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Roman Times-Best selling Gladium de Thompson Crator

Reference: Is it so brutal? Et brute in their? Emperor Hadrianus Augustus

Ward: Trajan Slum: 1 Mrs. Crater, Janise Rome, Dacia, the Roman amphitheater, Cell:3; March 9, AD 118 TO, My wife, my children, this is from your husband, father. I am still under the slavery of Emperor Hadrianus Augustus in the colosseum. I pray every day to see you;

I wish to break out of this torture. I have to be slave and fight until I am rewarded for freedom. From now on I will be given a journal to write as a gladiator from the colosseum. Please collect them if you find them. I might write notes and letters about my everyday life as a gladiator. If I die please keep them as a memory. Within the next few months is my fight with the opponent who killed my uncle. I have to fight as a gladiator three to four times a year. I have to win. It might be the last time or the many of the rest times I will be sending you letters until I am free. Please forgive me for my absence. Yours Sincerely, Thompson Crater

I had to write a biography of myself which is needed to enter the gladiator school. If I die the details of my birth and family will be announced by viewing this biography.


Name: Thompson Crater

Age: 28 years old

Hometown: Aquitania, Gallia.

Background: Brought to Dacia, Rome, 118 AD as a slave and criminal. Emperor: Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus. Empire: Roman Empire, death of Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajanus Augustus august 8th 117 AD. Rise of Emperor: From AD 117, Hadrianus Augustus. Marriage certificate: Married on AD 115, March, with Janise Crater. Occupation before being a gladiator: Slavery at Senates house, before that Farmer at Gallia.

Rome, Dacia, March 3, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus My New Life I am Thompson Crater. This is my first day at my new tragic life. I am in the colosseum, not as a spectator but as a performer. I am going to perform combats of death. I am a gladiator. I took the oath that I will not fear death as it is my compulsory, even if I dont deserve to die! "Uri, vinciri, verberari, ferroque

necari. I was sentenced to death, Damnati ad gladium. Now I am in my cell strangled by the odor of blood and human corpse. The walls filled with scars. My belief faded, My death certain, My clothes torn, My wounds worn, My new life born, My family Waited. Rome, Dacia, March 4, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus

The School-Please return this to my family. Today is my first morning in my life of slavery. Every gladiator has to train in the gladiators school. Today I will be taken to the gladiators school which is beside the amphitheater. I am from Gallia, I still haven't seen the colosseum. At morning I and other eight slaves including our sibling Romulus are going to be physically tested by the generals. That decides what type of a gladiator we are going to be. I should be not be depressed because there were other cruel jobs that I could be chosen to do as a slave such as doing farming, it may sound like it is usually plowing some seeds but it is not, I had to work day and night, in storms and sunlight and had to face consequences if there would not be crops growing.

Being a gladiator is also not a pleasing job, dripping blood; killing and slaughtering about thousands of animals and people; its brutal. You wont want to come here until you are heartless. I just have to fight as a gladiator once three times a year. If I survive as a beginner I will be promoted to be a higher level of a gladiator and one day I might earn my freedom. Dont lose hope; I am going to prove my innocence by being a winner. My blame of killing my old owner is going to be taken by killing more. That is how Rome works.

Rome, Dacia, March 2, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus -This piece of journal is directed to my family This is a piece of map which I collected while marching to Dacia from home as a slave. This map was left by the Roman soldiers and I picked it up. This map was the first thing that made my heart break. It showed in its legend that I had to walk 1,000 kilometers from Gallia to Dacia. What have I done? Why did I get the blame of killing Enthoustous Romnus, my former owner? Even though he deserved to die after what he did to my uncle, I did not murder him! But who agrees without you my wife and children! I heard that most of the slaves die in travelling this long distance. Still the body is taken into the colosseum for feeding the carnivores. I cant Why?

show any approval of my innocence, but I can earn my innocence by fighting as a gladiator and be free from this confinement! Fighting only thrice in a year, victory; then freedom.

Rome, Dacia, March 8, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus

Today was our first gladiator training. I am called a

Novicius which means a beginner. Every gladiator by now had known and told what kind of a gladiator they are going to be. I think that I am somehow left behind. All of the other gladiators were runaway slaves, criminals who have been sentenced to death, and private slaves who have been appointed to fight to earn fame and money. I still havent seen the colosseum arena, it can be only seen in special occasions and combats with lots of audiences. One thing I liked about being in the gladiator school was that they give us healthy food such as smashed raw meat, mixed with grains and gravy; they don't cook the food much because they think that the raw meat and vegetable gives more strength than cooking, cooking destroys the protein and vitamins, and it is served in a clay bowl. They also serve with cheese, bread that they make in the farm. When the Roman generals conquer new lands, they keep all the resources from there. The cook in here wanted us to become healthy for fight and was better than home food. If I were in home I

had to work hard to get a kilo of rice for the whole family but in here I get everything for free. It seems that some gladiators fight for getting better food and earning money. It is not so bad to be a gladiator. It only takes luck.

Rome, Dacia, March 11, 118 AD Emperor Hadrianus Augustus Physical test and weapons Today I was given my qualification as a beginner gladiator. The doctors and the owner of the school physically tested me. Would they choose to make me a Secutor, gladiator with an Oblong shield and short sword? A Dimachaerus, who fought with two swords? A Laquearius, Used only a rope? What would luck bring me too? They put a piece of bait on my back with a cloth; I did not know what they were up to; suddenly set the lion free to chase me! I ran for my life. The school owner threw a Rudus, a small wooden sword. I had no chance of surviving and fighting with a prone wooden sword. I jumped every time the lion groaned with hunger. I had no time to think. After a lot of struggle, they felt mercy and caged the lion. I survived the first test. They were impressed by my stamina and will to fight. They said that I was stout, which meant I was brave and strong hearted/willed. They said that I had enough training for

the first day. They also said that I was compassionate, Meticulous and capable of being a great gladiator. Still I had no Idea that what type of a gladiator would they choose to appoint me for fighting. The next day the owner appointed me to his chamber and provided me with a net, dagger and trident. He said that I was light in weight so I needed less heavy weapons. I was not satisfied, a web like net and a dagger? How far could they even take me until I died? I protested. Luck is Luck.

Rome, Dacia, March 8, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus Practice Today we will be taken to the colosseum to observe a live gladiator fight to learn the basic rules. I still have no idea about being a gladiator and how the colosseum was like. We were put on chains and heavy metals around our cloth like we are a bunch of lions about to start escaping. Then we walked toward the far visible structure. It was the colosseum. It was the largest structure I have ever seen. I heard from my siblings about the colosseum back at Gallia. It was the largest Roman structure. First the introducer or the host of the gladiator fights started announcing the gladiators names. He used

persuasive words that made a great attraction and suspense in the arena. From the left side and the right sides of the colosseum appeared the gladiators from the underground cells. They were heavily armed and looked tough. The teacher of the gladiator school told some important rules of the gladiator fights. They were: Face the Emperor when you enter the arena, salute him, and dont show your back to him! Always take the oath first before entering the arena that you will not fear death, then say it loud in the arena facing the highness Emperor and get ready with all the weaponries, if you want to survive! They could hear instruments were played, with sound of drums, royal trumpets and horns. These instruments symbolized the starting of a new combat. There was one very important thing that I noticed. The crowds with the poor people were thrown food such as bread and rice. The senates seats were on the very front with them wearing togas and the poor audiences and slaves sitting at the very top. It seemed that many people came to watch the combats for getting food that they lack from the Roman government. It was one way of making more money and attracts more people as most of the Romans were in poverty and needed food. I heard from a friend of mine who mentioned that after the conquest of much of Parthia by Trajan, Rome was rich! The combat started, the two gladiators were provided with their weapons from the assistant. One of the gladiators was named Auras, he was a heavy weapons using gladiator, he was a Hoplomachus, used a huge helmet and arm coverings. His master assigned him to fight to earn

money. The other gladiator was a runaway slave, he was a Bestiary, and he used a long narrow spear which was specially designed to kill wild beasts. While we were watching, there was a sudden noise. The ferocious carnivores, lions, bears and wolves that they caged in the colosseum from the areas of the kingdom were freed from their cells and now they were chasing the gladiators. The theater was giving me goose bumps. It was a surprise of letting the carnivores out. My heart was beating hard as the carnivores clashed in the armor of the gladiators with their aggression. The combat lasted a few minutes until the both of them died. The gladiators died, it was one of the ways of serving their penalty. The crowds of about 50,000 people sitting started cheering as the corpses were dragged by the guards. Now it was turn for the carnivore, will it live or die? The crowd shouted Kill and put their thumbs down. At the Emperors decision the carnivores were thrown and killed with spears at that moment. More people screamed and it seemed the entire crowd started to stand up and now there were about 70,000 people staring at the arena. What brutality was this? What type of ruthless recreation was it? Tomorrow could be by date for embracing death. Oh lord of the skies Zeus, oh lord of mercy please show your miracles; show me the right way, bless me; help me! Please give me punishment if you think I did something wrong! I prayed within myself in the crowd.

The colosseum was quickly cleared and within 5 minutes all the seats were empty. The colosseum was quickly cleared because there were 75-80 entrances and doors. said the owner of the gladiator school. He also mentioned that there were naval battles, and all the cells were filled up with water and the sand on the arena were removed. Suddenly I had an Idea. It was possible to escape from the walls of the colosseum cells when there were naval combats. All of the cells were drought and all the slaves are taken to different place out of the colosseum. If we team up with the other slaves we might be able to strike through the guards and escape! I said to myself that it would be very risky and we would be killed in that instant. We all walked to our cells. All the cells were locked. Within four months our training will be finished and all of us have to be ready to fight. I was bored. So I talked to the person beside my cell. I asked him how many years he had been in the colosseum. He said that it had been years since he had seen his family. His name was Laureus, he survived all his fights in years. He shared some of his feelings with me. He said that I knew nothing of how was my life as a gladiator would be. Then I tried to get to sleep. I thought about the nightmares that awaited me in the arena in a few months. Would I survive, would I die?

Rome, Dacia, March 9, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus

The Roman Empire In AD 116, the Roman Empire is at its greatest length, its greatest size, 3.5 million square miles, and an estimated 60 million people. Hadrian cancels public debt withdraws from Trajan's eastern conquests and partial withdrawal from Dacia this year. These are the only news that I heard from the Roman soldiers. Now I am a part of Rome. Now I am a Roman citizen. Last year was the death of Emperor Trajan Augustus. Now Rome was very rich after Conquest of much of Parthia by Trajan. Hadrian was now building walls and Hadrian polis. He is in good control of the Rome in just after one year of Trajans absence.

Rome, Dacia, March 10, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus The emperor Hadrian was one of the best emperors ever known. Hadrian was a Roman emperor known for his many building projects, cities named Hadrian polis, protective walls and construction projects. He was pleased by Emperor Trajan. Today we learned in the gladiator school that the people that are sentences to death, "Damnati-ad gladium, later they fight as gladiators. The important thing that I learned moral was that the slave with the harshest crimes had to fight first in order. The people that were thought to be criminals but are not, they are the last fighters. If they can show their approval, they might be freed before their fight.

The teacher taught us to do defense, the sword moves, the appropriate stances when saluting the emperor, taking the oath, the rules of thumbs up thumbs down. I insisted asking what the thumbs up/down was. The teacher explained that if the audiences enjoyed the combat the emperor would show his thumbs to decide if the gladiator winning or losing would survive or die. The emperor had to watch for the audiences decision, if the audiences wanted you to die; they would put their thumbs down/thumbs down on the palm of the other hand showing stabbing or the killing action. If you win or lose, die or live, it doesn't matter, it matters if you make the emperor and the audiences enjoy the combat. The emperor seems very crazy with gladiator combats, showing thumbs down all the time! Will he put thumbs down if I was on the ground lying to count my last breaths? Three months till now, until my fight! I pray and wish that they find out my innocence for not being responsible for killing my master. Please make it a quick receive. Oh lord of underworld mercury! Please spare me! I have a son waiting to see my face, Oh goddess of the protection of women; I have a wife to heal my scars that I earned! Please feel mercy on them! Oh Goddess of Wisdom and war, I showed honesty, what I did to get this! If you really exist and have a human like god heart, please show me miracles! I groaned and cried on my way to the cell with the other slaves in the colosseum. My fight is going to be at the same day I wrote this particular journal, three months latter this day. Rome, Dacia, June 10, 118 AD

Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus Today is my showdown! The day Ive been waiting for! I will not fear death! In the last three months intensive training and torture, nothing is going to stand against me! This is my first of my other three battles in the colosseum. If I survive, I will apply for my freedom! If I die, these journals are going to be sent home to my family with my last words. Until then, Goodbye! Rome, Dacia, June 12, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus I Survived! Oh lord Zeus! Mercy is your name! I cried when the entire crowd shouted Live, Live, and Live! What intense! The crowd saved me from making my children orphans! Slaves! Torture! At the beginning of the game the assistants provided us with the weapons. I was a gladiator with a spear and a net, a Retiarius; I got out of the gate. The host/announcer ordered me to greet the emperor and take the solemn Oath. Then the large horns and honks were played as my opponent appeared. He was a Murmillo; he used a short sword and wore a decorated helmet with designs of fish in it. The audience was provided with bread and food as it always started before a combat. The fight started, I was so tensed and feared that I dont remember anything else. I fell conscious when my opponent had held me under his armed heavy shield to slaughter my head off. Later when the audiences saved my life he looked with a sigh of relief, I could not see his face. I dont think he would like to kill me. I was trembling, counting my last spells until I died. Then

the crowd began chanting. I am the luckiest to survive on my first ever gladiator fight. I wondered why the crowd led me live. Oh Janise, I lived! My son, Nerasius, you arent an orphan! I am coming home! Rome, Dacia, June 13, 118 AD Emperor: Hadrianus Augustus The emperor appointed me to his supreme chamber. Gladiators swords with blood stains were hanging in the walls of his chamber. What did I do that the emperor had called me? Was I freed? Did my innocence get proven? Of course not! Why would the Emperor call me if I was going to be declared to freedom? It must be something else. I entered the chamber with four guards surrounding me. I saluted and praised the emperor. The emperor showed me a bundle of papers which looked identical. He said, Are these journals yours? I said yes. The emperor saluted me! He said that I was freed from the life of a Gladiator! I asked, Why? He said, Oh young soldier, how was I supposed to know how the life would be as a gladiator? You showed me through this journal that I found in the floor walking across the cells that what cruelty it would be to be a gladiator when you did not even deserve to be one. The real murderer of your master was found! You sir are going to be famous writer. Lord of skies Zeus has a great blessing over you my son! I was speechless. I later went to my family back in Gallia. The emperor liked these journals so much that he published them under his own publisher. No more of slavery, no more of animal slaughter. Oh lord Zeus, strange be your mercy, but thanks!

I am coming home! I am coming home! Tell the world, that I am coming home!

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