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Online Practice Set Question for LIC AAO Exam
Online Quiz » Online Practice Set Question f or LIC AAO Exam T his practice set consist of f ollowing topics : General Knowledge & Current Af f airs(20 MCQ), Reasoning(20 MCQ), Mathematics(20 MCQ), English(25 MCQ),


Direction for below five questions Which of the parases (1),(2),(3) and (4) Given below each statement should repalce the pharase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct ? If te sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer. MBA is the acme of a student's dreams, but as a post-graduate qualification it has been so distorted in its exection so as to lose nearly all the original intent,

that it has lost nearly to lose almost so as to lost nearly and has lost nearly Q.2 British conseervationsists which were in mumbai on March. Have appealed to their Indian counterparts to Make a case for preserving the city's derelict cotton mills

which were at Mumbai on who was in Mumbai at which were on Mumbai on Who were In Mumbai o Q.3 T his drought, In the fifth consecutive years, must be used as an opportunity to affect chages in practices for the managemetn of our water resources where every community and husehold is involved,

on the f ive consecutive years in the f if th consecutive year f or the f if th consecutive year in f ive consecutive years Q.4 Medical tourism will not make any differnce to Indian healthcare despite it will mean more great profits for private hospital but will not create subsidised treatment for Indians.

howeer it will result grater because it will mean more great as it will mean great

also it will mean more great Q.5 Which western fast food and brand name sodas gaining foothold, India is incubating a new public health crisis by being forced to choose between eradicating hunger and treating those who are overweight.

f orced to treat between f orcibly chossing between f orced to choose f or f orced to treat between Q.6 A B C D Q.7 A E D F Q.8 A B E C Q.9 A B C D Q.10 A B D Which of the following sentence should be the SECOND (LAST )after rearrangement ? Which of the following sentence should be the FIRST (LAST )after rearrangement ? Which of the following sentence should be the FIFT H (LAST )after rearrangement ? Which of the following sentence should be the T HIRD (LAST )after rearrangement ? Direction (below 5 questions) Rearrange the following sentences (A),(B),

E Q.11 Each qurstion below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words/phrases for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Not only , expanding Merely, developing Hardly , growing Suprisiongly , f lourishing Q.12 Banglore has

changed , is developed , should be morphed, once was progressed , claims to be Q.13 While the agricultural revolution

changed , as well suf f ered , air construct , show transf ormed , atmosphere Q.14 T he findings of a recent study to

study , proves explore , reveal establish , examine reveal , object to Q.15 Eventhough , built Although , evolved Besides , took shape Af ter , created Q.16 In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. T hese numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words / phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case. One big (16) between the investments in fossil fuels and those in wing power, solar cells and geothermal energy is that latter will supply energy in (17) . T hese "wells" will never run dry. If the money spent on oil in one year were (18) in wind turbines, the electricity generated would be enough to (19) one fifth of the world's needs. Investments in infrastructure for the new energy. Economy , which would eventually have to be made

infrastructure for the new energy. Economy , which would eventually have to be made when fossil fuels reserves (20) , will obviously be huge. T hese include the transmission lines that (21) wind farms with electricity consumers, and the pipelines that link hydrogen supply sources with end users. To a substantial degree, the infrastructure for the (22) energy sources - the transmission lines gas can be used in the new energy economy as well. T he local pipeline distribution network in various cities for natural gas can easily be (23) to hydrogen distribution system. For developing countries, the new energy sources (24) to reduce dependence on imported oil, freeing up capital for investment in domestic energy sources. (25) few countries have their own oil fields, most have wind and solar energy. In terms of economic expansion and job generation, these new energy technologies are a godsend. argument change dif f erence issue Q.17 inf inity perpetuity extension reality Q.18 dissipated applied invested drawn Q.19 meet involve attract complete Q.20 deplete expand sustain cease Q.21 connect

provide support links Q.22 old latest new existing Q.23 supplied provided converted used Q.24 predict promise pursue expects Q.25 Despite As Unless Although Q.26 23 32 28 30 Q.27 Election of India's Vice-President through What is the minimum age limit of Rajya Sabha Member ?

Member of Parliament Lok Sabha

Rajya Sabha None Q.28 65 78 60 No Limit Q.29 In which state Maximum number of Tea Garden? What is the Maximum age limit of President Retirement?

Tamilnadu Asam Dargaling None Q.30 Red Indian related to which area?

south America east America west Amereca south America Q.31 Which country highest Rice producer

China India USA England Q.32 Katrina is the Name of

Hurricane Tsunami Cyclone None Q.33 Polythin is made through

Iron Lehium Athileen

None Q.34 Leg brain body ear Q.35 Which Tax is related to State government EEG test is related to

Income Tax Entertainment tax Corporate Tax None Q.36 Who was the founded of Viswa Bharahi University?

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Jawahar lal Nehru Swamy Vivika Nnanda Ravindra Nath Tagore Q.37 Where is the head quarter of National Institute of water sports?

Cochin Goa Kolkutta Kandle Q.38 T he southern most tip of India is

Rames waram Cochi Kanya Kumari Trivendram Q.39 Who is called duck out in cricket ?

who scored century who gone out hiteicket run out who is out without score


What is the largest prison in India?

Andaman Jait Tihar Jail Beour Jail Rajagmundry Central Jail Q.41 T he Famous Chamundeswari Temole was situated in which of the following state?

Orissa Rajasthan Haryana Himachal Pradesh Q.42 Davis Cup is allociated with

Tennis Cricket Golf Football Q.43 Which was the period of the Indus civilization?

BC 2200 - 3000 BC 2500-1000 AD 2200-2000 BC 2300 - 1750 Q.44 Which Article of the Indian constitution grants special status to jammu and Kashmir.

Article 350 Article 355 Article 365 Article 370 Q.45 Who was never married in clan of Kuru ?

Santhana Bishma Vyasa Dritharastra Q.46 Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. P,Q,R,S ,T,V and Z are seven employees of a call centre. T hey work in three shifts - I,and II

,III . T here is at least one and not more than three among in any of these shifts. Each of them get one day off in every week from Monday to Sunday. Q work with only T in shift II and his weekly off is immediate to the next of the off day of P. S has weekly off on Sunday and he is not in the same shift with either R or Q.P is in shift I with R whose off day is immeditately before T.V's off day is immediately after T but not on Saturday. T he employes having off day on Friday works in shift III and that on a Saturday does not work with T.Z does not either in sift II or in shift III. In which shift do three of them work I II III I or III Q.47 On which day of the week does Q have off day?

Wednesday T hursday Tuesday Saturday Q.48 Which of the following combination of employee-off day-shift day is not correct?

T-T hursday -_II V - Friday - III P - Wednesday -I Z - Saturday - I Q.49 P Z T Data inadequate Q.50 II III II or III Data inadequate Q.51 Study the following information carefully to andwer thes questions:(a) - 'A $ B' means 'A is mother of B' (b) - 'A # B' means ' A is father of B' (c)- 'A @ B' means 'A is husband of B' (d) - 'A % B' means 'A is daughter of B' P@ Q$M# T indicates what relatinshop of P with T ? In which shift does V work? Who among them has off day immediately on the next of V's off day ?

Maternal Grandf ather Paternal Grandf ather Maternal Grandmother Paternal Grandmother Q.52 Which of the following expression indicates 'R is the sister of H'?

R$D@F#H H%D@F$R R%D@F$H H$D@F#R Q.53 If F@ D%K# H , the how is Frelated to H ?

Brother in law Sister Sister in law Cannot be determined Q.54 Which of th efollowing expression indicates 'H is the brother of N'?

N%F@D$H N%F@D%F N%F@D$H#R Cannot be determined Q.55 If G$N@ K , how is K related to G ?

Mother in law Daughter Aunt Daughter in law Q.56 A V U W Q.57 KO BF' is related to 'HL' in the same way as 'EI' is related to What should come next in the following letter series ? ABCDPQRSABCDEPQRST UABCDEFPQRST

KN JN JO Q.58 In the certain code JUMP is written as '39%4' and MEALS IS WRIT T EN AS '%2*7@ ' HOW IS pulse WRIT T EN IN T HAT CODE ?

497@2 493@2 347@# 479*2 Q.59 Which of the following has the same relationship as that of ROCK : CROCK ?

BALE:ELAB COLD:DOLC MEAN:AEMN None of these Q.60 In a certain code JOURNEY is written as T NISZ FO . How is MEDICAL written in that code ?

CDLJDBM EFNBDE CDLJMBD None of these Q.61 Study the following information carefully to answer thes questions given below :A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and J are sitting around a circle facing the center. C is third to the left of A. E is fourth to the right of A. D is fourth to th left of J who is second to the right of A. F is third to the right of B. G is not an immediate neighbour of A. What is H's position with respect to E ?

T hird to the lef t Fourth to the lef t Fif th to the right None of these Q.62 B D A None of these Q.63 Who is fifth to the right of E? Who is third to the right of G ?

F C H A Q.64 A F D Data inadequate Q.65 A E F B Q.66 Seema sold a mobile phone at the cost of Rs 1950 at a loss of 25% . At what cost will she has to sell it to get a profit of 30%? Who is to immediate right of D ? Who is second to the left of H?

3300 3380 2650 2635 Q.67 T he ratio between the speed of a car and a train is 15:22 respectively . If the speed of the train is 35 km/hr. more than that of the car, what is the speed of the car?

75 km/hr 110 km/hr 82 km/hr None of these Q.68 T he salary of a man increases by 20% every year in the month of january . His salary was Rs. 5000 in the month of February in year 2012. What will be his salary in the month of February in 2013 ?

7500 6800 7000 7200

Q.69 720 125 360 256 Q.70

In how many different ways can the letter of word 'FINISH' can be arranged ?

T he simple interest accrued on a certahin principal in 5 years at the rate of 12 is Rs. 1536 . What amount of the simple interest would one get if one invests Es. 1000 more than the previous principal for 2 years and at the same rate p.c.p.a ?

885.44 854.4 768.4 4598.4 Q.71 14 9 7 8 Q.72 In a test, Rajesh got 112 marks which is 32 more than the passing marks. Sonal got 75% marks. Which is 70 more than the passing marks. What is the minimum passing percentage of the test/ If 3 men or 9 boys can finish a plece of work in 21 days. In how many days can 5 men and 6 boys together do the same piece of work ?

35 45 30 40 Q.73 Twenty five percent of Reena's yearly income is equal to seventy five percent of Anubhav's monthly income . If Anubhav's yearly income is Rs. 240000 what is Reena's monthly income ?

60000 29000 65000 62000 Q.74 190 195 If Rs. 5075 is to be divided among 29 people, how much amount will each person get?

165 155 Q.75 What is the value of 72% of two fifth of 450?

648.88129.60 234.85 129.6 None of these Q.76 What is the compound interest accrued on a sum of Rs. 1800 at the rate of 4 p.c.p.a in 2 years?

146.88 1598.98 345.13 598.66 Q.77 T he area of a square is 225 which is equal to the area of a rectangle. T he length of the rectangle is 16 cm ore than the beadth of the rectangle. What is the respective ratio between the side of the square and the breadth of the rectangle?

3:4 5:3 5:8 4:2 Q.78 55 60 85 80 Q.79 187 216 212 151 Q.80 16 11 16 23 29 37 46 56 In the following number series only one is wrong. Find out the wrong one . 217 216 212 203 187 151 126 T he ratio between the angles of a quadrilateral is 3 :5 : 9 : 1 respectively. What is the value of two third of the total sum of the smallest and the second largest angles together?

29 23 46 Q.81 T he ratio between the present ages of Ram and Rahim is 3 : 2 respectively. Also, the ratio between the present ages of Rahim and Aman is 5 : 2 respectiveily. What is the ratio between the present ages of Ram and Aman respectiveily ?

4 :5 15 :5 8 : 12 14 : 12 Q.82 32 30 28 26 Q.83 18 32 20 22 Q.84 13 18 17 None of these Q.85 12 14 10 9 Fifteen men can complete a piece of work in 20 days. How many men will complete the same work in 25 days ? T he area of a rectangle is 221 metres square and its length is 4 metres more than its breadth . Which is the measure of its breadth? T he present age of Suraj is six times the age of Vijay . Also, Vijay's present age is 20 years less than Suraj's age. What is Sural's present age? If a sum of Rs 736 is equally diveded among twenty three people , then how much amount will each person get?

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