Raising People Trust to Public Transport by Provide 1st Proposed Priority Line of TransJogja

Ghulamin Rizqiawan - 12/338919/PMU/7416 (Author) Jan Prabowo Harmanto (Partner)
Introduction Jogjakarta is one of main tourism destination city in Indonesia. Jogjakarta also became cultural city as well as education city. So many nice places and best school/university locate around the city make Jogjakarta more attractive rather than other city. Hence, Jogjakarta city grow rapidly from years to come. One of the development challenges is to counter the increasing of motor vehicle caused congestion. Data show there is overloaded of road sections because of vehicle growth (4%/year) going faster than road provision growth (2,31%/year). Public transport system believed has important role to counter private motor vehicle use and make Jogjakarta more convenient. The existing system of Jogjakarta Public transport system consist regular old buses, TransJogja Busline, Taxi, and other Paratransit such as Becak (Pedicab), Ojek (Motorcycle Taxi) and Andong (Horse-drawn Carriage). As a main Public Transport, regular old bus and TransJogja still need a lot of improvement. The main problem is still congestion, so there is an idea to giving priority line to TransJogja to increase its speed and integrating other mode as a feeder to widen service area. The 1st proposed priority line is to connect main arterial road (jl. Solo) - main boulevard (jl. Malioboro) – North Square Palace (alun-alun utara – Ngabean Parking Area. The line seem very good because it`s going through the center of the city but it’s deal with mix dense traffic, narrow road, public space conquest, on-street parking and traditional event held at Kraton which will closing the road. The purpose of this small research is to examine what will happen if the proposed line has been implemented especially related to community development theories. In this paper, I would like to give emphasize on symbolic interactionism theory. Symbolic interactionism is essential for community development because it provides insight into the ways people develop a sense of shared meaning, an essential ingredient for solidarity (Hustedde, 2009). Develop a sense of shared meaning and construct solidarity is one of the key factors to make 1 st proposed new line successful. Joko Widodo, Major of Solo City has implemented many successful development of Street Vendor Relocation. He Said, “the first one is always difficult but if it`s successful, the rest will be much more easier”. After the first pilot project completed and people got its benefit, the trust to relocation program raised, people got the meaning of the program, so they more open if there is any such program in the future. In case of proposed 1 st TransJogja Fixed line, we can assume it will become pilot project. The hypothesis is if the 1st priority line successful, it can raise people trust to public transport and share meaning that can change people travel behavior from private to public transport. Methods To examine how the 1 st priority line will make a shared meaning. We conduct some interview to different peoples that will be affected by provision of this line. The interviewed people consist Local User, Domestic Tourist User, Foreign Tourist User, Private Car Driver, Taxi Driver, Old Bus Driver, Becak Driver, Andong Driver, Parking Attendance, Street Vendor, and Street Shop owner. The interview conduct to identify the perception of TransJogja meaning to them and toward TransJogja Reform by Provide 1st Priority line. The st perception toward 1 priority line will divide into three category : positive, neutral, and negative. Identified perception will make some portrait to us that show how the pilot project will bring trust and potential to change people travel behavior.

buyer user during waiting time maybe decreased but more convenient line will make more pedestrian. Ronald J. √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Discussion √ The study has proved the successful provision of 1 st priority line will become a good symbol to raising people trust to public transport. 4 of 11 feel TransJogja increasing benefit to them such as for more profit for street vendor because of user buying during waiting time while rest of them just benefiting by cheaper price and nice service. It means more convenient public transport can help foster tourism which is good for economy. The challenges is how to make good persuasions and communication to old bus. 3 of 11 have positive perception because they feel priority line will reducing travel time and waiting time and most of them are user except street vendor. Also. such as taxi and old bus passenger now move to TransJogja. It`s mean more potential customer so they are not so worried. 4 of 11 feel TransJogja reducing their benefit/profit. Routledge. taxi driver. Seven theories for seven community developers. they are have big potential to change their travel behavior from private cars to public transport. For street vendor. Most of them proud to TransJogja as Jogja Icon. And for Private Cars Driver we must do intensive campaign while provide good traffic engineering. Table 2 Perception of 1 st Proposed Priority Line Affected People Positive Local User Domestic Tourist User Foreign Tourist User Private Car Driver Taxi Driver Old Bus Driver Becak Driver Andong Driver Parking Attendance Street Vendor Street Shop owner Perception Neutral Negative √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ The table 1 show us 5 of 11 feel more convenient travel while rest of them not because they`re not TransJogja user. References Hustedde. 2 of 11 feel their don’t feel any significant impact before or after TransJogja exist. 2009. No Special Table 2 Meaning Local User Domestic Tourist User Foreign Tourist User Private Car Driver Taxi Driver Old Bus Driver Becak Driver Andong Driver Parking Attendance Street Vendor Street Shop owner √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ show us perception about 1st proposed priority line. and private cars driver. New York. 4 of 11 have negative perception because they are worried their passenger will be more interesting to use TransJogja.Results The meaning of TransJogja for peoples can be seen on the table below : Table 1 The meaning of TransJogja for Peoples Affected People Meaning More Conve nient Travel Jogja Icon Increas ing Benefit / Profit Decrea sing Benefit / Profit JogjaIcon. Foreign tourist and domestic tourist have positive perception on provision 1st priority line. Private Car Driver also acknowledge TransJogja as Jogja icon so if the Public Transport is more convenient and become more rational choice. We must formulate and persuade good feeder concept that including old bus and taxi driver so the improvement of TransJogja will also bring benefit to them. 8 of 11 proud of TransJogja as .

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