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What are bra|n chem|ca|s (neurotransm|tters)?

now do they work?

-and how can you a|ter them, natura||y?
What are neurotransm|tters?
1he chemlsLry of Lhe braln ls conLrolled by flve maln neuroLransmlLLers (braln chemlcals).
1hese are seroLonln, dopamlne, nor-adrenallne, aceLyl-chollne and CA8A. 1he amounLs and
raLlos of each of Lhese wlll deLermlne how well you sleep, your mood and energy levels, sexual
deslre, wheLher you suffer from anxleLy, your menLal sharpness and your ablllLy Lo learn and
recall memorles.
- Seroton|n: Lhls neuroLransmlLLer ls ofLen known as Lhe happy hormone". lL ls responslble for good mood and has a mlld anLl-anxleLy
effecL. lL also helps prevenL obsesslve or compulslve behavlour and lL reduces aggresslveness.
- Dopam|ne: Lhls ls Lhe self-confldence & wlll-power" neuroLransmlLLer. A lack of dopamlne Lyplcally resulLs ln addlcLlve behavlour (e.g.
alcohollsm or blnge eaLlng) and poor self-conLrol. eople wlLh low dopamlne are ofLen overly shy or lacklng ln self-confldence. uopamlne
ls also responslble for sexual deslre.
- Nor-adrena||ne: Lhe energy" neuroLransmlLLer. eople lacklng ln nor-adrenallne Lyplcally have low energy and reduced aLLenLlon levels.
1hey also flnd lL exLremely dlfflculL managlng sLressful slLuaLlons.
- Acety|-cho||ne: Lhe lnLelllgence" neuroLransmlLLer. AceLyl-chollne ls responslble for memory, learnlng and verbal fluency. When lL ls
lacklng, memory problems can manlfesL, and creaLlvlLy can be reduced.
- GA8A: Lhe calmlng" neuroLransmlLLer. unllke Lhe oLher neuroLransmlLLers, whlch are mosLly sLlmulaLlng, CA8A ls a sedaLlng anLl-anxleLy
neuroLransmlLLer. lLs levels rlse parLlcularly aL nlghL, and lL ls lnfluenced by a braln hormone called melaLonln. eople wlLh low levels of
CA8A or melaLonln experlence excesslve anxleLy and dlfflculLy wlLh sleeplng.
rescr|pt|on med|c|nes:
rescrlpLlon medlclnes are mlnd alLerlng pharmaceuLlcals LhaL ofLen work llke a bull ln a chlna shop: Lhey can cause havoc on Lhe dellcaLe
balance of Lhese braln chemlcals, resulLlng ln unwanLed slde-effecLs. 8ecause of Lhls, prescrlpLlon anLl-depressanL medlclnes have been
shown Lo lncrease sulcldal LhoughLs ln some, whllsL aL Lhe same Llme obllLeraLlng sexual deslre and ablllLy Lo reach cllmax, and also causlng
welghL-galn ln many people, anLl-anxleLy medlclnes and sleeplng LableLs can cause addlcLlon and Learfulness, and become less effecLlve wlLh
conLlnued use. 8raln sLlmulanLs can cause lrrlLablllLy, headaches and nerve damage.
Natura| so|ut|ons:
Whenever deallng wlLh Lhe braln, lL ls lmporLanL Lo use Lhe safesL, mosL genLle, yeL sLlll effecLlve
opLlons LhaL address Lhe rooL cause of Lhe problem of unbalanced neuroLransmlLLers. lor Lhls
reason SCLAL 1echnologles has developed a range of sclenLlflcally researched, non-prescrlpLlon,
over Lhe counLer, non-addlcLlve, naLural supplemenLs, Lo balance each neuroLransmlLLer.
now to choose wh|ch supp|ements are best for your neurotransm|tter ba|ance:
Lach neuroLransmlLLer has dlfferenL effecLs on Lhe braln. A deflclency of a parLlcular neuroLransmlLLer wlll have a parLlcular seL of sympLoms. lrom
your sympLoms, you wlll be able Lo ldenLlfy whlch neuroLransmlLLer you are mosL llkely deflclenL ln, and whlch supplemenLs you should Lake.
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Seroton|n LxclLemenL, LnLhuslasm,
!oy, Challenge,
oor sleep, Sadness,
LeLhargy, Cbsesslveness,
cravlng, lrrlLable 8owel
Syndrome, MS, aln
naLurally Plgh`
Magneslum ClyclnaLe
SAMe 8uLanedlsulfonaLe
Super Mega-8`
Neurotransm|tter: Iunct|ons of th|s
Symptoms of
1o correct def|c|ency
take these products:
Dopam|ne MoLlvaLlon, Lnergy,
LnLhuslasm, Self-
confldence, leasure,
Self-dlsclpllne, Sexual
laLlgue, AddlcLlons,
uepresslve sympLoms,
Auu, PyperacLlvlLy,
1yroslne (L-1yroslne)
Clnkgo 8lloba
SAMe 8uLanedlsulfonaLe
SLress uamage ConLrol`
Nor-adrena||ne ALLenLlon, vlgllance,
locus, SweaLlng, 8lood
pressure, llghL or fllghL
response (l.e. ablllLy Lo
handle sLressful
lnablllLy Lo cope wlLh
sLressful slLuaLlons, Loss
of energy, 8educed
blood pressure,
Abnormal LemperaLure
regulaLlon (loss of
SAMe 8uLanedlsulfonaLe
Super Mega-8`
SLress uamage ConLrol`
Acety|-cho||ne Memory, Learnlng,
lnformaLlon processlng,
Memory loss (lncludlng
age-relaLed memory
loss), AglLaLlon, Loss of
creaLlvlLy, Learnlng
krlll Cll (nepLune)
Cmega 3
Clnkgo 8lloba
GA8A Calmness, AnLl-anxleLy,
1remor, AnxleLy,
lnsomnla and sleep
dlsLurbances, 1enslon,
PearLbeaL lrregularlLles,
hoblas, 8esLlessness,
Plgh blood pressure,
Lxcesslve worrylng
1heanlne (L-1heanlne)
Magneslum ClyclnaLe
lot sleep.
MelaLonln &/or Perbal
NC1L: ll ?Cu A8L AL8LAu? Cn 8LSC8l1lCn MLulClnLS, SuCP AS An1l-
uL8LSSAn1S, uC nC1 ulSCCn1lnuL 1PLSL unLLSS unuL8 1PL CLCSL
SuL8vlSlCn Cl ?Cu8 uCC1C8. 1PL 8CuuC1S PlCPLlCP1Lu ln 1PlS 1A8LL
SPCuLu nC1 8L CCM8lnLu Wl1P 8LSC8l1lCn MLulClnLS, unLLSS unuL8
1PL SuL8vlSlCn Cl ?Cu8 uCC1C8 C8 PA8MAClS1.