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Accounting Entrepreneurship

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Planning and Development Economics
Financial Management and Banking




Financial Economics Hotel Management International Business Marketing
Human Resources Economics Tourism Management I (2nd year) Tourism Management II (3rd year)
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 The Practical

Training is carried out at the final semester of study by every registered full time student (except those that opt for mini thesis e.g. economists) completion of the Practical Training, the student will be considered as having completed his/her academic programme for the conferment of a bachelor’s degree with honours

 Upon


 The practical 4 . HE02. Thus. The result of this practical training will be included in the calculation of the CGPA. HP08. it will be a determining element to qualify for a bachelor’s degree with honours. training is worth of six (6) credit hours except e. This practical training (or optional for economists etc that choose to write a mini thesis) is compulsory for all full-time students of the undergraduate programme of the School of Business and Economics.g.

HP08 (BY20004) second years student 1st practical training with a period of eight (8) weeks. 5 . For PALAPES and SUKSIS : It is COMPULSARY to replace 2-3 weeks of Applied Leave weeks for the Course Conferment Ceremony. Practical Training period is to be not less than twelve (12) weeks EXCEPT. Must be done in Malaysia only.

attend and pass all the School Level Courses and Program Level Courses prior to their practical training.t. approval and status) through the University and School administration. s. Register for the Practical Training Course (BY20004) – 2nd year/HP08. Register for the Practical Training Course (B_30006. represented by the Practical Training Committee of the School of Business and Economics using the relevant form(SPE/LP 02 FORM). BY30004) at the final semester generally end of the 3rd year. Apply to undergo Practical Training at any company within Malaysia (or abroad. 6 .PROCEDURES (1)     Register.

Wong Hock Tsen Mr. Rizwan Abd. Charlie Albert Lasuin Ms. Dr. Prof.PRACTICAL TRAINING COMMITEE PROGRAM PROG. CODE CODE TO REGISTER COORDINATOR Accounting Entrepreneurship HE02 HE04 BP40008 BB30006 Mr. Andy Lee Chen Hiung Mr. Roseni Ariffin Tourism Management II (3rd year) HP08 BY30004 Dr. Nelson Lajuni Assoc. Mohd Irwan Dhanil Sikumbang Planning and Development Economics Financial Management and Banking Financial Economics Hotel Management HE05 HE06 HE07 HE08 BC30006 BD30006 BF30006 BE30006 Mrs. Rostika binti Petrus Boroh Ms. Balvinder Kaur kler 7 . Wajiran Sinun Mr. Diana Nabila Chau Abdullah Mr. Majid International Business Marketing Human Resources Economics Tourism Management I (2nd year) HE 09 HE10 HE11 HP08 BA30006 BG30006 BH30006 BY20004 Mr. Mohd.

 Prepare a Practical Training Report and submit it to the respective Academic Advisor allocated to each student:  Draft report can be submitted to Academic Supervisor and it is subjected to the jurisdiction of each academic supervisor whether a printed and/or soft copy are required.Hardcover and soft-copy (CD).PROCEDURES (2)  Obtain approval to undergo Practical Training from the School  Credit hours more than 24  Obtain acceptance from the management of the company (where the practical training is held/intended).e. The final report of practical training is to be submitted to the respective academic supervisor within ONE week after practical training has concluded i. based on the agreement between the respective Academic Supervisor and the said student. 05 October 2012 (friday) . before or by 05 OCTOBER 2012. 8  .

BLI-5 logbook: 10%) Attendance Record (Form SPE/LP04) 40 % 10 % Visiting Advisor Report (BLI-4) TOTAL 10 % 100 % * Forms are downloadable from the website of the School. You will need to pay RM20 for any replacement.ASSESSMENT PARTICULAR Academic Supervisor MARKS 40 % Work Supervisor (BLI-7 Form: 30%. • Logbook will be provided before student resume their practical training. 9 . It will be provided ONCE only.

Accounting Log Book (for Accounting Student) SPE BLI-5 logbook (BLI-5) 10  The  Students .ASSESMENT BY WORK SUPERVISOR (WS)  Assessment by Work Supervisor is based on Work Supervisor’s report (Borang Laporan Penyelia Industri/BLI-7) and WS assessment on student’s logbook (BLI-5) Work Supervisor’s Report is confidential and should be sent direct from the Work Supervisor to the Academic Supervisor. shall provide WS with weekly report for assessment and endorsement EVERY WEEK (NOT ONLY ONCE AT THE END OF THE TRAINING PERIOD).

ASSESSMENT BY ACADEMIC SUPERVISOR (AS) PARTICULAR MARKS Written Report (based on UMS Writing Style) Visiting Supervisor’s Report (BLI-4) TOTAL 40 % 10 % 50 % 11 .

FORMAT OF REPORT (1) i.. iii. you may IGNORE page 16 of your logbook ) Table of contents. ii. Table of diagrams/schedules.      Declaration (see page 14/Appendix2 in your logbook) Acknowledgement (who you want to thank etc. figures Part I : Introduction Part II : Learning Portfolio Part III : Suggestions & Conclusion Part IV : References Appendices : Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D : Attendance Record : Resume/Curriculum Vitae of student : Practical Training Placement letter from Company : Other relevant documents 12 .

……………………. Signature Full Name : Student No : CONFIRMATION BY ACADEMIC ADVISOR I declare that this Practical Training Report was written by the above candidate in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the school of Business and Economics.SAMPLE OF DECLARATION DECLARATION I declare that this report is my own work. Date ……………………. Date ……………………. except for extracts and summaries for which the original references are stated herein.. ………………. Signature Full Name : 13 .

However. HP08 and International Students to write in English. HE09.  Report can be presented in Malay language or English.FORMAT OF REPORT (2)  The number of pages of the Final Report must be at least 60 pages and not more than 120 pages (not including Appendices). it’s compulsory for HE08. 14 .

FORMAT OF REPORT (3) (suggestion only)  Part  Part I……………………….. 5 – 10 pages II 4 – 8 pages (for each week) As appropriate  Weekly report……………  Report by project………  Part III……………………… 5 – 10 pages 15 .

Please inform and consult your academic supervisor in due course.  reviewing experience during the Practical Training period. when being exposed to the real life working world. 16 . Gower Publications: UK )  Exemption: Student is allowed to provide business or project report format if required by the company/institution.  This exercise aims to:  train the student to report and.PREPARING A REPORT  Students should prepare a Practical Training Report according to the Learning Cycle concept and format. 4th ed. (Peter Honey (1994) Gower Handbook of Management Development.

 17 . Stage 2: Reflector To review the above experiences and reflect on skills/knowledge that you have learnt from various tasks assigned to you.LEARNING CYCLE FORMAT (1)  Stage 1: Activist To describe experiences gained from the practical training based on the duties that you have carried out.

and draw a conclusion. Pragmatist 18 . Theorist  Stage 4: To plan subsequent activities after a critical analysis of your current abilities in order to overcome problems/challenges that are useful to plan your way forward. Stage 3: To relate those theories that you have learnt during your tenure at the university and applicable to your task during your Practical Training period.

 Form a group of 5. help yourself with a note book or a piece of paper.  Assuming that you has been accepted in a Sea Port Company name Serbaguna Sdn Bhd. 19 .WRITING A REPORT (1)  First.  Pen/Pencil in hand.  Listen to the instruction carefully.

WEEK ONE (8th July – 13th July) Days 1 Assignment/Task Company Briefing. Bunga – disseminate documents Telephonist and and company filing system Office Clerk 20 . Bunga – handling ethic and proper Telephonist and handle of photocopy Office Clerk machine 4-5 Documentation handling and filing Learning to handle and Ms. Creating basic introduction with new colleague and working environment. company staff Output Briefing on Company Training Compliance requirement and Secrecy. Mentor Mr. Introduction to department. Executive 2-3 Introduction to Telephone and Photocopy Machine handling Learning to telephone Ms. Ali – HR/Training Dept.

 Internship = practical training / industrial training 21 . I had joined Serbaguna Sdn Bhd for an internship training and reported my first duty to Mr. the HR and Training Executive of Serbaguna Sdn Bhd as instructed in my offer letter.Introduction  On the first day (8 July 2012). Ali.

and company introduction in brief. Abu bin Bakar. the “ Declaration of Secrecy” in the presence of MPA’s General Manager. Ali had carried out a briefing of Serbaguna SB which include industrial training policy. as a trainee I am obliged to signed 22 . Mr. • After the briefing. The objective of the briefing is to give awareness for the trainee about the compliance of Malaysia Port Authority’s (MPA) Training Compliance.Activist • Mr. Safety and Health policy.

Reflector  A reflection from the introduction of the company and staff. understand company rules and policy. 23  . staffs and organizational structure through my observation. as well as requirement as a trainee. learning and adaption process. I learned how to adapt the new environment. This will also the first stage in creating my basic knowledge about the company.

Ali. According to Andrew J. 24 . learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour based on practice or experience. This learning process involved the process of observation of surrounding. Dubrin (2007) in Fundamental of Organizational Behaviour. However. theoretically through the briefing done by Mr. I managed to gained more sensible reason and knowledge in understanding about the company and its operations. A curiosity about learning is that it is possible to learn something and store in mind without changing your behaviour.Theorist –link with the theoretical studies  The introduction and briefing basically provided trainee with written information.

Pragmatist • When I came to the company as a trainee on my first day I had a difficulty on communicate with people around me and nervousness. After the introduction about the company and the staff. I gained more confident to communicate and react to my surrounding and colleagues. 25 . • I have learnt that. it is essential to introduce myself before communicating further in order to ask about the my future tasks from superior and colleagues.

SUBMISSION OF PRACTICAL TRAINING REPORT  Student must prepare two (2) copies of the Practical Training Report (at least 1 hard cover copy for SPE library.  It is 26 . The CD/DVD should be submitted to the AS together with the hard copy. The report will be examined and signed by the student’s AS. please consult your Academic Supervisor-AS whether s/he would like to have his/her copy in hard/soft cover). The student must also prepare one (1) softcopy of the report in CD form. advisable for student to communicate with the respective AS and send weekly report to AS in order to have better supervision and advice on the final report writing.

generally report is inclusive of week 1-10 at the very least (ALSO Please consult your academic supervisor whether a printed copy is needed or otherwise softcopy.Date of submission  Required to submit the Practical Training Report on:  Draft report .hardcover and soft copy (CD) 27 . It is important to acknowledge that each AS may have their own preference)  05 OCTOBER 2012 (Friday) .

Delay on the submission of the report must be approved by the University and informed the respective AS concerning the agreed (new) date. without prior knowledge and approval of the School and the company involved.Special condition  Students are not allowed to change agreed-upon Practical Training placement. 28   . A student who has failed to submit the Practical Training Report at the designated date will be given Grade E (Fail).

(Refer to: SPE’s Industrial Training Guideline & Logbook) 29 .Important !!!! Failure of student in adhering to any rule/procedure may cause the said student to be given Grade E and therefore not qualify for convocation. as s/he does not fulfill the conditions for conferment of a bachelor’s degree .

…Report Clearance and Confirmation Receipt of student (to be submitted upon complete training)  BLI -7………Work Supervisor Report  BLI -8………Industrial Training Checklist  SPE/LP 11………. and Attn.e.List of Forms (downloadable from SPE’s website)  SPE/LP 02… Application Form (Fill in and submit upon requesting Confirmation Letter for Practicum permission)  SPE/LP 03… Student’s Declaration form(within 7 days of commencing of internship)  SPE/LP 04………Attendance Record  SPE/LP 09 ….Organization Reply Form (Program Coordinator of Practical Training is to fill in the needful info i.. To) (Provided by SPE/Practicum Coordinator)  BLI-5……. ext. tel. SBE Logbook  BLI-4…Visiting Advisor Report 30 ..

31 .

32 .

33 .

34 .

35 .

Description Practical / industrial Training Date 8/9 July–27/28 Sept 2012 Report submission: -Draft report can be submitted to 28 Sept 2012 or date Academic supervisor suggested by AS -Report Hardcover and soft copy (CD) Before/by 05 Oct 2012 Student „s declaration form 1 week after the practical training has started SPE /LP04 attendance record BLI-7 Evaluation Form Before/by 01 Oct 2012 Before/by 01 Oct 2012 SPE’s Fax Number : +6088-320360 36 ..IMPORTANT DATES .

Q&A 37 .

WELL DONE THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION “Further enquiry. please contact your Program Coordinator of Practical Training” 38 .

1640 Fax: +6088-320360 Email: janicenga@yahoo. Level 3. Yours Truly: you are free to make changes according to the needs of your programme.Please be informed that this guideline is prepared for you general 39 . NGA School Coordinator of Practical Training Room 10. JANICE L. School of Business & Economics Phone: +6088-320000 Ext. janice@ums.