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Chaos, fractals and weird things

There are two new scientific concepts: Fractals and chaos. They have been applied in fields like math, biology, medicine, economics, linguistics and astronomy among others. The knowledge we have about them have improved due to these new ideas. Benoit Mandelbrot started a new investigation line which main object of interest are the fractals. An object which preserves the same structure while changing the viewing scale indefinitely is called fractal, for instance, an equilateral triangle which its sides are divided by 3 and the remaining central spaces are filled with two more lines to complete 3 more equilateral triangles. Mandelbrot states that there are countless examples of fractals in the Nature. The Euclidean geometry teaches that there is a relation between the area of a polygon and its perimeter, or between the volume and the area of the surface that surrounds it. However, this is not true for fractals, even if they are derivative from Euclidean polygons. In economics there is a comparable behavior in the change of the value of merchandise with fractals because varying the scale of time presents similar structures. The point about fractals is the difference they have against the regular polygons. The Euclidean geometry gives an integer number of dimensions to the figures, while fractals have fractional ones. This is useful to measure not very well defined features without the problem of the scale. The chaos theory is useful in a similar way that fractals are. They help to understand phenomena which is not satisfactorily described through the current approach. It is important to explain the phenomena that occur in our environment, which used a series of tools that facilitate this task. For example the book speaks about the concept of self-similarity: The concept of the self-similarity leads to the prediction of the existence of a new phase of matter 'quasi-crystals'. Matter is our about forming different phases: the soda, the liquid and the solid. In the gas phase, atoms or molecules move and rotate completely at random. This gives as result that the gas does not have any structure.

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