when you are as good as dead -----------------------------Dear Lord, say this isn't true, Look at my face and it's all

blue. I have always played by your rules, It so unfair to give my bills. I am just 28 and this no age to die, Look at me and say this is a lie. Let me remind you of people in 95, Giving panic attack to other people in their life. Only good people live short lives, Not me, who was planning for three wives. I have lived an anarchist life, Dating and screwing others wife. The things left would be to kill and rape, But if you want I will do it on tape. I had my share of good things, Always remembered to gift good girls thongs. Showered them with love and money, Whenever their husband is not around to say ' honey'. I know you are the almighty one, Please don't say I am all said and done. Say you got me on the wrong list, No need to apologize, I would get the gist. I regret being nice lately, Because I stopped having booze daily. But I haven't got enough money now, Which really affects my evil half you know. People I have helped were by pure chance, I wanted to be evil and stop their dance. They seemed deserving in all the steps they made. All I could is to close my eyes in shade. Given a chance I will give you morepeople with red bum, Spread hatred and will have morepeople chanting your name in sum. Please give me a chance to live, It's not so bad to give. Bad guys deserves something in return, For the calories and brains they burn. I remember the face of Roy, In my old memories he is still a sweet boy. A friend in need and bundle of joy, But in your plans he was always a toy. After that fateful day, There was nothing more to say. Bundle of joy is only a bundle now, Paralysed for a good three year you know. Now as good as dead, Sadness has engulfed him in bed. In his maturity he tried whatever he could,

Maybe his mistake was he tried to be good. I do remember my dear friend Rose, The girl on which guys used to write prose. On her lips and hips she held power, Even then she was always calm and cool like a river. A creative and brilliant mind, People like her are really hard to find. A friend who can make your day, But in your plans even she was another toy. Now as good as dead, Sadness has engulfed her in bed. In her maturity she tried whatever she could, Maybe her mistake was she tried to be good. They were all good, And so was easily misery's food. How can I be the one, When I have no goodness to be gone. This surely must be a mistake, My profile in your list should be a fake. Even they crucified you for wrong reason, You know pointing gun at my nose isn't fun. A bullet will kill you for sure, But a doubt kills you before you are sure. There is clearly some confusion, But I know there isn't any in your vision. Please help me dissolve this pain, I don't want to die in vain. Tell me what do you gain, By getting another stain.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And that day was really hectic. I reached home and switched on the tv, grabbed a pop corn bag. I suddenly realized I didn't have time to listen to the new mp3 track I received that day. So I plugge d my mp3 , put the tv on mute and started munching the pop corn slowly when I slight pain below my shoulder and ab ove the spine area. I felt something like a small lump and it was paining a bit when I touch it. I said ' Oh my god ' a cyst on my vertebra[ spine]. I gonna die in misery now. Face of an old friend of mine flashed on my face. She was of my age but 4 years back she was admitted to an hospital with a similar symptom. It was a rare condition in w hich growths starts appearing on the vertebra[ spine] and he/she has to either live in that pain or operate it which had a risk of paralysis. She was my college friend and was studying nursing at that time. We met accidentally in a h ospital when I went to meet my another

college friend who was admitted for physiotherapy for a paralysis issue which w as the result of an accident. She looked very beautiful that day with short hair and shining black eyes. But since her condition was just diagnosed then she was in a earlier stage she looked and behaved like any normal human bei ng. We talked and we had lots fun talking about our college days. I felt nice that day. Two years later I came to know that she got paralyzed as a result of an operatio n for the same. According to reports, cyst keep appearing on different parts oh spine after every successful operatio n. I felt bad that such a brilliant mind had to bear this. I didn't meet her after that. Didn't have the courage to face her like this. Snapping out of my thoughts I tried to confirm the position of the lump I felt o n top of the spine. I unplugged the mp3, kept my pop corn on a side, switched off the tv and closed my eyes for a mo ment. I could feel my heart beat. "This cannot happen" I said to myself. In my life I have observed that only good people go through untold miseries and I am not a good one. I thought about the stupid and evil things I have done. I may not be at the top of the world but I am in a better position compared to people who do not lie and cheat. This cannot be happening. Well, whole day I was thinking of the good and bad things I have done. Next morn ing I woke up and the lump was gone. I guess it was just a pimple that popped up on my body because of temperature va riation. Yeah . That stupid thing just picked a freaky position I say. I even checked it right now while typing th is. Yeah . It's gone. Smile is back theory ' is not very pleasing but mo on my face again . ' Good souls going early stly true. I understand that God still sees me as a bad guy. I got almost everything back which I lost sitting ri ght there but if you ask me , Are you genuinely happy ? I say ' I am not' because I am convinced that I am a bad guy. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"There is no signs of such a tragedy in the hand of your Majesty," Desbarrolles replied; " and yet this star on the mount of Mars, connected by a line of influence from the Mount of Venus that cut s the line of Life at 47, is a sure token of coming catastrophe." "Can nothing prevent it?" " Nothing, I fear." "Let it come, then." Exclaimed the brave lady, and withdrawing her hand, she went on chatting most co rdially with her guests concerning the topics of the day. - The study of Palmistry, Saint - Germain