Programme: On the Verge of Photography AHRC Conference.

Friday 24 9.30-10 10-10.05 10:05-11:00 Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit Welcome Address. Darren Newbury (Professor of Photography & Director, CDCI BIAD-BCU) Keynote: The Athleticism of Imaging: Figuring a Materialist Performativity. Barbara Bolt : Painter/Media Arts Philosopher, Victoria College of the Arts & Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Univ of Melbourne Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit PANEL 1: 404 Page Not Found (New materialisms) 1. Refraining Photography for Post-Media Era. Rob Coley, Dean Lockwood, Adam Omeara : Media Theorists, School of Media, Univ of Lincoln 2. Diagramming Lines of Nonhuman Flight: the Radical Epistemological Nature of Photography in Human Factors Research. Mark Martinez : Communications & Media Arts Philosopher, College of Liberal Arts, Univ of Minnesota 3. Photography and Semblance Friedrich Tietjzen : Photographic Arts Historian and Theorist, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig. Keynote: On Perfection and Photography: A Contemporary Moment Jo Longhurst : Artist, London Lunch PANEL 2: Digital Brutalism 1. Stills from a Monster Movie; Populism and Escapism in Digital Architecture. Adam Brown : Photographic & Electronic Media Artist, James Cook Univ, Australia 2. Punters: auto-portraits of fairground thrill Brendan Walker : Experimental Engineer, UK 3. Instagramming Ourselves to Death Chris Jones : Media Writer, The BBC, London Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit PANEL 3: Fractal Obsession/s 1. Digital Imaging as The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Documentation, evaluation and social media (or what actually is the (art) work?) Ben Woodeson : Sculptural Rumbler / Artist, UK 2. The Quest for the Forgotten Vagina and the Shrinkage of Representation in Arctic Explorers. Daniel Rubinstein : Media Arts Philosopher, Lead AHRC investigator LSBU/CMCI 3. After the Darkroom. Johnny Golding : Contemporary Philosopher/Fine Art & the Wild Sciences, Director, CFAR – BIAD and co-Lead AHRC investigator BCU. Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit Keynote: Self-Portrait as an Empty Room. Martin Reinhart : Artist and Inventor, Vienna Dinner, Opus Restaurant, IKON Gallery

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Programme: On the Verge of Photography AHRC Conference.

Saturday 25 9:30-10 10-11.30 Good Morning! Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit PANEL 4: Social Agency, Ethics and the Power of Image 1. Strange Place and Hazardous Images: Reflections on Agency and Ethics in the Archive. Daren Newbury : Professor of Photography, Director of the Centre for Design & Creative Industry, BIAD - BCU 2. Truth, Judgement and Fragments from the Courtroom. Kirsten Adkins : Visual Artist, Birmingham 3. Photographic Scale. Andrew Fisher : Humboldt University and Goldsmiths College Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Fruit PANEL 5: Figuring the Algorithm 1. A Digital History of Photography. Dag Petersson : Asst Professor, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen 2. Re-visiting of the uncanny in algorithmic practice. Wendy McMurdo : Artist, Edinburgh 3. Data-mining, Bricolage and the public life of Robert Frank’s The Americans in Jonathan Day’s Postcards from the Road. Jonathan Day : Photographer & Writer, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, BCU 13.15-14.30 14.30-15.45 Light Lunch: Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches, Fruit PANEL 6: Libidinal Laughter: Fine Art, Photography & the Onto-AestheticLogical 1. Art that Draws on Photography. Andrea Jespersen : Artist & PHD candidate, Northumbria & Denmark 2. Photography and the New Vision Mechanisms. Yael Eylat Van-Essen : Curator & Researcher, Tel Aviv University : HITHolon Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv 3. The Ontology of Photography, the Human and Acheiropoietos. John Lechte : Professor of Philosophy & Social Theorist, Macquarie Univ, Sydney 15.50-16.30 PLENARY On the Verge – Chair: Johnny Golding & Daniel Rubinstein All keynotes.

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