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Without GOD our Life has No meaning Yeshua Ha-Mashiach The Lord Jesus Christ has done GREAT

THINGS in our Lives ! Yeshua Ha-Mashiach has DEFEATED & TURNED The enemy called death away from us. He has GIVEN us His Life !!! Yeshua Ha-Mashiach The Lord Jesus Christ TRANSFORMED our Lives & TRANSLATED our Souls & QUICKENED you & I RAISING us from The Dead THINGS.. Yeshua Ha-Mashiach The Lord Jesus Christ SAVED our souls & HEALED our Broken Lives & Gave us a Reason To Live with Purpose & Reach The Lost. We NEED GOD Now more than EVER. We NEED GOD in our Lives for our Lives to have Meaning & Purpose & Direction. Yeshua Ha-Mashiach is Our Life Without GOD we are Like a Closed Restaurant, EMPTY, with Broken Windows, Nothing to offer just waiting for The TOWN Planners to tear us down. Without GOD we are Like a Dry Pond, a Dry Lake, with no Life, Lifeless,a SCAR on the Landscape,an EYESORE, serving no Useful Purpose - DEAD. Without GOD we are Like a Great Tree on The Side of The Road that has Been STRUCK by Lightening, No good for SHADE - ,Just good for a BON FIRE. Without GOD we are like a a Broken Down car, discarded on the side of the road, VANDALIZED by the demons that ROAM the BROAD ROAD of DESTRUCTION. Without GOD we are like a a Broken Guitar String, useless,no purpose,unable to be TUNED to make a BEAUTIFUL SOUND - A Great part of a SYMPHONY in the Orchestra of Life. Life without GOD has No Meaning. Without GOD we are DEAD.Without GOD we are like a BLADE of Grass in the field, here today & gone tomorrow. Our Lives are CENTRED around The WORD of GOD.His Faith Pulsates within our LIFES.

His Zoe Life & Agape Love CONSTRAINS us To reach the Lost. We have been TRANSLATED out of the kingdom of Darkness into The Kingdom of Light. TRANSFORMED from a dead religion to a RESURRECTED LIFE !! Yeshua Ha-Mashiach The Lord Jesus Christ is The Word of GOD. The WORD OF GOD has Pre-eminence in Our Hearts Rules & Reigning in our Lives... The Life of The Redeemed Ones is a Blessed Life that cannot be Impersonated. We have The Literal Life of GOD in us. - Zoe Life & Agape Love. Some people don't READ the BIBLE but they want to READ your LIFE. Other people don't KNOW GOD Your Life can LEAD them to GOD. Amen & Amen !! We are The LIGHT of The World. We are The CHILDREN of GOD. The SALT of The Earth. The Redeemed Ones. Pilgrims on earth. CITIZENS of heaven. GOD has given you the GIFT of Life to Live as a Free Moral Agent to make wise decisions & to IMPACT your Neighbourhood with Kindness to all....