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April 17, 2013

His Name to All Nations
A Gospel for Asia (and Bethany) Update
Dear friends,
Every few years, Gospel for Asia holds a Renewing Your Passion (RYP) conference*, where we invite supporters to hear leaders from the field, Brother K.P. and others share about what God is doing in Asia. In March, we held a smaller one at our headquarters in Carrollton, and people came from all over the country to make it. It was great getting to meet more supporters and hear their enthusiasm for the ministry, especially as they learned more through the sessions. These were some of the session highlights for me: Because many members of our Women’s Fellowship groups are illiterate, part of the program involves learning a new Bible verse every week. One woman began sharing the Gospel with only one verse memorized—and 49 people embraced Christ. “Just imagine,” said Gisela Yohannan, “if she becomes literate!” And if she joins our literacy classes, she will!



The villages of South Asia are full of medical misconceptions. Because cows are considered holy by some, people believe cow dung has healing properties and will use it the same way we use antiseptics. And basic things like washing hands are complete unknowns. Through our medical ministry, we provide knowledge and treatment for earthly ailments—but the kindness also opens doors to share God’s love and see people saved for eternity.

I worked the sponsorship table and had so much fun helping people find “just one more” missionary or Bridge of Hope child to add to their accounts.

We’re currently praying for a new boat so we can reach more people in the Islands of West Bengal. God is already doing an incredible work there, but we’re limited because we have to ride other people’s boats. With our own boat we’ll be able to visit all 54 inhabited islands, easily bring equipment and save the money we would have spent on boat fare.


Please pray for us as we prepare for our next RYP conference to be held this fall. Our hope is to have more of these in the upcoming years (maybe I’ll see you at one in the future!) and we’re always trying to see how we can make it a better—and more cost-effective—experience.
*Funded by donations designated for RYP.

New Boss and New Co-Workers
We’ve had big staffing changes within the writing group. At the end of January, we welcomed two new School of Discipleship students, Jo Dee and Libby. I don’t think they realize what a huge help they are, but I thank God for bringing them here. Libby is taking Anna’s place as co-web champion and Jo Dee will help Matt with advertising and marketing. We also just found out that Anna is raising support to come back on

staff, so soon we will have writers galore! The other big change is that Heidi, our writing group leader is taking a sabbatical, and Michelle, who had moved from writing to another department, is taking on Heidi’s old role. Please pray for Michelle as she adjusts to this bigger role, for Anna raising support and for the rest of us as God keeps us on our toes.

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Family Attacked During Dinner
A couple weeks ago, I received a report from the field about a family of new believers: a father, mother, two daughters and a son (all grown, I believe). They were eating dinner when a group of religious fanatics came into their house and attacked. One daughter’s hand was broken, the son fell unconscious, and the mother lost her hand when the assailants cut it in two. The father and another daughter were also badly beaten and all five were sent to the hospital for treatment. But the persecutors aren’t done. Now they’re searching for the family’s pastor, who has since left town. I wrote an emergency email to our prayer team when we received this report, but the truth is, this story is only unique in that it contains so many details. In reality, this sort of persecution is happening every day. When I went to India, I visited a family of two brothers. One of them was married, and the wife told us how, when they embraced Christ, the rest of the family had deserted them and the whole village ostracized them. I remember her saying how wonderful it was to have fellowship with us—to pray with actual sisters in Christ. And I remember how tightly she hugged me when we said goodbye, even though we hardly knew each other. So often I share happy endings, but many of

our brothers and sisters have given up theirs for the sake of Christ. They’re deserted, banned from public water wells, beaten by their parents, blamed for each sickness in their families, and given death threats by their neighbors. This month, will you pray for them with me? Pray for their safety. Pray for fellowship with other believers. Pray for opportunities to share God’s love. And ask that rather than give up, they will “rejoice and be exceedingly glad,” knowing their reward in heaven in great (Matt. 5:12). Pray as if they were members of your own family. Because they are.

Ask God . . . .
• In my 11 months here, I’ve been hit by seven stomach viruses (in addition to colds). I’m grateful to be able to write from home on sick days, but I still do a lot of catching up when I return to the office. Please pray for my health. • My car has been struggling lately, but my co-worker thinks replacing the spark plugs will do the trick. Please pray for a quick, cheap and long-term fix.

Right to Left: Libby, me, Jo Dee

Your prayers and support mean so much to me. Please let me know how I can be praying for you. My email address is

Praise God . . . .
• Thank you for praying for us as we train Jo Dee and Libby. I’m growing a lot as I learn how to communicate new concepts with clarity and grace, and I’m encouraged by their attitudes and work!