Part A Answer all questions in a space provided. 1.

Which of the following pairs of food classes and examples is not correct? A B C D 2. Food Class Fat Roughage Protein Carbohydrate Example Vegetable oil Spinach Tapioca Potato

The pie chart shows the ratio of the food classes in a food sample.

Fats Water


Diagram 1 The food sample is most probably A B C D 3. fish bread fresh milk tomato

The information below is about a class of food.

  

Made up of cellulose. Helps to stimulate peristalsis. Deficiency in our diet causes constipation.

Which of the following is most likely to be the food? A B Egg Liver C D Cabbage Cheese

and R? P Vitamin C Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin D Q Vitamin D Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin A R Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin D Vitamin C Deficiency disease Rickets Night blindness Scurvy A B C D 5. and R. Prevents constipation Builds and repairs tissues Maintains the health of the body Produces hemoglobin in the red blood cells A man eats rice. tomato Fruits. Q. Her diet is not a balance diet because it lacks of A B C D Mineral salts Vitamins Proteins Fats . cheese Carrots. fried spinach. cheese. Table 1 shows the sources and deficiency disease of vitamin P. eggs. The information below is about a class of food. vegetables Table 1 Which of the following represent P. Q. butter.    Cannot be digested completely Present in vegetables and fruits Most of the substances consist of cellulose How is the class of food important to humans? A B C D 6. onion soup and a piece of papaya for lunch. Vitamin P Q R Sources Milk.4.

II and IV only II. II. and Z. Food Banana Egg Chocolate milk Chicken rice Quantity 1 piece 1 egg 1 glass 1 plate Table 3 A student had his lunch by taking the food shown below: Calorific value/ kJ 378 315 800 1273 .7. and IV only III IV race climate 9. Table 3 shows the calorific value of some foods. and III only I. The factors that must considered when planning a balanced diet are I II A B C D sex age I. and IV only I. Test Food X Y Z Observation Millon’s reagent Brick red precipitate is formed No change Brick red precipitate is formed Table 2 Which of the food sample contains glucose and protein? A B C D X only Y only X and Z only Y and Z only Benedict’s solution Brick red precipitate is formed Brick red precipitate is formed Dark blue solution Iodine test No change Dark blue No change 8. Y. Table 2 shows the results of food tests on food sample X. III. III.

A B 10. calculate the calorific value taken by the student for his lunch.    Banana Egg Chocolate milk Chicken rice 2 pieces 2 eggs 1 glass 1 plate Based on the Table 3. What is the end product of digestion of fats? A B C D Glycerol Amino Acids Glucose Glycogen 12. The diagram shows the human alimentary canal and the related organs. 2518 kJ 2933 kJ C D 3459 kJ 4577 kJ Which of the following is the correct pathway for the passage of food through the alimentary canal? A B C D Mouth  oesophagus  stomach  small intestine duodenum large intestine  anus Mouth  oesophagus  stomach  duodenum small intestine  large intestine  anus Mouth  oesophagus  duodenum stomach  small intestine  anus  large intestine Mouth  oesophagus  small intestine  stomach  duodenum  large intestine  anus 11. Q R S T Diagram 2 Which of the following digest protein? A B C D Q and S S and T R and Q R and T .

II. digestion of lipids absorption of water absorption of glycerol and fatty acid 14. and III only I. III and IV only 16. X Amylase Lipase Amylase Protease Y Lipase Amylase Protease Amylase Z Protease Renin Lipase Lipase A B C D 15.13. Starch Protein Fats Z X Y Glucose Amino acids Glycerol + Fatty acids Diagram 3 Identify enzymes X. and IV only I. III. and IV only II. Y and Z. The primary function of the large intestine is the A B C D digestion of polypeptides. The process of removing faeces from the body is known as A B C D Constipation Reabsorption Defecation Absorption . Diagram 3 shows the process of digestion. II. Which of the following are the functions of hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach wall? I II III IV A B C D To kill germs and bacteria in the food To stop the reaction of amylase in the saliva To create an acidic medium in the gastric juice Emulsifies fats into oil droplets for lipase to act I.

Water is reabsorbed into the body in the A B C D stomach oesophagus large intestine small intestine 20. fries. tapioca. meat Beef. Y. watermelon 18. spinach. Which of the following groups of food help to prevent constipation? A B C D Soya beans. Diagram 4 shows the human alimentary canal and the organs involved. papaya ice-cream. pancakes Banana. and Z do the digestion of rice take place? A B C D W and Z Y and Z X and Y W and X . Which of the following is not a component of faeces? A B C D Hydrochloric acid Bacteria Mucus Bile pigments 19. X. burger. W X Y Z Diagram 4 In which part of the labeled above W.17.

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