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BPS Production 2013 A Night at the Museum

Script Grade One - History of Toys

Curtain opens to a museum window display scene. Some children visitors are DSC with four rows of Barbie Dolls motionless behind them (standing in lines behind large window frames.)

Sound / Backdrop image

Image 1 slides Toy Timeline 1903-now


Presenter 1: (DSC) Wow! Were going to see one of the most popular and important toys dolls made. Presenter 2: (DSC) Thats right! It was a doll made by the Mattel toy company over 50 years ago. Presenter 3 (male): (DSC) Ahhhh! Barbie!!!!! Rolls his eyes dramatically and puts hand over his beating heart. Presenter 1: (DSC) An American businesswoman remodelled a German toy doll. Presenter 2: (DSC) And did you know she named Barbie after her own daughter, Barbara? Presenter 3: (DSC) Over a billion dolls have been sold worldwide in over 150 countries! Presenter 1: (DSC) In 2001, Bratz dolls were made in competition to Barbie! Presenter 2 and 3: (DSC) WE STILL LOVE BARBIE!. Presenters turn around to view dolls. As music plays dolls come to life with presenters pointing and gasping. Presenters leave stage. LIVING DOLL DANCE Track 1 Living Doll (1st 1.19 secs) by Cliff Richard Image 2 slides history of dolls

Spotlight on presenters. One by one, window frames are spotlighted as presenters talk.

Lights on.

Blackout. Ken runs onto stage and approaches girl in lead line (DSC). Ken (presenter 4): (DSC) Hi ya Barbie. Barbie (presenter 5): (DSC) Hi Ken. Ken (presenter 4): (DSC) Wanna go for a ride? Barbie (presenter 5): (DSC) Sure Ken. Barbie resumes position and Ken runs off stage as Barbie dance starts. BARBIE DANCE Dancers all leave stage. Next presenters enter stage. Presenter 6: (DSC) Barbie dolls arent for me! Ugh huh! All shake their heads in disgust. Track 2 Barbie Girl Mattel version Lights on. Spotlight on presenters.

Blackout. Spotlight on presenters.

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BPS Production 2013 A Night at the Museum

Presenter 7: (DSC) Well, what did the boys play with? Presenter 8: (DSC) Toy soldiers! Real day action figures. All pretend to mock shoot each other and fall down. Stand up again. Presenter 6: (DSC) Way cool! The toy soldier was a miniature figure of a real soldier. Presenter 7: (DSC) You know, that includes knights, cowboys, pirates and ARMY MEN! Presenter 8: (DSC) They were first produced in Germany, nearly 300 hundred years ago. Presenter 6: (DSC) Toy soldiers involve combat themes. Presenter 7: (DSC) They have been made from all types of material; mostly metal and plastic. Presenter 8: (DSC) Hang on guys! What is that noise? Lets get out of here! Presenters run off stage frightened. Soldiers march on for positions for dance. MARCH OF THE TOY SOLDIERS TOY SOLDIERS DANCE Soldiers dance and fall down at end of song at back of stage. Army men enter doing the chant.(pre recorded) ARMY MEN DANCE Army men assist soldiers to stand and all leave stage. Next presenters enter stage. Presenter 9: (DSC) Another really popular toy was the toy car. Presenter 10: (DSC) Yeah, early in the 1900s, about the time real cars were first made. Presenter 11: (DSC) A model car, or toy car, was a miniature model of a real automobile. Presenter 9: (DSC) They were first sold as toys. Then kit building became popular and later on collecting them. Presenter 10: (DSC) The first toy cars were made out of lead and brass with moving, working parts. Presenter 11: (DSC) Next they were made out of tin and pressed steel. Today it is plastic or zinc alloy. All: Cheap and nasty! Mass produced! Image 5 slides of history of cars Blackout. Spotlight on presenters.

Track 3 March of the Toy Soldiers Parade from the Nutcracker Image 3 of toy soldiers (Youtube clip with above track) Track 3 Toy Soldiers by Martika Lights on.

Track 4 Toy Story. Cadence 2. Army men Image 4 of toy story toys and army men

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BPS Production 2013 A Night at the Museum

Big red car prop enters with teachers in it. Presenters hop in and are driven off stage. Children enter for Car dance. CAR DANCE
Track 5 Big Red Car by the Wiggles Track 6 Life is A Highway from Cars Movie soundtrack. Image 6 Youtube video for above or Pixar images from Cars. Blackout. Image 7 slides history of teddy bears Spotlights on presenters. Lights on.

Children exit.
Next presenters enter stage. Presenter 12: (DSC) You know. Ive loved all the toys weve seen but. Presenter 13: (DSC) I know, I know. Im the same. I just love my teddy bear. Presenters drag big teddy over closer to hug. Presenter 14: (DSC) Our teddies were actually named after the American President Edward Roosevelt. Presenter 12: (DSC) He went on a hunting trip and refused to shoot a bear that had gone up a tree. Presenter 13: (DSC) A newspaper company made a cartoon about this. Presenter 14: (DSC) The local toymaker then asked the presidents permission to name his stuffed bears Teddy Bears (after his nickname Teddy). Presenter 12: (DSC) Teddy Bears are still a popular and much loved toy 100 years later. Presenter 13: (DSC) You know there are even biscuits named after these furry little guys. Presenter 13 pulls out a packet of biscuits and shares them around. Presenter 14: (DSC) Lets go find the canteen and raid it. Im starving now! Presenters exit stage. Finale dance. All children enter. TEDDY BEAR DANCE Track 7 Your Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley. Image 8 repeat image 1 Toy Timeline

Lights on.

Dialogue delivery

US (Upstage) OP (Off Prompt) C (Centre) DSOP P(Prompt) DSP Stage Manager

DSC (Downstage) Audience

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