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Ads by Google CHARTREUX CATS This rare breed is unique in that it exist only as a blue self, with eyes that are either gold or bright copper in color. The Chartreux is a calm, peaceful cat, according to Stacy N. Hackett (Cat Fancy: April 2009). Hackett also reports the cats prefer to sit next to you to riding on your shoulders; however, she also states that they often crawl into her husband's lap to watch TV. Chartreux cats are affectionate, but not demanding, and they are described as "The most laided back of all cat breeds." (Hackett, Cat Fancy). APPEARANCE The Chartreux breed comes in Blue Self only, with eyes of gold or bright copper. The male Chartreux is much larger than the female, with a heavy build, though no Chartreux should ever become cobby (Bruce Fogle, DVM, Catalog). The head is broad, but not round, and the forehead is high. Eyes are high on the head, large and round, and though the head is broad, it stops just short of becoming a sphere. The muzzle is narrow, but does not appear too pointed due to the rounded whisker pads, and heavy jowls. The look should be one of a sweet cat, sporting a slight smile (Fogle, Catalog). The Chartreux neck is short and heavy, leading down to a body that is robust and densely

While the so called "Smiling cat of France" has been traced back to cold regions of France for over 400 years (Hackett. At one time Fife described all European and British blues as being Chartreux. AFFECTIONATE. the breed was described by the naturalist. as the "cat of France" and given a Latin name. Breeding Awe-inspiring Savannahs www. and their temperament is described as "calmly attentive.muscled. Buffon. Cat Fancy). Cat Fancy) Its paws are small as compared to the size of its body. it possibly originated in Syria. Catalog). thought it remains rare (Hackett. sedate." (Bruce Fogle. and Hackett claims that the cat is sometimes said to look like a "potato on toothpicks. but are not bred in many European countries. It was accepted for championship status by CFA in 1987. and are quiet. and tapered to a rounded tip (Bruce Fogle. but not thick. By the 1700s. but those breeds once again are classified as distinct breeds (Fogle. BREED HISTORY The origin of the Chartreux has more than one possibility. AND QUIET CALM.com Orthosiphon / Java Tea We supply Orthosiphon Dried Leaves from conventional & high sinensetin www. Chartreux cats reached north America in the 1970s. Felis Catus Coeruleus (Fogle. KEY FACTS Chartreux cats weigh from 7 to 17 pounds (3-7. and is recognized by TICA and all other North American cat registries today.000 Cat Deals. and self contained cats. AFFECTIONATE. They require moderate grooming. and British Blues in order to preserve the breed. The tail is thick at the base. Catalog). with its ancestors arriving in France by ship (Fogle.ph Is Your Cat Sick? Holistic Veterinarian Reveals How To Heal Your Cat . Catalog).Free 90 mn Video www.5 kg). Catalog) Ads by Google Savannah Cats For Sale Exotic Elegant Stunning. DVM.HealYourPetAtHome.com Siamese Cat Find Over 6.com UROPEAN SHORTHAIR: CALM. AND QUIET . and was out-crossed with blue Persians." (Hackett. Cat Fancy). The legs are short and sturdy.AyosDito. The cat was nearly extinct by the end of World War II. and rounded in shape.wildtafari. Give These Cats A New Home! www.latransa-citra. Catalog).

. though out-crossing with British Shorthair cats is no longer allowed. cream. and have been slow to grow in popularity since being approved by FIFe as a separate breed. and silver tabby colors. APPEARANCE The European Shorthair comes in a number of colors and patterns. the breed remains rare. with colors to match the coat. the GCCF. thick at the base. tortie. or American Shorthair. Catalog). The breed has not been accepted by any other breed registries. and the eyes are large and rounded. red. tabby colors. and white with blue and orange odd colored eyes.EUROPEAN SHORTHAIR The European Shorthair is less common than either the British Shorthair. and tapering to a rounded tip. Perhaps the similarity of this breed to the British Shorthair has made it become more rare. DVM. Catalog). but not cobby. Like the British short-haired cats. with a face that is also longer and less heavily jowled (Bruce Fogle. and not as interesting to would be cat breeders. Whatever the reason. and has become less cobby than the British cats. Its head is triangular to rounded with a well-defined muzzle. BREED HISTORY European Shorthairs were classified as British Shorthairs until 1982. even though they came on the scene as a "ready made" breed with known and well developed breed histories. The cat has a muscular neck. DVM. well spaced. and a medium body that is well muscled. The tail is medium length. with rounded tips. The cat also appears in smoke colors. nor those outside of Europe (Bruce Fogle. blue tortie. Self and tortie colors include black. The ears are medium sized. and upright. blue. is is a strong hardy animal with an all-weather coat.

This Hub was last updated on May 20. as they are self -possessed. APPEARANCE British Shorthairs come in self and tortie colors of black. red. and require little grooming. DVM. They generally weight between 8 and 15 pounds (3. According to Bruce Fogle. 2010 RITISH SHORTHAIR: SELF POSSESSED AND SELF RELIANT Ads by Google§ Ask a Vet Online Now§ PetWave. and its large. in spite of its compact size. The British Shorthair face is round with full cheeks. round eyes suggest a deceptive level of gentleness. with an undercoat protecting the cat from cold climates. white (blue-odd-orange eyed). and the author of Catalog. tortoiseshell.PERSONALITY AND CARE European Shorthairs are self contained.com/Ask-a-Vet§ 6 Veterinarians Are Online! Ask a Vet Question. these cats are often described by judges and breeders as the "four feet on the ground" felines. lilac tortie. blue. nor do they take well to handling. Their coat obtains its crisp feel from numerous firm guard hairs.5-7 kg) (Bruce Fogle. Get an Answer UNDEMANDING AND GENTLE Ads by Google BRITISH SHORTHAIR British Shorthairs are not lap cats. and gentle (Fogle. cream. The breed is heavy in weight. and quiet. and it is of the dense variety. The smoke and tipped colors are the same as the self and tortie with the exception of the addition of golden tipped. and its medium sized ears have rounded tips. Bicolors are accepted in all self and tortie colors with white. Its eyes are large and rounded. and appearing most often in copper or gold . and self reliant. because it is a very competent hunter. blue tortie. chocolate tortie. DVM. Catalog). Catalog. British Shorthairs are the pick of the litter for working people. chocolate. undemanding.lilac. sedate.

and the breed named "British Blues" was "invented" by Harrison Weir. blue and gold odd colors are common in white cats of this breed. It is sedate. The strong cobby body is carried low on the cat's legs. Even though they were the most seen cat in the early shows. and exported stock to Ireland and the British Commonwealth. and quiet. KORAT: STRONG WILLED AND PUSHY CAT Ads by Google Free English Grammar www. however. and farm cats in Britain. they were the most shown breed in the first British shows. house. however. Its weight range is from 9 to 18 pounds (4-8 kg). The breed holds a common trait. Fogle describes its temperament as gentle and relaxed. in that it has type B blood (Fogle.com/English-Grammar English Grammar w Video/Audio &Cert Completely Free -Start Course Now ! PLAYFUL. self contained.alison. it had arrived in the United States. of the Cat Fancy. Lovers of the British Shorhair revived the breed. TRAINABLE. they had all but died out by the 1950s. and covered with a dense coat that has a crisp feel to the touch. its thick tail has a blunt tip. AND STRONG WILLED . BREED HISTORY Short haired cats were developed in the 1800s. and were in danger of extinction. from common street. By the 1970s. where the "British Blue" obtained a following. CHARACTERISTICS AND CARE The British Shorthair requires only moderate grooming.colors. Catalog). rare in short haired cats.



Unlike the Russian Blue. its ears are large. to the point of being pushy at times. these cats are very strong willed. can become demanding. The Korat head is large. Catalog). playful. wide at the base. but definitely like having their own way (Fogle. and very trainable. rather than the emerald-green of the Russian Blue (Bruce Fogle. has a single. APPEARANCE Korats are only recognized in Blue. however. DVM. Catalog). with a somewhat cobby body covered with a silver blue coat. with a flat forehead and rounded muzzle. Fogle reports they are gregarious. and has bright peridot-green eyes.Ads by Google KORAT CATS The Korat is similar to the Russian Blue in size and color. without attention. according to Fogle. the Korat is densely muscled and rounded. however. Although its large eyes provide an innocent appearance. these can be established through blood tests (Fogle. stubborn. Catalog). Fogle writes that "they have an excellent capacity to grumble and. it is a medium sized cat. called GM1 adn GM2. members of this breed may carry neutromuscular disorders. rather than a doubled coat. and territorial. and their single silver blue coat is short. ." In rare cases.

KURILE ISLAND BOBTAIL CATS: FRIENDLY AND INDEPENDENT Ads by Google Savannah Cats For Sale www. It is estimated they have been around since the 1700s. the cats remain rare everywhere (Fogle. describing the silver-blue Si-Sawat from Korat. Jean Johnson. CHARACTERISTICS AND CARE These short-haired cats require minimal grooming. prominent and rounded. may have actually been entered in the cat shows of the 18180s as a solid blue Siamese. They are gregarious.wildtafari. More recently. Korat is a remote high plateau in the northeast of Thailand. BREED HISTORY The Ayutthaya Kingdom (AD 1350-1767) in Thailand. The first Korat of the west. and active. Korats were introduced into the United States in 1959 by Mrs. demanding and opinionated. produced The Cat Book Poems.5-5 kg). The body is strong and with semi-cobby build. Catalog). They generally weigh from 6 to 11 pounds (2. Breeding Awe-inspiring Savannahs Friendly and Independent .and have rounded tips. and recognized in 1975. and were recognized there in 1965. Its legs are muscular with paws that are oval shaped and compact. and determined to have their own way.com Exotic Elegant Stunning. Although the first pair was imported into Britain in 1972. It's huge eyes are luminous. Both the silver tipping and brilliant eye color take up to two years to fully develop in young kittens. stubborn.

is uncertain in its ownership. and set upright. and few colors being recognized by its breed standard. APPEARANCE The Kurile Island Bobtail has ears that are medium in size. Catalog). claim it as their own. and Japan's Hokkaido Island. Download Now Free! KURILE ISLAND BOBTAIL The Kurile Island Bobtail is not the same cat as the Japanese Bobtail. and its build more sturdy. Its coat is . The Kurile Island Bobtail has a makeup more suitable to the climate of Russia's harsher winters.com Perfect for You. The breed is described by Fogle as friendly with an independent nature. MultiLevel Game.mycutebuddy.Red and white bicolored Ads by Google French LanguageLearnFrenchCentral. Play with It. the Krile Islands.AyosDito. also (Bruce Fogle. while it does have the same distinctive short tail. than does its more southerly relation. Its homeland.com French Is Smart & Beautiful. Speak French Today! Pet For Sale www.ph/Pets Find Over 6. DVM. as both the Russian Federation. thus the cat has an uncertain ownership.000 Pet Deals. the Japanese Bobtail. Give These Pets A New Home! Free Download Cupid Gamewww. Its coat is longer and thicker.

the smoke. curled. I wouldn't miss the races . It is a gregarious cat. silver tabbies. the breed shares a genetic mutation that causes its bobtail. though it has been around on the islands for centuries. cream. with the Japanese Bobtail. Its tail is short.5kg). blue-cream. 2010 GREYHOUNDS: THE SPEED DOGS Delightful Pets and hard working dogs Greyhound side profile Black Powered Greyhound Showing off for the ladies In her Easter Bonnet. and white. DVM. Its head is broad. new breeds are emerging. and tipped.simi-long. Its medium sized-body is strong and muscular. and rounded paws. as well as an active one. The Russian Registries have no problem with this similarity. blue. a condition that may cause problems with the breed being accepted in Europe. the tabbies. with legs that are sturdy. BREED HISTORY Only recently has any Bobtail breed other than the Japanese Bobtail been widely recognized. and a slight pinch in the whiskers. and should be combed about twice weekly. previously obscure. and these same colors are allowed in the self and tortie. and bicolors. it has an origin that dates back to the pre-18th century. and carried high.shaded. Colors allowed are black. According to Bruce Fogle. but heavy for its build. and a more relaxed attitude among the Russian countries. with a discernible undercoat. tortoiseshell. (Catalog). This Hub was last updated on May 8. Kurile Island Bobtails weigh from 7 to 10 pounds (304. PERSONALITY AND CHARACTERISTICS The Kurile Island Bobtail requires moderate grooming. nor with accepting the Kurile Island Bobtail as a separate breed. With a temperament that is described by Fogle as Busy and friendly. with a gentle nose break at the eye level. red. With the fall of the Soviet Union. including the Kurile Island Bobtail.

and can be white. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS The Greyhound weighs from 60 to 70 pounds (27-32kg). Surprisiingly gentle with people. that a national United States busingcompany was named after it. this breed is the world's most important speed merchant. Fogle writes that Greyhounds as pets are "delightful and relaxed companions. His chest is wide and provides plenty of room for his heart and lungs. GREYHOUND BREED So famous is the Greyhound for its speed. APPEARANCE The Greyhound has a long face that is moderately wide. BREED HISTORY The antiquity of the Greyhound is confirmed by a 4. grei. Dogalog). His forelegs are long. Persia.for anything in this world! Ready for a nap Retired Greyhounds need loving homes. China. DVM (Dogalog). however.900-year-old carving on an Egyptian tomb (Fogle. tend to chase anything that moves. red brindle. and elsewhere. His life expectancy is from 10 to 12 years. and stands 27 to 30 inches tall (69-76 cm). the Greyhound uses both its speed and sight to overtake prey. and well boned. who also reports that its name is derived from the old Saxon word. The Greyhound was developed into its present form by breeders in Great Britain. He is natures answer to a speed machine. with a flat skull. black brindle." but adds that dogs with histories of racing. that means fine. He has a long muscular neck that is covered by fine hair that is close to it. or black. As a pet. fawn. straight. He is not particularly good with . or beautiful. red. Able to run at 37 mph (60 km/h). the dog had previously be exported to Spain. according to Fogle. according to Bruce Fogle.

Ads by Google Savannah Cats For Sale Exotic Elegant Stunning. but much exercise.com/Ask-a-Vet . Breeding Awe-inspiring Savannahs www. Get an Answer PetWave. Given his hunting ability. Give These Pets A New Home! www.000 Pet Deals. Pet.com Pet For Sale Find Over 6.AyosDito. or for urban living. but can live happily outdoors under safe conditions. and is very comfortable with hot sunny climates. he requires minimal grooming.com Ask a Vet Online Now 6 Veterinarians Are Online! Ask a Vet Question. and wonderful companion animal.ph/Pets Ask a Vet Online Now A Veterinarian Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds.JustAnswer.children. he is a surprisingly gentle dog.wildtafari.

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