The Mystery of Love and Hate

Rabbi Jesus had a big problem of communication in the peak of his brilliance. Today this problem is intensified by corporations promoting confusion - faster than the 'speed of light'. Simple messages are hidden amongst the massive throng of babble that prides itself on volume, transfer rate, coding, and massiveness of procedures. Jesus simple message is; that love is nature, God is part of our very DNA; whereas hate is unnatural, and requires education from 'demonic' sourcing. [A demon is a paranormal, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, and folklore. The original Greek word daimon does not carry the negative connotation initially understood by implementation of the Koine δαιμόνιον (daimonion),[1] and later ascribed to any cognate words sharing the root. Thus my usage of demonic, has no spiritual connotation; only the willful evil (criminal) intent of mankind.] All life seems to have the spirit of love, either to create the sharing of real estate, concern for offsprings, interspecies affection, cults/tribes and packs for improved survival on a neutral planet. Animals seem to have better comprehension of love than humans. Once tempting aggression is curtailed, and a bidirectional bond is created, a peaceful existence is also created. Politics inverts reality to make mystery, and confusion. The purpose is to energize prosperity and financial growth, that in turn feeds a government with improved taxation, and thus greater power. This distortion is what needs limitations; limitations that already exists by Constitutions, but the ruling class is now totally deaf too, to the point leadership wants to go over the falls of bankruptcy – full speed ahead, without any concern for collateral damage. Unfortunately the diabolical mind that humans give the greatest credence too, also entices greater productivity i.e. that best fits a financial existence. Like taming animals with food, one has to dangle prosperity, and man will jump into the cage of slavery, primarily because man is smarter then the average bear, and a lot less savage. And has been acclimated to servitude, with egotism part of the game allowed by status. All of these characteristics make our society uniquely savage, and those of status fearful, and always pushing downward those with aspirations of wanting to honestly contribute to society the peaceful intentions of Christ, that interfere with power mongering control. Basically academia, under Government control, wants to fabricate cookie cutter people. Choosing lobotomy would be a lot cheaper, and efficient. That may be next! Productivity has been converted into a virtual attribute; because instead of making things, Americans use credit to buy products from (depressed) international sources. As we currently sink into the depths of poverty because of debt, it is ridiculous that society attempts to manufacture their supported/selected members of status, through perks of prosperity, instead of evaluating their quality in office; that would take the wind out of their sails and reduce their damage. The public is too acceptable to lies and sales gimmicks that blindly allows products to be open ended for performance to the point that over-development is common; and ridiculous specifications occur that stir up emotional idiosyncrasy, and oxymoronic restraints. Examples: 1. 7 joules of energy is a lightening strike. But my “competitive” AC line voltage surge protection is labeled for protection from 250 joules? 2. I live in the suburbs. To get about why am I forced (coerced) into driving a 130 mph vehicle with 6 air bags, when 40 mph is all that is needed. Interstate travel – I fly instead of drive. 3. Why is legal liability allowed to be shifted onto the poor, i.e. if a gaggle of kids in a car that is scooting them to school are not in seatbelts, while a bus is legal without airbags and restraints? 4. Why is it allowed for municipalities to create outlandish rules censoring products that

are not capable of ridiculous/unusable attributes, yet has limited performance for safety reasons. 5. 6gs of force is excessive to us critters made of meat and bone. Why travel at velocities that will exceed that natural limit, and then toss on diversionary accessories. The realistic national speed limit should be 45 mph, with engine displacement limited to that restriction. 6. 150 cc is the correct mathematical model engine for a motorcycle. It will drive a bike to 90 mph – but with proper gearing, will transport a 450 lb man at 45 mph. 2 wheeled vehicles should never be allowed to roll at speeds above 45 mph for safety. 75 mph wheelies on highways is stupid! 7. I ride a bike that is equipped with power brakes, and a footing that has 5 times more traction than a typical 2 wheeler, with a low speed that is stable to 0.0 mph i.e. like an unstallable aircraft. With a high bike speed that is very legal, and programmable for less then 20 mph via cruise control; the etrike has seatbelts, turn signals, brake-lights, headlights, and a legal bicycle electric motor: yet is deemed unsafe due to; [get this]: too many safety features – just like Kline–Fogleman safety airfoils for lightplanes, that are designed to fly at 205 mph (legal maximum) - and is unstallable? [Stalling is the number one cause of aircraft accidents. Hmm, and automobile drivers must have airbags?? And these attorneys actually believe they are supporting all the Constitutions, and administering justice?] Makes one want to join the KKK with my 'black brothers', and place burning crosses in authoritarians front lawns! We are only the confused “bacteria” of a living planet, sucking out its nutrients as the current inhabitants, that are doomed to be exterminated by the same absurdity that created us. And there is nothing we can do about it. Hopefully our future replacements will be logical enough to not permit prosperity to eliminate the natural urge for survival. Freedom is the fortification of love. This is why the American Indian's philosophy was actually in harmony with the Dinosaur; creatures that evolved for 300 million years - until natures disasters eliminated them - so they truly were quite successful. It is ridiculous that our civil law that has respect for the individual be trashed by a murderous 'virtual' government assembled of elderly “parrots” (instead of patriots), and so trained by prestigious power that individuality becomes a criminal characteristic - and is ruthlessly attacked. Basically power controls them! So they become the administrators of power without relying on personal intelligence; as they fastidiously climb the peer pressure pyramid. Look at the housing industry. Couples rushing out to buy ½ million dollar homes (with 2 or 3 garages for their $40,000 luxury cars). By law their joint income should be $200,000 per year, or more; however, the banking industry now is making concessions that shift a programed disaster down the road. There is no way these couples can be financially successful, and remain intact for at least a 3 year period before the villain of DEBT eats them up! The swarm of attorneys acting as scavenging wolves, birds of prey, and the prestigious ones who are like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, making a feeding frenzy of circulation of capitol upon unqualified home owners; a situation proudly addressed as ECONOMIC GROWTH? My Trek 720 Olympic bicycle had gearing from 25 to 105 road gear. However, I chose to ride my touring Trek 820 for safer, more conservative travel on streets. Traveling east on Jackson, I could top 50 mph (downhill) with the 720, but with footing less than 1 square inch, frantic stopping from 25 mph was impossible, and still remain upright. Add oil slick that is created by government's preference for the (obsolete) automobile, and you should be able to see why ignorant attorneys should never supervise engineering; instead of just following them; so that we now have another dilemma for the 21st century. Most of the new popular racing bikes are now elevated for more performance/efficiency than my old 720 with even less footing, yet the attorneys smile with approval, and police have no guidance for the true problem... Probably because the more modern bikes now cost more than my much safer etrike?? Big bucks keep on turning. Roll em! Keep them a rolling - to the coffers of the wealthy.. Try

to buy a Tango 50 putt putt to scamper the inner city, and it will end up costing more than a conventional machine that can zoom the highways at 130 mph. [that will never happen] The 3 wheel stance will require special dispensation from the Pope, and the red coloring, for visibility, will attract cops like flies onto a cheeseburger. Basically, it appears that anything good for the public individual, is withheld by slimy attorneys through government; because creating chaos equals circulation of capitol, and the illusion of wealth for a money-less society. With power now based upon numbers, instead of gold and silver. [The Constitutional legal portable property] And with our paper money rapidly shrinking in value, while the population is expanding; and small business is currently being destroyed (along with the light aircraft industry, and my Coot Skoot inc. project to manufacture cheap unlicensed vehicles in America, rather then China) so the impending disaster is now inflating rapidly! Attempting to rekindle the American dream and create an internal job market is now forcefully impeded. To say it mildly, America is now a fascist state under martial law - without any redress “privileges!” When will the murder of fall guys start? And then move onto “unfortunate” collateral damages - like Waco; and finally converge onto Abe Lincoln's “honest and legal” murder? [Genocide plus other similar benefits] Our technology is dedicated for warfare primarily; we stimulate unfeeling stupidity in the violent games that our children play. We accept government cover-ups because they have the guns, and weapons of mass destruction - that they have proven that they do have the will to use. Any civil problem that surfaces, they stuff their fingers in their ears, and decouple themselves from all communication, meaning they apparently don't want to listen to prayer; while believing they are a god doing a great job, i.e. without doing any of god's real work. Robotic phone services are employed to redirect human resources away from the problem areas that a “little god” desires isolation from. And “criminals in office” just desire a virtual world they can control by keyboard (without feedback), that exists now as a game - without any player of approved status, loosing! It is obvious we are facing impending disaster with funny money to cover a debt that if one dollar bills were stacked one atop the other, the stack would reach the moon. And that is only one of many stacks!! And this dilemma is now growing faster then ever. All because the illusion of law is more important then physical reality. Extreme stupidity is rewarded, whereas closely following law inflames legal abuse through liability transfer, and tenacious nit picking. A woman driving a motor home, puts it in cruise control at 70mph, and goes to the back to join a card game. Home is destroyed in the crash! So she is given a brand new one? A man drives his bike outside the lines of a crosswalk, and he is abused by police, his bike confiscated (that is also his wheelchair), and the bike hauled off and storage charged as if an automobile (with no DMV contract involved). A municipal attorney then acting as a judge, refuses to release him on his Own Recognizance; demanding a $600 bail bond or spend 5 days in jail (without diaper service - man is 77 years old).

Squeezing Wine to make Sour Grapes
This is the Hitlarian concept that has destroyed the American legal system for those who only seek justice - instead of economic rewards; and that is: Zero tolerance leadership that wants to make mountains out of molehills; for fame and fortune! And when all else fails, use trivia for vilification, amplify stubbornness; and expose ingenuity and wisdom as ignorance, while holding ground on status quo regardless how fractured it had become. Then release the bubble of consciousness rewarded by a victims exasperation, so profit can be reeled in – i.e. when finally approved by men of status, instead of the innovator, to fill selective coffers of wealth quickly. This is the new American 'nightmare'.

Computers are precise, along with my machine tools, however imposing that kind of performance onto mankind is insanity. Our military makes futile attempts to do this, but is willing to accept the fallout of failure; whereas, our present saturation of capitalistic communism attempts to modify civil law into the same martial state attitude, but without any human considerations. I wonder if this form of jurist prudence is now the basic training (that is Government imposed) to make the same draft-able suicidal soldiers as accomplished by the 3d Reich? The republican party has escalated in hawkishness, and wants to seek and destroy the true doctrine of Christ, whereas the Democrats seek more peaceful approaches to a state of affairs, and thus cause inflammations of wrath from Republicans; with the Republican immature refusal to cooperate for a common good. Climbing the ladder of success is graded by finance instead of respectability. Income versus outgo is just not a concern today, meaning millionaires can be quite poor because of overdeveloped debt; however, their status remains intact relative to their ability to hang on to their ill gotten gains? So our officials claw up the pyramid of their peers callously seeking the power to rape the poorer constituents, by creating a godlike aura through their theatrics. Many of our “Great” Presidents emerged from criminal profits. FDR's grandparent was a international drug czar living in China. Most of us know the Kennedy's 1920 power through the booze syndicate. Along with Johnson's war manipulations. Really great, kind and well educated presidents like Carter get dragged thorough mud, while the nasty ones are still on pedestals. Honest Abe Lincoln kinda tied Stalin for genocide; both of these icons make Adolph Hitler just a neophyte in the art of murder. The golden age of the American Dream was built upon civil and common law. Corporate law operates on contracts, and becomes nasty when used for criminal actions, especially when no contract exists, and egotists hold the reins. America now uses dictatorial martial law for manufacturing criminals that are just “victim” i.e. scapegoats to insure closure of slavery and the transfer of liability, instead of justice. This imbecilic charade with the theatrics of attorneys in gowns employed by corporations, to administer force and punishment to those that object to illegal and immoral conduct, is now out of hand. Since when can a corporate attorney claim more education that a team of neurologists, psychiatrists, engineers, civil law attorneys, doctors and chiropractors that have previously made judgments of physical limitations; and condemn an ultra-conservative that specifically follows civil law; and has no binding contracts; into adjudicated hell because he is crippled. This is the attitude that is now instilled into jurisprudence with the destruction of the 5th circuit court of appeals. There is now no place for one to seek reparations other than going from one martial court to another retitled as appellate , where emotion overrules law. Slavery onto the monarchy is now complete. King George is now a happy entity in heaven, or hell (depending on a martial courts opinion)! My personal final plea is like Patric Henry's (1776). “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Willie Nelson is a classic iconic elderly hero of the times. He developed enough wealth for insulation from this insane system, and uses geriatric drugs for mind expansion and comfort to handle the pain of aging. Too bad the rest of the world cannot follow his righteous example, and let the sweetness of justice and peace prevail. Moses quote, “Let my people go.” Alvin Sugar 5-4-2013

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