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1. State Newton’s Second Law 2. Outline how you would verify experimentally the principle of conservation of linear momentum. 3. A car of mass 950kg is moving at 72km/h. a) Calculate its momentum The car comes to rest in a period of 15 seconds b) Calculate the average force acting on it during this period 4. In an explosion, an object splits into two parts whose masses are in the ratio 2:3. Assuming that the object was motionless before the explosion, and that the larger mass moves with speed 16m/s after the explosion, calculate the speed of the smaller mass. 5. A gun of mass 2kg fires a bullet of mass 30g with speed 200m/s a) Calculate the recoil speed of the gun the gun comes to rest in 2 seconds. b) Find the average force exerted on it by the person firing it. 6. A train of mass 2000kg is moving with speed 10m/s when it couples with a stationary truck of mass 300kg. The two move off together. Find the velocity with which they move. 7. A body of mass 1kg is moving with speed 2m/s. It collides head

on with a body of mass 2kg moving with speed 3m/s. The two bodies stick together, and move off with velocity v. Find v. 8. An explosion causes a stationary object of mass 3kg to split into two pieces. The smaller piece, of mass 0.9kg, moves off with velocity 25m/s. Find the velocity of the larger piece.

Answers to questions 1 – 2 can be found in the text. 3. a) 19000kgm/s b) 1270N 4. 24m/s 5. a) 3m/s b) 3N 6. 8.70m/s 7.1.67m/s 8.10.7M/S