Fruit Packaging

Payment Terms: Supply Ability: Delivery Lead Time: Certification(s):

L/C, T/T 38MT/day 10 - 30 days ISO, BRC

1) Material: PET 2) Resistant to freezing 3) Used for packing food

Plastic Packaging


Environmentally friendly, popular in most developed countries
Excellent transparency, with offset printing that retains true

60times/h 5) Packing material: skin film 6) Film width: 390mm 7) Dimensions: 950 x 700 x 1.20 days Specifications: 1) Power supply: 110V/220V 50 . L/C 150pcs/month 5pcs 10 .    Beauty of colors With soft crease folding line packaging products provides a graceful look Other than traditional techniques of ultra-sonic and interlocking tabs.60Hz 2) Power: 7.5kW 3) Area of packager: 540 x 390mm 4) Packing speed: 50 . we are One of the few manufacturers who can glue PP together Skin Packaging Machine Brand Name: Price Terms: Payment Terms: Supply Ability: Minimum Order: Delivery Lead Time: JianLei FOB. sizes and designs available .300mm 8) Machine weight: 220kg Handle Packaging Bag Features: 1) Durable and tearing resistant 2) Customers' designs accepted 3) Excellent printing 4) Buyers' logos can be printed 5) Various colors. CIF T/T.

of R&D Staff: Above 100 People Promotional Playing Cards .Cosmetic Packaging Features o o o Good Quality Easy access Variety of usage Tin Packing Boxes No. of Employees: Above 1000 People No.

blister package. tin box 20 decks/box Outer packing: z 200 decks/carton Carton dimensions: 56. plastic box.Supply Ability: Minimum Order: Delivery Lead Time: 3.5 x 25cm Service Plans Safe & Sound Directions & Connections • • • • • • • • • • • • • Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment Emergency Services Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance Remote Door Unlock1 GM Good wrench Remote Diagnostics2 Hands-Free Calling3 Roadside Assistance Accident Assist Remote Horn and Lights Virtual Advisor4 Driving Directions Ride Assist Information/Convenience Services • • • • • • • • • • .000.000/month 50.000 decks 20 days Features: 1) Playing cards 2) Material: paper 3) Size: 57 x 87mm Inner packing: Paper.5 x 26.

Mr.Ahmad Abbas……………. Manager (P. One thing remembers that all products are related /made by china.Yong Masu……………. Internet Sites Collection(Different) 5. Data Collection Sources 1. Books related to packages(Sinha Kumar) Time Consuming/Search: 3 Days and 6 hours.factory) 2. books consults and respected people who are working in packages factory.Chief head(P. . Mr.Conclusion: I have conducted data from various sources like net searches.factory Isb) (Data is collected through my uncle who is friend of yong Masu) 3. Mr. Qadir Baksh (consultant) 4.

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