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The charge was, not made until Augusts 17.

The definition of a defendant by Idaho Code is one who has been, charged with an offense. The definition of charged says you have to acknowledge the charge. That there is a defendant is a falsity.

Tony Riffel is the employee and the principal that signs not Sergeant this is a false swearing. He tends the prejudice that Sergeant is his first name, which extends to the order finding cause.

I did not identify my self by voice. It is as if I gave permission for the SS#. There is no record of this voice identification or of any identification by Marsha Ogilvie. I never identified myself to Marsha Ogilvie.

The correct wording is there is probable cause to believe.

Riffel is not qualified to determine what I was wishing or what I was upset about and has not supported his statement reportedly. He does not know about my relationships. He does not state the violation of the code and he says she requested to sign a citation for. What exactly is he swearing to.. The Idaho penal Codes for perjury say.
18-5401. Perjury defined. Every person who, having taken an oath that he will testify, declare, depose, or certify truly, before any competent tribunal, legislative committee, officer, or person in any of the cases in which such an oath may by law be administered, wilfully and contrary to such oath, states as true any material matter which he knows to be false, is guilty of perjury. 18-5403. Oath of office -- Portion relating to future duties not included. So much of an oath of office as relates to the future performance of official duties is not such an oath as is intended by the two (2) preceding sections. 18-5404. Irregularity in administering oath no defense. It is no defense to a prosecution for perjury that the oath was administered or taken in an irregular manner.

An unqualified statement of that which one does not know to be true is equivalent to a statement of that which one knows to be false. Looks like perjury to me.
18-5408. Unqualified statement of unknown fact. 18-5409. Punishment for perjury. Perjury is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not less than one (1) or more than fourteen (14) years. Add the identity theft and we have a serious crime you are all ignoring including the sherriff.

No police reports, Why did one show up in discovery unsigned and uncertified along with witness statements that have redacted signatures and do not follow codes for redacting signatures. Who is trying to pull one over on me? I do not think I am the one that needs a mental check.

He believes there is probable cause to believe to believe the criminal offenses have been committed.

What is he swearing? There are no facts of battery on this affidavit which is why the judge did not order anything.18-5408. Unqualified statement of unknown fact. An unqualified
statement of that which one does not know to be true is equivalent to a statement of that which one knows to be false.

Tony Riffel is supposed to sign not Sgt. T. Riffel. If he wants to do this needs another certificate from Tony. Eileen Ocano has not properly notarized this affidavit. There is a good possibility that is why she will not let me talk to the Sherriff. [listen to recordings from Sherriff] She also threatened me on the phone along with Tony at the onset of this case

Did the judge order anything?
She did not order a summons or a warrant; She did not order bonding, She did not order release on own recognizance

The charge was, not made until Augusts 17. The definition of a defendant by Idaho Code is one who has been, charged with an offense. The definition of charged says you have to acknowledge the charge. That there is a defendant is a falsity.

Where is Debra A. Hiese’s printed name. We all know it is Debra Hiese but will an appeals court or a court of equity. What judge is responsible or this doc?

Falsities: There is no above-named defendant. The defendant was not charged or arrested on the 13th, there was no attached documentation, There are no facts of Battery on the Affidavit or probable cause, and there is a plural option for offense(s) All this tends prejudice against my rights. The judge did not order anything because she did not find probable cause.

Clerk/deputy clerk hmmmm Where is the name of the real clerk Where is the court seal on this writ. The certificate of service does not say IOM means probable cause was, found. It is intentionally misleading. Who is this Clerk/Deputy clerk sending this order not ordering anything to the Prosecutor and where does she have her authority?

Who gives this clerk the authority to threaten with arrest with a summons that was, not ordered? Who is liable for sending this fraudulent summons?

There is no Ponderay City Prosecutor. I believe every single mistake is intentional. Louis Marshall is the Ponderay City Attorney not the prosecutor. While this may seem minor, it is not. It is a redress, or parole or probation on a more serious crime. He uses postage prepaid because that releases liability for mail fraud. This clerk did not put anything in IOM for the Ponderay City Prosecutor

Where is the clerks seal on this unordered summons and what gives this unidentified clerk authority to send a summons that was not ordered by a magistrate and why is she sending it to the Ponderay City Prosecutor. The citation came with this on August 17th. It is falsified. You have to be, charged to be a defendant. You have to know you were charged. I was not charged on Augusts 15th. Who gives this clerk the authority to threaten me with arrest?

No ISB#, Greenbank, takes, no liability in position as Assigned Prosecutor. There is no name on letterhead for principal. There is, an, or option for the charge. He has no personal first hand knowledge. He merely recites the code and gives no facts of Battery. It does not come from the magistrates division making it appear a more serious crime tending prejudice.

No Bar number. He did this right after the arraignment making it appear as if it was done at the arraignment and it wasn’t. Where is the printed name of the Magistrate we all know it is Barbara Buchannan but what if she dies and I want to appeal. This is worthless to me but an advantage to the court.. Deputy Clerk of What? Deputy Clerk who? She is, supposed to work under a court seal or principal

It does, not even come from an attorney just an office. And it without Bar numbers. And he redacted all the signatures on the supposed witness statements, which is not to code. I have every reason to believe he is pulling a fast one.

He knows what my address is. He sent the amended complaint. He does not want to serve fraudulent docs in the mail I believe he is making it look like he does not know.. He called me for two days to come pick these up. I refused them because the certificate of service was not correct.

The crossed out signatures do not follow the rule for the protection order. There is no officer signing it. This came in discovery so the judge has not seen it. Does it look like battery to you. I don’t even know if Melissa wrote it. The signature on the Citation does not match the one I have for Melissa. In a

higher level court this is bull. They were planning on showing up without her. Debra Hiese thinks an argument about signatures on court documents is illogical. “They would not have enough defendants if they had to get personal signatures. None of these people would sign anything” [probable because they are innocent.] Where is the case number? Notice how this and Marsha Ogilvie’s are the same. Christine Peasley did not see anything. She is the honest one. The format of her doc is different. You would think Mellissa Ward would have written something about getting hurt if this was a Battery. I do not think it is her signature the big loopies do not match with the one I have. Why is the Officer’s signature crossed out. That space is where the officer signs. Same on Ogilvies but not on Peasleys. Ogilvie releases herself from liability by not having signature. Ward does too and so do the malfeasant prosecutors who stole my identity to charge me with a pen throwing.


He has no legal identifiers on his documents. There is no letterhead or bar number. City attorney of what city? The sworn complaint is the amended complaint from the prosecutor who is not qualified. There are no sworn complaints from any witnesses. I demanded one at the arraignment. In the objection to quash. In the demand for a sworn complaint.. They just keep giving me the one from Prosecutor and the judges go along with it. This came from his office not the magistrate division. Scot Campbell avoids putting his name on things when he does not have to. How is he liable on this document in a damage claim. This doc is made to look like it is from the court. In a higher court, this would appear that this must have been a really serious crime for the judge to block the witness from testifying. This document is very malfeasant.

City of what

No letter head, no bar numbers. This is not a proper notice of hearing from the Court. Why didn’t the clerk of the court send this hearing notice. The certificate of service is designed to avoid mail fraud. Personally hand delivered/mail? Greenbank does this on his docs too. Who certified the service? Clerk seal? What entity is the clerk of? What City is the Attorney of? What name is certifying the service.

City Attorney of what? Inferior record.

JB of what What natural person What entity What principal This is an insufficient record designed to prejudice violate Rights and keep the perpetrator free from liability

Order of what. This is an incomplete title. They do everything for a reason Where is Debra A. Hiese’s printed name. This releases her from liability by rendering an inferior record. Debra Hiese Participates

Where is the certificate of service? The instrument should, have the letterhead and BAR number of the Attorney who made the Order. It appears to be moved by the court and not him and is an insufficient record tending prejudice and wiping out my right to redress or appeal and erasing his liability for fraud and the judges too. It appears as if they are all doing each other favors at this point as a damage control to them and a violation to Rights. They ALL have their own interests in mind. They are ALL tending prejudice.

How does one serve something personally by facsimile and mail? Good thing I saved the envelop you need it to report mail fraud by this document. These certificates should not, be minimized. This is to avoid liability for mail fraud, which is probably why he hunts me to serve me certain documents he does not want to serve by mail. These notices and motions were, sent in less than 24 hours before I was to appear for a dismissal hearing. I believe he was trying to prejudice the yet third assigned judge. He did judging by the $5,000 bench warrant that was given in a snow storm and the judge was 15 minutes late. The judge stating he knew where I lived [the incorrect address if given on the Bench warrant.] and I should be there. How would he know where I was coming from. Then he used the same pre judicial facts to suggest that I be made to get a lawyer. I am, pretty sure they are trying to prove me incompetent so I cannot sue them without a lawyer. I, think, their liability increases because they risk exposure without a lawyer who has taken an oath to them and their profession.

These red and purple seals are only to certify these are true and correct copies of the document contained in the court file. They are not clerks seals on the document itself. You have to pay two dollars for every certified copy. The clerk’s office is a big business for the Industrial Development Corporation of

Bonner County. They charge us with fraudulent crimes made upon stolen Ids and them make us pay for the documents we need to defend ourselves against their malice.

The BAR number is not pursuant to the Rule He is releasing his liability for Mail fraud by the personally served by facsimile and mail. This is an inferior record. How can one do that . This motion cannot be fraud so he uses his BAR.

No BAR numbers or name of Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney. In a superior record this is not sufficient Greenbank releases himself from liability as only the assigned prosecutor this is not sufficient to prove liability for a redress or appeal.

It is unlawful for him to sign as a deputy clerk. He does not have to sign as a deputy clerk on this document. Why did he. This not a sufficient superior court of record. Why did the magistrate sign this document without a printed name. This is an inferior record. There is no record of a hearing at 9:00 Am on December 17. . Why did he sign as himself on the Motion to shorten the time of notice and as deputy clerk on this doc. He completely leaves his BAR number off. He tells us when his docs are fraudulent

No Bar number no accountability, no Principal no principals bar number

Why would the Court be listed on the certificate of service. The court sends the hearing notices. Why, was this sent by Greenbank, instead of the Court? ,

This appears as a Felony not coming from the Magistrates Division

This is not Rita’s: address. It was a snow storm. The judge was 15 minutes late. A friend of mine had some docs he wanted to give the judge. The judge stated he knew where rita lived and she should be there. He only assumed where I lived and that I was coming from where I lived and they would not accept the docs my friend had to give him. Stating they needed to go Though the clerk. The court house renovation renders a 2 mile separation between court and clerk normally one could to this. They all whine about the problem but never compensate for the People. This document is, also falsified. Rita: Hutchens is not a defendant. Rita: Hutchens never authorized the use of the SS # that was, used to steal the identity RITA HUTCHENS. Rita: Hutchens was, never held or released on her own recognizance. This is not Rita: The judge did not order anything because she did not find probable cause. There is no such record in this court of record. This Warrant needs to go to the person who put my SS# on that citation. And where is the court and or clerk seal? Why is, this a copy shouldn’t the real one be filed at the court.

There is no record of hearing for this order. It, is in the court file at the bottom of the file not date stamped not clipped in and not signed by a judge. What is it doing in the file? Everything that goes in that file is date stamped and put in consecutive order. That is Supreme Court Rule. And the rule states 3 days out patient. Not 30 days at the place of their choosing by whatever means. This is evil and psychopathic. He is trying to claim jurisdiction over my intellect. This is a severe violation of privacy etc. Where is the affidavit from the mental health professional to warrant this malfeasance and vindictiveness? What gives Shane Greenbank the authority to determine my mental capacity as he did in his motion? This is why I did not show up for the hearing on December 17th. I finally said enough. The officials in this county do not protect me. I have to protect my self. This appears like a Felony not coming from the Magistrate Division.