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!"#$% '()*+, -$+.

lssued a '8eporL' ln Aprll, 2013, uLled
/00 12" 3$% 42 (, 56$7"
Irom the very beg|nn|ng of th|s report - the cover - th|s report |s gross|y awed.
1hls reporL ls llke an analysls of PlLler LhaL does noL menuon Lhe !ews, doesn'L menuon Lhe
deaLh camps, lmplles LhaL Lhe nazls were Lhe lnnocenL vlcums, and Lhen blames Lhe !ews.
Cn the cover |s a subnt|e: Crlmes AgalnsL PumanlLy and LLhnlc Cleanslng of
8ohlngya Musllms ln 8urma's Arakan SLaLe"
Pow can lL posslbly lgnore Lhe 'Crlmes AgalnsL PumanlLy and LLhnlc Cleanslng' agalnsL Lhe
lndlgenous people - Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsLs, ln Lhelr own age-old homeland, who are now
overrun by 8engall Musllms, who orlglnaLe from 8engal, buL have masslvely swarmed lnLo Lhe
8uddhlsL CulLure of Arakan, commlmng masslve slaughLers, and dlslocauon of 8uddhlsLs.

Already, rlghL away, wlLhouL even openlng Lhe reporL, Lhe shocklng and grossly unwarranLed
blas ls apparenL. All you can do ls pray LhaL P8W comes Lo reallze lL has been LoLally mlsled,
mlslnformed, and mlsLaken.
lease see a recenL paper l wroLe abouL Puman 8lghLs WaLch: 'numan k|ghts Watch and
Un|ted Nanons Agenc|es - a||ow|ng mass|ve m|s|nformanon and b|atant ||es to spread'
1he subuLle lndlcaLes Lhere wlll be no lnformauon, no relevance, and no lmporLance
1) 1he 1942 Maungdaw Massacre - Lhe only massacre ln Lhls conlcL LhaL qualles as a
Cenoclde, where Lhe Musllms kllled 30,000 8uddhlsLs ln Maungdaw Lown alone.
2) 1he 1948 ulumaLum lssued Lo Lhe new lndependenL
CovernmenL of 8urma, demandlng Lhe Musllms (even Lhough
a mlnorlLy) be granLed a sLaLe of Lhelr own, Musllm-only and
lndependenL. 1wo Lop emlssarles of Lhe new governmenL, who
were senL Lo Lalk Lo Lhe Musllm leaders were murdered by Lhe
hosLs aL Lhe welcome dlnner Lable.
3) 1he formauon of a Mu[ahld army ln 1948, whlch waged guerrllla war, conunulng Lo Lhe
presenL, and has had Lralnlng and fundlng from Saudl Arabla, AfghanlsLan, aklsLan, Llbya
and 8angladesh wlLh al-Ceada, 1alaban, and oLher aklsLanl and 8angladeshl LerrorlsL
groups. 1haL ls noL Lhe mark of a people LhaL ls sLrlvlng Lo llve ln peace wlLh Lhe 8uddhlsLs,
buL raLher a people who have no qualms abouL ellmlnaung Lhe non-Musllms by any means
4)1he 1977 auempL Lo desLablllze Lhe whole counLry and selze
Arakan, wlLh Llbya and 8angladesh supplylng weapons,
exploslves, fundlng and Lralnlng.
3)1he 1980 near-genoclde where 30,000 Musllms came lnLo
Maungdaw Lo ellmlnaLe Lhe ever-smaller 8uddhlsL populauon,
buL were sLopped by greaLly ouL-numbered pollce and mlllLary.
6) 1he 1988 surprlse auacks and slaughLers by Musllms ln Maungdaw and oLher norLhern
8akhlne areas.
7) 1he 1991 ClC auempL led by Lhe Saudl Arablan mlllLary chlef Lo form an lslamlc army Lo
lnvade 8urma and desLroy Lhe 'evll 8uddhlsL culLure'.
8) 1he hard drlves found durlng Lhe capLure and kllllng of Csama bln-Laden, showlng and
provlng Lralnlng and llnks wlLh al-Caeda, 1allban, and oLher LerrorlsL groups.
9) 1he 'speclal prayers' sald ln Lhe mosques, llke Lhls (from Arablc, phoneuclzed wlLh 8urmese
scrlpL and LranslaLed lnLo Lngllsh): hup://
Ob Allob, etetool CoJ,
Accept tbose wbo belleve lo lslom ooJ
Jesttoy oll tbe otbet ooo-bellevets.
uemollsb tbe lofJels commoolues, Ob Allob,
8teok tbe foooJouoo of tbelt folse tellqloos.
uesttoy ooJ polvetlze tbelt vllloqes ooJ towos,
ooJ eveo tbe qtoooJ beoeotb tbelt bomes
most be JesttoyeJ.
1bose wbo Joo't belleve lo Allob, tbose wbo
Joo't llsteo to Allob, moy evetytbloq
be cotseJ fot tbem.
Ob Allob, btloq tbe oototol Jlsostet to tbe lofJels,
btloq tbe wotst Jlseoses to tbe oobellevets,
btloq oll fotms of cotosttopbe to tbem.
We have not even opened the cover of the 'report' - all of Lhe above was showlng Lhe
absurdlLy of Lhe rsL Lhree words of Lhe subuLle: 'Cr|mes Aga|nst numan|ty' as lL blaLanLly
lmplles LhaL Lhe 8uddhlsLs dld such crlmes agalnsL Lhe Musllms - when Lhe LruLh ls opposlLe!
1he nexL parL of Lhe subuLle ls, 'Lth|c C|eans|ng of koh|ngya Mus||ms'. llrsL of all, Lhe
|nd|genous people of Arakan are Lhe 8uddh|sts, and LhaL ls easlly provable. 8ead my paper
abouL LhaL here: hup://
Secondly, Lhe '8ohlngya' 8engall Musllms are Lhe ouLslders who have come lnLo Lhls deeply
8uddhlsL land and culLure - whlch has been rooLed Lhere slnce long before lslam even exlsLed.
1he Musllms Lhrough mass vlolence and kllllngs, and spreadlng fear wlLh lnumldauon and
LhreaLs, have reduced Lhe populauon of many norLhern Arakan Lowns from 93 8uddhlsL
30 - 60 years ago, Lo, ln many cases, only 3 - 3.
ln pogroms agalnsL Lhe 8uddhlsLs ln 1942, 1948, 1932, Lhe 1960s, 1970s, 1988, 1991, 2001,
and 2012 Lhe Musllms burned hundreds of 8uddhlsLs vlllages and parucularly LargeLed and
desLroyed 8uddhlsL Lemples and monasLerles. 1h|s |s what ethn|c c|eans|ng |s.

And all of Lhls was ln Lhe land LhaL was nearly 100 8uddhlsL for many many cenLurles.
1he 8uddhlsL dld noL - now, and dld noL hlsLorlcally - go lnLo Lhe Musllm lands, and Lry Lo
conscaLe Lhelr land and Lry Lo lnumldaLe and ellmlnaLe Lhe Musllms. 8uL, LhaL ls whaL Lhe
Musllms have done - and Lhey Lhlnk Lhey are enuLled Lo Lhe 8uddhlsLs land, and Lhey only have
conLempL for Lhe 8uddhlsL people and rellglon - because Lhelr own rellglon Leaches Lhem Lo
noL respecL Lhe non-Musllms culLure and rellglon, and Lo klll lndels, and Lake Lhelr
possesslons, and Lhelr land, and Lhelr women - and Lhey bllndly belleve all of LhaL ls approved
of by Lhelr Cod - Allah - who encourages and rewards Lhem for gemng rld of lndels ln any way.
And, Lo Lhe Musllms, Plndus and 8uddhlsLs are even worse Lhan Chrlsuan and !ews - because
fundamenLal Lo lslam ls Lhe bellef ln one Cod, and only one - and Lhere should be no
represenLauon of hlm - no sLaLues, no palnungs, no phoLos.
So, we know - [ust from the 20 words on the cover that th|s w||| be s|cken|ng|y one-s|ded.
Now, Let's open the huge|y awed 'report'. (I'm us|ng the short vers|on - 22 pages)
nouce LhaL ln Lhe 'reporL' Lhere ls never any menuon of Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsLs ln a posluve way
- Lhey are always porLrayed as Lhe evll, blgoLed, exLremlsLs, lnhuman raclsLs, who ploL and auack
wlLhouL any reason. 1hls ls such a cruel and demonlzlng characLerlzauon of Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsLs,
who have a deep and noble 8uddhlsL CulLure LhaL values and follows 8uddhlsL prlnclpals as much
as oLher 8uddhlsLs elsewhere. And, nouce LhaL Lhe '8ohlngya' are always porLrayed as lnnocenL
vlcums, who never do anyLhlng ob[ecuonable.
1he report says: 1be Octobet ouocks wete oqolost kobloqyo ooJ komoo Mosllm commoolues
ooJ wete otqoolzeJ, loclteJ, ooJ commlueJ by locol Atokooese pollucol potty opetouves, tbe
8oJJblst mookbooJ, ooJ otJlooty Atokooese, ot umes Jltectly soppotteJ by stote secotlty
1hls sLaLemenL ls so mlsleadlng - lL Lrles Lo make people belleve LhaL Lhe poor lnnocenL
Musllms dldn'L do anyLhlng agalnsL Lhe 8uddhlsLs. It |s so wrong.
And, Lo accuse Lhe 8uddhlsL monkhood ls revolung - aer all - Lhere have been many monks
bruLally kllled by Musllms over decades of abuse by Lhe Musllms.
8ead an lnLervlew wlLh 4 resldenLs of kyauk-phyu, and see how Puman 8lghLs WaLch [umped
Lo Lhe wrong concluslon and mlslnLerpreLed Lhe saLelllLe phoLos, and falsely blamed Lhe
8uddhlsLs for Lhe res LhaL desLroyed a Musllm parL of Lhe clLy - aer Musllms sLarLed res
whlch Lravelled Lhe opposlLe way Lhen Lhe Musllms lnLended:

And read more |nterv|ews wlLh 8uddhlsL monks, elders, framers, Leachers eLc:
8%+209 $%9 9:0(;:6$+:07 #(,,(%) (% +*: <6:=26+> $6: +*: ?$.+, $;2"+@
1) 1he many 8uddhlsL vlllagers suerlng greaL fear Lo walk from Lhe vlllage Lo dlsLanL elds, or
Lo feLch rewood, waLer and supplles, because men were belng ambushed and auacked and
kllled, and women were belng assaulLed, raped and kllled, llvesLock and crops were belng
sLolen, and homes were belng burned. Some vlllages were under auack aL nlghL by Musllms
uslng sllngshoLs Lo shoL sharpened meLal arrows across Lhe rlce elds lnLo Lhe LhaLch wall
homes, and shouung lslamlc chanLs of deaLh and desLrucuon. As one aer anoLher 8uddhlsL
vlllage was burned Lhe men would have Lo Lake Lurns belng on guard all nlghL, and
evenLually Lhey would have Lo ghL Lhe Musllms who were lnLenL on drlvlng Lhe 8uddhlsLs
away, or slmply kllllng Lhem. kead the |nterv|ews.
2) 1he Plndu vlllagers who came lnLo Lown as homeless refugees because Lhe Musllm vlllages
around Lhe Plndu vlllages were lnLenslfylng Lhelr demands and ulumaLum LhaL Lhe Plndus
musL converL Lo lslam - or dle - and Lhe ume was approachlng Lo acL on lL.
3) Cn pages 8 and 9 Lhere are phoLos of capLured 8ohlngya crlmlnals and klllers. 1hey were
capLured wlLh Lhe weapons and gasollne bombs LhaL are ln fronL of Lhem. 1hey are nobody
Lo sympaLhlze wlLh, Lhey had Lhe lnLenuon (or already dld lL) of klLLlnC 8uddhlsLs, as many
as Lhey could! l have phoLos of many many more of Lhese 'bralnwashed by lslam' fanauc,
hearLless, mlndless zombles.
4) 1he ouLbreak of vlolence on !une 8, 2012, ln Maungdaw, should noL be descrlbed as Lhls -
vloleoce betweeo Atokooese 8oJJblsts ooJ kobloqyo loteoslfeJ, - whlch lmplles LhaL boLh
sldes were equal ln Lhelr deslre Lo sLarL ghung on a large scale. WaLch Lhls vldeo, and see
how hundreds of Musllms pour ouL of Lhe blg cenLral mosque ln Maungdaw and swarm up
Lhe sLreeLs, desLroylng and kllllng. 1hey came ouL of Lhelr 'holy' place aer llsLenlng Lo
'speclal prayers' llke l provlded on page 1.
S) 8e sure to see th|s v|deo c||p of that scene:
6) Cn page 13 lL refers Lo Lhe facL LhaL Lhe 8uddhlsLs dlsllke and dlsLrusL Lhe un agencles and
oLher lnLernauonal agencles LhaL are worklng or auempung Lo work Lhere. Cl CCu8SL, Lhey
are wlse Lo feel LhaL way. lL ls a facL LhaL numerous un and oLher agencles personnel have
been caughL and arresLed and deporLed for acLually helplng Lhe 8ohlngya wlLh gemng
weapons and/or plannlng auacks on Lhe 8uddhlsLs. 1hls ls because Lhere are many Musllm
sLa members ln Lhese organlzauons LhaL wlll asslsL Lhe 8ohlngya ln Lhelr campalgn Lo selze
LhaL LerrlLory and make lL an lndependenL lslamlc SLaLe ruled by Sharla Law and eLhnlcally
cleansed of all non-Musllms - whlch has been Lhelr declared goal for over 30 years, slnce
8urma's lndependence.
7) AL Lhe end of page 13 Lhe reporL menuons Lhe perlod of ume around Lhe 2
World War,
nALNLD 8L1WLLN 1nL MUSLIMS AND 8UDDnIS1S. 1o de||berate|y |eave th|s out |s as
absurd as |f someone wrote a report about Csama b|n-Laden that doesn't mennon
terror|st auacks such as 9-1-1, and hnds h|m |nnocent and b|ames everyth|ng on the
v|cnms of h|s terror! 1he Maungdaw massacre happened aer Lhe 8rlush reLreaLed from
Arakan (because Lhe !apanese were advanclng) and Lhe Musllm force LhaL Lhe 8rlush had
Lralned Lo help Lhem ghL Lhe !apanese (Lhe 8engall v-lorce) Lurned Lhelr 8rlush guns on Lhe
8uddhlsLs. AbouL 30,000 8akhlne 8uddhlsL were kllled ln Lhls absoluLe genoclde, hundreds
of vlllages were burned down, and around 100,000 8akhlne 8uddhlsLs were eLhnlcally
cleansed from Lhelr ancesLral lands. 8y laLe 1942 Lhe whole Maungdaw-8uLhldaung reglon
was rmly ln Lhe hands of 8engall Musllms - who were now well armed wlLh abandoned
!apanese and 8rlush weapons. Slnce Lhey now conLrolled Lhe border, Lhe movemenL of
Musllms lmmlgranLs greaLly lncreased - and Lhls area, whlch had a sLrong 8uddhlsL ldenuLy
for cenLurles (evldenced by numerous rock carved 8uddhlsL cave Lemples ln Lhe mounLalns,
and large rulned caplLals of 8uddhlsL klngdoms) was vlolenLly empued of 8uddhlsL ln a very
shorL ume, and became nearly enurely Musllm - and wlLh plans Lo Lake more land, and Lo
make lL enurely Musllm.
7) age 16 refers Lo Lhe 1978 'nagamln' operauon, buL Lhe reporL falled Lo even menuon LhaL
Lhe 'nagamln' campalgn was launched rlghL aer Lhls:
ln 1977, Mu[ahld rebels and commanders of Musllm mllluas led by SulLan Mahmud, senL
selecL members Lo Llbya and meL wlLh Llbyan leader Colonel Cadda. (Cadda LhoughL of
hlmself as Lhe leader of Lhe Arab Musllms and ln hls megalomanla he pro[ecLed hlmself as Lhe
leader of Musllms around Lhe world.) SulLan Mahmud's group explalned Lhelr lnLenuon was Lo
Lransform Arakan lnLo an lslamlc SLaLe - Lo be called ArklsLan - and Lhey asked for Colonel
Cadda and Llbya Lo help Lhem and Lhe oLher reslsLance groups Lo wage a well-armed [lhad
agalnsL Lhe 8urmese cenLral governmenL.
ShorLly aer LhaL vlslL Lo Llbya, a serlous ploL Lo ellclL a full-blown Musllm lnsurrecuon
LhroughouL 8urma and overLhrow Lhe governmenL of ne Wln was dlscovered by Lhe 8urmese
governmenL. 8angladesh, and Llbya were coverLly lnvolved ln Lhe consplracy. Powever,
subverslve auempLs Lo launch Lhelr nefarlous plans falled as Lhey were sLopped by 8urmese
auLhorlues. Many local Musllm consplraLors were arresLed, and LhaL lnsugaLed fear of arresL or
harm ln many 8engall Musllms, and many ed back Lo 8angladesh.
8) 1he reporL refers Lo cluzenshlp on page 16.
G|v|ng the 'koh|ngya' c|nzensh|p |s not a so|unon at a||.
no counLry ln Lhe world would glve cluzenshlp Lo a group of people who have mosLly come
lllegally, ln recenL decades, and are acuvely plomng agalnsL Lhe hosL counLry, and engaglng ln
mlllLary and LerrorlsL Lralnlng Lo selze LerrlLory wlLh force Lo declare as Lhelr own - and Lhey
hope Lo convlnce oLher Musllm counLrles Lo send an lslamlc army Lo help Lhem annlhllaLe Lhe
8uddhlsLs. 1he 8ohlngya, as a collecuve enuLy, wanL cluzenshlp, buL uC nC1 wanL Lo llve ln Lhe
1h|s |s quoted from a 8r|nsh omcer, at that nme |n 1942, who wrote |n a report:
!" $%&' ('') *+,- *$' $%..+/0)1 *%,'2 +3 4.5',*6 %)- 257'.0)1 0)804*'- +) *$' 9.%:%)'2' ;<5--$02*=
&0,,%1'2 0) *$' >%*$%6-%5)1 %.'%? @+2* +3 *$' &0,,%1'2 +) *$' /'2* (%): +3 *$' @%65 .0&'. $%&' ('')
(5.)* %)- -'2*.+6'- (6 *$' ;<')1%,0A@52,0B= C D+.4'? E$' ')'B6 ;F%G%)'2'= )'&'. 4%B' )'%. *+ *$'2'
&0,,%1'2? H5)-.'-2 +3 &0,,%1'.2 %.' 2%0- *+ (' $0-0)1 0) *$' $0,,2? "* /0,, (' *$' 9.%:%)'2' /$+ /0,, ('
+52*'- 3.+B *$'0. %)4'2*.%, ,%)- %)- 03 *$'6 4%))+* /0) +&'. ;*$' @52,0B2= 0) IB'J *$') *$'.' 4%) (' )+
$+G' +3 *$'0. 2%,&%I+)?K
counLry of 8urma/Myanmar whlch ls governed and domlnaLed by lndels. 1he 8ohlngya wanL
cluzenshlp, buL nC1 so Lhey can happlly llve wlLh oLher rellglons and eLhnlclues around Lhem,
and nC1 so Lhey can en[oy and paruclpaLe ln Lhe oLher peoples fesuvals and Lradluons. 1hey
wanL cluzenshlp so LhaL Lhey can Lhen uLMAnu Lhelr own Musllm SLaLe (whlch wlll qulckly
push ouL or klll Lhe remalnlng lndels) and Lhen uLCLA8L lndependence from lndel 8urma. ln
oLher words, Lhey see cluzenshlp as a way, evenLually, Lo nC1 be a 8urmese cluzen. Clvlng
Lhem cluzenshlp would lead Lo a much greaLer dlsasLer and much more kllllng, as Lhey belleve
lL ls Lhe duLy of Musllms Lo purlfy Lhelr land by drlvlng Lhe lndels ouL, and desLroylng Lhe
remnanLs of Lhe lndel hlsLory. And, lL seems Puman 8lghLs WaLch would leL Lhls happen, and
even enable Lhe Musllms Lo desLroy a recognlzed and hlsLorlcal 8uddhlsL people and culLure,
and world class hlsLorlcal slLes, such as Mrauk u.
9) Cn page 17 Lhe reporL refers Lo Lhe recenL vlolence ln March of 2013, sLarung ln Melkula. lL
Lrles Lo fool people lnLo Lhlnklng agaln LhaL Lhe poor, lnnocenL Musllms were once agaln
auacked for no reason aL all, by saylng, mobs of 8oJJblsts, leJ lo some lostooces by
8oJJblst mooks, ouockeJ Mosllms lo Melkulo. Powever, 1nL kLCk1 IN1LN1ICNALL
nLINCUSL 8kU1AL kILLING CI A MCNk - who was Lhe rsL person kllled - whlch Lhen
sparked Lhe vlolence LhaL followed.
A 8uddhlsL monk from Panzar vlllage was comlng lnLo Melkula Lown as a passenger on a
moLorblke, and Lhey were enLerlng Lhe ua-harL- Lan Musllm ward, Lhe blggesL Musllm quarLers
ln Melkula. A group of Musllms saw Lhe 8uddhlsL monk and chased Lhe moLorblke and
managed Lo sLrlke Lhe 8uddhlsL monk from behlnd wlLh a sword and he fell o Lhe back of Lhe
moLorblke onLo Lhe ground. 1he sword blow gave hlm a long deep gash on Lhe back of hls
head. Pe was sull allve aL LhaL polnL. uesplLe desperaLe pleas for mercy Lhe Musllms pulled hls
8uddhlsL robe o and bruLally dragged Lhe desperaLely-wounded 8uddhlsL monk lnLo Lhe
nearby Myo-ma Mosque. Cnce lnslde Lhe mosque Lhey LorLured hlm furLher, and Lhey even
encouraged some of Lhe young Musllm klds Lo pour acld and peLrol onLo Lhe dylng 8uddhlsL
monk. And, one or more Mus||ms even cut o the Monk's
pen|s and tesnc|es - wh||e the Monk was sn|| a||ve! lmaglne
how grossly slck LhaL ls - Lo do any of Lhls Lo monk or anyone ls
desplcable, buL Lo cuL o a monk's prlvaLe parLs whlle he ls
sLruggllng Lo remaln allve ls horrlc. 1hen Lhey seL hlm on re
and burned h|m a||ve - |n the 'ho|y' mosque!
lor 8uddhlsLs, Lo harm a monk, and especlally Lo klll a monk ls Lhe worsL, Lhe mosL egreglous,
and Lhe mosL desplcable wrong-dolng a person could do. 8emember how LhaL played when
1han Shwe ordered monks Lo be auacked, arresLed, and even kllled, durlng Lhe Saron
8evoluuon. 1he kllllng of Lhe monk, and Lhe exLra bruLal and LorLurous way LhaL Lhose Musllms
dld lL, and Lhe facL LhaL Lhey dld lL lnSluL a MCSCuL ls enough Lo lnclLe a furlous reacuon from
Lhe 8uddhlsLs. And Lhls klnd of helnous conLempL and horrlc vlolence ls whaL makes Lhe
8uddhlsLs dlsllke Lhe Musllms and quesuon wheLher Lhe falLh of Lhe Musllms has any splrlLual
quallues aL all, or ls lL a force LhaL ls golng Lo desLroy Lhe 8urmese culLure, land and people.
1hls ls how many 8urmese people feel.
now, leL me remark here: lf you know Lhe 8urmese people and culLure, and Lhe hlsLory, you
wlll know LhaL lL Lakes qulLe a loL Lo make 8urmese people rlse up and desLroy Lhlngs or ghL.
1here ls conLempL, vlolence and lnLolerance from Lhe Musllms LhaL has been rlslng Lo Lhe
bolllng polnL.
1here were hardly any Musllms ln Lhe Melkula area before Lhe 1970s. WlLhln less Lhan 40 years
Lhe Musllm populauon has lncreased very qulckly - now abouL 30 percenL of Lhe Lown ls
Musllm. Many of Lhe Musllms are from 8akhlne SLaLe, wesLern parL of 8urma, where Lhere ls a
slmllar slLuauon, buL ln a much larger conlcL. 1he Musllm populauon of Melkula has
dangerously swelled Lo alarmlng level recenLly as Musllm refugees eelng from Lhe recenL
vlolence and unresL ln 8akhlne SLaLe came Lo Lhls [uncuon Lown ln mlddle 8urma, whlch
already had a large Musllm populauon due Lo prevlous waves of Musllm mlgrauon. 1he earller
Musllm people ln Melkula were mosLly noL 8engall/8ohlngya Musllms, and were generally
called 'kaman' Musllms, and were largely accepLed equally as parL of Lhe fabrlc of Lhe nauon.
1he 8urmese 8uddhlsLs express LhaL Lhe 8engall-Musllms (also known as 8ohlngya) are
parucularly lnLoleranL, and show only conLempL for Lhe 8uddhlsL culLure and 8uddhlsm. 1he
8engall Musllms oen LaunL Lhe 8uddhlsLs, denlgraLe Lhe 8uddhlsL rellglon, and Lhe 8uddhlsLs
say Lhelr properLy or crops are oen sLolen, Lhelr women are raped, and 8uddhlsL monks are
mocked and lnsulLed. Many of Lhe 8engall-Musllms ln Melkula are wealLhler, merchanL class
Musllms from 8akhlne SLaLe (or from 8angladesh, buL poslng as fake '8ohlngya' from 8urma)
who arrlved a number of years ago, and wlLh masslve nanclal supporL from Saudl Arabla Lhey
have become Lhe commerclally domlnanL group ln Melkula, wlLh Lhelr gold and [ewelry shops,
and new mosques (wlLh Lhelr very loud prayers broadcasL nlghL and day, lrrlLaung Lhe
8uddhlsLs) and more and more lslamlc madrassa schools belng bullL (ln whlch Lhe chlldren are
easlly lndocLrlnaLed lnLo a menLallLy of supremacy and lnLolerance of oLhers) and Lhe schools
are mosL oen esLabllshed wlLh money and agenda from aklsLan and Saudl Arabla.
1he 8urmese 8uddhlsLs are annoyed by Lhe mosques ln many places - nolsy loud speakers
broadcasung calls Lo prayer, horrlble sermons of haLe and blgoLry, newly funded super
mosques bullL Lo Lower over Lhe quleL and peaceful 8uddhlsL Lemples and monasLerles,
sLockplles of weapons found ln mosques (mosLly ln 8akhlne SLaLe), and Lhe facL LhaL mosques
are closed Lo non-Musllms whlch ls so dlerenL Lhen Lhe open doors of Lhe 8uddhlsL
Lemples.1haL ls whaL many 8urmese people feel abouL mosques.
I stand by what I w||| say here: Puman 8lghLs WaLch ls dellberaLely Lrylng Lo cover Lhe LruLh,
hlde Lhe hlsLory, and ls shaplng Lhe publlc Lo see noLhlng good abouL Lhe 8akhlne 8uddhlsL
culLure, and ln facL, ls condluonlng Lhe publlc Lo haLe Lhem, and Lo no longer see 8uddhlsm as
a peaceful, honesL and morally sLrong rellglon.
1here |s actua||y qu|te a b|t of cr|nc|sm of numan k|ghts Watch - among oLher places, go Lo:
Crluclsm of Puman 8lghLs WaLch on
kobert 8ernste|n - the founder of numan k|ghts Watch, and long ume Chalrman, and now
sLrong crluc of P8W, now accuses Lhe organlzauon of poor research meLhods, for relylng on
"wlLnesses whose sLorles cannoL be verled and who may Lesufy for pollucal advanLage or
because Lhey fear reLallauon from Lhelr own rulers. Pe furLher sLaLes, "numan k|ghts Watch has
|ost cr|nca| perspecnve" and now accuses P8W of allowlng represslve reglmes Lo play a "moral
equlvalence game" by falllng Lo dlsungulsh Lhe evldence avallable from open and closed
socleues, and of falllng Lo recognlze Lhe "dlerence beLween wrongs commlued ln self-defense
and Lhose perpeLraLed lnLenuonally."
uavld 8ernsLeln (no relauon) wrlLes, ln !uly 2009, A delegauon from Puman 8lghLs WaLch was
recenLly ln Saudl Arabla. 1o lnvesugaLe Lhe mlsLreaLmenL of women under Saudl Law? 1o
campalgn for Lhe rlghLs of homosexuals, sub[ecL Lo Lhe deaLh penalLy ln Saudl Arabla? 1o proLesL
Lhe lack of rellglous freedom ln Lhe Saudl klngdom? 1o lssue a reporL on Saudl pollucal
prlsoners? no, no, no, and no. 1he delegauon arrlved Lo ralse money, as Lhey have been dolng
for years." P8W ls sLrongly crluclzed for noL releaslng Lhe names of lLs Saudl donors.
CLher crlucs polnL ouL, "A human r|ghts organ|zanon ra|s|ng money |n Saud| Arab|a |s ||ke a
women's r|ghts group ask|ng the 1a||ban for a donanon." Accordlng Lo 1he 1lmes, P8W "does
noL always pracuce Lhe Lransparency, Lolerance and accounLablllLy lL urges on oLhers."
CLhers charge P8W wlLh "faulLy meLhodology", "mlsrepresenung lnLernauonal law", and
"be|ng unw||||ng or unab|e to perce|ve threats posed by rad|ca| Is|am".
And Human Rights Watch thinks it can judge whats happening in Arakan?
Their false, manipulative, deceptive, demonizing report is causing death and destruction.
HRW should be put before International Courts and charged with malicious deceit and
conspiracy to cause harm resulting in death to innocent civilians.
I would be happy to testify against them.
Rick Heizman, San Francisco, May 12, 2013
A2#: #26: B(9:2, +2 ,::@
A young Rakhine girl tells of escaping while others, including her family were beaten to death:
2 Rakhine boys tell of the horrors of the Rohingya killing the Buddhist:
An old monk tells of he, monks, and laypeople trying to escaping the huge gangs of muslims, surrounded by
armed muslims the monk had to ght for the rst time in his life as he saw the mobs killing Buddhist people
including women and kids:
Fake videos and pictures try to show the Rohingya as the victims - easily proven false:
Fake Media part 2:
A Muslim woman School Teacher tells of the killings she saw committed by the 'Bangali Muslims' (Rohingya).
She is Kaman Muslim (local Muslim, not Rohingya), and she tells of the fanatic hatred the Rohingya have, even
against the Kaman muslims, she also had to escape or they would kill her. She says (in her words) the
Rohingya have a terrible evil in them and it will not change - they do not know compassion or tolerance - and
they intend to kill or push away ALL Buddhist, Hindus, and others around them.
This brings up the point that Kaman Muslims are recognized as a minority group in Rakhine State and in the
rest of Burma, and they are generally accepted because they live peacefully and are an integrated part of the
Rakhine School Teacher tells of the slaughter of the Buddhist in June 2012
A Burmese man, speaking good English, who founded an organization called Youth Development Association,
in Maungdaw describes Friday June 8, 2012 when hundreds and hundreds of 'Bangali Muslims' (Rohingya)
poured out of the mosques, armed with weapons, and surged down the main streets killing any Buddhist they
could catch - including women and children - and burning the homes and shops and the Buddhist
When his father was young Maungdaw was almost all Buddhist. After many massacres it is now 95% Muslim,
and the leaders and imams of the muslims are inciting the killing of the 30,000 remaining Buddhist in the
township, and the destruction of their homes, temples and monasteries.
lease see a recenL paper l wroLe abouL Puman 8lghLs WaLch: 'numan k|ghts Watch and
Un|ted Nanons Agenc|es - a||ow|ng mass|ve m|s|nformanon and b|atant ||es to spread'