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RC Slab Design Procedure

Reinforced Concrete Slab Design Procedure



DATA State

Effective Span of Slab L (m) Concrete Compressive Strength Class C?/? Characteristic compressive cylinder strength of concrete, fck (N/mm2) Characteristic strength of Reinforcement, fyk (500 N/mm2) Breadth of Slab b =1000mm Overall Depth of Slab h (mm) Characteristic Loadings Dead and Imposed (kN, kN/m, kN/m2) Concrete Density = 25 kN/m3 Main Bar 10 - 20mm

DURABILITY & State Determine Determine Show that State that Calculate

Exposure Class from T 4.1 (EC2) & Required Fire Resistance (mins) Nominal Cover (mm) from T NA.2 (NA to EC 2) Axis dist, a & Minimum slab depth (mm) from T 2 (Concise EC 2) a < Nominal Cover + /2 & h > Minimum slab depth a & h OK, Cover = ? (mm) Effective Depth of Slab, d = h cover main bar (mm)

LOADING @ ULS - for a 1m width of slab Calculate Design Ultimate Load, F = 1.35DL + 1.5 IL (kN) (=1.35Gk + 1.5Qk MOMENT @ ULS Calculate Design Ultimate Moment, MEd (=FL/8, =FL/4, =FL/6, etc) (kNm) Calculate Show that Calculate Show that Calculate
K = MEd/bd2fck K < 0.167 (K) Lever Arm Factor z/d = 0.5 + ( 0.25 0.882K ) 0.82 z/d 0.95 Lever Arm, z = z/d d (mm)
(use N & mm) b =1000mm

EC 0)

State No compression steel required

State z/d OK

MAIN REINFORCEMENT Calculate Required Area of steel reinforcement, As = MEd / 0.87fykz (mm2/m) Determine Show that

(use N & mm)

Bar & Spacing, such that Provided As > Required As (e.g. Use H10 - 150 (524 mm2/ m )) As is between Max & Min Limits: 0.0013bd 0.00016 fck2/3bd As 0.04bh (mm2) State As OK

RC Slab Design Procedure

SECONDARY REINFORCEMENT (at 90o to the main steel) Calculate Required Area of Secondary Reinforcement = 0.2As Determine
Bar & Spacing, such that Provided Area > 0.2As (e.g. Use H10 - 300 (262 mm2/ m))

State OK

CRACKING @ SLS Calculate Main bar clear spacing. Show that Show that SHEAR @ ULS Determine Calculate Calculate Determine Show that
Main bar clear spacing is greater than minimum limits, ie 25mm, or max bar

Max Spacing of Main bars should be 2h but not greater than 250 mm Max Spacing of Secondary bars should be 3h but not greater than 400 mm State Cracking OK Design value of the applied Shear Force, VEd (kN)
= Max SF from SFD, at the support for a SSB

Design Shear Stress, vEd = VEd/b0.9 d (N/mm2) Provided tension reinforcement ratio,

l = (As /bd) 100

( l for longitudinal)

Concrete Shear Stress Capacity, vRd,c (N/mm2) from Table 7.1 (Concise EC2), for l and d

vEd vRd,c (N/mm2)

State No Shear steel required

DEFLECTION @ SLS Calculate Actual span-to-effective-depth ratio, L/d Calculate Determine Determine State that State that Calculate
Required tension reinforcement ratio, = (As, req /bd) 100 (%

Basic span-to-effective-depth ratio, N from Table 15.10. (Concise EC2), for and fck Factor K from Table 15.11. (Concise EC2), for slab type Factor F1 = 1 for a solid slab. Factor F2 = 1 for non brittle partitions Service stress, s = 435(Gk + 0.3Qk /1.35Gk + 1.5Qk)(As req /As prov) (N/mm2)

As req is the area of tension reinforcement required at the section considered for the ultimate limit state. As prov is the area of reinforcement actually provided.

Calculate Calculate Show that

Factor F3 to account for service stress in tensile reinforcement = 310/ s 1.5 Allowable L/d= N x K x F1 x F2 x F3 Actual L/d Allowable L/d State Deflection OK