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Anna Barth Journal B BALDWIN GEORGIA At the Constitutional Convention, one of my main goals was to get more power

for the states, especially economic and agricultural powers such as power over the slave trade. I also wanted to avoid tyranny and political imbalance. Another goal was to make sure voting for elected officials is fair and gives the people a voice, but is still efficient and reasonable. I supported the resolution from Mr. Ellsworth, Resolved, the power to set slavery laws, define individual rights, and regulate its individual trade with other states should be granted to the states. I can vouch for this resolution by arguing that states know what is best for their own unique economies, and therefore should be able to control their own economies with powers such as slavery laws and controlling local trade. I will choose my words carefully to emphasize how each states economy is different and has different needs. I also supported the resolution from Mr. Hamilton, Resolved, the election of Representatives in Congress shall be based upon a vote from each states legislature. I will point out that this method is more efficient than having the entire public vote, which would take a long time. I will say that it is more logical with a legislative vote for this reason. I opposed the resolution put forward by Mr. Franklin, Resolved, there shall be one person at a time in charge of the central executive office. I will compare this method to the British monarchy to show how putting only one person in charge can lead to unfair government. This comparison should be especially effective, as we have only recently escaped the British. I have done well at the convention so far towards reaching my goals. I argued for the congressional representation plan from Mr. Franklin, which proposed two houses, one of equal

Anna Barth Journal B representation and one of population-based representation. By arguing in favor of this, I managed to get the small states represented fairly in Congress. Then, I advocated for the legislative vote using the appeals I planned and the resolution successfully passed. However, I have had to make compromises on some issues. For example, Mr. Gerry said, Resolved, there will be one chief executive political figure with a council to advise him. I am opposed to having only one person in the executive office and would prefer having a group of two to five in charge. However, having a single person with a council seems like a reasonable compromise, since the council can keep the chief in check and keep him from becoming tyrannical. I settled for the compromise because not many other people seemed to share my view. At the Constitutional Convention, I have met several of my goals. I opposed some resolutions and supported others, and sometimes I was forced to compromise. To help achieve my goals, I spoke on a few occasions, sharing my views. Throughout the Constitutional Convention, I have kept my opinions and values in mind as I participate and try to persuade others to share my views.