Consultant. Samaritans (suicide prevention program). UCLA Editorial Board. American Association of Suicidology Consultant. University of Wisconsin Board of Advisors. New Haven. American Assn of Suicidology Consultant. Death Studies Journal Consultant. Women and HIV.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1969-1971 1970 1972 1972-1978 1975-1977 1976-1984 1977 1977-1982 1979-1994 1978-1979 1979-1981 19821982 19831984-1985 198419851986-1994 1986 1993-1994 Suicide Review Committee. National Convention.. Boston (Regional school for funeral service) Consultant for PBS film series. DC Consultant. Hospice of Pasadena Work Group on Risk Factors in Youth Suicide. PA Medical Center Editorial Board. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology Consultant. Massachusetts General Hospital Co-chairman.

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