METAL INK From Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Lyrics/Music b Sabrina Peña Young

(Half-drunk, half-high on the genetic drug Metal Ink, Simeon strolls about town in a mad stupor, singing to anyone or anything that will listen. In a moment of lucidity he remembers his lost daughter Lucinde, but soon he jumps back into an excited reprise of Metal Ink.)

Metal Ink That's the stuff we're drinking Half oil Half charity Half who knows what? But that's the stuff we're drinking To stay alive No! Survive! Delicious tweaking metalness Trickling down my rusted pipes Organic Decaying to so much less Oh! Metal Ink! That's the stuff we're drinking Half oil! Half charity! That's the stuff we're drinking But have you seen my sweet Lucinde? Black hair, or was it brown? Hell, if I can remember it now! Just so high High as the sky Burned red as blood Will I touch your silken face again, Innocent One? I found your doll Under that wall On that horrific Tuesday morning That horrific morning What a Tuesday mourning! What a Tuesday mourning!

Want some ink? What do you think? I'm just having a drink A swig A taste of life Down throat and into the zone Metal Ink!