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Fashion by Rohini

Fact Sheet
Mission Statement Our goal at Fashion by Rohini is to set the standard for a most exceptional and fulfilling retail experience by providing high-impact design services that combine western and Indian designs.

Origin Our CEO, Rohini Bedi began designing original pieces in New Delhi, India in 1986 from her own house. Since its humble inception, Fashion by Rohini has grown organically from a hobby to a well-recognized name in fashion and Rohini continues to gain international admiration for her work. Who Wears Fashion by Rohini She is the woman who isnt afraid to try something different. She might be a new bride or a bold woman seeking a new look. She is beautiful the way she is and she knows it. Our Pieces Each of Rohinis outfits is one-of-a-kind and articulately designed to fit the specific needs of a given client. A piece can be as daring as a backless blouse or as traditional as a conservative salwar. Where has Fashion by Rohini Been Fashion shows, exhibitions, private showings in London, Dubai, Germany, Vancouver, Toronto, France, USA, India and retailers all across the globe. Retail Outlets over the years Madame Butterfly, New Delhi Ogaan, New Delhi Heritage, New Delhi Big Joes, New Delhi Ebony, New Delhi Kaaya, New Delhi Mutiny, New Delhi Profile, New Delhi Theme For A Dream, New Delhi

Vama, Bombay Designer Studio, Bombay Gimmicks, Bombay Areesa, Bombay Intershoppe, New Delhi Intershoppe, Bombay Khazana, Artesia, California Diablo, Costa Mesa, California Press Fashion by Rohini has been featured in several publications including Orange Coast Magazine, Times of India, OC Register, India Post, India West, and Showbiz India for their cutting-edge styles that are making waves in the international realm of fashion.

Timeline 1986 : Fashion show. Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, India. 1987 : Fashion show. Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, India. 1988 : Opened Retail store : 'Madame Butterfly.' in The Ambassador Hotel, New Delhi 1991 : Fashion show. Ambassador Hotel, New Delhi, India. 1992 : Fashion show. Jakarta, Indonesia. 1994 : Mutiny Fashion show. Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, India. 1995 : Fashion show. Leela Kempinsky Hotel. Bombay, India. 1996 : Fashion show. Elephanta Caves, Bombay, India. 1998 : Fashion show. Canadian Embassy, New Delhi, India. 2000 : Fashion show. Indian High Commission, Singapore. 2002 : Opened Khazana Retail Store in Artesia, CA 2002 : Fashion show. Tiger Ball, Asia Society Texas, Houston. 2002 : Ziba Bridal show, LA, California. 2002 : Fashion show. San Fransisco, CA 2002 : Fashion show. Barfly Club, Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. 2003 : Fashion show. Sheraton Hotel, Cerritos, CA. 2004 : Fashion show. San Diego, CA 2004 : Opened Diablo in Mesa Verde Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. 2008 : Fashion show. The Keating Hotel,San Diego, CA 2008 : A Link to Fashion. Las Vegas, NV 2009 : Fashion show. California Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 2009 : Fashion show. Miss India USA Long Beach, CA 2010 : Fashion Show. Swan Club, Long Island, NY 2010 : Fashion show. Pasadena, CA 2010 : Fashion show. Miss India USA Long Beach, CA 2011 : Opened Fashion by Rohini in Artesia, CA 2011: FILL IN HERE 2012: FILL IN HERE

2012: FILL IN HERE 2013: FILL IN HERE Contact: Avnee Mithaiwala Fashion by Rohini (562) 552-5505