BMGT402  Spring  2013  Lab  #3  –  SQL  DML  

Due:  11:59pm,  Monday,  March  4,  2013     For  this  lab,  you  will  be  creating  queries  based  on  the  SQL  Server  database,  AdventureWorks.    This   database  is  visible  in  Management  Studio  (MS)  when  you  sign  on  to  your  student  database  area.     Expand  Databases  and  you  will  see  AdventureWorks  at  the  top  of  the  database  list.    It  is  NOT  in   your  space  but  is  a  “public”  database,  visible  to  all  student  users.     Your  deliverable  for  this  lab  will  be  a  document  containing  your  SQL  DML  statements  and  the   output  from  executing  the  statements.  For  each  query  assignment  below,  please  cut  and  paste   your  SQL  code  from  MS  into  Microsoft  Word  and  type  a  statement  indicating  how  many  rows   were  returned.  Depending  on  questions,  you  may  need  to  copy  and  paste  several  rows  from   the  output  table.  Be  sure  to  name  your  document  yourLastName_yourFirstName_Lab3.docx  (or   yourLastName_yourFirstName_Lab3.doc).  Failing  to  follow  this  naming  convention  will  be   considered  that  you  fail  to  satisfy  one  requirement.  When  you  complete  this  lab  assignment,  submit   your  Word  document  via  Canvas.     Using  the  AdventureWorks  database,  please  perform  the  following  tasks:     1. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  a  query  that  lists  all  columns  from  the   Production.ProductListPriceHistory  table.  How  many  rows  returned?  
SELECT * FROM AdventureWorks.Production.ProductListPriceHistory ; -- 395 rows

2. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  a  query  that  lists  all  Products  from  the  

Production.Product  table  where  the  color  is  ‘Silver’.  How  many  rows  returned?  
SELECT * FROM AdventureWorks.Production.Product WHERE Color = 'Silver' ; -- 43 rows

3. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  a  query  that  lists  only  the  VendorID,  

AccountNumber,  Name,  and  CreditRating  in  alphabetical  order  by  Name  from  the   Purchasing.Vendor  table.  How  many  rows  returned?  
SELECT VendorID, AccountNumber, Name, CreditRating FROM AdventureWorks.Purchasing.Vendor ORDER BY Name ; -- 104 rows

4. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  an  Employee  Directory  by  executing  a  query  

that  lists  employees’  LastName,  FirstName,  BirthDate,  MaritalStatus,  Gender,  and   HireDate  from  the  HumanResources.Employee  and  Person.Contact  tables.  Order  the   output  by  LastName.  How  many  rows  returned?     BMGT402  Lab  3  



SELECT c.LastName, c.FirstName, e.BirthDate, e.MaritalStatus, e.Gender, e.HireDate FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Contact c, AdventureWorks.HumanResources.Employee e WHERE c.ContactID = e.ContactID ORDER BY c.LastName ; -- 290 rows

5. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  a  query  that  lists  LastName  and  FirstName  

(from  Person.Contact),  OrderDate  (from  Sales.SalesOrderHeader),  and  ItemValue   (created  from  OrderQty  *  UnitPrice  from  Sales.SalesOrderDetail)  AND  where   OrderDate  >=  July  1,  2004.  Order  the  output  by  LastName.    How  many  rows  returned?       (HINT:  This  is  a  3-­‐table  query.)  
SELECT c.LastName, c.FirstName, s.OrderDate, d.OrderQty*d.UnitPrice AS Item_Value FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Contact c, AdventureWorks.Sales.SalesOrderHeader s, AdventureWorks.Sales.SalesOrderDetail d WHERE c.ContactID = s.ContactID AND s.SalesOrderID = d.SalesOrderID AND s.OrderDate >= '7/01/2004' ORDER BY c.LastName ; -- 2209 rows

6. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  create  a  query  that  computes  the  average  of  

LineTotal  (label  the  result  as  Avg_Item_Value)  from  the  Sales.SalesOrderDetail  table.   What  is  the  Avg_Item_Value  returned?  
SELECT AVG (LineTotal) AS Avg_Item_Value FROM AdventureWorks.Sales.SalesOrderDetail ; -- Avg_Item_Value =  905.449206

7. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  compute  the  total  (use  TotalDue  column  and  label  

the  SUM  as  Sum_of_Orders)  of  all  orders  from  the  Sales.SalesOrderHeader  table  from   12/1/2003  to  and  including  12/31/2003.  What  is  the  Sum_of_Orders  returned?  
SELECT SUM (TotalDue) AS Sum_of_Orders FROM AdventureWorks.Sales.SalesOrderHeader WHERE OrderDate >= '12/01/2003' AND OrderDate <= '12/31/2003' ; -- Sum_of_Orders = 6582833.0438

8. 'Sheela  Word'  changed  departments  multiple  times.  Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  

list  the  name  of  the  departments  'Sheela  Word'  worked  for,  and  also  list  the  date  'Sheela   Word'  started  to  work  for  each  department.  How  many  departments  did  'Sheela  Word'   work  for?  
SELECT d.Name, h.StartDate FROM AdventureWorks.HumanResources.EmployeeDepartmentHistory h, AdventureWorks.HumanResources.Employee e, AdventureWorks.HumanResources.Department d, AdventureWorks.Person.Contact c

  BMGT402  Lab  3  



WHERE h.EmployeeID = e.EmployeeID AND h.DepartmentID = d.DepartmentID AND e.ContactID = c.ContactID AND c.LastName = 'Word' AND c.FirstName = 'Sheela' ; -- 3 rows

9. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  list  the  total  number  of  sales  orders  (use  

Sales.SalesOrderHeader)  that  is  not  paid  with  a  credit  card.  What  is  the  total  number   returned?  
SELECT COUNT (*) AS Num_of_Orders FROM AdventureWorks.Sales.SalesOrderHeader h WHERE h.CreditCardID IS NULL ; -- Num_of_Orders = 1131

10. Using  the  query  design  tool  in  MS,  count  the  number  of  addresses  (use  

Person.Address)  that  contain  'Santa'  as  part  of  any  attribute  used  to  represent  the   addresses.  What  is  the  number  returned?  
SELECT COUNT (*) AS Num_of_Addresses FROM AdventureWorks.Person.Address a WHERE AddressLine1 like '%Santa%' OR AddressLine2 like '%Santa%' OR City like '%Santa%' -- Num_of_Addresses = 292

  BMGT402  Lab  3  



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