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Helping children be the best they can be Dear Parents, Governors and Children, OUR NEXT HOLIDAY – LATE

SPRING BANK We break for Spring Bank Holiday on Friday 24th May at 3.30 p.m. and we re-open on Monday 3rd June at 8.45 a.m. There are NO training days attached to these holidays. WELL DONE Well Done to Olliver-Thomas Lyne for passing his Level 1 & 2 in Ducklings swimming Well Done to William-Lucas Lyne for passing his Level 1 & 2 in Ducklings swimming AUSTERFIELD RESIDENTIAL VISIT – YEAR 4 All the staff who went to Austerfield with the Year 4 children last week would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for the wonderful behaviour and interest shown by the children. The visit was an enormous success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. On a ‘lost property’ note, we have a navy blue Tesco sleeping bag left over. Please see Mr Houghton to collect. SPONSOR We have been asked to make parents aware of two external sponsor opportunities. Following the tragic minibus crash on the M62 last week, a child from the school is taking part in the sponsored walk which has been organised for the South Yorkshire Air Ambulance, from Askern to South Elmsall on May 19th. If anyone wishes to contribute to this, money can be left at the school office. Additionally, members of staff are taking part in this year’s Race for Life in memory of Monica Miller, who sadly passed away last year. If anyone would like to either join them in the race or sponsor someone who is taking part, please speak to your child’s class teacher. Many thanks. ATTENDANCE Congratulations to WHITE CLASS for winning the “Best in School” attendance award last week! The whole class will be rewarded with a visit to TOCKs club. Overall school attendance remained at 93.4% last week. We still have some way to go before we reach our target of 95%, so please help the school to reach this target by attending school every day.

putting sun cream on your child before they leave home the morning would be a good idea if you feel they need it. the Local Authority has issued guidance on what specifies exceptional circumstances: 1. Please make sure. which is SPF Factor 50+ and protects against UVB rays. The contributions this week are from Green class. Evidence must be provided. If you have any vouchers. WATER BOTTLES AND SUN CREAM Please remember to send your child with a hat for the sun. Look out for more class contributions in the coming weeks…… . This must be evidenced by production of the policy document of the organisation. Further to this.45am and if you arrive after this time then you are running late.The bell rings for the start of school at 8. Boots currently have a half-price offer on their Soltan 8-hour sun cream. By 8. and a water bottle now the hot weather has decided to come back. Where a holiday is recommended as part of a parent or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue. SCHOOL START TIME A kindly reminder . SAINSBURY’S VOUCHERS The Active Kids promotional voucher scheme from Sainsbury’s runs until 22nd May. Where it is company/organisational policy for an employee to take leave at a specific time in the year and there is no opportunity for a family holiday in school holidays. CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR NEWSLETTER We are encouraging the children to contribute to our weekly newsletter with stories. or left behind from an after-school club or activity. Please remember to put your child’s name in the hat. It is called ‘Once – kids 8 hour play sun cream’. Also. pictures and items of interest they have done in the classroom our outside school. Service personnel returning from/scheduled to embark upon a tour of duty abroad.50am all children should be present and hard at work in class. please send them in to Miss Fryer in Year 6. if you change your mobile number. UPDATE TO EMERGENCY NUMBERS AND ADDRESSES We are experiencing difficulties at the moment contacting parents when their child is ill. SPRING INTO SCHOOL ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE We want to encourage everyone to “Spring into School” this spring! Look out for our attendance challenge over the next few weeks.NEW HOLIDAYS DURING TERM TIME LEGISLATION All children were given a letter with the details of the new legislation effective from September. Thank you. that you let school know. Children arriving after this time enter via the main entrance as it is important that lessons are not disturbed. Thank you.HATS. Make sure your child is at school every day for their chance to win a prize! HOT WEATHER . Thank you. Wide necked bottles can be filled from the water coolers in school. or even move house. ABSENCE Please remember to contact school as early as possible if your child is going to be absent due to illness to avoid any unauthorised absences. From September. no requests for holidays can be authorised except in exceptional circumstances.

I knew I was going to win. Ready as ever. The British Queen made Egdam look like a piece of dirt from the scrapyard.3. What was going to happen? Was Spit going to be all right? I couldn’t believe it! Max . Spit’s supporters started to boo me so I told them to shut up in a very firm voice. There was nothing stopping me now. Two inch thick oak wood. I could feel myself speeding up. but all the wheels were the same size. I saw him firmly grip the rope but it was no good. Egdam was winning. and 4. Then I was past him. 5. The British Queen was strong and agile. My hands started to sweat and then I hit a big pothole. Spit started to slide. Especially when I was riding the British Queen. At least I didn’t steal anything from the scrapyard. This is some writing we did based on that fantastic story. I thought he would be able to stop but he couldn’t. My people cheered me on. She glided through the wind. I started to gain confidence. That rusty old thing was winning The British Queen. GO!! I set off to a slow start. Closer and closer.2. Ernie looked at his watch. But then I started to catch up with Spit. Surely I was going to win.In Year 5 on the first day of term we watched a fantastic performance of the story of Spit Nolan.1. Suddenly I was having to dodge potholes. My front wheel hit Spit’s back wheel. solid timber. I was waiting for Ernie to drop the hanky. Those tyres on tarmac were unstoppable.

Would he survive? Would he die? Sophie On top of a high hill. They felt sorry for me. Suddenly a pot hole bumped the rider of the British Queen leaving Egdam’s scruffy rider no chance. “What a stupid name!” I exclaimed. but suddenly Leslie hit the back of my wheel. I couldn’t talk because my mouth was wide open with blood drooling down my chin. One got a white hankie and cleared the blood off my face. I hit my head and felt dizzy. After a moment. One had wiry hair and was riding an old piece of wood. I was in the lead and I was going really fast and the wind was swishing in my face. I realised what was happening. I noticed a stunning silver kart named The British Queen. My legs wobbled as we saw two 12 -15 year old boys racing down Cemetery Brew. “Get and ambulance Lily!” She ran to the nearest box and began dialling. Crashing into the bus. It was probably about 5 pm when this happened. Leslie had a cool trolley made of metal but I just had a trolley made of rotten wood. “Stop!” we yelled at the driver. Ladies were crying with sobbing tears. Mark . Scrunching my scarf up. Gazing in the distance. Nothing could stop it. “Too right Lily!” Flora replied. I put it under his head. Zooming down the hill.Flora and I were chatting on the bus going home from Saturday shopping. Before we knew it me and Flora were kneeling beside him. He began rapidly stamping on the brake. I couldn’t see. called Egdam.

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