Celebrate Poetry Month with GLBT Poetry

Selected Resources Available at the

Resource Center of Dallas 2701 Reagan Street, Dallas, TX  214-540-4451 library@rcdallas.org

Allison, Dorothy. The women who hate me : poetry, 1980-1990 PS3551 L453 W6 1991 Anzaldúa, Gloria. Borderlands : the new mestiza = La frontera. PS3551 N95 B6 1999 Bishop, Elizabeth. Edgar Allan Poe & the juke-box PS3503 I785 E34 2006 Bishop, Elizabeth. Poems, prose, and letters. PS3503 I785 A6 2008 Buonarroti, Michelangelo. Complete poems and selected letters of Michelangelo PQ4615 B6 A23 1980 Cavafy, Constantine. Collected poems. PA5610 K2 A24 1992 Cisneros, Sandra. Loose woman: poems PS3553 I78 L66 1994 Dickinson, Emily. The collected poems of Emily Dickinson. PS1541 A6 2003 Doty, Mark. Fire to Fire. PS3553 I78 L66 1994 Garcia Lorca, Federico. Selected verse. PQ6613 A763 A225 2004 Garcia Lorca, Federico. Poem of the deep song PQ6613 A763 P613 2006 Ginsberg, Allen. Death & fame : poems, 1993-1997 PS3513 I74 D42 1999 Ginsberg, Allen. Howl : original draft facsimile PS3513 I74 H6 1986 OVR Ginsberg, Allen. Selected poems, 1947-1995 PS3513 I74 A6 1996 Giovanni, Nikki. My house; poems PS3557 I55 M9 1972 Giovanni, Nikki. Quilting the black-eyed pea PS3557 I55 Q46 2002 Hughes, Langston. Vintage Hughes. PS3515 U274 A6 2004 Jordan, June. Naming our Destiny PS3560 O73 N3 1989 Kobayashi, Tamai. All names spoken PR9194.5 L47 K63 1992 Lorde, Audre. Our dead behind us. PS3562 O75 O8 1986 Lorde, Audre. Undersong. PS3562 O75 U5 1992 Monette, Paul. No witnesses: poems PS3563 O523 N6 1981 Norse, Harold. Harold Norse, the love poems PS3527 O56 H37 1986 Oliver, Mary. American Primitive. (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize) PS3565 L5 A66 1983 Oliver, Mary. The leaf and the cloud PS3565 L5 L4 2000 Parker, Pat. Movement in Black: the collected poetry PS3566 A6847 M6 1978b Picano, Felice. The deformity lover and other poems. PS3566 I25 D4 1978 Rich, Adrienne. The dream of a common language PS3535 I233 D7 1978 Rumi. Words of paradise: selected poems of Rumi PK6480 E5 A234 2006 Sarton, May. From May Sarton's well : writings of May Sarton PS3537 A832 A6 1994 St. Vincent Millay, Edna. The Selected poetry of PS3525 I495 A17 2002 Sexton, Anne. The complete poems. PS3537 E915 A17 1981 Sexton, Anne. Transformations PS3537 E915 T7 2001 Whitman, Walt. Complete poetry and selected prose. PS3200 F59 1959 Whitman, Walt. Leaves of grass. PS3201 1980

ANTHOLOGIES Ain't I a woman! : a book of women's poetry from around the world PN6109.9 A36 1993 Gay & lesbian poetry in our time: an anthology. Edited by Carl Morse & Joan Larkin PS595 H65 G39 1988 Gents, bad boys & barbarians: new gay male poetry. Edited by Rudy Kikel PS595 H65 G46 1995 Here to dare: 10 gay Black poets. Edited by Arthur T Wilson; Assoto Saint; et al. PS595 H65 H4 1992 Lesbian poetry, an anthology. Edited by Elly Bulkin; Joan Larkin PS595 L46 L4 1981 Mariposas: a modern anthology of queer Latino poetry PS508.H57 M37 2008 The Penguin book of homosexual verse PN6110 H65 P46 1983 Poets for life: seventy-six poets respond to AIDS. Edited by Michael Klein. PS595 A36 P64 1989 The world in us: lesbian and gay poetry of the next wave PS591 G38 W67 2000 AUTOBIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY, HISTORY, ANAYSIS, CRITICISM OF POETRY Before night falls. Reinaldo Arenas PQ7390 A72 Z46313 1993 Before night falls (on DVD) DVD BEF Firebird : a memoir. By Mark Doty PS3554 O798 Z467 1999 Emily Dickinson. By Harold Bloom PS1541 Z5 E38 2008 Young Robert Duncan. By Ekbert Faas PS3507 U629 Z66 1983 Ginsberg: a biography By Barry Miles. PS3513 I74 Z745 1989 Howl on trial : the battle for free expression PS3513 I74 H634 2006 The life of Langston Hughes. By Arnold Rampersad PS3515 U274 Z698 1986 Warrior poet: a biography of Audre Lorde. By Alexis De Veaux PS3562 O75 Z66 2004 A different person: a memoir. By James Ingram Merrill. PS3525 E6645 Z464 1993 Memoirs of a bastard angel. By Harold Norse. PS3537 O56 Z468 1989 After the stroke : a journal. By May Sarton. PS3537 A832 Z462 1988 The first wave: women poets in America, 1915-1945. By William Drake PS151 D7 1988 The Sappho companion. Edited by Margaret Reynolds PA4409.S27 2002 Walt Whitman, a life. By Justin Kaplan PS3231.K3 1980 The first wave: women poets in America, 1915-1945 PS151 D7 1988 The homosexual tradition in American poetry. By Robert K Martin. PS310 H66 M3 1979 The ode less travelled : unlocking the poet within. By Stephen Fry PN1059 A9 F79 2006 ONLINE RESOURCES: Contemporary Gay American Poets and Playwrights: An A-to-Z Guide. Edited by Emmanuel S. Nelson. Online book available at: www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=102146017 This is a small sampling of books and resources in our collection. Our Library is open to the public and our online catalog can be searched at: www.libraryworld.net/opac at the Sign in page, enter: Phil Johnson Library as the Library Name. You do not need a password


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