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INFORMACIN Expresione s de Tiempo after around at midnight at night at 7 pm. before for in on TEMA 1 PERSONAL Y HABLAR SOBRE RUTINA DIARIA Expresione Adverbios s de de Modo Frecuencia almost badly cook always very beautifully drink often carefully eat seldom early get home some quickly get up very rarely slowly rest almost run never frequently

Expresiones What/ whos your favorite? What do you do? Where do you work? Where do you go to school? What time do you? What about? When do you get home? How often do you?

Verbos sleep start stay up study take a break / rest take a shower / bath wake up walk wash watch work

Expresiones Is there a / an near here? Are therearound here? Yes, there is/are. No there isnt/arent. Its Wheres the? Is it far from here? Its right (right behind you) How do I get to ? How can I get to? Can you tell me how to get to? Walk up / Go up (to) Walk down / Go downforblock(s) Dont walk Turn right /turn left at / on, Its on the right/left You cant miss it! There / over there. Go along / ahead / straight ahead / past the store It is located. Excuse me, maam / sir, Can you help me? Is there a bank over (t)here? Can/Could you tell me the way to? For Leeds you have to have to change to Sheffield

TEMA 2 PEDIR Y DAR DIRECCIONES Palabras relacionadas con la ciudad Vocabulario Lugares Pblicos avenue one way airport block parking lot bookstore car park pedestrian bridge corner rest room building cross now round about castle crossing stop cathedral crossroads street City Hall exit subway coffee shop give way traffic lights downtown junction east drugstore keep left / right west factory north gas station south hospital hotel movie theater zoo

Verbos drive get (to) go miss (something) walk

Preposiciones de lugar y direccin

in the center of inside on (Main Street) under with around the corner from up down across along right/left ahead/straight ahead

TEMA 3 HACER COMPRAS / IR A UN RESTAURANTE Expresiones Ropa, Moda Unidades Monetarias Restaurant e (utensilios, alimentos y porciones) Cuantificadores para sustantivos contables e incontables

Can I help you? Can I try it on? What size are you? Do you have/have you got a larger/ small size? Just looking Anything else? Pay by credit card / debit card / check / in cash Ill buy / pay / have May/can I help you? Could you pass me the salt? Can I use the restroom? Could / Can I try it on? Can I have a larger size, please? Can I have a glass of water, please? There are few people in the restaurant To do the shopping To go shopping How much? How many ? Can I have my bill, please? Catch a train/bus, miss a train/ a bus

appliances changing room clothes hat loose market shop shop window supermarket tights

dime cent dollar euro pence pennies penny pound quarter VERBOS boil buy fry fit grill pay for put on roast sell show suit take off try on

bottle cup food fork glass knife meal napkin piece plate slice snack spoon

a lot few many much not many not any some any

TEMA 4 HABLAR SOBRE EVENTOS PASADOS EXPRESIONES How was? When I was a child My favorite teacher /cartoon / toy was Were you? What was Where/ when were you born? Who was your ..? What were you like? There was/wasnt a party at the beach Did you go out / abroad ? What did you do? Where / when did you go? Who did you . With? Why did you.? How long did you.? What time did you? There were/werent many videogames at the mall Was there a museum in the town? Were there any shopping centers? Expresiones para expresar agrado/ desagrado It was: terrific, exciting, fun, very nice / pleasant. it wasnt (very) pleasant. It was boring Expresiones de tiempo ago in 1999 last night / summer / weekend / year yesterday PALABRAS PARA HACER UNA NARRACIN EN

beach best friend cartoons disco elementary high school hometown kindergarten lake trip neighbor concert My favorite. Was / were.

mall party picnic shopping songs sports videogames weather childhood

Se recomienda ver tabla de verbos regulares e irregulares al final del glosario TEMA 5 PROBLEMAS DE SALUD: CONSEJOS, RECOMENDACIONES Y SUGERENCIAS Expresiones Palabras Partes del cuerpo awful arm knee Hablar de problemas de salud Expresar sentimientos bad back leg de compasin How are you? Drugstore/pharmac buttocks mouth Im not so good Thats too bad! y ear neck Actually, Im sorry to hear that! exhausted eye nose Whats the matter? I hope you feel better fine (well) eyebrow shoulder Whats the problem? soon! good (better) eyelash skin I have a Get well soon! great face stomach How do you feel? Dar instrucciones y happy finger(s) throat I feel sick! consejos hungry foot (feet) toe(s) I feel well! Take / Dont take. patient hand tooth (teeth) I dont feel well Go to / Dont go to sad head wrist What should I do? You should sick hips tongue You should / shouldnt take (a vacation) You shouldnt terrible elbow lips Im sorry to hear that

I hope you feel better soon My back really hurts! Does it hurt? Have a pain ( in the leg/arm) My leg/arm hurts Suffer from You look well! See a doctor/dentist! Do you take any medicine? What time is your appointment?

Do / dont . Verbos feel help hope lay down rest rub stay (in bed) stay up (late) suntan Preposiciones for ( 10 minutes) in (bed) on (the phone)

thirsty tired Problemas de salud backache break a leg cold cough fever headache sore (eyes/throat) stomachache temperature the flu toothache headache

Medicinas y remedios aspirin bath coffee cough syrup cream eye drops juice pills tea honey medicine

Expresiones Have you ever? Yes, I have. + Pasado simple No, I havent + Pasado simple Been to a /. Go camping /hiking

TEMA 6 HABLAR DE EXPERIENCIAS PERSONALES Verbos en pasado participio be climb drink eat go have lose meet play read ride see was / were climbed drank ate went had lost met played read rode saw been climbed drunk eaten gone had lost met played read ridden seen accident boat car keys country digital camera famous person ghost golf hockey horse mountain opera rock concert

Palabras sake rabbit / snake / monkey meat swimming tequila UFO wine Sports car race international football game motorcycle

TEMA 7 HABLAR SOBRE PLANES FUTUROS PARA VIAJES, VACACIONES Y FIN DE SEMANA Expresiones Actividades Palabras Are you going to ? be on holiday Bag / cash Transporte Yes, I am. No, Im not. book a single/double room/ a Bill Credit card privado Yes, Im going to flight driver bicycle No, Im not going to buy a pet driving license car What are you going to? do homework flight Transporte I am going to get a new boyfriend/girlfriend gate pblico Where are you going to ? get a part time job holiday boat When, How, Whos going to? get married ID card bus What is he/ she going to do next go for a walk information desk bus stop vacation? go sightseeing / camping / information class Whos going to go fishing / swimming. office coach Who are you going to go with? go to college insurance ferry Why are you going to? go to the beach / cinema / the journey plane Why is she/he going to? theater / the disco / the park / key platform How long are you going to? the museum luggage return How long is she/he going to..? go to the mountains motorway single She /He is going to go to the seaside / to a foreign passport taxi What are your vacation plans for next country. place ticket week? have a baby platform train look for a new apartment reservation tram Have a good time / fun! move to/from the city/country road tram stop quit smoking / drinking alcohol special underground/ I always travel second class relax at home street subway Lets take the underground/subway rent a flat (an apartment) suitcases (railway) The train is now boarding spend time doing something tanned station / train Two singles to study for an exam ticket ( office ) station Eastern vacation sunbathe tour Lugares de surf tourist inters Take some days off take an art class towel archaeological travel around the US traffic site travel alone traveler s ruins visit friends in checks trip Alojamiento Visa camping-site waiting room guest house tent single room double room

Verbos arrive at/in book check in change carry drive pack receive take visit wear Nmeros Ordinales 1st - 31st Expresiones de tiempo next: week month year summer Saturday the day after tomorrow this afternoon tomorrow tomorrow night tonight this coming Friday this summer this vacation

TEMA 8 HACER COMPARACIONES Expresiones Lugare s Pronombre s posesivos Palabras para describir apariencia, personalidad, eventos, cosas, lugares y/u objetos

Whats ________ like? Which one do you like better/more? Which one is more? Which one is _________+ er? How old / tall / long? What color.

city farm forest town village

mine yours his hers ours theirs

bad-worse cheap/er clean/er dark/er dirty/ier early/ier easy/ier far-farther fast/er fat/ter good-better happy/ier heavy/ier lazy/ier

new/wer nice/r noisy/ier quick/er quiet/er sad/der short/er slim/mer slow/er smart/er strong/er tall/er warm/er weak/er

more more more more more more more more

beautiful boring crowded difficult expensive interesting polluted terrible

Expresiones You must/mustnt You need to I have to wear Do you have to? I dont have to I dont need to I like / dont like to I really need to Id like to I want to I hate to Im free on Saturdays I like to go for a walk on ...

TEMA 9 OBLIGACIONES, NECESIDADES Y ENTRETENIMIENTO Palabras advertisemen newspaper En la casa t picture Do: the dishes cartoons play the laundry cinema show the colleagues soap opera shopping comedy sports the drama theatre housework film opera tickets the washing hobby working up magazine hours the news homework Make: the bed breakfast lunch dinner a phone call

Verbos En la escuela arrive on time / early go to class go to the CAA go to the library study hard wear a uniform work on the computer

Entretenimiento Go to the disco play the guitar playing in Romeo and Juliet sing at the Karaoke bar surf the web

Conectores de secuencia y causa - efecto Because, then, after that, before that

Expresiones What are you doing next ? When are you leaving? Are you visiting? Im having a . Tonight Im celebrating my What are you wearing tonight?

TEMA 10 PLANES A CORTO PLAZO Vocabulario Baby this afternoon Birthday tomorrow Birthday cake tomorrow night Candles tonight Fun this coming Friday Graduation This Christmas Guest house Holiday Party Present


Expresiones Will you ? Yes, I will. No, I wont I will travel around the world In five years Ill I wont in 5 years I will probably I guess I will I think Ill Maybe Ill Perhaps Ill What will he/she/you/they ? When will he arrive.? He will be a doctor when he grows up

TEMA 11 PREDICCIONES AL FUTURO Dejando un Decisiones imprevistas, ofertas espontneas mensaje Ill call you later Ill leave a message Thatll be all Ill/wont help you I will /wont get the phone Ill do it Ill talk to him Ill take care of it right away Ill turn the fan on I wont call before noon

Presente answer arrive ask believe burn call carry change check clean close cross dance die dress end enjoy explain

Pasado answered arrived asked believed burned called carried changed checked cleaned closed crossed danced died dressed ended enjoyed explained

VERBOS REGULARES Presente Pasado follow followed happen happened hate hated help helped invite invited learn learned like liked listen listened listen to listened to live lived look looked love loved open opened pass passed phone phoned play played prefer preferred rain rained VERBOS IRREGULARES Presente Pasado grow up grew up have had hear heard hurt hurt keep kept know knew leave left lose lost make made meet met pay paid put put read read ride rode run ran say said see saw

Presente return show smoke snow start stay stop study talk travel try visit wait walk want wash watch work

Pasado returned showed smoked snowed started stayed stopped studied talked traveled tried visited waited walked wanted washed watched worked

Presente be (am /is/are) be born become begin break bring buy can come cut do drink drive eat get give go

Pasado was / were was/were born became began broke brought bought could came cut did drank drove ate got gave went

Presente sell send sing sit sleep speak spend take teach tell think understand wake wear win write

Pasado sold sent sang sat slept spoke spent took taught told thought understood woke wore won wrote