1. Family name: Quitoriano 2. First names: 3. Date of birth: 4. Nationality: 5. Civil status: Education: Resolution
6. 7.

Eddie January 26, 1953 Filipino Separated BA Sociology and Philosophy; Diploma on Conflict

Email: ed_quitoriano@yahoo.com.ph; consult@riskasia.org; riskasia@gmail.com 8. Mobile: +639178042326 9. Landline: +6326468581

Webpage: www.riskasia@org
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
BA Sociology and Philosophy Chevening Senior Fellow on Conflict Resolution

Institution [Date from - Date to ]
Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, 1969-1973 University of York, UK, 2007

11. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
Language English Spanish Tagalog Cebuano Reading 1 2 1 1 Speaking 1 5 2 1 Writing 1 4 2 1

12. Membership of professional bodies: Chevening Senior Fellow on Conflict Resolution; British Alumni Association; CBCRM Fellow-Disaster Management Cluster; Research Fellow, AFRIM Inc. 13. Other skills: Research, Risk Analysis and Management, Project/Program Evaluation, Organizational/Institutional Development Conflict Management,

14. Present position: Managing Director, RiskAsia Consulting; President, KAISAMPALAD Inc.; Independent Consultant 15. Years within the firm (RiskAsia): 6 16. Key qualifications: adequate knowledge and experience on ancestral domain and indigenous people’s rights advocacy in the Philippines; strategic planning, research, evaluation, risk assessment and conflict assessment and mediation. 17. Specific works experiences in the region:
Country Philippines Thailand Burma Vietnam Bangladesh India Indonesia Sri Lanka Laos East Timor Date from - Date to Mid-1990s till the present August 29-September 11,2002; December 8-16, 2002; February 2009 August 1999; February 2009 June 2002 September 2002, June 2006, May 2009 September 14-28, 2002; January 12-19, 2003, January-February 2006 March 16-24, 2005; October 9-11, 2006; May 2010 January 19-28, 2003 March 30-April 11, 2003, October 2010 October 3-26, 2008; March 2009

Aceh Malaysia (Sarawak) Sierra Leone

March 2009 June 2009 October 2010

18. Professional experience. 1999-2013
Period 2013 April – August 2013 February-March Location Manila, Philippines Manila, Southern Leyte, Philippines Manila, Philippines Eastern Visayas, Philippines Visayas-Min danao, Philippines Mindanao, Philippines Takeo Province, Cambodia Eastern Visayas, Philippines Mindanao, Philippines Caraga Region, Philippines Philippines Company International Alert GIZ Position Research Consultant Evaluation Consultant Description Roll out of the study “Out of the Shadows: Violent Conflict and the Real Economy of Mindanao” Final Evaluation of the Project “Climate-relevant Modernization of National Forest Policy and Piloting of REDD Measures in the Philippines” also known as GIZ-REDD Project Organizational and Institutional Review of the Philippine Climate Change Commission (CCC) Case Documentation and Product Description of the GIZ-EnRD Conflict Referral System (ConRefSys) Conduct of the Study “Ancestral Domains and Land Use Plans” Stakeholder Analysis and Conflict Mapping of the Therma South Inc. Coal-Fired Power Plant in Davao City and Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “Vulnerable Children Assistance Project” implemented by VCAO-Cambodia Case Analysis of the GIZ-DRM Local Flood Early Warning System Terminal Evaluation of the Project “Resource Tenure Improvement and Productivity Development Support for Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao-Phase II” and “Land Tenure Improvement and Productivity Development Support for Large Estates in Davao Oriental and Bukidnon-Phase II” Resource Person and Capacity Development Consultant for Conflict Sensitivity in Caraga Study on the Illicit Trade in Guns in Mindanao

2012 December- 2013 January 2012 December- 2013 January 2012 September-December 2012 July-September 2012 July-August 2012 June-July 2012 June-August

GIZ GIZ-EnRD GIZ-COSERAM and GIZ-EnRD International Alert and Aboitiz Power Corp. TDH-Germany in Southeast Asia GIZ-EnRD Task Force Mapalad-HEKS Philippines GIZ-COSERAM International Alert and AUSAID

Evaluation Consultant Research Consultant Research Consultant Conflict Analysis Evaluation Consultant Research Consultant Evaluation Consultant

2011 June-2012 January 2011 December – 2012 November

Intermittent Consultant Research Consultant

2011 June 2011 June 2011 May 2011 May 2011 May 2011 May 2010 October-2011 September 2010 December-2011 March 2010 October-November

Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines Philippines, Lao PDR and Sierra Leone Hanoi, Vietnam NCR-Philipp ines NCR-Philipp ines Caraga Region, Philippiines

Project Development Institute-EED HEKS-KADTUNTAYA Foundation Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) FIAN-Philippines TFM/ILC Health Bureau UK ICCO-KAISAMPALAD GIZ-ENRD Oxfam-Novib and SEARICE Southeast Asia Fish for Justice (SEAFISH) Network Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc (FSSI) FIAN-Philippines GTZ-CTM-PCP and NCIP

Training Consultant Evaluation Consultant Consultant Consultant Evaluation Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Evaluation Consultant

Developing conflict sensitivity and capacity for conflict analysis and transformation for PDI staff. Evaluation of the Project “Agricultural Development and Ecological Protection towards Sustainable Economic Livelihoods in Maguindanao” Development of performance and outcome indicators for the 2011-2016 strategic plan Developing capacity for conflict sensitivity and conflict transformation of partner groups in communities in Navotas and Hacienda Luisita Strengthening land rights of indigenous peoples and upland farmers In Bukidnon and Agusan del Sur, Philippines Partner Analysis of SEAMEO and SEAMEO INNOTECH and IPR Issues pertaining to GIZ Fit for School products and brands Training Modules and Tools Development for Conflict Transformation Package of contracts for Trainors’ Training on Conflict Management, Conflict Sensitization Workshops for LGU and NGA Partners and development of conflict monitoring and process and results monitoring tools Evaluation of the SEARICE Participatory Plant Breeding Program in Southeast Asia and West Africa Facilitator and Resource Person for Strategic Planning Facilitator and Resource Person for Strategic Planning Facilitator and Resource Person for Strategic Planning Review of the ADSDPP

2010 September 2010 September 2010 August 2010 June and July

Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant

2010 June and July 2010 July

NCR-Philipp ines Tacloban, Leyte Caraga Region, Philippines Philippines Southeast Asia Philippines Caraga Quezon City/Philippi nes New Delhi Quezon City Metro Manila Caraga Makati-Cara ga, Mindanao

GTZ-Decentralization Program GTZ-Environment and Natural Resources Development Program (ENRD) GTZ-CTM-PCP PYLE Inc. Oxfam-Novib GTZ-Kabul GTZ-CTM-PCP GTZ-ACCBIO Project GTZ-Kabul Task Force Mapalad (TFM) CCODP GTZ-CTM-PCP GTZ

Consultant Consultant

Peace and Conflict Analysis: Determining the Main Conflict Lines in the Visayas Resource Person and Facilitator on Determining the Conflict Scope of GTZ-ENRD

2010 June 5-August 20 2010 June 2010 May 15-June 4 2010 Feb-April 2010 March (23-28) 2010 Feb-March 2010 February 2010 January 2010 Jan-Feb 2009 November 2009 August-December

Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Resource Persons Consultant Consultant/Re source Person Consultant Consultant Consultant Senior National Consultant

Review of the NCIP ADSDPP Guidelines on Formulation and Implementation Preparation of the PYLE Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Evaluation of the Oxfam-Novib Funded SEAFISH Project (A Regional Fisheries and Trade Advocacy Programme) Desk Study on Governance, Conflicts and PBNs (Review of the Afghan National Development Strategy, ARC PCA Study of the Northern Provinces and EXOP Study on DETA Project Level Conflicts) Conduct of Roundtable Discussions during the Opening of the German House in Butuan City Mid-Term Review of the GTZ-ACCBIO Project Learning from the results of the PCA conducted by ARC and DNH Analysis presented by LantDefence Facilitation of 5-Year Strategic Planning and 2010 Annual Plan Evaluation of the Project “Community Organizing for Human and Ecological Security of Laguna Lake Communities” Lesson Learning Workshop on the Caraga PCA To support the GTZ Philippines in the Participatory Conflict Analysis in Caraga as Part of the Interim Project entitled „Conflict Transformation Mindanao – Preparation of the Caraga programme“ PN: 2009.2236.9.-001.00

2009 August 2009 August, December 2009 July-August

Quezon City Lanao del Sur Metro Manila, Luzon and Mindanao Davao-Buki dnon Quezon City

Project Development Institute (PDI) KALIMUDAN Inc/ICCO Oxfam Hong Kong (OHK) Task Force Mapalad (TFM)/HEKS FIAN-Philippines

Planning Consultant External Review Consultant External Review Consultant External Review Consultant Strategic Planning Consultant/Fa cilitator Evaluation Consultant

To support project development and planning for food security and non-formal education projects in Zambales, Pampanga, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte Review of the project “Maranaw Organizing and Institutional Development in the Moro Context”; Consultant-Facilitator for KALIMUDAN Strategic Planning Review of the Oxfam Hong Philippine Programme and Strategic Framework 2007-2012 Review of the HEKS’ funded project “Fast Tracking Land Reform in Large Estates in Davao Oriental and Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines; Organizational Development and Planning Consultant Formulation of the FIAN-Philippines Strategic Plan 2009-2014

2009 July, November, December 2009 June

2009 May-June

2009 April-May 2009 April 2009, Feb-March

Bangladesh, Netherlands , Malaysia, United Kingdom Lanao Provinces Mindanao (Caraga Region) Mindanao, East Timor, Burma, West Papua, Aceh East Timor Philippines


Evaluation of the Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) (Program Periods 2004-2008)

VSO Joint Oxfam Mindanao Programme (JOMP) Oxfam-Novib/Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID)

Risk Assessment Consultant Risk Assessment Consultant Evaluation Consultant

Risk Assessment and Security Management Advisory for VSO in the Lanao Provinces Risk Assessment and Security Management Advisory for OJMP in Caraga Review of the Project “Peacebuilding in Southeast Asia through Dialogue, Advocacy and South-South Solidarity”

2008 2007-2009

Oxfam Hong Kong GTZ

Evaluation Consultant Research, Evaluation and Institutional Development Consultant

Participatory Review of the Oxfam Hong Timor-Leste Programme 2004-2008 (3-26 October 2008) Technical Assistance in the formulation of the Philippine Water Supply Sector Roadmap (June-October 2007); Baseline Study and Stakeholder Analysis, San Carlos City, Philippines (October 2007); rapid appraisal of the GTZ-DILG Water supply and sanitation program (July 2007); Mid-Phase Review of the GTZ-DILG Water Supply and Sanitation Program (Jan 23-Feb 7, 2008); Fact-finding Study: Development of the Caraga Region, Philippines, a Joint Study of the NEDA and German Development

2006-2007 2004-2009

Philippines Philippines

HEKS/SDC and ICCO ICCO and Philippine NGO partners

Evaluation Consultant Evaluation Consultant

Organizations thru GTZ (March 10 – May 16, 2008); Project Progress Review of the GTZ Poverty Reduction and Conflict Transformation Programme (May-June 2008); Finalization of the Philippine Water Supply Roadmap document (July 2008); Project Progress Review of the GTZ-Decentralization Program (September 2008); workshop formulation of the Interim Phase of the Caraga Programme (January 2009) Evaluation of the HEKS Philippines Country Programme (October-November 2007) and advisory to the evaluation of the ICCO Country Programme (April-May 2006) Evaluation of programs related to indigenous people’s ancestral domain advocacy (TRICOM, Oct-Nov 2007), agrarian reform and rural development (MFDC Oct-Dec 2006; Peace Foundation August 2007), research and advocacy (AFRIM 2004) and rural development (ALTERDEV December 2004); evaluation of the social enterprise program of Kasanyangan Foundation (July-August 2004); Formative Evaluation of ALTERDEV Inc. BANIKAUSWAGAN 2010 Program (Feb-March 2008); Evaluation of the PARRDS Agrarian Reform and Human Rights Program (January 2009) Formulation of the OI Mindanao Programme (Oxfam International, July-October 2006 and Jan-Feb 2007); Lutheran World Relief Country Programme (April 2006); anti-poverty partnership building program (Development Academy of the Philippines and La Liga Policy Institute, April-June 2003); Mid-Term Review of PDI’s Central Luzon Sustainable Rural Development Program (December 2006); Impact evaluation of PDI’s education support program for farmers, women and indigenous communities (Nov-Dec 2005); evaluation of the BMZ READ Programme implemented by PDI in Central Luzon (Oct-Dec 2003); Formulation of: CASCOs Strategic Plan for Sarangani Province (July 2006); Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK-Philippines) strategic plan (May 2006); Options Inc strategic plan for Mandaue City (May 2006); VIMCON’s strategic plan for Central Visayas (April 2006); FIAN-Philippines’ strategic plan (Dec 2005); PDI’s intervention strategy for Eastern Visayas (Aug-Sept 2005); ACE strategic plan for Northern Samar (Sept 2004); strategic plan of the Environmental Legal Assistance Center (Feb 2004); strategic plan of DPRDI in Davao del Norte for lowland farmers and indigenous communities (Sept 2003); PDI’s community development plan for Central Luzon (April-May 2004); Facilitation of the AFRIM Project Development Workshop (August 11-2, 2008); Facilitation of the Strategic Planning Workshop of the Fair Trade Alliance (September 4-5, 2008) Organizational development advisory for WISEACT Inc (June 2006); organizational diagnosis of FIAN-Philippines (May-June 2005); organizational review of LAFCCOD Inc (June 2004); organizational and institutional evaluation of Tambuyog Development Center (Aug-Sep 2004); organizational review of PhilRights (April 2003); organizational and institutional review of ACE Foundation (Dec 2003); institutional development of AFRIM Inc (December 2004);





Oxfam International, Lutheran World Relief, Development Academy of the Philippines and La Liga Policy Institute EED, BMZ and Project Development Institute (PDI) Various Philippine NGOs

Programme Development Consultant Evaluation Consultant Strategic Planning Consultant

2003- 2008




Various Philippine NGOs

Organizational Development Consultant



German Development Service (DED), Oxfam-GB and Fil-Estate Group of Companies; Lutheran World Relief

Risk Management Consultant



Oxfam-Novib ( Philippine NGO partners, Business Watch Indonesia)

Evaluation Consultant, Facilitation Consultant

2005 2005

Philippines, Indonesia Philippines

Asia Forest Network/EU Save the Children Fund-UK, Oxfam-GB, ICCO/IGA, KAISAMPALAD, AFRIM, World Bank, Campaigns and Grey, FAO-TSARRD, NCOS/Triple 11, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, MODE Inc.

Evaluation Consultant Research Consultant

Risk assessment of DED volunteer placements in Mindanao and Visayas (June 2006); DED volunteer placements in Cotabato City (Dec 2005); DED volunteer placement in Aklan Province (Oct 2005); risk assessment of poverty and conflict ridden provinces in Mindanao (Oxfam-GB, June-Aug 2005); land development conflicts in Batangas (Fil-Estate, Jan 2005-Jan 2006); Training Facilitator for the Risk Management Training of Lutheran World Relief and NGO Partners (August 28-29, 2008); Presenter of the Mindanao Conflict Analysis Workshop for Oxfam-GB and NGO partners (September 2, 2008); Facilitation of LWR Partners’ Risk Assessment Workshop (10-12 November 2008); Caraga Risk and Security Assessment for the Oxfam Joint Mindanao Programme (OJMP) (March-April 2009) Fair trade advocacy (Fair Trade Alliance, Oct-Nov 2005); sustainable rural development (PRRM Oct-Nov 2005); rural development (PRRM, Sept-Oct 2005); coastal resource management (CASCO, Sept 2006); sustainable local economy development (PRRM, Nov 2001-Jan 2002); abaca development (ACE Foundation April-May 2003); Facilitation of the International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility/Accountability (Oxfam-Novib and Business Watch-Indonesia, Oct 9-11, 2006); evaluation of the El Nino relief assistance project (July 2000); Evaluation of IID’s Peace Building and Conflict Prevention through South-South Solidarity, Dialogue and Advocacy Program (February-March 2009) Formative evaluation of AFN’s Community Forest Management Support Program for Southeast Asia (CFMSPSEA), March-April 2005; Child rights primer especially for Muslim and non-Muslim indigenous children in Central Mindanao (Save the Children-UK, March-May 2005); coping strategies of internally displaced Christian settlers, Muslims and indigenous peoples in Central Mindanao (Save the Children-UK, Jan-March 2004); feasibility study on transition to the Eastern Seaboard (KAISAMPALAD Inc, June-Aug 2005); policy study on state-civil society partnership for agrarian reform (FAO-TSARRD, Sep 2001-Jan 2002); best practices in NGO marketing enterprises (ICCO-IGA, March-April 2002); baseline survey on knowledge, attitudes and practices in corporate governance (World Bank-Campaigns and Grey, June-July 2002); feasibility study on community managed agrarian reform (World Bank, May 1999); status validation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (AFRIM Inc March-April 2006); central Mindanao poverty study (Oxfam-GB, May-June 2002); value chain research in Eastern Visayas and Eastern Mindanao (KAISAMPALAD, June-July 2007); ODA, Land and Poverty studies (NCOS/11.11.11, May-December 2007); ethnic identities (AFRIM 2000); impact of mining (Greenpeace Southeast Asia, June 2006); impact of small arms markets (Oxfam-GB, 2001). Testing audience impact of the Water Voices Documentaries (Jan 2004), First Southeast Asia Water Forum (Nov 2003), research missions in indigenous communities in South and Southeast Asia (Aug 2002-Feb 2003), Regional Planning Meeting on Water and Poverty (Feb 2002); research on India’s development challenges and field visits to indigenous tribes in Gujarat and Rajasthan (Jan-Feb


Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and

Asian Development Bank

Research, Evaluation and Facilitation Consultant

Thailand 2000-2004 Philippines National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), ICARRD Steering Committee Oxfam-Novib Oxfam-GB, Oxfam-Australia Project Management Evaluation Consultant Evaluation Consultant

2006) KALAHI in Conflict Areas project for Iloilo, Negros and Aklan provinces (May 2003-April 2004); ODA Monitoring Project (NCOS, 2001-2002); coordination of the International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (May-Dec 2000) Evaluation of PADETC (rural development, enterprise development, capacity building and education programs) including indigenous communities in upland areas . Evaluation of Oxfam-GB’s Sustainable Resource Management and Ancestral Domain Advocacy, with field visits to various indigenous communities in Northern Luzon, Southern Mindanao and Western Mindanao (Nov 2002-March 2003); evaluation of Oxfam-GB’s Aid to Uprooted People’s Programme in Central Mindanao (July-September 2003); management and operations review of PHL 600 emergency assistance program (Aug-Sep 1999); evaluation the El Nino Relief Assistance Project (April-May 1999) Sustainable agriculture in banana commercial farms (FARMCOOP, Nov 2003); coconut levy advocacy program of COIR Inc (May-July 2003); coconut levy advocacy of PKSMMN (May-July 2003); Mindanao Tri-People’s Concerns, Culture and History (MINCODE, Aug-Oct 2002). Evaluation of VSO-Spark Regional Programme for indigenous peoples in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia (June-July 2002); Security Risk Assessment of VSO Placements in Pagadian (Zamboanga del Sur) and Ozamis City (Misamis Occidental) (July 2002); Mindanao Risk Assessment (2003); Resource Person, VSO Forum on Security Issues (March 2004); Resource Person, Security Briefing for Incoming VSO Volunteers (March 2004); Evaluation of the VSO PEACE Mindanao Program in the Lanao Provinces (July-August 2008) Impact evaluation of IID’sSouth-South Advocacy Program with field missions to displaced Karen and Karenni communities in the south of Burma. Philippine representative of the FAO-Netherlands Government=Philippine Government evaluation mission of the Sustainable Agrarian Reform Community-Technical Support to Agrarian Reform and Rural Development Program for the Philippines (FAO-SARC-TSARRD, March 2001); assessment of program strategies and approaches for the implementation of BIARSP II in Muslim and Christian communities in Basilan (BTC, Feb 2001); formulation mission in preparation of Phase II of BIARSP for Region 7 and Region 9 (BTC April-June 2000) A short review of the intervention landscape in Samar Island in the field of natural resource management, governance and education with particular attention to the role of NGOs and people’s organizations (June).

2003 1999-2003

Laos Philippines



Bread for the World and Philippine NGO partners VSO International

Evaluation Consultant Evaluation and Risk Management Consultant


Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand



Philippines, Burma (Thailand Border) Philippines

Initiatives for International Dialogue, CAFOD, Trocaire FAO-SARC-TSARRD, Belgian Technical Cooperation

Evaluation Consultant Agrarian Reform Evaluation Missions




Programme Development Consultant



Oxfam-Australia/Comm unity Aid Abroad

Evaluation Consultant; Programme Development Consultant

Evaluation of the Oxfam-Australia/CAA Emergency Relief Assistance for El Nino (drought) victims in Mindanao (April-May); technical assistance in the formulation of the Oxfam-Australia/CAA country strategy (December).

19. Other relevant information (e.g., Publications) A. Published Works 1. “Shadow Economy or Shadow State? The Illicit Gun Trade in Conflict Affected Mindanao,” in Lara, F.J. and S. Schoofs. eds. (2013). Out of the Shadows: Violent Conflicts and the Real Economy of Mindanao. Manila: International Alert 2. Fool’s Gold: The false economic promises of the Lafayette mining project in Rapu-Rapu. Greenpeace Southeast Asia. June 2006. 3. Their War, Our Struggle: Stories of Children in Central Mindanao. Save the Children-UK. 2004. 4. Water Voices Documentaries: Testing Audience Impact in Poor Communities. Asian Development Bank. 2004. 5. “Banana Plantation Cooperatives: Do they Work?,” Bantaaw Economic and Social Indicators of Mindanao, Vol. 17, No. 5, AFRIM Inc. Davao City. 2004. 6. Agrarian Reform in the Philippines: Ten Years of Italian Support. FAO- Technical Support to Agrarian Reform and Rural Development. 2002. 7. “Reaching for the Gun: The Human Cost of Small Arms in Central Mindanao, Philippines,” KASARINLAN, Vol. 16, No. 2. Third World Studies Center, University of the Philippines, 2001. 8. (Co-Editor) Power in the Village. Project Development Institute. 2001. 9. (Co-Author) Lessons in ODA Theory and Practice. MODE Inc. 2001. 10. “Instigating Local Government Participation in Agrarian Reform,” Project Development Institute. 1999. 11. “Belgian Aid for Agrarian Reform,” NCOS-Pilipinas. 1999. 12. “Agrarian Struggles and Institutional Change,” MODE Research Papers, Vol. 1, No. 2. MODE Inc. 2000. 13. “Ethnic Identities: A Study on Yakan and Tausug Communities in Basilan,” Bantaaw, AFRIM Inc. 2000.

14. The Eastern Seaboard Value Chain: Opportunities for Enhancing Competitiveness. KAISAMPALAD Inc, 2008. 15. In the Hands of Farm Workers: Can Banana Commercial Farms Survive?. Development Academy of the Philippines and La Liga Policy Institute. 2008 B. Contact Details: 10 Rosal St., Executive Homes II, Cainta Green Park Village, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines 1900

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