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TYCO MODEL ESFR-25 SPRINKLER OFFERS 48 FT (14,6 M) CEILING-ONLY SUPPRESSION FIRE PROTECTION LANSDALE, PA. (November 20, 2012) Tyco Fire Protection Products (TYCO), a global leader in fire suppression technologies, announces enhancements to the existing UL Listing of the TYCO Model ESFR-25 pendent sprinkler in storage occupancies. With the specific application listing, the Model ESFR-25 sprinkler provides advanced, cost-effective solutions for storage applications with up to 48 foot (14,6 meter) ceiling heights. The Model ESFR-25 sprinkler provides lower installed cost and superior fire protection because of these key benefits: Higher ceiling-only protection, which eliminates the need for in-rack sprinklers for protection of class I through cartoned unexpanded group A plastics in various storage arrangements Lower minimum operating pressure than other ceiling only alternatives

Major retailers, engineering, and construction firms approached Tyco about extending the ceiling-only protection of our Model ESFR-25 sprinkler above the 45 foot (13,7 meter) limit in NFPA 13. stated Tracy Long, General Manager Mechanical and Water Suppression, Tyco Fire Protection Products. The need to more efficiently use space in storage facilities along with changes in roof truss configurations drove the need for higher ceiling-only protection. The product management team at Tyco, working with UL, was able to respond to these needs providing a specific application listing for the Model ESFR-25 sprinkler. Design criteria for the new listing and detailed technical information on the Model ESFR-25 sprinkler can be found in technical datasheet TFP312, which is available on For more information, contact your local Tyco representative.

About Tyco Fire Protection Products Tyco Fire Protection Products is a strategically aligned business unit of Tyco International with globally recognized products sold under leading brands, including ANSUL, CHEMGUARD, DBE, EZCare, FLAMEVision, GRINNELL, HYGOOD, NEURUPPIN, PYRO-CHEM, RAPID RESPONSE, SIMPLEX, SKUM, SPRINKCAD, THORN SECURITY, VIGILANT, and ZETTLER. Tyco Fire Protection Products produces fire protection, detection, and mechanical building construction solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and residential customers. Heavy emphasis is placed on research and development, resulting in innovations and global approvals. Key products include manual fire-fighting equipment, detection/suppression systems, extinguishing agents, sprinkler systems, valves, piping products, and fittings. For more information, visit