ESTATE, NEW DELHI – 110002. GLOBAL EXPRESSION OF INTEREST 1. Delhi Police invites “Global Expression of Interest” from the interested firms in India or abroad through Indian representatives for the purchase of one Automated Fingerprint & Palmprint Identification System (AFIS & APIS) for Finger Print Bureau, Crime & Railways, Remote Live Finger and Palm Print Scan Workstations for Distts., Crime & Railways, Special Cell, IGI Airport & five Distt. Courts and Web (Browser) based Single Digit Fingerprint Identification System for 135 Police Stations containing details of required hardware/software and application software along with related literatures. The firms should be prepared for giving a presentation/demonstration of the functions of the equipment and its software. Scope of work:An Automated System meeting International Standards for Storage and Retrieval of Ten Digit Finger Print and/or Palm Print with the facility of Chance Print search having data storage capacity of atleast 4 lakh criminals data is to be installed at one central location. Existing ten digit fingerprint slip data of approximately 1.75 lakh criminals is to be transported from the database in FACTS 4.0 of M/S CMC Ltd. Remote inkless and/or paper data capturing of rolled finger prints and/or palm prints with chance print query from atleast 19 locations i.e. District Hdqrs., Crime Branch, Special Cell and IGI Airport and 5 District Court Complexes in Delhi. Web based query module for identification of suspects for searching records from plain image of atleast one finger of a suspect to be installed at atleast 135 locations i.e. Police Stations in Delhi on existing CIPA terminals. Clarification: For further clarifications on the subject Shri Rajan Bhagat, ACP/Hdqrs., Crime & Railways, 1st floor, PHQ, MSO Building, I.P. Estate, New Delhi, Telephone No. 011-23490322 can be contacted. Eligibility: The firms/consultants sending the Expression of Interest must attach the details of their past experience in similar work. Interested consultants/firms may send their Expressions of Interest alongwith the following documents:i. Their offer/comments with suggestions about the equipment.

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Confidentiality: The vendor shall not disclose to any one. New Delhi on or before 17. I. iv.delhigovt. 5th floor. Crime & Railways. An after bid meeting of the Technical Committee with the interested participating firms will be held on 20. A draft of the SLA should be attached with the proposal. ix. Planning & Implementation.1 7. x.2007 by 5 P. Estate. PHQ.1 The technical details of equipments. The successful Service Provider shall execute a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). components including hardware and software comprising the system along with the operational manual.ii. New Delhi. Approach paper for the proposed project for Delhi Police. website www. vi. 5. Crime & Railways. Client references for similar projects. 6. I.1 DELHI. PHQ. 5.delhipolice.2007 at 3 P. I. Note:This is purely an “Expression of Interest” with no cost no commitment. 4 th floor. number of years in the business. MSO Building. vii.2007 at 3 PM in the office of Joint Commissioner of Police. Core business areas of operation. (MADHUP TEWARI) DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE. 7. in the office of Joint Commissioner of Police. Any other relevant information. Brief details of similar assignments undertaken in the past three years with amount. and Delhi Govt.3 7. Estate.2 6. any confidential information marked as confidential and is communicated or made available or accessible by the Vendor during execution of the work. PHQ. 5th floor. New Delhi wherein the requirement of Delhi Police will be explained in detail.P. Interested consultants/manufacturers participating can post their Expression of Interest to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.P. 6. . Estate. CRIME & RAILWAYS. 10th floor. Estate.nic.2 This is also available on Delhi Police website www. New Delhi – 110 002 or can be put in the tender box in person placed in General Branch.M.M. PHQ.12. I. v. Time required for supply/installation of the equipment. ownership and organizational structure of the Company/JV/Consortium of companies.12.nic. Schedule: A briefing meeting will be held on 13.12. Time required for live demonstration of the equipment. viii.P. Planning & Implementation. The interested companies may send their representatives in the meeting.

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