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Roth 10e NCLEX Chapter 15

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The nurse is caring for a client in long term care who has been prescribed tetracycline. What, if any, dietary issues related to the tetracycline must the nurse be concerned with? a. Dairy products should not be consumed c. There are no food-drug interactions within 2 hours of taking tetracycline. associated with tetracycline. b. The tetracycline should be taken with milk d. This patient cannot have any dairy 2 hours before eating. products until the course of antibiotic treatment is complete. ANS: A Dairy products should not be consumed within 2 hours of taking tetracycline, or it will not be absorbed. PTS: 1 REF: Sidestepping Potential Problems

2. An healthy elderly client tells the nurse that the doctor said the client’s diet should be based on MyPyramid. Which of the following responses is appropriate? a. MyPyramid can’t cover all your needs, so c. Once a person is over age 65 MyPyramid you must take a multivitamin-mineral is no longer appropriate for them. supplement every day. b. MyPyramid is appropriate for elderly d. There are special dietary guidelines for clients who have no underlying medical elderly people. problems. ANS: B An elderly client’s diet plan should be based on MyPyramid and the nutrients should be checked against the AIs and DRIs. Each person should be examined by a physician, as this client was, to determine their specific nutrient requirements. All elderly clients need not take a multivitamin-mineral supplement each day unless they are taking in fewer than 1500 calories a day. PTS: 1 REF: Food Habits

3. An elderly client who has been hospitalized for 2 weeks keeps refusing her meal trays because she says the hospital food is awful. What type of malnutrition should the nurse be concerned about in a client who is not eating? a. energy malnutrition c. protein energy malnutrition b. malnutrition is not a concern in d. protein malnutrition hospitalized clients ANS: C Elderly people who have long hospital stays can develop protein energy malnutrition in the hospital. They may dislike the food, drugs may dull the appetite, and they may be lonely and depressed. PTS: 1 REF: Food Habits

4. The visiting nurse arranges for an elderly home-bound client to go the local senior center for lunch 2 days a week. The client insists eating out isn’t in the budget. How can the nurse overcome this client’s objection? a. As an act of charity, offer to pay for the c. Offer to help the client sign up for food

What medications is the patient taking? economic changes? . so their diets may require additional iron. B. along with grain products. Thus. Is the client suffering from constipation? c. PTS: 1 5. The federal government also provides transportation for those who are otherwise unable to reach the senior center for the meal. calcium c. How often does the client go out and socialize? b. Which of the following are appropriate statements for the nurse to make? Select all that apply. Consume salt in moderation. magnesium b. What things that may be related to the client’s nutrition should the nurse cover in the assessment? Select all that apply. Food stamps are not necessary to pay for meals at the senior center since the meals are free. Tell the client there is an option of the lunches. These senior centers become social clubs and are extremely beneficial to the elderly. The nurse makes a note to look at the patient’s labs when they come in to see if the patient may need supplementation of what nutrient? a.client’s meals. food stamps can sometimes be used for Meals-on-Wheels home delivered meals. e. so there is no cost to the volunteering 5 hours a week to pay for the client. F There appears to be no direct connection between a specific kind of food and a specific symptom of arthritis. Eat a healthy diet that includes 5 servings f. However. specific kind of food and a specific symptom of arthritis. iron d. Explain that the federal government funds d. d. such as salmon. C. Does the client appear to be depressed? d. stamps. every day. a. vitamin E ANS: B The regular use of aspirin by clients who have arthritis may cause slight bleeding in the stomach lining. meal. Has the client undergone any recent f. Eat fatty fish. a. b. and sugar and salt in moderation. Does the client have regular visitors? e. ANS: A. The best advice is to eat a healthy diet that includes the “5 a day” fruits and vegetables. ANS: B The federal government provides the states with funds to serve hot meals at noon in senior centers across the country. An elderly client asks the nurse if there are any nutrition related things that might be good for someone with arthritis The nurse makes some suggestions of things the client might want to consider. salmon and pomegranate are not correct answers. The client uses aspirin daily for pain relief. The nurse is completing the initial assessment of a hospitalized client who has arthritis. Consume sugar in moderation. There is no direct connection between any of fruits and vegetables. c. b. The visiting nurse is assessing an elderly client at the client’s home. PTS: 1 REF: Physiological Changes REF: Arthritis 2. Neither is there a special diet that is consistently better for arthritis suffers. Pomegranate reduces the all of the symptoms associated with arthritis. PTS: 1 MULTIPLE RESPONSE 1.

With aging the tone of the intestines is reduced.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. affecting the person’s overall feeling of well being and desire to eat.2 = 81. D.8 = 65 grams of protein per day PTS: 1 REF: Nutritional Requirements REF: The Effects of Aging . E. How many grams of protein per day should the nurse recommend for this client? ANS: 65 Rationale: The protein requirement for people over age 51 but less than 65 is 0. and economic changes associated with aging may affect the client’s nutrition status. B. C.ANS: A. psychosocial. Depression and loneliness can affect whether or not someone wants to eat.8 * 0. Economic changes can make it difficult to buy the foods that contribute to a healthy diet and leave less money for social activities. Drug-drug and food-drug interactions can contribute to decreased nutritional status.8 kilograms 81. The visiting nurse is calculating the protein requirement for an otherwise healthy 60 year old man who is 5’6” tall and weighs 180 pounds. F Physiological. PTS: 1 NUMERIC RESPONSE 1. 180 pounds/2.