rod. The penis. Based on the biblical passage where the rod performs miracles: «...the rod of Aaron [...] brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds» (Numbers, 17: 8). Br. E. sl., 19th c; rare today in its full form, but rod, q.v., is quite frequent. Sp: La vara de Aarón [pene, por el pasaje bíblico (Números, 17: 8) en el que la vara de Aaron hace milagros] (raro hoy día en su forma completa, aunque rod sigue siendo de uso corriente). abandoned woman. A prostitute. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. “An inadequacy”, according to PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE 1 (under wap). Sp. Mujer abandonada (prostituta). A.B.C. The female genitals, as the most important part of a woman’s anatomy. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. See also alpha and omega. Sp. ABC (los genitales de la mujer, como la parte más importante de su anatomía). abbess. The madam of a brothel. Lex. as obs., OED, 1785-1837. Also mother abbess and lady abbess. Br. E. sl. See also Covent Garden abbess and Covent Garden nun. Sp.(Madre) abadesa (madama de un burdel). abbot. A pimp, the abbess´ favourite. Br. E. sl., 19th c. “The husband or ‘fancy man’ of an abbess” (F & H). Sp. Abad (chulo, el favorito de la ‘abadesa’; v. abbess). Abigail/abigail. A middle-aged gay who is in the closet, or one whose approach to love and life is conservative. Gay jargon. From the meaning ‘a lady’s-maid’, “from the name of the ‘waiting gentlewoman’ in Beaumont and Fletcher’s popular play of The Scornful Lady; so named possibly in allusion to the expression ‘thine handmaid’ so frequently applied to herself by Abigail the Carmelitess, I Sam. xxv. 24-31; but Bible names were common at this date (17th c.) without any special allusion.” (OED). Sp. Abigail (del nombre de la doncella de una señora en una obra de Beaumont & Fletcher, así llamada pos . en alusión a la frase “tu sierva”, frec. aplicada a sí misma por Abigail de Carmelo en el libro I de Samuel en la Biblia) (gay de edad madura que sigue ‘en el armario’ o gay de actitud conservadora) (jerga gay). ability. Sexual potency. Shaks. used ability and able in this sense: «They say all lovers swear more performance than they are able, and yet reserve an ability that they never perform» ( T & C, III, ii, 81). Present in the following song, where a wife who is unable to get pregnant attempts to trick her husband, Ben, into believing that she is, thanks to his ability: «Her petticoats with Cushions rear’d, Her Belly struts before her; Her Ben’s Abilitys are praised, And the poor Fool adores her» (Pills, 18th c., in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Potencia (sexual) (usado por Shaks.2). able. Sexually potent. See ability. Sp. (Sexualmente) potente. abnormal. Homosexual. See perversion. Sp. Anormal (homosexual). aboard, be. To coit with a woman: «The seaman would reject To sayl upon the Sea, And his good ship neglect
1 Unless otherwise stated, throughout the Dictionary (GROSE) refers to the 3rd edition (1796), the one used by Partridge for his 1931 edition, printed in his own print, The Scholartis Press (I have used the 3rd edition of PARTRIDGE’S book, published in 1963 in New York by Barnes & Noble). 2

I take Shaks’s quots. from Shakespeare’s Bawdy (see biliography).

To be aboard of thee» (Merry Songs, 17th c., in HENKE, 1979). Sp. Estar a bordo (estar copulando con una mujer). abode of love. A brothel. Sp. Vivienda del amor (burdel). abominable. Detestable, odious, execrable. From French abominable, from Latin abominabilis, deserving imprecation or abhorrence, from abominari, to deprecate as an ill omen. OED, 1366-1876. It was spelt ‘abhominable’ until the 17 th c., and explained as ab homine, almost ‘away from man, inhuman, beastly’, and this derivation has affected permanently its meaning and its use: abominable crime/offence, referred to homosexuality (see perversion), abomination, said of any disgusting, degrading vice, etc. Sp. Abominable (dicho de cualquier vicio degradante). abomination. A degrading vice. From French abomination, from Latin abomination (see abominable). OED, c1325-1852. Often used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible of 1611 (see quot. at scarlet woman), and by Shaks. (see quot. at potent regiment). Sp. Abominación (vicio degradante) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks.). Abraham. Personification of the penis; euphemistically used in the phrases Abraham’s bosom, ‘the vagina’, and to be in Abraham’s bosom, ‘to be copulating’. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Abrahán (personificación del pene, usado sobre todo en Abraham’s bosom y to be in Abraham’s bosom, q.v.). Abraham’s bosom, (to be in). The vagina; to be copulating. Based on the biblical passage (Luke, 16, 22) where Abraham’s bosom is likened to heaven: «And it came to pass that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom». Sp. (Estar en) el seno de Abrahán [del pasaje bíblico (Lucas, 16, 22) en el que el seno de Abraham es equiparado al cielo] (vagina; estar copulando). absolute code. The code among homosexuals that establishes that it is unfair to bring another gay or lesbian out, since coming out is an individual decision, and if they are exposed they could lose their job, their straight friends or their family. Also called the golden rule. Gay jargon. Sp. Código absoluto (regla de oro) (‘no sacar a nadie del armario’ sin su voluntad) (jerga gay). abuse, to1. A euph. for ‘to violate’ used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1611: «...and they knew her and abused her all the night until the morning» (Judges, 19, 25). Lex. as obs. OED, 1553-1767. Sp. Abusar de (violar) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611). abuse, to2. To make a cuckold of. Used by Shaks.: «She’s gone; I am abused; and my relief must be to loathe her» ( Othello, III, iii, 267). Sp. Abusar de (poner los cuernos) (usado por Shaks.). abuse. Violation, defilement. OED, 1580-1751. In modern use, usu. with qualifying word: child-abuse, self-abuse, sexual-abuse, etc. (OED, AS., 1893-1975). Sp. Abuso (violación) (en la actualidad, usado gen. en compuestos: child-abuse, self-abuse, sexual-abuse, etc.). abuse a bed. Seducing someone’s wife. Used by Shaks.: «See the hell of having a false woman! My bed shall be abus’d...» (Merry Wives, II, ii, 261). Sp. Abusar de una cama (seducir a la mujer de otro) (usado por Shaks.). abuse oneself. To masturbate: «Father O’Flanagan he was there, And in the corner he sat, Amusing himself by abusing himself And catching it in his hat» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Abusar de uno mismo (masturbarse). Abyssinian medal. The male genitals in the phrase showing an Abyssinian medal, ‘with the flies undone’. See also Turkish medal, and X.Y.Z. Sp. Medalla abisinia (la bragueta abierta). AC/DC. A reference to alternating and direct electrical current often used in ‘personal’ ads as a code for bisexuality, q.v.: «Beautiful lady, 33, very slim and AC/DC, seeks a warm gentle AC/DC female to help further her limited experience...» ( Forum). Orig. US. sl. OED, 1960. Also, a homosexual that takes both active and passive roles. Gay jargon. Sp. Bisexual (abrev.

de alternating current/direct current, corriente alterna/corriente directa, usada en anuncios de sexo para indicar bisexualidad o, en jerga gay, un homosexual que adopta tanto el rol activo como el pasivo). academician. A prostitute. See academy. Sp. Académica (prostituta). academy. A brothel, punning on academic knowledge and carnal knowledge, in the biblical sense of sexual intercourse. Br. E. sl., 17 th-18th c. Academician, for ‘prostitute’, has also been used, and mistress of the academy, for the madam of the brothel: «...the whole company, which now consisted of four gentlemen, including my particular (this was the cant-term of the house for one’s gallant for the time), the three young women, in a neat flowing deshabillé, the mistress of the academy and myself» ( FH, 136). Sp. Academia (burdel). accessoires, les. The testicles. French for ‘the accessories’. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. Sp. Los accesorios (del fr.) (testículos). accident, an. An unplanned or illegitimate child. Also, a miscarriage. Sp. Un accidente (embarazo no deseado o hijo ilegítimo; también, aborto). accommodate. (Of a woman) to permit copulation, to take a man’s penis in the vagina. Since the 19th c. or before. Still occ. found: «Eileen moaned as she felt her vagina stretch for the first time to accommodate a man» ( Knave). Sp. Alojar (acomodar la mujer el pene en su vagina). accommodation. Copulation. 19th c. or before. Sp. Alojamiento (coito). accommodation house. A brothel. OED, 1861. Also house of accommodation, q.v. Sp. Posada (burdel). accordion. A penis which becomes much longer when aroused. Gay jargon. Sp. Acordeón (pene que aumenta considerablemente de tamaño en erección) (jerga gay). accordion hole. The anus. Humorous. Sp. Agujero acordeón (ano). accoutrement(s). The male genitals. Br. E. sl., 16th c. Sp. El equipo (genitales masc.). ace. The female genitals. Shortened from ace of spades, q.v. Sp. As (genitales fem. forma abrev. de ace of spades, q.v.). ace of spades. The female genitals. From the colour and shape of the pubic hair. Originally Br. E. sl., now also US. Black sl. Sometimes shortened to ace. Sp. As de picas (genitales fem ., por el color y la forma). ace queen. A gay male who likes to appear as womanly as possible, with shaven legs and plucked eyebrows. Prison sl. Sp. Reina de ‘ases’ (gay que potencia al máximo sus rasgos fem.) (argot carcelario). achieve/achievement. Copulate/copulation. Shaks. used achieve in the sense of winning a woman sexually, and Beaumont (17th c.), hard achievement (q.v.), for copulation, punning on heroic deeds and erection. With the same achievement imagery, we can cite: fulfilment, for copulation or sexual orgasm, to fulfil oneself, for to masturbate to orgasm, completion, for sexual orgasm, to have/get one’s will of a woman , to qualify and to succeed amorously, to achieve coition, and the more recent to score, to have/get one’s way with, to get it and get there, for copulate, among others. Sp. Lograr/logro (copular/coito) (Shaks. usó achieve en el sentido de conseguir los favores de una mujer). acme of lust. An orgasm: «...together we experienced that acme of lust towards which all such connections draw us» (EAP, 216). Sp. Súmmum de lujuria (orgasmo). acorn. The glans penis (glans, being the Latin word for ‘acorn’). Sp. Bellota (glande, porque glans, significa ‘bellota’ en latín). acorn picker. A fellator. Homosexual sl. Sp. Recoge-bellotas (que realiza felaciones/homosexual) (v. acorn). acorns. The testicles. Sp. Bellotas (testículos). acre. The posterior. Austr. sl. Popular during WW2. Sp. Acre (trasero) (argot austr., corriente durante la 2ª Guerra Mundial). act. Copulation. OED, 1596-1959. Used by Shaks.: «’This is the monstrosity in love, lady, - that the will is infinite, and the execution confined; that the desire is boundless; and the act a slave to limit’» (T & C, III ii 80-83). Also in combs., like the act of shame, the act of lust, the act of darkness and the act of sport. The euph. is still current:

«A young trapeze artist named Bract Is faced by a very sad fact. Imagine his pain When, again and again, He catches his wife in the act! » (Limerick). Sp. Acto (coito) (usado por Shaks., que sigue usándose en la actualidad). act of darkness. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «A servingman...that...served the lust of my mistress’ heart, and did the act of darkness with her’» ( Lear, III iv 85-88). Sp. Acto de oscuridad (coito) (usado por Shaks.). act of generation. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Acto de engendrar (coito). act of heaven. Copulation. Sp. Acto celestial (coito). act of intercourse. Coition. See intercourse. Sp. Acto sexual. act of kind. Copulation. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Acto de la especie (coito). act of love. Copulation: «...the goddess [Venus] has always been celebrated in the act of love...» (EAP, 254). Sp. Acto de amor (coito). act of lust. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’...Where you did fulfil/ The loathsome act of lust’» (Lucrece, vv. 1635-1636). Sp. Acto de deseo carnal (coito) (usado por Shaks.). act of pleasure. Copulation. Sp. Acto de placer (coito). act of shame. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «...Iago knows That she with Cassio hath the act of shame A thousand times committed...» (Othello, V, ii, 212-213). Sp. Acto de vergüenza (coito) (usado por Shaks.). act of sport. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’When the blood is made dull with the act of sport, there should be – again to inflame it, and to give satiety a fresh appetite...’» (Othello, II i 228-231). Sp. Acto deportivo (coito) (usado por Shaks.). act Ovid’s tales. To copulate. Br. E. sl., 16 th-17th c.: «...My eunuch sing, my fool make up the antic, / whilst we, in changed shapes, act Ovid’s tales» ( Volpone, III, vii, 219-20). Sp. Representar las historias de Ovidio (copular). Acteon/Actaeon. To cuckold and a typical cuckold. From Actaeon, the mythological hunter turned into a stag by Diana. Lex. as obs. for ‘to cuckold’, OED, 1615: «And I, like Actaeon, most strangely was changed. I thought that my lower part seemed like a Man My head like a Buck and horns like a Ram»(«The Dub’d Knight of the Forked Order», c1620, by Abraham Miles, Roxburghe Ballads, in BURFORD, 118). Sp. Acteón (típico cornudo y poner los cuernos; del nombre del personaje mitológico convertido en ciervo por Diana). action. Sexual activity. See quot. at tenant. Sp. Acción (actividad sexual). Adam. A man’s first male lover. Homosexual sl. Sp. Adán (primer amante masc. de otro hombre). Adam’s arsenal. Penis and testes. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. El arsenal de Adán (genitales masc.). Adam’s dagger. The penis. Br. E. sl., 18th c. Sp. La daga de Adán (pene). Adam’s own (altar). The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. Sp. (Altar) propiedad de Adán (genitales fem.). Adam’s pajamas. A penis which becomes much longer when aroused. US. gay jargon. Sp. Pijama de Adán (pene que aumenta considerablemente de tamaño en erección) (jerga gay). Adam-and-Eve it. To copulate. 19th c. Still occ. found: «Would you Adam and Eve it?» (Mayfair, in a wines ad, punning on the Biblical fall and trying them for the first time). Also to play at Adam and Eve. Sp. Hacer como Adán y Eva (copular). Adamize. To copulate. To do like Adam. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Hacer como Adán (copular). addition. Copulation. See multiplication. Sp. Suma (coito). adjust the antenna. (Of males) to masturbate. Sp. Ajustar la antena (masturbarse el hombre) adult. Pornographic, sexually explicit, only for adults: adult movie/video/book/magazine, etc. OED, 1958. Sp. Para adultos (material porno).

adult entertainment. Copulation. Often used in sex ads. Sp. Diversión para adultos (coito) (expresión usada a menudo en anuncios de sexo). adult industry, the. The porno industry: «I prefer a working environment where you can have fun and the adult industry allows me to do that» ( Mayfair). Sometimes shortened to adult: «What made you decide that adult was the life for you?» ( Mayfair). Sp. La industria porno. adulterer/adulteress. A man or a woman, resp., who commits adultery, q.v. Used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1611: «And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death» ( Leviticus, 20:10). Used by Shaks. (see quot. at lascivious). Sp. Adúltero,-a (usado en la Biblia y por Shaks.). adultery. Voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one of the opposite sex. From Latin adulterium, ‘corruption’. OED, 1366-1835: ☺«A woman confesses to the priest that she has committed adultery. ‘Was it against your will?’ ‘No’, she says, ‘it was against the cupboard, and you should have heard the china rattle!’» ( Rationale I, 140). Sp. Adulterio (del latín adulterium, ‘corrupción’). adventure. Extra-marital copulation. Usu. in to have an adventure. See quot. at sexual adventure. Sp. Aventura (extra-conyugal). aesthete. A male homosexual. From the meaning ‘someone who appreciates beauty’: «An effete aesthete, Frilly Fred To a fruity young friend sadly said, ‘When I woke up last night Can you imagine my fright To find a nude girl in my bed?’» (Limerick). Sp. Esteta (gay). affair1. Extra-marital sexual relationship. From O.F. afaire, originally an infinitive phrase: à faire, ‘to do’. Often heard in the phrase love affair (q.v.). OED, 1702-1933: «I had a weeklong affair with that married Italian named Alessandro...» ( FOF, 96). Sp. Asunto, lío (relación extra-conyugal). affair2. The male or female sexual organs: «...and the young fellow [...] unbuttons his breeches, and removing his shirt, draws out his affair...» (FH, 37). Sp. Asunto (genitales masc. o fem.). affairs. The male or female genitals: «...whilst her own (spark) was readjusting his affairs and buttoning up» (FH, 143). Shaks. used it for the female genitals: «...Proud of this pride, /He is contented thy poor drudge to be, / To stand in thy affairs, fall by thy side» ( Sonnets, 151, 1012). Sp. Asuntos (genitales masc. o fem.) (usado por Shaks. aludiendo a los genitales fem.). affaire. A love affair. From the French. Esp. in affaire de/du coeur. OED, 1809. Sp. Asunto, lío (amoroso) (del fr., esp. en affaire de/du coeur, ‘asunto del corazón’). afgay. A homosexual male. Adapted from ag-fay, q.v. Sp. Homosexual [var. de ag-fay, Pig Latin por fag (v. glosario de términos especializados)]. African queen. A Black gay male, or a white homosexual who prefers Black partners. Gay jargon. Sp. Reina africana (gay negro; tamb . blanco que prefiere a negros como pareja) (jerga gay). afterglow. A warm or pleasant feeling following sexual intercourse. OED (AS), 1928-1991. Sp. Arrebol (sensación de bienestar tras el acto sexual). afternoon delight. Sexual intercourse in the afternoon. Austr. sl. Sp. Deleite vespertino (coito por la tarde) . after part. The buttocks. See hind parts. Sp. Parte posterior (trasero). afterplay. A continuation of erotic gratification, in the form of caresses, etc., after orgasm has been reached. Sp. Juegos amorosos post-coito. afterthought. The youngest child in a family, esp. one born considerably later than the other children. Sp. Ocurrencia tardía (hijo de padres viejos). Agamennon. The penis. After the ancient Greek king. Sp. Agamenón (antiguo rey griego) (personificación del pene). agate. A small penis. After the hard stone used in jewelry. Sp. Ágata (pene pequeño). agates. The testicles. US. sl. Sp. Ágatas (testículos).

age of consent. The minimum age at which a person, esp. a woman, is considered legally competent to consent to marriage or sexual intercourse; OED, 1809-1891. See also consenting adult. Sp. Edad de consentimiento. ag-fay. A homosexual male. Pig Latin for fag. Br. E. sl. Other Pig Latin formations are ansypay, for pansy, untcay, for cunt, itshay, for shit, and uckfay, for fuck: «There was a sad prude out in Iowa Who would say, ‘Please say it my way: Do not call it fuck, And rhyme it with duck. Say untcay and itshay and uckfay’» (Limerick). Sp. Homosexual [fag en Pig Latin (v. glosario de términos especializados)]. aging actress. An elderly male homosexual. Show business imagery. US. gay jargon. Also fallen star. Also, a lesbian who occasionally protects a gay male. See aunt2. Sp. Actriz madura (gay viejo o lesbiana que ocasionalmente protege a un gay) (jerga gay) . aggressor. In homosexual practices, the party assuming the active role, the insertor: «The fact he committed the deed indicates he is the aggressor and can more easily be led into a straight life than a passive male» (THH, 170). Sp. Agresor (homosexual de rol activo). agreeable ruts of life, the. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. Sp. Los agradables surcos de la vida (genitales fem.). A-hole. See asshole. Sp. Forma abrev. de asshole, ano. AIDS. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A very serious disease caused by a virus, transmitted in sexual fluids and blood, which destroys a person’s ability to fight infections. OED, 1982: «Inmates with AIDS, or who have tested positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), are not barred from participating in conjugal visits» ( Hustler). Sp. Sida (forma abrev. de Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida). AIDS terrorist. Someone who knows he or she is HIV +, but engages in unsafe sex. Gay jargon. Sp. Terrorista del sida (alguien que sabe que es cero-positivo y sigue practicando el sexo sin precauciones) (jerga gay). alchemy. Sexual intercourse, 16th-17th c.: «I’ll show you why he haunts to Henley oft [...] there to spend the night in alchemy» (BB, I, ii, 113-15). Sp. Alquimia (coito). alcove. The female genitals: «...a honey that smelled of seashell and that made the passage into the female alcove [...] a delight to the male visitor» ( DOV, 159). See also cranny. Sp. Nicho, hueco (genitales fem.). Alice1. The penis, esp. in the phrase to put Alice in Wonderland (q.v.), ‘to copulate’. Sp. Alicia (pene, esp. en la frase to put Alice in Wonderland, ‘meter a Alicia en el País de las Maravillas’, copular). Alice2. A male homosexual. Can. sl. Sp. Alicia (gay). all cultures. Used in ‘personal’ ads to indicate that all fetishes and sexual activities are enjoyed. Sp. Todas las culturas (código usado en los anuncios de sexo para indicar que se practican todos los fetichismos y actividades sexuales). alley cat. A prostitute. Lex. as US. sl. OED, 1942. Other names of animals that prostitutes have been called, most of them now old-fashioned if not obs., are: barnacle, bat, bird o’ the night, bunny, cat, cow, dog, fish, loose fish, goat-milker, goose, guinea-hen, gull, hackney, hobby-horse, lioness, night bird, night-hawk, nightingale, owl, partridge, pheasant, pig, plover, quail, rattlesnake, sardine, shrimp, tiger, wasp, wren, etc. (all q.v.) Sp. Gato callejero (prostituta). alligator. The penis. Often reduced to ’gator. US. sl. Sp. Lagarto (pene). all-nighter. Prostitutes’ jargon for a customer who pays for the entire night. Also, a person who is capable of having many orgasms at a lovemaking session, or the session itself. Sp. Jerga de prostitutas por ‘cliente para toda la noche’; tamb . persona capaz de experimentar múltiples orgasmos en una sola sesión amorosa o la sesión misma). almanach. The female genitals. Possibly having something to do with months, ‘the menses’. It was used in the 18th-19th c. in some parts of Britain and the USA as a euph. for a list of local prostitutes and their fees. Sp. Almanaque (genitales fem., prob. con referencia a la regla;

usado tamb. en los siglos XVIII y XIX en algunas partes de Gran Bretaña y los EE .UU con el significado de ‘lista de prostitutas locales y sus tarifas’) . almond. The penis. See almond rock. Sp. Almendra (pene, forma abrev. de almond rock). almond rock. The penis. Rhyming sl. = cock. Generally reduced to almond, but seldom heard. 19th c. Sp. Peladilla (pene; argot rimado: rock rima con cock) (raro). alpha and omega, the. The female genitals. The first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet; the expression is used in Standard English as an idiom meaning ‘the most important thing’. See also A.B.C. Sp. El alfa y omega, principio y fin, la cosa más importante (genitales fem .). Alphonse. A generic nickname for a ponce, q.v. Br. E. rhyming sl., 19th c. Sp. Alfonso (chulo de prostituta; argot rimado: Alphonse rima con ponce). altar of hymen. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Altar de himeneo (genitales fem.). altar of love. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Altar del amor (genitales fem.). alternate lifestyle, an. Homosexuality. “Sexual deviation is rapidly metamorphosing into alternate lifestyle in the sexual revolution” (ASHLEY, 1979, 216). Sp. Un estilo de vida alternativo (homosexualidad). alternating flame, the. A teasing technique of cunnilingus, consisting in lingeringly kissing the inside of a woman’s thighs, in an alternating way, before reaching the genital area. The term was made popular by “M”, the anonymous author of The Sensuous Man. Sp. La llama alternante (técnica especial de cunilinguo, consistente en ir acariciando con la lengua el interior de cada muslo de la mujer hasta llegar a los genitales; el término fue popularizado por “M”, autora anónima del Hombre Sensual). altogether, in the. Naked. From the meaning ‘a whole’. OED, 1894-1947. Similar euphs. include: bare, bare-assed (US. sl.), in the natural, in the raw (US. sl.), in the nuddy (Austr. sl.) -from the standard in the nude-, au naturel, stark-naked, starkers (orig. Br. E. sl.), wearing a smile and nothing else, without a stitch on, in the buff, in one’s birthday’s suit, in an angel’s suit, in the costume of Eden and belly-naked. Dressed in nothing but a fig leaf is ‘practically naked, with just a small covering for the sex organs’. Sp. Desnudo integral, en bolas. amateur. A promiscuous woman who is not a professional prostitute. OED, 1861: «...I felt there had to be a source of enthusiastic amateurs who could be turned into gifted professionals» (THH, 153). Sp. Aficionada (mujer promiscua que no es una prostituta profesional). amateur night. A casual sex act done with a person who is not a prostitute. From the special occasions or evenings when amateurs perform at theatres, or on television or radio programs. US. sl. Sp. Noche amateur (sexo casual con una mujer que no es prostituta profesional) . amatory rites. Copulation. See also amorous rites. Sp. Ritos amatorios (coito). Amazon. An extremely masculine woman, a virago. OED, 1758-1853. Often used as a euph. for a masc. lesbian. From the race of female warriors found in Greek mythology, who allegedly cut off their right breast so as not to interfere with the use of the bow. Sp. Amazona (mujer muy masc., virago, de la raza de guerreras en la mitología griega, que supuestamente se cortaban el pecho derecho para que no entorpeciera el uso del arco) . ambassador. The penis. Sp. Embajador (pene). ambidextrous. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Ambidiestro (bisexual). ambisexual. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Bisexual. ambivalent. Bisexual. See bisexual/ambisexual. Sp. Ambivalente (bisexual). amble. Coition. 16th-17th c. A favourite equestrian pace in Elizabethan England (see quot. at trot). The term alludes to the rhythmic hip movements of a woman during copulation. Sp. Ambladura (paso ecuestre preferido en la Inglaterra isabelina) (coito) . American culture. Sexual intercourse in the missionary position. US. sl. See also French culture, Greek culture, Italian culture, Roman culture and Turkish culture. Sp. Cultura americana (coito en la postura del misionero). American letter. A condom. Much less common than French letter, q.v. Sp. Carta americana (condón, mucho menos común que French letter).

amorous. Inclined to love; showing love, in love. From O.F. amorous, from Latin amorosum, from amor, love. OED, 1303-1807. It is often used referred to sexual love: amorous encounter, amorous favours, amorous rites, amorous works, etc. Sp. Amoroso,-a. amorous concourse. Copulation: «...with movements of his hands [he] explained the course of events which followed upon a male and female meeting in amorous concourse» ( EGT, 139). Sp. Reunión amorosa (coito). amorous encounter. Copulation. See encounter. Sp. Encuentro amoroso (coito). amorous favours. Copulation. Of either sex. See favour/favor. Sp. Favores amorosos (coito). amorous rites. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night [...] Lovers can see to do their amorous rites by their own beauties» ( R & J, III, ii, 5-9). Sp. Ritos amorosos (coito) (usado por Shaks.). amorous works. Lovemaking. Used by Shaks.: «And she did gratify his amorous works...» (Othello, V, ii, 215). Sp. Trabajos amorosos (coito) (usado por Shaks.). amour. A love affair; love-making. From the French for ‘love’. OED, 1567-1876: «...it is a strongly held view of mine that the earlier a young gentleman is introduced to amour the less likely he is to make a fool of himself when of marriageable age» ( EAP, 11). Obs. for lovemaking, but still occ. used as a cultured synonym for an illicit love affair. Sp. Amor (del fr. por ‘love’) (coito – obs ., o lío amoroso, usado aun como sinónimo culto de illicit love affair). ampersand. The posteriors (F & H). “ ‘&’ used to come at the end of nursery-book alphabets: hence the hinder parts.” (PARTRIDGE, 1974). Sp. Trasero (según PARTRIDGE , 1974, porque el signo & solía aparecer al final de las cartillas para niños). amuse oneself. To masturbate. See quot. at abuse oneself. Sp. Divertirse uno solo (masturbarse). amusement. Love-making. See quot. at coupling. Sp. Diversión (hacer el amor). Amy-John. A masculine lesbian. A play on Amazon, q.v. US. sl. Sp. Lesbiana de rol masc (juego de palabras con Amazon). anal. Referring to the anus, q.v. Often found as an abbrev. for anal sex: «I always thought about trying anal» (Barely Legal). Sp. Anal/sexo anal. anal astronaut. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Astronauta anal (gay) (usado pey). anal buccaneer. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Bucanero anal (gay). (usado pey) anal eroticism/anal erotism. Anal sexual pleasure: «Lots of men like anal eroticism. There is nothing gay about that» (Playbirds). Sp. Erotismo anal. anal intercourse/anal coition/anal coitus/anal sex. Sexual intercourse involving anal penetration: «We have experimented with anal intercourse for quite some time» ( Pent). Sp. Coito anal. anal jabber. A term for a gay male, used in gay bashing. Sp. Pincha-culos (gay) (usado pey) . anal ring. The anus. See ring. Sp. Anillo anal (ano). anal virgin. A person who has never had anal intercourse. Sp. Virgen anal (persona que nunca ha realizado el coito anal). analingus. Oral anal sex. A var. spelling for anilingus, q.v.. See quot. at around the world. Sp. Sexo anal oral (var. ortográfica de anilingus). anatomy. The human body, the bodily frame. OED 1592-1857: «I am especially interested in the male anatomy, and mainly and especially in certain parts of the male anatomy» ( Pent). Often used humorously: «A delighted incredulous bride Remarked to the groom at her side: ‘I never could quite Believe till tonight Our anatomies would coincide’» (Limerick). Sp. Anatomía (cuerpo humano). anchor. The penis. Nautical imagery. See quot. at cove. Sp. Ancla (pene). androgyne. An effeminate homosexual man. Sp. Andrógino (homosexual afeminado).

angel1. A male homosexual. US. sl. Other euphs. that have often been used to refer to homosexuals, most of which are fast becoming out-dated include: aunt/auntie/uncle (old homosexual), bender, bent, camp, capon, cissy, sissy, buttercup, pansy, pink pants, pix, pixie, poof, queen, daffodil, fairy, flit, flute, fluter, fruit, iron hoof, lily, left-handed, light-footed, limp-wrist(ed), skippy, so, that way, twit, etc. Ass-bandit, bum-bandit, bum-boy, brown-hatter, brownie, cock-sucker, fag, faggot, toilet-queen, turd-burglar and many others are coarse sl. See also Nancy/nancy2. Sp. Ángel (homosexual). angel2. A beautiful or beloved woman. Lex. for ‘a person who resembles an angel either in attributes or actions’, OED, 1592-1858. Sp. Ángel (una mujer hermosa o la mujer amada). angel3. A prostitute. From the Angel district in London where prostitutes worked. Br. E. sl., 19 th c. Sp. Ángel (prostituta; por el nombre de un distrito de Londres, centro de prostitución en el siglo XIX). angel’s suit, in an. Wearing no clothes at all, naked. See also birthday suit, and altogether, in the. Sp. En traje de ángel (desnudo,-a). angel with a dirty face. A homosexual who dare not reveal his homosexuality. Gay jargon. Sp. Ángel con la cara sucia (homosexual que no se atreve a ‘salir del armario’) (jerga gay) . Angelina. A male homosexual with a passive role. US. sl. Sp. Angelina (gay de rol pasivo). angle. The penis. Br. E. sl., 19th c. Sp. Ángulo (pene). angling. Copulation. Used by Shaks.: «’Twas merry when / You wager’d on your angling...» (A. & C., II, v, 15-16). Sp. Pesca con caña (coito) (usado por Shaks.). anilingism. Oral anal sex. See anilingus. Sp. Sexo anal oral. anilingus. Though not registered in the OED, anilingus is a common euph. for ‘oral stimulation of another person’s anus’. Latin, from anus + lingere (to lick). Anilingism and analingus are less common vars. Sp. Sexo anal oral (del latín anus, ‘ano’ + lingus, de lingere, ‘lamer’). animal1. The penis: «How she rode this animal under her [...] until the animal began to foam...» (DOV, 162). Sp. Animal (pene). animal2. A highly-sexed person. Austr. sl. Sp. Animal (persona muy activa sexualmente) . animal tamer. A person who commits bestiality (q.v.). Sp. Domador de animales (persona que comete bestialismo). anonyma. “A disguised prostitute. Br. E. sl., 18 th c.” [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Sp. Anónima (prostituta encubierta). another thing. The female genitals. Used by Shaks.: «Speed. Item, she’s too liberal. Launce. Of her tongue she cannot, for that’s writ down she’s slow of; of her purse she shall not, for that I’ll keep shut: now of another thing she may, and that cannot I help» ( Two Gentlemen, III, i, 342-346). Sp. Otra cosa (genitales fem.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks.). ansy-pay. A male homosexual. Pig Latin for pansy. Sp. Homosexual [pansy en Pig Latin (v. glosario de términos especializados)]. antelope. The penis. Br. E. sl., esp. in the phrase to gallop one’s antelope, ‘to masturbate’. Sp. Antílope (pene, esp. en la frase to gallop one’s antelope, q.v.). anticonceptive. Another word for contraceptive (q.v.). Sp. Anticonceptivo. antics in bed. Copulation. Sp. Cabriolas en la cama (coito). antipodes. The female genitals. Sp. Antípodas (genitales fem.). antsy. Sexually eager. From the expression to have ants in one’s pants, to be restless. US. sl. Sp. Inquieto, caliente (de la expresión to have ants in one’s pants, ‘tener hormigas en los pantalones’). anus. The excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal. From Latin, where it also meant ‘ring’. OED, 1658-1872. Anal is the corresponding adjective, as in anal erotism/eroticism, anal intercourse, anal coition, anal coitus, anal sex, anal fantasies, anal virgin, etc.: «There was a young man from Axminster Whose designs were quite base and quite sinister, His lifelong ambition Was anal coition With the wife of the French foreign minister» (Limerick). Sp. Ano (del latín, donde tamb. significaba ‘anillo’). anvil. The female genitals:

«This is the ware house of the world’s chief Trade, On this soft anvil all mankind was made» ( Sodom, attributed to Rochester, 17th c., in DIETZ, 147). Sp. Yunque (genitales fem.). apartments to let, with. To be a prostitute. Br. E. cant. Sp. Con apartamentos que alquilar (prostituta). ape leader. An old maid. See lead apes in hell. Sp. Guía de monos (mocita vieja; v. lead apes in hell). aperture. The vulva or the anus: «...and now she inserted her finger into the tight little aperture» (DOV, 141). Sp. Abertura, orificio (vulva o ano). aphrodisiac. Something that excites or heightens sexual desire. From the Greek aphrodisiakos, from aphrodisios, belonging to Aphrodite (the Roman Venus) the goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus (‘foam-born; aphros, foam), OED, 1719-1881. Although there are few scientific studies on the subject, aphrodisiacal powers are traditionally attributed to some substances: the root of the ginseng plant, yohimbine, an alkaloid obtained from the bark of a tree (yohambé), mint, the aromatic plant, cantharides, also known as Spanish fly, a drug obtained from dried beetles of the species Cantharis vesicatoria, etc. Some foods are also allegedly aphrodisiacal: fish, broad-bean soup, quince, mushrooms and, most popular of all, oysters: ☺«On her mother’s advice, a young bride feeds her husband oysters on their wedding night, but later complains that they were not very satisfactory: ‘I fed him a dozen oysters like you said, but only nine of them worked’» ( Archivos Secretos, 2). On the other hand, saltpetre (bromuro), is the most famous anti-aphrodisiac: ☺«An old soldier [...] meets another in the street. ‘You remember the saltpetre that they gave us during the war to quiet us down?’ he asks. ‘Yes...’ ‘It’s just beginning to work’» ( Rationale I, 326). Sp. Afrodisíaco. aphrodisiacal tennis court. The female genitals. Br. E. sl., 17th c. Sp. Pista de tenis afrodisíaca (genitales fem.). apogee. An orgasm. From the literal meaning: The point in the orbit of the sun, the moon, or a planet, at which it is at its greatest distance from the earth. Br. E. sl., 18 th c. Also apogee of pleasure/of sensual rapture, etc.: «Vivie writhed from side to side as she reached the apogee of sensual rapture» (TSM, 279). See another quot. at canter. Sp. Apogeo (orgasmo). apparatus. The penis: «...whatsoever stimulation was offered, his apparatus was incapable of standing» (EIC, 245). See tool. Sp. Aparato (pene). appendage. The penis: «A guy with a build that was stallionate Found it harder than Hades3 to copulate. When sexually charged His appendage enlarged To the girth he took out to date» (Limerick). Sp. Apéndice (pene). appetite. Used by Shaks. as a euph. for ‘lust’, ‘lascivious desire’: «She would hang on him, / As if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on» ( Hamlet, I, ii, 142-144). Sexual appetite is still heard as a euph. for ‘sexual desire’. Sp. Apetito (sexual) (usado por Shaks.). apple. The female genitals. Sp. Manzana (genitales fem.). apple dumpling shop. A woman’s bosom. Br. E. sl., 18th-19th c.: «...he saw that my apple dumpling shop was open, and enquired if I wanted a ‘buttock-ball’» ( EIC, 186). Sp. Tienda de pudin de manzana (pechos de mujer). apple-squire. A pimp. OED, c1500-1738, obs. See also apron-squire. Sp. Caballero de manzanas (chulo). apples1. The female breasts: «A woman has bosoms, a bust or a breast Those lily-white swellings that bulge ’neath her vest They are towers of ivory or sheaves of new wheat In a moment of passion ripe apples to eat. You may speak of her nipples as fingers of fire With hardly a question of raising her ire; But by Rabelais’ beard, she will throw several fits
3 In classical mythology, the land of the dead, hell.

If you speak of them roundly as good, honest tits» (Fragment of «Ode to the Four-Letter Words», a rugby song). Sp. Manzanas (pechos de mujer). apples2. The testicles. Often found in classic bawdy verse: «Oh, serpent, cunning to deceive, /Sure ‘tis this tree that tempted Eve. / The crimson apples hang so fair / Alas! what woman could forbear?...» (‘The geranium’ by Richard B. Sheridan, 1751-1816, in HURFORD, 18). Still used, chiefly humorously: ☺«Bathtub situation: the little girl asks about the father’s testicles. He tells her they are his ‘apples’. She runs to tell her mother. ‘Did he tell you anything about that dead limb they’re hanging on?’ » (there are vars. with apples of the tree of life and branch substituted for apples and limb) (Rationale I, 56). Sp. Manzanas (testículos). appliance. The penis: «...whereupon Frank was not a moment in releasing from his trousers his ready appliance...» (EIT, 198). See tool. Sp. Dispositivo (pene). approach (to/unto). To have sexual intercourse. To copulate with (a woman). OED, 16111798. A euph. used in The Authorized (King James) version of the Bible: «None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him...» (Leviticus, 18, 6). Sp. Acercarse a (copular con) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611) . appurtenances. The breasts. A woman’s accessories, her equipment. US. sl. Sp. Accesorios (pechos de mujer). apricot. The female genitals. Also split-apricot (albaricoque partido). Sp. Albaricoque (genitales fem.). apricots. The testicles. Austr. sl. Sp. Albaricoques (testículos) . apron-squire. A pimp. OED, 1593, obs. Also apron-knight. See also apple-squire. Sp. Caballero de delantales (chulo de prostituta). arbor vitae. The penis. Latin for ‘tree of life’. Br. E. sl., 18 th-19th c. Sp. Árbol de la vida ( del latín) (pene). archfiend. The penis. From the name given to Satan. Br. E. sl., 17th-18th c. Sp. Satanás (pene). ardour. Heat of passion or desire. From O.F. ardour, from Latin ardere, ‘to burn’. OED, 13861847. Used by Shaks.: « The white cold virgin snow upon my heart / Abates the ardour of my liver » (The Tempest, IV, i, 54-55). Used sometimes allusively for the genitals, as in the following limerick: «A fellow of Corpus4 named Wipple Loved to tweak up a Girton5 girl’s nipple: As her titties grew harder He’d stir up her ardour So she’d climax with hardly a ripple». Sp. Ardor (pasión, deseo; genitales) (usado por Shaks. en el sentido de ‘pasión’, ‘deseo’). areola. Coloured circle around the nipple. From Latin, dim. of area. OED, 1706-1877: «My areolas are the size of fried eggs, with tips big as baby-bottle nipples» ( Barely Legal). Aerolae is another pl. form: «...breasts that were topped by two rosebud nipples pointing out cheekily from the circled pink rings of her areolae» ( TSM, 142). Sp. Areola (del latín, dim. de area) (círculo coloreado alrededor del pezón). arm. The penis: «She would have liked an army standing aligned like this, presenting the only arms that could conquer her» ( DOV, 160). Freq. used in the expressions short-arm inspection or small-arm(s) inspection, ‘medical inspection of the relaxed penis’, and longarm inspection, ‘medical inspection of the erect penis’, usually for signs of venereal disease. US. military sl. Sp. Arma (pene). armor/armour. Penis and, perhaps, testicles, punning on the defensive covering worn by knights. It has also been used as a euph. for ‘condom’, esp. in to fight in armour, ‘to wear a condom in sexual intercourse’. Br. E. sl., 18 th c. Sp. Blindaje (pene y quizás testículos; tamb. condón, en to fight in armour, ‘luchar con armadura’). around the world/a trip around the world . A sexual variety in which the partner’s whole body is kissed and licked in a long build-up to the main events, anilingus and fellatio. Orig. prostitutes’ jargon: «Around-the-world, or analingus, is another popular request, but needless
4 Corpus Christi College, Cambridge Univ. 5 Girton College, Cambridge Univ. (for women)

a wench. 1602-1863.. See arouse.. Sp.. Sexual excitement: «I could hardly breathe. singing along. E.. the. as a container for the male genitals. OED.] that the sight of her body would arouse him» ( DOV. Sp. See also asshole.. 1962. 19 th c. 1808. Sp. E. Sp. Cuña de culos (pene). in LEWIS.v. Copulation. article. arousal. OED.she wished [. Br.): «I was on my knees. Sp. El artículo (genitales fem. sl. v. ( ass in Am. See Jerusalem artichoke. from I... Norton. 19th c. sl. 625-626: «Absolon [. 1951. Br. arse-blow.: «Then showed her his arrow. as «not in polite use». sl. Since c1870. Now obs. and painting a corner of the skirting when I heard someone comment. so to hide my arousal I lay face down on my towel. OED. Artículo (chica atractiva. Sp. ars musica. The buttocks.» (Mayfair). the term is still fully current as coarse sl. OED.. dial. Culo. the anus. aers. I take Chaucer’s quots. Rey de culos (gay muy activo). not every girl wants to accommodate this desire unless she can diplomatically coax a man into the bath first. O. See end of the sentimental journey. Sp. underworld. 1382. 132). and for their Modern English version. The female genitals. end of the sentimental journey). Artículo de virtud (una virgen). It is also found as a dysph. que había llegado a adquirir carácter obsceno).). prob.» (THH. To stimulate (into action. Used by Chaucer in The Miller’s Tale. and though the OED’s last quot. in Br. E. art of pleasure. as obs. The anus. arse-opener. 6 Standard English until c1660. Sp. spec.) (usado en el siglo XIX en sustitución de monosyllable.». OED.). A handsome girl. menos frec. Br.H. Sp. c1000-1704.. ano. in polite use’. US. vol.. Lex.. 6 «. New York. Arte musical (ano. sl. still used as naturally as any other word in a number of Northern Br. Dryden. It survives in vice ring men’s jargon for ‘a potential whore’. Sp. Sp. (Viaje) alrededor del mundo (caricias orales por todo el cuerpo) . for ‘to excite sexually’: «. Excitar sexualmente. See also wedge. but the metaphor was still current in the 19th c.. The penis... buena moza.to say. as ‘obs. E. then a vulgarism.Abrams’s The Norton Anthology of English Literature. A virgin. Sp. Flecha (pene). Ano. J. The female genitals. To coit with a woman. inglés estándar hasta bien entrado el siglo XVII. arse-wedge. Sp. tamb. A 19 th c substitute for the monosyllable (q. Sp. sl. E. A play on ars musica. The penis. 1. is from the 18th c.. Sp.. tamb. The penis. Sp. arsehole. Penguin. occ. To perform anilingus. For the pain was no more than a maiden may bear» ( Sylvia the Fair. from M. article. I use Nevil Coghill’s version.. vagina). and do the grand tour (hacer el gran tour).] with his mouth he kiste hir naked ers.E.. 96). específicamente al ventosear) . arse. which had come to be regarded as obscene. and bid her not fear. a1400-1948: «Bill had never licked my arsehole before... Defined by GROSE in Lexicon Balatronicum as «a devilish good piece. 1811-1928. Also. Llegar al final del viaje sentimental (efectuar el coito. 18th c. usado en la jerga de la mafia del sexo en el sentido de prostituta en potencia) . An ugly old prostitute. Hacer una mamada de ano (hacer un anilingus). an emotion). Arte del placer (coito).E.E. arrow.: go around the world in eighty ways (dar la vuelta al mundo de 80 maneras ). artichoke. a hell of a goer». Lex. Arsenal (genitales fem. arouse. Sp.. Alcachofa (prostituta vieja y fea.he kissed her naked arse». 79). Excitación sexual. coito en algunas expresiones como to get/have some arse (del inglés antiguo aers. Latin for ‘art of music’. arse-king. Also used as an insult: ‘a fool’. for sexual intercourse in coarse slang expressions such as to get/have some arse.» (Mayfair). Lex. arrive at the end of the sentimental journey . Often used as a euph. See also Adam’s arsenal.. Copulation: «. 1970.I will estimate that 25 per cent of all Jewish youths who vacationed in Puerto Rico between February and April. “Nice arse”» ( Mayfair). Br.. The anus. art of love. 182). Sp. *órsos. ‘vagina’. when one is breaking wind. Abre-culos (pene). and arse.. Br. Sp. were taught the art of love by me» ( THH. A very active homosexual. article of virtue. Vars. E.. Arte del amor (coito).. cuando se convirtió en un vulgarismo ) (usado por Chaucer). . arsenal.

Sp. Often abbrev... Bandido del culo (gay). ass2. Lisa como una tabla (de pechos pequeños). The pronunciation /ass/.. a man who is particularly aroused by the female buttocks (cf. pelota. ass-cheeks. 1935: «’I’ll try and come more often’. and Shaks.). according to the spec. The anus. In the morning a beautiful young girl comes in to milk the cow. and Can. Anilingus. and to get/have some arse/ass. and ate grass». Sp. It is also currently used as a term of abuse. A practitioner of hetero. I wasn’t a good ass-licker» (TCp. ass-leech. Having visions of the baby wetting him in his sleep. To sodomise. Sp. Hombre de culos (hombre sexualmente activo o que prefiere esta parte de la anatomía fem. Sp. OED.. had long ears. Dysph. to A-hole. amante de Pericles) (prostituta). as vulgar. US. After the famous Greek courtesan. q. Anal intercourse. thought of as an Am. ass1. Lex. ask for the ring. ass-licker. Var. ‘a woman considered sexually’. Sp. used in the USA. at sphincter. Also a woman or women. Sp. assfuck/ass-fuck. 1942. arse. sl. 10). 10). 2). Used in gay bashing. etc. These puns are still freq.. lex. with the meaning ‘a fool’: ☺«A travelling salesman spending the night on a farm is told that he will have to sleep either with the baby or in the barn. Ano (usado tamb. Sp. See ring. etc. sl. Lex. Flat-chested. OED. part of the female anatomy he shows a preference for). 18601967. lex. ano (usado en juegos de palabras por Shaks. Culo (placer sexual. A sexually active man. A term of abuse for a flatterer. Aspasia (cortesana griega. catastrophe). ass-blow/arse-blow. vulgar.v. regarded as an object affording this. [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. A prostitute. Both US. A catch-phrase implying a sexual innuendo in a preceding apparently innocent remark: «’Come again whenever you like’. ass3. ass-fucker. ass man/ass-man. coito. Sp. Sp. sl. has also a long history in the British Isles. OED. Artillería (pechos de mujer). often used in the phrases a piece of ass/arse. . leg-man. though gen. 1935: «”Your asshole’s is hotter than hell. “Como le dijo la actriz al obispo” o” como le dijo el obispo a la actriz” (frase hecha usada para indicar un doble sentido en una expresión aparentemente inocente) . Lame-culos. as US. Sp. Sexual gratification. the mistress of Pericles. Culo.” I grunted with admiration» ( Hustler). Coarse sl. Sp. Pedir el anillo (sodomizar). see angel1. As you probably think. q. nalgas).. It was gray. equivalent of the Br. For synonyms. ass-bandit/ass bandit. Sp. as you can see by the following popular limerick: «There was a pert lass from Madrass Who had a remarkable assNot rounded and pink. See quot. copulation. Sexo anal oral. 1942. The anus. OED. punned on it on different occasions (see catastrophe). ‘They call me the baby. Aspasia. tit-man. nowadays. Sp. 1939: «Besides. artillery. as the actress said to the bishop» (Archivos Secretos. Cachetes del culo (cachas. Sp. to copulate. la mujer como objeto sexual). Sanguijuela de culos (gay) (usado pey). and you. Inseminación artificial. as flat as a pancake. A male homosexual. of arse. US. as the bishop said to the actress» ( Archivos Secretos. 15). 1923.artificial insemination. asshole. The term is often used in gay bashing. as the actress said to the bishop. foot-man. The female genitals. as vulgar OED. A woman’s breasts. ‘Who are you?’ he asks. Sp. como insulto: gilipollas). A gay male. he chooses the barn. Var. US. used in the USA. Folla-culos (homosexual o heterosexual que practica el sexo anal) . OED. coarse sl. ‘Culo’(genitales fem. OED. Sp. as vulgar. Sp. See pancakes.v. and to do anal intercourse. Also as the bishop said to the actress .v. Also. Introduction of semen into the uterus by other than the natural means. The buttocks. (Realizar) sexo anal (dar por el culo). who are you?’ ‘I’m the asshole who slept in the barn’» (Apuntes Secretos. Sp.or homosexual anal intercourse. of arsehole. la mujer como objeto sexual). the posteriors.

286). assault2. A bastion flanked upon each side The entrance to my Citadel» («The Citadel». Intentar (intentar seducir) (usado por Shaks. Sp. proxeneta. Sp.. Since the 17 th c. He said. in BURFORD. at attempted assault. Sp. M. 286). Sp. Rape. which has been attributed to his authorship..C. See quot. for an assault on a woman’s honour ( OED. 1786. ‘Christ this is fun Far better than telling one’s beads’» (Limerick). Sp. assailant. to. attack. as obs. ass pro/ aspro. an. Asalto (violación. to. Sp. .» («The Citadel».).: «. From the nautical phrase athwart-hawse. Profesional del culo (prostituto homosexual). porque el Credo de Atanasio empieza con las palabras ‘Quicumque vult’ –‘el que quiera’) Athenaeum. Also. Coition: «For the attack he did prepare. i. Athenian. assail. Sp. Used in gay bashing. esp. Sexual assault.. Ateniense (pederasta). esp. atacar (intentar seducir a una mujer) (usado por Shaks. Rare. Atacar (copular). athwart your hawse. US. Innuendo of the normally flaccid state of the penis.). US.). ass-pirate. En reposo (pene en estado flácido). Lex. The penis..” (OED).v. 1786. Sp. at defence). US. in Athanasian Creed.of or pertaining to Athanasius (name of the famous archbishop of Alexandria in the reign of the emperor Constantine).] Peter North (famous porn star) ass-rams her» (Hustler). Lex. An association of persons meeting for mutual improvement. attempt. Cohete Atlas (pene).v. sl. See quot. in BURFORD. To attack. to aim at the love. 1786.. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse: «With furious rage he did assail. “A forward girl. 1599-1611. Br. prostituta). Sp. Sp. sl. ass raisin. The penis: «No art or means I left untried This fierce assailant to repel. Copulation. ass-ram.M. seduction (OED. Used in gay bashing. M. To be copulating: «When a lecherous curate at Leeds Was discovered one day. in BURFORD.. Dar por el culo. Copulating with you. at warrior. Used by Shaks. A gay male. 286). Intento (de violación o seducción). 19th c. Atlas rocket.C. 19th c. and for temptation.C. used by Shaks. “From Athanasian . Asalto (coito).» (Timon. OED. US.: «This man of thine / Attempts her love. and quite freq. A horcajadas de tu cable rígido (copulando). And swore he’d storm my Citadel» («The Citadel». Uva del culo (ano). 1603). sl. US. or the virtue-yielding of a woman. A gay male.-a ambulante de culos (chulo de prostituta. sl. en sexual assault).. To coit with a woman.M. Ateneo (pene) (raro). Moza atanasiana (que se acuesta con todo el que quiera. A horcajadas (copulando). Ataque (coito). Pirata de culos (gay) (usado pey).. Sp... Sp. tamb. college sl. at covered way. I. Homosexual sl.: «Bionca sacrifices her bunghole [.. assault1. q. sl. Athanasian wench. E. Sp.ass-peddler. ass-raider. Sp.(his penis) gently pushed into my clenched ass raisin» ( Barely Legal). as obs. astride someone. (see quot. attack.. esp. The town he entered pell-mell. Sp. ready to oblige every man that shall ask her” (GROSE). Vendedor. 129-130). Sp. in sexual assault. attempt. To seek amorously. sl. A recent coinage for a professional male homosexual prostitute. Sp. See quot. 1611-1667). To sodomize.. Asaltar.. Sp. Sp. Sp. A pederast.M. said of a ship’s position across the stem of another ship at anchor. Sp. be. a prostitute. The penis. Asalta-culos (gay) (usado pey). Br. E. The anus. that beginning with the words ‘ Quicumque vult’ (q. M. at rest. A pimp. in the weeds Astride a young nun. be. Asaltante (pene).

the avenue lay too fair.attempted assault. esp..’ Girl: ‘Well-l-l. What did he do first?’ Girl: ‘He locked the door. esp. etc.’ ‘That does it! Rape! Twenty years – maybe we can get him the chair! And meanwhile you were screaming and struggling. or the madam of a brothel. Sp. in the sense of prostitute: «The lark that tirra-lirra chants. Australiano [persona que practica el anilingus – Australia es ‘down under’ (ahí abajo) en lenguaje coloquial] (jerga gay). 50). sl. aureate rings. Menstruation. The penis.” Br. Gay jargon. it was kind of late. aunt1.. He. Masturbation. Sp.I squirmed out of my bikini briefs so that my pussy would be ready and au naturel for the return of my friend» (CP. The male genitals.» (EGT. self-stimulation. auntie2. 18 th c. Auxiliares (genitales masc. Barrena (pene). Ageing actress is a variant. Sp. sl.. / Are summer songs for me and my aunts. An aged sodomist.my. selfgratification.’ Lawyer: ‘Aha. US. OED. Sp. See melons.. Masturbation: «’Dr. The female breasts. Intento de violación. auto-stimulation. Masturbation. auto-eroticism/autoeroticism. self-indulgence. Aunt Flo.’ Lawyer (tearing up his notes in disgust). for Christ’s sake. Sp. Also. Tita (gay viejo) (jerga gay). kidnapping! (He makes a note. Used occ.) Ten years. The madam of a brothel. avocados.) (desnudo. La tía Flo (la regla). Sp. Sp. in Aunt Jody´s come with her suitcase . See gimlet and awl.. You see. as a euph.. auxiliary. sl. Sp. include: self-abuse and self-pollution.). and I didn’t want to disturb everybody. The penis. a lesbian who occasionally protects a gay male. gay jargon. An aged sodomist. Sp. The female genitals. Then what? ‘He put his hand on my. Aunt Minnie is visiting.” (tengo la regla). 1607-1678. US. Hábitos auto-eróticos (masturbación). Tía (prostituta vieja. Anillos dorados (areolas). Sp. ‘Oh. A prostitute. Used esp. The areolas: «With an index finger exploring the texture of the aureate rings.. Caravelas will be with you in a few moments. sl. 24). US. ‘I want him arrested! He threw me on the bed. Aunt Jody. auger. in legal language: ☺«A girl rushes into a lawyer’s office. Sp. 124).-a). “Tengo a mi tía Minnie de visita. Tía Matilde (gay maduro) (jerga gay). Sp. to fool with oneself. Also aunt (see aunt1). Two more years. Gay jargon. used by Shaks. El viejo cornudo (el diablo) (pene). that’s just a plain ordinary fuck!’» (Archivos Secretos. Auld Hornie/auld hornie.. 1860: «. avenue. US. Sp.. See madam2. Sp. Aguacates (pechos de mujer). Menstruation. Not exactly. Aunt Mathilda. Gay jargon. Avenida (vagina). Auto-estimulación (masturbación). and. to make love to oneself.. Sp. self-relief. An attempt at rape.oh. Sp. self-help. “I’m having my period.’ ‘Indecent exposure. Then what did he do?’ ‘He pulled up my dress. self-love. Five years’ [. Sp. self-pleasuring.] Then he did it to me.). aunt2. self-manipulation.. gay jargon. He is conducting a seminar in advanced autoeroticism that will conclude shortly’» (CP. Sp. I understand.’ ‘It’s all right.. too open to be miss’d» ( FH. / While we lie tumbling in the hay» (The Winter’s Tale. OED. o madama de un burdel) (usado por Shaks. auntie1. .. self-fulfilment. A middle-aged gay male. en el sentido de prostituta). Auto-erotismo (masturbación). an old one. See also sister... Australian. Anilingus practitioner (rimming from Down Under). US. The devil (used by Robert Burns. Tía María (personificación de los genitales fem. IV ii. / With hey! with hey! the thrust and the jay. au naturel.) (jerga gay). Sp. 90).. Al natural (del fr. 92). Sp. Attempted assault. Let’s get the story straight. Tía (sodomita viejo o lesbiana que ocasionalmente protege a un homosexual) (jerga gay).. E. Sp. The vagina: «. Tía Jody (ha venido con su maleta) (tengo la regla). Similar euphs. it was awful!’ Lawyer: ‘Now calm down. French for ‘in the natural state’. for ‘naked’. 9-12). Aunt Maria.. Tita (madama de un burdel). Also Old Auntie). auto-erotic habits. See also sister.

Humorous: because it can swell a woman’s abdomen. Abrev. baby doll. B. porque puede llenar el abdomen de una mujer) . From baban. and B.. Br.’ ‘Got you right in the cunt. Fábrica de bebés (genitales fem. baby factory. US sl. bachelor’s wife. babe. Abrev.C. Marca del hacha (vagina – considerado ofensivo por algunas personas) . Sp. Sp. de breast and buttock. Jugo de bebés (semen). The penis. sl.. Pasta de bebés (semen).. Br. what’s that?’ ‘That’s where Daddy hit me with the axe. US gay jargon. esp. dios del vino) (orgía). A small penis: «’That’s not a pickle’. Sp. of bum and tits (see cheesecake). 72). esp. Bebé. Brazo del bebé (pene). I scoffed in jest. Bebé. The penis: ☺«The mother is drying herself after a bath. Sp. Sp. Personas que participan en un cambio de parejas por primera vez. back-alley. baby paste.» («The Ride in London». baby-snatching. A girl or a woman. Private. Bebé. axe wound. Hacha (pene). E. didn’t he?’ » (Apuntes Secretos. quite freq. Sp.: «If she could move like that with my baby’s arm in her bowels. Herida de hacha (peluda) (vagina – considerado ofensivo por algunas personas) . of uncertain origin. Sp. Sp. Sp. sl. q. baby swingers. pecho y culo.. Prostituta ‘baby’ (prostituta adolescente). sl. US. Sp.). Lex. The penis or the female genitals. Offensive. Sp. and D. Comida de bebés (semen. US. A prostitute. Semen. E. Esposa de solteros (prostituta). Sp. Sp. underworld. See bondage. 1915-1952: «Backdoor babes. Muñequita (amante de un gay de mayor edad) (jerga gay). Sp. Sp. (see gimlet). of bondage and discipline. The vagina. A pretty boy who is an older homosexual’s lover. baby3. as sl. in BURFORD. Abbrev. Humorous. OED.). Sp. this promised to be the fuck of a lifetime» (Hustler). a very old euph. See pro. US. axe. An orgy. Abbrev. of babe. Sp. ‘baby’ (chica o mujer). See axe. axe mark. Bacanal (del latín bachanalis. E. sl. Robo de bebés (v.). And through a hole he thrust his Awl. B.M. Sp. baby gherkin. 17). bacchanal. baby food. baby’s arm. Br. Abrev. Pepinillo (pene pequeño). recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. A homosexual male. usado a menudo en anuncios de sexo) . Sp. apparently an infantile utterance. sl. sl.v. Sp. Also used as a term of address. 19th c. Sp. US. Little boy: ‘Mama. with one foot on the edge of the tub. god of wine. 1839-1940. ‘That’s a baby gherkin’» (CP. ‘baby’ (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. Sp. Humorous: «Does baby want to go home?». culo y tetas. See quot. an attractive one. Sp. Dim. sado-masochistic practices. baby juice. Br. Usu. Callejón trasero (ano). Punzón (pene). baby pillows. from Latin bacchanalis. Also. ‘baby’ (gay). See axe. sl. baby’s public house. esclavitud y disciplina (prácticas sado-masoquistas. 284). cradle-snatcher). US. en 1977) . Couples who are participating in sexual partners swapping for the first time. Sp. from Bacchus. The breasts. de Baco. A young teenage prostitute. Which pricked my girl right in the arsehole. ‘baby’ (chica o mujer. The vagina. B B. Offensive. . baby1. The female genitals. Sp. Br. See cradle. Espalda (metonimia por ‘culo’). baby-maker. sl. Also B/D. Sp. Sp. often used in sex ads. (chiefly US. in the pl.. in classic bawdy verse: «The envious cobbler heard our parley.. Taberna del bebé (pechos de mujer). The penis. baby pro. The anus. bacchanalia. hairy axe wound. to. Almohadas para el bebé (pechos de mujer).awl. de bondage and discipline. sl. Pet name for the penis. of breast and buttock (see cheesecake). si es atractiva) . Semen. A girl or woman. at pound. 19th c. o fem. de bum and tits. sl. M. Abbrev. The breasts. c1786. baby2. as a piercing instrument. and T. See backside. OED. back. Austr. Semen. Fabrica-bebés (genitales masc. Fuck my tight ass!» (Swank classifieds). E. The buttocks. Sp. 1536-1860. Bebé. E.

or her genitals: «I examined the Duchess of Lee. backhole. Extremo de la espalda (culo). Since the 1600s. Trabajo de puerta trasera (pederastia. See also scuttle. Escalera de atrás (ano). backdoor gentleman. “Applied to a female jilted or divorced or widowed and therefore free from a male tie. The anus. back stairs. Trompeta de puerta trasera (ano). She’d a nice little cunt. A pun on ‘back’ and the name of the common game. sl.. De nuevo en circulación (mujer abandonada. Camino trasero (ano). back porch. tamb. Sp. back in circulation. Sp. The buttocks. Partes traseras (nalgas). The anus. Sp. back way. to indicate anal sex: «Backdoor blondes. See another quot. back garden. backgammoner. Sp. Sp. Br. back eye/backeye. the. at ramrod.” (PARTRIDGE. Orig. Br. Asiento trasero (nalgas). Sp. ahora de uso corriente) . Sp. The buttocks: «All my back parts. Sp. is often used as a euph. juego de palabras entre el nombre del juego y back. Agujero trasero (ano). And oh my delight When I found it just right So I lay with the Duchess of Lee» (Fragment of a rugby song).v. A var.. Puerto trasero (ano). The anus. E. Also used as an adj. back-end. Sp. back port. The buttocks or the anus. backdoor trumpet. sodomy. back passage. backgammon player. Fuck my tight ass!» (Barely Legal classifieds). 179). Terreno trasero (nalgas). c1500-1827. originariamente jerga médica. See also gentleman of the backdoor and usher of the back door. A married woman’s lover (who has to leave by this exit when the husband arrives at the front door).] It is viewed as a normal method of birth control and a good way to preserve ‘virginity’ before marriage» (Mayfair). de nuevo disponible). Sp. Jardín trasero (ano). Sp.. of ars musica. back-scuttle/back-scull. vaginal o analmente. The buttocks: «. Sp.. Hombre de puerta trasera (amante de una casada – que tiene que utilizar esta salida cuando llega el marido por la puerta delantera) . The buttocks: «’.but when it comes to her bouncy back-end. Pasadizo trasero (ano.: «Finally I decided to make an end of it by turning her over and back-scuttling her» (TCp. But I found it too narrow for me. El porche trasero (nalgas o ano) (jerga gay). back-door work. And examined her backside with glee. US gay jargon. Sp. A male homosexual. The anus: «All comers by the usual door refuse.. 1945. The anus: «.. The anus. sl. Sp.. and US. published in 1886 with the name of Lord Byron. A sodomite.. E. The anus. trasero). Pederasty. back parts. 90).: «Sex by the ‘back door’ is most popular in Portugal [. sodomía). Ojo trasero (ano). I turned over the Duchess of Lee. Sp. Br. she’s completely in a league of her own» (Mayfair). back-land. Sp. sodomizar). its opposite. The anus. Sp. Escotilla trasera (copular por detrás. and US. 194).. col. / And let the favoured few the back stairs use» (Leon to Anabella. 33). To see just which side it would be. The buttocks. Sp. since ca. front. q. E. backside. 1974). . backseat/ back seat. 18th c. OED. were now fully at his mercy» (FH.no one has a back seat quite like Christina van Bell’» (CP. naked half-way up. 106). Sp. I examined her front. To coit with a woman from the rear. in LEWIS. Also to sodomize.. Sp. Jugador de ‘backgammon’ (sodomita. for a woman’s breasts. medical jargon which now has common vulgar use: «Anne groans as Kim’s finger penetrates her back passage» ( POP.maybe she’ll let me fuck her back port one time» ( Cheri). Also. backdoor man. Caballero de puerta trasera (homosexual). Parte trasera (nalgas). The anus.backdoor/back door. sl. Puerta trasera (ano). divorciada o viuda. presumably anally. Also back. Sp. Anonymous.

). heard. bad2. for example. q. Sp. Saco (genitales fem. I. q. bad girl. moon(s). Also bad woman. bag5. US. in A Merry Discourse Between a Country Lass and a Young Taylor. sl. Sp. Sp. bacon. q. 150): «You Taylors that attempt Fringed Baggs to measure: Be sure your Yards be sealed And of full Standard Measure». Sp.-a (inmoral).). Sp. See also panel-den. bad3. viciosoo (referido al culo o ano fem. bad moons. Sp. sl. Chica mala (prostituta) (usado a menudo en anuncios de sexo para prácticas sado-masoquistas) .: «. ii. bad week. are common euphs. Postura por detrás (coito por detrás anal o vaginal). Copulation. US. Perhaps from baggage. to refer to a woman’s anus or buttocks: bad place. bag of tricks. como prostituta que ha llegado a ser madama de un burdel). Malas noticias (la regla). 19091963). bad place. Need it hard & fast» (Barely Legal classifieds). 203-206). Malo. sl. para ‘prostituta’. one´s. A woman’s anus. Sp. a good girl (q. The penis. sl. Trabajo de saco (coito). Sp. sl. An old euph.backwards position. A condom (see joy-bag). or from old bag. bad woman.). en to slake the/one’s bacon. for ‘a prostitute’. US. as it is to be found. Used in sado-masochistic contexts: «Training academy. Br. which is an old euph. bag1. Sp. Curiously enough. See quot. Sp. antiguo euf. bacon sandwich.). q. Often used in sexual ads for sado-masochistic practices: «Bad girls. bad news. A bad girl or a bad woman. Lunas viciosas (culo de una mujer) Ver. o de old bag. Also bad girl.v. Sp. for a prostitute. Sp. Todo el tinglado (pene y testículos). Sp. Tocino (pene. Saco (prostituta vieja) (quizás de baggage. tamb . esp. bag and baggage. Sp. «I’m a bad bitch & I’ll discipline you» ( Hustler classifieds). at spewy deluge.. ‘masturbate’. c1672 (in BURFORD. in the phrase to slake the/one’s bacon (q. is also occ. Sp. Though not registered in the OED. badger-crib. Prostituta vulgar (v. Malo. Prostitute. A low prostitute. Esp. US. OED. The penis. referring to a prostitute who had become the madam of a brothel (see quot. Sandwich de tocino (genitales fem. The female genitals. Lugar mao(vicioso (ano de una mujer). / It will let in and out the enemy / With bag and baggage. bag4. Sp. A contraceptive diaphragm. To coit from the rear: «A tip for you jaded old souls: Try changing the usual roles. being robbed by the prostitute’s pimp.. slang (orig. Sp. bag3. Sp. Saco (condón). Saco (diafragma). bag boy.v. A woman’s buttocks. bag job. in the sense of a sexually experienced prostitute.. The female genitals.v. .v. argot US. Used by Shaks. US. badger-crib). Immoral. Penis and testes.).. La semana mala (la regla).» ( The Winter’s Tale. The backwards position Is nice for coition And offers the choice of two holes» (Limerick). sl.. Mujer mala (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. para ‘mujer vieja y poco atractiva’). where clients were often victims of the badger-game (OED. An old prostitute.). Sp. The buttocks. badger. Sp. bad1. You’ve been very bad! Call now!» (Barely Legal classifieds). sl. Penis and testes. Sp.No barricado for a belly. etc. backyard.v. US. at hot-house). elderly woman. Sp. bag2.) for an unattractive.. homosexual sl. 19th c.-a (usado en contextos sado-masoquistas). The week of one´s period. Muchacho del saco (pene).. Saco (escroto). A brothel. 1393-1849. Petate (pene y testículos) (usado alusivamente por Shaks .). Malo. The menstrual period.. bad is found in US. used in comb. Sp.. Know’t. Prostitute. The scrotum (see tool bag). bad moons. US. Burdel donde los clientes eran víctimas de robo por parte del chulo de la prostituta . Bad woman was used by Shaks. E.v. Sp. Patio trasero (nalgas).

. Gaita (genitales masc. OED. I. Hinchada como un saco (embarazada). Sp. 1596-1851. gay jargon. Sp. that she brought me up. bagno. Echar el anzuelo (realizar coito anal) (jerga gay).. bait the hook.). A brothel. Casa de baños (del italiano) (burdel). or tweak freaks by any other name would smell as cheap. Sp. Sp. bald-headed mouse. copular). punning on the hunting horn (bugle = penis). From the It. bald pussy. Humorous: from the ‘baldness of the glans.bag whore. bald-headed candidate. ‘bathing house’. Austr. Sp. juego de palabras entre bugle. The female genitals. 1579-1856. Sp. To perform anal intercourse. baker-kneed. See joy-bag. Tocar la gaita (hacer una felación o copular en el sobaco) (por el modo como se sostiene la gaita) . to copulate. Little boy’s voice: ‘Hey. Sp. Used by Shaks. Pop. From the way a bagpipe is held. 1955: «She’s balling with some character from Brooklyn. Balcón (pecho muy pronunciado) . OED. OED. Bolsas (testículos). OED. ‘testicle’ (see balls).. Sp. gay jargon. bagnio. or hang my bugle in an invisible baldrick. I likewise give her most humble thanks: but that I will have a recheat 7 winded in my forehead. 17th-18th c. I.women willing to fuck anyone that can come up with a bag of their drug of choice». Humorous: from the ‘baldness’ of the glans. Ratón calvo (pene). cuerno de caza (pene) y baldrick (tahalí = soporte para el pene. i. baldrick.: «Y’ are a baggage. The male genitals: ☺«A father is bending over arranging presents under the Christmas tree in his nightshirt. Copulation. the Slys are no rogues» (The Taming. under the armpit. Sp. balcony. sl. to swell out as a bag. Humorous: from the ‘baldness’ of the glans. Cocer patatas (realizar coito anal) (jerga gay). Also ‘to copulate in the armpit’. GREEN. ‘to copulate’. bagpipe. ‘bath’. From the meaning knock-kneed. prostituta) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. From to bag. bags2. Sp. Sp. Lexicalized as vulgar and coarse sl. US. Sp. who gets the bagpipes?’ » (Rationale I. A shaved pussy: «Rub your face all over my smooth. because “in folk myth knock-knees are one of the ‘proofs’ of effeminacy. en la frase to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick . and the belt or girdle –usu. 56).. Castor calvo (coño afeitado). 18 th c. in the expression to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick. I thank her. bald pussy» ( Hustler classifieds). baggie. The breasts. E.(Hustler). Sp. and used to support the bugle (baldrick = vagina): « Ben. for udders or dugs. The female pudenda. Used by Shaks. Effeminate. Pregnant. 8). a prostitute. ball. Candidato calvo (pene). 1624-1862. To perform anal intercourse.. Lex. made of leather– worn hanging from one shoulder across the breast and under the opposite arm. Br. baggage. vagina]. Sp. copular. sl. The penis. Bolsas (pechos de mujer). A condom. The penis. a1400-1616.” (J. 7 Call on horn for hounds. baking pot. bagpipes. bagged. Sp. Gatito calvo (coño afeitado). Sp. That a woman conceived me. The generic term is bag whores .). A woman of immoral life. Sp. toot groupies. Equipaje (mujer de vida inmoral. A shaved beaver: «Cream on bald beavers» (Barely Legal classifieds). . sl. Tahalí (genitales fem. Bolsita (condón). all women shall pardon me» ( Much Ado. Con rodillas de panadero (afeminado). Homosexual jargon. A protruding bosom. Sp. Sp. as obs. Since the 16th c. bald-headed hermit. Sp. bald-beaver.). US. to. Sp.) [usado por Shaks. 1998). OED. The testicles. bags1.» (FU. To practise fellatio. Lex. Pelota (coito. bake potatoes. 3). 223-227). From ball. Prostituta de bolsa (mujer que se prostituye a cambio de una bolsa con la droga que necesita). Induction. Olla (genitales fem. The penis. so a cuckold’s horns. A woman who prostitutes herself in exchange for the drug she needs: « Coke sluts. US. Ermitaño calvo (pene).

OED. See ballocks. OED. ballock-naked. Fanciful formations are not infrequent: «There once was a man of Cape Nod Who attempted to bugger a cod.E. bollox. the testicles. From the shape. Escroto.. Bolsa(s) de las pelotas (escroto. 249). beallucas. US. Lex. 17 th-19th c.E. Also spelt balum-rancum: «’. Sp. balls. Lex. balloons. de ballocks). of ballocks. Sp. Br. En bolas (completamente desnudo). by God» (Limerick). bolaxe.: ballicks. bambi effect. Salchicha de Bolonia (del italiano bologna) (pene). The scrotum. E. an orgy. ballicks. Sp. The testicles. US. Sp. See ballocks. ballocks.. In the later M. prob. pelotas (testículos. Sp. The scrotum and. Sp. Ponche de las pelotas (semen). See quot. balloon. as obs. sl. The testicles. var. ballux. US.. The testicles. orgía). de ballocks). And now he’s a eunuch. sl. bollix. ballock-stones.). que destruye la auto-estima del hombre). US. Sp. balls and bat/bat and balls. ball-breaker. Sp. The scrotum. var. To masturbate (said of a male). sl. q.. Bolas..what would your admirers at the Theatre Royal think if they knew of your enjoyment of balum rancum all over the countryside?’» ( EIC. sl. diminutive of beallu (unattested). testículos). pelotas (testículos var. Sp. From the It. balloks. See bollock-naked.» (Razzle). at beast1. as «not in polite use». O. var. E. The testicles. A lewd gathering where prostitutes dance in the nude.E. c1450. sl. Sp. ballux. bologna. ballum-rankum. c1000-1966. you gently touch my ball-bag. The anus. a1325-1928: «There was a young man of Devizes Whose balls were of two different sizes. One was so small It was no use at all While the other took several prizes» (Limerick). pelotas (testículos. Sp. as obs. Sp. Sp. q. ‘sausage’. Rompe-pelotas (mujer dominante. The testicles. A young gay male’s turning to heterosexuality. Sp.v.. Bolas. Gay jargon. US.. The penis. Sp. de ballocks.E. baloney. Sp. Efecto bambi (conversión de un joven gay a la heterosexualidad) (jerga gay) .v. ballbuster. one who destroys a man’s self-confidence. spelling balle. Sp. ball punch. The testicles. From O. A nonce formation from ‘ball’ (dance) and ‘rankum’ (obs. See ballocks. ballock-cod. ball off. banana1. balloon knot. balluks. .: «In turn. for a noisy chorus). sl. Semen. beallu (unattested). Sp. Banana (pene). bal. Masturbarse el hombre. Also. A dominant woman. See also buff-ball and buttock-jig. which has hence been erroneously assumed to be its source. in the pl. OED. c1460. Savia de las pelotas (semen). The breasts. as vulg. sl. Lex. Pelotas (testículos). Sp. ball sack/ballsack. Pelotas y bate (genitales masc. Bolitas (testículos. Vars. sl. ball sap. baloks. Juerga (formación caprichosa a partir de ball y rankum. bollocks. Sp. Sp. When up came some scallops And nibbled his bollops.). Sp. Globos (pechos de mujer). He diddled a hole In a telegraph pole And electrified his banana» (Limerick). pelotas (testículos). Met his end in a curious manner. A condom. Var. OED. etc. ‘coro ruidoso’) (baile de prostitutas desnudas. Nudo del globo (ano) (jerga gay). Testículos. the word coincided graphically with French balle... Sp. US. ballucks. US. baloks. de ballocks). Bolas. Saco de las pelotas (escroto). Baseball imagery.ball bag(s). From M. Globo (condón). Lex. The male genitals. also rubbing the balls slowly. Bolas. The testicles. Gay jargon. US. sl. Semen. The penis: «There was a young man of Savannah. Stark naked.. From the shape. Br. sl.

Dejar preñada. (Of a male) to masturbate. Copulation. The breasts. Black sl. Also Austr. for pox. See B-girl. Londres. E. Golpear. I asked. for ‘brothel’.banana2. q. E. To masturbate. bang up. golpe (copular. Sp. she said.. Vendaje (compresa).. E. bank. From to bang. bar-girl. ‘Where would you like to go?’ ‘Bangor’. Sp. copulation (also in homosexual contexts). bananas and cream. sl. A sadistic male homosexual. US. E. A sexually attractive mulatto or light-skinned Negro woman. banana3. bandage. See hood2.. sl. rhyming sl. en contextos homosexuales). Coition.. bangster. A brothel. E. early 1900s Br. Barra (erección). A brothel. banger1. Banana (coito). Bang’er I did. Sp. Lex. An erection. and box. From Scandinavian banga. Salchicha o golpeador (pene). as Bankside in Southwark was then one of the main whoring centres in London. Sp. 19 th c. Sp. and US. Modelled on hard-on. Sp. From the sense ‘clasp’ or ‘gird’. US.. bandit. Also found in a number of coarse sl. bang like a dunny/shithouse door in a gale . sl. band-house. A prostitute. beat the bishop. banger2. Also bangster. Erección (formado por analogía con hard-on). To copulate. a prostitute. sl. Golpear/copular con ahínco. The female genitals. bananas.v. Where man can deposit his semen. to have a bang and to bang away. Sp. bang. E. porque está ‘torcido’ como una banana) (jerga gay). Br. for pox. Also a banger. etc. donde el hombre puede depositar su semen). for ‘brothel’. coito. Sp. for homosexual. q. is US. Homosexual. resp. esp. prison sl.: box rima con pox). I’ll never work there any more» (Fragment of rugby song).v. A sexually loose woman.. A prostitute. or the US. sl. Mostly Br. Casa de cintas (burdel).v. Folladora (mujer fresca o prostituta). Sp. for ‘vigorous copulation’: bang like a hammer (on a nail).v. rhyming sl. q. Sp. 1937: «A lady came in for a ticket. band.v. 17 th c. Sp.. Perhaps from the sl. for ‘brothel’. bang the bishop. bangers. US. in the phrase do you like bananas and cream? Sp.. Br. Also bash the bishop. An erection. bangtail. Sp. From to bang. To copulate vigorously and for a long time: «We banged away until the early morn» (Pent). sl. Caja de cintas (burdel). expressions. Cuentas bancarias (pechos de mujer). sl. sl. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Bandido (gay sádico) (argot carcelario). Sp. Golpearse el capuchón (masturbarse la mujer).v. or perhaps influenced by band. US. q. Hacerse una (masturbarse el hombre). A sanitary towel. Br. US. bar-on/bar on. Sp. Bananas con nata (coito). 19th c. most of them of Austr. Sp. bang like a rattlesnake. Folla-rabos (prostituta).. Cinta (prostituta o burdel). US. Sp. Golpeadores. famoso centro de prostitutas en el siglo XVII). ‘to strike’. See bar-on. bang one out. Br. Band-house and band-box are Br. E. Sp. OED. Br. Br. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). Very common in to give her a bang.v. Sp. Dama de Bankside (en el distrito de Southwark. . sl. The testicles. E. sl. as sl. E. bang away. From to bang. Sp. sl. q. Also band-house. origin. Sp. Bankside lady. band-in-the-box. usado tamb. Because he is ‘bent’ like a banana. Br. bank accounts. band-box. Ass-bandit.v. Chica de alterne. banger. A prostitute. sl. sl. sl. Banana (mulata sexualmente atractiva). sin parar. ‘sausage’. Band-in-the-box is US. from band-box. Sp. aldabones (testículos). Folladora (prostituta). Bananas (gay. Sp. q. q. Sífilis (argot rimado am. Said of males. Sp. sl. E. for ‘prostitute’ and ‘vagina’. Sp. ‘a penis’. From to bang. bar. Br. q. and flog the bishop. gay jargon. Black sl. A prostitute. Sp. The penis. bang the hood. Banco (genitales fem. E. meaning. Also band-box. Sp. A woman employed to encourage customers to buy drinks at a bar. To make pregnant.

US. 17 th-19th c. Coition without a contraceptive. Sp. perhaps from Arabic bardaj. ‘scarcely legal’. sl.: «. bardache. Sp. “She’s as common as a barber’s chair. Punning on bare. one summer night. Joven homosexual mantenido (del fr .. Br. nude. To copulate without a condom: «’Can I do it to you bareback for a while? Then I’ll put the condom on when I’m ready to spunk’... sl. naked. esclavo). But I’ve never seen her bare» (Rugby song. couldn’t be happier. a1000-1853: «Mary had a little lamb.-a). Letrero de barbería (pene y testículos) (relacionado tal vez con barber’s chair. argot rimado: bank rima con wank). he let go of his cock And Barclayed his gear knob instead» (Fragment of rugby song). bareback. pronounced ‘old’m.» (Men Only). and ‘only just’. lugar donde tradicionalmente podían adquirirse condones en Gran Bretaña). Brendon. To take off all your clothes: «Edith’s like all good lookers who dare to bare all. sl.. Apenas legal/legal por poco (chica que acaba de cumplir los 18 años. The driver was reading the ‘News of the World’. Sp. US. Con el culo al aire (desnudo. in which a whole parish sit to be trimmed. baer. OED. From O. Monta a pelo (coito sin preservativo). Sp.E. barber’s sign. Hacerlo a pelo (copular sin condón). To Barclay is also found for ‘masturbate’: «In Market Street. Unclothed. and my boyfriend. bare. quizás del árabe bardaj. Desnudo. Sp.. naked. A girl who is just 18. Barclays bank. 1548-1721. Masturbation. E. There was only one cab on the rank. usado frec. Manchester. ‘barbería’. I’ve often seen our Mary’s lamb. a traditional place where condoms could be bought in Britain. OED. Penis and testicles. A large penis. but I told him to go bareback this time» ( Fiesta). Barbacoa (mujer atractiva. E. 8 There is an intended pun on ‘hold them‘. An attractive woman. in the. because he’s so much older than me» ( Barely Legal). which I know was stupid» (Mayfair).. And quietly enjoying a wank [. bareback riding. eighteen being the average legal age of consent in the USA: «I’m barely legal.] When a waitress named Lena. From F. one who is ‘good enough to eat’. edad legal de consentimiento en USA. He got such a shock. 18 th-19th c. She’s alert. We were both waiting and waiting for that moment. bardash/bardass/bardasso/bardassa/bardachio.barbecue. Sp. You won’t be able to hold back!» ( Barely Legal classifieds)». Sp. she also had a bear. bare-assed. barely legal.-a. Barcaza (vagina de gran tamaño). sl. do it/ride/go. Sp. barber’s chair.while she fondles the Indonesian’s bargepole.. US.... said of a prostitute” (GROSE). Sp. Desnudarse completamente.. bare all. bardache. barge pole/barge-pole. sl. Remo de barcaza (pene de gran tamaño). Rhyming sl. en anuncios de sexo. q. with tits like Sabrina Came over and gently enquired ‘How much will you charge me to Oldham?’8 The cab driver nearly dropped dead. See altogether. Sp. . I just turned 18. There might be a connection with a barber’s chair. «Roman asked me if he should fetch a condom.v. Sp.. que está para comérsela). Sp. A common prostitute. a common prostitute (used by all customers). Naked.» (Razzle). A catamite. Br. barge. A large vagina. Often used in sex ads applied to prostitutes supposedly just eighteen: «I’m barely legal! Let my tiny twat make you explode. porque en el sillón del barbero todo el mundo se arregla). aplicado a prostitutas que supuestamente acaban de complir dicha edad). Sp. = wank. a parody of a well-known nursery rhyme). slave. or with the barber’s shop. Sillón del barbero (prostituta vulgar. Banco Barclays (paja. Because of the drink I found myself agreeing. o con barber’s shop.

Sp.). Puta de cuartel. masturbarse el hombre). often incorporating a lodging house or brothel. See quot. Necesidades bajas (coito).v. Once a standard euph. en pantalones ajustados. and the while I coupled with your mate/At barley-break. OED. The male genitals. Sp.. son-of-a-bitch/sonofabitch. Of a male. OED. US. The body of the penis. baste one’s turkey. Sp. Lapa (prostituta). (Of a woman) to masturbate. motherfucker. Probably from the adhering qualities of these sea animals. copulation. Sp. Sp. Golpeador (fornicador. From O. ‘paquete’) basket3. If you have a son send the bastard out to sea» (Fragment of rugby song)..barley-break. Base (nalgas) . esp. Rociar el pavo en su jugo (masturbarse la mujer). Austr.both stroking the barrel of the gun and caressing the shot-container beneath. ‘pack saddle child’. Antiguo juego popular jugado por parejas (coito ilícito). A prostitute. A popular game played by couples.. Large male genitals. Sp.» (EAP. See bishop1. E. Other terms of abuse. Orig. To masturbate. E. barnacle. baste the tuna. «pack saddle used as a bed by muleteers in the inns» (in fils de bast. An illegitimate child: «Early in the morning when the sailor’d had his grind He gave to her a ten bob note to pacify his mind Saying: “If you have a daughter bounce her on your knee..v.. which has practically fallen into disuse. basket for days. sl. Golpear/golpe (copular/coito). bast. or making feet for children’s stockings». The buttocks. bash the bishop. basket1. 1883-1950. barrack-hack. and flog the bishop. Now very often used as a vulgar term of abuse: a fucking/bloody bastard. 1297-1868. basket making. Mainly homosexual use. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (forma reducida de to bash the bishop. gay jargon. bash. sl. 1830-1968. US. Whoreson (q. bastardo. Sp. con casa de camas o burdel anexos).v. OED. V. as opposed to a child on the marriage-bed) + the pejorative suffix -ard. de gran tamaño) (jerga gay). Bastardo (usado tamb. q. E. include: asshole. Cesto/paquete para rato (genitales masc. Hitting imagery. OED.). barrel of the gun. the shaft. Presenting it as the necessary gratification of man’s lower instincts. beat the bishop. Sp. also bang the bishop. for illicit copulation: «Yes. at vital organs/part(s). Short for to bash the bishop. Sexual intercourse.v. barrel-house. . The female genitals. sl. basher. A low-class drinking saloon. sl. Cesto (bulto de los genitales masc. Br. Hitting imagery. underworld. Rociar el atún en su jugo (masturbarse la mujer). baser needs. currently used these days. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). bash the bish. (Of a woman) to masturbate. creep. A euphemistic alteration of bastard. sl. and to bash. 18 th c. ass-licker (a flatterer). base. etc. Sp. US. Sp. GROSE (1785) defines it as «the good old trade of basket-making. Casa de barril (taberna. 18th c. Also camp follower.: «. bash the dummy. Sp. Sp. A fornicator. basket2. 1936. when prominently displayed through tight trousers. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. 163-64). Br. a lecher. Sp.. Fabricación de bastardos (coito). Sp. Br. but it must be older as basketmaking. US. A prostitute who follows an army on campaign. Copulation. Copulation. q.F. Sp. all of them coarse sl. now we are left in hell» ( C. was used in the 18th c. q. Sp. Sp. Golpear/aporrear al monigote (masturbarse el hombre). Alteración eufemística de bastard. libertino). Cesto (genitales fem. bastard. was long used as a term of abuse. To masturbate. to copulate. iii. Sp. 15). From the euphemistic alteration of bastard. como insulto: hijo de puta). Cañón de la pistola (cuerpo del pene).

baton.. bat for both sides. Batear para el otro equipo/para la oposición (ser gay). Casa de putas (v. See quot.» ( KBP. To coit with a woman. (Of a man) to achieve a forced or violent sexual ingression. From a baseball bat. attributed to R.. esp. Sp. To be bisexual. en el siglo XVIII referido a los baños de mercurio en Leather Lane. Why. dicho del hombre). in BURFORD. 16 th-17th c. sl. Copulation (see quot. 160). Tam. Br. to refer to the mercury baths in Leather Lane through which syphilis was supposed to be cured: «When decrepit old sinners to the Bath did resort For venereal distempers as well as the Sport» (‘The Long Vocation’. Sp. bat for the other team/for the opposition.M. Sp. 69-72). The penis. Sp. Come loose and pull your battering ram And thrash him at my gable! ».Sp. Withdrawing of the penis just before ejaculation takes place. Baños (lugar de encuentro de gays en USA) . bathe the kitty. still occ. His battery opened to my view. battering ram. to. batt’ry/battery. Sp. menos frec. Austr. Origin obscure. Bombardeo (coito). The female genitals. que supuestamente curaban la sífilis). Sp. From the name of the railway station before Victoria Station in London: «’I’ll take it out before it happens’. Sp.. Battersea Park. See nightbird.M. . sl. Sp. 1786. One of the many names of creatures of the night that prostitutes have been given. See field. 225). upon a plain. Sp. 1786. heard: «Come squeeze me. for ‘penis and testes’.. It’s nearly the end of the journey’» ( HL. batter1.(‘Nine Inch will Please a Lady’. A prostitute. prostituto para gays). batter down. bat2.bat1. bat1). Copulation. at pasture. Sp. esp. A play on «to strike with repeated blows of an instrument» and «to break open or down with a battering ram»: «Luce. Golpear (copular. Campo de batalla (genitales fem. 18th-19th c. Sp. The penis. used in the 18 th c. Pills. batter2. an insolent baton» (DOV. E. battering piece. Bateadora/copuladora (prostituta) . Sp. batter. unexpectedly.. US. cannot this strange passion be withstood? Send for a constable. Batear por ambos bandos (ser bisexual). sl. baths. E. Batería. Public bathing facilities often used as a meeting place by homosexuals in the USA. the erect penis. 18th c. Copulation. Perhaps from the meaning ‘a fight’. Hum. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. Sp. The penis: «She never fumbled or touched the wrong place. and raise the town. From the meaning ‘bombardment’. Oh no! my valiant love will batter down millions of constables. M. E. Freq. Nombre de la estación de ferrocarril anterior a la de Victoria en Londres (expresión de aviso que debe usar el hombre para indicar que está próximo a eyacular y retirarse a tiempo) . Baño (usado frec. battery. 300). Bath. Also some homosexual use. ‘That’s what the English girls call Battersea Park’. bat house. Br.. Coito (origen oscuro. Derribar (violar). The penis. Austr. Sp. ii. Still nearer to the gate he drew» («The Citadel». Bate (pene). E. but went straight to the place below the belt where soft rolling prominences lay. Hitting imagery. Sp. Bate (pene.). . en erección). 160). pieza de artillería (pene). Bastón (pene). bate-up/bate up. Ariete (pene).. sl. Sp. To be gay. A brothel. sl. Bañar al gatito (masturbarse la mujer). and sometimes. 286). From the meaning ‘piece of artillery’: «Just in front. Murciélago (prostituta o. sl. Burns. US. Br. M. Sp. quizás del significado ‘refriega’). Sp.C..’Why Battersea Park?’ ‘That’s the railroad station before Victoria. at standard). Being fully bent the tower to gain. See bat1. come squeeze me Tam Come squeeze me o’er the navel. Bat and balls is Austr sl. in BURFORD. Pieza de artillería (pene). Batalla (coito). battle.C. in BURFORD. The penis. Hitting imagery. battle field. Br. Sp. sl. The penis. I. sl.

162).battler. Merry Drollery Compleat. Sp. bawdy house. I’ll say no more. bawd. A toy. and how ill requitted! » ( T & C. A house of prostitution. Guerrera (prostituta) . 1687. sl. from O. V. The female genitals.. (see quot. found: ☺«An 11-year-old boy is accused of rape. You know me Bawd-I am not used to wait’» ( Last Night’s Ramble. bauble/bawble1. the French city. cry’d ‘Give me a ready Whore. y encontrado aun en ocasiones). applied to language. 37-38). Casa obscena (burdel) (usado por Shaks. Acorazado (pene). in BURFORD. The battle-ships sail in and out And never a bother to me’» (Fragment of rugby song). a plaything. baubel. obscene. Austr. 1513-c1765: «Bawdy can be sane and wholesome. Obsceno (aplicado gen. Br. II. Juguete (genitales fem. From Old French baud. Br. Br. E. sl.). Juguetes (testículos). Br.v. better quit stroking that or we’re gonna lose this case sure’» (Rationale I. by D. i. sl. I heard one knocking at the Door Who entering. E. proxeneta (usado frec. 18th-19th c. Sp. Sp. this little bauble! How could my boy even be suspected of raping this woman with his underdeveloped little. for the erect penis. usu.) + -y..: «O traders and bawds. Coition. aplicado sólo a mujeres: alcahueta o madama de un burdel). q. bayonet. 19th c. The female genitals: «But why should I my Mistriss Call A Shittle-cock or Bauble. In fact a little bawdy is necessary in every life To keep it sane and wholesome» ( Bawdy Can Be Sane. 175). 10 Pun on penis. The penis: «‘You’re a liar’. 31-35). battle-ship. Often used by Shaks. Used by Shaks. Sp. bauble/bawble2. 97). E. Sp. Sp. A hawker of indecent literature. 1552-1882. ‘Mine’s as big as the sea. Also whoremongering. The penis. underworld.). Sp. 16th c. Sp. Monosílabo obsceno (genitales fem. and bring her strait. 9 Notorious. Sp. bawdy basket. but it will be thought we keep a bawdy-house straight» ( Henry V. Sp. Sp. Br. and US. 1567-1785. in BURFORD.v. at service). excepto en beef bayonet. Perhaps from Bayonne.: «We cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen that live honestly by the prick 10 of their needles. ‘merry’. A Ship-of-War or Tennis-ball Which things be variable? But to commend. your Honor. Cesto de obscenidades (vendedor de pornografía). quizás de la ciudad francesa de Bayona.. His mother takes out his penis to show the judge the absurdity of the charge. sl. desde c1700.F. Sp. a procurer or procuress. Sp. Not common.). monosyllable). H. bawdy. bawdy banquet. A brothel.’ Boy: ‘Hey Ma. al lenguaje). por Shaks. 1362-1842: «Anon. applied only to women (“a procuress. OED. Let her be clean and sound. underworld. . x. or woman keeping a place of prostitution”). Alcahueta. My Mistriss is an arrant 9 Whore» («My Mistriss is a Shittle-cock». ‘Why. A prostitute. in DÍAZ. Since c1700. Bayoneta (pene. bawdy ken. how earnestly are you set a-work. The testicles. See prick. OED. bawdy monosyllable. A fixed bayonet was 19th c.. E. E. OED. One who provides women for the gratification of lust.. 1885-1930. v. Used by Shaks. except in the dysphemistic expression beef bayonet. Lewd. where the weapon is supposed to have been first made. Casa obscena (burdel). Banquete obsceno (coito o puterío). 68). donde supuestamente se fabricó este arma por primera vez) (raro. says the second old whore. Juguete (pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks . The penis. 1691. From bawd (q. OED. this tiny organ. Lawrence. Still occ. See monosyllable. baubles/bawbles/bawbels.

call’em what you like [. . bazooms. sl. Sp. The breasts. bazaar. The breasts. See saddle. del hombre). de bondage and discipline. be on the job. Tetas (v. The breasts. Estar en la faena (estar copulando). Sp. The breasts. bazoncas. To have an orgasm: «’That’s it. and replenish the earth». Estar en el trabajo/en el taller (estar copulando). To have an erection. Sp. See works. 11 A curious limerick. sado-masochistic practices. Sp. Sp. Herida de bayoneta (genitales fem. The breasts. Sp. Sp. Abrev.. See bazooms. at play ball with. Sp. be at number one London. See also stuff. To be copulating. (Of a man) to be copulating with a woman: «There was a young fellow named Skinner. sl. be fruitful and multiply. haber llegado (orgasmar). bazonkers and bazoomas are sometimes heard: «. bazonkas. Tenerla dura (tener una erección). Sp. «’When I was in my prime we would have been at it hammer and tongs all night!’» (TSM. US. Ser rellenada (ser penetrada vaginalmente o analmente) . bíblico). 1611 (Genesis. A jocular alteration of bosom. A euph. 232). q. I’m nearly there too’» ( Fiesta).). See bazooms. See also job and do a woman’s job for her. To be copulating: «Lo and behold. Sp. Estar ahí. At half-past nine They sat down to dine. bazoongas. Sp. Sp. Lex.. Sp.). Sp. US. 1955. bazoongies. Sp. gazongas. to. And by a quarter to ten it was in her.I do know a thing or two about tits [. Sp. to. Tetas (v. (orig. be soft.. Estar dentro (estar copulando con una mujer). Estar en la silla de montar (estar copulando. The female genitals. bazoomas. Sp. be in the saddle. Usu. often used in sex ads. OED..] Bristols. Also B and D. dinner? No. Tenerla blanda (tener el pene flácido). bazoongas. bazoongies. 28) for ‘be prolific and engender children’: «And God blessed them. Tetas (alteración jocosa de bosom). To be near orgasm: «’Put it back in. Sp. Tetas (v. of bondage and discipline. Sp. to. Estar en el número uno de Londres (tener la regla) (etimología desconocida). gazungas. What. To be copulating. Tetas (v. Sp.. bazooms).bayonet wound. as sl. they were still at it.. Some variants. to. be almost there. B/D. bazooms). gobstoppers. See bazooms. 278). Abbrev. (prob. Sp. be stuffed. bazoo. bazonkers. I’m there! I’m there!’ I cried out deliriously» (TSM. be at it. Tetas (v. Bazar (genitales fem. Sp. bazooms). at bazooms. Etymology unknown.] consequently it takes a very special pair of wibbly-wobblers to make me sit up and take notice» (Pent). 1. Skinner» (Limerick11). bazongas. of the male. bazongas. Creced y multiplicaos (euf. US. and God said unto them: Be fruitful. sl. to... bazooms). The breasts. Llegar casi (estar a punto de correrse). be in/into. See play ball with. dicho gen. 94). See bazooms.). See quot. The breasts. three-penny bits. The female genitals. bazooms). with an additional rhyming couplet. sl. Sp. The breasts. Bazucas (tetas). palabra inventada) bazooca. usada a menudo en anuncios de sexo (prácticas sado-masoquistas) . Sp. used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible . and multiply. US. like bazoncas. be there. Genitales fem.v. be hard. See quot. bazoocas. To be copulating (see on the job). See bondage. Tetas (v. To be coited or sodomised: «Hot sluts ready to be stuffed» (Mayfair classifieds). See quot. bazooms). The penis. From the meaning ‘marketplace’. US. “To have the menstrual discharge” (F & H). The female genitals. ‘esclavitud y disciplina’. at poop chute. and they were going strong» (TCp. be in the works. Who took a young lady to dinner. Bazuca (pene). Estar trabajando (estar copulando). bazookas. Sp. See bazooms. To have a flaccid penis. Probably a nonce word. See bazooms.

en el sentido de soportar el peso del hombre en el coito) . IV. bean-flicker. A hairy beefy gay male. Abbrev. Sp. Pico (pene. be with child. Toca-habichuelas (toca-clítoris. Bingo de manta en la playa (sexo en la playa). Barba (vello púbico fem. Bean-shooter is a var. masturbarse). sl.be up to one’s balls. bean2. E. Bikers’ sl. Br. gay jargon.-a de trasero). When he came to a stream He would lower his bean And skim folks across like a ferry» (Limerick).: «Get thee away. ‘tocarse la habichuela’. bean-tosser. except perhaps in the phrase to strop one’s beak. to. but lex. E. to be. or beanpole. Sexual activity on the beach. Sp. Reina de frijoles (homosexual mejicano o travestivo hispano. beach bash. gay jargon. 1929. in HENKE. Bean-flicker is a lesbian. beam. the smallest English hound. lesbiana). Sp. Oso (gay fuerte y peludo) (jerga gay). beagle. in to flick one’s bean. Sp. The clitoris. gay jargon. Estar dentro hasta las bolas. Sp. The penis. Sp.). o alguien que busca su compañía) (jerga gay). having wide buttocks. bear. to support the weight of the male. (Of a man) to be copulating (with deep insertion of the penis). Someone who seeks out or tends to date bears (q. bean1. alas the Face. excepto en to strop one’s beak. sl. US. Sp. 19th-20th c. But. Sp. Lanza-bolitas (pene). Sp. used by Shaks. esp. 18th c. Habichuela (pene) . ‘to masturbate’. US. to masturbate. en to flick one’s bean. US. A prostitute. q. beak. beanstalk/beanpole. esp. E. bear. esp. Jerga de los moteros por ‘orgía en la playa’. frequently used in English erotica: «I have also seen on a Woman’s chin A hair or two to grow. bean3. The penis. The penis. A lesbian. Sp. Anchura del trasero. Still current: «If you are a woman in Papua. (see quot. Br. . from beanstalk. sl. Sp. Habichuela (himen). and still current in the sense of ‘give birth to’. in this sense. used for hare hunting. Banquete de habichuelas (coito). more rarely. raro. bean queen. sl.v. From ‘beagle’. beard1. iii. See with child. ‘to coit with a woman’ or. bear the burden..habichuela (clítoris. Br.v. E. 971-1855. phrase broad in the beam. beanfeast. sl. it is too cold a place! Then look for a Beard below» ( Pills. esp. sl.. It is an old euph. 1979). q. since the 17th c. Rare. Used by Shaks.. OED. Sp. A Mexican homosexual. Amante de osos (homosexual que prefiere salir con gays fuertes y peludos) (jerga gay). (Of a woman) to copulate.). See bean3. en broad in the beam (ancho. The (width) of the buttocks. Br. 172-173). Sp. Sp. Br. If you do you’ll find you are Bearing the burden in Papua» (Fragment of rugby song). Soportar la carga (soportar el peso del hombre en el coito). or a Hispanic drag queen.). Ir a tener un niño.v. E. in the colloq. Sp. Sp. at lie on one’s back). Copulation. The penis. Soportar (el peso del hombre) [copular (obs.: «There was a young fellow named Jerry Whose prick was the longest in Kerry. A pun on ‘support the weight of a man’ and copulation. US. To be pregnant. US.) o engendrar (aun vigente] (usado por Shaks. The hymen. The female pubic hair. Tallo de habichuela (pene). bear lover. OED. and take / Thy beagles with thee» ( Timon. sl. beach blanket bingo. You’d better not leave Your door ajar. Sp. for a sex party on the oceanfront. Sp. or someone who seeks Hispanic males for sexual encounters. Sp. Sabueso (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. Sp.). Obs.

Orig. a public place frequented by homosexuals. who wears a beard to hide the fact that he is gay. gay jargon. beat one’s joint.). beat the bishop. “A man much given to wenching” (GROSE. beast1. Also. To masturbate. A prostitute. Golpear al hermanito (masturbarse el hombre). Animal (preso por crímenes sexuales) (argot carcelario). gen. in the expression to spear the bearded clam. in the expressions to beat it. much more frequent in the sense of ‘masturbate’. bearded clam.. Pun on bush = pubic hair and the wellknown idiom. Sp. See make the beast with two backs. bearskin. beat one’s little brother. Of a male. To masturbate. Of a male. to beat one’s meat. but continued beating my meat anyway» ( Hustler). Sp..). See beard1. euf. putañero) (v. La bestia con dos jorobas (el hombre y la mujer en el acto del coito). Prostituta callejera (v. A prostitute’s usual ‘working’ area. See bishop1. batir (copular o. beast3. beat one’s meat/beat the meat . Sp. to beat the beaver and many others (see below). Golpear al monigote (masturbarse el hombre). beat. A straight woman married to or involved with a gay man. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). A sex offender. beard-splitter/beard splitter1. To have an erection. US. sl. A man and a woman in the act of copulation. moll1). beard-splitter/ beard splitter 2. Golpear/aporrear al castor (masturbarse la mujer). to. To masturbate. Carrera (lugar donde usualmente trabaja una prostituta. Parte-barbas (pene) (v. Usu. Cascársela (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. prison sl. The penis. To masturbate. beat one’s dummy. penetrar a una mujer).I had pulled my erect cock out of my trousers and was beating away furiously» (Teazer). E. Of a male: «I flushed red in the face. The female genitals. used in Austr. Sp. Andarse por las ramas (masturbarse la mujer. Usu. Sp. beast with two backs. Sp. See moll1. the. beat on. Sp. Sp. Also patch. Partebarbas (mujeriego. Cascársela (masturbarse el hombre). Golpear el canuto (masturbarse el hombre). The female pubic hair. Of a female. esp. Sp. Dama barbuda (genitales fem.beard2. Br. A low prostitute. Animal (prostituta vulgar). 1604-1950. o lugar público frecuentado por gays). Austr. beat. of a male: «Does beating off make a person crazy?» ( Hustler). Golpear. Sp. beat moll. Sp.. beat away. beat around the bush. See also ho stroll. beat. . masturbarse. vello púbico). Sp. beat the beaver. ‘to coit with a woman’. Sp. to beat the bishop.. beard1). juego de palabras entre el modismo y bush. Of males.. sl. beard1). To masturbate.: «There was a young girl of Odessa A rather unblushing transgressor. OED. esp. The female genitals. Sp. más frec. Animal (pene). Pelambrera del oso (vello púbico fem. to beat one’s little brother. Golpear/aporrear la carne (masturbarse el hombre). Tener una erección. Sp. Sp. To masturbate. to beat one’s dummy. Sp. Almeja barbuda (genitales fem. to have a. en to spear the bearded clam. (Of a woman) to masturbate. of a male: «. E. The penis: «She tugged on my large ball sack and licked the underbelly of my beast from head to base» (Hustler). US. bearded lady. beat off. ‘atravesar la almeja barbuda’. Rare for ‘copulate’. Br. To masturbate. 1785). Sp. Sp. To masturbate. «Mommy says it’s okay if you beat off» (Swank). Barba (mujer heterosexual casada o que sale con un homosexual que se deja la barba para disimular que es gay) (jerga gay). See joint1. de origen Austr. 18th-19th c.. Sp. sl. Of males. Sp. el hombre). Sp. When sent to the priest The lewd little beast Began to undress her confessor» (Limerick). beast2.

See more quots. Sp. c1315-1938: «’So bang goes your chance of being bedded today. 1927. beat the pup. ‘sexual mate’. beauty spot. US. Mr Harper!’» (TSM. beaver shot. Abbrev. See also menarche. Lex. The breasts. See also jump the gun. To copulate.). Sp. Hacerse mujer (empezar a tener la regla). Llevar a la esposa a la cama (obs . at eager beaver and knock the dust off her. bed. The rest of the story’s improper» (Limerick). See beaver. Attractive buttocks. sl. Lunar (genitales fem. beaver-eater. Of males. beaver-trap. to be sexually promiscuous. Atraviesa-coños (persona que copula siempre de la forma tradicional: con penetración vaginal). The female genitals. found: «There was a young lady named Hopper Who came a society cropper. Sp. » (Cheri). Used in the USA. beautocks. To have intercourse with one’s fiancée. Used by T. E. Lex. Also found in combinations: to go to bed (with). form from beautocks. sl. Sp. as arch. Sp. to go bed-pressing.. and as a current euph. The female genitals: «Deidre’s beautiful beaver floods with wetness as she feels Randy’s cock throb to life. Sp. In fact. Sp. usu.. See hog. if she becomes pregnant by him. OED. beat the gun.v. Br. To begin having one’s menstrual cycle. Attested as Canadian. beaver lever. as sl. To masturbate. dormir juntos (vigente). where he speaks of husbands who go whoring at night. their nocturnal excursions being «noted by some wise young-man or other. to take to bed. to go bedhopping. Golpear/aporrear al cachorro (masturbarse el hombre). in his play The Seven Deadly Sinnes (1606). The euph. sl. Lex. esp. beaver. showing her genitals). Gay jargon. c1200-1697. Sp. A lady’s lover or suitor. Golpear/aporrear a la boa (masturbarse el hombre). sl.). sl.). ‘to spend the night with’. See also spot. Sp. Salón de belleza (burdel). E. and split/spread beaver (a woman with her legs wide open. OED. The female genitals. Quite frequent in an eager beaver. for ‘to sleep together’. See parlor house.v. 1548-1740. Of males. To masturbate. a place where beds can be rented ... She determined to go To Bordeaux with her beau. the bush is beaten for them at home. See beaver. Trampa del castor (vagina). Adelantarse al pistoletazo de salida (dejar embarazada a la novia antes de la boda). Piel del castor (genitales fem.. is still occ. de beautocks. in the expressions beaver shot (a photo of a woman revealing her vagina). that knowes how to handle such cases. Come-coños (lesbiana).) y dormir con. beaver cleaver. Foto del castor (fotografía de mujer mostrando sus genitales).: «Chris’s parents weren’t straight Beaver Cleaver types after all. whilest they catch the birde abroade» (in HENKE. From athletics. Golpear/aporrear al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre).. beaver leaver. Culo bonito (forma abrev. beauty parlor. A blend of ‘beautiful’ and ‘buttocks’. 1979). beaver pelt. beauts. used by Shaks. Dekker.beat the boa. Of males. bed. Colas de castor (pechos de mujer). OED... OED. US.). bed-fellow. esp. Sp. To masturbate. sl. 19th c. Golpear la maleza (copular). A lesbian. sl. Galán (del fr. bed-faggot. Sp. a prostitute. US. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. as «the place of conjugal union». Br. Sp. See pup. to copulate. q. OED. 256). beat the bush. a brothel. Austr. for ‘to take a wife to bed’. beat the/one’s hog. E. Sp. become a lady. Que pasa de coños. beaver-tails. See boa. Sp. ‘a randy woman’ or her genitals. Can. A photo of a woman revealing her genitals. Castor (genitales fem. (also bedmate). Br. A brothel. por ‘beautiful’) (amante o pretendiente de una dama). to copulate. beau. A gay male. Sp. q. Sp. to. Sp. 1720-1875. From the French for ‘beautiful’. bed-house. A person who sticks to traditional sex: vaginal penetration. Palanca para el coño (pene). The penis. they seemed like complete sexual freaks» (Barely Legal). Sometimes abbreviated to beauts. Culo bonito (de la fusión de beautiful y buttocks) (jerga gay). The vagina.

bed-house. Used by Shaks. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. bed-faggot. i.: «No bed-rite shall be paid / Till Hymen’s torch be lighted» (The Tempest. The person you go to bed with.. nuptial bed. Copulation. Sp. Back-formation from bed-hopping. Br. Sp. bed-swerver. at sex doll. Sp.-a de cama) (usado por Shaks. E. Esclava de la cama (prostituta). bed-fellow. en la expresión the bee is in the hive (‘la abeja está en la colmena’)]. beddable.-a). illicit sex. and bed-swerver. US. To be in a woman’s beef “to have carnal knowledge of her” (GROSE). unlawful bed. a fornicator.for copulation. Sp. Copulation. Used by Shaks. unfaithful spouse’. 96-97). punning on what a guest-house offers. 246). Sp. Sp. See also flute1. fornicador) (usado por Shaks. Sp. sl. bed-sports. Béisbol de dormitorio (coito). IV. Conejito de cama (mujer fácil).: «Happier the man whom favourable stars / Allot thee for his lovely bedfellow» (The Taming. q.-a de cama (compañero. beef1. a promiscuous woman. the bed in which a newly-married pair sleep. Br. Casa de camas (burdel). The testicles. i. bed partner. bedrite. Copulation. E. Austr.-a de cama. Sp. US. Sp. raro). OED (AS). bedroom baseball. See also bed-fellow. To be sexually promiscuous. An unfaithful spouse. 17th c.: «Had I so good occasion to lie long / As you. Sp.-a de cama) (usado por Shaks. de la forma abrev. a place where beds can be rented for copulation.).-a). a fornicator. A prostitute. bedroom eyes. i.. 19 th c. bed flute. sl. sl. Píldoras Beecham (testículos. and bed-sports.. bed-rite. Saltar de cama en cama (ser promiscuo. lecho. See quot. Compañero.). Sp. Deportes de cama (coito).: «(She’s) A bed-swerver. Sp. Sp. From the name of a patent medicine. bed-hopping.. Used by Shaks. A brothel. and many others. US. Flauta de cama (pene) . E. bed-mate. Cama. o coito). bed-hop. II.). bedwork. Sp. I. Sp. sl.. 1943. Sp. OED (AS). bed and breakfast. Sp.: (Prince Henry of Falstaff). Historia para dormir (coito). Prince Paris. Also. bed-time story. or contracted to bills. A look suggestive of sexual desire. Sexually desirable. sl. nothing but heavenly business / Should rob me of my bed-mate» ( T & C. A single act of extra-marital overnight copulation. Sp. Que se desvía del lecho matrimonial (esposa infiel) (usado por Shaks. bed-presser. copulation. See also bed-mate. Beecham’s Pills. Sp. «... “Used by W. Copular. argot rimado: Pills rima con testicles. bed-bug. . Plancha-camas (mujeriego. marriage-bed and wedlock bed. Trabajo de cama (coito). Morris” [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. A womanizer. bed-presser. US. Carne de vaca/buey (genitales fem. 144). 1979. bridal bed.» (1Henry IV. Chinche (de cama) (mujer fácil). pronounced ‘testi-kils’.). See bed-bunny. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. IV.this bed-presser. 4-6). bed-bunny. Used by Shaks. Compañero. a sexual mate. Sp.). 19th c. to. even as bad as those / The vulgars give bold’st titles» (The Winter’s Tale. Copulation. used by Shaks. Also. In the expression the bee is in the hive . To coit with a woman. Sp. sl. bed-time story. promiscuous. rhyming sl. de Beecham’s Pills. Used by Shaks. See do the story with. It was often truncated to Beecham’s or pills. Que vale la pena acostarse con ella/él. bee. The penis. E. Mirada de dormitorio (mirada con deseo sexual). Sp. The penis. usu.. Acción de saltar de cama en cama (cualidad de promiscuo. II. A sexual companion. engaging in numerous casual sexual affairs. pronunciado ‘testi-kils’). Abeja [pene.v. Sp.v. i. Rito de cama (coito) (usado por Shaks. dicho del hombre.-a sexual o prostituta). Compañero. Sp. The female genitals and copulation. Habitually changing sexual partners. Cama y desayuno (coito extra-marital de una sola noche. beef. Sp. 91-93). bed-bug and beetle (rare). ‘to be coiting a woman’. Compañero. Br. Not common. bed-thrall. q. sl. sl. for ‘testicles’. Sp. iv.. A prostitute. A sexual mate. bed-bunny. Br.

Where stood Belgia. Sp. beer can. her Cunny» (Pills. Cortinas de carne (labios de la vulva). Bistec (pene). Esp. OED. speaking to his master Antipholus about a fat kitchen maid who is pursuing him with matrimonial intent. Cerveza (semen). Copulation. that among the household servants. Used by Shaks. The breasts. Bistec (prostituta que trabaja para un chulo). Small breasts.) (usado por Shaks. Sp. To her they come with loaden Thighs. Trasero. 136-137). beef curtains. US. Sp.in the famous passage of The Comedy of Errors. The buttocks. She had it embroidered in Braille» (Limerick). 1949. US. E. The penis: «I’d give anything to feel your big beef-steak filling my hole» ( Cheri). Sp. 1786-1928: «There once was a harlot at Yale With her price-list tattooed on her tail. Escarabajo (mujer fácil de llevar a la cama. 18th c. A woman easily persuaded to get into bed. So under her Waste12 her Belly is plac’d-and under that. E. Sp. beef-steak1. Grown women I’ve seen – on their chests not a thing! Save two tiny spots where a bee left a sting.v. campus sl. US. belabour. beef-gravy. Men displayed for their muscular bodies esp. baptizes the various parts of her voluminous frame with the names of different countries: «Antipholus. A prostitute who works for a pimp. Salsa de carne (semen). Trabajo de puerta trasera (coito. Sp. beefcake. sl. as sl. en el famoso pasaje de La Comedia de Equivocaciones. Black and Rural Southern sl. as colloq. Bugle de carne (pene erecto) . Belgia. sl. Sp. The erect penis. Lex. Rare. Sp. For the sake of the blind. and vulgar. Br. beef-injection. 12 Waist. . at stair-work). Gay jargon. Sp. in the phrase beef bayonet. Pastel de carne (fotografías de hombres sexy)..: «Last: Ladies! Take comfort if your tits are small For better have small ones than no bust at all. esp. (see quot. sl. underworld. the Netherlands? Dromio. The penis. O. ii. Pun on belly used by Shaks.). and under the Wax is Honey. bee-hive. Lex. (orig. Sp. Carne de vaca/buey (pene. OED. Picaduras de abeja (pechos pequeños). The female pudenda. E. III. esp. The mons and pubic hair: «My Mistress is a Hive of Bees in yonder flowry Garden. sl. Sp.beef2. beef bugle. Br. I did not look so low» ( The Comedy of Errors. in photographs in magazines. q.). Semen. Austr.v. in BURFORD. beef-steak2. 168). entre los sirvientes) (usado por Shaks. Trabajarse a (copular con). sl. behind. Bayoneta de carne (pene). begonias. belabouring her» ( DOV. See gravy. Colmena (monte de Venus). See also cheesecake. q. » (Fragment of rugby song). etc. beer. The penis. Bélgica (genitales fem. A penis thick rather than long. Begonias (pechos de mujer). where Dromius of Syracuse. esp . Sp. Sp. Lata de cerveza (pene más ancho que largo) (jerga gay). beetle. Semen. Br. To copulate: «The man was lying over Viviane. to ease them of their Burden: As under the Bee-Hive lieth the Wax. Sp. Sp. Sp. bee stings. beef bayonet. and US.). sir. US. raro).. behind-door work. 217). Copulation. Inyección de carne (coito). en beef bayonet. Sp. Sp. The labia. And on her behind. Sp.

belle2. Sp.. yes. Often with an implication of masturbation. The pubes. a belly ride. An attractive. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse: «The weather is cold and chilly And heating will do thee no harm. The navel. esp. It is a well-established euph.’. 13 «For if I were to sell my belle chose. Sp.. Since the 17th c. Golpea-vientres (putañero). 1661. to have an itch in the belly. etc. 19 th c. . found: «There was a young fellow named Kelly Who preferred his wife’s ass to her belly He shrieked with delight As he ploughed through the shite14. yes.. belly-bumper. Sp. Br. A whoremonger. colloq. The clitoris. Sp. it revealed the pubic hair. E. Sp. Still occ. was I drunk!’ » (Rationale II.».. The glans penis: «. los fem. Cerdas del vientre (vellos del pubis). esp. The penis. OED. I’ll put a hot Thing in thy Belly To keep thy Body warm» (Merry Drollery. The female genitals.) (mujer que sabe vestirse realzando sus encantos). bell-end.. she on her back» (Venus. Badajo (glande). Bella (homosexual de rol fem.» (DOV. with this word: to play at belly-to-belly or to play rub-belly.. E. Br. Freq. Sp. belly-bumping. From the French for ‘beautiful thing’. To ring the bell (tocar la campana) has been used for ‘stimulate the clitoris’ and also for ‘copulate’ and for ‘make pregnant’. Belly-dingle and belly-entrance are vars. to copulate.. II. one who dresses so as to set off her personal charms. sl. US. belly-dale. There are many euphs. Said of a large-headed penis. yes. E.but now the skirt had slit open and when she did her belly dance. / I could go walking fresher than a rose. Used by Chaucer in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue.’And another little drink and I kissed her on the belly-button. 1622-1860. belly-whiskers/belly-bristles/belly-thicket. Sp. Acampanado (pene con glande de gran tamaño). Campana (clítoris). Used by Shaks. An erotic oriental dance performed by women. still hanging by his neck. A handsome woman. Golpeo de vientres (coito). to feel the sexual urge.). the female genitals.). The female genitals. bell-topped.’ ‘Oh boy. sl. (see quot. Sp. involving abdominal contortions.’.. belly. bautiza las diversas partes de sus voluminosas formas con nombres de diferentes países). French for beautiful (fem. Then we had another little drink and both got undressed. OED. Botón de la barriga (ombligo).’Yes. 453-454: «For if wolde selle my bele chose I coude walke as fressh as is a rose. bell.gently rubbing her swollen clit back and forth across my glistening bell-end» (Fiesta). sl.: «She sinketh down..’ ‘Yes. bell-rope. US. Br. Danza de vientre. Bella (del fr. Sp. ‘We had a little drink and I kissed her on the lips. go on’. belly-dance. He on her belly falls. Valle del vientre (genitales fem. Cuerda de la campana (pene – a menudo con implicación masturbatoria).donde Dromio de Siracusa.’ ‘Yes. hablando a su amo Antífolo sobre la gruesa moza de cocina que lo persigue con fines matrimoniales. Vientre (genitales. And filled up her hole with his jelly» (Limerick). belly-button. 138). US. the female pubic hair. an act of copulation.». belly-bristles.). 19th c. 248). effeminate homosexual.). at bring out). Cosa bella (genitales fem.. in BURFORD. Sp. sl. for the genitals.) (usado por Chaucer).. 14 Another word for ‘shit’. male or female. Coition. Sp. 593-594).. 19th c. esp. Sp. 185). 13 Sp. Sp.) (usado por Shaks. 1899-1957: «.. ‘Then we had another drink and I kissed her on the nipples. sl. belle chose.: ☺«’Boy was I drunk!’ a man announces. belle1.

Also endless belt. Lex. belly-whiskers. Sp. colloq. E.] was giving her the belting of a lifetime» ( Son of Rugby Jokes. out West.. The female pubic hair. Sp. Sp. Batir la pasta (masturbarse el hombre). belly-naked. bent. batter. iii. Sp. tamb. El que se agacha (gay de rol pasivo. 19th-20th c. 19th c. belly-rub. 1957. Br. Br. a. thruster).. Austr.. sl. E. (orig.. Golpear/aporrear al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre). Br. antónimo de straight.v. Ben-Wa balls. belly-to-belly. Sp. Sp. no homosexual). To copulate: «I’ve bathed in the nude at Llandudno I’ve fondled my foreskin out West. 8-14). 17th-19th c. US. Deportes de barriga (coito y embarazo). belt someone’s batter. Br. 1632. Sp. Also belly-warming. bellyful of marrow pudding. Batir la pasta (realizar el coito con una mujer. The female genitals. For synonyms. Sp. q. belter.. used by J. belt1. OED. 74). 19 th c. A concubine. Sp.. Completely naked. Sp. to have a. Valle arbolado del vientre (genitales fem. Bigotes del vientre (vello púbico fem. bend down/over for.v. Con la barriga alta (embarazada). q. Br. Homosexual. Tener la barriga llena (estar embarazada).. Sp. To coit with a woman. And I’ve played soixante-neuf on Parisian turf And I’ve belly-rubbed tarts in Trieste» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. belly-sports. belly-up. See belly-dale. To be pregnant. The penis. belt one’s hog. Sp. perhaps a vulgar culinary pun on the sl. enseñándolo todo).. Copulation.). Sp. Pregnancy. belly-hill. Calienta-barrigas (coito). Copulation. belt2. Prostituta barata. E. sl. 19th c. belly-slapping. Said of a male. To masturbate. when he discovers that she’s pregnant by another man: «. Trabajo de vientre (coito). E. Copulation. sl. Sp. belly-entrance. Un vientre (una concubina). E. US. US. Torcido (gay. The female pubic hair. Sp. Barriga contra barriga (copulando). Sp. Hitting imagery. OED. belly-ruffian. belly-full. vaginal balls). 19 th-20th c. Br. Copulate (said of the male) and an act of copulation. Sp. Ford. belly-warmer. Golpeo de barrigas (coito). 18 th-19th c. A male homosexual. Sp. as sl. Frotar barrigas (copular). Bolas o pelotas Ben-wa (juguete sexual usado por la mujer para masturbarse) (v. A prostitute. ‘normal’. Copulation. a penis. 1633 (IV. revealing all. The opposite of straight.and could none but I / Be picked out to be cloak to your close tricks. Sp. Pregnant. in ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore. Monta de vientre (coito). /Your belly-sports? / Now I must be the dad / To all that gallimaufry that’s stuffed / In thy corrupted bastard-bearing womb?».).belly-dingle. Colina del vientre (monte de Venus). Con la barriga al aire (completamente desnuda. belly-work. Sp. Sp. at bum alley. Sp. An allusion to copulation and pregnancy. see angel1. Since the 17th c. Un atracón de pudín de tuétano (embarazo). See quot. Sp. raro).. belly-ride.). See vaginal balls. and US. Rufián del vientre (pene). where Soranzo tells Annabella. bender. Sp. The female genitals.). belly-piece. sl. E. dial. The mount of Venus. belt one’s batter. Sp. v. .). belly-thicket. See belly-dale. on their wedding night. Golpear/golpe (copular/coito). To masturbate. obs. Since the 16 th c. coarse sl.: «The handsome young man [. To submit to sodomy or vaginal coition from behind: «Becky bends over for Roger» (CI). Agacharse para alguien (invitar al coito anal o vaginal por atrás) . A cheap prostitute. sl. Cinturón (prostituta) . Copulating. Sp. Espesura del vientre (vello púbico fem. Not common. Entrada del vientre (genitales fem. sl. Sp.

1936.. Sp. q. Sp.» (EAP. argot rimado: hunt rima con cunt).. Sp. See Berkshire Hunt. La mejor parte del hombre (pene). de Berkshire Hunt. Berkeley Hunt. Pechos de mujer (del romaní).v. form of bisexual. Abbrev. Br. See Berkeley Hunt. en la actualidad: engañar el marido a la esposa o viceversa). Sp. sl. Very often reduced to Berk. de Berkeley Hunt.v. sl. 1611-1765. Sp. berks/burks. = cunt. The breasts. Bicho (del español) (pene). de Berkeley/Berkshire Hunt. from the big German cannon in WW1. que riman con cunt). In the act of copulation: «. as obs. See friend2. Mi mejor amigo (pene). Bethlehem steel. Sp. La mejor pierna de las tres (pene). besiege. Sp. best friend. Still current for ‘to cheat on one’s husband/wife’. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse (see quot. bestride. 19th c. .. Humorous. He could have or be had By a lass or a lad Or even by both when he’d try» (Limerick). Sitiar (tratar de seducir a una mujer) (usado por Shaks. Big breasts. sl. One’s wife. Br. Traicionar (en tiempos de Shaks. (forma abrev. Entre las sábanas (copulando). The female genitals. Black sl. Sp.some of the most enjoyable moments between the sheets have been in the hands of gentlemen whose private parts were by no means remarkable for size. The breasts. bestiality.bequeath one’s genes. [argot rimado: Berkeley Hunt (localidad inglesa) rima con cunt). US. not without pain. B-girl. Sp. The erect penis. Sometimes used as a euph. Genitales fem. argot rimado: Hunt rima con cunt). Berkeleys. Abrev. The testicles. sl. Sp. The female genitals. Big Bertha is US. bicho. and freq. sl. of Berkeley/Berkshire Hunt. Sp. Sp. The penis: «. Br. Sp.. Sp. US. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Berkshire Hunt. Bertas (pechos de gran tamaño. cant. Berk. prob. best part of man. Acero de Belén (pene erecto). Sp. 35).. Lo mejor y en abundancia (coito – desde el punto de vista fem) . E. To lay siege to a woman’s virtue.. better hole. Legar los genes (masturbarse el hombre). A male homosexual.v. best leg of three. between the sheets. (Of a male) to masturbate. Usually of the male.v. A bar-girl: a woman employed to encourage customers to buy drinks at a bar. See hole. Sp. The vagina. Berkeley. US.that would be betrayed without these» ( L. Genitales fem. 1966: «Julius Caesar was really a guyHe was hetero. Bessie (nombre de mujer) (gay) (jerga gay). OED. US.: seducir a una mujer. at sally-port). US. bi. sl. .L..The female genitals. From Romany. Sp. Vagina (forma abrev. OED. Copulation of a human with an animal. To copulate with. III.I felt that best part of man make its way. best and plenty of it. Rhyming sl. q. See cojones. berk/birk/burk(e). (argot rimado: formas abrev. E. From the Spanish for ‘bug’. and Can. = cunt. Sp. OED. 19 th c. Betty. q. in the sense of seducing a woman: «These betray nice wenches. dicho del hombre). The penis. [argot rimado: Berkshire Hunt (localidad inglesa) rima con cunt]. Bessie. 19th c. Used by Shaks. homo and bi. my. Sp. The penis. Used by Shaks. Genitales fem. A male homosexual. 25). See berks/burks. The penis.. Lex. berries. Betty (nombre de mujer) (gay). at city).). gay jargon. An alternative for Berkshire Hunt. sl. Perhaps truncated from gooseberries. Bestialismo. Pechos de mujer. 23-24). for a prostitute who works in bars or nightclubs.. the. Cabalgar (copular. El mejor agujero (la propia esposa).L. betray. E. Bisexual. Chica de alterne. (see quot. por el nombre del Gran Cañón alemán en la 1ª Guerra Mundial). The pudenda. Rhyming sl. See Nancy/nancy2. Copulation from the female point of view. q. US. into that part made for its reception» (EIC. i. Berthas. gen. Prob. quizás forma truncada de gooseberries). Genitales fem. Sp. See sheets. for ‘a fat woman’. Rhyming sl. See also twig and berries. Bayas (testículos. See also zoophilia.

An effeminate male. Sp. Sp. A promiscuous girl. q. When asked: ‘Why the third?’ He replied: ‘One’s absurd. Sp. and US. A promiscuous girl or a prostitute. Bicicleta/bici (mujer promiscua o prostituta). two + the Greek gamos. See hard-on.. por las mujeres para referirse a su propio orgasmo). Sp. Gran Berta (mujer gorda) (v. From the French bigamie. 19th c. sir. The female genitals. bonk. The penis. sl. Code used in ‘personal’ ads. big. married. The penis. OED.» (Leg Action). US. See prize. from bi. See biff. The penis. See stick. a. dicho del hombre). pound. q. Gran hombre del campus (líder para los demás estudiantes) (pene). euf. big stick. sl. encuesta realizada por R. bigamy.. Br. Sp. And bigamy. Sp. tap. Joe pies grandes (personificación del pene). Sp. big honcho. Sp. Gran extremo (trasero) . a leader in social. big O. the. big foot Joe. signifying a desire to have oral sex with both men and women. favoured by women. See Bertha. Who lived with three wives at one time. sl. bile. Br. An orgasm. biggie. Tenerla grande. Hitting imagery. A fat woman. The penis. Gran palo (pene). sl. Golpeársela/aporreársela (masturbarse el hombre). See also linguist. Bici/(moto)ciclista (chica promiscua o prostituta). athletic.v. etc. Sp. US. The posterior. My pussy is enjoying every inch’» ( Pent). Sp. E. E. E. sl. Sp. Sp.). Probably a confusion with bite. biffin’s bridge (puente del perineo). 17th-19th c. bike/biker. Sp. big girl’s blouse. To have a large penis: «’You’re so big. Copulation.v. US. big man on campus. Golpear (copular. usado frec. US. big Steve. confusión con bite. The crime of having two wives or two husbands at once. Bigamia. or between the vagina and anus. big Bertha. E. Sp. Sp. and US. biffin/biffon. big brother.. Gran boa (pene). Sp. Copulation. Occ. See also bike/biker and town bike. belt. biff off. sl. Bilbao (pene.» (Pent). (Of a male) to masturbate. prob. big fella. E. sl. big prize. Una gran O. a. From the name given to a popular student. Austr.. Sp. biff. Sp. Grandote (pene erecto).). Compared to just kissing and petting. and extracurricular activities. Sometimes shortened to big girl. Br. Br. Because anyone can ride them. big end. Also. c1250-1884: «There was a young fellow of Lyme. A euph. big brown eyes. bump. The erect penis. Br. Gran jefe/líder de grupo (en japonés) (pene. The penis. Un paseo en bicicleta a Brighton (coito). to be. Tipo grande (pene) (término recogido en MOQ. bike ride to Brighton. 1988-89). for ‘to copulate with a woman’. Perineo. Sp. Sp. X. like other verbs meaning ‘hit’ – beat. sl. Sp. Bertha). Sp. Blusa de una chica grande (afeminado) . sl. bi-lingual. Sp. the area between the scrotum and anus. Bilingüe (código usado en anuncios sexuales solicitando u ofreciendo sexo oral tanto con hombres como con mujeres) . El gran Steve (personificación del pene). The nipples.. In MOQ. The penis. A sword noted for the excellence of its temper and made originally at Bilbao (Spain). The penis. 17th-19th c. strike. used.. sl. raro). The female genitals. Sp.. sl. Sp. or a prostitute that any man can ride. Ojos grandes marrones (pezones). big time. sl. una O mayúscula (orgasmo. plank. sl. The penis. big boa. Can. El gran premio (genitales fem. por la excelencia y temple de los sables fabricados en esta localidad). E. ‘group leader’.. Hermano mayor (pene erecto). Not common. Bilis (genitales fem. Austr. bilbo. ult. Br. Sp. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta.: «It had always been a fantasy of mine for some sapphic biker to have me suck and lick her toes and feet.bicycle/bike. From the Japanese honcho. referring to their own orgasm: «Sandy and I began having one big O after another. See eyes.– as a euph. Tiempo grande (coito). . The perineum. girl’s blouse or blouse. An erection. Sp. is a crime’» (Limerick).

q. A maiden.v. of bimbo. See bird2. de bum). Sp. Pájara (prostituta). bip. The shortened form bim is occ. The female genitals. Porra de policía (pene).). A sodomite. sl. From Arabic bint. 183-85). bip bam.v. The buttocks.. Sp. bimbo. Sp. Sp.] with the sheer class and panache of a guy who knows how to pull just about any bird he fancies. A bird-cage was a brothel.» (Razzle). Br. Kissing or perhaps striking with a bill. A shortened form of bimbo. Sp.Let’s to billiards. or familiar term for a girl or a woman. bim2. OED. OED. homosexual jargon. de bimbo. Gachí (del árabe bint. II. at dagger1. OED. bam. The testicles. The pun was used by Shaks. 203). bird1. raro). A lecher. bird2.v Sp. en la actualidad ‘tía’.. and the var. birch. Sp. ma’am. Zas. Sp. 19th c. bam. q. US. a halberd. bird5. but perhaps more freq. and bulling of me» (HWII. as US. billiards. Sadism. bills. A pike-like weapon. Trasero (var. ‘child’. Fast coition or casual sex. Dim. Dim. ‘chica’.. of bum (q. de bimbo. 3-6). 19 th-20th c.bill. Sp. The vagina. The penis. Sp. ma’am. Sp. bird-washing. señora (polvo rápido). underworld for a sodomite Sp. is US.. ‘doncella’. ‘a halberd’. it is a colloq.v. Mutual cunnilingus. See bird’s nest. Cleopatra. a girl. OED. US. thank you. thank you. Lex. bird-taker. hence copulating ( bill = ‘a pike-like weapon’. From a policeman’s truncheon. A woman or a girl considered sexually. Of unknown origin. q. bird-nester. Jaula para pájaros (burdel). Onomatopoeic expression for fast coition or casual sex.. billie.v. ram bam and wham bam. 19th c. bird4. The penis. BELLMAN: Shall I put it on your bill.: «Cleopatra. US underword. Bambina (del italiano) (prostituta. daughter. for ‘prostitute’. found.v.. A play on cock. E. 1929.). sl. Br. US. Pájaro (genitales fem. q.. Anglo-Irish nursery. bimbette. sl. billing together. A var. Br. E. pero poco inteligente). A male homosexual. term for a sexy. hence penis. Charmian. bird3. used as a derog.v. bimbette (bimbo + the diminutive -ette).. sl. generalmente en lenguaje machista). ii. Sp. mujer sexualmente atractiva. See also bip bam.. Rare. As well a woman with an eunuch play’d As with a woman» (A. v. It may also derive from a bird’s bill: ☺«So these two ducks meet and fall in love and they rent a hotel room and suddenly the drake realizes he doesn’t have any condoms. 19 th c. Sp. See bird3.v.. . Lavado de pájaros (cunilinguo mutuo). Br. Sp. bambino. V.. ‘hija’). The penis. Herir con alabarda (copular. sl. hence ‘penis’): «. zas (polvo rápido). bingy/bingey. See also wham bam. bin of lust. & C. Billar (usado alusivamente por Shaks. My arm is sore.. señora (polvo rápido). Sp. q. often used disparagingly. E. . Sp. Pájaro (pene). Pene (etimología desconocida).. Forma abrev. too. Sp. zas y gracias. zas y gracias. Euph. See quot. sl. billing. Sp. in MARTÍNEZ-CABEZA. Pájaro (gay). Testículos (forma contraída de Beecham’s Pills. attractive but unintelligent young woman: «I’m not one of your backseat bimbos who gets pregnant at the drop of a load» ( Hustler). sir? DUCK: Excuse me? » (from the webpage A Prairie Home Companion. A brothel. Bird-taker. sometimes used in ‘personal’ ads. Sp. Cubo de lujuria (vagina). Vara (de abedul) (sadismo. A prostitute. Pájaro (orig. dicho del hombre). 1935. E. usado en anuncios de sexo). Caza-nidos de pájaro (libertino. bint.I found’em like sparrows in one nest. Sp. Sp. Sp. Come Charmian. bird-cage. q.: las bolas de billar = testículos). Zas. From It. q. Sp.. In modern revived use.v. sl. Atrapa-pájaros (sodomita). Zas. Since the 14th c. Alabarda o pico de pájaro (pene. a1300-1961: «He smiled back [. best play with Mardian. q.. bim1. también y principalmente. bim.). so he calls room service and a bellman brings one up on a tray. Contracted form from Beecham’s Pills.. mujeriego). 1855-1958. Sp. Onomatopoeic expression for fast coition or casual sex.

. and in one’s birthday suit.v. A sexually desirable woman. for bisexuality. genitales fem. E. Sp. include a bit of all right. 19th c. Sp. Con el traje de Adán/vestido. all q. Ambidextrous and ambivalent are common euphs. bombón). Sp.v. 17th c. 17th c. for ‘naked’. Prostitute. bisexual/ambisexual. 108). Pedazo (mujer atractiva. bird’s nest. in one’s. Diminutive of bird4. Sp. q.. and AC/DC. esp. But now and again. Pajarito (jerga gay por ‘muchacho joven’).v. US. sl. and again. the . 72-74). And again. birdie1. Homosexual sl. used referring to a woman’s genitals. Since the 18th c. ‘masturbate’.v.). The testicles. Sp. bisexuality. 1914: ☺«A doctor tells a young bride of a simple and sure method of birth control: orange juice.). Pájaro de presa (prostituta). sl. Sp. bird’s eggs. Likening the glans penis to a bishop’s mitre. like piece (q. The vagina. 1923.. etc.. Sp. Huevos de pájaro (testículos). a bit of fluff. sl. OED.: «She looked really fetching in her birthday suit – the first time I had seen her totally nude» ( CP. a bit of stuff and a bit of skin.. Los pájaros y las abejas (la función sexual explicada a los niños). Used in the expressions to bang/flog/bash/beat/batter/buff/flip the bishop.). and birth. The penis. Sp. diaphragms. for ‘the female pubic hair’..-a). . A large condom.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. a bit of goods. OED. 50). en las expresiones to bang/flog/bash/beat/batter/buff/flip the bishop. found as a euph. An attractive woman or girl. Sp.a como se vino al mundo. Used by Shaks. The penis. polvo.I must another way. Ave nocturna (prostituta). a reference to alternating and direct electrical current. bishop2. Sp. as explained to children: «An inquisitive virgin called Dora Asked her boyfriend who’d started to bore’er. q. a bit of calico. the rhythm method. juego de palabras entre party y in one’s birthday suit. birds and the bees. often used in ‘personal’ ads. for ambisexual. 1914-1986: «I mean that I am. E. ‘Do you mean birds and bees Go through antics like these To provide us with fauna and flora?’» (Limerick). E.) . Bisexual. esp.. bird o’the night. bisexual» ( DOV. by the which your love Must climb a bird’s nest soon when it is dark» ( R. vasectomy (all q. mujer considerada como objeto sexual. for ‘a young boy’ Sp. Sp. Prostitute. bishop1. Br. Canal del nacimiento (vagina). iv. one regarded as a sexual object. relativas todas ellas a la masturbación masc. See also whisker-biscuit. with the same meaning (see muslin). Una galleta (mujer atractiva. Sp. IUDs.bird o’the game. Naked. Sexually attracted to both men and women. Sp. comparando el glande con la mitra de un obispo. among others. But bit. condoms. II. a. A pun on party. desnudo. OED. conception. To fetch a ladder.v. like many artists.). Control de natalidad. Sp. birthday party.: «Nurse. usado frec . with which it is practically interchangeable. Nido de pájaro (genitales o vello púbico fem. Still occ. E. sl. The female genitals. birth canal. and again» (Limerick). The basic facts of sex. Vars. birdie2. bit1. An orgy. See bisexual/ambisexual. q. Not now and again. Perhaps shortened from a bit of muslin. Br. birthday suit. birth control. Sp. & J. Obispo (condón grande).. biscuit. Br. Fiesta de cumpleaños (orgía. is US. a bit of skirt. ‘Neither – instead’» ( Archivos Secretos. sl.v. is also freq. Br. ‘Do you take it before or after’ asks the bride.. 10). a common euph. Pajarito (pene).. Sp. sl. Bisexualidad. or to coition: «There was a young lady from Spain Who liked a bit now and again. Obispo (pene. The prevention or regulation of conception by means of a contraceptive method: the pill.

bit of crumpet. ‘to copulate’. Un poco de frambuesa (coito. Un poco de lo liso (coito con una mujer). a. bit of crumb. Br. sl. Un poco de carne (genitales fem. bit of goods. prostituta) .. Also. a. Also. An attractive woman or girl. Sp. la mujer como objeto sexual. prostituta). E. esp. An attractive woman or girl. Copulation.. Services’. 19th c. 19 th c. See muslin. esp. See cauliflower. Un poco de bollito caliente untado de mantequilla (genitales fem. a. as sl. bit of fish. a . a. Copulation. Sp. Sp. Copulation. sl. Sp. Sp.. a. 19 th c. a. Copulation.. since mid-1890s (PARTRIDGE). E. Sp. sl. a. Sp. a. Un poco de carne de cerdo (coito). 1942. 10th c. bit of jam. a. pene. bit of hair. Un poco de lo bueno (coito). bit of hard. la mujer como objeto sexual). The female pudenda and copulation. E. Un poco de pelo (coito). how’s your father). he explained. Sp. A woman regarded sexually. “a sweetheart. Un trabajillo en la puerta delantera (coito). bit of cauliflower. Un poco de terciopelo negro (coito con una mujer de color). bit of how’s your father. a. coito. Sp. a. bit of meat. for petting and also for a girl-friend. E. a mistress. Sp. 115).bit2. one regarded as a sexual object. bit of mutton. bit of fun. bit of raspberry. a. bit of nifty. A woman regarded as a sex object. Sp. como ‘caricias sexuales’ o ‘novia’). A woman considered sexually. Sp. E. bit of fat. Sp.. muy antiguo. A woman regarded sexually. Un poco de percal (coito con una mujer atractiva). a. bit of homework. Un poco de mercancía (mujer atractiva. Un poco de pescado (coito).” (F & H). or copulation with her. “How come you got that black eye?” “Well”. Copulation. An act of copulation. Br. considerada como objeto sexual). Extra-marital copulation. An attractive woman or girl. a. Sp. Br. A woman regarded sexually. bit of pork. Un poco de lo duro (coito. sl. Taladro (pene) (euf. a. sl. Copulation with a black woman. . Un poco de mermelada (genitales fem. sl. The penis. bit of muslin. Sp. Copulation. The female genitals. Anal intercourse. a. bit of quimsy. See brown2. presente ya en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter. bit of black velvet. OED. Un poco de muselina (coito con una mujer. a. a. a prostitute. 19th c. bit of calico. as it can be found in The Exeter Book. a. Br. novia. See fun2. Un poco de grasa (coito con una mujer gruesa). a. Sp. US. 18 th-19th c. Copulation. Copulation. Copulation. Sp. Sp. Rare. Sp. Sp. Also. la mujer como objeto sexual). Copulation. Sp. Sp. “I was harmlessly dancing in the parlour with my girl to music from the radio. esp. esp.). del siglo X). v. Sp. bit of fluff. Un poco de lo bueno (sexo con una mujer atractiva). Un poco de deberes (coito) (registrado en el OED . bit of all right. coito. Sp. Un poco de coño (coito). Un poco de pelusa (coito con mujer atractiva). Un poco de cómo está tu padre (coito extra-conyugal. Coition with a stout female. 19 th c. See how’s your father. The next time they met the young man had a black eye. desde el punto de vista fem. at poker2). sl. is still occ.. Br. E.. found. bit of front-door work. muslin). Then her father walked in. one regarded as a sexual object. copulation and a woman regarded as sex object: ☺ «A young man boasted to his friend that he was courting a smashing bit of crumpet. amante). Un poco de coliflor (coito). one regarded as a sexual object. Un poco de diversión (coito). esp. a. From fish = ‘vagina’. la mujer considerada como objeto sexual) (v . a prostitute. one regarded as a sexual object. Sp. Sp. See also crumpet. Copulation from a female point of view. sl. The female genitals. sl. E. a. Br. Copulation. Un poco de miga (coito). E. coito. The metaphor ‘the penis is a piercing tool’ is very old. sl. a. Copulation. but to do a bit of front door work. Sp. bit of flat. See quim. An attractive woman or girl. (see quot. Br. bit of brown. the penis and an act of copulation. a. E. Un poco de marrón (coito anal). and it turned out he was absolutely stone deaf”» (adapted from Son of Rugby Jokes.. Br. Un poco de carne de cordero (coito con una mujer. riddle 62. A woman regarded sexually. A bit/piece of homework is lex. Br.

bit of spare. since c1870. a. v. bit of soap. E. often with sexual connotations. Lesbiana. A woman or girl.»). Copulation. A woman regarded sexually. Sp. with the indication ‘not now in decent use. The vagina. 1532-1932. one regarded as a sexual object. Sp. Sp. a. A love-affair.I won’t say a bitchBut a woman of no reputation» (Limerick). desde el punto de vista fem . bitch3. From bitch1 (q. Sp.). Copulation. change a bit of hard for a bit of soft).. a. sl. . a . Copulation from the female point of view ( goose’s neck = ‘penis’). E. Br.). a. a prostitute’. Un poco de trato duro (coito. vagina dentata y bottomless pit). a. Sp. A woman regarded sexually. See change a bit of hard for a bit of soft . Un poco del otro (coito). v. bite. Also. Morder el marrón (practicar anilingus). Mordedor (vagina. Rawlinson Mss. 17 th c. bits. Sp. como insulto: perra. sl. at milkers. Br. An attractive woman or girl. bitch2. Sp. Algo calentito (coito o vagina). v. The vagina. Un poco de eso de ahí (coito). bit of soft. See change a bit of snug for a bit of stiff . Sp. E. Gay jargon. change a bit of hard for a bit of soft). Br. Sp. even more provoking than that of a whore. biter. Sp. OED. Sp. Still often used as an insult. Sp. Sp. 17th-19th c. considerada como objeto sexual). bit of that there. bitch4. 17th c. Un poco de piel (coito con una mujer atractiva. Prostituta (usado tamb. the vagina (see change a bit of snug for a bit of stiff). lewdness. esp. bit of the goose’s neck. a. esp. OED a1400-1956: «She’s a damn’d lascivious Bitch And fucks for half-a-Crown» (“The Westminster Whore”. Lex. and bottomless pit. Un poco de cosquillas (coito. term for a woman. Low London. a. 19 th c. Sp. «There was a young man of high station Who was found by a pious relation Making love in a ditch To. one regarded as a sexual object. To copulate with a woman. Un poco de blando (vagina. disponible para sexo casual) . Algo extra (lío amoroso). A woman viewed sexually. Un poco de recambio (mujer sin compromiso. From comparing a woman to a female dog in heat (in GROSE’s words «the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman. Sexual intercourse. bit on a fork. Bocado (genitales fem. Sp. See brown1. Sp. sl.. To frequent the company of lewd women... bitch. a. puta). a.. See spare. but formerly common in literature’. bit of skin. sl. Sp.).there’s always a conveyor belt of fellas waiting to get their filthy bits in her slot» (Teazer). Un poco de falda (coito con una una mujer atractiva. Br. bite a piece. 19th c. la mujer como objeto sexual).. 1909-1971. 63). a. Putas (coito). Puta (homosexual de rol pasivo) (jerga gay). US. Partes (genitales). OED. To practise anilingus. See that. esp. Br.. bit of stiff. A lesbian. OED. Sp. one available for casual sex. Br. A derog. See have a bit on the side. The penis. An unattached woman. Un bocado en el tenedor (coito o genitales fem. considerada como objeto sexual).v. Sp. Sp. See vagina dentata. to. 19th c.. bitch1.. but also commonly used for ‘a lewd woman. Sp. E. bite the brown. a.). Copulation. Morder un trozo (realizar el coito con una mujer). Copulation or the female genitals. Sp. E.bit of rough. Un poco de cuello de ganso (coito. Un poco de rigidez (pene. in ‘silly bitch’. Br. sl. Copulation. Sp.. Copulation. obs. Prostitution. la mujer como objeto sexual). Puterío. Sp. sl. E. sl. A passive homosexual. 19 th-20th c. in BURFORD. esp. 1675. esp. a. The female pudenda. sl. Un poco de jabón (mujer considerada como objeto sexual). bit on the side. Sp. Copulation. a. bit of skirt. esp. See another quot. bit of the other. bit of stuff. Un poco de material (una mujer como objeto sexual). An attractive woman or girl.. a. bitchery. E. bit of tickle. bit of snug. Ir de putas. Sp. The genitals: «..

La negra Bess (personificación de los genitales fem. Agujero negro [genitales fem. Sp. sl. 17 th c. Sp. black eye. 22). Saco negro (genitales de las mujeres de color). in DÍAZ. had had a craving for black pudding.. in the phrases to get/to earn one’s black wings (conseguir/ganarse ‘alas negras’). Similar euphs. Based on the award given to those of them who make love to a Black woman. blade. Sp. black ring. i. Yóquey negro (genitales fem. The penis of a Black man. Pierna negra (pene de un negro). the pubic hair. black kiss. Br. de una canción popular del siglo XIX). US. blacksmith’s shop. Br. Serpiente negra (pene de un negro). Sp. The penis of a Black man: «. Sp. Sp..). black meat. E. from a popular song of the times. Used by Shaks. sl.) (usado por Shaks. Carne negra (genitales de un hombre o de una mujer de color. .black badger. black jock. Tejón negro (genitales fem. Br. A Black man’s penis. Br. Who his end made With his own blade Between his mistress’ thighs» (Anonymous verses. The pudenda of a Black woman. black-joke. black Bess.he knelt down before her and kissed the bushy blackness of her crotch» (CP. include: black jock. Sp. Sp. Terciopelo negro (una mujer de color o su vagina). See also brown wings and red wings. ever since she had come to live among these naked savages. A Black woman or her vagina. Black Bess. Sp. sl.. E. E. Sp. US. Negrura (vello púbico fem. Sp. black pudding. Sp.Now this girl.. Beso negro (anilingus). The anus. blacksnake. black-hole.. Also. The female genitals. black Maria. Boca negra (genitales de una mujer de color). Sp Chiste negro (genitales fem. ‘negro’). The female genitals. blackleg. Morcilla (pene de un negro). Sp. She’ll find a white that shall her blackness hit. black bagging. See blackness. Austr.: «Here six foot deep In his last sleep The Lord of Lampas lies. Sp. Also dark meat. Jack negro (pene de un negro).).). black hole/black-hole. Anilingus. Lápiz negro (pene de un negro)...» ( Othello. E.... esp. See ring. 19 th c. Mamba negra (pene de un negro). sl. 19th c. sl. 17th-19th c. 132-34). black pencil. US. used collectively. Hell’s Angels humorous use. black joke. 19 th c. The female genitals. sl. 76).. juego de palabras entre el color del vello púbico y The Black Hole of Calcutta – ‘el agujero negro de Calcuta’ (lugar de encarcelamiento)]. sl. 57). The anus.. A house of prostitution run by a Black woman. II. blackness. Sp..) . The penis of a Black man. To make love to a Black woman. The penis. based on the colour of the pubic hair. Sp. black ring (see ring). How if she be black and witty? Iago. The female genitals. sl. Sp.» ( Son of Rugby Jokes. Sp. Tienda del herrero (prostíbulo dirigido por una mujer de color. E. The female genitals. Sp. A Black man’s penis.. Punning on the colour of the pubic hair and «the Black Hole of Calcutta (‘a place of imprisonment’). The pudenda of a Black woman.. spec.. Hoja de la espada (pene). Homosexual sl. Anillo negro (ano).: « Desdemona. Alas negras (distinción otorgada por los Ángeles del Infierno a aquél de sus miembros que hace el amor con una mujer de color). E. Negra María (genitales de una mujer de color). Ojo negro (ano). sl. A Black man’s penis. black jack. juego de palabras con black. black mamba. Br. early 19 th c. tamb . black mouth. Pudenda of a Black woman or a Black man’s penis. etc. Still current: «. sl. (also brown jock and grey jock).. a Black prostitute. Sp. Sp. Sp. Br. black wings. The female genitals. black velvet.. prostituta de color). Pudenda of Black women.

blanket drill. blind date. Copulation. 18th-20th c. en to draw the blinds. Sp. (to).. Sp. To coit with a woman. . El viejo ciego Bob (pene. Copulation or masturbation.. E. The buttocks.. in BURFORD. Sp. 85). US. Persian poetic metaphor for the penis.. Sp. And to Blind-man’s buff they did go» (When Phoebus Addrest. blanket love. Also. sl. Of a male. blind cheeks. menos frec. q. Lexicon Balatronicum. sl. q. Sp. Homosexual jargon. blind eye that weeps. US.v).: «As I walked down a shady lane On a door I chanced to knock ‘Have you any pots or kettles ma’m. with imagery of a spacecraft leaving the ground. See also curtains and drapes.talk about blasting off. c1620. blanket hornpipe. Ejaculation. Sp. Humorous: because it has only one eye.Roger and I spent our remaining strength in simultaneous blasts» (Pent). Incordio (prostituta). blaze the trail. E. blimp. Br. Cupido ciego (culo). From the sl..» (FU. to be coited. Sp. From the children’s game in which one of the players with his eyes covered tries to catch the others: «The youth was rough. Ojo ciego (ano). Sp. meaning ‘bubble’. Sp. Cockney. descorrer el pepucio). blast. E. Persianas (prepucio.: «This time we went off together . underworld. Explotar (eyacular o. sl. en to get a shove in one’s blind-eye . 45). Br. Bendecir (realizar sexo anal). Lex. Ojo ciego (genitales fem .). and chiefly US. blister. Amor de manta (amores ilícitos). Ejercicio de manta/’edredoning’ (coito o masturbación). To ejaculate. E. sl. El juego de la gallinita ciega (coito). sl. 18th-20th c. Baile de la manta (danza popular) (coito). (Concertar) una cita a ciegas. Br. Sp. Pequeño zepelín (prostituta gorda). Br.. 11). Sp. Sp. blind Bob. blind-eye1. To ejaculate. anonymous. orgasm. E. Globo (condón).. Sp. Gay jargon. blinds. sl. blast. The female pudenda. Br. blob. esp. blind. block. porque sólo tiene un ojo que no ve) . A condom. orgasmo). sl. A fat prostitute. US. Callejón sin salida (genitales fem. with a person of the other sex one does not know previously. E. The anus. 18th c.v. From the sense ‘to explore new territories’. blind-eye2. meaning ‘an annoying person’. Copulation. Illicit amours. With rusty holes to block?’» (Fragment of an Irish folksong. term for a prostitute. (To make) an appointment gen. leche y azúcar (pechos de mujer). 50). Ojo ciego que llora (pene. to.. Sp. See blind Bob.. sl. dicho del hombre). The prepuce. bless. 19th c. sl.. 18041930. Of a male.. The female genitals. Bizcochos hechos con harina de maíz. since the 17th c. E. Br. Sp.. The breasts. esp. in to get a shove in one’s blind-eye. To copulate with a virgin. copular con una mujer). blast off. blind Cupid.. sl.. US. to pull back the prepuce.. sl. Despegar (un cohete espacial) (eyacular). occ. Uncircumcised. Bloquear (copular. Sp. The penis. US. Homosexual jargon. de una metáfora persa). Esp. Br. Humorous: she resembles a small airship. Br. Sp. 1925: «Any kind of blind-dating is sometimes dangerous» (FU. Ciego favorito (pene). Sp. Explosión (eyaculación.. to coit with a woman. blind favourite...blancmanges. early 1800s. The penis: «(Polly) [. esp. as orig. which does not see. Sp. in Archivos Secretos. Ciego (pene no circuncidado) (jerga gay). meaning shooting or exploding. The buttocks. Sp.: «. 18th c. Hacer un descubrimiento importante/explorar nuevos territorios (copular con una virgen). Sp. E. Sp.] with her hands conducted her blind favourite to the right place» (FH. Sp. Lexicon Balatronicum.. OED. in to draw the blinds. OED. Perhaps from the obs. blind alley. Sp. A derog. he took up her stuff. To perform anal intercourse. old. Sp. IrishAmerican sl. blind-man’s buff. 104). sl.. Cachetes ciegos (nalgas).

Menstruation. she was busty. blow off. blossom. blot. See block. Aparejo de poleas (genitales masc. blow. Sp. El tipo que se alistó con uno (pene. juego de palabras con la reina María Tudor). She could match the great Buzoom. where we find a stanza («A Ballad of All the Trades») which tells of a blacksmith who: «. La semana de la sangre (menstruación). blood disease. The anus.. as coarse sl. Br. Lanzar los granos sueltos (copular. Sp. to fill her womb to the brim with his blood» (DOV.. A venereal disease. dicho del hombre).v. Sp.15 And she strained out of her bloomers Like a melon tree in bloom» (Fragment of rugby song). Menstruation. V. Sp. See flute1.. ‘to masturbate’. Sp. The breasts. And a very fine trumpeter is he. bloke who enlisted with one. US.: «’I love to make it with a woman who gives imaginative blow-jobs’» (Playboy). blow. To perform fellatio. Sp.).» (TCn.. 136-39). A prostitute. E. Explotar (eyacular). E. Flores (pechos de mujer). q. Explotar (orgasmar). blouze. Sp. Pololos (del nombre de la reformista social norteamericana que los introdujo). Sangre (semen). sl. Formerly. An act of fellatio. sl.never heats his Iron [. Sp. to1. Bloquear su agujero/su pasadizo (copular. blow. de blowze. Austr.). blow (on) someone’s flute. Punning on the mixed alcoholic drink and Queen Mary (Mary Tudor).. Sp. OED. blow-boy. dicho del hombre). To perform cunnilingus: «My old man is a trumpeter.). Soplar la flauta (hacer una felación). Sp. After Mrs. See blow the groundsels/grounsils. The penis. To coit with a woman. Prostituta (var. Sp. See social disease. or the buttocks. 17th-18th c. US.. bloody Mary. Arremetida (pollazo). Lex. but to no avail. 17th19th c. A male homosexual. i. See tackle. blood... Enfermedad de la sangre (enfermedad venérea). Sp. blow. usado esp. block her hole/her passage. Flor (genitales fem.. a US. en to shake hands with the bloke who enlisted with one. etc.. social reformer. Sp. To have an orgasm: «The thought alone of what they were doing almost made me blow.v. . Sangrienta María (bebida alcohólica) (menstruación. Soplar (hacer una felación). Borrón (ano o culo) . blossoms. Sp. or cant. Sp. See blowze. sl.). 15 A pun on bazooms. The male genitals. Br. blonde bombshell.] / But his Maid must blow the Bellows» (in HENKE.block and tackle. OED. 1961. OED. A sexual thrust or stroke of the penis: «(Howe’er the blow doth threaten) / So well I like the play. Sp. 84 ). To ejaculate. sl. Sp. Sp. Bloomer. See bombshell. bloomers. Sp. And then he comes home and blows me» (Fragment of rugby song). To perform fellatio. 1979).. Mamada.). to2. blow-job/blowjob. To coit with a woman. a woman’s knee-length undergarment. blow off on the groundsels. might be older however. sl. See blow1. q. 1933: «Or else he would urge her to blow on it. blood week. A very attractive and sexy blonde. to3. / That I could wish all day / And night to be so beaten» ( EH. Her spring continued to trickle» (GL. Sp. All day long he blows trumpets.v. blow off the loose corns. q.» (Hustler). Soplar (hacer un cunilinguo). the. Sp. gymnasium practice.. Corns refers to seed (semen). Sp. loose trousers reaching to the knee worn by women for bicycling.v. q. Semen : «He could no longer hold back and pushed out to invade her. in LEWIS. Muchacho que practica la felación (gay). who introduced it. 139). 144). Used in the dysphemistic expression to shake hands with the bloke who enlisted with one . The euph. Rubia bomba (mujer rubia muy sexy). 1862-1967: «She was bawdy. now. The female genitals: «The woman wiped off her tender blossom with a napkin. as there is a clear allusion in Pills to Purge Melancholy (18th c. sl.

See blowze. To coit with a woman and coition: «Oh bang away Lulu. To have an orgasm.. A prostitute. Black sl. . Sp. q. blowse. US. Soplar melodías (hacer un cunilinguo).. blowesse. A prostitute’s pimp. which was to force me to their pleasure» (EIT. blowhole. 1856-1960. Obscene. E. sl. de blowze. Sp. OED. (see quot. To coit with a woman hurriedly on the floor or the stairs. Sp. Usar la porra (ser chulo de prostituta. US.” Sp. A shortened form of bludgeoner. referencia a felación). Prostituta (origen desconocido).v.. Sp. sl. coito). Soltar el paquete (correrse). A prostitute. Soplete (pene. blowen. Sp. Sp. See also shoot (off) one’s load/wad . Ano (como objeto de anilingus).v. derivación regresiva de bludger. Sp. etc. 181216.: «I almost blew my nuts when I felt those luscious lips of hers slipping over the head of my pecker» ( FU. blowz. with its var. Coarse sl. Soplársela en el suelo (echar un polvo rápido en el suelo o en la escalera). applied to the lips. Que usa la porra (chulo de prostituta). Descargar los huevos (correrse). To ejaculate. blue. The anus. 17th-18th c.: blowse. underworld. Vars. sl. q. bludgeon (club). q. The erect penis. Soplar la flauta de piel (hacer una felación). Another name for a sex doll.blow one’s load/wad/the lot. It might derive from a blue gown q. bludge. blow up. To ejaculate. at undermine). US. Of unknown origin. See lump2. Prostituta (var. or from blue apron q. blowze. bludger. blubber.: «I was dancing up and down like mad and then I blew the lot» ( Playbirds). A prostitute. Whata we to do for a good blow through. Sp. bang away Lulu Bang away good and strong. To coit with a woman and to ejaculate. See blowze.v. and gives the following example: «The blowen kidded the swell into a snoozing ken. Prostituta (etimología desconocida).: «’Come and blow the grounsils. «the dress of ignominy worn by a harlot in a house of correction» (OED.)). Soltar la carga (correrse). one who uses. obs. A wench. sl. Palo para mamar (pene como objeto de felación). thence break the maidenhead violently’. Used by Shaks. blow stick. Porra (pene erecto). gen. a prostitute. en pos. blowing. but the connection is not proved (in the OED-1726-. Sp. protruding’. blow the skin flute. wench!’ – which I understood only by their obvious intention. blowtorch. blow through.. OED. blow-up doll. Sp. From the meaning ‘explode’. When Lulu’s dead and gone?» (Fragment of rugby song). To act as a prostitute’s pimp. Muñeca inflable. blow one’s nuts. 1604-1787). See play the skin flute. blouse. Perhaps from the standard meaning ‘swollen. Large breasts. as the object of anilingus. GROSE has to sport blubber (lucir pecho) “said of a large coarse woman. Prostituta (var. GROSE defines it as follows: «A mistress or whore of a gentleman of the scamp». The penis. q. blow one’s lumps. and shook him of his dummee and thimble» (the girl inveigled the gentleman into a brothel and robbed him of his pocket book and watch). To practise cunnilingus. pornographic: a blue movie. To fellate. blouze. Sp. Sp. blowesse. blow some tunes. Also blow off on the groundsels. ejaculate. Sp. who exposes her bosom.v. 1864-1965. blow the lot.v.v. de blowze. Lex.). Sp. See blow one’s load/wad/the lot. Br. Hinchazones (pechos de gran tamaño). 98). Sp. or is armed with a bludgeon. Possibly in reference to penilingus. The penis. Sp. US. 1573-1719. en el sentido de copular). as sl. Back-formation from bludger. prob.. Br. 160). Sp. Sp.). blue apron is registered only as a tradesman): 16 PARTRIDGE (1950) predates it to 1688. 19th c. a blue book.v. Explotar (copular con una mujer y correrse) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. q. E. Inyectar vapor en el motor (copular con una mujer. Of unknown origin. blow the groundsels/grounsils. OED. a cant word. a name given to prostitutes in those times. OED. Sp.

dolor de huevos). 18th c.» ( Men Only). The glans. / And she must not speak. A lesbian who can take either the active or the passive sexual role. 19). Still current. Sp. gonorrea) blue book. Sp. sl. A blend of ‘bitch’ and ‘fluff’. blue-veined steak. Sp. sl. 49-50: «Cas. Bluebeard’s closet. Used by Shaks. US. blue apron. US. esp. The female pudenda. murdering his wives. Used by Shaks. . Sp. See pull a train.). Sp.. Sp. Sp. E. Army sl. The glans penis. To copulate with a woman. Libro ‘verde’. Sp. Sp. Lesbiana que puede adoptar tanto el rol activo como el pasivo (fusión de bitch y fluff). An erection. Used by Shaks. Vena azul (erección). Película ‘verde’. Barba-Azul (mujeriego. lo que al parecer dio origen al significado de ‘obsceno’ de blue). The erect penis: «I looked down at Bobby’s blue-veined meaty shaft. Sp. Sp.most blue-movie fans are English. esp. Sp. US. board a land carrack/carack .. See blue. blue vein. bluff. 123-124). blue balls2. Sp. blue veiner.» (TSM./ Why she dares not come over to thee» ( King Lear. To coit. q. Br. in the phrase the little man in the boat . Pelotas azules (hinchazón dolorosa de los testículos causada por una prolongada erección sin eyacular .. sl. The erect penis. From the prominence of the vein when erect. Subir a bordo (copular con una mujer) (usado por Shaks. ‘pequeño hombre del bote’. See blue. vi.). A lecher. I would he had boarded me» (Much Ado. a whoremonger.. Columna de vena azul (pene erecto). A turgid and painful condition of the testicles caused by a prolonged erection without ejaculation (see also hot nuts1 and love nuts/lover nuts/lover’s nuts).. Pills. board. II. the erect penis. 19th c. From the locked turret-chamber. US. who married several times.. blue-veined column. A pornographic film: «.: «I am sure he is in the fleet. From blue vein.) [usado por Shaks. Punta roma (glande).v. ii. gonorrhea. Montarse en un barco de carga (copular con una prostituta) (usado por Shaks. blue movie. Acero azul (erección). blue gown. Any of various venereal diseases. i. From the hardness of steel. E. Bote. Delantal azul (prostituta). Br.in seconds the footman’s blue-veined column stood ramrod-straight against his belly. in the expression her boat hath a leak (su bote hace agua). Pelotas azules (nombre dado a varias enfermedades venéreas. he to-night hath boarded a land carack». El de la vena azul (pene erecto).. board the train. clítoris). homosexual jargon.). Sp. sl. 31).«But you Blue-apron tribe. and keeping their bodies in a locked turret-chamber. Sp. Sp. let this caution prevail: Be not too saucy lest you rot in a jail» («The Long Vocation». azul). The penis. El cuarto de Barba-Azul (genitales fem. To copulate with a prostitute. blueskin. Subir al tren (dicho de cada uno de los hombres que copula sucesivamente con una mujer). Bistec de vena azul (pene erecto). Sp. 25-27). Sp. An erection of the penis. III.. in Othello. Sp. Cereza azul (glande). sl. Flecha de carne con vena azul (pene erecto). blue cherry. Trompeta de vena azul (pene erecto). blue-veined trumpet. blue-veined meaty shaft. that looked so appetising» (TSM. I. Sp.. Sp. Sp. what makes here? Iago. From the personage of popular mythology (so called from the colour of his beard). q. Said of each of the various males successively copulating with a woman. barco (genitales fem.v. Bluebeard. The erect penis. esp. Br. Sp. A prostitute. An erection of the penis. ‘Verde’ (lit. Faith.. putañero). an allusion to ‘period’ or ‘gonorrhea’: «Her boat hath a leak. E. blue steeler. See blue. boat1. sl. Ancient. 228). Sp. alusión a la gonorrea o la regla] (boat es aun de uso corriente hoy día en the little man in the boat. the erect penis. blunt end. Bata azul (que debían llevar las prostitutas en un correccional. in BURFORD. The eret penis: «. Br. E. blue balls1. A pornographic book. en her boat hath a leak (su bote hace agua). The female genitals. Piel azul (pene). where Bluebeard kept the bodies of his murdered wives.

v. is a var. US. From the movement when walking. Sp. A masculine lesbian. bobbies. bobtail.. From to boff... Guijarros (testículos) (dial. bobstay. Br. Austr. and asks what their genitals are.v. Also. III. E.. bodini/budini.v.v. q.v. q. rhyming sl. US. Dale que te pego (genitales fem. q. Sp. The frenum of the penis.). q. sl.. mujer lasciva o que juega con sus genitales). sl. E. of bonk. boffable.v. as he crosses different porn stars at a porn convention]: ’Fucked her. Testículos (v. From a dial. To copulate and to masturbate. dicho del hombre).) (usado por Shaks. bog queen. 115116). A prostitute. Sp. Ciénagas (genitales fem. Barbiquejo de bauprés (frenillo del pene). Sp. Sp. q. A gay male who frequents public toilets for sex ( bog = lavatory).: «Antipholus.v.. sl. body’s captain.’ The father: ‘That’s my boat.v. Morcilla (del italiano bodino) (pene). Punzón (pene). boink.). Sp. 19th c. baubles/bawbles) bobbles.] in her buttocks. usu. gay jargon.. boil bangers. usually said of a male. q. Br. A contraction of bawdy ken. US. Br. word for stones. bodkin. From to boink. In what part of her body stands Ireland? Dromio. boff. or a lewd woman. Fuckable. boat and oar.Reamed her.).. Sp. body rub. boinkable. en realidad un burdel encubierto). El coco (trasero o ano). Hervir salchichas (copular) . Br. Gay jargon. US. Golpear (copular. Amante de cuerpos (homosexual que practica frottage.. ‘hit’ or ‘rub’.Alex and Marilyn were unavailable [... The mother says: ‘That’s my harbor. underworld. Sp.Popped her cherry. Sp. sl. perhaps a var. 19th c. bodikin.. also dated. The penis. bobbers. From the standard meaning. q. E. The female pudenda.. From the common term for a horse’s tail that has been cut short. F & H have: “a corrupted form of bawbells. A homosexual frotteur.. A corruption of bull-dagger. q.. E. The female genitals. Follable (de boff) bogey/bogy. The testicles.’ Child: ‘Daddy. I found it out by the bogs» ( The Comedy of Errors. Follable (de boink). bodaggle. Sp. Masturbation by a whore. 18 th-19th c. From the nautical term for the rope used to confine the bowsprit of a ship down to the stem. sl. for ‘whore’. Sp. q. Reina de cuerpos (homosexual que se excita con hombres musculosos) (jerga gay) . why don’t you set your boat in Mama’s harbor?’» (there are other versions with horse and stable. sl. E. Sp. bogs. E. ii. Br. my. q. Sp. Flotadores (pechos de mujer). Sp.) (jerga gay). The penis: ☺«A child sees its parents in the bathtub. 19th c. (antic. Golpear (copular o masturbarse el hombre).: «[Ron Jeremy (the famous male porn star). Sp. One of the services offered. From Italian bodino.Porked her. body worker. 19th c. (alteración de bull-dagger. See baubles/bawbles.. Sp. sl. 19th c.. Br. automobile and garage. The penis. Humorous: man ruled by his sexual organ. sl. Reina de los aseos (gay que frecuenta los aseos en busca de sexo) (jerga gay).).Got a blowjob from her. etc. A brothel. Fuckable. Sp.v. E. To copulate. tamb .] as they were far too busy boffing» (CI)... The breasts.v. Trabajadora del cuerpo (prostituta). to males.... Masaje corporal (masturbación como servicio ofrecido en una casa de masajes. in a massage parlour. q. Burdel (forma contraida de bawdy ken. The posterior or the anus. sl. variant of buff.v. [. Sp.Got her in the ass. Lesbiana de rol masc. Sp.: «.. Bote y remo (prostituta. Sp..boat2.Boinked her... ‘blood sausage’. bob-and-hit. .). Gay jargon.’». sl. or one that plays with her tail” (GROSE). “«an impotent man. Probably an obs.. body queen. Br.: oar rima con whore). The penis. dated. El capitán de mi cuerpo (mi pene). sl. A homosexual male who is aroused by men with muscular bodies. The testicles. Br. Used by Shaks. E. To coit with a woman.. E. Bote. Br. US. barco (pene). Echoic term.” Sp. body lover. argot rimado am. The penis.). Sp.(Hustler cartoon). 19th c. Broken oar.. Sp. Sp. ‘a long thin needle without a point’.. 53). A prostitute. Cola recortada (pene o eunuco. substituted for boat and harbor) (Rationale I. a eunuch (as if his penis had been bobbed). underworld. US. sl.

bolt. OED.] rose and slipped off her dressing-gown to stand before us absolutely bollock naked» ( Fiesta).: «Sally [.v. The penis. The female breasts. lo usó en las combs. Sp. de ballocks.. bone. sl. pelotas (var. he took my leather cuffs and anklets and chained me to the chair. Erección (por analogía con hard-on.: «Animals with a bone in the penis. Bombas (pechos de mujer) bombshell. at well-hung.» ( Pent). bonfire. bombs. that I’ve not?” Sighed she. III. Happily [.. See bondage.. Tetas (término onomatopéyico). to B and D or B/D in sexual ads.v. Used by Shaks.. OED.v. 25-26).). E. Var.. Sp. See ballocks. An obs.). de ballocks. Una bomba (mujer atractiva y sexy). Derog. The erect penis. q. sl. 1942): «. to.» (Mayfair). Sado-masochistic practices. Br. A large penis. Bolas. campus sl. According to MCDONALD. bologna. often abbrev. Yogur de las pelotas (semen) bollox. bone-ache/bone-ague. incurable bone-ache y Neapolitan bone-ache). q. v.v. “What’s it got.. Sp.v. q.: «I had always dreamed of my boss’s bone being very long. de ballocks.] excited my cooze» (Barely Legal). servitude’. sl. A fellator. Bolas..penes erectos (gay que hace felaciones) . often referred to syphilis giving it various names: incurable bone-ache. Sp. Echoic term. an erection. Esclavitud (prácticas sadomasoquistas)... From It. thick and juicy» (Hustler). bone-on/bone on. Sp. The testicles. q. q.v. sl. 1744-1968. US. Bolas.v. Sp. The penis. sl. Erección. Sp. The testicles.. Esclavitud y disciplina (prácticas sado-masoquistas). Sp. The testicles. Sp. bollocks. bone.the blonde bombshell arranged an appointment with me. Echoic term. See quot. pelotas (var. To copulate. The testicles. q. q. ii. Hence. pelotas (var. bom. Hueso (pene erecto. From the standard meaning ‘slavery. Contrabandista de pollas (gay) (pey) boner.. Gay jargon..v. bone). buona roba. US. good dress. bone-queen.. it was Standard English up until the early 19 th c.v. an erection: «. bollix.: « We knew where the bona-robas were. Dolor de huesos (sífilis) (Shaks. Sp.) (según MCDONALD. My dear.. Onomatopeya de golpe (copular). de bum. Modelled after hard-on.). To copulate.. Sp. Sp. I quickly agreed. Sp. A gay male.. pelotas (var. Reina de ‘huesos’. bollock yogurt. Syphilis. En bolas. The buttocks. as obs.Roger shoved his bolt deep into her. Another term for arrow. bona-roba. Shaks.. of ballocks. See bonk Sp. q. blonde bombshell.. Saeta (pene). q. Sp. Usar el hueso (copular.) (prostituta) (usado por Shaks.). E.] the bony structure is lost in man» ( TCn.v. de ballocks. US. “Just a yard-long bologna» (Limerick). and had the best of them all at commandment » (2 Henry IV. a bone on. bondage and discipline.. An erection. bondage. inglés estándar hasta rincipios del siglo XIX)). Hoguera (pene). See ballocks. among others. pene erecto. Also ballock-naked. Orig. 1966: «.). form of bum. a very attractive blonde (OED.feeling his racing heart in his boner [. Sp.bolaxe. Culo (var. Sp. Sp. US. Sp.: «. Lex. The female breasts. 19th c. q..» (Mayfair). Said he. sl. 1398-1659. bong. The erect penis. .v. Bolas. From bollocks. q.. Buen vestido (del it. bone smuggler. See ballocks.he asked if I felt like a little bondage. Sado-masochistic practices. Semen. Neapolitan bone-ache. «Tiana sure gives me a boner!» (Swank). leprosy and malady of France. A very attractive and sexy woman. 11). bollock-naked. Br.. Salchicha de Bolonia (pene de gran tamaño). erección)..). to. Sp. A prostitute. obs. Sp. From the large kind of sausage first made at Bologna: «She married a fellow named Tony Who soon found her fucking the pony. Sp. US.. Stark naked. OED. OED. q.. Sp. bongos. 1597-1822.v. Sp.

boondagger. Erección (por analogía con hard-on. From the sense ‘to dance to boogiewoogie music’.v. bonne-bouche.. Echoic term. sl. q. To do the sex act. at the time. US.). sl. An erection.v. (Of a male) to masturbate. OED. used for ‘sex’. US. booty. Botín (sexo. bübbi.Trista peeled off her tee-shirt to reveal a firm pair of boobs». US. And lay’d the Leaves at large». Sp.v.. Botín (var. boo-boo. Sp.bonk. shortening of boobies. The testicles. US. A condom. Hitting imagery. Sp. q. bübbi. bonk-on. as sl. (Of a male) to masturbate. bonking some Tunisian she’d left her husband and kid for» ( Razzle). Sp. style.). was already used in the 17th c. Sp.. Cataplines (usado por Truman Capote en su novela Grass Harp). Fuckable. Tetas (posiblemente del alemán dial.v. Polvo en las tetas.). From the French for ‘good taste in the mouth’. genitales fem. in 1951. La esposa del encuadernador (genitales fem. The breasts: «. Sp. Onomatopoeic reduplication.v.).. coito). OED. 1934. particularly one who likes to dress in a masc. sl. c1600. 18th c. forma abrev. 1984: «. Pompi. See booty. bop. Modelled after hard-on. boom-boom. Sp. Stevens” [quoted by PARTRIDGE. The female genitals. 1949. boodle. Sp. Also tit-fuck. Pum-pum (onomatopeya de disparo) (actividad sexual. sl. . Lex.).» (Mayfair). Hitting imagery. Prob. Sp. US. bonkfest. we find conjuring book. Sp. boogie/boogey. Sp. Sp. boom. But the euph.. Sp. uninhibited bonkfests with Kev Costner in Revenge. Tetas (prob.. Insertion of the penis between a woman’s breasts.he calls up. Orgía. Black sl. ‘teats’. Aumentar el censo (copular. nalgas). US. See higher Malthusianism. Golpear (copular. wants me to come over to straight screw him. Hitting imagery. copulation. twenty minutes and out» (THH.). Bota (condón). bop the baloney. boom the census.. To coit with a woman. OED. Sp. The female genitals.). (orig. Golpear/aporrear la salchicha de Bolonia (masturbarse el hombre). dicho del hombre).. Sp.). in the phrase two-leav’d booke: «It is a Penne with a hole in the toppe To write betwene her two-leav’d booke.( CI). q. booboos. q. de boobies.. To copulate. book-binder’s wife. An orgy: «She’s been involved in steamy. Perhaps from German dial. sl. boody. boom. sl. de booty. A child´s word for the posterior. as sl. book. Buena boca (del fr.. See booty. Sexual activity. to do anal intercourse.v.» ( A Man’s Yard. Sp. Used by Truman Capote. Golpear/aporrear la salchicha de Bolonia (masturbarse el hombre). From to bonk.v. boobs. Sp.. in BURFORD. (orig. Lex. A bonk is an act of sexual intercourse. In Pills to Purge Melancholy. Follable (de bonk). bop one’s bologna. Sp.: «She open’d wide her Conjuring Book. por ‘buen sabor en la boca’ (sabroso bocado) (genitales fem. q. 238). v. Sp. anglicised as ‘a tasty morsel’.Linda was. 141).. A. bonkable. Also boody. q. US. boob-ball. higher Malthusianism). Buena daga (lesbiana de rol masc. 49).v. ‘teats’). q. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under monosyllable)]. boobies. in his novel Grass Harp.. Libro (donde el hombre puede escribir con su ‘pluma’ o ‘lápiz’) (genitales fem . Perhaps from the firing of a gun: «. and to copulate in this way: «Lots of girls come from being boob-balled» ( Barely Legal). “G. boot. The female genitals. US. q.. US. An aggressive lesbian. The female pudenda as a book for a man to write in with his pen or pencil. Sp. ‘the female genitals’ or ‘the buttocks’: «She has one juicy booty that’s only matched by her ample titties» (Swank). (in BURFORD. Bailar un bugui-bugui (copular o realizar sexo anal). Golpear/golpe (término onomatopéyico) (echar un polvo/polvo) . The breasts. To copulate.). Sp. Sp.

Sp. Copular (argot del campus de la universidad de Edimburgo). Sp. Sp. OED. The buttocks. bosoms. The penis. Boston tea party. US. Perforadora (pene) (euf. «(Let our youth) drown themselves in riot! itches. presente ya en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter. to. vía francés antiguo bordel). Sp. golden shower). born in the vestry. Seno..). The female lap. Sp. borer.-a natural). q. (see quot. Haber nacido en la sacristía (ser hijo. bore her up and down.: «So I might live one hour in your sweet bosom» (Richard III. Sp. gay jargon. to. sl. Senos. Boston marriage. Golpear/aporrear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. The female breasts. OED.bop the bishop. / Sow all the Athenian bosoms. q. women.). riddle 62. a house of prostitution. An illegitimate child. To pierce with a bore. Ánima de una escopeta (genitales fem. for bordel. To coit with a woman: «I stricken was with Cupid’s fiery shaft. Sp. c1000-1864: «’You have written a sonnet’. the pudenda. bore2. You have sent me some verse on Each part of my person. To be an illegitimate child (whose parents were not married in church). pechos de mujer.v. bosom1. See quot. A var. bosh. IV. Burdel (del Latín bordellus. bo-y!’» (Limerick). Perforadora (pene). See also hot-bot. bop the Bonzo. Sp. Current sl. Perforarla de arriba abajo (penetrar a una mujer). Sp. bordel. de bottom. US. 138-41). ‘cabin’. iv. I. Bosquecillo de Venus (vello púbico fem. v. Br. 10th c. Pompi (forma abrev. at gimlet.. ‘bore’. ‘On my bosom so rounded and snowy. (Of a male) to masturbate. an instrument for boring. bore1. Matrimonio bostoniano (de dos lesbianas) (jerga gay). Long-term. From the obs. 17th c. / And stole her from her friends in Turnbull Street. 1922. To copulate. Hitting imagery. and their crop to general leprosy!» ( Timon. From the cavity of a gun. OED. bordel. i. Sp.) (usado por Shaks. Botany Bay.-a en el lado malo de las sábanas/ la manta/la colcha (ser hijo. 19 th c. Golpear/aporrear a Richard (masturbarse el hombre). 28-30).) of Rabelais. The breast of a human being. monogamous relationship (not necessarily sexual) between two.). from medieval Latin bordellus. E.F. Used by Shaks. III. ‘A drill’. muy antiguo. pecho de mujer. Sp.v. To be found in the English translations (Motteux. Abbrev. Sp. to be .» (DOV. From O. otherwise unmarried. A house of prostitution. Hitting imagery.v. Now do something. 1598-1961: «Rich young men traveled in bands from bordello to bordello. Urquhart. (Of a male) to masturbate. Geographical name suggesting exploration and adventure: 17 Pustules caused by venereal disease. Sp. Sp. ‘brothel’. The female genitals. OED.). (Edinburgh Univ. 17 th c. OED. The female breasts. / And bore her up and down» ( KBP. That’s lovely. Sp. Sp. boskage of Venus. To pierce by means of a rotary movement. q. born on the wrong side of the sheets/blanket/covers . from bottom. 1959: «Now Mrs Brown had invisible bosoms They scarcely showed beneath her blouse So they gave her the vegetable compound Now they milk her with the cows» (Fragment of rugby song). bosom2. blains 17. Campus sl. Nacido. Burdel (del italiano). Golpear/aporrear al Bonzo (masturbarse el hombre). Perforar (copular). ‘hut’. Hitting imagery. Sp.). sl. Fiesta del té de Boston (orgía en la que los participantes practican la ‘lluvia de orina’. bop Richard. 124). Found in The Exeter Book.. said Chloe. c1305-1850. of golden shower. 25). The penis. bordello. at wimble). To have sexual intercourse. bot. The female genitals. regazo (genitales fem. From Old English bosm. It. Seno. . ii.-a natural) . Sp. del siglo X). (Of a male) to masturbate. /And fell in love with this my lady dear. The female pubic hair. Sp. bore.

at little eye and source. Sp. esp. bottle opener. US. bott. for ‘ass’.v. q. Also. Sp. The anus. US.. in the expression to fill a bottle with a tun-dish.). Sp..) among others. bottom-hole. A man who prefers this part of a woman’s anatomy: «He was obviously being a bottom man last night.) (usado por Shaks. OED. From bottle and glass.”» (Limerick). From bottom + y (diminutive suffix). as milk containers. Similar expressions include: biter.». Hombre de abajo (miembro de rol pasivo en una pareja de homosexuales) . –1827 edition–. to. por ‘infierno’ en la Biblia) (genitales fem. en to fill the bottle with a tun-dish. Sp. Sp. Agujero del fondo/del culo (ano). underworld.. a catamite prostitute who acts as a receiver. bottom woman. Sp.v. bottom man2. 1874-1924. Pompi (var.. heard in Canada. From the drinking toast. A male prostitute. See also top man.). Br. Botella (prostitución masc. To coit with a woman anally.). Sp. The buttocks. E. “I’m a bottom man. usu..v. bottle and glass. A humorous dysph. And nourish its soil with sowing our seed» («Botany Bay». The female genitals. Fondo (pompi).v. Pozo sin fondo (euf.v.). From bottle and glass. botty. a menudo su mujer o su novia). much the same. Yerba del fondo (vello púbico) (usado por Shaks. his wife or girlfriend. A pimp’s most dependable prostitute. Copulation wherein the male enters the vagina from the rear.M. (Of a waitress in certain bars) naked from the waist down. q. A nickname for a catamite. The passive partner in a male homosexual couple: «There was once an effeminate Ottoman.v. The pubic hair. showing an element of male apprehension about the nature of the vagina (see vagina dentata). gay jargon. Orig. bottom. 9-2): «And he (the fifth angel) opened the bottomless pit. bottomless pit. de bot. q. 289). Nombre geográfico (que sugiere exploración y aventura) (genitales fem.v. Sp. Sp. The pudenda. bottom man1.v. Abre-botellas (homosexual de rol activo) (jerga gay) . bottoms. Sp. US.).). (see quot. A male homosexual. in BURFORD. I fear.) bottle. Pompi (de bottom + y. Often abbrev. Used by Shaks. Arriba los fondos/culos (típico brindis inglés) (coito por detrás. sl. For the fair sex. He spent hours kissing and feeling all around my bottom» ( Men Only). 1794-1885: «. the insertor. por analogía con topless). E.v. Sp. M. he was not a man. Comerciante de botellas (prostituto. at brakes). Male prostitution. attributed to Robert Burns. sufijo dim.). dumb-glutton.” he said. Embotellar (sodomizar a una mujer.» ( Fiesta). Hombre de pompis (que prefiere esta parte de la anatomía fem . Br. man-trap and snapper (all q. vaginal o anal). argot rimado: glass rima con ass). Used by Shaks. bottom-grass. hell. Sp. He was all up in arms Against feminine charms: “Quite frankly. I have proved is the spot whence all of us came: May we there be transported with pleasure and speed. OED. Botella (genitales fem. bottles. . Fondos (apodo dado a un joven homosexual mantenido).«Then this Botany Bay. Modelled on topless q. Occ. de bottle and glass. for ‘hell’ in the Bible (Revelation. anal heterosexual copulation. bottoms up. The breasts. Sp. Sp. Sp. Br. US. esp. bottle merchant.. bottomless. sl. Sp. q.C. or cunt. Rhyming sl. Botella y vaso (culo. q. Sp. Botellas (pechos de mujer). From the euph. See quots. bottle2. Mujer de fondo (de base) (prostituta principal de un chulo. E. ano. Sp. The buttocks or the anus. The buttocks.. A variant spelling of bot.. bottle1. Lex. sl.). Sp. Sp. prostitutes’ jargon. sl. q. Sin nada por abajo (desnuda de la cintura para abajo. q. prostituto mantenido de rol pasivo).I reached down to cup her bottom. as sl. to bot.

bucket.). pocket. See another quot. at baby’s arm. She grabbed hold of his bow And said. bout. Br. (Bourneville being a popular brand of dark chocolate in Britain). tool-box. From the movement. box unseen. for Months. pom-pom. Sp. The anus. tinder-box. bouncers. usado por Spenser en Faerie Queen). bowl. You can try parting my hair in the middle’» (Limerick). Sp. Juego de bolos (coito) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Sp. basket. wigga-wagga. Saltarinas (tetas) bouncy-bouncy. OED (AS). or ‘a change of roles in anal intercourse’. equivalente británico del americano Hershey (v. Rebotar (copular)... Hershey highway. bowels. Used by Shaks. ding-dong. Bota-bota (una de tantas aliteraciones o reduplicaciones tan corrientes en el lenguaje tabú). ‘copulation’. can. Sp. Still occ. etc. euf. ‘mutual oral sexual intercourse’. booboos. Arco (de violín) (pene). From Spenser’s Faerie Queen.» (All’s Well. firm breasts. in HENKE. Sp. flip-flaps (Austr. . iii. The penis. bow. Also. rumpy-pumpy. The female breasts. however. For playing the fiddle.. I’ll let this pleasant Bower. Sp. The vagina. fucky-fuck. sl. sl. q. dingle-dangle. II. twiddle-diddles. (copular y coito) Bourneville boulevard. at flapper. E. An occasion of physical love. ‘penis’.» (The Winter’s Tale. go in to/go into. The female genitals as lodging for the male (see also house and tenement): «For terms of Years. To copulate. love bout). sl. en perfum’d box. bowsprit. From the bowling ball. A British equivalent of the US. etc. an act of penilingus followed by copulation. bower. flip-flap. Without a Crown or two» (Pills. case. Nay! rather than a Tenant want I’ll let it for an Houre» (Merry Drollery II. whim-wham. bin of lust. asalto (polvo) (usado por Shaks. Nautical imagery. jelly-box. in BURFORD. chi-chis.. sl. wibbly-wobblers. sl. 19th c. 33). common in the language of taboo: fucky-fucky.. Sp. in the expression box unseen: «He wears his honour in a box unseen. Sp. It is an older euph. From the game of bowls. and by Ben Jonson. Sp.. V. boom-boom. Because they bounce... E. 1942. Sp. The entrails. en jerga gay. The penis. Used by Shaks. in perfum’d box (Volpone.. 16th c. fish-box. They will not let you have a Bout. jigjig. ‘If you want to know. etc. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder is occ.boulders. 1979). Morada de la felicidad (vegina. Quite frequent elsewhere in English bawdy verse: «These London Wenches are so stout. Cantos rodados (pechos grandes y firmes). juice-box. Copulation. pot. 132). Br. Caja (vagina o. ‘the female breasts’. dirt-box. To copulate and copulation. Other euphs. pipkin. El bulevar Bourneville [de las barras de chocolate negro Bourneville.if it be not too rough for some that know little but bowling. the anus. Bolo (pene). Br. in which the vagina is likened to a box or similar receptacle include: lovebox. ‘caja invisible’ y por Ben Jonson. etc.. iii.v. Still current (see love bout). 136). 323). in gay jargon. One of a number of reduplications and alliterations. ‘testicles’. push-push.. bounce.).: «. tool-chest. or Daies. snatch-box. E. etc. 17th c. box. sex-pot. ‘caja perfumada’). III ii 56). Sp. 272).. Sp. bowling. Bauprés (pene). Sp.: «’Damsel. The penis. Entrañas (genitales o ano). ano) (usado por Shaks. hole1 and hug. y aún corriente – v . Hershey highway)] (ano). often used as an anatomical substitution for the genitals or the anus. 18th c. used humorously for ‘bra’. sucky-fucky. Large. See quots. 17th c.. sl.). como ‘vagina’ en la comb . yum-yum. zig-zig. iv. The vagina: «Her box was aflame» ( FU. bower of bliss. flip-flop.. 18th-19th c. IV. in homosexual use (see tender box). I’ll have a bout with you again’ (1 Henry VI. found: «There was a young fellow named Biddle Whose girl had to teach him to fiddle. as it was used by Shaks. US. Ataque. Sp. Morada (genitales fem. They care not what they do.

Cunnilingus: «She had a wet twat [. Muchacho-juguete (prostituto). sl. See also jesuit. was still far from wide enough to take him easily in» ( FH. it is said. OED. Cocer a fuego lento (copular). Muchacho (gay de rol pasivo o lesbiana masc. Sp. Sp. Austr. Brezo (ano) . Br. Sp. for ‘tail’. at charg’d . or a homosexual one. Rhyming sl. Sp.=tits. (Of a male) to masturbate. 1896-1957. butch lesbian (also boydyke). Sp. Sp..: «Within the limit is relief enough. E. Sweet bottom-grass. US.o. Sp. The testicles. Novio. Rhyming sl.. b. A pederast. Boxear fuera del ring (tener un lío amoroso) . “Big piece of meat.. q. q. A male who takes the passive role in a gay relationship. Sp. of little man in the boat. a catamite. Sp. Usually shortened to brass. sl. From the French braquemard. Br. Also. Br. a crime. 19th c. A male prostitute. tho’ so often enter’d. The anus. Maleza (vello púbico fem. Rama (pene).. Round rising hillocks. Sp. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. A prostitute. The clitoris. box the bald champ. breach. New York homosexual sl. A pun on cock and a criticism of cloistered life. Muchacho (gay afeminado o mantenido). Sp. brandle. Berbiquí y barrenas (tetas. box the Jesuit (and get cockroaches). The penis. Golpear/aporrear al jesuita (y sacar cucarachas) (juego de palabras entre cock y la forma de vida enclaustrada de los jesuitas) (masturbarse el hombre) . A woman’s favourite escort. Hitting imagery.] God. sl. Sp. bracmard. braise. boy friend/boy-friend. sl. E. Sp. sl. a lover. I don’t think I’ve ever had a box lunch as nice as that one» (FU. but to an obs. The breasts.but he was made to find no breach impracticable. 18th-19th c. Abreviatura de ‘buen pedazo de carne’ (argot neoyorquino por ‘homosexual bien dotado’) . Tipo de daga (del francés braquemard) (pene). Boxear con el campeón calvo (masturbarse el hombre). Gay jargon. Sp. A prostitute. Sacudírsela (masturbarse el hombre). 19th c. Perhaps from the expression ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.). Sp. sl.. name given to a cannon. Sp. quizás del dicho ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ ( tan frío como para helar las bolas de un mono de latón)..” Well-endowed.: bits rima con tits). prostituta. El muchacho del bote (clítoris. Br. E. Occ. Sp. much practised by the reverend fathers of that society” (GROSE).m. Clavo de latón (prostituta.. amigo (con implicación de relación homosexual o heterosexual ilícita) .. branch. brass monkey. sl. boy-lover. Sp. and mine. de little man in the boat. argot rimado: nail rima con tail). 17 th c. sl. Latón (forma abrev. To have an affair. brakes obscure and rough. in the North of England. vv. used with implications of an illicit heterosexual relationship. The female pubic hair. a type of straight broadsword. brass. a sweetheart. Amante de muchachos (pederasta). aunque curiosamente monkey se refiere aquí a un cañón y balls a las balas del mismo]. 98). and high delightful plain. boy1. 92). 235-238). brace and bits.) (jerga gay). brass nail. Used by Shaks. Lugar donde engendrar niños (vagina). q. See quot. argot rimado am. Sp. argot rimado: nail rima con tail). ‘monkey’ here does not refer to the animal. brat-getting place. Sp. To shelter thee from tempest and from rain» ( Venus. Used by Shaks. boy-in-the-boat. E. To masturbate. The vagina. Shake imagery. From the meaning ‘clump of brushwood’. An effeminate male homosexual. To copulate. boy toy.v. The penis. rhyming sl. box out of the ring. From the standard meaning: a hole on a wall made during a military attack: «. or a boyish.) (usado por Shaks.v.p. Curiously enough. ‘Mono’ de latón [testículos.v). The vulva. US. Sp. de brass nail. A var. Br. brakes. Said of a male. (see brass nail). “A sea term for masturbation. Austr. Almuerzo de cesta (cunilinguo). var. boy2 . Reproduction imagery. E. bracket.box lunch.

392-95). Sp. US. Sp. 19th-20th c. i. at feed from home). q. break one’s ankle. Prostitutes’ jargon. break for lunch. brecha (en un muro tras un ataque militar) (vulva. Grieta. break the pale. Pausa para el almuerzo (coito o sexo oral). en la metáfora ‘ciervo que salta la valla del parque’).. Anal rape. bread. Romper (desvirgar). Br. break2. Used by Shaks. Romperse la pierna en la puerta de la iglesia (ser seducida y desvirgada antes de la boda) . Saltar la empalizada (ser infiel a la esposa) (usado por Shaks . Partir una lanza con (copular. To tame a young horse. at puddle. To cuckold.. Also. (see quot. / Nay. una rebanada sobre otra). The female genitals. See also to break a leg. when his Wife of Bath said: «I nil envye no virginitee: Lat hem be breed of pured whete seed. to break her maidenhead: «I’ll undertake / [. He also used to truant with one’s bed. E. US. for vagina in 1387. Sp. According to NEAMAN. break a leg. Romperse una pierna (ser seducida y quedar embarazada) (v. 55). break ice. Sp. virgins I mean./Let them be pure wheat loaves of maidenhead/And let us wives be known for barley-bread. Sp. dial. 17 th c. Sp. possibly oral sex. break her leg above the knee. q. Romper y entrar (forzar la entrada) (violación anal. And lat us wives hote barly breed. Obs.v. seduced. sl.) (metáfora usada ya por Chaucer. IV. Romperse la rodilla (copular fuera del matrimonio por 1ª vez). Sp. Gana-pan (los genitales fem.). is a coarse var. Iniciar (gen. the anus (see quot. E. Sp. en argot carcelario). Var. and (mainly) Cheshire dial. iv. sl. Copulating.». Sp..» (FH. q. Now obs. Be unfaithful to one’s wife. E. break a colt.’). 1785).v. “One slice upon the other” (GROSE. Sp. Romperse la pierna por encima de la rodilla (var . she first begins with one/ Who afterwards to a thousand proves a whore: / Break ice in one place. Copulation. Sp. Sp. at set up shop). Romper (adornar) una cabeza (poner los cuernos). To initiate (usu. q. and taught’em / The amble. To deflower: «Why.v. Irrumpir (introducir el pene en la vagina). See broken-kneed/broken-legged Sp. o tener un aborto). Romperse el tobillo (quedar embarazada fuera del matrimonio. sl. Sp. break one’s leg at the church-door. of to break one’s leg at the church-door . it will crack in more» ( RT. en los placeres del sexo). broken-legged. Sp. V.. a una chica. he breaks in. E. (Of a woman) to be seduced. A var. ano) (usado por Shaks. Sp. in the expression she hath broken her leg at the church-door . Domar a un potro (desvirgar a una joven). 19 th. Como el pan y la mantequilla (copulando. Sp. To devirginate. in some parts of the country. break in. Dated. q. having had an abortion. prostitute sl. To copulate extra-maritally for the first time. a girl) in the pleasures of sex.. To meet the day’s first client. 17th c. Prison sl. is to break her leg above the knee.v. break a lance with.v. Chaucer set a precedent for the use of bread as a euph. 148-150). Force-fuck.».. como ‘genitales fem. broken-kneed/broken-legged). See another quot. To get seduced and pregnant. bread and butter fashion.. bread-winner. Br.chambers.) (ser seducida y desvirgada antes de la boda). de break one’s leg at the church-door . Romper el hielo (desvirgar). Br.. To insert the penis in the vagina: «. sl. Br..] to ha’ broken ten. break and enter.. break1..18 (The Prologue. with a different imagery: to stray from the conjugal bed. 78-80). with the imagery of a deer breaking through the fence of the deer-park (see quot. twenty colts. Colloq. break a head. from Br. dicho del hombre).. . esp. 18 «I’ll have no quarrel with virginity. E. or what pace I most affected» ( LP. Estrenarse (jerga de prostitutas por ‘hacer su primer cliente del día’) . Often shortened to to break one’s leg. según NEAMAN). Sp. Pan (genitales fem.. To copulate with a woman. hence to devirginate a young girl.. sl. The female genitals.. break one’s knee. Sp. Middle-class American code for a woman having got pregnant out of wedlock or. at vent). to be deflowered. break luck. Sp.now exerting itself with a kind of native rage.

used in the pl. Br. Mujer viciosa.. 19 The OED gives some quots.E. of short duration. i. ‘cerveza para la boda’). And the fruit Eve thrust forth with lascivious zest The vulgar call tit and the learned breasts. without going to College. . A married homosexual who fathers children. so wondrous trim: You would swear she was a Hick and no common Brim Accosted me presently and called me her Love But I soon did dismiss her with a Kick and a Shove» («The Long Vocation». marrow-bones and potato pies 20 keep me for meddling with her. Taladrar (desvirgar). Sp. Sp. Pun on breeches.E. Reproducirse como conejos. The breasts. Sp. usually brech. c1420-1863. sl. Sp. A vicious woman. A male homosexual. So that’s why the Savants in High Schools and Halls. OED.break through. Sp. OED. leg covering. Sp. To have a lot of children. ‘brechas. argot rimado: Pier rima con queer). short knickers. 230). Desayuno en la cama (cunilinguo). brydealu. and the way women show them In various grades: By their fruits shall ye know them!» (Fragment of rugby song). From O. breeches. briefs.» ( HWI. From O. Apareamiento de cerdos (dicho por extensión de los humanos: coito). I guess he didn’t break through’» ( LB. plural of broc. specifying that they prob. breech as a singular. ‘riding trousers’ and breaches. E. Freq.that night my husband had the ‘droop’. bref. semental (gay casado que tiene hijos) (jerga gay). brim1. Pecho de mujer. in M. Pantalones de montar (trasero). She gave him the fruit of the banned tree of knowledge. grietas’). q. bridal bed. Sp. for ‘to copulate (of swine)’. sl. IV. ‘wedding ale’.19 Sp. breast. Sp. Muelle de Brighton (homosexual. an obs. breasts. 18th c. a1533-1821. for the thing has got the breeches. Sp. ‘fissures’. a wedding. under which she wore a black suspender belt» ( Mayfair). c1000-1863. breeder. brewer’s droop. 10751859. term for a virago. Human copulation. etc. From the meaning ‘parapet’ (see quot. See nuptial bed. Lecho nupcial.: «But one above the rest. breast and buttock. brim2.: «As everyone knows.. Sp. breed like rabbits. referring to the wedding or the bride: bridal bed/dinner/cake/ring/dress/day/night. US.). Lex. lit. OED.. rhyming sl. Now more commonly used as an adj. 17th c. before the 16th c.v. breakfast in bed. Br. OED. to droop. Dekker. in BURFORD. de brimstone.. 1730-1808. Gay jargon. OED. The female genitals. From O. brec. Men’s underpants or women’s pants without legs. a droop). (c1000-1480). Nupcial (del inglés antiguo brydealu.v. 1934: «Her blonde triangle of pubic hair was hardly covered by a tiny pair of briefs.E. 104-108). Each of the two soft protuberances situated on the thorax of women. used by T. OED.just for a change» (Fiesta). 71). To devirginate: « ‘There is no blood. Falta de erección/’gatillazo’ debido al abuso de la bebida (a menudo abrev. q. The wedding feast.. Inability to achieve an erection because one has consumed too much alcoholic drink. The buttocks. ‘gaps’. From the copulation of hogs. Parapetos (pechos de mujer). Pecho y culo. which produce milk when they have a baby. juego de palabras con breaches . sl.: «. Cunnilingus. Sp. Reproductor. breastworks. Often abbrev. Pantalones de montar (genitales fem. at covered way).. Calzoncillos o bragas cortos Brighton Pier. Pills. See cheesecake. dial. Sp. breeches). for queer. From O. See breast. in comb. lit.. Sp. 1400s. refer to the garment (now usu. Have classified breasts. bréost. breast). obs. Sp. from Latin brevis. prostituta (forma abrev. Sp. bridal. E.E. Still current as US. Pechos de mujer (v. a prostitute. Sp..F.: «If it be a woman. breech. 20 Aphrodisiacs. from brimstone.

non-homosexual. sl. bring home. Of either sex. by the way. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm: «After he had brought me on.21 Sp. the football team. then she’d start on her own account. at needle’s point. an attractive woman. = tits. or as in the present text.» (LCL. Proporcionar un orgasmo (etimología desconocida) (antic. in copulation or masturbation: «Then there’s the hard sort. a beautiful lesbian. Sp. Sp. Sp. GROSE defines it as follows: «(Abbreviation of brimstone) An abandoned woman: perhaps. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm. E. as is the case here. Dated. bring off. bring on someone’s crisis. bring out. She could hardly fill her blouse. Now they milk her with the cows» (Fragment of rugby song). spec. E. bring down by hand. Still occ.. The female breasts. Sp. sl. Also. Forma abrev. and swing with.v. prostituta. 76). del siglo XVII. Tía. bring off by hand. See quots. a brim). straight.brimstone. and I had to stop inside her till she brought herself off. de Bristol Cities (tetas). Aplacar a mano (masturbar hasta el orgasmo). Provocar la crisis a alguien (proporcionarle un orgasmo).). ‘My dear. sl. . brad. here obviously a female. To masturbate someone to orgasm. to persuade a homosexual to admit his/her homosexuality openly. and chiefly US. OED. by fingering me. sl.E.: to bring off by hand and bring down by hand. 210). Sp. not necessarily immmoral or a prostitute: «Molly her name was. and bring out. found. Very classy broad» (Pent). only a passionate or irascible woman. Sp. Br. Britannia-metal. 1751-1824. Azufre (virago o prostituta) (a menudo abrev. bring oneself off. To cause to achieve an orgasm. E. = titties. Metal de Britania (pene erecto). Sp.. male or female. Masturbarse. Sp. a harlot. (see Bristol cities): «Sister Glenis she had no Bristols. To masturbate someone to orgasm. or a male homosexual. The breasts. Sp. Br.): «There was a young belle from Bombay Who never had thought herself gay. argot rimado: cities rima con titties). To penetrate a woman. like my wife» (LCL. A virago. a prostitute. To cause to achieve a sexual orgasm: «This extra stimulation quickly brought me to the boil: I spent simultaneously with Phil» ( TSM. From the standard meaning ‘wide’. Bristols. wriggling and shouting. bring someone to the boil. The erect penis. Rhyming sl. E. and bring themselves off. OED. Sp. the female pudenda or. originally. that are the devil to bring off at all. To persuade a homosexual (male or female) to come out (q... broad is mainly used as just a vulgar way of referring to a woman. Sp. To cause to achieve an orgasm. Proporcionar un orgasmo. Proporcionar un orgasmo. argot rimado: bits rima con tits). Till a quean from Siam Said. 212). A woman of loose morals. Sp. an effeminate male. Vars. Rhyming sl. broad. See quot. Perhaps from Bristol City. In Am. rhyming sl. Trocitos de Bristol (tetas. however. quean. Proporcionar un orgasmo. Alcanzar el objetivo (penetrar a una mujer) (euf . Br. q. bring someone on. Sp. occ. 21 This limerick is so full of words with double meaning and slang that it would have to be translated so that it might be understood even by average English people: belle.v. gay. for ‘mate’. perhaps from ‘china plate’. Orig. from O. compared to brimstone for its inflammability». Bristol cities. Rhyming sl. Ayudar a ‘salir del armario’. 1914-1962. To masturbate: «And when I’d come and really finished. So they gave her the medicinal compound. Proporcionar un orgasmo con la mano (hacer una paja). 17 th c. you’re not jam!’ And brought that one out right away» (Limerick). Sp.» (Playbirds). bring on the china. shortened to brim. too.. Bristol bits. jam. Of unknown origin. Sp.. Bristol City (equipo de fútbol inglés) (tetas. homosexual. The female breasts. usado aun en ocasiones). at accommodate.

q. bronco. Br. Máquina rota (hombre que no se empalma) (jerga gay). See quot. Lexicon Balatronicum. 1493-1606). 18th-19th c. was the term used for a house of prostitution. and bordel. The anus. A distended vagina from too frequent childbearing. Also a broker-between (see quot. the establishment. Tipo de sable (pene). A house of prostitution. bronza. por confusión con bordel-house. bronze eye.. See also round mouth. Br. Br. Br. A man unable to get an erection. prostitutes’ sl. Bronza. Gay jargon. 19 th c. Sp. The penis. broken oar. E. punning on eye.. bronco es gen. Escobón. US. Sp. Sp. Con la taza de té rota (desvirgada). which is a state-run brothel in Hamburg» (CI). at imaginary jewel. Sp. bronze. a. E. The penis. terminó adquiriendo su significado actual). el miembro pasivo de la pareja y broncobuster (doma-potros). An allusion to the pubic hair. E. a1593-1828. The anus. broken her teacup. por las molestias al permanecer de pie). Refers to a difficulty in remaining upright. pero brothel’s house. French homosexual use. Con la rodilla/la pierna rotas (seducida y embarazada. 19 th c. Escoba (genitales fem. From the colour of feces: «’But I find myself in the classic dilemma of the snooker player – shall I go for the pink or the brown?’» ( TSM. Sp. broncobuster. Sp. Broadway. broker. Sp. que acortándose a brothel. El hermano boca redonda (ano). Homosexual jargon. acquired the meaning of bordel. See at boat and oar. broomstick/broomhandle.. from the use of gusset in the 17 th-18th c. Men who copulate with the same mistress. cabin. Sp. argot rimado: oar rima con whore). brothel. actually. at pander). The anus. A procurer. sl. ‘a prostitute’. sl. Potro cerril [joven recién iniciado en las prácticas homosexuales. See bronze. Hermano de la entrepierna (en la ropa interior) (chulo de prostituta) . brother of the gusset. E. Vars: knight/squire of the gusset. sl. Br. brothen. Mistakenly for bordel. Deflowered.: «When I was on a business trip to Germany recently. Br. . Sp. brother starlings. E. intermediario (proxeneta) (usado por Sgaks . for ‘penis’. is usually the passive partner. A young male recently initiated into homosexual activity. brother-in-law. “A pimp” (F & H). A pimp for two women. A procuress. Seduced and made pregnant. bronzo. Br. Used by Shaks. Austr. brokeress. o.v. Sp. US. broken machine. 17th c. brothel.broaden one’s outlook. and Br. See also jump (over) the broomstick. Sp.. sl. Burdel (orig. See bronco. from O. The female genitals. Cuñado (chulo de dos mujeres). ‘ruined’. hut. The anus. culo) . E. Remo roto (prostituta. bordel-house and brothel’s house ran together in the form brothel-house. Ojo de bronce (ano). Hermanos estorninos (hombres que comparten querida. From a type of sword so called. pene). Sp. ‘prostituta’. etc. for the female genitals and women as sex object. and broncobuster. bronco. the buttocks. Sp.. Sp. bronzer and bronzo are variants Sp. broadsword. menos frec. Sp. Sp. from Latin bordellus. palo de la escoba (pene). broken-kneed/broken-legged. Intermediaria (alcahueta). To perform anal intercourse. was first used for ‘an abandoned woman’. which. brother round mouth. underworld. and the personal sense of the word soon became obs. 118). sl. coarse sl. ‘Because they all return to the same nest’ (GROSE). Corredor de comercio. Bronce (ano. From the Spanish for ‘wild horse’. See handle for the broom. shortened to brothel. A prostitute. In homosexual jargon. Ensanchar los horizontes (realizar sexo anal).. pasó a ser brothel-house. the active one. It has also been used as a euph. en la jerga gay. el activo]. Sp. bronzer. sl. US.. E. OED. See bronze. Sp. But the combs. See bronze. Rhyming sl= whore. ‘degenerate’. slang for ‘anus’.. brown1.). porque ambos vuelven al mismo nido). Calle de Nueva York centro del mundo del espectáculo (juego de palabras con el significado literal ‘camino ancho’) (vagina ensanchada tras varios partos). as a euph. (OED. E. broom. sl. 19th c.E. sl. I visited the Eros Centre.

Sp. Yóquey marrón (genitales fem. Hell’s Angels humorous use.» (Pills. brown Bessie. brownie1. the. See also black wings and red wings. ‘pollazo’). A sexual perversion consisting in being defecated on by one’s partner. sl. in a bit of brown.. US. sl. See quot. Br. Sp. 213). US. Diana marrón (ano). OED. Sp. Marrón (gay). Br. marrón (trasero)]. Based on the award given to those of them who perform anilingus. The pudenda. Sp. Sp. to brown and to do a brown (all q. Fragor del combate (embestida del pene. Homosexuals in general. Sp. Sp. brown jug.v. sl. even though their face is ugly and you wish you could put a bag over it. La familia marrón (los homosexuales) (jerga gay). pos. Cubo marrón (recto).: ☺«An unfortunate young man was thrown out of the Boy Scouts for eating Brownies (punning on a kind of cake and members of the Girl Guides)» ( Still More of the World’s Best Dirty Jokes. Reina del marrón (gay de rol pasivo) (jerga gay). Sp. esp. brown bucket and brown Windsor (all q. 17 th c. Trabajo marrón (coito anal o anilingus). (De) nariz marrón (lameculos). brown jock. Artista del marrón (gay). Sp. A male homosexual. Brunswick [antiguo estado alemán. juego de palabras con brown. Sp. Br. sl. Perhaps a pun on brown1. Las hermanas Browning (del marrón) (los homosexuales). A toady. 18th-19th c.. E. Sp. ‘hacerle la cebolla’). esp.). sl. brown Bess. sl. Marrón (coito anal (jerga gay)). Gay jargon. Sp. E. For synonyms.. Br. sl.v. Agujero marrón (ano). brown jug. US. Señora marrón (genitales fem. brown wings. brown bull’s eye. brownie2. Brunswick. in BURFORD. Sp. Jarro marrón (ano). see angel1. E. browning/Browning family. Sp. (Grandes) ojos marrones (pezones). The anus. brown eye/brown-eye. The anus: «The Maid she shat and a jolly brown Turd out of her jolly brown hole. of brown family. Anal intercourse.. Br. Homosexuals in general..). Rey del marrón ( gay de rol activo) brownie queen. The active member or insertor. hence phallic thrusting. Anal intercourse. 18th c. q. The posterior. The anus. Sp. Ano (juego de palabras entre un tipo de pastel y una chica miembro del grupo de las Exploradoras) .). brownie king . brown bucket.v. A male homosexual. Sp. brown-hatter. Gay jargon. brown family/Brown family. Sp. The rectum. Alas marrones (distinción otorgada por los Ángeles del Infierno a aquél de sus miembros que realiza el sexo oral anal) . a la que se le quisiera cubrir la cabeza con una bolsa para no verle la cara (vulg. sl. brown-job. sl. US. Marrón (coito anal). 19th c. Sp. Sp.. 18th-19th c. A prostitute. Windsor marrón (ano) . naval sl. Homosexuals in general. campus sl. Sp. q. Sp. a brown-job. at peel (off). brown2.Also in combs. To have sex with sb. The female genitals. sl. brown shower. Also brown Bessie.). Lluvia marrón (aberración sexual consistente en experimentar placer al recibir sobre el cuerpo las heces de la pareja).. an arse-lick(er). brown miss. brown artist. brown hole. US. La familia marrón (los homosexuales). The anus. Sp. Sp. 1939. Bess/Bessie marrón (prostituta). 17 th c. Sp Con sombrero marrón (gay). E. brown Windsor. Sp. Austr. The nipples. A var. US. Gay jargon. See brown Bess. . in the phrase to get/earn one’s brown wings . Realizar el coito con una persona fea. The anus. Br. brunt. brown hole. sl. brown nose(r). brown bag it. brown eyes. Also big brown eyes. sl. E. browning. brown madam.v. Gay jargon. Anilingus. Browning sisters.. 31). The passive member or insertee. Sp. US. Sp. A male homosexual. The anus.). A sharp blow. The pudenda. Sp. Anal sex: anal coition or anilingus. Ojo marrón (ano). Marrón (ano).:brown eye. Sp. Señorita marrón (genitales fem.

Cepillarse los dientes (practicar el cunilinguo).). Tetas (forma abrv.v. Sp.. Sp. five and seven. Buckinger’s boot. but still occ. obs. The female genitals. A prostitute who specializes in anal intercourse. 17th c. Br. nothing to fear or to desire» ( FH. To coit with a woman. The breasts. buck’s face. Macho. brute-machine. On account of the horns. Sp. buckets. a la sífilis). a sympton of the plague.v.v. from Greek boubos. bubo. in BURFORD. I need not prolong description» (EIC. OED. who was married to a tall handsome woman.v. And eight and a quarter past four’» (Limerick)./US campus sl. Sp. daring person of either sex. or dial.the brute-machine [. copulation. Sp. bubblehead. 165).» (Pent). Maleza (vello púbico fem. in this sense.brush. Puñados británicos estándar (pechos de mujer). Sp..). sl. From the meaning ‘thick growth of shrubs’. q. Sp. buck2. Properly a swelling or abscess in glandular parts of the body. To perform cunnilingus. aplicado tamb. bucket-mouth..v.. See beaver. q. q. bubbies.). Tía/fulana de cubo (prostituta especializada en coito anal). A condom. Cubo (genitales fem. underworld. q. The female pudenda.. left her. 18th c. Br. Also. A forward. brush one’s teeth/brush teeth. or the buttocks.M. Lex. The breasts.v. to the utmost extremity. to. Sp. Tetas (var. q. of stag-party. A US. the groin or a swelling in the groin. Sp. US. E. 1686-1725: «He made them all itch. bucket-broad. US. Sp..: «A randy young buck from Lahore Was asked ‘When do you roger your whore?’ He said ‘At eleven. síntomas de la peste. Sp.sl. as milk containers. 19th c. más antigua que boobies. bubble-gum machine. US. hombre sexualmente agresivo. despedida de soltero. Bubón (hinchazón en la ingle o los sobacos. 1725. The penis. attributed to Robert Burns. a ram. the groin or arm-pits.. first published in the 1796 edition of M. but also applied to similar symptons of syphilis (see quot. The anus. Cara de gamo (cornudo). Piel de gamo (condón). From brush. From Matthew Buckinger. por extensión. Sp.v. buckskin. Maquinaria bruta (pene). OED. for the copulation of male rabbits and some other animals. E.. Sp. 1530-1741: «We bucked wildly. buck-party. whose vagina was for him the boot where he put his third leg (penis). The breasts. Someone who uses obscene language. Sp. . buck1. Boca de cubo (alguien que usa un lenguaje procaz). esp. as obs. Sp. 277 ). Cepillar al castor (masturbarse la mujer). From Latin bubo.. and I felt another orgasm hit me. Burbuja (pene). q. sl. sl. buck’s night Sp. To copulate. in point of penetration. BSHs (British Standard Handfuls). Br. from navel to breech And their bubbies burst out all their laces» («The Plenipotentiary 22». q.C. Sp.] wedging its way up. Fiesta/noche de hombres solos..). At three. brush the beaver. La bota de Buckinger [individuo 22 See footnote at plenipotentiary. A vending machine for condoms. 195). An older form of boobies. Sp. OED. Cubo (ano o culo). de bubbies. Máquina expendedora de chicle de globos (máquina expendedora de condones). Shortened from bubbies. sl. A cuckold. Cepillarse a una mujer. Lex. Black sl. dicho de los conejos y animales similares y aplicado. var. brush. Sp. E. Copular/coito. bubs. The breasts.. Sp.. a los humanos). Sp. q. born limbless. US.v. (Of a woman) to masturbate.: «Of the joy I took in caressing My Lady’s handsome bubs. The penis: «. bucket2. Sp. at chancre). by Captain Morris. sl. bucket1. a poor fellow. Cubos (pechos de mujer). found said of a sexually aggressive man. The female pubic hair.

Sp. clitty. budget2. an orgy. I humoured my posture. buddy1. Sacar brillo a la varita (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. To masturbate. buff the wand. the (little) man in the boat.. for ‘to commit buggery’. Used by Shaks.. bud2. To masturbate. and the music of a fiddle and a tin whistle. E. at sword). Sp..» ( Pills.F. Sp. Said of males. Baile en cueros (orgía). Railway imagery. Amiguito/buen amigo (genitales propios o los de la pareja). sl. buff the rifle. in the sense of a flower that has not yet opened. from O. leather of buffalo hide. Botella de cuero (vagina). Capullos de belleza (pezones). En cueros (de buff leather. Prob.. The breasts. (see quot. to sodomize. Br. the sweetest buds of beauty» (FH. 19th c. The vagina..). Escudo (genitales fem. Sacar brillo al plátano (masturbarse el hombre). que se casó con una mujer cuya vagina era para el la ‘bota’ donde meter su ‘tercera pierna’ (pene)] (genitales fem. Br. buffle. buckler. To masturbate. OED 1598. parachoques (pechos de mujer). bud1. Also. A virgin young woman.). buffers. A gay male. the bare skin. From a term for a leather bottle. Gay jargon. Naked. OED. sl.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. A nipple: «He moved his mouth down to her thrusting nipples. See friend2.1968: «It is generally held that the Navy Has buggered whatever it can. bugger. buff the banana. From the standard meaning: a small circular shield. Said of males. The hymen. E.. The nipples: «. meaning 'Bulgarian'. clit. to tackle a task vigorously: «I straddled. Sp. Capullito (pezón). Sp. Derived from the Latin Bulgarus. 140). cuero hecho de la piel del búfalo). bufty. pene). To begin to copulate with.” (F & H). US. 77). Sp. 193). Sp. budget1.] is known as buff-ball. Sp. To masturbate. Said of males. Also love-bud.. Capullo (clítoris o membrana protectora del mismo). in which both sexes –innocent of clothes. to. licking each sensitive distended budlet» (TSM. Also good buddy. Bolsa de cuero (genitales masc..carente de extremidades. Sp. buddy2. Sp. usually made of leather»: «Tom Tinker’s my true love and I am his Dear And I will go with him his Budget to bear. Sp. as coarse sl. buftie. buffalo. The male genitals. buff-ball. Amiguito (amante de un gay) (jerga gay).. From horseracing jargon: «a horse that has never won a race». 19 th c. in the. 171). como contrapunto de sword. ‘sable’.. Sp. the soft folded flesh that enclosed the clitoris. buff the wood. this word was originally applied to a group of Bulgarian heretics who were falsely accused of sodomy in the Middle Ages. buff the bishop. Sp. 1602-1969. The clitoris or the membrane enclosing it: «It revealed the bud of the opening. buckle to. later shortened to buff. A gay male’s lover. Ponerse a trabajar (empezar a copular). To do anal intercourse. Sacar brillo al rifle (masturbarse el hombre). for the clitoris. 17 th-19th c.. in BURFORD. Gay (usado en Escocia).sl. Capullo. dot. Sp.. and did my best in short to buckle to it» ( FH.and their nipples. The (pleasure) button. Sacar brillo a la madera (masturbarse el hombre). stimulated with raw whiskey. To masturbate. Sp. Pet name for one’s own genitals or a sexual partner’s.madly join. 18th c. 170). Properly. Scottish use. Golpear al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). The female genitals. Said of males. . Br. taste bud and buds of beauty. flor sin abrir (mujer virgen).. that crown’d them. Said of males. See also ballum-rankum and buttock-jig. Mama clitty and wick are also common euphs.» ( DOV. Sp. E. sensitive spot. Tope. buds of beauty. Sp. from its original meaning: «a bag or wallet. bug. budlet. buff. Sp. Lex. “The most favourite entertainment [. A lewd gathering where prostitutes danced in the nude. From buff leather. Sp. sl. Caballo perdedor (himen).

Toro (pene).. Sp. bulker. bulb. aplicado a un grupo de herejes búlgaros. Nelly and queen. bull-dagger. The penis.). Que hace sonar el bugle o cuerno de caza (gay haciendo una felación). sergeant and wolf. Sp. used by Shaks. OED. bull2). To coit with a woman. (homosexual use) are synonyms. usado en la actualidad como insulto: maricón) (v. bulk. cuerno de caza (pene) (usado por Shaks. Also as a verb: «There are some things men mustn’t expose. Now used as a term of abuse.. OED. a sodomite. bulk. bull1.. with the same meaning. ‘to gender with the cow’. Perhaps abbrev. Sp. 243).). Perhaps because she sleeps in a bulk (a framework projecting from the front of a shop. Sp. Sp. bull. OED. ‘For women I don’t give a damn.: ‘of a bull’. A prostitute. From the shape of some flower bulbs or perhaps from light bulbs. bull2. bulldiker.. Said of a woman with a too tight vagina. to1. A street-walker. to2. amazon. One who commits buggery. built too small. To cuckold. 239). Protuberancia. 1514-1966: «. A masculine lesbian. . See quot. Sp. Other terms for masculine lesbians are: Amy-John. q. as obs. por extensión a los humanos: copular. mintie. 1555. Sp. Sodomía. that she couldn’t have any relations with a man even if she wanted to. fem. Lex. in the expression to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick. De vagina demasiado estrecha (condición que hace doloroso el coito). de bull-dyke o bulldike. bugger. See bugle. From the meaning ‘to make a fool of’. bombilla (glande). a condition that makes sexual intercourse painful: «And the sister was pretending to all and sundry that she was frigid.] was to her remarkable both for its size and handsome shape» (EAP. Marge. and for passive lesbians: fairy lady. tootsie is Austr. Also. sl. Cubrir (el toro a la vaca y aplicado.). OED. de bulker. dicho del hombre). OED. q.. esp. 1398-1736. bugler. The glans penis: «. ‘to copulate’.. dyke. And it’s thought rude to stare At what’s bulging there. at baldrick). ‘to take a bull’. Mary. obs. dike. a stall). en to hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick. Sp. sl. Burlar (poner los cuernos).Yet recent extensive researches By Darwin and Huxley and Hall Conclusively prove that the hedgehog Has never been buggered at all» (Fragment of rugby song).v. bugle.v. q. Sp. femme. at billing. butch. A male homosexual. Prostituta (posiblemente porque dormían en un bulk. A hunting-horn. Bulbos (de flor) o bombillas (pechos de mujer). So they hide them away in their clothes. (see quot. Sp. q.while the bulb at its tip [.. saliente en la puerta de una tienda). and ‘of a cow’. Also bull-dagger. Sp.v. But why this is so– Heavens knows» (Limerick). US. all q. because she was ‘built too small’» (TCp.the practice of buggery being often painful to one partner and tedious to the other» (EAP. A masculine lesbian. Sp. Sp. 1673-1790. Sodomizar (del latín bulgarus.v. But a fat-bottomed boy Is my glee and my joyThey call me a bugger.v. Cluster and basket. bugger. Euph. buggery. bollera (posiblemente forma abrev. Lesbiana de rol masc. See bull2. bull.I am!’ » (Limerick).v. 240). bulge. The male genitals. sl. falsamente acusados de sodomía en la Edad Media). Sp.v. a prostitute. The penis. from bull-dyke or bulldike. 1719-1969: «A preposterous King of Siam Said. Bulbo. in reference to fellatio. ‘paquete’. Bollera (v. Lex. both q. US. Prostituta (forma abrev. Sp. an insult. when prominently displayed through tight trousers: «In my mind I see that big bulge in your pants growing» (Pent). See bulker. The breasts. Sp. to).. bulbs. Bugle.. q. Sodomita. Sodomy.

to1). en do/have/perform a shot at the bull’s eye..v. bum alley. bullock. A male homosexual. 1387-1816. Sp. A masculine lesbian. Master Tapster?23 Pompey. q. de un hombre en jerga homosexual).v. Fiesta de toros. Joven prostituto homosexual/maricón del culo. Sp. sl. Sp. ‘amante’). in BURFORD. bull. E.. q. Bollera (v. See also dyke/dike. For synonyms. Escalus. bum2. it might come from the Dutch boel. 136). For synonyms.» (Measure. Bum.v. sl. and to have a bit of bum. quizás del holandés boel. Sp. used it quite freely: «Escalus. see angel1.v. Sp. The buttocks. to copulate. q. Lex. bull-diker. esp. Attributed to various West African languages. OED. Sp. Balas (testículos o semen) (usado alusivamente por Shaks .” (ASHLEY. A Br. To coit with a woman. bum3. Pompey./ano/culo (atribuido a varias lenguas del oeste africano). E. See quot. Still one of the commonest terms for the buttocks: «Wearing heels made my bum stick right up and out. for the anus. 1937-1984. See quot. See gravy. sl. Sp.). bumbo. Br. Brown bull’s eye. Culo (de etimología incierta.. see bull2. onomatopéyico) (según MCDONALD. one who lives by protecting prostitutes. Bandido de culos (gay). of unknown origin. bull’s eye. bully. Genitales fem. . Br.v. Zurrar en el culo (copular. bum cheeks. q. as a euph. Semen.. a1655. del más frec. Sp. bum1. a prostitute. at stuff1. See bull2.. Cubrir (el toro a la vaca) (var. [. Used by Shaks. 1926. “Camp applies it to men as well. A cheap prostitute. The testicles. Caribbean. para hombres solos. as sl. Sp. E. Shaks. Chulo de prostituta (etimología incierta. Diana (los genitales fem. around the same time that arse started to become regarded as improper. for customers in a public house. poco frec. Sp. dicho del hombre). cuando arse empezó a considerarse impropio) (usado con toda libertad por Shaks. for camp likes to play with gender. ‘lover’. and your bum is the greatest thing about you. sir. q. stag-party. 200-205).v. sl. bum-boy/bumboy.] what’s your name. Br. prob. onomatopoeic.. A young male homosexual. Salsa de toro (semen). Culo (genitales fem. A pimp. bull2). sl. To copulate with. the buttocks or the anus. Origin uncertain. Escalus. and possibly as an allusion to ‘semen’ (see quot. Sp.. in do/have/perform a shot at the bull’s eye . bull-party. Sp. sl. Merry Drollery. Sp. Sp. 19th c. is US. of stag-party. “The negro name for the private parts of a woman” (GROSE). for ‘testicles’.). A masculine lesbian. esp. bull-dike/bull-dyke/bulldike/bulldyke).. E. 1979. The scrotum. Sp. The female genitals. OED. OED (AS). A rare var. Sp. i. According to MCDONALD. Also. sl. The buttocks or the crease between the buttocks. at pistol). 23 A man who draws beer. The buttocks. Also bull-diker/bulldiker and bull-dyker/ bulldyker. q. A masculine lesbian. Cachetes del culo (nalgas. Bollera (etimología desconocida) (dicho tamb. the word came into popular usage in the late Middle Ages. bum-baste. bum se hizo popular en la Baja Edad Media. var. at lady’s jewels.). bulse of lady’s jewels. sometimes wrongly associated with bull. Sp. US. Of obscure etymology. Sp. bull-dyke/bulldyke.). esp. Sp. OED. the crack: «It stands below Bum Alley At foot of Belly-Hill This Tenement is to be taken By whosoever will» («Love’s Tenement». and US. despedida de soltero (var.v). Bollera (v. bum-bandit.» (Mayfair). What else? Pompey. Culo (prostituta barata). cachas). Sp. 223). II. Br. Pelotas del culo (testículos). The female genitals. bum-balls. Prob. Troth. etc. of to bull. Avenida del culo (nalgas o raja del culo). Bolsita de joyas para señoras (escroto). de to bull. E. 1706-1817. sl.. See bull-dike/bull-dyke/bulldike/bulldyke. ‘to coit with a woman’.. II. bullets.bull-dike/bull-dyke/bulldike/bulldyke. bull-gravy.

Globos del culo (nalgas). US. c1538-1847. to bump bellies. for the tail of a hare (in Scot. Dar por el culo . bum-worker. bum-root. bum globes. ‘to effect an intimate caress’. To have sexual intercourse. the buttocks. To copulate vigorously and for a long time. Also. One of a pair of males in a gay relationship. To coit with a woman. o burdel). q. The bottom cheeks: «. The female pudenda. Also bum fiddle. Hitting imagery. bumpers. E. To have sexual intercourse. Also. Sp. Sp. sl. From the meaning ‘a swelling on the skin’. Sp. Br. Que hace cosquillas en el culo (pene).. dicho del hombre). Sp. nalgas (mas frec .v. Derog. The breasts. sl. to have a pudding in the oven. The anus.). 19th c. E. E. Anal intercourse and to do anal intercourse: «’What a grand bum fuck!’ he panted as Julia wriggled from side to side. sl. q. Sp. sl. sl. sl. The area between the buttocks. Sp. trasero. sl. E. Orig. Sp. OED. also said of human beings).parting my bum globes. “A humorous term for the posteriors” (F & H). bumhole/bum hole. en pl. Violinista del culo (fornicador) bum fiddling.bum-cherry. q. See bump. There are vars. The anus: «. to. The anus. Am. The posterior. bum-fucker.. to rub uglies. sl. Car imagery. a. Golpear/golpeo (copular/coito).). and US. Br. Sodomita (de bum1. bum fiddle2. q. bum-puncher. Sp.. Allusion to wind-breaking. Br.: to have something/one in the oven. sl. Taladra-culos (gay) (pey) . sl. to leave a bun in the oven. 119). sl. Folla-culos (sodomita. Tienda del culo/de culos (genitales fem. etc. Br. US. From bum1. sl. (OED. Un bollo en el horno (feto).. See to bum fiddle.v. Sp.. Sp. A sodomite. Hitting imagery. Sp. Sp. this really sends me into ecstasy» (Razzle). from the 17 th c. 17 th-19th c. . bum fiddle1. See bum-fuck. To perform anal intercourse. bum cleavage. 1960). Sp. dar por el culo. Sp. Derog. To copulate and copulation. bum plumber. bum chum. sl. bun. Chocar las cosas feas (copular) . Austr. The female pudenda. sl. etc. bummer. he nudged his knob between them» (TSM. Now buns is quite freq. Golpeadora (bollera) (jerga gay). Sp. Br. Anal intercourse. dicho del hombre). bumps. Sp. Golpear huesos (copular. Austr.v. “a practice observed by sailors before going on a long voyage” (GROSE). pederasta). ‘tail of a hare’. to make pregnant. E. bun(s).). Now US.. bumper to bumper. A foetus (OED. Sp. Sp. bumpkin. Guinda del culo (ano). Granitos (pechos pequeños). ‘cola de una liebre’. Sp. Calabaza (culo). sl. 19 th c. Fontanero de culos (gay). at hot dog). rarely sing. Derog. Acción de tocar el violín del culo (coito anal). Sp. bum shop. Gay jargon. Sp.) bump.v. Sp. en to touch bun for luck. a pederast. A sodomite. Also. bump uglies. A fornicator.v. Coito anal.. Br. Parachoques (pechos de mujer). q. To copulate with a woman (the vagina as a stringed instrument). bump bones. sin parar (joder sin parar). Sp. Sp. Sp. A gay male. bum fiddler. 1951). sl. The penis. bum-tickler. Lex. Still current (see quot. in to touch bun for luck. and Northern dial. Violín del culo (ano). bumper. Austr. to be pregnant. in to have a bun in the oven. Tocar el violín del culo (copular. E. The female genitals. Violín del culo (genitales fem. Raja del culo bum fiddle. Sp. See also ass-fuck. Austr. Br. Esp. Sp. Compañero de culo (cada uno de los miembros de una pareja gay) (pey) . Cola de liebre (genitales fem. Br.. Parachoque contra parachoque (actividad sexual lesbiana). Sp. Agujero del culo (ano). bum-fuck/bum fuck... for the human posterior in N. sl. esp. A masculine lesbian. Br. Sp. bun in the oven. E. Trabajadora del culo (prostituta). E. 27). Sp. Sp.but when my bum hole is played with. From the Scots. ahora. clenching and unclenching her snowy-white buttocks» (TSM. A prostitute. a brothel. Small breasts. Golpear con ahínco. A gay male. bump away. Lesbian sexual activity. bump tummies. E. mid 1500s. Sp. Chocar barrigas (copular).

vieja o enferma (de un término argot para ‘mujer que recoge harapos en la calle’) . When he woke he discovered A bull had him covered With ballocks as big as a melon» (Limerick). Sp. Joven interno que teme ser sodomizado por otros presos (argot carcelario) .v. now US. A night-club hostess dressed like a rabbit. sl.v.sliding a vibrator up her bunger. prison. from ‘bunk’. from bung (q. sl. Conejito (genitales fem. a slang word for the rectum. To have anal intercourse. From proper storing of barrels)... US. 19th c. To engage in a quick act of sexual intercourse. Recto (de bung1. “a low dirty prostitute. perhaps from bunkey. quizás de bung1 o del término náutico bunk. Sp. Back formation from burglar. Br. 264)... brown hole. Sp. OED. ‘litera’). From bung. . Sodomizar. as «a cant word for a woman who picks up rags about the street.. The penis. Used in the English translations (Motteux. From the standard meaning: a large cork stopper for the ‘mouth’ of a cask. bunker. bunghole). ‘ladrón de mojones’). Sp.] for any low vulgar woman». q. bunger. en turd-burglar. Sp. See bunker. 72).: ‘I’m sorry. Properly. Sp. and used [. Sp. Orig. bunny-girl1. 1611.: «A psychiatrist fellow. Sl. rare. Robar (sodomizar. usu. Urquhart. A homosexual with the female role. From the standard meaning.. US.v. the insertor. bunny2. Conejita (camarera en clubes nocturnos vestida de conejo). Coarse sl. underworld.. in the OED. Sp. crapper. The buttocks. his Bunter shall enjoy. q. Condón [argot de los primeros años del reinado de Eduardo VII (1841-1910)].» ( Hustler). Sp. bunker shy. Sp. to. however it is still current as US. Ano (del significado estándar ‘agujero para llenar o vaciar un tonel’) (aun corriente en argot US) . shitter ring. 1707-1891: «Each man. bungpeg. To do anal intercourse. Estaca para abrir toneles (pene). sl. the anus. used in the 20 th c. farthole. early Edwardian sl. naval imagery (everything aboard in excellent order. Copular como los conejos. From bunny-girl. OED. q. q. bung2 A condom. To do anal intercourse. US. Lex. bunker..v. Lex. Ano (de bung1. Still occ. US.. US. bunny-fuck. bunghole. esp. to. q. 1781-1878: «In a meadow a man named Llewellyn Had a dream he was bundling with Helen. A homosexual. Acostarse con alguien (con la ropa puesta ) (usado en los siglos XVIII y XIX como eufemismo por ‘copular’) . Sp. OED. The female genitals. for ‘anus’. A young prison inmate who is afraid of being forced into sodomy. ‘a hole for filling or emptying a cask’. by Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams. Sp. sl. The anus. sl. prostituto). at ass-ram). half whore and half beggar” (GROSE). Sp. bung1. 1743. «to sleep in one’s clothes on the same bed or couch with (as was formerly customary with persons of opposite sexes in Wales and New England)»./Asked his wife. To bunker is to do anal intercourse. sl. in turd-burglar.).: «.. (see quot. Conejito (prostituta o en jerga gay.). shitter (OED. 1937). Though generally not registered spec.). but I had a scare last month and I’m afraid you can’t fuck me unless you brought a bung. Prostituta callejera. q. 1971). secure. 1960. A prostitute. Conejita (gay de rol fem. Copulating. The anus.). brownie. Todo en orden a bordo (copulando). rather old or diseased.). 17th c. burgle. bumhole. as obs. The rectum. To copulate (with). Tapón de tonel (culo) (raro). Ladrón (gay. Sp.v. OED. Homosexual de rol activo (etimología incierta.v. bunkey. bunger. as obs. Sp. A homosexual. or nautical. US. bunghole. Sp. Also some homosexual use. backhole. OED.» ( The Fourth Eclogue of Virgil Imitated. Sp. gig. to. bunny1. 1691. bunny-girl2. Sodomizar (v. quite Jung. Sp. On the analogy of cony. Sp.q.. esp. shithole (OED.). A nightwalking prostitute. bunter.’ (TSM. giggy and rosebud are all current coarse sl.v. q.v. de burglar. “May I bugger your bung?”» (Fragment of limerick). obs. burglar. sl. A peg to open the mouth of a cask. Lex.) of Rabelais. Sp. bung up and bilge free. in BURFORD.v. Of unknown origin. Andy.bundle (with).

(To have) an orgasm: «. Ofrenda quemada (que padece una enfermedad venérea).v. reventón/explosión (orgasmo y orgasmar) . A case of venereal disease. Used by Shaks. sl. Sp.. Arpillera (coito). . burlap. Vergüenza candente (genitales fem . “Rhyming sl. Copulation.. burp the worm. burst.. (she) dies for him. See burlap. 55-57. “A corruption of Scot.: ☺« A policeman shone his torch into a graveyard late at night. burner. E.” ( Son og Rugby Jokes. Burton-on-Trent. and fire will burn. Sp. in Much Ado. where Dromio. Enterrar la mecha (copular el hombre). burrito.: «. speaking about ‘a light wench’. Quemar unas cuantas calorías (masturbarse el hombre). Said of a male. Br.. gonorrhea. Sp. (Of a male) to copulate. To penetrate a woman. E.and by the time my own slow fuse had been fully burned out we were both exhausted» (EIC. 1529-1590. Sp.. Male prostitute. Br. visiting the whorehouse [. Enterrada con la cara hacia arriba (con el pene dentro) (usado por Shaks.: «.‘» ( EIC. To have an orgasm: «. Sp.Carol and I came in a glorious burst that left us limp» (Pent). (Of a male) to masturbate. bury the bishop. IV. E. buried with her face upwards. 102). D. sl.” “What about you?” he said to the girl. “Nothing wrong. 1974). 241). 61-62: «Clau. US. Copulating. It has been used as a euph. burlap sister. (to). esp. See berks/burks. To copulate.. burks.” (PARTRIDGE.] should become a burnt offering (as we then described catching of the clap)» ( EAP.).. in The Comedy of Errors. gonorrea).. Sp. Someone infected with venereal disease. 18 th c. Enterrar el hueso (copular.. lest their son. a loose woman. light is an effect of fire. Burrito (plato típico mejicano) (pene). argot rimado: Trent rima con rent).and. Sp. bury one’s wick. US. Br. sl. says: «It is written they appear to men like angels of light.. From the burning sensation caused by the infection. Reventar/explotar. bure. 19 th-20th c. esp. 18 th-19th c. iii. Quemar (pegar una enfermedad venérea) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Innuendo of sexual ingression. 70). ii. and a watchman with a lantern held high at the door of a brothel to deter entry. Sp. sl. Br. Sp. with various meanings: the female genitals. Sp. Sp. Burlap sister was occ. sl. ‘mujer inmoral’).. enfermedad venérea. burning shame.: «’We must hope they’ve not given us the burner.. Enterrarla/hundirla/meterla hasta la empuñadura. guarda a la puerta de un burdel con una luz roja impidiendo la entrada) .sl. Sp. To copulate.. E.. E. q. Your Honour. III. buried alive. 31). bury it. Prostituta (deformación del escocés bure. light wenches will burn. and saw a courting couple making love. 19th c.. Nombre de lugar (prostituto. among others. burnt offering. burn out one’s fuse. 5). Sp. See bishop1. See bone. dicho del hombre) .). Fundir el plomillo (orgasmar). 19 th c.Lady Margaret grew thoughtful. A variant of the more common to sheathe it up to the hilt.. Sp. Br. The penis.. venereal disease.rent” (ASHLEY. burn. used for ‘prostitute’. 143). 17 th c. Sp. . Said of a man (here wick = ‘penis’). in despite of all. I was the undertaker. From the standard term for this coarse fabric. Enterrarla (penetrar a una mujer). Eructar el gusano (masturbarse el hombre). Used by Shaks.. 1977. See also burn. Sp. There are vars. dicho del hombre).. She shall be buried with her face upwards».lifting her legs (I) had dived beneath them to bury myself up to the hilt in her warmth» (EIC. Sp. Enterrar al obispo (copular. sl.burick/burerk. bury oneself up to the hilt. Quemazón (enfermedad venérea. US campus sl. burn off a few calories.. ergo. Sp. Enterrada viva (con el pene dentro).. To masturbate. He brought them before the Judge: “And what were you doing in the churchyard at midnight?” said the Judge to the young man. (Of a woman) to infect with venereal disease. Austr. sl. (Of a male) to have sexual intercourse. Sp. OED. just burying a stiff. From the name given to a Mexican dish made with a tortilla folded around meat or beans with cheese. Come not near her». bury the bone.. “Your Honour. Pedro.

US. Sp.. business3. 19th c. 176-79). occ. 1944. bush. sl. Sp.many girls come into the business for a specific amount of time to make quick money.: «Her bush was just as nature had intended it: furry and unkempt» (Hustler). 19th c. Sp. undergrowth. “A full breasted woman” (GROSE). Maleza. heard for ‘penetrate a woman’. brakes. sl. and many others. bustle. The Hole that let the Liquor run Was wanting of a Stopper: A Jolly Tinker undertook. The male and female genitals. Pechugona. of butcher. Patrulla de la maleza (coito).bury one’s bone in the back garden. at bloomers.). perhaps an abbrev. business boy. A humorous dysph. US. Bush = ‘pubic hair’. The euph. Arramblar con el botín (copular. a beggar’s trull” (F & H). Bush = ‘pubic hair’. bushel bubby. Sp. Prostitution: «. muy frec. Esconder el hueso en el jardín trasero (sodomizar). Sp. Black sl. sl. Chica de negocios (prostituta). Copulation. Punning on the name of a park in London. Br. OED.. negocio (prostitución).. Br. Asunto (genitales masc. bury the hatchet where it won’t rust. See quot. Asunto. must be older though. business1. Sp. forest. Busto de la mujer. Sp. sl. adapted from the It. Sp. in to give her the business. E. to do one’s business and to do/have a bit of business: «A Comely Dame of Islington... bush patrol. With a thump thump thump. Similar bucolic metaphors include: clover-field. Pills. The bosom (esp. Having a prominent bust. From the French buste. with the same meaning.v. Mujer de negocios (prostituta). business girl. Sp. (orig. Sp. “An old prostitute of the lowest type. E. bust. mata de pelo (vello púbico fem.. The buttocks. Sp. Sp. as sl. Bushy Park. 1922-1973. From bustle. hence a euph.. business woman. butch1. o fem. a frame worn by women in the past to expand the back of their skirt. ii. Sp. Sp. en la erótica inglesa de todas las épocas: Chaucer y Shaks. 188). esp. compañera de un mendigo. business2. 1727-1886: «I must say she has a striking bust» ( Fiesta).).). OED. Lex. to ejaculate. Asunto. To do her Business rarely» («The Travelling Tinker».. 1979).. Sp. The female pubic hair. negocio (coito) (euf. and it was still used in the 18 th c. sl. lo usan alusivamente). US. in HENKE. thicket. Black sl. especially that of Cleopatra’s. I. US. bust. To have an orgasm. A prostitute. q. To ejaculate. as obs. A lesbian of masculine appearance or behaviour. Origin unknown. bush-beater. Also occ. Sp. Copulation. bush-whacker. sl. Chico de alquiler (gay prostituto). Prostituta vieja. and bush. Bosque frondoso (nombre de un parque en Londres) (vello púbico) .. The penis. Lex. dicho del hombre). Had got a leaky Copper. Pechugona. A Br. of a woman). sl. bustle pinching. Sp. ‘poner rabos’. Miriñaque (nalgas). The penis. Br.. Enterrar el hacha donde no se oxide (penetrar a una mujer).: «The business you have broached here cannot be without you. busto. A homosexual male prostitute. is US. and knick knack knock. 1902-1967: «. 18th c. and then split» (THH. E. to. Batidor de maleza (pene).we went to gay pubs together and . Reventar/explotar (eyacular). bust with some booty. etc. sl. Sp. q.. bust one’s nuts. busty. To sodomize. US. To coit with a woman.most men seem to prefer slim girls with big busts. Tally-whacker. A prostitute.» (Playbirds). 18th c. OED. Sp. Sp. Sp. which depends wholly upon your abode» ( A & C. OED. 1630. buss-beggar. found in the plural: «. The pubic hair. US sl. Reventar los huevos (correrse). Sp. for a woman’s buttocks.. Pellizcar en las bullas. as there are allusions to it in Chaucer and Shaks. US.v. garden. police term for the common practice of a man rubbing his penis against the buttocks of a woman in a crowded bus. Batidor de maleza (pene). OED..

Paquetes de mantequilla (pechos de mujer). A masculine male homosexual. cachas). E. and colloq. Mid 1600s. butcher3. butt-hole/butthole. The anus. Sp. The breasts. Sp. To perform anal intercourse: «. (jerga gay) butch gay. Sp. A young homosexual male. E. Sp. Sp. Gay de rol masc. Sp. butcher1. 19 th c. Br. The female genitals.). Gay jargon. Muchacho carnicero (gay que tiene relaciones con una lesbiana . sl. culo (etimología desconocida). For synonyms. Sp. Bollera. Sp. The buttocks. as chiefly dial. butch2. Que da por el culo (gay). q.. Sp. Sp. a prostitute. Cuchillo para la mantequilla (pene). butcher’s window. proxeneta. US. E. Sp. Black sl.(she) emerges with her butt-cherry intact» (Hustler). Said of males. Mantequilla (culo). Anal penetration. sl.he was butting it home with a motion so generous that it seemed as though the very bed must fall» ( EGT. Carnicero (hombre de pene tan grande que puede causar daño en el coito) . Sp. Carnicero (gay desvirgador de muchachos) (jerga gay). Sp. Globos del culo (nalgas). Sp. butt plug.. Lex. Colinas (pechos de mujer) . E. Obscure etymology.. sl. Sp. The female genitals. To perform anal intercourse. butter2. sl. Ano. see bull2. q. Sp. butcher boy. Sp. les and lezzy/lezzie. Br. quizás de butcher. Br. Sp.. Paquete de mantequilla (joven gay) butter-boxes. but the word must be much older if buttock. A virgin anus: «”.). butt. butt-hole/butthole. Semen. 19th c. Pirata del culo (gay) (usado pey). Br.. Virgo del culo (ano virgen). butterbox. Realizar coito anal. prostituta). Sp.. Br. The breasts.-a ambulante de culos (chulo de prostituta. Dar por el culo. See butch1. butcher2.. E. A gay male who has sexual relations with a lesbian. c1450-1884: «Ooohhh fuck my tight virgin butt!» (Barely Legal classifieds). The first written record is from the 15 th c. To perform anal intercourse.he wants to fuck a girl while being buttfucked» (Pent). butt globes. Used in gay bashing. 19th c. butt pirate. to. Untar el grano con mantequilla (masturbarse el hombre). Dar en el blanco (penetrar sexualmente). 19th c. Shove it up my tight butthole» (Barely Legal classifieds). Gay jargon. The anus: «Ohhh yess! Fuck my ass. Trasero. Mantequera (genitales fem. A gay male..» ( Playbirds). Vendedor. butes. sl. The buttocks. butt-poke. Penetración anal. OED. A deflowerer of young boys. Sp. Extremo del culo (nalgas).. Gay de rol masc. Escaparate de la carnicería (genitales fem. Bolsas de mantequilla (pechos de mujer). butt-peddler. Var. ‘a hill’. in US. Also. butter one’s corn. butter1. sl.) is a dim. Sp. Cachetes del culo (nalgas. US. sl.. The penis. Bollera (lesbiana de rol masc. Sp. Mantequilla (semen). Carnicero (pene). sl. butt-end. butter-knife. Sp.. Golpear el culo (realizar coito anal). Carnicería (genitales fem. Sp. Anillo del culo (ano). The buttocks. 19th c. A lesbian of masculine appearance or behaviour: «I used to form relationships with butch lezzies at the pub» (Playbirds). Attested as Canadian. sl.. butt bang. Sp. butt cheeks. To masturbate.. The penis. A pun on butch. See bull-dike/bulldyke/bulldike/bulldyke. Sp.v. Br. butt fuck/but fuck. US. Sp. sl. etimología incierta.lots of butch girls took a fancy to me. butter-boat. (jerga gay) butch les/lezzie. Br. of it. See ring. of ‘butte’. 226). Sp. Gay jargon.). butcher’s shop. E. Br. E.. ‘carnicero’). tamb .. The breasts. A homosexual male. butt-fucker/buttfucker. Sp. Someone with such a large penis as to cause damage during intercourse. Sp. To penetrate sexually: «. butt ring. Sp.juego de palabras con butch1) (jerga gay). Tapón para el culo (consolador anal). butt cherry/butt-cherry. Sp. The female genitals. The buttocks. butt it home. A masculine male homosexual. See also ass-peddler. A dildo for insertion in the anus. . Sp. Gay jargon. Sp. butter-bags. (13th c. The buttocks. E.. Sp. A pimp.v.

Wit and Drollery. proxeneta. copulation with a prostitute. Navegante de culos (gay) (pey) . like other similar terms such as ass and tail.» (EAP. Bollo untado de mantequilla (mujer que acaba de copular con un hombre y está dispuesta a hacerlo de nuevo inmediatamente con otro. E.: «As I watched the scene... Trasero. or her vagina. a pimp or a madam.. Austr. Sp. Br. is said to have a buttered bun. buttock banquetting. 19th c. sl. Sp. Also used in comb. Br. E. 1682. A male homosexual. sl. 17 th-19th c. Br. gay). Derog. Sp. Copulation. Sp.. buttock.” In use at least since the 18 th c. butterfly. Meneo de culo (coito). sl. Baile del culo (orgía. daisy. a mistress. Also buttock-ball.: «. 236). A gay male. buttock(s). Sp. Untar con mantequilla el mollete (masturbarse la mujer). coito).» (Pent).. buttock banquetting. the posterior. Baile del culo (orgía. sl. In the OED it is registered as obs.. nalgas (de butt + ock. Still one of the commonest terms for the posterior: «Taking hold of her buttocks I slipped inside her. Sp. copulation.. 19th c. E.). a1300-1846. Now rare. butthole surfer. at apple dumpling shop. buttercup. coito).butter one’s bagel. Sp. and copulation. buttocking-shop/-ken. buttered bun. prostituta [v. buttock-stirring. sufijo dim. Sp. An orgy. Sp. sl. Reina de mariposas (gay que prefiere la felación mutua) (jerga gay) . Corredor de culos (chulo de prostituta. buttock-broker. Br. sl. 17 th-20th c. Sp. (Of a woman) to masturbate. A woman who has had sexual intercourse with a number of men in quick succession. From butt + ock (diminutive suffix). E. A brothel. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. butter the muffin. Used in the 17th c. Br. in the sense of a woman considered sexually or a prostitute (OED. with various meanings: buttock-ball/buttock-jig. Mujer como objeto sexual. 19th c.. buttock-stirring. Untar con mantequilla la galleta bigotuda (masturbarse la mujer). See quot. butterfly. I could not but be pleased with my latest efforts as a buttock-broker. in BURFORD. Semen. butter up the whisker biscuit. Tienda/casa de culos (burdel). a male homosexual. ‘querida’). o su vagina. Br. Sp.. Sp. 4). buttock-jig. A pimp or a madam. An orgy. to. buttock(s)]. US. both pocky and sound To see what the reason was of this same fray That did so disturb them before it was day» («The Female Scuffle». Botón de oro (afeminado.. (1679) for a harlot. Other names of flowers given to homosexuals include: daffodil. Copulation with a prostitute. Mariposa (gay). Fellatio with a special technique. Sp.. 16 th c. Sp. imitating with the tongue the movements of a butterfly’s wings. the anonymous authoress of The Sensuous Woman. buttock-ball. Gay jargon. Sp. buttermilk. sl. copulation. etc. Suero (de la leche) (semen). butterfly queen. E. US.. with prostitutes dancing in the nude.» (EAP. (Of a woman) to masturbate.. buttock-broker. madama de un burdel) . with prostitutes dancing in the nude. 17 th-19th c. Roce de mariposa (felación con una técnica especial: imitando con la lengua los movimientos de las alas de una mariposa). usually in the pl. An effeminate man.. Mariposear (exagerar los gestos afeminados) (jerga gay) . Popularized by “J”. Untar con mantequilla la rosquilla (masturbarse la mujer). Sp. A homosexual male who prefers mutual fellatio. sl. To overdo homosexual gestures. 1673): «The Bauds24 and the Buttocks that lived there around Came all to the case. 24 Bawds. 14). Alluding to vaginal juices. OED. . Sp. with prostitutes dancing in the nude. Sp. GROSE has: “One lying with a woman that has just lain with another man. en el OED aparece como ‘prostituta’. The rump. butterfly flick.I made an excuse (of not wishing a ‘buttered bun’. lily and pansy. an orgy. E. Banquete de culo (coito con una prostituta.. as we call a woman so recently engaged in congress) and left. copulation. culo. gay jargon.

sl. buy love.. Also. Fábrica de ojales (burdel). 19th c.). To copulate. Br. fie. Sp. 19th c. argot rimado. buy old boots.. 19th c. E. sl. US. To copulate with a whore. To masturbate (of a female).. button2. sl. magic button.). Ojal (vagina). cabbage garden. Rhyming sl.v. A shortened form of cabriolet. buttonhole factory. A child’s penis. The vagina. quizás porque ‘revolotea de un lado para otro’) . love button. buzz oneself. Vars.v. q. fie. Gay (origen oscuro. Madero (pene. US. etc.ano).). Sp. Botón (pene de un niño). Gay. Still current as US. ring = ‘anus’. Br.button1. Sp. . Botón (clítoris). for a man’s testicles. E. sl. another’s cast-off mistress. caber. Sp. Used in the expression tossing the caber. Sp. you come too nigh. Sp. buttons. cabbage-patch. buttonhole. The female pudenda. as it is to be found in Fie. Sp. sl. an old euph. Comprar botas viejas (casarse con o mantener una querida que otro ha dejado) . de la famosa cadena de grandes almacenes. Here.she buzzes herself to an orgasm as her guy watches» (Swank). Black sl. 19th c. pink button and pleasure button. C C & A. now seldom used. Sp. See button1. Homosexual sl. all q. sl. Br. en tossing the caber. con juego de palabras adicional de las iniciales: cocksucker .. Sp. Sp. buttonhole worker. Coche de punto (burdel) (etimología incierta: quizás forma abrev . E. de ‘cabriolet’ o de ‘cabin’).. 25 Near. Comprar el anillo (sodomizar a un prostituto). 80): «Nay. E. Botón del roce (clítoris). E. “with ‘cocksucker and arsehole’ explaining the initials” (ASHLEY . Col/campo de coles/huerta de coles/col cortada (genitales fem . Sp. (Mayfair). “Probably a contracted form of ‘cabin’” (F & H). Tocarse el ojal (masturbarse la mujer). now forbear. a whoremonger. Br.. buzz button. Sp. Sp. To sodomise a male prostitute. Also sometimes found in combinations: cabbage field.25 What do you mean? You hurt my thigh! I think you know not what you do.chupapollas y arsehole . no quots. It is an old euph. 19th c. The clitoris. Lex. (Of a woman) to masturbate with a vibrator: «. 19 th c. Br. from the chain of department stores. To marry. Refers to the female pubic hair. The penis. or keep. Trabajo de ojal (coito). Sp. Sp. Botones (testículos) (en el OED aparece como ‘testículos de un animal’). Masturbarse la mujer con un vibrador. for ‘the testes of an animal’ (OED. Trabajador de ojales (pene o putañero).. cut cabbage. Origin uncertain. 1977. sl. E. Not common. sl. A brothel. The clitoris: «I would find that little button with my fingers and bring myself to a climax». cab. Sp. Br. except perhaps as homosexual sl.. Comprar amor (copular con una prostituta. «Brillo» (®) is the trademarked brand name of a metallic wool scourer. 31). Sp. Sp. The penis. cabbage. some anonymous verses of c1630 (in DÍAZ. to. fie. sl. A brothel. sl. buy the ring. 18 th-19th c. A male homosexual. Coition.v. perhaps because he buzzes around. Your buttons hurt my belly too». buzz the brillo. Restregar con ‘brillo’ (®) (copular) (raro). esp. poco usado hoy día excepto en contextos gays). Sp. buzzer. E. q. buttonhole. buttonhole-working. E.: buzz button. C & A (gay. Br. Br.

cab-moll. cake boy. Sp. if well-formed. OED. To masturbate (generally a man). cake3. to cgirl. Austr. esp. sl. The buttocks. calf-love. the last man in a series to copulate with the same woman in a group sex act. rhyming sl. cachiporra. From Cuban Spanish. An effeminate male. A pimp. The buttocks. E. Chico de almanaque (muchacho o joven atractivo en una película/revista o almanaque porno. A covering for the genitals. From the name of the car at the end of a railroad train.v. Cadbury being a well-known Br. Sp.). The breasts. US. Sp. Freq. underworld.. which people do not regard as serious. Cadbury channel. Sp. cachancha. sl. OED. Furgón de cola (culo. PARTRIDGE (1974) defines it as “a prostitute in a brothel. Also.cab-joint. OED. Ingeniero del canal Cadbury (gay) (v.v. Cachancha (genitales fem. Recurrir al servicio secreto (masturbarse. Var. campus sl. US. a prostitute.. cake-eater2. Pasteles (nalgas). A sexually desirable woman. US.v. Canal Cadbury (ano) (jerga gay) (Cadbury es el nombre de un conocido fabricante británico de chocolate). US. sl. Cadbury canal. Sp. Also. sl. spec. Low Latin. Because customers are supposedly referred to such places by taxicab drivers. Gay jargon. US. to hide + sexe. prostituta en un burdel. Often abbrev. manufacturer of chocolate. Pasteles (pechos de mujer). 1921. Prostituta por servicio telefónico. Also.” Sp. cake-eater1. 1929. Sp. E. Br. gen el hombre). argot rimado: rests rima con breasts). Pastelería (burdel) . cadet. cake-eater2). any boy under the age of consent. from Latin caduldum. US. Sp. in a bit of calico or a piece of calico.. sl. Sp. Pene (del latín caduldum) raro). call-house. Sp. Probably a reinterpretation of cab.. an exiguous garment worn by someone otherwise naked. el último de una serie de hombres que copula con una prostituta) . Male homosexual prostitutes whose appointments are made by phone. A prostitute who makes appointments by telephone. The female genitals. US. from cacher. Sp. Sp. A brothel. Sp. Gay jargon. A borrowing from the F. The buttocks. US. q. Austr. OED. tamb . en jerga gay. Pastel (genitales fem. Also house of call. Descanso del taxista (pechos de mujer. en cake-eater. esp. The breasts.. Amor juvenil/entre adolescentes (considerado poco serio por la gente). cabman’s rests. sl. Also. q. sex. q. A gay male. el que prostituye a su mujer o a su querida). call girl. Cadete (chulo. tamb. Sp.v. One who performs cunnilingus. q. Sp. Sp. Sp. An attractive young man or boy in a porno film. spec. Come-pasteles (afeminado) (jerga gay). sl.. Cake-eater. (Miami Univ. cake2.) (del español hablado en Cuba). Cachiporra (del español) (pene). Sp.: puppy-love. Pastel (culo apetitoso) (jerga gay). v. call in the secret service. is US. Br. US. Sp. Women considered sexually. one who prostitutes his wife or mistress. caboose. Rare. The penis. The penis. cualquier muchacho que no tiene edad de consentimiento). The female genitals. Sp. según PARTRIDGE. Sp. Prostituto por servicio telefónico (por analogía con call girl). prostituta en argot austr). también. . sl. magazine or calendar. 1940. Late 19th c. Taparrabo. esp. Casa de visitas (burdel). sl. Cadbury Canal). gay jargon for an effeminate male. Percal (coito. calendar kid. gay jargon. Sp. cakes1. cake-shop. frec. in cake eater. cakes2. By analogy with call girl. and US. “A prostitute addicted professionally to cabs and trains” (F & H). Sp. The anus. A romantic affection between a boy and a girl. sl. Sp. sl. cake1. la mujer como objeto sexual). cache-sexe. A brothel. From the Spanish for ‘big stick’. cadulix. calico. Burdel (porque los clientes son conducidos allí por taxistas). ‘one who performs cunnilingus’. US. Muchacho de dulce (gay) (jerga gay). E. Prostituta que ‘trabaja’ los taxis y los trenes o. See Cadbury canal. sl. Cadbury canal engineer. A brothel. Pastel (mujer apetitosa. Sp. Sp. call boy. Sp. Come-pasteles (que hace cunilinguos). A gay man. Br. gay jargon. 1823. US.

Well. OED.. OED. Of obscure etymology. call to a reckoning.).v. IV. ‘muchacha’) (Shaks. candle2. Prostituta (var. The vagina as seen through a tight pair of jeans or pants. callet. US. 16th-17th c. Sp. perhaps from F. ii. A postitute. Canadian bacon. Of obscure origin. callistris = the penis.) (usado por Shaks. sl. A prostitute who follows an army on campaign. Sp. The vagina.” (PARTRIDGE. c1500-1785. q. sl. Cámara oscura (culo. E. juego de palabras con hump. Lata de conservas (genitales fem. Testículos (en Rabelais aparece callistris). Used by Shaks. ano). A brothel. Sp. ‘codorniz’ o del gaélico caille. as it was customary for men to play women’s roles in former times. señalada en vaqueros ajustados). the anus. canary1. Sp. The buttocks. at least (see quot. esp. 223). sl. love canal. Also callat. 1974). US. All the nice girls love a wick. Sp. on account of her being kept in a love-nest wearing beautiful clothes like the bright plumage bird in its cage. Ser gay o comportarse como tal (v. 19th c. in comb. OED. camp down with. To summon (a woman) to a bout of love-making. Tocino canadiense (pene no circuncidado). Sp. 1959. Sp.v. canal. or from Gaelic caille. A masturbatory device. A beggar in his drink / Could not have laid such terms upon his callat» ( Othello. Sp. sl.. callibisters. Sp. quail. usó callat). caille. to. Obs. Burdel (v.. “In Rabelais. To cohabit..). orig. pues era costumbre antiguamente que los hombres representaran papeles fem. A mistress. 1941. canary2. Sp. E. Afeminado/homosexual (hombre o mujer) (de etimología incierta: quizás de la jerga teatral... 121-122). and strengthen. camp follower. sl. camp it up.).his stiff prick was filling every inch of my womanly canal. Llamar a combate (requerir a una mujer para el coito) (usado por Shaks. and still current: «There was a young lady of Twickenham Of candles she never grew sick on’em. Lata de conservas (culo). to. vela (pene). candle1.. camp manners. camp). Acampar con (cohabitar). Br. sl. etc. since the 17th c. sl. I.: «He call’d her whore. what a pox have I to do with my hostess of the tavern? Falstaff. camel night. Seguidora de campamentos (puta de cuartel). etc. a dildo: «All the nice girls love a candle. camp) can1. Dedo(s) de pata de camello (la vagina.. at spend).): «. Why. Also barrack-hack.: « Prince. The female genitals. The buttocks. obs. The penis. equally obs. Noche del camello (noche de amor. camel toe(s).sl. perhaps from the theatre jargon. OED. can house. Sp. Effeminate. Used by Shaks. de callet. homosexual or characteristic of homosexuals: camp clothes. 18th c. Lex.» (FOF. A prostitute. She prayed in the nude And Venus she sued To lengthen. A night of love-making. Uncircumcised penis. US. caille. can2. girl.). can1). encerrada en su nido de amor). Ser o comportarse como gay (v. ii. ‘joroba del camello’ y coito). camera obscura. Sp. E. Candil. Sp. To be or behave like a homosexual. Sp. Sp. The testicles. A variant of to camp (see camp). or dial. and chiefly US. 1930. Canario (querida. callat. homosexual sl. US. Canal (de mujer/del amor) (vagina).call-joint. Br. Comparing the anus to the light-admitting aperture in a camera. Antro de visitas (burdel). A brothel. Sp. The penis. and thicken’em» (Limerick). camp. Canario (pene). Sp. Sp. Prostituta (de etimología incierta: quizás del fr. camp. Br. See callet. US. Camp can also be applied to a lesbian. 52-53). For there’s something about a candle . ( womanly canal. a pun on the camel’s conspicuous hump. Sp. Sp.. q.: «Her grey cotton panties had a large wet stain right over her camel toe» ( Swank). as sl. thou hast call’d her to a reckoning many a time and oft» ( 1Henry IV. Sp.

but only with the help of structural engineering. They do so. un gay o una prostituta). US. From riding fast: «. esp. Caramelo (persona sexualmente atractiva).v. candle1) .Sp. sl. sl.. 1974). en canoe inspection. Productos enlatados (hombre o mujer virgen). ‘abrazar’). OED. Vela (consolador). US. candy3. sl. Latas de conserva (pechos de mujer o. en to talk to the canoe driver. nalgas). cane. US. canter. The breasts. OED. Sp. esp. Fruta enlatada (homosexual que no ha salido del armario). Sp. canoes were associated with romance. Black sl. Palmatoria (genitales fem. Lex. A sexually attractive person. 26 Clear allusion to the clitoris (see man in the boat). To copulate. to. 19th c. de canoe. candle1).) (v. The female genitals. slips in easy It’s a girl’s pride and joy It’s been up our Lady Jane And it’s going up again. a homosexual. ‘to perform cunnilingus’. E. 1541-1874. q. of cantharis.. pl. since ca. A female masturbator. Conductor de la canoa (clítoris. Sexual intercourse. Caramelo (gay de rol pasivo) (jerga gay). Sp. Sp. See fruit.v. US. Vara (pene. Sp. US. underworld..» ( Hustler). magrear. magrear (etimología incierta. Sp. esp. Sp. The clitoris. ‘inspection of prostitutes’ genitalia for ‘ VD’. q. Br.. the buttocks. gay jargon. cantaloupes. Caníbal (que hace felaciones. canoe.. To neck. cans. Sp.. underworld. Cañón (pene).” (PARTRIDGE. Br. Sp. ‘copulate’. cantilever bust. candy stick. Cantárida (droga supuestamente afrodisíaca. sl.. A fellator. Pegar con una vara (copular.. canoodle.Which reminds them of a prick.) (v. Sp. en to varnish one’s cane. Sp.Sp. canned fruit.v). candle-basher. Acariciar. as US. Balas del cañón (testículos). 68). Caramelo (coito). Sp. 18th-19th c.. The penis. From Latin. or a prostitute. obtenida de los insectos de dicho nombre).she was cantering with an enthusiasm so infectious that once more we reached the apogee of pleasure in almost the same moment. Used in the expression to talk to the canoe driver . To indulge in caresses and fondling. Of obscure origin (HOLDER suggests it comes from canoe + cuddle). Sp. Sp. Cunnilingus or fellatio. Hitting imagery. candy1. to. Cabalgar a medio galope (copular) cantharides. q. Ship26 ahoy. occ. Pirulí (pene). E. esp.. The pharmacopoeial name of a drug obtained from dried beetles of the species Cantharis vesicatoria. at sportive. canoe. cannibal. Canoa (genitales fem. The female genitals. Lata (vagina). sl. cannon. candlestick. Sp.» (EGT. Sp. Melones (pechos de mujer). cannon balls. ship ahoy!» (Rugby song). US. US. Sp.. The penis. canoe driver. Nice and greasy. ‘canoa’ + cuddle. The penis: «She really knows how to handle a cannon. The breasts. 1859-1921. The vagina. before cars. sl. candy2. sl. A homosexual who hides his homosexuality. Esp.. control médico para detectar enfermedades venéreas). Mujer que se masturba con una vela o un consolador. menos frec. Candelero (genitales fem. sl. Sp. esp. To coit with a woman. Also. Pasear en canoa (acariciar.. See also Spanish fly. Sp. según HOLDER. The testicles. dicho del hombre). q. The female genitals (based on the shape of the vulva).v). cane. canister. blister-fly. Sp. canned goods. Male or female virgins. Getting rare. The passive partner in anal intercourse. See quot. hacer el amor) (porque antes de la invención del coche. cannibalism. and formerly considered an aphrodisiac. Sp. from Greek kantharis. Sp. . in the expression to varnish one’s cane. esp. in the phrase canoe inspection. Canibalismo (cunilinguo o felación). Because. candle-holder. “Large female breasts seeming to defy the laws of gravity: Austr.. US. Both US.. 1950. Sp. used as a diuretic. pet and make love. las canoas se asociaban con el romance amoroso) .

US. an old term for the penis.). Capricornified was also used for ‘cuckolded’ in the 17th-18th c. To touch sexually: «Sitting there in front of the drinks as if they were conversing together. obs. 1979). Capturar su virginidad (desvirgar). Sp. Cabo de Hornos (genitales fem. “I am having my period”. Sp. used by women to indicate that they are having their period. usu. the. The penis as weapon: «The Scarlet colour is fine. It was used as a euph. see little visitor. caper. Sp. Busto levadizo (pechos de gran tamaño. One of the many euphs. To cuckold.. sl. captain. made of rubber. I.). ‘a castrated cock fattened for eating’. Modelled on career girl. A condom. Sp. Cabo de Buena Esperanza (genitales fem.. career boy. Capón (gay). por ‘copular’). Acariciar (sexualmente) (usado a veces como euf . Sp. To have an orgasm: «. OED. Recorded by GROSE. capon. the. juego de palabras entre ‘doblar el hombre con éxito un cabo distante y peligroso’ y horn. I did a capon wed» ( A Pretty Wench Scurvily Cunny-Catched. Sp. Sp.. 12-13). E. In naked truth. for ‘(to have) sexual intercourse’. cap. Also Dutch cap. Br. Cañón (genitales fem. the). captain’s at home.. capsize. que parecen desafiar la ley de la gravedad y que.). Sp. capture her cherry. Ha venido el cardenal (ha venido el Nuncio) (tengo la regla) . Zozobrar (orgasmar). A homosexual male prostitute.» (Pills. Sir. US. Sp. 1916-1970. Cardinal is come.M. Capa (condón). wet cherry for the first time» ( Pent). 17th c. 175). Sir. they caressed each other» ( DOV. caress. A homosexual male. To deprive a girl of her virginity: «A delicate membrane ripped. Used by Shaks. 18th c.. Sp. underworld. Sp. To copulate. El capitán está en casa/ha llegado el capitán (tengo la regla) (v. 1974.. through the too enthusiastic thrusting of his friend» (EAP. 70). together with the variant the captain’s come. capture her innocence. le Blanc being the first to capsize. canyon. Capitán (chulo en un burdel). 19th c. in HENKE.Sp. Br. He tore into her [. A contraceptive device. Capitán Erecto (pene en erección).. capricorn. cape horn/Cape Horn. The erect penis. El acto capital (coito). según PARTRIDGE. ‘pene’). covering the neck of the womb. E. 1594-1601): «Would the old Spartan law were up again. Copulation. Sp. a diaphragm. Carabina (pene). Sometimes used as a vague euph.. sólo lo logran con la ayuda de la ingeniería estructural). Recorded by GROSE. sl. 1665. and now it was gone» ( Barely Legal).. . Punning on man’s triumph in successfully rounding a distant and dangerous ‘cape’ and horn. For synonyms. That naked maids should marry naked men! I thought to have cocked away my maidenhead. Capturar su inocencia (desvirgar). sl. i. sl. Sp. US. Sp. 285). A pimp in a brothel. Muchacho de carrera (prostituto para gays). OED. The female genitals. capital act. Sp. the. All others it doth excel. Hacer cabriolas (copular) (usado por Shaks. as Roger captured her hot. Sp. cape. Capricornio (poner lor cuernos). cape of good hope/Cape of Good Hope.: «He capers nimbly in a lady’s chamber / To the lascivious pleasing of a lute» (Richard III. Sp. for a eunuch (OED. in DÍAZ. Cardinal is come. Captain Standish. The female genitals. carbine.. The Trooper has a carbine. The female genitals.). From the standard meaning.] He had captured her innocence. A pun on the red worn by a Roman Catholic Cardinal. That will please the Maidens well. To devirginate: «Barbara’s moaning had changed slightly. 18th-19th c. Sp. Sp. Suggesting exploration and adventure. sl. by Robert Hayman. Gorra (diafragma). IUD (intrauterine device) and ring (US.

copulation. Pertaining to the body as the seat of passions or appetites.. carrot. Sexual appetites: «There once was a monk of Camyre Who was seized with a carnal desire. Sexual relation. E. carnal trap. Sp. Used euphemistically to refer to the sexual pleasures and copulation in many comb. See karezza. Sp. El miembro carnal (pene). Sp. Sp. See also rug-muncher.. carnal connection. to copulate: «’This must have arrived while we were carousing with Andy and Phil in the library’» ( TSM. carnal enjoyment.. 237). carnal pleasures. copular). Lex. See also have carnal relations (with). See stump. Shaks. it is true. Contacto carnal (coito). Caricia (v. Sp. Copulation. Sp. Conocimiento carnal (coito). carrier. carnal stump. Carnal. Sp. Sexual pleasures. Alfombra (vello púbico fem. Partes carnales (genitales masc. carnal knowledge. Apetitos carnales (deseo sexual). c1440-1866. carpet-munching.). OED. 83). carnal amusement. usó Cupid’s carrier.). ‘procurer’.. Sp. E. OED. carnal knowledge. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Cópula carnal (coito). [PARTRIDGE. male or female. carrion. karezza). jokes. carpet-cleaning. 18 th-19th c. Realizar actos carnales (copular). coito). ‘fleshly’. Copulation: «We talked much of finding a girl whom we might persuade to inform us of the true nature of the carnal act» ( EIC. sl. carouse. A person employed to carry love-messages. Sexual enjoyment. a lesbian. 17).. q. at root). carnal parts. carnal intercourse.. 15th c. carnal desire. Sp. carnal pleasures.. Still often found in limericks. Deseo carnal (apetitos sexuales). Sp. To masturbate: «’Father. 1706. used Cupid’s carrier (q. The genitals. Gozo carnal (placeres sexuales). Sp. 9 ). Sp. 288). Legal euph. Copulation. carezza.after a couple of hours the girls had so satisfied the boys’ carnal appetites. fleshly. Acariciarse (masturbarse). carpet-muncher. See carnal. Copulation: «. carnal member. carnal. Sp. Sp. Br. as a euph. Placeres carnales (placeres sexuales..: carnal act.. sensual. Sp. copulation. Sp. See carnal. carnal enjoyment. Sp.caress oneself. The female pubic hair. The penis. Copulation. See carnal. 17th c.: «There was a young man of Peru . carnal appetites. Correrse una juerga (realizar juegos sexuales. See carnal. 1686-1883. carnal amusement. Sp. See part(s). Sp. Sensualidad (coito).. Carroña (prostituta). carnality. carnal acquaintance. etc. I scratched myself one night and then I caressed myself. From Latin carnal-is. Sp. Carnal acquaintance is a var.» (EAP. sl. (see quot.). The penis. coito). o fem. carnal copulation. OED. for ‘bawd’. Sp. Tocón carnal (pene). To copulate.Limpieza de alfombra (cunilinguo). carnal acquaintance..v. as obs. carpet. Relaciones carnales (relaciones sexuales. Sp. Sp. Cunnilingus.). Br. Sp. OED.. Ayuntamiento carnal (coito). carnal act. Sp.physical exertion was often naturally followed by carnal amusement. See carnal. The penis. carnal connection. Muerde-alfombras (come-coños) (hombre que realiza un cunilinguo o lesbiana). etc. Used in the 17 th c. Diversión carnal (coito). Carnal intercourse. Acto carnal (coito). I have something very terrible to confess. Copulation. And the primary cause Was the abbess’ drawers Which were hung up to dry by the fire» (Limerick). Also. See carnal. carnal relations. carnal copulation.. Sp. Sexual intercourse. The female genitals.» (EAP. carnal relations. Trampa carnal (genitales fem.v. Intermediario/mensajero (alcahueta) (Shaks. Sp. Sexual desire: «. and. carnal intercourse. carnal desire. Conocimiento carnal (coito). To play sexual games. a1400-1829. A prostitute. Someone who performs cunnilingus. Acción de morder alfombras (cunilinguo). carnalize. Sp. Cunnilingus.).’» (DOV. Used by Shaks.

Casa (burdel. i. carry. Casa (de putas) (del it. a. cast-off. Sp. After «the Italian adventurer Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt (1725-98). To copulate: «Let me ask you a question.(see genitive case). (see quot. carry-knave. To have an affair (with). After Casey Jones. as one would a fortress. donde relata sus amores y escapadas por casi todos los países europeos) . Sp. Used by Shaks. / And carve to my own appetite?» (LP. Sp. OED. a spelling which is also occ. gran seductor de mujeres. Private. del italiano casa). Ropa vieja (amante abandonada). 1630. who took a trip «into the promised land». El anillo de Carvel (genitales fem. caseo. Used by Shaks.: «Then say not Man’s imperfect. case vrow. Copulation between a female seeking a favour and a male in a position to grant it. 1930” (PARTRIDGE. Casa (de putas) o prostituta que acepta un cliente para toda la noche (var. Br. de la leyenda de Hans Carvel. Famoso ingeniero norteamericano de la 2ª mitad del siglo XIX. Say rather. And buggered his parrot. “Ex Italian casa. A brothel. a variant of casa. Tener un lío con. a full night in bed with a prostitute. Sp. Zanahoria (pene) (usado por Shaks. “A discarded mistress” (F & H). GROSE. Perhaps influenced by the It. it was still current in the 18th c. the. OED. would prevent his being made a cuckold: waking he found he had got his finger the Lord knows where». en 1977) . carry on (with). or sit at table uncontroll’d.v. 1888-1959. Heaven in fault. 1764. Sp. Sp. which. Burdel o una noche entera con una prostituta (var . in BURFORD. And sent the results to the Zoo». OED. / And wait. prob. A great seducer of women. seducirla) (usado por Shaks. Vaina. q. in French.” (PARTRIDGE. / Which is less servile. my dear knight. case1. sl. The female genitals. So he took out his carrot. carve. His Pego measured to the female Case Betwixt a woman’s thighs his proper place» ( An Essay on Woman. Sp. Conquistar (a una mujer. Sp. 1811. casa. Sp.). it’s no different to the casting couch on which most pretty young actresses find themselves at one . de caseo). III. viejo doctor celoso que soñó que el diablo le daba un anillo que debía llevar siempre puesto para impedir que su mujer le pusiera los cuernos.. de casa). a variant of caseo.” (PARTRIDGE. pionero de la línea de ferrocarril hacia el oeste (la ‘tierra prometida’) (pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. “A brothel. Carvel’s ring. 1974).). so long as he had it on his finger. at fiddle-stick)’. Sp. Casey.. OED. (see 1 st quot. A brothel. “A prostitute attached to a particular bawdy house” (GROSE). Casanova. A common prostitute.v. 19th c. Ex case. To carry a woman by storm. como si de una plaza fuerte se tratara. describing his escapades and amours in most countries of Europe». autor de unas memorias en fr . q. casa.Who was hard up for something to do. 1974).). 1699-1942. being in bed with his wife. Also. “A brothel. q. usó el juego de palabras genitive case. case2. Sp. 271). dreamed that the Devil gave him a ring. Caza-hombres (prostituta vulgar). author of memoirs. The penis. 1948: ‘After all. 135-40). Also. etc. OED. found. the brave US railroad engineer. pero al despertar se dio cuenta que tenía el dedo metido en la vagina de su esposa). since ca.). nickname of John Luther Jones (1864-1900). 36). obs. a jealous old doctor. Sp. estuche (vagina) (Shaks. The vagina. Sp. casting couch. attributed to John Wilkes. Prostituta en un burdel. caso. From Hollywood casting-directors’ office divans. A lady-killer. to bring up the pheasant. Sp. a prostitute that takes a man for the night. at siege).v. 1876-1930: «He insinuated that she was sleeping up there in order to carry on with the coal man who lived in the attic» ( TCp. gives the following explanation: «Hans Carvel. 1974). Man’s as perfect as he ought. recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. ‘To sheathe the sword. E. Casanova (aventurero it. Sp. Trinchar (copular).

deformación de Ganimedes. E. OED. Sp.: kitties rima con titties). catch a buzz. US. Army sl. rampallian = scoundrel. the vulva. Geld was also quite frequent.. 19 th c. sl. of castrare. para ‘interno heterosexual antes de entrar en la cárcel. From the literal meaning: a wild cat. A brothel. muy antiguo que sobrevive en alley cat. catastrophe. submits to the passive role inside. cat(s) and kitties. corrupt form of Ganymedes. Piel de gata (vello púbico). Ser promiscuo como un gato. To chase women for sex. Gata (argot carcelario austr. 1754-1845.). Sex-starved. OED. Sp. Casa de gatas (burdel). Sp.» ( 2 Henry IV. name of Jupiter’s cup-bearer. The female genitals. catamountain. Sp. cat with its throat cut. used by Shaks. q. catamite. ‘gato callejero’). From the Greek cataminia. The menstrual discharge. Menstruación (del griego cataminia. but is now gen. Sp. vulva). E.. you scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! 27 I’ll tickle your catastrophe. Gata degollada (genitales fem. A brothel on wheels visiting the villages of the middle west or following the harvest crews. Br. said humorously of a man) and doctor. OED. for castrate. and to coit with a woman.v. Sp. Br. Carro de gatas (burdel itinerante). Castrar. 59-60). Sp. Sp. 1914-1962. an inmate who. To remove the testicles of. argot rimado am. A cunnilinguist. ii. The pubic hair. Pacific Coast. cat3.: «Away. underworld. que capturan al ‘ratón’. 1593-1795. sl. Atrapar una ostra (copular la mujer. Gata (prostituta) (euf. E. Sp. An old euph. Sp. cat’s-head-cut-open. while heterosexual outside of prison. cat-skin. Sp. The breasts. 19th c. esp. Sp. The posteriors. cat on a hot tin roof. as are fix (occ. Br. Medical euph. prison sl. Prostitute. Sp. sl. applied to animals. lesbiana). 27 Scullion = a servant employed to do rough work in the kitchen. Sp. Gato montés (prostituta). sl. Manzana partida por la mitad (genitales fem. 1931. From a kind of large apples. Sp. 17 th c. 16131831. The female genitals. A boy kept for homosexual purposes.. Sp. for prostitute (OED. See cat2. castrate. E. 100).. Sp.. fustilarian = fat woman (comic formation).. meses). Lesbian sl. The female genitals. juego de palabras usado por Shaks. El diván del reparto (pasar por el diván para conseguir un papel en Hollywood). Sp. Cat (vagina) that catches the mouse (penis). Emasculate and un-man are common euphs.). from oyster = ‘vagina’. cat wagon. 19th c. catch an oyster. cat house. cat’s meat. Complejo de castración.time or another at the start of their careers’» ( TSM. Adapted from Latin Catamitus.-a como una gata en un tejado de zinc (hambriento. cat-lapper. sl. jumpy as a. Sp. part. Coition from the point of view of the woman. US. A homosexual. Br. entre la 2ª sílaba de la palabra y arse). American. Refers to a cross section of a large apple. OED. Catástrofe (trasero. Masturbarse con un vibrador (juego de palabras entre el zumbido del mismo y la excitación producida) . esp. cat around. Sp. From the Latin castratus. Austr. Gata (genitales fem. . Lame-gatas( lame-coños. US. 1401-1708) which has survived in alley cat. Punning on the noise and the excitement. 1918. since c. Cabezas de gato (manzanas de gran tamaño o término marinero dado a las vigas salientes a cada lado de proa para levar el ancla) (pechos de mujer). = titties. cat1. (Of a woman) to masturbate with an electric vibrator. The female genitals.. catamenia. or from a beam projecting at each side of the bows of ship. now obs. pene). Sp. A pun on its second syllable and arse. portador de la copa de Júpiter). II. See cat1. muy caliente) . Joven homosexual mantenido (del latín catamitus. usually said of cats and dogs. Nervioso. An unconscious fear of having one’s genitals removed. Br.. Rhyming sl.. ‘menses’. Sp. Gatos y gatitos (tetas. E. del significado de ‘semen’ dado a oyster). cat2. cat heads/cat’s heads. Sp. pero que en ésta se somete al rol de homosexual pasivo’). castration complex. 19th c.-a de sexo. From oyster = ‘semen’. OED. for raising the anchor. Carne de gata (genitales fem. sl.

OED. The female pudenda. until c1700. Used by itself and in several combinations. Sp. tamb. catty-cat. v. Guante del receptor (en béisbol) (diafragma). juego de palabras con cock) (copular). cauda. Maullar (los gatos en celo) (copular). caulk. The female genitals. The passive member in a homosexual relationship. Rare. (A Cavalier was a supporter of the King against Parliament in the English Civil War in the 17 th c.).. Caldero (vagina. Lex. but a **** and a cauliflower have none. From cauda. a peevish old fellow. catcher. Ganado (prostitutas). Monta (de cavolta. occ. Sp. recorded by GROSE: “Also the private parts of a woman. Escuela de monta (burdel). argot rimado: truck rima con fuck) (antic. E. Cola. caterwaul. circumcision. The penis. then sl. Always reduced to cattle. Calafatear (término marinero: forzar material en la tablazón del casco de un barco. The penis. The female genitals. the foreskin. cavalry. Sp. who wore his hair long). Receptor (en béisbol) (homosexual de rol pasivo. sl.] the group is for both cavaliers and roundheads.v. The vagina.: «Did you know that there is a Forum group (ACORN) for people interested in everything phallic: the penis. Sp. cattle truck.. E. From Lingua Franca cavolta. ‘the virile member’. as obs. Sp. for ‘to be in heat’. To coit with a woman. 1785).” Also a bit of cauliflower. An old dysph. Sir Found luck was so thick. Br. for which the judge on the bench. Perteneciente al bando monárquico. ‘riding and horsing’.. Rueda (de fuegos artificiales) (genitales fem. sex-cave. made use of the term cauliflower.v. who was giving evidence in a cause wherein it was necessary to express those parts. Rhyming sl. From a nickname for a type of sticky flypaper used in the mid 1800s. sl. the reason for which appellation is given in the following story: A woman. Agarrarla por debajo del delantal (copular el hombre con una mujer). 1579-1823. en lengua franca) (coito).). Sp. Pene (del italiano cazzo). Black sl. 1599-1870. “A bawdy-house” (GROSE). sl. for men and women. Br. pitcher2).. she could feel the Turk’s prick . underworld. cattle. Sp. cauliflower. = fuck.. The vulva. punning on the opposite of roundhead. esp. like a cat in the gutters» (GROSE. A cervical diaphragm used for contraception. To copulate. replied she. From cavaulting. Lex. q. como contrapunto de infantry. applied to prostitutes. Maullar (los gatos en celo) (salir de noche en busca de sexo) . sl. catch her under the pinny. Sp. With reference to forcing material between the planks of a ship’s hull.catch’em-alive-O. esp. Prostitutes who solicit from motor vehicles.). «Going out in the night in search of intrigues. Br. who’d been swived abroad Till her premises gaped like a grave. que lo hacen a pie). Sp. catherine wheel. Sp. ‘to be lecherous’. pene (del latín) (raro).).. Not so. From the It. Naval sl. prostitutes who solicit on foot. in English erotic literature: cave of love. Cázalas vivas (papel matamoscas usado en el siglo XIX) (genitales fem. Dated. Baseball imagery: the mitt catches or stops the ball. From the cry of cats at rutting time. Sexual intercourse. Sp. as opposed to infantry. cavaulting/cavolting. for an artichoke has a bottom. Sp. ‘caldero de miel’). as opposed to the pitcher (see pitcher2). in cauldron of honey. q. cave. E. Camión de ganado (polvo. US. Colloq. que llevaban el pelo largo (pene no circuncidado) .. 17th-19th c. catcher’s mitt. Br. cave of harmony.v. etc. Latin for penis. caterwauling. A play on cock. and the name applies equally well to both» ( Forum). catso/catzo. q. Coliflor (genitales fem. 19th c. piercing and ‘getting the phallus into the best possible shape [. my lord. cavalier. 1602-1708.. Now obs.v.: «Each sluice-cunted Bawd. sl. 19th c. To make love. OED. sl. OED. E. cavaulting school. 16 th-20th c. The vagina. Copulation. Gata maliciosa (vulva). cazzo.. Sp. Sp. cauldron. Sp. Caballería (prostitutas que abordan al cliente desde un vehículo motorizado. Synonymous with vaulting school. The uncircumcised penis. q. B. reproved her. saying she might as well call it artichoke. Sp. adversarios de Cromwell. Also livestock. US. Sp. Sp. Sp. E. en cauldron of honey.

Sp. sl. centre of attraction. Br. 19th c. heed this warning. centre of attraction.v. Bodega (vagina).).1786. The female genitals.Tho’ all others were lost in her cave. The vulva or perhaps the hymen. The female genitals. Sp..» (FH.» (FH. centerpiece. In a fit of depravity He filled the wrong cavity. The female genitals: «. Mezcladora de cemento (bailarina que hace ‘strip-tease’ o prostituta.).. Similar euphs. cavity. Br.v. Centro de su virilidad (genitales masc . Sp. sl. Oficina central (genitales fem. central office. (etimología desconocida) Cecil. E. . caveman. all q. 141). A warm. Puerta de la bodega (vulva o himen)..] was able to pierce the centre... include caper.lowered himself until his pintle [. and centerpiece. attested as Can. Other euphs. how his practice has grown!» (Limerick). E. The female genitals. centre of all the senses.). It is not infrequent to find asterisks substituted for taboo terms in this type of literature. central office. frisk and romp.. The vagina. Genitales fem. seized. cement-mixer. Sp. US.).] by that central furrow which nature had sunk there. 28 (Fragment of «Ode to the Four-Letter Words». Sp. centre of desire.. Surco central (genitales fem. The female genitals: «I stole my hand up my petticoats. Sp. The female genitals: «But what infinitely enrich’d and adorn’d them (her thighs) was the sweet intersection formed [.C. 19th c.v. or a velvety glove.. sl.. Hombre de las cavernas (hombre rudo y dominante) (jerga gay). frolic. Centro de mesa (genitales masc. caze.). Sp. It’s known amongst men as the centre of love The hope of the world. central cut. The vagina. Sp. Corte central (genitales fem. A strip-tease dancer or a prostitute. Cueva (del amor/de la armonía/del sexo) (vagina).. See cut. The female genitals. 19th c.. The female genitals. Sp. cellar.. a rugby song). Sp. Attested as Can. ‘to coit’.. central cut. Esp. “The female pudendum” (F & H). 279). The female genitals: «. tender field just awaiting the plough... sl..). Sp.. Sp.don’t call it a ****». Sir» (‘The Plenipotentiary’. esp. 13). cavort. Sp. And my. Centro (genitales fem.» ( EIT. the centre of love.. E. 81). centre of his virility. 28 Cunt. centre of desire. The female genitals. Centro de felicidad (genitales fem. Centro de atracción (genitales fem. sl. Sp. central furrow. E. Sp.M. 19th c. punning on their bodily central location include: central furrow. cellar-door.» (EAP. 19 th c. and with fingers all in fire.).he saw two bare young animals cavorting freely upon the grass. 132). Cavidad (vagina). Br.).. that liken the vagina to a cave or grotto: «It’s a cavern of joy you are thinking of now. centre of love. It’s a quivering pigeon caressing your hand. Retozar (copular). love’s low centre. Br. Centro de todos los sentidos (genitales fem. For the male genitals. From the rotary motion of a cement-mixing machine. Sp. To copulate: «. 36). q. Caverna (del amor/del placer) (genitales fem.. The male genitals.). Centro del deseo (genitales fem. Br. The male genitals. But friend. por el movimiento contorsionista). Sp. One who is sexually rough and masterful. in BURFORD. and yet more inflamed that centre of all my senses» ( FH. sl.). cavern/cavern of love/cavern of joy .all my animal spirits then rush’d mechanically to that centre of attraction. Sp.. See also middle region. etc. centre. Sp.. Sp. q.. M. One of the many literary euphs. centre of all the senses. beware the affront Of aping the Saxon. centre spot. in the expression to dip Cecil in the hot grease . Or the National Anthem. Centro del amor (genitales fem.. The penis. we find centre of his virility. also sexual cavity: «There once was a dentist named Stone Who saw all his patients alone.). centre of one’s pleasure. Sp. centre of bliss.).it makes us all stand. Gay jargon. for the female genitals. E.). en to dip Cecil in the hot grease.. Nombre de varón (pene.

Cámara de Venus (genitales fem. cancer. A brothel. chamber.. A variant of charver.). underworld. 18th c. Lugar central (genitales fem. It is a very old euph. 1979).. from Latin cancer. Copulation. itch. coney hall. genitales fem. The female genitals. The female genitals. 14th c. Chancro (producido por una enfermedad venérea). Fleshly chamber and love-chamber have also been used for vagina. With the same imagery of the vagina as a room. To copulate. Sp. Cliente de champán (jerga de prostitutas por ‘cliente rico’). at tie the true lover’s knot. 108).» (Fragment of limerick).. See call girl. Ceremonias (coito). Copular (var. chancre. cock-hall. /Her Chamber being wondrous privy. Sp. Mercancía de dormitorio (coito.v. crab. And found in her chalice a phallus» (Limerick).). champagne trick. Sp. chamber of Venus. Sp. Cámara del amor (genitales fem. Sp. chamber merchandise. champion. Sp. Certificado de nacimiento (genitales fem. Cámara.» (Pills. as well as chamber-work. 29 «I ever followed natural inclination / Under the power of my constellation/ And was unable to deny. centric/centrique part. Sp. Sp.v. To copulate. . Centro de su ser (genitales fem. Also love-chamber. chafer. See circle-jerk. sl. Sp. one thing led to another. a bit of hard being the erect penis and a bit of soft. 19 th c. Sp. perhaps the female pudenda: «The city housewives. the vagina. To copulate. q. III. The female genitals. Sp. among others. One night sleeping nude. Cáliz (vagina). Cambiar algo duro por algo blando (copular. Sp. Acts of copulation. Sp. dicho del hombre). Sp. OED. Sexual work done in a bedchamber. cunning in the traffic/ Of chamber merchandise. Combates de dormitorio (coito).). “Probably a corruption of chauver” (F & H). Sp. The female genitals: «So naturally. dicho de la mujer). She awoke feeling lewd. Trabajo de dormitorio (coito). in HENKE.. 29 Sp. and I soon had my tongue inside her tight chamber of love» (Teazer). Partes céntricas (genitales fem. / My chamber of Venus to a likely youth».). Campeón (pene). change a bit of hard for a bit of soft. Br. E.. Masturbación en cadena. the penis.). / That made me I coude nought withdrawe / My chambre of Venus from a good felawe». fore-room and front-room.).» (EAP.. we also find: fornicator’s hall. and a chancre. sl. See trick. chamber work. See quot. The female genitals. US. centre of (one’s) pleasure. Copulation: «Chamber combats /Are felt not heard» ( BH. well-paying customer. Centro del placer (genitales fem. The female genitals: «Then approaching the centre of my being he seemed to concentrate there.. E. for copulation. pleasure-hall. chain-jerk. chalice. centre spot. The penis.) (usado por Chaucer).. A rich. From French chancre. a1605-1881: «A libidinous fellow – a banker.: «I folwed ay my inclinacioun / By vertu of my constellacioun. i.: Chaucer used chamber of Venus in The Wife of Bath’s Tale. q. An ulcer occurring in venereal disease.» ( BH. The female genitals. chamber of love. The female genitals: «With many Denials she yielded at last. pox. 23-29). Copulation. Sp. a bit of snug being the vagina.). Had bubo. ii. 26-27). Sp. See part(s). chamber combats. change a bit of snug for a bit of stiff. Used by Chaucer in The Wife of Bath’s Tale.). Cambiar algo blando por algo tieso (copular.. c-girl. Sp. Sp. in truth.centre of one’s being. II. See centre.v. and a bit of stiff. ceremonies. venereal ulcer. 17 th c. all q... dormitorio (genitales fem. fumbler’s hall. The vagina: «There was a young virgin named Alice Who thought of her cunt as a chalice.). Prostitutes’ jargon. chamber of commerce. Cámara de comercio (burdel). Sp. 621-624. set all at price / By wholesale. certificate of birth. Br.. de charver.

(FH.). .change one’s luck. 246).. of chape. culto). cape. 1998). Cámaras cargadas (genitales fem. Be thankful for it.] hoping he’d turn his attention to my chapel hat pegs» (Razzle). in LEWIS. en francés antiguo) (pene) (euf. Cambiar la cabeza de bacalao por la cola del salmón (copular) (usado por Shaks. . chantecler.. chapel hat pegs. and to surgery bravely.: « Pistol. menos frec . Sp. gay jargon. The penis. The penis. Tunel del Canal (vagina). Amount of semen produced by an orgasm. iv. porque va de boca en boca) (euf. I will charge you. An erection: «’You’ll get no charge from him.). charge. Sometimes. French for ‘song’. II.] charging down a hundred times to the deepest point before again withdrawing» ( GL. a la vagina. Rochester’s The Complete Poems. 17201880. charge1.. Mardrus and Powys Mathers. it is the woman who receives the favour: «If heretofore you found grace in my eyes. used only by white males. Sp. Carga (semen emitido en un orgasmo) (jerga gay).] by allowing a young student into her channel tunnel» ( Fiesta). still haunt the door Where they’ve received a charity before» (J. to. chaperon. Sp.. To copulate.. chanticleer. Acompañante. The female genitals. chanson.. To assail sexually. Copulation. 84). The vagina: «Lorna decided she ought to do her bit to help the Anglo-French relationship [. Br. in LEWIS.. because «it goes from mouth to mouth». atacar (copular.. esp. and other games». offered by a woman to man as benevolence to the poor. a married or elderly woman whose duty it is to watch over a young unmarried one. Then to you. Cargar. Sp. Sp. ‘cock’. to venture upon the charg’d chambers bravely-» ( 2 Henry IV. “An older sexual partner whose needs are gratified by a young boy or girl out of kindness rather than desire” (J. ataque (coito). esp.. carabina (del fr. hood. Used by Shaks. and let that suffice. II. W.: «Iago.. charge2. To copulate.he’s a mere Molly. From French chaperon. A man’s sexual assault. OED. Used by Shaks. translated by C. change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail.She that in wisdom never was so frail To change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail» ( Othello. E. Sp. Sp. elsewhere in erotica: «. and can only tup another!’ » (EIC. coition: «He went into the room where my lady was and passed all the night with her in charges. Carga. 155-156). Sp. Doll Tearsheet. Mistress Dorothy. dicho del hombre) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. 19th c.the powerfully divided lips of that pleasure-thirsty channel receiv’d him». Canción (del francés) (pene. GREEN. Cultured. But women. Gay jargon. Cantaclaro (gallo. charity2.F. charge3. charity1. Carga (erección). II. Sp. Sp. ‘capa’). “A promiscuous man who gives it away for free. assaults. 17th c. Sp. channel tunnel. 1998). 102). A person. in HENKE. Caso de caridad (viejo cuyas necesidades sexuales son cubiertas por un joven o una joven por compasión más que por deseo).. Cultured. you know. charity case. Sp. i.: «. iv.. de chape. The breasts: «I tactfully sat up on the chair [. Canal (vagina).. in the South. Charge me! I scorn you» (2Henry IV..(he) attacked with all his strength [.. Quite freq. Sp.). culto) (raro) . 1923. 120-21).” (J. el hombre. with a black woman.. 47-51). sl. not common. The vagina: «. channel. sl. Caridad (hombre promiscuo que lo hace gratis) (jerga gay austr. por lástima). GREEN. Percheros de la capilla (pechos de mujer).. From the O. Used by Shaks. From The Book of a Thousand Nights and One Night.. 1979). Austr. a kind of dim. to come off the breach with his pike bent bravely. charg’d chambers. Caridad (coito que otorga la mujer o.) (usado por Shaks. US. to coit with a woman. dim. Sp. Cambiar la suerte [copular (un hombre blanco) con una mujer de color] .for to serve bravely is to come halting off. 73). sin que se sepa a ciencia cierta si cod’s head alude al pene y salmon’s tail. Sp.. beggar-like. o viceversa).

morally pure. Sp.v. = cunt. Br. Nombre propio de varón (genitales fem. E. chassis. chaste. charm the cobra. (Of a male) to masturbate. A prostitute. to touch. c1305-1872. 45).: Wheeler rima con Sheila). Charlie Ronce. Br. The penis. Sp. de Charles (prostituta o lesbiana) . rhyming sl.charity girl. Charlies/Charleys. US. Menstruation. argot rimado austr . Nombre de varón. ‘tocar’) (coito o prostituta).: Joe/Johnnie Ronce. chaste treasure. a Baron entrusts the key of his wife’s chastity belt to the most honest man in the Kingdom he can think of. sl. Encantar a la serpiente de un ojo en el pantalón (masturbarse el hombre).v. I am not a maiden. Plural de Charlie (pechos de mujer o testículos). Flashing her charms =showing her paps” (F & H). A rare alternative form of Joe Hunt. “The paps (q. OED. chastity. spec. Fr. chauffer. as the Baron’s ship is about to sail. Nombre de varón (menstruación) . he sees the Archbishop coming riding up huffing and puffing and waving the key. virtuous. which the crusaders were said to have put in their wives. A woman’s body considered sexually. Charley/Charlie Hunt. is a var. cant. Nombre propio de varón (chulo de prostituta. sl. charms2. 1922-1969: «It was very much like the chastity belt they showed in the Musée Cluny. the Archbishop of Canterbury. OED. de Charles (apelativo cariñoso dado por una mujer al pene de su pareja de dicho nombre) (recogido en MOQ. A special belt with a lock allegedly worn by some women in former times. E. US. . 1930. = Sheila (a girl). The same theme is present in rugby songs.-a. A sexually attractive girl. charms1. The female genitals. Vars. 1598-1848. chastity belt/girdle. Encantos (pezones). sl. Austr. Female beauty. Car imagery. a woman’s sexual features. Sp. OED. Sp. from Latin castus. but now impossible except as slang. to meddle with. rhyming sl.v. gentle errant. Also. charm the snake. A sexually promiscuous young woman who gives it away for free. Charlie/charlie2. Encantos (de la mujer). Sp. encuesta realizada por R. Sp. Sp. q. In MOQ. Copulation. charver. The quality or state of being chaste. Sp. the testicles. continent. Sp. See quot. a prostitute. From the French chauffer. or the Romany charva. E. (Of a male) to masturbate. 19th c. Casto. you gave me the wrong key!’ ‘You’re telling me!’ the Baron says» (Archivos Secretos. Sp. From O. I’m married to Sir Oswald. Carlos el calvo (personificación del pene). Calentón o señora que calienta (del fr. The breasts. a very wide silver belt with a hanging appendage that covered the sex and locked it up for the duration of their crusades» (DOV. one crusaders put in their wives to prevent them from having sexual intercourse during their absence. charm the one-eyed trouser snake. ‘Hey. Encantar a la cobra (masturbarse el hombre). Charles the bald. OED. 1988-89). or a lesbian. (Of a male) to masturbate. etc. Charlie/charlie1. Sp. Tesoro casto (genitales fem. Nombre propio de varón (chica sexualmente atractiva. Charlie/charlie3. sl. The penis. argot rimado: Hunt rima con cunt). AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta..). X. It is a common practice to name the partner’s genitals after his/her own Christian name. Nombre de varón. Sp. dim. Pure from unlawful sexual intercourse. Sp. les appas. chaste. Also.). See treasure. OED. ‘calentar’ o del romaní charva. dim. Br. charity dame and charity moll. Sp. Used mainly humorously: ☺«Before setting off for a crusade in the Holy Land. Rhyming sl. a1225-1869: « The most chaste nation are the Spanish: 32 per cent of the women admit they do no have any sexual relations at all» ( Mayfair)..: «Alas. Encantar a la serpiente (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. at marriage joys/pleasures/rite. Sp. Also. 20). Austr. Castidad. sl. Sp.F. Can. Chasis (cuerpo de mujer). Joven caritativa/dama de la caridad (joven promiscua que lo hace gratis). Also chauvering. Once in literary use. Sp. Charlie Wheeler. 19 th c. A few days later. q. Sp. to heat. argot rimado: Ronce rima con ponce).. A pimp or a ponce. Chauvering donna.

Comprobar el aceite (copular. etc. Lex. as sl. lower abdomen/stomach. Cachetes (nalgas. (Of a woman) to masturbate. oil and man oil.] chat up all the guys in the bar. Sp. round eye. See also cock-cheese. charver). chat up: «She saw it as a great opportunity to [. He’s gone to the wars For a twelve month or longer And taken the key To my chastity belt» (Fragment of a rugby song). Sp. sl. neck..) (genitales fem. for vaginal secretion.). But to get to the cheese underneath» (Limerick). lap. US. limb. OED. Sp. To achieve orgasm. Sp. Sp. forefinger (used by Shaks. Gata (del fr. (Of a woman) to masturbate. v. without on. lit. found: «”Suck me. (ser infiel) cheater. thighs. face. Tramposo. q. the pubic hair.. second eye. eye. pulse. check the pulse.: «There was a rabbi named Keith Who circumcised men with his teeth.v. etc. Car imagery. Sp. Sp. belly. To flirt with. and US. blue vein(er) (an erection). Coito (quizás de charver. because some men claim they are being cheated of pleasure when wearing a condom. etc. silent beard. ear between the legs. chatte.). chat (up). the anus. finger.v. groin. Now usu. “A prostitute” (F & H). the genitals (male and female).. Gato (del fr. Br. cachas). chaws. the female genitals.. See charver. (Of a woman) to masturbate. secreción sebácea acumulada bajo el prepucio). eye (see eye that weeps most when pleased). round mouth. beard. (Usu. A woman’s buttocks. pimples (small ones). 1932: «I am married and have never cheated on my wife. mouth. lungs. Sp. E. etc.v. Cinturón de castidad. chiefly US. etc. cheeks. pectorals. Smegma. Anatomical substitutions are common in the euph. down leg. second face. third leg. the nipples. Sp. A condom. Sp. To coit with a woman. cheese. cheap date. cheat (on). To be sexually unfaithful (to one’s spouse). etc. 1898-1966. Br. Tetas postizas. sl. arm. E. Sp. thumb of love.. estafador (condón) . vein. pimple (a child’s penis). back eye. sl. Comprobar el aceite (masturbarse la mujer). sl. 92).. Sp. check her oil. skin. lips. blind eye.. Sunday face. and she-oil. ‘a female cat’). of a male) to masturbate.. q. tonsils. middle finger. head. OED. Engañar (a). Sp. Hacer queso (eyacular). French for ‘vagina’. sweat glands.» ( Pent). a1600-1959: «I kissed her cheeks repeatedly as I pounded away» (CP.). sl. chat. Still occ. Señora que calienta (prostituta.v. Sp. OED. Cachetes cerca del condado del conejo (nalgas de mujer). crotch-cheese and prick cheese. cheaters. Cita amorosa barata (masturbación masc. chauvering donna/moll. and the breasts.. Queso (esmegma. All US.) (vagina)..).. for ‘semen’. Sp. Ligar. Perhaps from charver. cheeks near cunnyborough. check the plumbing. Also falsies. A padded bra worn to make a woman’s breasts look larger. muscle (of love). Pet name for the female genitals. to talk to a person of the opposite sex trying to seduce him/her. gen el hombre). cheese. etc. etc. nose. best leg of three. From ‘to cheat’.. Sp. middle leg.v... The buttocks. check for depth. Comprobar la profundidad (masturbarse la mujer). Sp. Sp. to. the penis. the glans penis. heart. leg.. chéri.. to ejaculate. q. Sp. blind eye. Oil change is a euph.» (Razzle). Male masturbation. bone.. Br. dicho del hombre)..”» (Men Only). (French.”use your tongue on my ‘chatte’ and make her want to spend. Cf. Comprobar las cañerías/tuberías (masturbarse. “Copulation” (F & H). eye opener. clean the pipes. E.” she said. 19 th c. Nor sexual pleasure. Now obs.The cunning old Celt. stiff sinew. liver. ‘cat’. . It was not for the treasure. hearts. all q. eyes. check the oil. q. Comprobar el pulso (masturbarse la mujer). brown eye. q.v. 19th-20th c. language: the posterior has also been called. for sexual intercourse.

sl. From O. Sp. Sp.cheese off. Mujer excitada (argot rimado: pipe rima con ripe. The vagina: «. OED. Recoge-cerezas (homosexual .. 1889-1983: «There was a young lady of Crewe Whose cherry a chap got through. at melons. OED. cherries2. A sexually aroused woman. Sp.. cherry orchard. US. Also pop a cherry. Sp. Rare.E. Sp. E. Which she told to her mother Who fixed her another Out of rubber and red ink and glue» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. T. Huerta de cerezas (dormitorio de un colegio universitario fem. or B. See cheese. bum and tits. Br.» (Pent). Br. etc. See quot. cherry3. spilled at the moment of its breaking. cherrylets/cherrilets. sl. The penis. of tits and ass. Desvirgar. you aren’t a cherry are you?’ he asked» (FU.. cheese factory. for the thorax.E. The penis. Sp. Sp. Cereza (pene) (raro). And carry French letters. cherry centre/center. cheesecake/cheese-cake. Rhyming slang for ‘ripe’. and B. female or male. chest.. 1604-1703. sl. and A. (orig. anally virgin (gay jargon). A deflowerer of young boys. Sp. Tarta de cerezas (vagina). Sp. cherry tart. Sp. box: «Our sports mistress is the best. The nipples. Sp. The vagina. cherry-pit. E. US. cherry-popping. as sl. 1935: «’Jesus. Cerezas (pezones. Sp.. and T. cherrypop. 1934. US. So we wear tight sweaters. hombre o mujer. Pastel de queso (fotografías de mujeres sexy). Cerezas (testículos). and T. Recoge-cerezas (desvirgador de muchachos jóvenes) (jerga gay). as obs.). Sp. a girl’s virginity. 1530-1813.I immersed myself within the tender. OED.. 201). Querubín (del hebreo kerub) (mujer hermosa o amada). and B. cherry-picker2. Teaches us to develop our chest. Centro de la virginidad (vagina). 19 th c. Foso de la virginidad (vagina). OED. 16th-17th c. (Of a male) to masturbate. O. The deflowering of a virgin: «In the old-style brothels of the 1930’s and 1940’s I believe there was such a thing as “cherry-popping” – an occasion when a father would send his adolescent son along to an understanding prostitute for an introduction to sex» (THH. Also. cherry-picker3.. Sp. from the Hebrew kerub. pink folds of her delicious cherry tart» (Hustler). naval sl. tits and bum. Br. pechos de mujer). To deflower a virgin. Sp. tamb. A beautiful or beloved woman.. Sp. cherry-picker1. Sp. Lex. cherry pie. A young virgin girl.. Recogecerezas (perseguidor de virgos). Cereza (virgen. For we are from Whoredean School» (Fragment of rugby song). . A girls’ college dormitory. from the red blood usu. The hymen. an abbrev. cherry2. The testicles. Sp. virgen anal). A man who pursues young virgins for sexual purposes. US. A virgin. Desvirgación. The nipples or the breasts. Cereza (virginidad). from Latin cista. sl.. The vagina: «. Lex. Sp. OED. Parte-virgos (pene).). sl.. Pastel de cerezas (joven virgen). cherry-pipe. Lex. Cerecitas (pezones). cherubin. cest. A male homosexual. Women displayed for their sex appeal as in photographs in magazines. Also occ. cherry1. The vagina. Sp. 167). See also beefcake. Sp.por la acción de agacharse) . cherries1. and B. used in the plural in America for ‘the breasts’. Gay jargon. Fábrica de queso (vagina). From the action of bending over to pick cherries. breast and buttock. are also used with the same meaning. cherry splitter. madura). Limpiar el ‘queso’ del prepucio (masturbarse el hombre) . pechos de mujer. Caja torácica. en jerga gay. Orig.I relished her liquid cherry center.

. The penis. the testicles. OED.v. sl. chinchilla. chicken neck.chest and bedding. the term is current US. chick1. Texas. (cf. chew. Masticar (hacer una felación)... See also spring chicken Sp. sl. Sp. hanging out. Sp.. Sp. donde los granjeros pobres pagaban con pollos los placeres sexuales) . The breasts: «I asked if I could feel her tits. Halcón de pollos (homosexual atraído por adolescentes) (jerga gay) . A whoremonger. Occ.. Texas. Chimenea (vagina. From the name of a famous brothel in Gilbert. Sp. a young woman. chicken-choker. según NEAMAN. Pollita (gachí) (considerado ofensivo por algunas personas) . homosexual sl..). a thin piece of wood. lexicon during the Korean War. The breasts. esp. E. ‘someone who masturbates’. Lex. chestnuts. Sarasa.] of that soft narrow chink running its little length downwards. chimney. De pechos de pollo (dicho de una mujer con poco pecho). See chink. q. Sp. US. . sl. Sp. US. The penis. A male homosexual who is particularly attracted by teenage boys. Sp. where poor local farmers paid for their sexual pleasures with chickens. Rancho de pollos. See also crack1. Engendra-niños (pene). Esp. 1927. But this cute little honey Had left home her money So she laid the whole crew for her fare» (Limerick). The breasts. which entered the Am. Pechos de mujer (del japonés. chimney sweep. US. E. sl. etc. Sp.. Imán para las tías (hombre muy atractivo) . child-getter. An extremely attractive male.. Sp. Esp. A house of prostitution. Sp. entrando a formar parte del léxico inglés en la guerra de Corea) . The vulva: «. US. en chicken-choker. 19th c.).v. sl. I live in a frat house and we spend most of our days drinking.v. (orig. The penis. Chinese-fashion.). chicken-breasted. Gay jargon.a glimpse [. Though not registered in the OED with this meaning. US. gay jargon. 18 th c. Sp. en to get one’s chimney swept out y to make the chimney smoke. US. Pollo (pene. US. esp. chicken ranch. Sp. nautical sl. Almohadas del torax (pechos de mujer). “Said of a woman with scarce any breasts” (GROSE). From the action of masticating.). chest pillows. sl. chicken hawk. chick2. A male homosexual who is particularly attracted by teenage boys. Austr. Sp. 144). Pollo (adolescente considerado como objeto sexual por los homosexuales. One who masturbates. chink. Cuello de pollo (pene pequeño sin circuncidar) (jerga gay). A teenage boy considered as a sex object by male homosexuals. ‘copulate’. in the phrase chicken-choker. Pecho y cama (pechos de mujer).. The vagina. Reina de pollos (homosexual atraído por adolescentes) (jerga gay). Considered offensive by some people: «I’m a college student at a large university in Wisconsin. chippy/chippie. A promiscuous or delinquent young girl. A male prostitute for males. Tapa-rajas (pene). applied as a derog. perhaps from chip. chichi. gay jargon. Sp. Deshollinador (putañero). US. A male prostitute for males. a prostitute. prostituto para gays) (jerga gay) . chicken2. chi-chis/chichis. To practise fellatio. q. Affected. del nombre de una famosa casa de tratos en Gilbert. and fucking chicks» ( Leg Action). q.v. q.v). Origin uncertain. gay jargon. Orig. chicken queen. 1886-1955: «A chippy whose name was O’Dare Sailed on a ship to Kenmare. Sp. term to an effeminate homosexual male. A woman’s bosom. Also. 19th c. it is a corruption of a Japanese word meaning ‘little breasts’. in the expressions to get one’s chimney swept out and to make the chimney smoke. Sp. Obs. Chinchilla (genitales fem.» (FH. stone. Ahoga-pollos (masturbador). Sp. chicken1. chink-stopper. and she smothered my dick within her chest pillows» (Hustler). stud-magnet. The female genitals. Raja (vulva). as sl. From chicken1.. granja (burdel. Sp. A la manera china (coito de lado). A girl. by 1900. q. Sp. Polluelo (prostituto para gays). Sp. A small uncircumcised penis. Sp. Forces in the Far East sl. Br. OED. Sp. sl. Sp. chick-magnet. Br. Castañas (pechos de mujer o testículos). A sexual position performed with the partners lying on their side. According to NEAMAN.

US. chrome and cromo Sp. Sp. choo-choo. 1945: «I knelt up in the bath and continued soaping the rest of my body and eventually spent a fair bit of time on me chuff. tread). Gay jargon. Chocho (del español). Ahogar al calvo hasta que vomite (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. US. sl. Expulsar el yogur (masturbarse el hombre). To masturbate. (Of a man) to masturbate. Burdel (v. Hígado troceado (vagina).: «. A prostitute.. a picture litographed in colours (reference to the painted face of a prostitute). Austr. chubby chaser. From tread. Pene (palabra inventada). From Lingua Franca. The female genitals. E. choke the bald guy until he pukes.. phrase for an ex-virgin: She’s been christened with the pump handle . Sp. en 1977). christening. from the 19 th c. delgada pieza de madera. Nonce. See cojones. US. Said of males. since the 19 th c. al prostituto para gays) (etimología incierta. Sp. aludiendo a su cara pintarrajeada) . Prostituta o joven promiscua o delincuente. The penis. Still current: «I was dying to have that huge chopper inside me» (Pent). A gay male who prefers fat men. Sp. Sp. en la expresión she’s been christened with the pump handle. choad. Ahogar al sheriff y esperar que vengan los ayudantes (masturbarse el hombre) . (Of a woman) to masturbate. Copulation. US. Sp. Sp. pull a train). Sp. chocolate highway. for hen or chicken). Since c1860. Sp. chivalry.. Abbrev. chopped liver. See pull a train. The vagina. From the child’s word for train. Sp. chopper. Niño del coro (joven afeminado). que suelen llamar a los genitales de la pareja por su nombre de pila. Caballerosidad. Sp. Of uncertain origin. Bautizo (iniciación al coito. ano (etimología desconocida). Br.). Sp. Said of males. choke the chicken.I couldn’t resist turning my head and slurping his choad» (Barely Legal). An effeminate young man. sl. Ahogar a Charlie hasta que vomite (masturbarse el hombre). US. etc. v. The penis. chuck the yogurt. US. sl. . chippy/chippie). Ahogar al pollo (masturbarse el hombre). choke the oyster. (Of the male) to coit. Sp. sl. of chromolitograph. US. 18th-19th c. The first act of sexual intercourse. ‘the copulation of fowls’. Also. Sp. choke the bishop. coarse sl. piedra. sl. US. sl. Pisar (copular. The buttocks or the anus. US. Also. Caza-gorditos (gay que los prefiere entrados en carnes) (jerga gay). choke the sheriff and wait for the posse to come . sl. Palabra infantil para ‘tren’ (mujer que copula con varios hombres seguidos. ha sido bautizada con el mango de la bomba). Sp. Sp. oyster2. en ocasiones. dicho del gallo y aplicado por extensión al hombre. chocha. Br. Sp. Sp.. Sp. sl. sl. sl. caballería (lengua franca) (coito). A series of copulations performed by a number of males and one female. E. just to ensure complete cleanliness. Culo. Autopista del chocolate (ano). chuck a tread. OED. Sp. sl. chromo. chuff1. Austr.. chippy-house. To masturbate. From the meaning ‘axe’. chocolate starfish. To masturbate. Apelativo cariñoso dado al pene (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. sl. Ahogar al pollo (masturbarse el hombre) . choke the chook. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. To masturbate. The anus. you understand!» (Razzle). Sp. The penis. chippy-joint. Ahogar al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. Chuck. aplicado tamb. fulana. Cromo (prostituta. From Spanish chocho. Ahogar a la ostra (masturbarse la mujer). chorus boy. choke Charlie till he throws up. (chook is Austr. Estrella de mar de chocolate/marrón (ano). brown starfish. To masturbate. Ahogar a la ardilla (masturbarse el hombre). (Of a man) to masturbate. Also. The anus.Also some homosexual use Sp. quizás de chip. choke the gopher. sl. Hacha (pene). A brothel. v.

paisano (heterosexual. And by some is called the Citadel» («The Citadel». q. Sp. See also friend2. The female pudenda. with lots of variations and positions. sl. Sp. Sp. q. Sp.v. Sp. based on the circular shape. in BURFORD. Ratón de iglesia (gay que busca compañía en las iglesias) (jerga gay). Copulation.. said of a man. ‘twas built for sport. who are charged an admission fee. Sp.. Sp.. All these terms can also refer to the anus. of choo-choo. Canela en rama (pene manchado de heces tras el coito anal) (jerga gay). church mouse. Circo (orgía ante un público de pago). chutney ferret. q. Used by Shaks.: «Long upon these terms I held my city. The vagina. Pedazo (coito. muy antiguo. Civil. and thrust something stiff under her girdle where she stood. Batirla (la leche) (copular). Batido (eyaculación). Ejaculation: «Mathilde’s womb still burned from his plowing and churnings. Sp. chuff/chuffer. Also chain-jerk and ring-jerk.v. Ciudadela (genitales fem. clacker. A male homosexual who solicits in churches. 1786. 31). Sp. Pedazo de carne (coito. Chum was also used in the 19th c.: «There came a young man where he knew her to be standing in a corner. del siglo X). 10th c. 285). Sp. sl. Sp.C. sl. sl. con múltiples variedades y posturas). Salsa picante (sodomía). Sp.. Sp.). civet. From the slang meaning ‘mouth’.. Sp.. presente ya en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter. en analogía con piece. churn. Civeta (genitales fem. M. Sp. A long sex session.). circle-jerk. To masturbate. circle.v. Br. sl. attributed to Robert Burns. Similar to piece q. Gay jargon. chunk. he always became tired. The buttocks or the anus. el hombre. churn one’s butter. circus. como objeto sexual). A spelling var. Copulation. A male homosexual. Ciudad (genitales fem. Masturbación en círculo/grupo. A woman considered sexually. punning on the shape and ‘vice’. Sp.M. amigote (genitales masc. por el fuerte olor). A male homosexual. The female genitals. OED.» (DOV. A man’s own penis. US. A var. de choo-choo) (mujer que copula con varios hombres seguidos). Possibly from the strong odour of the civet cat. (Of a male) to masturbate. sooner than she. Sarasa (var. chuga-chuga. See also commoner2. Sodomy. 1915-1963. Batir la mantequilla (masturbarse el hombre o la mujer). Sp. of sissy. Hurón de salsa picante (gay).. The female genitals: «I’ve a little fort.chuff2. US. punning on the shape and a cry of lamentation. Sp. 68). The lusty batchelor went up to her from a distance. Occ. after anal intercourse. Boca (culo o ano). Sp. An orgy performed for the entertainment of an audience. 19th c. and even O. A heterosexual (for a gay). city.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. The female genitals. Riddle 54.. used by Shaks. cissy. Amor de circo (orgía. To copulate. Austr. doughnut. for the female genitals. Sp.). circus love.] nevertheless though strong. chutney. said of a female too. la mujer o. and weary of the work. . Masturbarse. Culo (homosexual) (argot de los bajos fondos británicos). A feces-stained penis. include: hoop. Sp. de sissy). sl. citadel.) (usado tamb. churning. vicious circle. Similar euphs.. 176-77). churn it. en el siglo XIX como euf. / Till thus he [. Gay jargon. ring. chum. Mantequera (vagina) (euf.. Sp. Compinche.). para un gay) (jerga gay).] besiege me» (A Lover’s Complaint. civilian. both of them shook [. lifted up his own garment with his hands. wrought his will. US. menos frec. A group sex activity consisting in mutual masturbation in a circle. US. chunk of meat. underworld.v. Br. por los genitales fem. Occ. o ano). In The Exeter Book. Sp. Tren (var. E. cinnamon stick. as a euph.. Círculo (genitales fem. Sp. There began to grow under her girdle what good men often love in their hearts and buy with money» (Contemporary English version in LEWIS. Homosexual sl. An effeminate man or boy.

19 th c.: «.. Limpiar el abrigo de pieles (masturbarse la mujer). Sp. Sp. ‘club’. Sp. Sp.. clap. Sp. Very freq. 19th c. Badajos (testículos). Sp. 1658-1738. bubón o hinchazón en la ingle). clap. To practise cunnilingus. almeja barbuda). sl.: «We are three harlots of Baghdad We fuck and fornicate like mad. which denoted a bubo or swelling in the groin: «. frec.. q. Also very freq. clam diving.Transported [. esp. Sp. the. . clangers/clappers. clean up. or to masturbate. «The Epilogue». one who practises it. 2. Used by Shaks. gay jargon. E. to a dose. clean one’s rifle. US. See quots. The penis. often abbrev. copulation. Said of a female. Buceo buscando almejas (cunilinguo). fish1. The female genitals: «Underneath Khaki’s fragrant clam. Sexual embrace. Mazo (del latín) (pene). sl. Purgaciones (del fr. 1587-1967. to2.for ’tis ill hap / If they hold when their ladies bid’em clap» (Henry VIII. Besa-almejas (lesbiana). perhaps adapted from the French clapoir.. Genesis. orig. q. Limpiar el pescado (masturbarse la mujer).: (Of Desdemona). E. To infect with the clap. q. From an old term for ‘wedge’. Limpiar el rifle (copular o masturbarse el hombre). canal entre los pechos. and dangler and dingle-dangle for ‘penis’. Triángulo clásico (relación amorosa en la que uno de los esposos tiene un amante). Used by Shaks. Sp. sl.. 235). (Of a woman) to masturbate. OED. sl. classic triangle. clean one’s fur coat.. Lex. Hitting imagery. From Latin clava. The penis. clean the pipes.clam.» (Pent). Escote.. sl. clasp/clasping. Sp. OED. US. We don’t give a rap For a dose of the clap» (Fragment of rugby song). en bearded clam.’can you beat that? that son-of-abitch of a princess has the clap!’ He seemed pretty well scared about it» ( TCn. Sp. sl. pink clitty» (Hustler). I applied tongue to her peeking. Austr. Abrazadera (glande). clean the kitchen. clapoir. sl. Sp. Almeja (genitales fem... Bell imagery. 19 th c. when revealed by a low-cut neckline. Abrazo(s) (coito) (usado por Shaks. To coit. cleavage.. in the phrase a bearded clam.). clean up the kitchen2. Of uncertain origin.). 1946: «Both our dresses gave us the opportunity to show plenty of cleavage. Pegar unas purgaciones. Sp. (Of a woman) to masturbate. sl. Sp. To cleave unto is to be found in the translation of the Bible (Authorized King James’s Version).. Sp. clean the fish. 14-15). Limpiar la cocina a fondo (hacer un cunilinguo). Br. Golpearse el clítoris (masturbarse la mujer). clean up the kitchen1.] To the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor» ( Othello.v. OED. clap. The testicles. and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh». Sp. and a kitchen cleaner. Sp. «. clam smacker. as obs. Br. clava. to have a successful foray. Echar un polvo extra-marital (dicho del hombre). Sp. Limpiar la cocina a fondo (hacer un anilingus) (jerga gay). Golpear (copular) (usado por Shaks. Cunnilingus. 24: «Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother. Sp. To copulate extra-maritally..v. Limpiar la cocina (masturbarse la mujer). To penetrate a woman. to1. from the sl. as colloq. Sp.v. US. Br. From cleave (unto). 126-28).v. at gamester. Sp.. E. clap one’s clit. Limpiar las tuberías (masturbarse el hombre). A lesbian. meaning. Cuchillo de carnicero (pene). The area between a woman’s breasts. Gonorrhea. Penetrar (a una mujer) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jaime de 1611) . and at hawk one’s meat. (Of a man) to masturbate. I. in a dose of the clap(s). See triangle. To practise anilingus. Sp. Lex. Related terms include: dingdongs and danglers (because they hang) for ‘testicles’. cleat. i. Sp..... Of a male.. cleave (unto). The glans penis. US. (Of a woman) to masturbate. cleaver1. q. Sp. To masturbate. Mostly Austr. (Of a male) to copulate.

Hendidura de carne (raja del culo). Prostituta (v. Sp. To coit with a woman. Pene circuncidado (judío) (ofensivo). In ref. Cleveland. q. Forma truncada de clitoris. to orgasm. Br. clit/clitty. Offensive. A sexual game between two lesbians. Sp. ‘ladder’. Batalla de clítoris (juego sexual entre lesbianas) (jerga gay). Often used as a euph. Sp. Clímax. III. The parting of the buttocks: «I could see the seam of the tights which ran across the cleft of her buttocks.. Montar a (copular. clicket. OED. clit fight... copulation. at clam and little man. E. 218). Cleopatra. Sp. juego de palabras entre cleave y la duquesa de Cleve). Hendidura (raja del culo). some use still. cleft2. Subirse a la cama (copular). 102).).cleaver2. a los humanos: copular). cliff(s). Extended to humans: to copulate. Cleopatra (prostituta capaz de controlar las contracciones vaginales) . punto culminante (orgasmo). to circumcision. climb over. climax.? » (TCn.» (FH. ii. clinch. Hendidura. Lex.. dicho del hombre) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. An orgasm. from Greek klimax. (see quot. to be copulating. Sp. which they deeply reddened. por extensión.). 1901-1959. climbing. A pun on ‘cleave’ and the Duchy of Cleve. to. Acantilados (nalgas). cleave unto). Sp. Acantilado (monte de Venus) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. for the specialty in which a woman is able to control consciously her vaginal contractions during coitus thus enhancing the pleasure of the male.. 176). dicho del hombre). as colloq. 15751881: «’twas as fine a clicket as I’ve had since you stole Tabby from me» ( EIC.. See cleave (unto). 234). (see quot. From Late Latin climax. from the point of view of the woman.. The mount of Venus. 17 th c. 1918-1963: «Her nerves were set for a climax. OED.» (Fiesta).. Cleveland (nombre geográfico) (genitales fem . (Of the fox) to mate. thus appearing to be mounting the partner while copulating. GROSE has to be at clicket. See quots. US. OED. climax. Shortened from clitoris. Cuerpo a cuerpo (abrazo sexual). at lady of ill repute). Sp. a. To coit with a woman. An embrace. An orgasm. Sp. Sp. clit-hopper. Sp. US. clipped dick. though it is not specifically registered in this sense in the OED Sp. I look’d for the chalky cliffs.). Sp. Sp. Riding imagery: «How the hell can you climb over a woman when her mother’s dying downstairs. Sp. To ejaculate. See crack1. Here ladder = ‘penis’. to. responsive» (DOV. Used by Shaks. Sp. “Used of a forward or wanton woman” (GROSE). Aparearse (dicho de los zorros y aplicado. c1325-1826. Sp. . cliffs. orig. A coital position in which one partner is supported on the erect body of the other. The female genitals. (to). Sp. for the vulva. tense. Escalada.. Subirse (a). A promiscuous lesbian. to. Orgasmar. cliff. The breasts.. desde el punto de vista de la mujer). To copulate. climb the ladder on one’s back. Sp.v. Used by Shaks. The buttocks: «. in The Comedy of Errors. climb into bed. at sing). Sp. To copulate. Sp. Subir la escala de espaldas (copular. 114). Homosexual sl. climb (on/upon). The parting of the thighs. raja (separación de los muslos o vulva). Where England? Dromio. Que va de clítoris en clítoris (lesbiana promiscua). Whores’ sl. Sp. Acantilados (pechos de mujer) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Sp. Gay jargon.. 1918-1963: «I know enough to hold back because it takes longer for girls to climax than it does for guys» (FU. Used by Shaks. monta (postura coital con el hombre o la mujer de pie y la pareja subida sobre él) .. sl. cleft1.every lash had skimmed the surface of those white cliffs. cleft of flesh. at bird’s nest). OED. 124-126: «Antipholus. A Jew. OED. with ‘riding’ imagery (see quot. but I could find no whiteness in them». sl. montarse (sobre) (copular.

sl. Criaturas hendidas (mujeres. E. 18th-19th c. closet dyke. OED. sl. See swing(with).) meet. rhyming sl. Sp. cloven hoofter. From the Greek kleitoris. Hitting imagery. clitty. Luchar cuerpo a cuerpo (copular). to.. at ultimate explosion. clockwork orange. Sp. testicles. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. on poofter. Sp. to make love: «I did not only shun him for a night.. Sp. i. Sp. See cloven spot. Tocar el clítoris. Women.). to copulate. and to wind up the clock. en alusión a la vulva). club sandwich. the.. 1967. Sp. 86). Nubes (vello púbico fem. penis. / But told him I would never close with him» ( MT. closet queen. III. Sp. Swapping of partners using separate rooms. Sp. Perchero (pene.he maneuvered his imposing club into position at my entrance» ( CP. OED. The penis: «. US. Homosexual que aun no ha salido del armario (jerga gay). 17th-19th c. club. cloven/cleaved/cleft. Can. Though not included in the OED. q. Lugar hendido (vulva). closed door swinging. 19 th c. Gay jargon. Gay jargon. The vulva: «. 19th c. clock. See quot. E. sl. Sp. The female pubic hair. E. cloven creatures. see buttons. Sp.. sl.). clock weights. Sp. Practicar el cambio de pareja. A male homosexual who keeps his homosexuality secret. dicho del hombre). swing (with)]. clitorize. Sp. Sp. Sp. sl. The female genitals. Gay jargon. close hug. The standardized gay male appearance. US. for ‘clitoris’.. En el armario (jerga gay).). Reloj (genitales fem. sl. Sp. closeted. the. A male homosexual. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sp. pendulum. Dar estacazos a la cría de foca (masturbarse el hombre). Íntima amistad personal (lío amoroso). Hendida (términos usados en el siglo XVII refiriéndose a una mujer no virgen). below the clitoris» ( LB. clones. Coition. club the dummy. close. related to kleien. clit and clitty are current sl. Br.. Br. Estaca (pene). Name given to any place where clones (q. A sexual affair. Sp. Hitting imagery. to. club. Clítoris. Clones (gays de aspecto típico) (jerga gay). when erect. Lesbiana que no ha salido del armario. Sp. To engage in a hand to hand fight. ‘to close’. The female pudenda. the pubic hair. dial (used by Shaks. close personal friendship. 190-91). Hitting imagery. Sandwich de tres pisos (coito entre tres personas). A non-virgin woman. clouds. 17th.. Homosexual (argot rimado austr.v. 143). Br. Sp. Campo de tréboles (vello púbico fem. sl.). usando habitaciones separadas [v. See come out of the closet. to be.) is the vulva.clitoris. To stimulate a woman sexually by manipulating her clitoris. A small organ at the front of the vulva which is a centre of sexual sensation in women. cloven tuft. club the baby seal. Sp. See cloven spot. To copulate with a woman. See come out of the closet. Austr. . E. Sp. A lesbian who keeps her homosexuality secret. cloven spot. 220). A gay male. Dar estacazos al pelele (masturbarse el hombre). Reina del armario (homosexual que no salido del armario). en erección). Sp. Consistent with this imagery. Sp. Br. 17th c. For synonyms. Sexual intercourse for three. Sp. 1615-1871: «She likes to be touched at the mouth of her sex. and bud1.v. clothes prop. Br.and coming out with his drawn weapon. Sp.. To be near orgasm. close. Sp. clover-field. The penis. E. A homosexual who denies that he is gay. The female genitals. Sp. See clit/clitty. El estrecho abrazo (coito). often used as euphs. clone zone. Naranja mecánica (homosexual) . esp. Estar cerca (estar a punto de tener un orgasmo). US. Penacho hendido (genitales fem. Someone who keeps his gay condition secret.: hoofter rima con poofter). stuck it in the cloven spot» (FH. Zona de clones (lugar de encuentro de gays de aspecto típico). alluding to their vulvas. closet case. Dar un estacazo (copular. esp. c. sl. sl.

Complejo de Clitemnestra [personaje mitológico griego. 50-51): «Pistol’s cock is up. The term is highly taboo. Clueca (preñada) .club Eddy... Sp. on his return from Troy.water cocks are called faucets and cockerels are called roosters. en «Pistol’s cock is up. clucky. Sp.). Usar la polla (copular). Polla (del grifo de un barril en forma de gallo) (según PARTRIDGE. Sp. Sp. Still one of the commonest terms for the male organ: «There was an old man of Dundee. king of Argos and Mycenae. to the point that in North America with its puritanical traditions. “A male keeper of a bawdy house” (GROSE). A venereal disease. See also to summon the genie. sl. but from a barrel tap in the shape of a cock’s neck. argot rimado: box rima con pox. A pimp. OED. Sp. E. i. Cochero en el pescante (enfermedad venérea. (Of a woman) to masturbate. coachman on the box.. cluster marriage.. Sp. murders Agamemnon. Lex. her husband’s cousin. The euph. Forma truncada de cobbler’s awls (testículos. cobs. cluster fuck. Hitting imagery. Polvo en racimo (orgía). Br. Rhyming sl. sífilis).) (usado en gran parte del Sur de USA y el Caribe. The female pudenda (GROSE). cobbler’s. Sp. Lex.). Sp. A wife’s compulsion to kill her husband in order to marry one of his relatives. See cobbler’s awls. The metaphor does not come directly from the animal. He wound up the clock With the end of his cock And buggered his wife with the key» (Limerick).. cock-bawd. 1618-1969./And flashing fire will follow». Sp. Objetos redondeados (testículos). hay una clara alusión en Shaks. donde cock se refiere exclusivamente al órgano sexual fem. Avenida del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem. coax the genie out of the magic lamp. cock2. Sp. Rhyming sl. as «not in polite speech or literature». Rhyming sl.’s Henry V (II. (Of a woman) to masturbate.». Br. An orgy: «The reason you don’t see as much cluster-fucking in many adult mags is. shortened to cobbler’s. = balls. Sp.). for pox. Who came home as drunk as could be. The male genitals. esposa de Agamenón (rey de Argos y Micenas). A var. cluster. Likening her clitoris to the head of a turtle. 18181878. Based on Greek mythology: Clytemnestra.[because] it is a lot harder to photograph an orgy than just one girl» ( Swank). Sp. Punzones de zapatero (testículos. dial. To copulate. Sp.. The penis. cock refers to the female organs exclusively. Pregnant.. helped by her lover Aeghistus. Egisto. as dial. Sp. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. Chulo de burdel. The testicles. coax the turtle out of her shell . sl. US. the wife of Agamemnon. Hacer salir al genio de la lámpara maravillosa (masturbarse la mujer) . . as there is a clear allusion in Shaks. Matrimonio en racimo (matrimonio comunal). OED. The testicles. Sp. argot rimado: awls rima con balls).. sl. argot rimado: stalls rima con balls). cock1. Austr. Racimo (genitales masc. argot rimado: awls rima con balls). Polla (genitales fem. Hacer salir a la tortuga de su concha (masturbarse la mujer) . primo de su marido.(to avoid any taboo associations). cobbler’s awls. The female genitals.. See group marriage.. See bulge. Sp. Comparing a pregnant woman to a brooding hen. From the standard meaning ‘something rounded’. The testicles. cobbler’s stalls. E.. Sp. cock-alley. que ayudada por su amante. of the commoner cobbler’s awls. Dar estacazos a Eddy (masturbarse el hombre).. donde Pistol’s cock sería un juego de palabras entre el pene de Pistol y el percutor de su pistola). = balls. and is herself killed by her own son Orestes. Perhaps the commonest term of all for the male organ. 19th c. cock. da muerte a su esposo a su vuelta de Troya] (compulsión de la esposa a matar a su marido para casarse con uno de los parientes de éste). to. The testicles. In much of the Southern US. 17 th c. Clytemnestra complex. and Negro usage. Usu. Rhyming sl. Puestos de zapatero (testículos. and Caribbean. must be older though.

a whoremonger.. and a term of abuse.).. gay). Sp. gay o prostituta. Sp. cocktail. Also. Pun on cock = ‘penis’.. sl. cocksucker/cock-sucker. cockshire/Cockshire. at velvet. Semen. q...v. cockhound. The female genitals. The female pudendum. they’re supposed to be the best cock-suckers.to play his cockhead all over my face. cockquean. Sp. Annoyed all their elders and betters By stuffing their cock-holders With proxies for stockholders.: «He used his hand – and mine. cock of the game. Lex. or a variant of cock-teaser ( F & H). Fonda del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem. Sp. See also game in the cock-loft. Sp. Sin polla (genitales femeninos). Punning on cock and a traditional pub name. See stand. Sp. sometimes used as a dysph.. Now rare. OED. Libertino. An effeminate man. ‘hombre que hace de ama de casa’). A good fucker: «. cocksmith.). (Of a male) to masturbate.. como insulto). Sp.). Sp.). cockhead. Coarse sl. US. Sp. Br. Sp. cock-lover. menos frec. Sp. putañero). See cocksman. sl. A prostitute. sl. Queso de la polla (secreción sebosa acumulada bajo el prepucio).). Sp.) Also prick cheese.. The glans. US. Can. polla) (genitales fem. sl. cocksmoker. See cocksman. Afeminado (según PARTRIDGE. The female genitals. The female genitals: «There were three young ladies of Fetters. either a solecism or a jocular perversion of cotquean” (PARTRIDGE. Desván (genitales fem. cock robin.. Coarse sl. E. A fellator. sl. Also. Sp. The female pudenda.). Fuma-pollas (felador). cockhound and cocksmith. Cóctel (postituta o. The female genitals. See another quot. used as a male homosexual prostitute. A lecher. cock spit/cock-spit. cock-cheese. The penis. Sp. cock-holder. 18 th-19th c. Sp. cock-lane. cock-loft. for a male homosexual. Calle del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem.» (Mayfair). Br. a lecher. Erección. sl.. 18th-20th c. cock-hall. E. Also a prostitute or a male homosexual: «I’ve let queers give me blow jobs. Gallo de pelea (libertino. Sp. See quot. usado tamb. Amante de pollas (felador. The penis. A fellator.. sometimes used as a dysph. .v. Condado del gallo/de la polla (genitales fem. Sp. 1891-1957. prostituto). Sujeta-pollas (genitales fem. Old bills. as coarse sl. “A man concerning himself unduly in women’s affairs. A lecher. Sp. An erection of the penis. Cabeza de la polla (glande).. 105). The female genitals. A notorious woman chaser. cockshy.. Libertino. Come-pollas (felador o gay). Abraza-pollas (genitales fem. Sp. Libertino. cocksman1. at rose-lipt overture. cock-eater. Sp.). Smegma (q. Sp. cocksman2. cock one’s shotgun.-a. Sp. sl. Petirrojo macho (pene). alteración jocosa de cotquean. E. Br. 18th-19th c. cock-inn/Cock Inn. cock-stand. Sp. A fellator. Salón para la polla (genitales fem. Br. 18th-20th c. Br.he was the best cocksman she had ever had. Sp. » (Pent). Sp. cockpit. Gallo de la muerte (pene). sl. Buen follador. A lecher. game-cock and fighting cock. and anonymous letters» (Limerick). for a male homosexual.» (FU.). Saliva de la polla (semen). Amartillar la escopeta (masturbarse el hombre). 1974). 18th-19th c. Sp. The female pudenda. ‘Lacking a cock’.cock-chafer/cockchafer. Sp. Reñidero(juego de palabras con cock. at jism. cock-hugger. Pun on cock = ‘penis’. The female pudenda. E. See quot.. 19 th c. E. Sp. A fellator. Chupa-pollas (felador. The female pudenda (GROSE). Genitales femeninos o calienta-pollas. cock of death. Occ.

coffee-grinder.v. The breasts. si están bien desarrollados). ‘bag’.). sl. says: «. Sp. GROSE has: « to make a coffee-house of a woman’s ****. sl. q.v. where Berowne.E.).). for the scrotum. pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Pollo joven (pene). From the name given to a legendary monster.. The penis. Basilisco (prostituta).v. Sp. OED. The female pudenda. A male prostitute. M.v. cock-teaser2. orig. testículos).v). testicles. 179..). q. coffee-shop A variant of coffee-house. a pun on ‘cash on delivery’. and apparently used in full. The penis. Cocos (pechos de mujer. = balls. as you’ve often been told.).C. 16th-17th c. in the plural.v. 81). Sp. Worn from the 15th to the 17th c.L. a child’s name for a hen. Sp. Sp.]. Nombre infantil para ‘gallina’ (del fr. but refusing intercourse: «’Flirtatiousness is one thing but cock-teasing can often lead to some very nasty scenes’» (TSM. if well-developed.). was used by Shaks. Sp.Dread prince of plackets. which could kill with a glance. q. registered by F & H. Sp. A woman who provokes a man sexually. codpiece. i. Br.v. Molinillo de café (prostituta). cocotte. used by Shaks. Lex.M. A prostitute of the fashionable demi-monde (see demi-mondaine) of Paris. Manteca de cacao (semen de un negro).. Sp. talking about Cupid. for the testicles. en pl. A baglike flap in the crotch of the trousers which covers or contains the male genitals. esp..cock-teaser1. of ‘cock on delivery’.». The female pudenda. M. A truncation of coffee stalls. See cod. in L. 1599-1747. Forma truncada de coffee stalls.. From the French. q. usado por Shaks en to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail (q. «not in polite use». as coarse sl. Acción de calentar la polla. cock-teasing. in the phrase to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail (q. 94). More common for ‘the breasts’. Sp.). And his royal prick was a sight to behold» («The Brown Cunts of Old England». cockles. coconuts2. OED. c1786. .’s euph. To copulate. Berberechos (labios menores de la vulva). cocatris. The testicles. Sp. Lex.). coconuts1. OED. 1867-1941. Sp. US. ‘to copulate’. And its cockles as juicy as juicy can be» («The Vigorous Courtezan». part snake and part cock. cods. Rhyming sl. argot rimado: stalls rima con balls). en to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail. Bolsa (escroto y. E. as obs. Lex. Bolsas (testículos). 183). C.D.F. The action of provoking a man sexually. The testicles.. A prostitute. The euph. The penis. in BURFORD. testículos. Sp. III.M. from Medieval Latin cocatrix. The testicles. Copular (de cods. Semen of a Black man.» Sp.v. rhyming sl. donde cod’s head sería un sutil juego de palabras con codpiece... From O. Sp. From cods. Cafetería (genitales fem. in Othello: to change the cod’s head for the salmon’s tail . Calienta-pollas (genitales fem. cod. Calienta-pollas. Less common than orchestra stalls (q. 18th c..C. attributed to Robert Burns. in BURFORD. cod’s head1. The female genitals.. 1398-1783: «King Henry the Eighth as recorded of old Had swinging large cods. cocoa butter. Polla contra reembolso (prostituto).) (interpretación alternativa de su uso por Shaks . Sp. A prostitute. at melons. The testicles.L. codd.. The lesser lips of the vulva: «The lips of my quim red as cherries you see. Abbr. Cabeza de bacalao (genitales fem.v.O. Sp. US. Sp. 1891-1962: «”I’ve flown all over the world and never made out once with any of those airborne cock-teasers”» (CP. Cafetería (genitales fem. Sp. From the popularity of coffee-houses in late 17 th-18th c. q. Puestos de café (testículos. coffee house.. to go in and out and spend nothing. and. OED. coffee stalls. sl. argot rimado: stalls rima con balls. . «improperly». cockerel. esp. See quot.) (prostituta). Cocos (testículos). but refuses intercourse. Sp. cockatrice. From O. Cabeza de bacalao [pene. 295). A girl’s maidenhead (an alternative interpretation of Shaks. cod’s head2. coffee. q. Sp. Probably a subtle pun on codpiece. coddle. king of codpieces. Sp. Bolsa del pantalón en la entrepierna (genitales masc . Sp.

See coitus. OED. mostly jocular. Latin for anal intercourse. Coito (del latín. Coito ‘a la vaca’ [con introducción vaginal por atrás) (del fr. Br.cogie. . Copulation. cohabit. Cuenco de madera (del escocés) (genitales fem. as obs. From Latin type *coitura.v. A gay male prostitute. OED. an obs. Latín por ‘coito por el ano’.v. of coire. ‘juntarse’). OED. Coito estilo perro. coin collector.. Death during intercourse.. coitus interruptus. Coito (del latín coition-em. 1574-1646.).). Sp. This latinized version of to coit dog-fashion has been tried as a polite euph. Latín para ‘coito entre los muslos’. Latin (see coit). Sp. in coition”. q. of coition. who also use the phrase in coitu. coitus interruptus and coitus reservatus (q. Heterosexual intercourse in which the woman takes the knee-chest position and the man enters the vagina from the rear. found for ‘anal intercourse’. OED. Latín por ‘coito ante las puertas’ (coito entre los muslos de la mujer. coition with a beast. Sp. coitus in axilia. Muerte dutante el coito. sin penetración) . part. The female genitals./But nothing beats good old coitus! » (Fragment of limerick). coit2. with the intention of avoiding conception. Often used as a verb. Cohabitar. OED. Sometimes found used humorously: «Golf. stem of coire. 19 th c. coition in the partner’s armpit (see bagpipe).v. From French à la vache. as obs. from coit. coitus. 1671-1766. Coitus per anum is occ. Sp. Sp. Coitus interruptus (del latín). coit1. Sexual intercourse. coitus inter mammas. for ‘to have sexual intercourse’. Sp. Sp. Sp. Latín por ‘coito entre las mamas’. Copulation. heard in academic circles. in. Coleccionista de monedas (prostituto para gays). ‘to go together’. the missionary position (q. coitus ante portas. coit dog-fashion. Sp. coitus in axilia. the penis is completely withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation.. q. coition between the thighs. Life is seldom so well enjoyed As in human coition (In any position) With the usual organs employed» (Limerick). coitus per anum. To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear. coitus more ferarum. Sp. Latin. Sp. OED. Latin for ‘coition before the doors’: copulation between a woman’s thighs.).. OED. Lex. de coire. coitus inter femora. occ. 1548-1824. coitus à la vache (q. with the indication “in scientific writers.). noun of action. coitus à la vache.v. From Latin coition-em. Versión latinizada de ‘coito estilo perro’.). Sp. concubitus cum persona ejusdem sexus. To coit vaginally from the rear. nombre de acción de coit. Lex.v. part.). coiture. coit a posteriori. Sp. sl. Sp. Sp. coitus inter mammas. q. See coitus. concubitus cum bestia. coitu. An intra-uterine contraceptive device of flexible material shaped into a spiral. E. part. Sp. Latín por ‘coito a la manera de los animales’. To live together as husband and wife.). From Late Latin cohabitare. Coito/realizar el coito (del latín coitus. from coit-. The buttocks or the anus. Versión latinizada de ‘en el acto del coito’. coition. Cohabitación. From Latin coit-us. part. Copulation. without penetration. and many others. Copulation. Lex. 1615-1881: «According to old Sigmund Freud. Latín por ‘coito en la axila’. fishing and fights/All have their delights. coition between the breasts. to go together. as a polite euph. Sp. q. copulation with a person of the same sex. In coition. 1713-1855. From a Scottish word for a wooden bowl. Culo o ano (v. Coito (de la forma latinizada inventada coitura. 1931. Sp. Also coitus inter femora. coitus per anum. de coit. Now. var. but it may sound facetious. quoit). Sp. include: coitus more ferarum (coition in the manner of beasts). See coitus. ’juntarse’). OED. See coitus. ‘in cow fashion’. coital death. Sp. ‘to live together’. de coit. living together as husband and wife without being married.)]. cohabitation. See coitus ante portas. Sexual intercourse in which.v. figura veneris prima.v.v. vaginal coition from the rear (see dog-fashion). coil. DIU (dispositivo intrauterino). Sp. often said distinctively of persons not legally married. Other Latin expressions. Sp. c1530-1827. See quoit. coitus Saxonicus (q. anal intercourse. the primary or essential position for sexual love. 1900-1962.

Sp. Sp. From the size and shape of the coconut. a lascivious man (see quot. A prostitute. column. both for ‘testicles’ and ‘courage’. for a lecher. usu. Colleen Bawn. struggling faintly. argot rimado am. Coronel Sanders (según J. . Br.» (FH. 44). chocha -from chocho-. diarrea.: Puck rima con fuck). Tomar una muestra (masturbarse el hombre). One of a number of terms ( bicho or pinga.. si están bien desarrollados). The term. etc. 19th c. Colonel Sanders.. A cold. II. Sexual intercourse. The outer lips of the vulva. Harlequin’s mistress [PARTRIDGE. Sp. After the name of the heroine in The Lily of Killarney. querida de Arlequín (prostituta) . as a euph.). To have an orgasm: «. The name. GREEN de la franquicia internacional para el producto de dicho nombre) (gay viejo que prefiere a los chicos jóvenes) (jerga gay). (calambres/ dolores de barriga durante la regla). To masturbate. etc. From the character in Italian Comedy. of cold biscuit. sl. culo. February 10. Sp. Monday. by a technique of deliberate control. ‘guts’. Also karezza or carezza. consistente en apretar la base del pene con los dedos evitando la eyaculación) . rhyming sl. usado por los sajones. E. Pez frío (con sangre de horchata) (mujer fría/frígida). Now obs. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Sexual intercourse in which. Caer exhausto.-a (orgasmar). 1932.v.until she collapsed with a cry upon the straw» ( EGT. From the trademark for a kind of pistol: «With a fearful jolt he drew his Colt and rammed it up her cunt» (Fragment of rugby song). for ‘penis’. 61). Sp. in the sense of coiting a woman: «She hath been colted by him» ( Cymbeline. a column of the whitest ivory. Latin for Saxon coition: a contraceptive method. if well-developed. allegedly used by the Saxons. cojones. implying wantonness. Spanish for ‘testicles’. cold fish. OED.. E.. Early 20th c. Latín por ‘coito sajón’ (supuesto método anticonceptivo. 1862. US. etc.. Sp. 1853-1959. is usu. Sp. US. Sp. Columna (de marfil) (pene). for fuck. To frisk or run wild as a colt. Sp. Combate (coito). 19031953. The penis. “An older gay male with a preference for young boys.» ( EIT. combat. acute diarrhoea. Now obs. consisting in squeezing the root of the penis with the fingers before ejaculation. could not help feeling what I could not grasp. Sp. applied to an indisposition consisting in an upset stomach. collywobbles. maricon for ‘male homosexual’. coker-nuts. Trastornos nerviosos estomacales/intestinales. first produced at the Royal English Opera. iv. an opera in three acts. puns on the Colonel’s internationally franchised product. esp. An erection. collect a specimen. Colonel Puck/colonial Puck.coitus reservatus. Sp. Sp. Often reduced to Colleen. Uterine cramps during menstruation. Cocos (pechos de mujer. Lex. Covent Garden. at play at up-tails all). q.. Common in the 16th-17th c. A cold. via US. = horn. Sp. collapse. to. Encabritarse (copular. colt. unresponsive woman. Famoso personaje de la comedia italiana. Nombre propio (famosa cantante de ópera del siglo XIX) (erección. quite possibly libellous. Bizcocho helado (mujer fría/frígida). Potro (libertino). dicho del hombre) (usado por Shaks. which have found their way into the English language. esp.. a fanciful formation on colic and wobble. 1998). sl. argot rimado: Bawn rima con horn). Columna de Venus (labios mayores de la vulva). for ‘anus’ or ‘buttocks’. Sp. GREEN.. Gay jargon” (J. 96).) used by Hispanics. sl. Colt. The penis. 19th-20th c. sl. Copulation: «. OED. ejaculation or complete orgasm is avoided and copulation thereby prolonged. puta for ‘prostitute’. Sp. columns of Venus. Sp. Cojones (del español) (usado por los hispanos).. var. Said of a male. in column of ivory: «I. coitus Saxonicus. Used by Shaks. Sp. US. Columbine.she being so ready for the combat that. Latín por ‘coito reservado’ (coito prolongado mediante control del orgasmo). El coronel Puck (polvo. Rhyming sl. Br. colt. Latin. for the female genitals.. theatre jargon. Sp. esp. cold biscuit. OED. The breasts. Sp. rumbling in the intestines. Colt (marca registrada para un tipo de rifle) (pene). unresponsive woman. 133).

(EGT. used by Shaks. and so am I’ says she.it had probably been the first opportunity the youth had had to come at a woman for some months». Also. Ha. To copulate. semen eyaculado o.. indicating physical proximity. 19 th c. let me come in unto thee. Visiting imagery. must have been known before 1650. at burst. secreción vaginal).. sl. come. as sl. Penetrar sexualmente a una mujer (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611). etc. IV. Come also appears in other combinations. come aloft.. come across. Quite common coarse sl. 1535-1611: «I pray thee. Lex. Corrida (orgasmo. where it is used in the wider sense of ‘copulating’: to come over (a woman). OED. Visitar (a una mujer) (copular con ella). coming. come in unto.. 120). US. 1650-1969. to grant the sexual favour. said of a female. 104). To penetrate a woman sexually.. to enter the peace on earth of her soft. an orgasm: «It was the best come I had ever experienced» (FU. 16). E... with its vars. menos frec. come all over the place. To have an intense orgasm: «They started fondling each other’s breasts. Br. E. for “semen ejaculated at sexual climax.. (to). come. and are still common today (see plumb): «But being called by Company As he was taking pains to please her ‘I’m coming. OED. ‘My dear.: «Cressida... Penetrar sexualmente a una mujer. Sp. Puns on come are freq. 38.. Sp. relieving one of the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. To menstruate later than expected. Sp. with a riding imagery. as obs. to come about (a woman).. Tener una gran corrida. Sp. Conceder un favor (permitir una mujer el coito).. Sir!’ says he. Marriage. esp. you are deceived. ii. 59). sl. Sp. come about (a woman). Br. Sp. with its variant combined ops. as if I meant naughtily. spilt ejaculate” or (rarely) “fluid secreted by the vagina during sexual play”.My lord. To permit copulation. both q. come at. Obs. E. . To ejaculate a lot of semen. Used in the translation of the Bible (Authorized King James’s Version) : «And he said unto the people. Venir por fin la regla (tras un retraso). Sp. was still used in the 19th c. E. quiescent body» ( LCL. OED. as there is a clear allusion in Shaks. Sp. Sp. but the euph. Sp. come in. with a visiting imagery. The euph. según PARTRIDGE.: «First she wouldn’t come across because she had the monthlies» ( TCn. Operaciones combinadas (sexo marital) (argot militar británico).. Used in the translation of the Bible (Authorized King James’s Version). 18th c. to. 36-39). To have an erection. Br.. To insert the penis in the vagina: «And he had to come in to her at once. 19. I think of no such thing» (T & C. ha! Cressida. play with one’s sex.. come off and cum. and to come to (one’s bed/into one’s chamber) .v. Correrse a cubos. en sutil juego de palabras con ‘venir’). 19th c. (for he knew not that she was his daughter in law)» ( Genesis. Services’ jargon. in BURFORD. Sp. Lex. ‘Sir!’ » (Pills. Br. with especial reference to the sexual aspect. 15). 19th c. To come into bodily contact or sexual connexion with. quim and release. the biblical to come at and come near (a woman). The commonest term for ‘to have an orgasm’ (of both sexes): «I almost came as soon as I felt him enter me» ( Mayfair).: «. Come. 19th c.] I came in buckets» (FU. See other quots. OED.. Correrse (usado por Shaks. Encaramarse (tener una erección).combined operations. Lex. .: «Then I yelled that I was ready to shoot [. 1923-1976: «My come went all over her face and in her mouth» (Fiesta). come you into my chamber: You smile and mock me. 134). to come together. come around. Troilus./ Be ready against the third day: come not at your wives» ( Exodus. sl. 1535-a1641. Acercarse a (una mujer) (para copular con ella) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611) . come in buckets. US. sl. elsewhere in classic bawdy verse. Soon they were coming all over the place» (Pent). Sp. 199). 233).

come in waves. OED. 4).. Salir del armario.. Sp. To masturbate. To admit openly one’s homosexuality. Sp.I’ve come off poorly.. Nautical imagery: «. Empezar a estar 'mala' (venir la regla). To ejaculate. 138-39). Visitar (la cama. Sp. E. 1968. III. 111). Sp. Sp. Correrse juntos. Would you care for a drink’. sl. Sp. 1967) and a closet dyke are US. To have a strong orgasm. come over (a woman). «. To coit. Correrse en oleadas. Sp. la habitación) (copular).. come off. Sp. sl. Alcanzar el punto de ebullición (llegar al orgasmo). Sp. sl. come into. E. sl. To begin menstruating.). To admit openly one’s homosexuality.. Br. come to a happy berth. Venir el cacao (eyacular). come one’s fat. Used by Shaks. Reunirse (copular). To insert the penis in the vagina: «.: « Nurse. Cabalgar (a una mujer) (usado por Shaks. For a man and a woman to experience a simultaneous orgasm in the course of copulation: «’Don’t people often come off together?’ she asked with naive curiosity. Confortar (consolar sexualmente) (usado por Shaks. come out. Visiting imagery. To masturbate. To masturbate to orgasm. For a man and a woman to experience an orgasm simultaneously in the act of intercourse: «He took her violently and they shook and trembled as they came together» (DOV. Sp.: ☺«A British workman accompanies a prostitute to her flat. colloq. E. . Hie to your chamber: I’ll find Romeo / To comfort you» ( R & J.. Sp. come together2. who keep their homosexuality secret. 140). Br. To ejaculate. To ejaculate. Sp.v. come one’s turkey. 138).: «. come to (one’s bed/into one’s chamber. sl. A tadpole in cream Found a split through a seam. To begin one’s period. Sp. ‘Who d’you think I am . comfort. E.Dracula?’ » (Rationale II. Sp. To copulate. come off together. and comes back saying.she was wildly humping and coming in waves» (Pent). Correrse (el cordero) (masturbarse el hombre). 48). with a riding imagery. Sp.. sl. indicating physical proximity. A var. come out of the closet.. To have an orgasm. come to a sticky end . Sp. Llegar a un final pegajoso (masturbarse el hombre hasta correrse) . come on. ‘I say. Sp. 20.). Said of a male. Br. Venir la pringue (eyacular). E. A closet queen (OED. Used by Shaks.. for a male homosexual and a lesbian. synonymous with approach (to/unto). Acercarse (a una mujer) (para copular con ella) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks. And they had to rush round to the Vicar’s» (Limerick). come off poorly. Sp. of to come. 196). To have sexual intercourse. come to the boil.: «There was a young lady named Bickers Whose cousin came off in her knickers. at burn). Venir la regla. from the viscous nature of semen. Br. q. To reach an orgasm: «Toby came swiftly to the boil» ( TSM. Correrse. To begin menstruating. 19 th c. q. y’know. Penetrar sexualmente a una mujer. come near (a woman).she held me tightly while she was coming off» ( Playbirds).. Correrse (el pavo) (masturbarse el hombre). ii. 1978. sl.. to relieve someone’s sexual needs. Salir del armario. Sp. or dial. to have an orgasm (of both sexes). Coarse sl. E. Said of a male. Br. Of a male. To give pleasure to. Sp. E. Sp. Br. OED. To have sexual intercourse. Correrse juntos. US. to.she felt his naked flesh against her as he came into her» (LCL. Also used by Shaks.). come one’s mutton. Empezar a estar ‘mala’/venir la regla. Used in the translation of the Bible (Authorized King James’s Version) : «But Abimelech had not come near her» (Genesis. See also ease. sl. come sick. ‘A good many of them never’» (LCL. resp. I’m sorry. come one’s cocoa. (see quot. She goes into the bathroom to prepare. 277).we rocked like two boats in a swell until once more we came to a happy berth» ( EIC. Sp. Br. Llegar a feliz puerto (orgasmar). come together1..v.

. Lex. Sp. concubine. 88). A male prostitute. Prostituta de clase ínfima usado como gancho por los ladrones (v. Sp. comb.v. q. 1297-1815. OED. concipere. Austr. 1979). 1934) is the name given to the woman in such a relationship. as obs. dates back to c1350. See also embrace.) conclusion... Sp. A brothel. A heterosexual (for a gay). The female genitals: «She opens the conch. US. 284). Copulation: «Being inexperienced. 1601-1695. or fem. Concebir. 41-43). commodity.. Sp. Compañía (coito. q. from con. common jack. gay jargon.. is still sometimes heard as a euph. The female pudenda. c1386-1616. common-law marriage. common sewer. company girl. A common prostitute. however. 132). A low prostitute (who receives anyone’s dirty water. it is still used. Br. Used by Shaks: «O thou public commoner! » (Othello. common customer. (Of a male) to masturbate.). employed as a decoy by thieves. See join. Matrimonio consuetudinario.. iii. but the first quot. That I and thou may truck For thy Commodity» (Merry Songs. A common prostitute. by prostitutes when soliciting. “The pudenda. stale). a kept mistress. 19th c. V. too soon.: «If these be good people in a commonweal that do nothing but use their abuses in common houses. Sp. commercial. ii. for ‘prostitute’. commit mass spermicide. Found in The 30 This is the date given for the first quot. conceivre. 17th c. 73). commoner2. A venereal disease.30 A common-law wife (OED.). Plebeya (prostituta vulgar).. A marriage without ecclesiastical or civil ceremony which is considered valid by the common law after a man and a woman have been cohabiting for a number of years... Also commercial queer. A woman who cohabits with a man without being his wife. for common law. Abrazo total (coito). Sp. Comprimir (copular. II. ‘to take in’. “A prostitute” (F & H). Sp. sinful commerce implies copulation with a whore. Matrimonio comunal. male or female” (F & H). An orgasm: «But it was all over too soon. Sp. OED.: «I think thee now some common customer» (All’s Well. Mercancía (genitales fem. Frequently used in the erotic literature of the 17 th c.‘together’ + cubare. Sp. OED. An old euph. Sp. Lex. at go in unto. Concha (genitales fem. Sp. Sp. for a concubine or mistress.commerce. para un gay) (jerga gay). que recibe ‘el agua sucia’ (semen) de cualquier hombre] . Comercio (coito). Sp. 138). Prostituta vulgar.. A prostitute. compress. and she could no longer force her own conclusion with her own activity» (LCL. And sit upon my knee. See also shell. OED. Plebeyo (heterosexual. Alcantarillado [prostituta vulgar. To become pregnant.v. communicable disease. Casa común (burdel) (usado por Shaks. Copulation: «. Enfermedad contagiosa (enfermedad venérea). OED. 1603. Sp. Combinar (copular).: «Come hither my own sweet duck. commoner1. and company girl. a1300-1860. Gay jargon. company.F. ‘to lie’.he kept no further commerce with her of that sort» ( FH. compound. Chica de compañía (prostituta). completion. concern. See at stale. conch. Sp. Sp. . A prostitute of the lowest class. I know no law» ( Measure. Sp. Sp. used as a euph. common stale. complete embrace. Conclusión (orgasmo). as obs. communal marriage. See social disease. she did not try to bring about a complete embrace» (LB. and it has been occ. 1909. 83).). of this spec. Used by Shaks. See quot. Sp. in HENKE. Comercial (prostituto) (jerga gay). usado hoy día casi exclusivamente por las prostitutas al ofrecer sus servicios a un posible cliente) . Sp. From Latin concubina. Cometer ‘espermicidio’ masivo (masturbarse el hombre). Also sexual commerce.» (POP. sl. Used by Shaks. Asunto (genitales masc. An orgasm.). sl. OED. From O. esp. from Latin. E. Compleción (orgasmo). Sp. Sp. conceive. See also civilian. dicho del hombre). Sp. Sp. IV.). Now also some homosexual use. To coit with a woman. common house. for sexual connexion. See group marriage. i. Prostituta vulgar (usado por Shaks. spreads the petals of Anne’s sex with her fingertips.

Used in the English translations (Motteux. Coition with a beast. to illustrate «the frailty of the Gown»: «Where who the devil do you think I found? But one. condum. now obs. though it has not been conclusively proved. no. Sp. ii. 3. 17 th c. 7. Conejo (genitales fem. Sp. Used by Shaks. . ☺«A man enters a drugstore and asks the woman clerk for condoms. spellings. 103).) of Rabelais. concubitus cum bestia. A place for father confessor (penis). c1386-a1781. Lex..» ( The Merry Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. See have conference and converse. condon and cundum are var.). and decidedly anti-popist. Oh! frailty! of the reverend Gown. a notorious rake. confirm. III. This contraceptive device has been given many other names. concubitus cum persona ejusdem sexus. conduit pipe. OED. Urquhart.. now obs.. physician who is said to have been its inventor. etc. no no. Do they come in sizes?” The lady clerk calls out the size to an assistant as she measures the customer with her hand: “Size 3. Mamie. Sp. To have sexual intercourse. cunny-hall: «I have a Tenement. condom. whose name was Rizpah» (II Samuel. Sp. Conferencia/congreso (coito).v. and some are not: mac. Vars.» (FH. 19th c. The female genitals. a1601.).). 1591-1719. 1947). safe (1897). when it dropped out of use because of the taboo homonym meaning ‘cunt’ (see quot. Condón (del nombre de un médico del siglo XVIII. to covet. boot. Sp. OED. prophylactic (1943).. as «indecent». 57). which is so pleasingly attach’d to its conduit pipe. Sp. Condón (var. Sp. raincoat. su supuesto inventor). Cobrador (chulo de prostituta). Copulation. sl. coney-borow-ferret. bring the mop. johnnie (1963). 8 – Mamie. Sp. coney. bestiality. Manhattan eel. “What size?” “I don’t know. OED. It is an old dysph. Hurón que caza conejos en su madriguera (pene). glove.. French letter (c1856-1968). confessional. rubber (sl. bag. Concupiscencia. obs. since it was already used in the 17 th c. The vagina. Coney was the word for ‘rabbit’ until the late 19 th c.. from Latin concupiscere. sheath (1861). Latín por ‘coito con bestia’ (bestialismo).» (Mayfair). no no. Trojan (1951). conference. to desire ardently. Another spelling for condom (q. Sp. conductor. Sp. in BURFORD. The female genitals: «So shuts she up her Conduit all in haste And will not let her Nectar overflow. sl.: cony-hall. After the name of an 18 th c. 1706-1964: «Another useful thing I’ve learned is how to put a condom on with my mouth. Salón del conejo (vagina). See also cunny burrow ferret. 44. at ferret). Tubería (pene). some of which are included in the OED: preventive (1822-1961). 17th c. 17th c. E. concupiscence. E. Sexual desire. 31 The Bishop of Chester. jacket. conduit.. Br.. Confesionario (genitales fem. Sp.. Latín por ‘coito con persona del mismo sexo’. in BURFORD. 7). A pimp.. Br. 136).. to desire. From Church Latin concupiscentia. Coition with a person of the same sex. ‘Tis seated near a stinking DitchMen call it Cony-Hall» (Merry Drollery II. coney hall.” » (adapted from Rationale II. Sp.Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible: «And Saul had a concubine. the which I know can fit them all. 4. envelope. in 3 Henry VI.: «I know I am too mean to be your queen. The penis. Sp. And yet too good to be your concubine» (Lady Grey to King Edward. Sp.. Stinking-mouth’d Chester. de condom). Concubina (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks.31 to my best discerning. Durex (1932). Condum. The female genitals.). Conducto (genitales fem. 97-98). A contraceptive sheath. from cupere.. Mamie.). The penis: «I stole my hand to that store bag of nature’s prime sweets. skin (1960).

1687. See also ease. Br. 1589-1870: «Upon the walls of the smaller rooms were paintings of men and women enjoying congress in every conceivable position. Libro de conjuros (genitales fem. ‘join together’. you muddy conger. Conjunción (coito). Sp. From Latin congressus. Conectar (copular). To copulate.» ( DOV.» ( All’s Well. Used by Shaks. ‘go together’. Castañas (testículos). Unión (coito). Consolar (aliviar sexualmente). constable. in BURFORD. conjugal coming from Latin conjugalis. (Amor/felicidad) conyugal/(placeres) conyugales. Sp. Sp. 1656-1839. ‘And yours?’ ‘Lena Oleson’. consort. War imagery. with some humorous use since the 18th c. for ‘homosexual’. 1957: «How consenting adults like to enjoy themselves in and out of bed has nothing to do with anyone else» ( TSM. Sp. A tech. See book. Hacer desaparecer (una erección) por arte de magia (usado por Shaks.). past. conjugal rights. sl. at set up shop. See quot. Conquistar una cama virgen (desvirgar) (usado por Shaks. 28). 176). IV. conflict. (see quot. Archivos Secretos. 1545-1875. Sometimes heard as a euph. Sp. confirmed bachelor. See nuptial/spousal rites. The female genitals. Desposar [tener relaciones carnales (con)]. The penis. Confirmar (copular). 54). Soltero empedernido (gay) (euf. Congrio (pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. He jumped me’» (Rationale I. Infidelidad conyugal. which resembles the French con and the English cunt (see quot. 57-58). Sp. conjugal rites. From Latin connubium. To espouse. connubial. E. conjuring book. Sp. conjugal infidelity.: «When you have conquer’d my yet maiden bed. Sp. Ritos conyugales (uso del matrimonio). OED. 169). OED.: connubial love/ bliss/ pleasures/ rites..Who gravely was a fine young Whore confirming» ( Last Night’s Ramble. Sexual union. the hard shiny nut of the horse chestnut tree. Sp. 17 th c. To relieve someone’s sexual needs: «Then she offered to console him. at mother of prostitution. Abrazo conyugal (coito marital). Sp. Derechos conyugales (uso del matrimonio). and other Renaissance playwrights punning on the first syllabe. to have sexual commerce with. Used by Shaks. The right to copulate with one’s spouse. conjugal embrace. Br. conjugal act. Acto conyugal. OED. Sp. partner..). 1615. part. Intercourse within marriage. From F. Used by Shaks. Sp. Sp. marriage.. used humorously alluding to masturbation: ☺«The trouble with my sex life is that too often it takes place with just one consenting adult». To copulate. connection.. Sp. iv. Devirginate. Used allusively by Shaks. The testicles. ‘meet’.. nor to speak to me.. To make an erection disappear by causing an orgasm in the male. Remain there but an hour. Sp. Sp. hang yourself! » ( 2 King Henry IV. congress. console. Copulation: ☺«A couple are applying for a marriage license. OED. Sexual coupling. from conjugare. to unite. ii. See also eel. Sp. OED. 1545-1875. encontrado a veces en las notas necrológicas). euph. Adulto que consiente libremente. See join. obs. Conexión (coito). Relating to marriage or the married state.. The privilege which husband and wife have of each other’s society. consenting adult. Sp. copulation. E. A bout of copulation. at lay down1). as. ‘Any connection?’ The bride blushes. conquer a maiden bed. conjugate.: «Hang yourself. From conker. See quot.). connect. conger. OED. used to design someone who is considered old enough to decide whether they want to have sex. pertaining to wife or husband. From Latin conjugare. Sp. II. Sexual intercourse within marriage. of congregare. Sp. ‘Only once. 17). consort (with). Conflicto (coito). The female genitals. sl.» (EGT.). Lex. See also age of consent. a. 165). at batter . conjunction. conkers. Conjugar (copular). See infidelity. conjure it down. Used sometimes in obituaries as a euphemism for a gay male. Sp. etc. Used in a number of euphemistic comb. Occ.. ‘Your name?’ ‘Ole Oleson’. 94) Sp.

OED. Sp. Continencia.. His fairest daughter is contaminated» (Henry V. Sp. My God.» (Men Only). 19th c. From Latin for ‘opposite of the point’. Sp. 1676-1708. To copulate. nonce. IV. where ‘point’=penis. Br. sl. He’s saving poor girlies from sin. OED. a concubine. contraceptive. See jerk off. continence. Anticonceptivo. Parte controladora (genitales fem. v. The female genitals. Contrapunto (del pene) (del latín) (genitales fem.] could hope for» ( EIT. Anticonceptivo. cunt en fr. She punctures the end with a pin. cunt en fr. From Latin continere. con. My mother was burned for a witch.. Consumar (el matrimonio). at stale). From Latin consummare. French for cunt. See regulator. My brother’s curate in Sydney. luchar (copular). en un sutil juego de palabras con la primera sílaba. Contaminar (seducir) (usado por Shaks. Any device used by couples to avoid pregnancy. Sp. Self-restraint in matters of sexual appetite. controlling part. E. Sp. E. Often found as a euph..) (genitales fem. Consultar al Dr. Sp. Sp.. 216). (see quot. Sp. no gentler than my dog. Consumación (matrimonial). to corrupt.. how the money rolls in!» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Contenedor (vagina). contrapunctum. 18 th c. Sp. The vagina: «A nymphomaniac Miss Stainer Finds most male sex organs now pain her. for ‘condom’: «My father was hanged for sheep-stealing. v. to pollute. The female genitals. Grandfather performs the abortions. 17th c. consult Dr Jerkoff. Enigma (juego de palabras con la primera sílaba. consummate. Lex. employed as a decoy by thieves.. concubina). ‘I guess that I’ve blundered. E.. contaminated stale. Br. A pun on the standard meaning ‘a thing one is puzzled to name’ and the first syllable.. Sp. Used by Shaks. contraception. c1530-1765.. 12-15). Completion of marriage by sexual intercourse. The female genitals. stale). Jerkoff (hacerse una paja.] the condom remains the most popular form of contraception.). War imagery. 17th c.. con. c1530-1879: «. 1886-1971: «While the advent of the Pill has removed the worry from sex for so many women [. OED.: «Let him [. as obs.. Prevention of pregnancy.).). sl. He’ll save you a blonde for a dollar. Sp. To complete marriage by sexual intercourse...). contaminate. Prostituta de clase ínfima usada como gancho por los ladrones (euf.]. Br. ‘Seven hundred Are too much for one small container’» (Limerick). My God.. Br. v.. A prostitute of the lowest class. ‘to hold together’. Sp. container. usado por Shaks. (Of a male) to masturbate. OED. Sp. E.. To render impure. consummation. 1891-1970. Used by Shaks. ‘to complete’. how the money rolls in! Grandmother makes cheap contraceptives. Sp. Often used as a euph. A mistress. Like a base pander hold the chamber door Whilst by a slave. Oficial de policía (genitales fem. sl. OED. convenient. contend.). for entire abstinence. My sister’s a bawdy-house keeper. jerk off). usado por Shaks.. con. OED.the delightful enthusiasm of the two young ladies met our own hopes in as happy a consummation as any virgins [. conundrum. .down).’ She said. Disputar. Apaño (querida. And I am a son-of-a-bitch. c1380-1868.

54). lorn floozie. See coney hall.» ( Cymbeline.: «’His conversation with Shore’s wife’» ( Richard III. of coney.). cookey. 94-95). Sp. 255).. Said of a female. Conejo (genitales fem. US. US. from the French cousin. expecting a present of two or three guineas at least for the pleasure of her company» (EIC. The vagina. Br. sl. Quite freq.). Also. Sp.... to coot.. To be trapped by a woman into marriage. conversation.. E. Black sl. Black sl. Sp.). US. sl. Madriguera del conejo (vagina).: cookies. GREEN. cony-berry. Conversar (copular). iii. Cocinar pepinos (masturbarse la mujer). Copulation. To seduce. Some Negro and beat use. converse with Harry Palm. A rabbit-hole. vulva.. Var. 1536-1760: «She will converse at any hour of the day and night. campus sl.Tortuga de agua dulce (vagina). with the innuendo of vagina: «(Vasques to Soranzo. An orgasm. 17th c. E. Br.to know what ferret it was that haunted your cony-berry . Sp. Galleta (lesbiana de rol fem. coolie.. cook/cooking. Lex.). 1998). See also nunnery. The female genitals. E. q. who has discovered that his wife was pregnant by some other man before their marriage). With her poor. The female genitals and women considered sexually. perhaps from an opening conversational gambit.. Galleta (chica atractiva o vagina). in to get/have some cooze. ‘Harry’ might be a pun on ‘hairy’: “Perhaps a pun on ‘the hairs that will grow on a masturbator’s palm’” (J. Sp. Sp. 16th-18th c. in a bit of how’s your father. from cooter. Pastel erótico (genitales fem. Also just coochie: «I wanted to put my hands all over her and lick her coochie and make her come» (Barely Legal). iv. Sp.. See quot. An attractive girl. Conversar con Harry Palma (de la mano) (masturbarse el hombre) . Sp. Sp. cooze/cooz/coozie/coosie/couz/couzie/couzy/cou/cuzz/cuzzy .convent. cony-catching. cookie1.. at rear her mainmast first. coot.. Br. cooch. Sp. ‘a sexually suggestive dance’. To copulate. IV. for copulation with another man’s wife). and talk (Br. E. or cant. E.: «’We both love to eat coochie pie. Used by Shaks. sl. to coit with a woman: «A charming young lady named Randall Has a clap that the doctors can’t handle. Danza erótica (entrepierna de la mujer. To copulate/copulation. Atrapado por un conejo (cazado en matrimonio por una mujer).. Salón del conejo (vagina). cool out. A lesbian who plays the passive feminine role. convertible. Other euphs. Vars. parley. the vagina: «’. Conversación (coito) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. A brothel. 16th-17th c.Culo (del español) (ano). cooter.Two more what?’ ’Names for cunts [. sl. Refrescarse (copular). 15155). etc. US. US. convince the honour of. sl. Conquistar el honor de (una mujer) (seducirla) (usado por Shaks. To masturbate. Convulsiones de felicidad (orgasmo). I. sl. cook cucumbers. for extra-marital copulation.. Used by Shaks.. prattle (Br. Descapotable (bisexual). coochie pie.:«Your Italy contains none so accomplisht a courtier to convince the honour of my mistress. The vagina. conference. Abbrev. Br. q.there’s the cunning» ( TPSW. 17th c.» (Barely Legal). Sp. sl. as obs. OED.v.). The female crotch. Car imagery.: «He put his thumb up my cooch. Caza de conejos (coito).).. Bisexual. cony-catch’d. From cooch. To copulate. sl.v. Sp. Sp. for ‘sexual intercourse’.).] snatch and cookie’ ’I thought of a couple myself: slice and rip’» ( CP. . converse. Cocinar/cocina (copular/coito). OED. is occ... From Spanish culo. damaged coosie. 18th c. Sometimes abbrev. Sp. See also converse. discourse (Br.’ » ( Barely Legal).. cooter = a freshwater turtle. cony. How’s your father.. 17th c. vulva). US. Sp. found as a euph. Sp. Sp. Copulation. E. Sp. So this lovely. III v 30). dial. or dial. The anus. Convento (burdel). Sp. US. esp.). criminal conversation/ correspondence (legal euphs. sl. Now obs. cookie2. 1920. include: conversation (used by Shaks. Sp.). cony-hall. convulsions of bliss. Sp.. punning on the communication aspect of sexuality. The female genitals. (Of a male) to masturbate. From US.

in a sly or seemingly inadvertent way. Porra de policía (pene).. punning on ‘to deal with’: «Where. To deflower a girl. dicho del hombre) . Lex. Perhaps the commonest euph. Sp. See go to Denmark. IV. A brothel. esp. A sexual perversion consisting in deriving pleasure from the smell or sight of faeces. Corinth. 19 th c. gen.. coral branch/branch of coral. Sp. core. of extramarital copulation. The genitals. as obs. usu. Hitting imagery. copperstick/copper stick/copper-stick. Sp. IV. at appendage. «He took in the situation at a glance. ‘unir’). copulate. sl. a whoremonger. prattle’. copulation.Must take her delight with a candle» (Limerick). Austr. cop a feel. del romaní kori) (pene). and the small gilded fly Does lecher in my sight. «Cockney and Kentish dial. Sp.the only thing they remembered about him was the prodigious size of. OED. cope. ‘virginity’. The female genitals: «He. a thorn» (PARTRIDGE.a wet and ambiguous core. Sp.” Sp. ‘dung’ + philos. Let copulation thrive» (King Lear. fasten or couple’. 86-87). esp. A dissolute man. and is again to cope with your wife» (Othello. Órgano copulatorio (genitales. 1937. vi. The desire to say obscene things whilst making love. los masc. Urquhart. See another quot. voracious between her widening knees» (CN. Used by Shaks. Sp. esp. más común por ‘efectuar el coito’) (del latín copulare. Coger un pájaro (hacer una felación). 1886-1974. 1697-1879. Homosexual sl. grinned. A policeman’s truncheon. Copulation with a woman.: «The wren goes to ‘t. ‘amante de’) (obtención de placer sexual por el olor o la vista de heces). ‘talk. Rama de coral (pene). sl. from Romany kori. ah. ‘hablar’). Sp. más común para el acto sexual) (usado por Shaks. Sp. copulatory organ.). From cop. From Greek copros. See quot. Sp. Espina (cockney o dial. Br.. male or female: «.-a (putañero o puta de moda. Capón de Copenhagen (transexual. go to Denmark). corn. Grano (alimento preferido por el caballo) (coito. corey/corie. v.. was at me with his hard core» (CN. coito. la mujer como objeto sexual). the male’s: «’. See also butter one’s corn and corns. coprophilia. The genitals. ‘porquería’ + philos. Corinthian. 1483-1880. Sp. cork. a fashionable whore. Primo (del fr. To fellate. de Kent. his copulatory organ’» ( TSM. 203). ‘dung’ + lalia. F & H have: “sometimes specifically.. cop a cherry. a moment later. Perhaps the commonest euph. Cópula. coito (quizás el euf . A transsexual. Sp.). how. ‘to bind. Prob. dicho del hombre) (usado por Shaks . OED. The penis.). See Corinth. 183). ‘steal’ and cherry (q.as much time was spent in happy talk and sentimental caress as in the excitation of copulation» (EIT. core of her sensations. Sp. i. The penis. v. Sp.. Corinth). To feel or caress someone’s body. Uso de lenguaje obsceno durante el coito (del griego copros. 1601-1785. From Greek copros. en juego de palabras con el significado de ‘tratar con’). too..). and when / He hath. celebrated for its luxury and licentiousness. extra-marital) (raro). ‘loving’. The penis.). wanted to touch the core of her sensations» (DOV. ‘porquería’ + lalia. Copenhagen capon. From the food a horse likes best and regularly. OED. Used by Shaks. Usu... Robar una cereza (desvirgar). 1974). Copular (quizás el euf. Corinto (ciudad de la antigua Grecia. Taponar (copular. 247). Sp. ‘Coprofilia’ (del griego copros. Golpear (copular. how oft. Sexual intercourse. Sp. . OED. how long ago. 181). E. 17th c. To coit with a woman. Corintio. cousin) (genitales fem. To have sexual intercourse. coprolalia. at boner. 48). Sp. 1362-1869.) of Rabelais. for to have sexual intercourse. sl. Corazón (genitales masc.. for sexual intercourse: «. OED. cop a bird. From the name of a city in ancient Greece. From Latin copulare. To coit with a woman. 115-117).v. the sex organs. famosa por su libertinaje) (burdel). prob. and. Sp. Sp. Sp. OED. Not common. o fem. Corazón de sus sensaciones (genitales fem. Robar una caricia. US. Used in the English translations (Motteux.

. E. from cornu. a humorous allusion to Napoleon. 17th c. sl. Alacena del rincón (genitales fem. E. Code word often used in sexual ads for sado-masochistic practices: «Correction! You’ve been a filthy naughty boy. for penis. Copos de centeno (joven gay). 1893. corona. Castigo corporal (sado-masoquismo).. correction.v. posteriormente: genitales fem. cornholer. 18th c. Sp.v. in the. The female genitals. Often abbreviated to C/P. 1735.).You must be punished» ( Mayfair classifieds). in sex ads. cotton. Sp. a1300-1871. to ruin. Sp. A young homosexual male. correspondence. cottage. in HENKE. for seducing a virgin: «Angelo had never the purpose to corrupt her» ( Measure. A public lavatory or urinal as a meeting place for male homosexuals. US. sl. See stable2. See cranny. at discipline. OED. 1979). Br. prison and Armed Forces sl. sl. 159-60). cosh-carrier.v. He loved him like a brother. To perform anal intercourse. Sp. Later also said of the female genitals. i. From Latin cornutus. Sp. as a euph. the anus. 139). Cuckoldry.).. honey. cornute. Naked: «She has frequently tea’d in/The costume of Eden. Sado-masochistic practices. Granos (semen. Medias de seda por la parte visible y de algodón por la que no se ve (prostituta que no lo parece. E. Sp. Of unknown origin. To destroy the moral purity or chastity of. E. 17th c. Sp. From Latin corruptus.-a). Br.: v. From the horn-shaped container full of fruits. 1698. but do you think there’s room enough in back?”» Rationale I. Realizar coito anal o ano (argot carcelario o cuartelero). Sexual intercourse. Sp. to make a cuckold of. And every night between the sheets They cornholed one another» (Fragment of rugby song). . corns. Corral (conjunto de prostitutas controlado por un chulo). Cornucopia. To copulate. 19 th c. Also fleece. OED. for husband and occ. OED. corporal punishment. The female pubic hair. cuckolded: «Altho’ I am Cornuted plain. Portador de la porra (chulo de prostitutas). Sp.. Sp. Sp. que da el pego) . sl. Sp. The man who performs anal sex. past participle of corrumpere. A prostitute who attempts to present a respectable image despite her actual profession. Small but effective penis. 19 th c. corral.. arch. Rare. visible portion was silk. OED. q. and cornuted (1612-1830). q. horn of plenty). US. cornflakes.v. to destroy. Algodón (vello púbico fem. tamb. Correctivo (usado a menudo en anuncios de sexo para prácticas sado-masoquistas). Corsican.: «The Captain loved the cabin boy. Sp. cornhole. sl. sl. en alusión a Napoleón). sl. A cornute was a cuckold (1608-1707). etc. saying good-bye to his girl in a car (or wagon): “Will you correspond with me?” Girl: “Sure I will. q. Sp. corybungus. cornucopia. Corresponderse por carta (copular). Still occ. The buttocks.).. corner cupboard. cuerno de la abundancia (en el siglo XVII: cornudos. q. correspond. Br. cotton-top. US. Corona (del glande). the edge of the glans of the penis where the praeputium begins. 1756.corner.. OED.. In anatomy. En el traje del Edén (desnudo. Homosexual use. esp. See another quot. Sp. Correspondencia (coito).). found: ☺«Soldier. costume of Eden. Also. Que realiza coito anal (el penetrador) (argot carcelario o cuartelero). To give horns to. horn. Sp. is US. Short from Latin corona glandis. sl. OED. in blow off the loose corns. Sp. Sp. See also altogether. Sp. I am no Common Beast» (Pills. A prostitute´s bully. in the. en blow off the loose corns. OED. from a particular type of stockings of which the lower. Sp. 1909-1968. to break to pieces. Rincón (genitales fem. Corso (pene corto pero eficaz.» (Fragment of Limerick).. born in Corsica. but the remainder was cheaper cotton. Poner los cuernos. 1597-1885. Semen. III.. The synonym horn of plenty. Pequeña casa de campo (urinarios o cualquier otro lugar de encuentro de gays). Sp. corrupt. Corromper (seducir) (usado por Shaks.). Used by Shaks. US. Br. flowers. The female genitals. Nalgas (etimología desconocida). esp. Sp. the insertor.

Ciclo (menstrual). as Covent Garden. Sp. Covent Garden nun. and the adjacent area. 1785).. Primo del campo/cateto (regla). From F. OED. counter. sl. Br. prob. Sp. ‘Come off. ‘dama de la corte’. 18th-19th c.). Orig. Covent Garden nun). Acoplamiento. the frantic caresses in his carriage. the garden belonging to a . acoplarse (dicho de los animales y. (see quot. To sleep on a different friend’s couch each night. Casa de acoplamientos (burdel). q. courtisane. Covent Garden nun). To come together sexually. course. Ensamblador (vagina). courtesan. Covent Garden nun)). she was [. II. country matters. to pair (said of animals and of humans). Railway jargon. Covent Garden abbess. Dispositivo de enganche (jerga ferroviario) (pene). Prostitutes’ jargon. See quot. 55).. v. An occasion of sexual intercourse (from the angle of the prostitute). was then one of the main whoring centres in London. underworld. Sp. 304-305). Sp. sl. Campo.only tethered to her person by her firm grasp upon the anchor which fixed me to that cove to which I had been steered» (EGT. de los humanos).). Cortesías (favores sexuales). A prostitute. vulgarly called Common Garden. constable)]. at puss. 19 th c. Sp. the feverish couplings in his bedroom» (POP. Sp.. 139). see little visitor. Dama de Covent Garden (prostituta. for a kept mistress or an elegant prostitute. Used by Shaks. coupling-house. the menses. at particular. emparejamiento (v. i. E. rare). 1563-1839. en juego de palabras con la 1ª sílaba de country (v. sl.. Sp. Sp. Sp. country-dance. The menstrual discharge. 18th-19th c. i. living also for the pleasure of man» ( DOV. courtesies. Sp.’» ( EH. The vagina: «.-a diferente cada noche) . A travelling prostitute. contragolpe (en esgrima) (pollazo).. with a counterbuff. Emparejarse. Menstruation. sl. The female genitals. 19 th c. 1362-1869: «The sight of them coupled like a pair of goats without the least spark of passion. OED. (obs.. Sp. Sp. cortigiana. a play on ‘a return buffet or stroke in boxing or fencing’: «(The drunken Quicksilver. soon a euph.. The penis.] washes away every bit of feeling I have except the inhuman one of satisfying my curiosity» (TCn. See quot. at flying Philadelphia fuck. From the meaning. knight. Br.). country. Caballo de carrera (pene). races. V. The female pudenda.. Sp. frequenting fairs. courser. v. sl. who has just married Gertrude).. courses. Danza campesina (coito). Br. Fiebre de Covent Garden (enfermedad venérea. See country. A phallic thrust.. at lap).couch.. E. US. Copulation. couch surf. campus sl. a swift horse. coupling bat. The penis. 17th c. cousin Betty. Carrera (coito). Br. Sp.. Sp.. E. v. Cala. couple). Acostarse (copular) (usado por Shaks. Sp. E. por extensión. For synonyms. adquiriendo pronto el significado de amante mantenida o prostituta elegante) (usado por Shaks. alluding to Sir Petronel. 19 th c. Sp. at dally). Sp.: «I should wish it dark / That I were couching with the doctor’s clerk» (The Merchant of Venice. 19th c. La prima Betty (prostituta ambulante). from It. Covent garden ague. ‘The venereal disease’ (GROSE. sl. (a pun on the pronunciation of the first syllable and its similarity to the French con = cunt). From the meaning ‘something that happens regularly’. Asuntos del país (genitales fem. 90). 1549-1868: «Deep down. The madam of a brothel. A var. coupling. A prostitute. E. See quot. grinding and grinding away [.. Réplica.. Sp. prob. Sp. coupler.. country cousin.v. Used by Shaks. He also used country matters with the same meaning (see quot. To copulate. Br. cove. OED. usado por Shaks. 118-19). Navegar por los sofás (acostarse en la cama de un amigo. ensenada (vagina). Sp. Covent Garden lady. Copulation. GROSE (1785) describes it as follows: «Anciently. couple. Sexual favours. país [genitales fem. etc. Br. E. Sp. 148). US. The vagina. a woman attached to the court. copulation: «She quivers as she recalls the amusements that she and Lord Philby have shared. sífilis. syphilis. counterbuff.] another courtesan. A sexual encounter. of Covent Garden nun. Also in the sing. Abadesa de Covent Garden (madama de un burdel. See Covent Garden nun. A brothel. Acción de pasar por caja (pagar a una prostituta). Used by Shaks. Sp. Cortesana (orig.

Sp.. Sp. Vaca (orig. crabwalk. parte del lenguaje usado para excitarse durante el coito) cowboy. de corporal punishment. The wife. OED. From the collective noun for quail. OED.v. Covent Garden nun). of corporal punishment. The female pudenda. A love position with the girl ‘riding’ a reclining man. and the buggers are itchin’» (Limerick). It’s the crabs. The pudenda. E. US. Cangrejos en las rocas (picor de huevos). Ladillas. A catch-phrase uttered to signal a male whose fly is undone. cow2. See Covent Garden Nun. Ken. cover. 19th c. US. ‘Yes. Nidada de codornices (grupo de prostitutas). Vaquero (prostituto) (see also midnight cowboy.: «Iago. 1535-1859.M. Sp. sl. or when talking dirty in lovemaking: «’You’re about to have the time of your life. argot rimado: kisses rima con missus.). The theatres are situated near it. q. flowers. 19th c. cow1. 17 th c. sl. used in sex ads: «Submissive male. Sp. C/P. ‘Rose. See another quot..Z. Now more often used for just a promiscuous girl or woman: «I told my boyfriend. and X. Now rare. Lice infesting the pubic area: «There was a young lady named Hitchin Who was scratching her crotch in the kitchen. but still I was a little nervous in case he thought it was going too far» ( Fiesta).C. q. tamb. por extensión. v. I. cowgirl. the vulva. See also Abyssinian medal. rubber. infested by crabs. US. 113). at bundle (with). mujer promiscua. usada en anuncios de sexo sado-masoquista.). Br. 1696-1960. in BURFORD.v. Sp. I suppose’. 1786. Abbrev. Sp. in English classic bawdy verse: .. covey. 286). Br. Sp. Sp. Sp. E. 25. The cleft in the female external genitals. In its environs are many brothels. M. Now obs. Used by Shaks. The area between the genitals and the anus (perineum) in both sexes.dissolved monastery. Cubrir (dicho de los animales y. q. CP. She said. Sp. for missus. He on the breastwork made a halt.). sl. señora) (raro). or in the purlieus of Drury Lane». Covent Garden vestal. OED. See also love lice. i. about it. Sp. porque Covent Garden era un importante centro de prostitución en Londres en el siglo XVIII). and. Camino cubierto (parte de una fortificación cubierto por un parapeto) (genitales fem. Sp. boots and bondage» (Forum). E. Also Covent Garden vestal.v. Very freq. A derogatory term for a woman: a coarse or degraded woman. Vacas y besos (esposa.. 1891. crab on the rocks. Coyote (genitales fem. de los humanos) (usado por Shaks. sl. A male prostitute. high heels. 19th-20th c. Abrev. seeks enslavement by strict Mistress into leather. . now famous for being the chief market in London for fruit.. you sexy cow’» ( Men Only).You’ll have your daughter cover’d with a Barbary horse. and herbs. o apelativo soez dirigido a la mujer. He now prepared for the assault» («The Citadel».Y. Vaquera (postura amorosa con la mujer en posición dominante durante el coito) cows and horses will come out. Br. A group of prostitutes. Vestal de Covent Garden (prostituta. sl. castigo corporal. Las vacas y los caballos van a salirse (‘la botica abierta y el boticario en la puerta’) (tienes la bragueta abierta) .. Also said of humans. His vanguard being well sustained. Sp. Itching testicles. He knows I’m a dirty cow. sl. crabs. After the part of a fortification sheltered by a parapet: «When he the covered way he gained. aplicado a la mujer). the lodgings of the second order of ladies of easy virtue were either there. prostituta. rhyming sl. Sp. often used as a coarse form of address (but see next entry). Monja de Covent Garden (prostituta. Her mother said. not long ago. crack1. covered way.» ( Othello. Vaca (término pey. modernamente.. Of a stallion: to copulate with the mare. coyote. Paseo de las ladillas (zona del perineo). A prostitute. Sp. A prostitute. Sp.. cows and kisses.

middle cut. perhaps from the fig. A prostitute. used to crack the glass of her virginity (q. The euph. E.. crack3. Vars. She lay on her back. Cascársela (masturbarse el hombre). Br. cleft. Sp. And opened her crack. See burn. sl. crevice. as obs. Caza-rajas (pene). Sp. crack-hunter.. To deflower a virgin. Raja (vulva). OED. crack saleslady. (Of a male) to masturbate. love-cleft. Resquebrajar a Jane/a una muñeca (desvirgar). pudendal cleavage. gap-stopper/stopgap (also Br. and Sp. Lograr una erección . The penis. Romper un virgo (desvirgar). ‘defecto’) . To devirginate. meaning ‘a flaw. E. Who had a peculiar feeling. Prostituta (origen incierto. Resquebrajar a Judy/una taza de té (desvirgar).: «I don’t know how I ever kept from cracking my nuts. M. Similar euphs. 19 th c. Crack the glass of her virginity. crack one off.. sl. is still fully current: «There was a young lady of Ealing. E. crack a cherry. Sp.: «Bawd. crack a/one’s pitcher/pipkin. Sp. 99). And pissed from the floor to the ceiling» (Limerick). campus sl. Br. Quebrar el cristal de su virginidad (desvirgar) (usado por Shaks. To deflower a girl/to lose one’s virginity. To devirginate. A pimp. To copulate with. cracked (or clipped) in the ring. To have an orgasm. . E. Cascar las nueces/los huevos (orgasmar. crack it. crack the glass of her virginity. Vendedora de rajas (prostituta). cut. crack salesman1. 282). Sp. Used by Shaks. US. sl. fault. etc. to ejaculate. Raja (del culo).. Derog. Abrir la caja fuerte (tener éxito en un lío amoroso) .). Perhaps a punning on the mastery of an animal trainer. Consequently. Sp. I’ve never been that excited» ( FU. US. 140-142). From crack. Con el anillo roto/quebrado (desvirgada)... in BURFORD. 19th c. flaw. Vendedor de rajas (proxeneta) crack salesman2. Sp. Picotea-rajas (lesbiana) (usado pey. nick-in-the-notch.). A prostitute. sl. Sp. Sp. a deficiency’. US. 1786. Sp. US. Lex. for ‘tis the News Your Tails have burnt32 so many Beaus That now He-whores are come in use [. Sp. chink.C. sl. the penis is called: chink-stopper. Br. Hacer restallar el látigo (copular).. sl. To succeed in an amorous affair. slot. The deep crease between the buttocks. slit. include: breach. A lesbian. cleft of flesh. 1707. sl. crease. 32 Infected with venereal disease. crack a Jane/ crack a doll. To deprive a maid of her virginity. rip. crack one’s whip. crack one’s nuts. Br. crack-haunter. use her at thy pleasure. sl.” (F & H). crack snacker. in BURFORD. To achieve an erection. E.» ( The He-Strumpets. cleavage. “Seduced. take her away. Vendedor del culo (prostituto para gays). crack2. 19 th c.. crack a fat. Resquebrajar(se) un cubo/un puchero de barro (desvirgar o perder la virginidad) . Sp.: crack a Jane/ crack a doll . Austr. From ‘cracking a safe’. Sp. front-fissure.«Her thighs they were so snowy fair. A male homosexual prostitute. Shaks.v. fissure. Boult. anus. and make the rest malleable» (Pericles. Sp. crack a Judy/crack Judy’s teacup.M. crack-hunter/crack-haunter. rip. Similar euphs. A pun on ‘crack-marksman’ and the pudendal cleavage. vi. quizás del significado ‘imperfección’. Origin uncertain. Austr. 204). IV. Sp. Sp.). include: cleft. Sp.. See crack a Judy/ crack Judy’s teacup. gap. sl. Sp. cant for the last-born child).] Yet Cracks are Saints compar’d with them Who leave the Whores to pick up Men. 1676-1785: «Lewd Cracks repent. And just between appeared a crack» («Una’s Lock». and others. eyacular).

The female genitals.). nook and nooky. US. Burdel . in crank and bearings. on Jacob’s Cream Crackers. corner. Because he delivers meat via the backdoor. A gay male. to. ‘penis and testicles’: «She soaped me all over. Sp. at larder2. sl. Paul!’ I whispered in his ear» (Fiesta). one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’. Sp. Cagador (ano) (en el OED se registra solamente el significado ‘retrete’) . The vulva: «I look down into that sunken crater. From the sense ‘crisp skin of roast pork.’ Sp.. See quot. Cigüeñal y cojinetes (pene y testículos). Sp. Br. Asalta-cunas (que se casa o liga con alguien mucho más joven que él /ella). Sp. esp. Not common.). and ass hole» ( Pent). cradle-robbing and baby-snatching are similar euphs. (Of males) to masturbate. Related to farting-crackers. Car imagery. cream facial. cream. Grieta (genitales fem. 19 th-20th c. The penis. Sp. cracksman. a well-known brand of dry biscuits (crackers rhymes with knackers). Punning on the difference of age. E. world lost and without traces. To coit with a woman. crank one’s shank. cranny. crackling. Carnicero furtivo (que entra por la puerta de atrás) (gay) (usado pey. sl. coito) . cream crackers. penetración (introducir el pene en la vagina. Austr. argot rimado: crackers rima con knackers). so as to secrete sexual fluids. crawl (into). To crank a man off is to masturbate him. E. dicho del hombre). for ‘trousers’. cranny-hunter.» ( TCn. Manivela. Sp. to. “A harlot with a certain pretension to repute” (F & H).). E. produciendo semen o secreción vaginal).). Sp. Sp. The penis. niche/niche-cock. incrustar. Current sl. Penis and testicles. Sp. Sp. To ejaculate: «You creamed in my pussy» ( Pent).. cracker1. Sp. sl. rhyming sl.: «. E. Sp. also used by homosexuals. The female genitals as a corner to be occupied by man. paying particular attention to the critical areas like my crank. Sp. See hole. crank. to.. Car imagery. crapper. Sp. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). Cántaro quebrado (prostituta con pretensiones de buena reputación). Caza-grietas (pene). The penis. esp. E. Sp. cream/cream up. . sl. sl. Piel crujiente y tostada de cerdo asado (genitales fem.cracked-pitcher. q.. at cream/cream up. Br. Cráter (vulva). Perhaps punning on the reproductive function of the female organ. sl. include alcove. cradle-snatcher. Br. ‘Darlin’ don’t scream While I fill you with cream In the shade of the old apple tree» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. Br. cracker3. The anus. 17th-19th c. Sp. cigüeñal (pene. and copulation. Br. either semen or vaginal lubricants. US. Sp. craphole. Testículos (de la conocida marca de galletas Jacob’s Cream Crackers. esp. A brothel. cram.she cranks him off on his own stomach» (Hustler). Agujero de cagar (ano). crater. The penis. Sp.v. for ‘semen’: «I pulled out my pride of New York It fitted it just like a cork I said.. See another quot. sl. Cuna (genitales fem. Br. To be sexually aroused. or the anus. Sp. Because it goes off like a firework. Since c1850. Testicles. Arrastrarse (dentro) (copular. Sp. Que tira petardos (culo. Producir crema/nata (excitarse sexualmente.. Producir crema/nata (eyacular). The female genitals. Allanador de moradas (pene) (raro). Cohete (pene). Ejaculation on the partner’s face. en crank and bearings. cracker2. The anus. See flong one’s dong. Now obs.. To insert the penis in the vagina.). cradle. crafty butcher. In the OED it is registered only as a privy. bearings. Coarse sl. Similar euphs. The backside. Derog. ano). Crema facial (eyaculación en la cara de la pareja). cream. Crema/nata (semen). Someone who marries or flirts with a very young person of the opposite sex. crank and bearings. E. Sp. Sp. «’Don’t cream up yet. Penetrar. 248). sl.

at dong. Crimen contra la naturaleza (homosexualidad. Asalto criminal (violación). as sl. Sp. (chiefly US. Criatura en venta (prostituta en un burdel) (usado por Shaks. Used by Shaks. See converse. abominable crime/offence. To become sexually excited or ejaculate while still dressed. Grieta (vulva o raja del culo). See quot. expressions that have been used to describe homosexuality include: unspeakable crime. To bring someone to orgasm. the.. Tienda. he kissed her. sl. A despicable person. crestfallen. unnatural sexual intercourse. Sp. v. (Of a female) to desire a male sexually.). crease. OED. the vulva. v. US.) of Rabelais. Credenciales (genitales masc. See crib. The penis. Illicit copulation. Sp. Br.cream for. the house you dwell in proclaims you to be a creature of sale» ( Pericles. Pájaro carmesí (pene). crevice. Sp. Sp. 1914-1960. unnatural connection. Sp. Sp. Alicaído (con el pene en estado flácido). OED. Conversación/correspondencia criminal (coito ilícito) . Now often used as a term of abuse for a flatterer. unnatural offence. esp. Sp. 17th c. crib-house. nameless crime. crimson chitterling. Llenar de crema/nata la polla (masturbarse el hombre). crime against nature. sense ‘shop’. Lex. El de la cresta (genitales fem. Ladrón sigiloso (que roba a los clientes en un burdel). a play on ‘to steal cautiously into (her tent)’: «Nor has he the canvas cut i’ the night. the vulva. crib. unnatural/ unmentionable/ odious vice. Entrar sigilosamente (penetrar sexualmente a una mujer). criminal conversation/correspondence. Also. The female genitals. creep joint. crib-joint and touch-crib. masturbate someone. . Urquhart. Sp. crested one. With a flaccid penis: «. esp. Jarra de crema/nata (genitales fem. 183). cream-jugs. cream puff. one where clients are robbed. Sp. Sp. Criminals’ sl. lugar público (burdel). slipping his tongue along the delicious crevice. nameless act. creamstick. sl. 1938.). The male genitals. From cream = ‘semen’. a1876-1966. US. c1857-1958. 1928. cream one’s jeans. The rape of a female. the cleft between the buttocks: «There. cream one’s cock. ‘public-house’. Perhaps from the sl. 26-28). US.). Hacer correrse (masturbando a alguien. the anus Sp. Sp. 312). as he continued to pull off the panties» ( DOV. and take his leap there!» (BF.). See also crack1. to). Br. Sp. Sp. one who works in a brothel. The breasts. One of the terms for Gargantua’s penis used in the English translations (Motteux. Sp. Jarras de crema/nata (pechos de mujer). 77-78). for a hobbyhorse man to creep into his she-neighbour. A brothel.). Mojarse por (excitarse sexualmente una mujer). Sp. To effect sexual ingression. Pliegue (vulva o ano). criminal assault. Persona despreciable o lameculos. cream off. OED. Mondongo carmesí (pene). creature of sale. The cleft in the female external genitals. A prostitute in a brothel.: «Why. OED.. lugar público (burdel). etc. Induction. credentials. Sp. Sp. Sp. Correrse en los vaqueros (eyacular con la ropa puesta) . Burdel (donde roban a los clientes). Sp. Also crib-house. creep1. Homosexuality or sodomy. cream/cream up. IV. cream-jug.). Sp. sl. The cleft in the female external genitals.I could see that he was somewhat crestfallen» ( EAP.. An effeminate male. sl. Also. E. The female genitals. Also crib-joint and touch-crib. unmentionable crime against man and beast. (Of a male) to masturbate. (orig. Sp. creep into. Sp. A brothel. From a shell of pastry filled with cream. crimson bird. Palo de la crema/nata (pene). A brothel. Since c1895. Hojaldre con nata (afeminado). See also perversion. The penis. Sp. creep2. E. See crack1. OED. Other similar derog. sodomía). Tienda. A stealthy robber.

18th-19th c. Often used as a euph. Br. Entrepierna. To look for a sexual partner in public places. Sp. Dried semen. A bar where middle-aged and elderly gay males meet. Sp. crook. Smegma (q. Sp. Báculo (pene).. personas de distinta raza). Similar euphs. See quot. croupe. cruise... Queso de la entrepierna (esmegma. Corona y plumas (genitales fem. Mirona de entrepiernas (mujer que gusta mirar el ‘paquete’ de los hombres) . The female genitals. club. Coronar al rey (masturbarse el hombre). crow’s nest. The penis. at gay-girl). OED.).» ( FH..F. The penis.. Vinagreras (testículos) . Pequeña granja (genitales fem. wand. at sweet closes. Sp. To deflower a woman. See staff. Joyas de la corona (testículos. Sp. first said of prostitutes. family jewels). From the standard term applied to something that is full of twists and turns. Sp.) (juego de palabras con crotch. Austr. 19th c.). The testicles. 94). 17th c. . crown the king. E. Cayado (pene erecto).crinkum-crankum. Mancha de semen reseco que queda en el cuerpo o en la ropa tras el coito . a1592-1884. sl. cross-dresser/cross dresser. based on the shape of the erect male member. crop the virgin-flower. 18. as humorous. A play on the symbol for musical quarter notes. as it resembles a shepherd’s crook when erect. E. sl. Freq. From O. now more often applied to homosexuals (see quot. Gay jargon.. From the staff carried by a bishop as a symbol of his pastoral office. crotch cheese. 19 th c. 37). and crotch = ‘pudendum’. Sp. Br. sl.. sl. Cuervo (prostituta) . Sp.. E. Br.. pole. Sp. crooked staff. A transvestite.) around the clitoris and labia minora. Prostituta ladrona (que roba a los clientes ella sola o con ayuda de su chulo) . intr. cruets. combined with a hitting imagery. Crisis (orgasmo).v. crisis. croup. Lex. The buttocks. A prostitute. Sp. crown.. From the standard meaning: a small farm. Br.». crotchet. esp. 3341 The OED defines it as «an undesirable impurity. limerick). Sp.). for the male or female genitals: «I don’t think I ever put my hand into such a juicy crotch in all my life» ( TCp. (Of a man) to masturbate. Vueltas y revueltas (genitales fem. Sp. Palo retorcido (pene). in combs. 1904-1984.1678. for «to breed together. truncheon and many others. rod. crown and feathers.. See family jewels. Sp. The female genitals.33 Sp. Cosechar la flor virginal (desvirgar). An orgasm: «When the crisis arrives.-1845: «There was a young lady of Gloucester Whose friends they thought they had lost her Till they found on the grass The marks of her arse And the knees of the man who had crossed her» (19 th c. crown jewels. for «the fork or bifurcation of the human body where the legs join the trunk». 165). croft.). E. To mount and copulate with a woman. Lex. at penis girl. «. stake. Sp. Grupa (trasero). staff. v . A woman who likes to look at the genital bulge in men’s trousers. she turns her head to the side to muffle her cries in the pillow» (POP. cane. cross-girl. foreign matter. A prostitute given to thieving or to assisting her bully to thieve. include: stick. etc. Sp. The testicles. Sp. as sticks to the body or clothes after sexual intercourse. crow. 11). Cruiser (OED. underworld. secreción sebácea acumulada bajo el prepucio) . c1475. The female genitals. tamb. OED. crotch. crotch watcher. Sp. The female genitals. Sp. Travestido.v. Nido de cuervos (bar donde los gays viejos van en busca de jovenes) (jerga gay). Austr. US. Lex. crud. Chiefly US. cross. Sp. See quot. sl. The penis. Cruzarse (copular. OED. to interbreed». Sp. Negra (anotación musical) (genitales fem.. sl. being of distinct races or breeds.I made no bones about favoring the most gorgeous male hunks with most promising crotches» ( CP. OED. q.the crisis of pleasure overtook him. Sp. crozier. Sp. Corona (glande). The glans of the penis.: «.

a1250-1845. 1594-1842: «Her legs were girt about my waist My hands under her Crupper» («The Willing Lover». OED. Two or three Jesus’s-and let me diesTwo or three squeezes. as sl. to. crush. A var. Sp. cubes.: a bit/piece of crumpet. Superman cubano (hombre que realiza actos sexuales en vivo en el escenario. Used by Shaks. and two or three towses. OED.v. From Old French cucuault. q. The buttocks. Very angry at having been cuckolded. q. Merry Drollery Compleat. With two or three thousand pounds lost at their houses. meaning to be very much in love with someone. Grupa (trasero). cuckold. But. ‘cuco’) cuckold-mad. etc. The funny husband would cry “Boh!” and tickle his arse with a feather. After the celebrated shows of this kind staged in Havana in pre-revolutionary days. towel and warm water. Entrepierna (var. dicho orig. Many other euphs. Cornudo/poner los cuernos (v. tamb. Cuban Superman. I mean not cuckold-mad. with two or three sighs. II. as a desirable woman. he is stark mad» (The Comedy of Errors. two or three vows.: «Standing on the bridge at midnight. Also horn-mad. to have got it bad(ly) and to be gone on are similar euphs. 1959).: «Dromio. mistress. 18841952: «They had all had a crush on sister Antolina at one time or another» ( TCp. The considerate husband would offer soap. to have a case on.Sp. to be in love or infatuated with. Sp. 136). Sp. male or female.v. to put a bone in someone’s hood. Sp. OED.. (lex. de los gays)..» (Fragment of rugby song). A derisive name for the husband of an unfaithful wife. The good-natured husband would remark that he liked buttered buns. la mujer como objeto sexual) . by Alexander Pope. in DÍAZ.). por los shows de este tipo frec. to get/have a (bit of) crumpet . for «women regarded as a means of sexual gratification and sexual intercourse» (OED. Lex. antiguo cucuault. crumpet1. To have a thing for. 57-60). 1589-1822: «Two or three visits. 1688-1744. crumpet2. crupper. Sp. de las prostitutas. Cracking walnuts with her crutch. (orig. in BURFORD. and two or three bows. en Cuba durante el régimen pre-revolucionario). a1650. See also horns. Lex. so to have a crush on. spelling of crotch. But. Enamoramiento (gen. From the shape. and Can. US. The testicles. Also. thou villain! Dromio. Bollito caliente untado de mantequilla (culo) (jerga gay). to Acteon. Sp. a young person with an older one. ahora gen. Cornudo (del fr. crutch. graft/plant horns to and wittol. Sp. Why. as soon as he drew. To make a man a cuckold by seducing his wife. A person one is in love or infatuated with. The buttocks. sl. Sp. have been used for the process of cuckolding in English classic literature: to break a head. Can never fail cuckolding two or three spouses» («Two or Three: a Recipe to Make a Cuckold». Cornute. OED. 1936). humorous. Patrullar (buscar ligue en lugares públicos. Bollito caliente untado con mantequilla (vagina. US. the reaction when finding one’s wife with another man can be wholly different according to the cuckolded husband’s character: «The polite husband would beg him not to draw until he’d spent. Lex. at cuckold-maker. sure my master is horn-mad. forge. etc. Two or three civil things. sl. A highly endowed man who performs live sex acts on stage in bawdy shows. Cubitos (testículos). 128). coito. to put the horns on someone. cuckold. una persona joven de una de mayor edad). The genitals. Horn-mad. as sl. esp. cuckold and cuckoldmad). See quots. Found in comb. Gay jargon. to copulate. . as usu. i. Sp.. de crotch). US. OED. sure. Two or three kisses. The vagina and copulation.84). Adriana. horn and hornify are synonyms. ‘cuckoo’.). to make a monster of (used by Shaks. of course.1903-1980) is the person who goes cruising.

15291825. The refined husband would pull his shirt tail over his bottom. Br. Synonymous with club. The mean husband would look to see if he’d used his cold cream. in Archivos Secretos. fighting). 1562-1922. q. obs. Hitting imagery. From billiards. ‘to copulate with a woman’. Abrazar/abrazo amoroso (copular/coito). Cuernos. 18th c. E.. cuckoldry. vii.v. esp. Sp. (Of males) to masturbate . OED. de una canción tradicional irlandesa) . Sp. Sp. referring to Menelaus and Paris. OED. although he had on a French letter. esp. Used humorously in limericks. For a man to copulate with his intended wife before marriage. to embrace amorously: «But nothing came of anything. 31). but you can have three for two shillings”. The cynical husband would be surprised that anyone should care to fuck his wife. Que pone los cuernos. . Poner los cuernos al pastor (copular antes de la boda). Perhaps a perversion of cock. the dummy or the puppy. But never could manage a marrow». Sp. Taco (de billar) (pene. The cautious husband. Cornudo furioso (usado por Shaks. for ‘copulate’. E. request him to spend outside. The epicurean husband would gamahuche his wife immediately afterwards. Sp. From a traditional Irish song. The excitable husband would begin to frig himself.The ceremonious husband would wait for an introduction. sl. The penis. 18). schoolboys’ jargon. Veronica. OED. Sp.. 90). or in clear allusions to it: «There was a young scholar at Harrow Who moaned that his mouth was too narrow. The dishonouring of a husband by adultery on the part of his wife. US. esp. The shy husband would blush and walk away.).v. There is an allusion to its use as a dildo in the following joke: ☺«Two old maids go to the greengrocer’s and enquire the price of cucumbers. etc.. Abofetearse la carne (masturbarse el hombre). The modest husband would think his balls looked larger than his own. sl. 19 th c.). cuddle. Nido del cuco (genitales fem. Sp. The penis. cuckoo2. Sp. The conceited husband would sneer at the size of his balls.. Sp. The conscientious husband would fear that he had neglected his wife. “A cuckold” (F & H). E. would ask if he had on a French letter. Pepino (pene). cuckold-maker. for penis. cucumber.” » (adapted from Son of Rugby Jokes. cuckoo’s nest. See also horner. in do/have/perform a brush with the cue . cuff one’s meat. en do/have/perform a brush with the cue.: «The cuckold and the cuckold-maker are at it» (T & C. we can always eat the other one. Cuco (cornudo). Then one of them says: “Come on. the shopkeeper says. Oh there were cuddles in the backs of cars. From cuckold + quean. Cuco (nombre dado al pene en jerga escolar). Used by Shaks. 1879. q. in to have a cuddle. Br. The avaricious husband would want to charge for it. Mujer engañada por su marido/cornuda. Sp. jokes. The female pudenda.. cue. cuckoo1. The jealous husband would be annoyed. The penis. with a large family. cudgel.» (FOF. For times without number He’d eat a cucumber. The suspicious husband would make his wife wash afterwards. The just husband would see that he fucked fair. 9. and if not. Sp. Br. cuckquean. Porra (pene). Sp. The shopkeeper says: “Tenpence each. One who cuckolds. a British erotic magazine published during the years 1879/80. Variants using the same metaphor include to cuff the carrot. Sp. 1580-1682. Sometimes used as a vague euph. cuckold the parson. V. They look at each other in doubt.. The prompt husband would be up his arse before he could say ‘Jack Robinson’» (From The Pearl. sl. among others. Dec. To hug. A female cuckold.

Sp.. iii.. Orgasmo. sl. cullions. ‘testicle’. Semen (var. sl. cliente de prostituta. ‘cuchillo’) (pene). A buttered bun. “Cully ex culls. The buttocks. Sp. cum cobra.. Sp. sl. Sp. my spasming schlong spurted oily cum up her crack. US.” Girl: “Oh no. 149). occ.they shuddered into a magnificent mutual cum» ( TSM. OED. Coito (de origen desconocido). coarse sl. ex ?” (PARTRIDGE. q. culls.v. Lex. Bollo con semen (mujer que acaba de copular con un hombre y está dispuesta a hacerlo de nuevo inmediatamente con otro.). found: ☺«Young man: “I’m tired of this fooling around. in BURFORD. corrida. Of unknown origin. (Of males) to masturbate. From Latin cultellus. cuff the dummy. A sexual orgasm: «. to. A var. c1680. a fanciful formation from cundum. See cojones. OED. culmination (of pleasure). tamb . (Of males) to masturbate. it was the first and only time I managed to cum five times in one night» ( TSM. de cum. To ejaculate. cumshot/ cum-shot. q. Of unknown origin. Sp. 156).» (Hustler).34 Shaks. Perlas de semen (gotas de semen). orgasmar (var.. Sp. a broadside street ballad. Polvo. Culo (del español). Forma abrev.. Shaks. as obs. cull. 1974). Culminación (del placer) (orgasmo). usado por Chaucer. sl. 19th c. perhaps from cullions. Abofetearse la marioneta (masturbarse el hombre). cumm. spelling of come. A var.v. testicles. To ejaculate.. base cullions! » ( 2Henry VI. I. An act of copulation/ ejaculation. to have an orgasm (of both sexes). Sp. Adapted from the French couillons. Sp. a simpleton. Forma abrev. Sp.. (Of males) to masturbate. US. The testicles. darling. .. 1664-1881. » ( EGT. Sp. often found in sex ads for emphasis: «Wanna give us some hot cumm?» (Swank classifieds). you’re not!” Young man: “And I’m going to lay you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight.. Sp. to cull: «All night we freeze with our Cull in the cold ‘Till the Constable. A var. 664: «I wolde I hadde thy coilons in myn hond. Condom. Sp. From Spanish. de cully. Sp. cully-shangy. 172). shangy.v. Synonymous with cutty-gun (q. Br. quizás de cullions. Escopeta corta (del latín cultellus. Semen (var. US. he comes early And packs us away for being so bold So we pay for our whoreing severely» (The Ladies of London. 204). cum2. Used by Chaucer in The Pardoner’s Tale. Shortened from cullions. Sp. A var. Abofetearse el muñeco (masturbarse el hombre). cuff the puppy.v. spelling of come off: «She lay back to savour the exquisite sensation and I murmured: ‘Wriggle your bottom. The penis. lo usó como insulto). Semen. was still used in the 18 th c. The penis. Cobra del semen (pene). de come). cum. q. cully. q. Sp. Abofetearse la zanahoria (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. ‘primo’. Often abbrev. you’re not!” Young man: 34 «I wish I had your cullions in my hand/ Instead of relics in a reliquarium». Cojones (del fr. Eyacular.cuff the carrot.. su vagina). cum crumpet.. I’m coming over to your house tonight and I’m going to throw you on the sofa and pull off your pants –“ Girl: “Oh no. Sp. de cullions.: «Come to think of it. cum1. Sp..).: «Finally. 18). culty-gun. used it as a term of abuse (a low fool): «Away. cundrum. A dupe. Primo (cliente de prostituta) (etimología incierta. of cully. cojones. «. culls. cum off. Abbrev. derived from Latin coleus.. “Copulation” (F & H). a prostitute’s customer.v. de come). cum pearls. A shortened form. q. Sp. An orgasm (of box sexes): «. spelling of come. culo.v. In stede of relikes or of saintuarye». 114). q.I must greet the wonderful culmination of my pleasure» ( EAP. culleus. Drops of spilt semen. US. 38). ‘knife’. usada en anuncios de sexo para dar énfasis). and you’ll be able to cum off against my hand’» (TSM. couillons. Sp. c1386-1737. ‘bag’. Semen. E.he wished for a culmination. Correrse. The testicles.v. to have an orgasm (of both sexes). spelling of cum.

Coñito (etimología incierta. worn by men in the act of coition. cunnus. ‘Ho! Ho!’ he exclaims in a fury. sl. in BURFORD. cundum shield.’ (TSM. de cunnilingus). or a prostitute. E. OED. The euph. Hacer un cunilinguo (v. q. now obs. E. Oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris. spelt cunnilinctus. cunnie. Conejo (genitales fem. Sp. cunnilingist. quizás del latín cuniculus.”Sp. “A man (or woman) addicted to the practice of tonguing the female pudendum” (F & H).. Hurón para cazar en la madriguera del conejo (pene). de cunny. Hombre o mujer que practican el cunilinguo cunnilingus. Sp. var. Sp.’ + lingus. Br..). The penis.. cunny-hall. sl. 18th-19th c. resembling a hat or cape made of the gut of a sheep placed over the man’s affair. as sl.v. 17th-18th c. Spelling variant of cunny q. cunny. Sp.v. 48). cundum. ‘lamer’). from cunnus.. Latin for cunt. The vagina. sl. From Latin cunnilingus.: ☺«A man comes home suddenly and finds the vicar cunnilinguing his wife. de cunt). Cazador de conejos (pene). She’s of the softest skin: And if you please to open her. Perhaps from the Latin cuniculus. cunnilingus. The female genitals.. or from cony.) (prob. for the female genitals. ‘female pudenda’ + lingus (lingere. ‘a rabbit’ or ‘an underground passage’.. must be older though. Percy Ms. ‘conejito’. 17th-18th c. 1720-1922. Br.. Also occ. cunnicle. Sp. Merry Drollery Compleat. Condón (formación caprichosa a partir de cundum).. The female genitals. ‘genitales fem.). To perform cunnilingus.v. Sp. ‘conejo’). Coñito (dim.v. A condom. Cunilinguo (var. used as a euph. And in her Cunny-burrow may Two Tumblers35 and a Ferrett play» («My Mistriss is a Shittle-cock». ‘so you’re the bugger who’s been swallowing all my children!’» (Rationale II. Sp. spelling of coney hall (q.. cunnilingus). Sp.: «. to. o ‘pasadizo subterráneo’). Condón-escudo. The female genitals. I’m not even going to wear a cundrum!” Girl: “Oh yes. Br. Conejo (genitales fem. cunny catcher.. 1887-1970: «Twenty-five per cent of the gals stated that a sudden surprise made cunnilingus divine» (Playboy). Spelling var. Lex. q. 27). 76): «My father gave me Land My father gave me money And I spent it every whit In hunting of a cunny».. of cunny q.v. as it is to be found in «Off Alle the Seaes». 1691. cunney. cunny burrow ferret. The female genitals. Conejo (genitales fem..: «My Mistriss is a Cunny fine. to prevent venereal infection. de condom). The best part lies within. dim. ‘to lick’).v.): «I have a Tenement to let I hope will please you all And if you’d know the Name of it 35 Dogs formerly used to catch rabbits. de lingere. said to have been invented by one colonel Cundum. OED. of cunt. q.. Sp. E. Dim. The vagina. tal vez de origen vasco.. 17th c (in BURFORD. Condón (var. A var.» (EIC. Madriguera del conejo (genitales fem. of cunt. Another spelling for condom.“And what’s more. or before. 246). 19 th c. Sp. Prob. .see how much of that thick prick you can cram inside my cunney. cunnilinctus. Latín por cunt (coño o prostituta). The penis. E. cunnikin.). Sp. Sp. dim. occ. GROSE has: “The dried gut of a sheep. de cunt..v.the use of a cundum. Cunnilingus. cunny-burrow. Sp. 183). Br. ‘one who licks the vulva’. q. q.: ‘. sl. Sp. Sp. Cunilinguo (del latín cunnus. 67). the ‘rabbit’ sense probably of Basque origin. when it was fully extended.v. o de cony. you are!”» (Rationale I.

cunny-hunter. a whoremonger.: «Why do I go chasing around after cunt so much? » ( TCp. putañero). cunt-struck for a man who is sexually obsessed with a woman or with women in general. Cortina del coño (vello púbico fem. cunt-chaser. The female genitals. cunt-hound.v. A notorious lecher. some of which are not registered in the OED.. When you get to the cunt Will you p-please throw it to m-me?» (‘A Passionate Wedding Night’ . Natural vaginal lubrication. based on a well-known joke. would derive. and cunnikin are diminutives of cunt. cunt1. with glee. lesbiana) . cunny-skin. Sp.. como to get/have some cunt. working as prostitutes. a bit of cunt. the French con. cu. recent Br. Cazador de conejos (putañero). q. imbécil (usado como insulto). Sp. 34). Sexual desire in women. widely used in England in the 18th-19th c. to. conno. sl. 136). a bit of cunt. Sp. A woman considered as a sex object. cunt-itch for sexual desire in women. Piel del conejo (vello púbico fem. Br. from which the Ancient Greek konnos. Lame-coños (alguien que hace cunilinguos..). the Portuguese cona. etc..‘Tis called CUNNY HALL» (‘A Tenement to Let’. a limerick by Sir Francis. be after cunt. cunt-monger. either: cuntjuice. cunny-warren. «The bride of a stutterer from Lee Removed falsies. 19th c.. Picor de coño (deseo sexual fem. Said the man at this stunt. Cazador de coños (mujeriego. Coño (de una hipotética raíz indo-europea. also. Br. Sp. E. 17th-18th c.). el italiano conno. a whoremonger. Salón del conejo (vagina). cunt-pensioner.. Sp. wig’n’ teeth. E. from ku. en comb. 18th c. I bet she wears men’s suits and drives a taxi-cab» ( FU. a lesbian: «. There are also a number of combinations with cunt freq. sl. Lex. The female pubic hair. cunt. a hypothetical Proto-Indo-European root. form of the word was kunte. a2. cunt. Copulation. 1929: «A young cunt is an investment. mistress. Pills. a1. or daughter. Sp. The female genitals. used nowadays. OED. de la que se derivarían el griego konnos. for a lecher. OED. 18th c. el francés con. etc. OED. 17th-19th c.M. cuntkin. sl. Madriguera del conejo (genitales fem. for a man who lives off the earnings of his wife. E. sl. 244). Sp. cunt curtain. a brothel. the It. E. the Latin cunnus. Follar (de cunt1).» (TCn. cunt-lapper and cunt-sucker for someone who performs cunnilingus or for a lesbian. cunt-itch. Sp. A vulgar term of abuse. cunt2. the M. Perro cazador de coños (mujeriego. 251). Sp.. Br. o burdel). Sp. mujeriego. cunt. Someone who performs cunnilingus. Possibly derived from the Anglo-Saxon cynd. A lecher. c1230-1928: «When mighty brown cunts were the Englishman’s taste. in BURFORD. el portugués cona y el español coño). be after cunt. a whoremonger: «. To coit with a woman. A whoremonger. cunt-teaser for a cock-teaser’s counterpart.I don’t mind what you say about me. cunt-lapper. . Oh! the brown cunts of old England.). el latín cunnus.what in hell ever become of that little cunt-lapper. cuntlet. E. sl. la mujer como objeto sexual).. With strong curled hair that could tie round the waist. sl. a1750.). tamb. US. esp.E. as taboo. Un coño (gachí. A notorious lecher. Archivos Secretos. Sp. etc. Though not included in the OED. Putañero. 1932: «[he told me] that if any bloke so much as laid a finger on his young sister he would kill the cunt» ( Men Only). Sp. Sp. and the Spanish coño. cunt-monger. Sp.. but don’t make me out to be a cunt-chaser. 32). M. natural vaginal lubrication. the same form used in Dutch and other Low German languages.. Br. putañero). From cunt1. in to get/have some cunt. Coño (coito.C. Also. Sp. Jugo del coño (secreción vaginal lubricante). 119). And oh! the old English brown cunt» (‘The Brown Cunts of Old England’. 182). Our offspring were stout and our wives were all chaste. ‘a stupid person’.. in BURFORD. esp. Ultimately. an old cunt is a dead loss» (TCn. cunt-juice. Tonto.. Sp. The female pubic hair.

Cupid’s cloister. Rincón de Cupido (genitales fem. 19th c. The female genitals. Personification of love and desire.: «This punk is one of Cupid’s carriers» (Merry Wives. A brothel. US. Sexual intercourse. c1381-1848. A cockteaser’s counterpart. 27). cunt-shop. Escudo de Cupido (nombre de hotel) (genitales fem. Cupid’s kettledrums. Sp. The breasts. of cunt. Cupid’s kettledrums.). hijo de Mercurio y Venus) .). Sp. The female genitals.. Tiro al arco de Cupido (coito). 18th-19th c. Sp. Sp. The female genitals.. 16th-17th c. cunt-struck. Encoñado. Sp. the god of love.v. M. 19 th c.C. sl. Sp. E. Br. A brothel.. See also Cupid’s hotel. Sp. Surco de Cupido (genitales fem. Coñito (dim. Sp. Pastelitos redondos (pechos de mujer). or a lesbian. Sp. 285). Sp. Cupid’s torch. E.). 19th c. cuntal juices/fluids. cunt-teaser.). 18911965. Sp. E. The female genitals. A bawd. Sp. dios del amor. Yunque de Cupido (genitales fem. cupcakes. cuntkin. 1786. Cupid’s alley. Guerras de Cupido (coito). 19th c. The term is used in many euphemistic sexual expressions: Cupid’s cave. cuntlet. Br. Sp. 134).). 156). 19th c. Also cunt-lapper. at itch. working as prostitutes. II. Emparrado de Cupido (vello púbico fem. E. The female genitals.). Pastelito redondo (afeminado). US. Cupid’s hotel. Recent Br. Sp. Cupid’s itch. Avenida de Cupido (vagina). sl. sl. Claustro de Cupido (genitales fem. Cupid’s carrier. Br. A man who lives off the earnings of his wife. Br. de cunt). Cupid’s wars. a beautiful young boy. The female pubic hair. Br. sl. Cupid’s anvil. OED. Calienta-coños (que excita a las mujeres y luego no copula con ellas). That ranged this nation up and down. Dim. E.v. Sp.). Used by Shaks. Cupid’s cupboard. 19th c. q. Cupid.M. Cupid’s archery. The female genitals.. of cunt. etc.. E. etc. Dim. Lame-coños (alguien que hace cunilinguos o lesbiana). Sp. sl. Sp. Sp.. mistress. The female pudenda. Sp. Dardo de Cupido (pene). cunt-sucker. Jugos/fluidos del coño (secreción vaginal). Someone who performs cunnilingus. Coño-pensionista (que vive de su esposa. to. cunt-stabber. Cupid’s dart. Cupid’s furrow. US. E. Cupid’s archery. Cueva de Cupido (genitales fem. Br. Casa’hirviente’ de Cupido (burdel donde es fácil contraer una enfermedad venérea).cunt-pensioner. sl. Cupid’s cave. Cupid’s arbor. The penis.). ii. OED. The female genitals. Sp. 19th-20th c. The female genitals.). Sp. a representation of the god. Antorcha de Cupido (pene). in BURFORD. . Br. sl. Cupid’s Arms. Br. 19 th c. The breasts. a procurer. 1868. Alacena de Cupido (genitales fem. sl. de cunt). q. where one is likely to contract a venereal infection (a scalder.. Sp. The penis. amante o hija dedicadas a la prostitución). Sp.. proxeneta) (usado por Shaks. «A dribble of cuntal fluid trickled out from between her pussey lips» ( TSM. sl. Copulation: «I am a sporting amorous maid. Cupid’s dart. To be sexually obsessed with a woman or with women in general. E. See quot. Cupid’s cloister. The vagina. E. In Cupid’s wars I’ve gained renown» («The Citadel». Cupid’s corner.). Sp. sl. In every place my fame’s displayed. Sp. Sp. sl. Cupid's scalding-house. or daughter. E. A venereal disease. In Roman Mythology..). Coñito (dim. Timbales de Cupido (pechos de mujer). The penis. The female pudenda. Sp. sl. Br. Br. q. Br. identified with the Greek Eros. Hotel de Cupido (genitales fem. sl. Sp. E. 19th c. sl.v. cupcake. Sp. Apuñala-coños (pene). E. Intermediario de Cupido (alcahueta. Vaginal secretion: «My cuntal juices eased his passage as he pushed in» (TSM. Picor de Cupido (enfermedad venérea).. An effeminate male. Sp. son of Mercury and Venus. OED.. Cupido (en la mitología romana. Tienda de coños (burdel). sl.. Hence.

16): «Unto the woman he said. Uncircumcised foreskin. Forma truncada de cushion. custom-house goods. custom of women. for the custom of women is upon me» 36 (Genesis. Sp. var. The penis. q. de common customer). Br.” (PARTRIDGE. Sp. gay jargon. custom-house. Women considered as sexual objects. curse rag. curry queen.. The female genitals. US. customer A prostitute./Was laid low one day by the curse. the female genitals. Sex or sexual gratification. “the stock in trade of a prostitute. writer of verse. Still quite common nowadays: «Now Caroline. the. and both of them shall be cut off from among their people» (clearly a prohibition on copulating when the woman is menstruating). A gay male who is attracted to East Indian homosexuals. 18. sl. Menstruation. Sp. For synonyms. ‘Like a million to meInvested in all the right places!’» (Limerick). The breasts. Sp. Copas del sujetador (pechos de mujer). “The penis” (F & H). 19th c. Oficial de aduana (pene). Mercancía de aduana (porque se entra fácilmente) (genitales de una prostituta). Austr. Sp. cure the horn. The pubic hair. . “It is short for common customer. E. Other biblical euphs. A var.. in the Catholic version. Sp.). See short hairs. Sp. 1938.v. Lanza-natillas (pene) . given by GROSE. Una cualquiera (según PARTRIDGE. to. See kerb crawler.v. Costumbre de mujeres (regla) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611) . From the shape. Sp. Obs. cush. E. curb crawler. To have sexual intercourse. Sp. Used by Shakespeare. Also Eve’s curse or curse of Eve.. 18: «And if a man shall lie with a woman having her sickness. sl. 11: «Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age. Navegante callejera (prostituta). custard chucker. See also cunt curtain. because fairly entered”. 36 “I am having my periods”. Homosexual jargon. Reina del curry (gay que siente predilección por los indonesios) (jerga gay) (racista. 20.. ‘You look’. a good stone-cutter might cut you» (HWII. for menstruation include: a woman’s sickness.. curves. 1930. custom’s-house officer. curtezan. Cortinas (prepucio no circuncidado). see little visitor. 1968. dicho del hombre). That her curves cried aloud for embraces. See kerb crawling. for the part of a bra which is shaped to contain or support one of the breasts. Sp. Racist. Cup is lex. The contour of a woman’s body. Menstruation. customs officer. Curvas (de mujer). i. Br. Also. sl. curtains. E. cried each he. 1611-1705. in Genesis.». La maldición (de Eva) (menstruación).. in Leviticus. Perhaps from the biblical «Curse of Eve». sl. 1968: 90). Sp. curb crawling. sexo o satisfacción sexual). The female genitals. curbstone-sailor. Eve’s custom-house). To copulate with a woman: «. Oficial de aduana (pene). 31: 35). Cojín (genitales fem. Pelos rizados (vello púbico). and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood. in Genesis. Aduana (v. Curar la erección (copular). Cojín para empujar (genitales fem. 19th c. (3. Cortar (copular.cups. cut. US.. sl.. See Eve’s custom-house. Sp. A sanitary towel. Sp.. (genitales fem. abrev. Shortened from cushion. OED.if you were made of marble. 271-73). Sp. Compresa. de courtesan). ofensivo). US. cushion. Sp. q. is lace curtains. sl. “A prostitute” (F & H). cushion for pushing. Used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible of 1611: «Let it not displease my lord that I cannot rise up before thee. curse. The penis. he hath discovered her fountain. and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women». Cortesana (prostituta. Sp. la mujer como objeto sexual). Br. Sp. A prostitute’s genitals or. as defined by GROSE (1785). curlies. OED. and manner of women. I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception. OED. and shall uncover her nakedness. II. See horn. A variant spelling for courtesan. Sp.. OED. Sp. Sp.» (Fragment of Limerick). 1862-1963: «There once was a maid with such graces. Sp.

The penis. The female genitals with reference to the pudendal cleavage. From cute. var. dicho del hombre). Relativo a Afrodita [de Kithira (Cerigo). Sp. OED. OED.. Col cortada (genitales. women considered sexually. Br. Sexual interaction via the Internet. q. OED. 18th-19th c. See also sugar daddy. de cutie. Sp.. Br.). la mujer como objeto sexual. cylinder1. Cortar la mostaza (copular. a una prostituta.). Copulation (from the male angle). cutie.. Sp. Cyprian). Urquhart. To deflower a virgin. Also. » (FH. porque como el gigante en la mitología griega tiene un solo ojo). of a male. 17821859. cut a side/a slice off the joint . E.. 16th c. The penis. An attractive young woman. 1926: «’I always wanted a daddy to hug me and kiss me. Cyprian. a prostitute. Cyprian sceptre. centro del culto a Afrodita] (aplicado tamb . pene)] . sl.v. Sp.cut. Sp. Cortar el pastel (desvirgar). q. dicho del hombre). cut the mustard. Br. Sp.» ( POP..v. q. Sp.. cuzzy. ‘attractive’. Savia chipriota (semen. The female genitals. 1917. because it is one-eyed. The penis. Sp. Cyprian). middle cut. Chipriota (prostituta. adscrita a un templo pagano de la India). OED. Cetro chipriota (pene. cylinder2. Cyprus sap. Machete (pene). US.. To copulate with a woman. Sp. of a male. Corta y ven por más (genitales fem. The female genitals. cut off the joint. Used by itself and in several combinations: central cut. Sp. is an act of sexual intercourse: «. 17 th c. sl. Semen. The vagina. Cortarlo (copular. etc. Primo (genitales fem. Sp. 202). sl. cutey. Sp. Cibersexo Cyclop. dicho del hombre). the centre of the cult of Aphrodite. US. D dab it up. Cortar una rebanada del canuto (copular. Also. Emparejarse con una mujer/acceder a cohabitar con ella. cutlass. one attached to a heathen temple in India. dial. de una mujer de color). Cíclope (pene. atractiva). E. Sp. the Greek goddess of love. OED.). sl. who forged thunderbolts for Zeus. Escopeta/pipa corta (pene). Posada chipriota (burdel. cutty-gun. Cerigo. like the giants in ancient Greek mythology. US. Sp. Sp.nor indeed were we long before we finished our trip to Cythera. A brothel. v. See cutie. See cooze.) of Rabelais. cut and come again. 19th c. Cilindro [vagina. In the 18th and 19th c. “(With a woman).). The mate of the piston rod. An older male lover. The penis.. to pair off. Cytherean. esp. The penis: «She relishes the rampant cylinder in her mouth. Black sl. cut the cake. 1751-1807.v. Cyprian). From a catch-phrase indicating that there will be second helpings of meat. Related to Venus. Sp. v. to agree to cohabitation” (F & H). Cilindro (pene). A trip to Cythera. complemento del vástago del émbolo (piston rod. of a Black woman. 19th c. sl. applied to prostitutes. cut cabbage. ripe melons’» ( Barely Legal). cut it. I have lots of daddies now who like to squeeze and kiss my big. q. The female genitals. Austr. a name of Aphrodite.. Cyprian lodge. Sp. sl. . Sp. US. cutey. Sp. por el culto a Afrodita en la isla de Chipre). 1866. Chica atractiva (var. Scots and Northern dial. dicho del hombre). Sp. cybersex. To copulate. E. Sp. Literally ‘short gun’ (humorously ‘a short tobacco pipe’). Sp. Sp.. 125). From Latin Cytherean = Greek Cythereia. v. daddy1. spec. Corte (genitales fem. To copulate.v. Sp.. Chica atractiva (de cute. used in the English translations (Motteux. esp. Papaíto (amante viejo). From the ancient orgiastic worship of Aphrodite –the Greek goddess of love and beauty– on the island of Cyprus. from Cythera. de cooze. Corte del canuto (coito.

Sp. The hymen. the breasts. Sp. Br. Sello privado de Dª Naturaleza (himen). Sp. dairy farm. A prostitute. Mercancía dañada (mujer no virgen) (v. dairies/dairy. What.. a male homosexual. Orig. thou lov’dst plums well.: «Not dallying with a brace of courtezans» ( Richard III.v. Sp. Sp. Wit and Drollery. particularly one that gives suck. that wouldst venture so. Since c1780. Sp. Sp. Old euph. daisy chain. An effeminate man. art thou lame? [. at deer).» («Narcissus. Used as a euph. in BURFORD. The female genitals. To throw one’s dagger (q.). Other names of flowers given to homosexuals include: buttercup./ Gloucester.). The female pudenda. anal or oral’: «The girls keep in shape by working on each other in a sixway daisy chain». Non-virgin female. E. Mass. daddy-o. 19th c. the buttocks. Dame Nature. it is homosexual sl. Sp. The female breasts. Daga (lesbiana de rol masc. Other names of flowers given to homosexuals include: buttercup. Margarita/margarita (genitales fem. for a male lover or an old male homosexual. Used by Shaks. Used by Shaks. coquetear (euf. Br. Sp. daffodil. c1385-1860: «. (Of a woman) sexual excitement: «I could feel her dampness» ( Knave). or a lesbian with a masculine role. Daga (pene). Flirteo. coqueteo. US.. US. dairy arrangements. in the following passage from 2 Henry VI.. II. Lechería(s) (pezones. a male homosexual. The genitals.. 94-104. Sp.they could still spend an hour or so in pleasurable dalliance.). Narciso (afeminado. undamaged goods). Granja lechera (pechos de mujer). 1941. OED. See also moisture and wetness. An effeminate man. Sp. sl. c1610-20..» (Fiesta).. sl. for ‘a group of males or females engaged in simultaneous. dally.). Lex. E. More explicitly. dampness... 83). dagger2. Br. sl.. daisy. lily and pansy. (see quot. Sp. / Simpcox. good master.” Sp. Sp. pechos de mujer). sl. damsons. mutual sexual activity. q. Rhyming sl. y aun corriente). Sp. Used by Shaks.. and the legs leading to it. muy antiguo. resp. OED. 173). A fall off a tree. Sexual activity involving three or more persons. tamb.. Come Kiss Us».» (EGT.).. lily and pansy. Flirtear. Alas. Humedad (excitación sexual de la mujer).. Sp. usado por Shaks. = tail. And pleasured themselves with Venus’ Delight Till the Youth could hardly do more.] /Simpcox. Instalaciones lecheras (pechos de mujer). where plum and plum-tree are euphs. master. Dalila (prostituta) (v. Cadena sexual (heterosexual u homosexual).daddy2. The female genitals. still occ.: « Cardinal.. Dame Nature’s Privy Seal. damaged goods. for ‘copulate’ is occ. gay). Sp. A plum-tree. US.. 74). Leisurely love play. See undamaged goods. Daisy/daisy. sl.. for the female genitals. Still current: «Samuel Pepys. Now rare. The testicles. The breasts. dagger1. Sp. daisy. daffodil. o lesbiana de rol masc. . i. my wife desir’d some damsons / And made me climb with danger of my life». Ciruelas damascenas (testículos) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. sl. sl. Papaíto (amante masc. sl. found in erotica: «. Current US. Sp. male or female: «But when these fair ladies had sported all Night And rifled Dame Nature’s scant store. Dalilah. Periódico inglés (genitales o culo. used by Am. juego amoroso...(Hustler). The paps. Valle (genitales fem. 19th c. since the early 1400s. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. Punning on daily sex.). a small plum. dale. Delilah). dalliance. From ‘damson’. vii. black or dark purple. o gay viejo). o fem.raking with its fleshy dagger at the warm and viscous bin of lust which I lowered around his desire» ( CN.). Br. Sp. Margarita (afeminado. Papaíto (pederasta que mantiene a un joven.v.. college students. US. [PARTRIDGE. To engage in sex play. Daily Mail.. Sp. An affectionate term of direct address for any male who is understanding or sympathetic.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. A lesbian with a masculine role. sl. gay). GROSE defines dairy as follows: “A woman’s breasts. The penis. A pederast who keeps a catamite. E. E. tamb. Dama/Señora naturaleza (genitales masc. not adverse to dallying with pretty young things himself. III. argot rimado: Mail rima con tail). / Wife. 115).

‘illicit amours’. in HENKE. sl. Br. Sp. Other combinations using the ‘dancing’ imagery include to dance the two-fisted tango and to dance with Johnnie OneEye. ‘to lift one’s heels’. 113-116. Sp. Baile. 18th-19th c. sl. Tourneur. Sp. To copulate. To have anal intercourse. Leonato. in HENKE. Lev.. Br. bailado en parejas) (copular). 18th. that we may lighten our own hearts and our wives’ heels. Sp. Bailar. Used by C. 33). To dance the beginning of the world after the English manner.. 19th c. sl. To masturbate. dance the meat polka. Sp. sl. where there might be other sexual puns. 18th c. hearts suggesting arse. Sp. in The Atheist Tragedie. by use of the windward passage» ( EIC. Br. blanket hornpipe comes from blanket love. Bailar alrededor del mayo (masturbarse el hombre). To copulate. dance the goat’s jig/gig.for at that time we were ignorant that one man could dance the goat’s jig with another. or before. To copulate: «Then nothing but Dancing our Fancy could please. Bailar el baile de la manta (danza popular) (copular). Used by Shaks. dance a Haymarket hornpipe. Bailar el baile (copular). they dance it preposterously. E.. v.dance. 1979). dance the mattress quadrille.. Still current in some combinations. Sallenger’s Round was an indelicate ballad of c1600. Sp.. Bailar la danza del cojín (copular). Are you so active to dance? Seb. To copulate. 6). To copulate. Bailar la polka matrimonial (copular). To coit. in Much Ado. Bailar el cotillón del casado (copular). dance the Irish jig. Sp.. Bailar el ‘principio del mundo’ (copular). To copulate: «I down’d with my Breeches and off with my Whigg. Sp. . Br. See following entries. Sp. According to PARTRIDGE (1961). dance the matrimonial polka. dance round the maypole. See sheets. 66-67). To copulate. iv. / We lay on the Grass and Danc’d at our ease» ( Pills. Sp. dance. sl. And we fell a-Dancing the Irish Jigg» ( Pills. performed in couples.. «as they frequented the Haymarket.. Sp. Bailar el baile de Haymarket (área de Londres frecuentada por prostitutas en el siglo XVIII) (copular con una prostituta) . Austr. To copulate: «’`Tis some time since I danced the jig so pleasantly’» ( EIT. To copulate. and wives’ heels. and the following dialogue takes place « Seb. From the action of the male in coition. Why not after the French or the Italian? Seb. Sp. Let’s have a dance ere we are married. to lie down for intercourse: «Benedick. 17th-18th c. dance the chocolate cha cha. Bailar el baile irlandés (copular). Sp. dance the jig. Bailar el baile del colchón (copular). where Levidulcia asks Sebastian why he has come to her private chamber.. Bailar (un baile) entre las sábanas (copular). To copulate. dance the married man’s cottillion . to do the chocolate cha cha. danzar (copular). To copulate. V. dance the beginning of the world. danza (coito) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Bailar el baile de la cabra (copular). an area of London». 18th c. To copulate. dance a blanket hornpipe. Sp. dance the mattress jig. 19th c. Quadrille was a dance of French origin. Sp. Said of males. sl.. sl. 18th c. I can shake my heels». 19 th c.: «. Bailar el baile del colchón ( Quadrille era un baile de origen fr.. To copulate. 19th c. E.) (copular). Bailar el baile del trasero (copular). To copulate. We’ll have dancing afterward». Also. dance Sallenger’s/Sallinger’s Round. Sp. Sp. Br.19th c. dance a dance between a pair of sheets . dance the buttock jig. E.). E. Sp. backward. Br. 1979). to. To copulate. Bailar la polka de la carne (copular). Lev. Lexicon Balatronicum. E. Copulation. 17 th c. Bailar el baile de Sallenger (balada popular indecorosa de 1600 aprox. E. 1611 (II. Fie. Sp. To copulate with a whore. Bailar el chachachá del chocolate (realizar coito anal) dance the cushion dance. Bailar en el colchón (copular). dance on the mattress.

19 th c. The testicles.) . A variant of the flag is up given by F & H. Sp. To masturbate (usually of a man). sl. E. dance the reel o’stumpie. Pasta danesa (transexual. a homosexual. dance with your arse to the kipples. the.37 To copulate. The flaccid penis. Danish pastry. US. gay). . Br. tamb. dangler. From the French for ‘dart’. Scots. Bailar con el culo mirando al techo (copular). as US. in BURFORD.). Sp. dard. Sp. Sp. abbrev.” Sp. dance the reel o’bogie. dance to the tune of the shaking of the sheets . Bailar con Johnnie el tuerto (masturbarse el hombre) dance with oneself. go to Denmark).. 18th-20th c. ‘Colgajo’ (pene en estado flácido. Sp. or onomatopoeic (see ding-a-ling and dong). An effeminate male. To copulate. Sp. Dardo (pene. E. Transsexual. E. Bailar el baile del coco (copular). Sp. See dang. See go to Denmark. From the standard meaning ‘a man greatly concerned about dressing smartly and fashionably’. is occ. in a dangle parade (prick parade in Br. esp. Que le cuelga (exhibicionista).. Sp. Sp. Scots. frec.. E. The anus..v. prick parade). dangle parade. danger-signal is up. sl. To masturbate. Sp. Bailar con uno mismo (masturbarse. Sp. dang. danse du ventre. Señal de peligro (compresa). dance with your arse to the ceiling . danger signal. Occ. Bailar dando el culo a la pareja (copular). 38 Scot.). Bailar el baile del muñón (copular). Sp.v. Dandi. Academia de baile (burdel). var. Homosexual sl. with its tantalizing motions» (DOV. a1601. Desfile de colgajos (inspección de los genitales masc . See dart1. 18th-20th c. Sp. q. el hombre) (jerga gay). Bailar con los talones (copular la mujer. ‘Because I.v. To copulate. en el ejército estadounidense para detectar síntomas de enfermedad venérea) (v . Sp. dangly bits. sl. Dangler. Br. Said of males. dandy. petimetre (afeminado. to dancing: «’As how? My Tomalyn’. gay jargon.38 To copulate. Sp. dancing school. Obs. Shortened from dangle (q. and dial. Obs. Austr. To masturbate. golpendo la cama con los talones durante el coito). heard for a male exhibitionist. Bailar el tango de los dos puños (masturbarse el hombre) dance with Johnnie One-Eye. Sp.. 180). A male exhibitionist. 53). E. dance with one’s heels. Sp. Colgantes (genitales masc. Army sl. q.v. Sp. Br. should abide? If that be it that breeds thy discontent We will remove the camp. 37 Dance.dance the miller’s reel. 19th c. Está puesta la señal de peligro (tengo la regla. q. To copulate. Sp. Sp. danglers. Avenida marrón oscuro (ano). ‘Colgajos’ (testículos). Br.). del fr. 17 th-18th c. The penis. at hanger). To copulate. q. Popularized by Billy Idol in 1981 with the song “Dancing with Myself. (Of the woman) to beat the bed with her heels during the rhythmic motion of the sexual act. Sp. dark-brown alley. o sonido onomatopéyico de campana). A menstrual cloth. in this Dancing. sl. Obs.: «. for belly-dance. ‘to dance the dance of the goblin’. an inspection of the genitals for signs of venereal disease. dance the two-fisted tango. Bailar al son del agitar de las sábanas (copular). Bailar la danza del molinero (copular).. by Thomas Nashe.as he performed a male danse du ventre. Sp.). Said of males. couples. dangle.v. de the flag is up. The male genitals.. The penis. F. 18 th-20th c. v. Danza del vientre (del fr. 17th c. sl. Sp. v. sl. Scots.. incontinent’» ( The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. A brothel. Pene (forma truncada de dangle. dangle. blushing she replied. Freq..). en dangle parade.

To masturbate. Tener una cita con Madre Palma y sus cinco hijas (masturbarse el hombre) . orig. An appointment. Sp. Used in the 18th c. Also. the. M. esp. 1925. “A prostitute. 39 A borough in Delaware county.A. OED.. Sp. Br. From the older meaning ‘the time at which something takes place’ (OED. Violación por alguien conocido (al que la víctima ha dado cita). He fucked so quick That he fired his prick With friction in her dark hole» («The Pious Parson». dasher. date.g. a dissipated or immoral one. To masturbate. (letter) given or delivered (and so. used the dribbling dart of love. Br. Entrar de golpe (penetrar sexualmente). English coastal fishermen’s. Said of males. Sp. «A married man who keeps a mistress. Tener una cita con Madre Pulgar y sus cinco hijas (masturbarse el hombre) . e. for fear of discovery » (GROSE). from Latin data. Cita amorosa o persona con la que se tiene dicha cita. a. and chiefly US. 40 A student of the second year in American universities and colleges. at thingies). in BURFORD. regarded solely as a sex partner. Individuo que se mueve en la oscuridad (hombre casado que visita a la querida de noche). dark hole. Cf. Abrev. From the fruit. de ‘aflicciones domésticas’ (la regla). Also. Agujero oscuro (genitales fem. Said of males. underworld. dart1. attributed to Robert Burns. Br. as a euph. dash one’s doodle. 19 th c. . Mujer de vida disipada o inmoral (usado en el siglo XVIII como ‘prostituta de aspecto o comportamiento llamativos’). Shaks. El cuarto oscuro (ano) (jerga gay). “The menstrual flux. US. by Captain Morris. ‘to give‘. Data Romae. Tener una cita con Palma Rosada y sus cinco hermanas (masturbarse el hombre). dash in. Agitar el garabato (masturbarse el hombre). SE Pennsylvania. past participle fem. Dardo (prostituta) D. sl. Sp. To penetrate sexually: «. Mostly in the South. M. written) at Rome: «A distinguished professor from Swarthmore39 Had a date with a sexy young sophomore. still occ. in the expressions dart of love. Sp. E. in BURFORD. sl. Sp. date rape. date Mother Palm and her five daughters. Austr. Adentrarse en el canal (copular). Sp. found.M. Used by Skelton” [PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. To masturbate. Sp. A fast young woman. Sp. dark meat. Dardo (del amor/de Venus) (pene). date2. US. Said of males.M. Sp.F.. The penis..C. a1750. daub of the brush.40 As quick as a glance He stripped off his pants. But he found that the sophomore’d got off more» (Limerick).. OED.’s. light meat. Sp. With cunt as black as charcoal. Carne roja (lit ‘oscura’) (sexo con una mujer de color) . sl. An act of coition. date1. lovedart and dart of Venus. a woman. Dátil (ano) . 1876-1958. usu. Sp. with a person of the opposite sex. The female genitals (see also hole): «He once swived Oyster Nelly. Rape committed by someone the victim has dated. used in dating letters. date Rosie Palm and her five sisters . dark room. gay jargon..dark cully.. (Of a male) to masturbate. (An abbreviation of domestic afflictions)” (F & H). 18 th c.). E. E. of dare. Sp.v. from O. q. anal intercourse. The anus. the English Channel being implied. the person with whom one has made a date (see quot. Sp. Brochazo (coito vaginal o anal). 1790-1887. Coition. date Mother Thumb and her five daughters . Sp. A coloured person. dart2. whom he visits only at night. The anus.C. dash up the channel.. Sp. 1786.. c13301893). literary euph. Sp. 278). 291). esp. Sp. for a prostitute of dashing looks or actions.bowel-deep he dashed in Till her Cunt frothed like cream in a dairy» («The Plenipotentiary». OED.

Frequent in classic bawdy verse. decease.. a prostitute (see quot. Conejo muerto (pene en estado flácido). Carne congelada o poco fresca (prostituta). dead-meat/frozen-meat. deck. Sp. dead shot. OED. A house of debauchery has been used as a euph. OED. Debut/estreno (1ª experiencia ‘gay’). Tiro certero (coito). 1974). de the dearest bodily part. a una mujer). Muerte (orgasmo). Gusano muerto (pene en estado flácido). One who performs anal intercourse. debutante. See wet deck. US. Used by Robert Burns. (Of a man) to masturbate.v. “A prostitute. Sp.» (EIC. Sp. gay jargon. The anus. Sp. From debauch + –ery. esp. Sp. occ. Hija de Eva (prostituta). los fem. for brothel. death in the saddle. The female pudenda. dead-end street.daughter. Hija (joven homosexual. The peak of sexual pleasure likened to death: «Seeing. esp. A low prostitute. Sp. A young homosexual male. Sp. Nautical imagery. deck. The penis. late C 1920” (PARTRIDGE. on my countenance the signal of my imminent decease. a1661-1882. Poner cubierta/cubrir (término marinero) (copular. to seduce ( a woman) from chastity.v.: «O. dead rabbit. Muerte (orgasmo)... La parte más querida del cuerpo (genitales. A flaccid penis. tamb. Hijas del juego amoroso (prostitutas) (usado por Shaks. daughters of the game. but is more often used to imply that the woman is frigid. Pet name for the penis or the vagina. Death during intercourse. los fem. Br. sin roldana y con dos o tres agujeros.) death. . “From the nickname for a superlative marksman + puns on roundeye + dick)” (J. See quot. Callejón sin salida (genitales fem.. sl. To pervert. these encounterers [. debauchery. dead worm. Also. An orgasm. Muerte en la silla de montar (muerte durante el coito). dealer. A pimp. E.. 1998). A prostitute. Still current in the 19th c. deadeye. por donde pasan los acolladores’) (ano). See part(s). con implicación de frigidez por parte de la mujer). q. euf. Sp. Show business imagery. Also. US. Used by Shaks. Br. Perhaps punning on a nautical term (a round laterally flattened wooden block. Libertino (del fr. one introduced into homosexual circles by a mother (q. From French débaucher. A variant of the dearest bodily part. To coit with a woman. Also applied to a sexual orgy. Sp. and US. Belladona (prostituta vulgar). 14). Black sl. IV. a non-prostitute. Sp. q. dearest morsel. A gay novice. According to HEALEY. 17th c. Sp. debug the hard drive. 58-63). según HEALEY. the female’s. Sp. Sp. Limpiar de virus el disco duro (masturbarse el hombre). Libertinaje. at injection.. dearest bodily part. From the meaning ‘a young upper class girl who is introduced to society’. past part. GREEN.. as opposed to fresh meat. The genitals. 1711-1843. The peak of sexual pleasure likened to death. From French débauché. Sp. menos frec. One who is addicted to vicious indulgence in sensual pleasures. OED. A flaccid penis. Cubierta (término marinero) (pene o vagina. Sp. First gay experience. la prostituta misma). Sp. prostitutes. it does not necessarily mean a cul-de-sac. E.. var. Sp. Nautical imagery. given by F & H. debauch. Wanton women. Sp.). introducido en los círculos gays por una ‘madre’ – líder del grupo) (jerga gay) . daughter of Eve.. Negociante (chulo de prostituta o. Polla certera (follador de culos) (jerga gay). Sp. Sp. Jovencita debutante en sociedad (gay principiante) (jerga gay). Sp. An act of copulation. Gay jargon. debut. v. spec. to entice away from the service of one’s master. 19th c.. wet deck). Vigota (término náutico para designar ‘una especie de motón chato y redondo. to. sl. An orgasm. no doubt. of débaucher (see debauch). Sp. Sp. used for extending the stays).). deadly nightshade. Vicious indulgence in sensual pleasures. pierced with three holes. v.. to seduce from duty. 1642-1841. dicho del hombre).] daughters of the game» ( T & C. usado por el poeta escocés Robert Burns). OED. at lady of the town). Pervertir (esp.). Gay jargon. dead-eye dick. Sp. El miembro más querido (pene. sl.v. Sp. usu. esp. Sp..). debauchee.. El bocado más apreciado (genitales. 1603-1879. a dysph. Can. for coital death. dearest member.

The female genitals. Homosexual.: «To most girls the actual deflowering is one of the most significant events of their young lives» (THH. deflower a girl. Acto de placer (coito). and his whole body becoming rigid with pleasure. 103). as obs. iii. Sp. The vagina: «The transported youth devour’d everything with his eyes. q. Feed where thou wilt. Mancillar (violar a una mujer) (frec. Sp. deflower. desflorer. but only once before had he deflowered a virgin» ( FU. ‘to deprive of its flowers’. 114-115).after a few moments his clenching his thighs together. en la Biblia y en Shaks. A borrowing from the F.) (Shaks. c1290-1596. Fellatio and to perform fellatio. beso francés). Copulation. Stray lower. Ensuciar. From O. q. with exquisite relish. in Venus (231-234) as a euph.. from dé. too: «He knows himself my bed he hath defil’d» ( All’s Well.v. Also applied to a woman wearing such a garment (décolletée). perversion). and perhaps for ‘penis’: «I’ll be park. 293). Used by Shaks. Escote (del fr. To pollute or violate a woman. Used by Shaks. Lex. ‘querido’.. deep kiss. Sp.). E. as obs. Sp. Defensa (genitales fem. Defloration. 227).). with his fingers.. Sp. defoul. (Usu. defouler. Sp. q. dicho de la mujer) (dicho tamb. and if those hills be dry. but her partner cannot be considerate of her likes and dislikes unless he knows what she wants and doesn’t want to do» (Hustler). Sp. sl. Desflorar/desvirgar. «Deep throat.. 19th c... Defloration.). c1400-1883. Glotón delicado (genitales fem. To deprive (a woman) of her virginity.v. de un gay). Descongelar el congelador (masturbarse la mujer).. taking in the whole length of the male member. the morsel that so deliciously engorged it» (FH. The action of the verb to deflower. To defile. denoting removal + collet. Sp. Ciervo (amante o pene) (juego de palabras con dear. yet is weak» (All’s Well. To undo an erection. of a woman) to refuse to copulate outside marriage. signalled his defeat. defile. Sp. 1848. OED. Used by Shaks.. Sp. OED. Sp. sl. I’ll even swallow your balls!» (Barely Legal classifieds). Profundidad (vagina). prince of the country. Desfloramiento. saw her. An orgasm: «. Sp. Degenerado (homosexual. and our virginity. Sp. ‘to trample underfoot’. 96). from Latin deflorare. collar of a dress. deep throat. Lex. though valiant in the defence.. Sp. Beso profundo (beso dándose la lengua. . deep. and lay with her.: «.v. for a male lover. used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible (Genesis. deed of pleasure. ‘to ravish’. deflowering. defrost the freezer. Garganta profunda (felación/hacer una felación).so she took all of me into her mouth and deep-throated me» ( Pent). defloration. gen . OED. defend one’s virtue. 34: 2): «And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite. kept palating. lo usó en el sentido de resistencia de la mujer a ser seducida). 1332-1775. mancillar (desvirgar)..v. OED. as full as it could hold. on mountain or in dale: Graze on my lips. Derrota (orgasmo). degenerate. Br. Also some homosexual use.» (EAP.: «There is no one method for the proper deflowerment of a virgin. Desfloración. Descornar (copular tras largo periodo de abstinencia). From O. defeat. See perversion.décolleté. A euph. To do the sex act after long abstinence. to lay more open to his sight the secrets of that dark and delicious deep» ( FH. dehorn. where the pleasant fountains lie». US. Sp. Defender la virtud (rehusar copular fuera del matrimonio. A low-neck dress revealing a woman’s cleavage and often her shoulders as well. and thou shalt be my deer. US. Sp. Sp. Another term for French kiss. Desfloración. v. Sp. usado por Shaks. sl. ‘to abuse’. and defiled her». (Of a woman) to masturbate. OED. Still fully current: «He had relations with a variety of girls. (to). The female genitals: «. and try’d. a1400-1769.whilst that delicate glutton.F.F. i. deer. q... he took her. en ocasiones. deflowerment.. delicate glutton.). my nethermouth. Sp. 22). I. defence. in the sense of a woman’s resistance against seduction: «But he assails. 168). V.

OED. abbrev. Sp.» ( R. 92). The female pudenda. desperado. War imagery. demi-mondaine. a word invented by Dumas the younger (1824-1895). A woman of the demi-monde. Sometimes used as a euph. Punning on bank. “Rogues’ Cant for a young girl (of the vagrant class). Joven vagabunda (prostituta)..).until she cried to be delivered he did not stop ploughing her» (LB. of reputation. Be sexually satisfied: «. The buttocks (from the French. From demi=half + rep. 127). Also deviate. Homosexual.)... deviant2.: «‘Lucrece’ quoth he.she gave herself up almost entirely to the delights of the flesh» (EAP.. del español Dolores) (apelativo cariñoso dado por un hombre a los genitales de su pareja de dicho nombre) (recogido en MOQ. ‘this night I must enjoy thee. occ. hijo) (prostituta de moda). OED.. Austr. demi-vierge. 1908-1953. deposit. q. for a fashionable prostitute. X. An unrestrained gay male. Sp. sl. college sl. Sp. 512-514). Desesperado (del castellano antiguo) (hambriento de sexo) . derrick. demi-rep. Destruir a una mujer (violarla) (usado por Shaks.. Sp. Dalilah). From the meaning ‘a wild animal’s lair’. Delirio (orgasmo). The term has been ironically applied to prostitutes. irónicamente de una prostituta). Postre (genitales fem. tamb.). Used by Shaks. 17-20). be. used. or from an old term for ‘ravine’. sl.: «I conjure thee by Rosaline’s bright eyes [. Estar servido. delivered. desire. Sp. straight leg. a cocotte. den. Arch. OED.delights of the flesh. hombre o mujer).. Sp.v. the soft white melons of her derrière wiggling provocatively. 1894-1969. 1774-1935: « She took off immediately. demesnes. ‘behind’). 172). dessert. If thou deny. To ejaculate. Sexual appetite. De reputación dudosa (prostituta). Sp. dell. i. E. 16th-17th c. Trasero (del fr. man or woman. Copulation and sex in general: «. but retains her virginity. then force must work my way. Demi-virgin is also occ. Sp. for a prostitute. Sp. 1988-89). Guarida o barranco (vagina). used as a euph.. Someone.-a (homosexual.) (usado por Shaks. for the class of women of doubtful reputation and social standing. a prostitute. c1340-1887. Sp. An orgasm.. delirium. Delores. lust. who enquired whether we would dock with her» ( EIC. derrière. Sp. who is desperate for sex. To rape her. A (young) woman who engages in promiscuous sexual activity. US. sl. 55). Depositar (eyacular).Sp. & J. pero que conserva su virgo intacto) (dicho tamb .-a (quedar sexualmente satisfecho. (literally. destroyer. Possibly from Spanish Dolores. lit. half-world).] By her fine foot. Can. destroy (a woman). 1749-1887. and quivering thigh. Sp. Dalila (gay insaciable) (jerga gay) (v. Sp.» (CP. Semi-mundana (palabra inventada por el escritor fr. And the demesnes that there adjacent lie. encuesta realizada por R . Sp. From the French for half-virgin. A wench. Used by Shaks. Destructor (pene). 1567-1834: «We were not two yards inside Buss Street when we were approached by a cockish dell. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. Desviado. Sp. A woman of doubtful reputation. Casa solariega (genitales fem.. . q. Grúa (pene). The penis.. Prostitute. Deleites de la carne (coito o sexo en general) . Sp. Semi-virgen (del fr. The female genitals. deviant1.).. Gay jargon. In MOQ. Sp.) (mujer promiscua. For in thy bed I purpose to destroy thee’» ( Lucrece. OED. The penis. Br. II. Nombre de mujer (pos. Pet name for the female genitals. Delilah. upon the outskirts of society. The vagina. Sp.-a) . Sp. usually a male..” OED. OED. Sp. Deseo (sexual). Desviada (prostituta) . Dumas.v.

leaning forward for a close view of my dibble. The female genitals: «. sl. The penis. as is the case with many other terms meaning ‘penis’: to pole.: «. Sp. Deflower. The penis: «. at pearl1. de dickory dock (opciones propuestas por MCDONALD). for the testicles. diadem. See clock. See also tool. 145). etc. deviate. See quot. argot rimado por prick..’ ‘Yes’.. From the gardening tool. for prick..v.. Apretón de manos del diablo (masturbación masc. ‘to deprive of virginity’. Semen. Homosexual. Sp. E.. Diadema (genitales fem. Diablo (pene. dispositivo (pene). says her mother. See put the devil into hell. 104). Sp. famoso verdugo en tiempos de Isabel I. Mecanismo. Bebida de la polla (semen) (jerga gay). Now obs. A contraceptive device. Sp. sl. you’ll get plenty of it’».).). 56). Br. que ha dejado su nombre a ‘grúa de barco’ (alternativa sugerida por HEALEY)]. According to MCDONALD. ‘a nickname for diamonds’.: «. coarse sl. Sp. at leaping-house. diamond.v. paedophilia. devil’s handshake.. dim. Sp.the other girls were stirred by the sight. to. On the analogy of rocks. as obs.. There are many vars. The penis.: ☺« ‘Mama. taking charge of the dicking» ( FU. Male masturbation. Lex. on top. 215). Devorar (copular. esp. ‘to enclose. from cane. o contracción de Derrick. Sp. Almocafre. to shaft. esp. Sp. term for sexual activities which are considered abnormal by many people: incest. Corta-diamantes (erección. Diamantes (testículos). plantar con almocafre (pene y copular) . Also deviant. A derog. from Greek dia + phragma. the famous hangman of the days of the first Elizabeth who was so skillful at turning them off that his name became generally adopted for a lifting device». voyeurism. perversion). q. ‘you’ll get one later.» ( Men Only). Polla [de origen incierto: dim. Originally Scots. US. anal intercourse.he slipped the breeches revealing a standing device as stalwart as I had imagined» (EIC. dibble.. The penis. transvestism (all q. US. See perversion. US..she said [..I’d been on the boat for about twenty-five days and my dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic» ( Pent). de Richard (etimología dada por el OED. from pole. dial. devil. except for oral sex: to devour a prick. The penis. covering the neck of the womb. 1583-1680. Nombre de varón. dick.v. From Latin diaphragma.. See quot.a contraction of Derrick. She points to his penis and says: ‘Mama. From the hardness. Sp.. Desvirgar. to log. Sp. Sp. Sp. from tool. to tool. de dick. OED. device. en put the devil into hell.-a (homosexual. (1891-1969). Esfera (vulva) (usado alusivamente por Shaks... From Latin devirginare. . See also jewel. sadism. commonly used as a euph. diaper. Pañal (compresa).). says her father. q. Diamante (pene) (raro). 79). The vulva. and US.: «. The testicles. to cane. devour. Sp. from shaft. Sp. man or woman.» (EGT. Used by Shaks.). zoophilia. dick). dick. diaphragm. possibly rhyming sl. Not common. Sp. (Rationale I. por la dureza). The penis. Sp. and gives a somewhat curious alternative: «. See also cap. Introducir el pene. hombre o mujer. when I get big will I get a dickey like Willie’s got?’ Mother: ‘When you get big. honey. from dick. or a shortened form of dickory dock (q.. OED. Now one of the commonest terms for the male sexual organ. v. diamond cutter.. Sp. synonymous with eat. simply because that’s what my mother used.) devirginate. 56).v.v. de Richard (pene). An erection of the penis. dickey/dicky/dickie.] she liked for a man to be a man. Sp. HEALY suggests the same origin. from log. (to).).my trembling thighs with their furry little diadem were exposed to his avid gaze» (CN. diamonds... dick drink. 19 th c. o forma abrev. meter la polla (v..). I want one of those!’ ‘If you’re a good little girl’. To have sexual intercourse. It derives from the corresponding noun (see next entry).). Desviado. The penis and to copulate. sl. usado hoy exclusivamente para sexo oral ) . gay jargon. in the USA. etc. Conducta sexual desviada. ‘and if you’re a bad little girl you’ll get lots of them’» (Rationale I. Sp.: ☺«A little girl is being bathed with her little brother. masochism. To coit with a woman. exhibitionism. See at sanitary towel. q. 1933: «I started off with a diaphragm. Diafragma (dispositivo anti-conceptivo). to fence in’. Sp.. etc. Pene (dim. The OED explains it as a diminutive of Richard.deviant sexual behaviour. Dick/Dicky.

Pechos de mujer (var. as US. “A male prostitute who takes only active roles with his clients. de didder.: «’. entre las tetas) didds. diddyride. as sl. for the female genitals. “A prostitute. Sp... diddly-pout. Lex. among schoolboys. or dial. (formación caprichosa a partir de dickey. Nombre propio de varón (personificación del pene. Pajarito (malo) (prostituta). ‘I must. diddies. Sp. When asked how it feels To be pleasured by eels. OED. meaning a swelling (of the lips). de diddies. ‘to tremble. A var. She said. A male homosexual. en jerga escolar). French fuck and tit-fuck/titty-fuck. ‘introducir el dedo en la vulva).v. A woman’s breasts or nipples. Cabalgar sobre las tetas (masturbación masc.). Attested as Canadian. sl. E. to).. 1998).. Often shortened to didds. a var. Acariciarse (masturbarse).v. To copulate (with a woman). ( diddies = female breasts). dicky-licker. con juego de palabras con dick. GREEN.. Labios hinchados acariciadores (genitales fem. Pene o. To have an orgasm (OED. q. or something strange?’ » (EIT. to. From dicky = penis (see dickey). Genitales fem. (Of a male) masturbation between a woman’s breasts. dickory dock. See also Dutch fuck. of didder. 1879-1940: «There was a young man with a fiddle Who asked of his girl. 1599-1974). The female genitals. punning on diddle and ‘pout’. (now chiefly US. Dicky Jones. q. The penis. CHAPMAN gives also ‘to insert a finger into a woman’s vulva’. E. To masturbate. diddle. var.’ » (Even More Rugby Jokes. to. I must increase my bust. occ. The penis.. Prob. OED. Sp. Forma truncada de diddies.’ A man coming towards her stopped and asked. Why?’ ‘So do I. Sp.v. Vendedor de polla (prostituto que sólo acepta el rol activo) . q.). 1788-1961. OED. Used by Shaks. only it means a quick diddle and he doesn’t want to diddle her any more» (TCp. Lame-penes (gay). sl.. dick/prick peddler. See diddle. generally naughty dicky-bird” (F & H). Shortened from diddies. I do. q. ‘Just like a man. Diddly-pout was used in the 19th c. Pechos de mujer. die. Interpretación obscena de la rima infantil (dock se hace rimar con cock en lugar de con clock). Colloq. as a euph. and very frequent elsewhere in the erotic literature of all times: «’Oh – I can’t bear it – I shall die! I vow I’ll never see you more! . q. sl. (to). 103).. Lamer el pene/mamada.). In the 19th c. Sp. Diddle down is Can. Sp.. 19 th-20th c. Also. 1960: «There was a young girl of Batonger.v. Sp. rhyming sl. The female genitals. Br. for ‘copulate’.v. An act of copulation: «That’s easy enough.v. to shake’. and in the 20th c. only longer’» (Limerick). The penis. Caricia (coito).dickey-dido/ dicky-dido. as sl. (esp. ‘Yes. Acariciar (según el OED. also rhyming sl. Sp. or dial. Sp.” (J. for ‘clock’ (said by mothers to their children at bed-time). (To perform) fellatio. a screw up. diddle1. An alteration by means of an alliteration of titties. v. Sp. a throw in my diddeys.).. Sp. pechos de mujer o pezones. Lex. (see die in a woman’s lap). Sp. diddeys. spelling of diddies. Sp.. diddle oneself. dicky-bird/dickey-bird. Hickory dickory dock. ‘Do you go to Dr Jones?’ ‘Yes. esp. prob. ‘Do you diddle?’ She replied. genitales fem. sl. I must. 96). menos frec. Used to diddle herself with a conger. q. 33). But I prefer to with twoIt’s twice as much fun in the middle’» (Limerick). Sp. The female breasts. diddle. pezones (aliteración de titties).what’s your fancy? A simple buttock-ball. ‘temblar’) (copular con una mujer) (Según Chapman.. diddle2. A woman’s breasts or nipples. Sp. Br. dick-lick/dicklick. the female genitals. for cock: ☺«A woman was walking along the street chanting to herself. Sp.

v... To use a dildo.. E. Sp. Sp Diferente (homosexual) (esp. at rig a ship.. Morir en el regazo de una mujer (orgasmar) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. differential. as obs. dyke/dike1). See dyke/dike2. Sp. See truck-driver. Word of obscure origin. dike1. c1386. Lex. ‘to dictate’. die in thy lap. pequeñas partículas de excremento adheridas a los pelos alrededor del ano ). A male homosexual. Also to fail in the furrow. To coit with a woman. Copular (del inglés antiguo dichtan. Morir (orgasmar). See dyke/dike1. OED. die away.. diletto. Sp. A lesbian. Euph. And their clientèle came back again» (Limerick). dyke/dike1). Sp.. From dilberries. 95). perhaps from It. dike2. Momento de la muerte (orgasmo). dicho del hombre).» (Playbirds). From Latin digit. Usar un consolador. 43). 88-89). 18 th c.. Sp. ‘delight’. Como un camionero de camión diesel (lesbiana muy masculina). different. Used by Shaks. to become impotent while copulating. Mata de vello púbico (de dilberries. for ‘penis’ and ‘artificial penis’. dig a mine.). in HURFORD. sl. Diferencial (trasero). dyke/dike2).. Esp. From Old English dihtan. used by Chaucer: «I swoor that al my walking out by nighte Was for to espye wenches that he dighte 41» (The Wife of Bath’s Prologue. Sp. who often gave ‘a woman’s lap’ erotic connotations: «I will live in thy heart. sexually: «I don’t think that anyone had ever dildoed me quite like that. Sp. Manosear(se) (del latín digit) (masturbarse la mujer o masturbarla). punning on truck drivers who drive diesel engine trucks. To have an orgasm: «. died away in my arms. US. Orgasm: «.But – are you sure you’ve shut the door?’» (Anonymous. sighs heart-fetched [.. US. ii. pegar un ‘gatillazo’).) being the vagina. Sp. 403-404). melting in a flood that shot in genial warmth into the innermost recesses of my body» (FH.v. sl. adaptado del latín dictare.but soon broken murmurs. Till they got some fairies With pretty dilberries. 19).. Br.. Lex. to masturbate a woman. dilberry bush. The female genitals. Lesbiana (v.. ‘finger’. diesel dike. Sp. Sp. sl. To have an orgasm.] all shewed that the die-away moment was come upon him» (FH. sl. dikey. . overpower’d with the ecstasy.. Sp. digitate. Can. dildo. A lesbian. He bendeth not nor foldeth any deal But stands as stiff as he were made of Steel. argot canadiense). The buttocks. V. the furrow (q.v. Sp. And plays at Peacock twixt my Legs right blithe And doth my tickling ‘ssuage with many a Sigh 41 «I swore that all my walking out at night/ Was just to keep his wenching well in sight». E. ‘a masturbatory device’. 18th c. dight. Also. Sp. Named after the rear axle gearbox of a vehicle. slang for ‘small pieces of excrement adhering to the hairs near the fundament’ (see dingleberries1): «A whorehouse at 9 rue de Rennes Had trouble in luring in men. OED. die-away moment. See dyke/dike1. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Dique (genitales fem. Morir en el surco (copular sin eyacular. and be buried in thy eyes» ( Much Ado. dildo. Frequently found in English classic bawdy verse in the sense of ‘an artificial phallus’. A very masculine lesbian.. ‘dictar’) (usado por Chaucer). to. Lesbiana (v. To have sexual intercourse with. which is its current meaning nowadays: «’My little Dildo shall supply your kind A Youth that is as light as leaves in the wing. Sp. See quot. Br. die in a woman’s lap. Morir (orgasmar). The pubic hair. Excavar en una mina (copular. sl. q. die in the furrow. adaptation of Latin dictare. To copulate without ejaculating.. c1593-1965.and the sweet youth. 19th c. Sp.

. Br. 124). I like you. Sp. Also a term of abuse: a simpleton. juvenile and colloq. ding-dongs.). freq. Olla para el pepino (vagina. Sp. for ‘testicles’. so without bawdry. Culo o ano de ding. see bouncy-bouncy. sl. Sp. de dill. dine at the Y. Sp. ding/dinger. See also dong. See eat at the Y. un italiano o un griego). Still occ. Shaks. for ‘penis’. To practise cunnilingus. Onomatopeya de tintineos de campana (testículos). which is strange.: pot rima con twat. See quot. a derog. Austr. at faloral faldiddle faloorum. 193-196). iv. The vagina.. Sp.. gay jargon for a gay male who is attracted to black gays. Penis.. IV. de etimología desconocida) (jerga gay). From Piccadilly Circus.”» (Rationale II.And when I will.). gay jargon. Saying: ‘Only the simple are pure’» (Limerick). Sp. and ding-dongs. sl. An imaginary posture for love-making. OED. dillypot.The end of his dillie/Was shaped like a lily.. 1972. an It. I exposed my ding-dong. Cosa (prob. Sp. dill.. E.). v. a1601. Reina de negros (gay atraido por los negros... you won’t have to pay anything. US. frec. with the same imagery. sl. From dinge. see bouncy-bouncy.: «. q.) (postura sexual imaginaria). Pepinillo (pene. Nombre inventado para ‘pene’. usado tamb.v. v. rhyming sl. diligence de Lyon. Br. Proyectil (pene). Humorous: used in shaggy-dog stories. For other reduplications. with such delicate burdens of dildos and fadings. esp. found in rugby songs.. he doth refresh me well And never makes my tender Belly swell. dimple. dinge. a contraction of dingus. A male Negro homosexual. Sp. Pepino (pene. dinge queen. Sp. Echoic of a bell sound: «Once again. as a derogatory term for a foreigner. of unknown origin. The penis. homosexual jargon. 19th c. too: «He has the prettiest love-songs for maids. E. forma truncada de dingus. ding-dong. dinge) (jerga gay). US. dilly boy. jokes. ‘blackish’. Gay negro (usado pey) (de dingy. dillie/dilly. q. Very popular in Austr. term for a Negro (OED. Echoic of a bell sound. in BURFORD. eat at the Y) ding. Sp. (hacer un cunilinguo. en rugby songs (canciones cantadas en el vestuario por los jugadores de rugby tras un partido). Sonido onomatopéyico de campana (pene). See dinge. Ding-dong. 58). after a long quest.v.. by Thomas Nashe. La diligencia de Lyon (del fr. ‘deleite’) (usado por Shaks. Cenar en la Y. Sp. Sp. The female genitals. Echoic of a bell sound. ding-a-ling.. A young male homosexual. q. . The penis. dingbat. whose punch line is that.”look. Austr. Prob. used it in this sense.’» ( The Winter’s Tale. the anus. por ‘extranjero’. US. and we’ll do the diligence de Lyon!. a place for homosexual cruising (see cruise) in London. The testicles. Hoyuelo (genitales fem. ding doorum.).’». for the taboo of sex.. = twat. or a Greek. Sp. Sp. q.v. 1848-1969). The penis. Come on. ‘negruzco’. See also sleeve job. The penis. Consolador o pene (del italiano diletto.. » (Hustler). argot austr. The penis. Sp.v. found: «There was a young lady named Muir Perversion she would not endure But opened her dimple For sex pure and simple. con el significado de consolador). 42 Refrains of popular songs. 42 ‘jump her and thump her.) (pene).» (Fragment of limerick).. Onomatopeya de tintineo de campana (pene). the male character never finds out what the posture really consists in: «A young businessman.(«The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo».v. argot rimado austr. For other reduplications. como insulto: tonto/simplón). The backside.. is US. Sp. Muchacho de Piccadilly (lugar de ligue gay) (joven gay). One of the many fanciful formations used as euphs. q. Ding is used in Austr. esp. dim. Diminutive of dill. Sp. The penis.is accosted in the streets of Rouen late at night by a prostitute. etc. from dingy.

sl. mojar. Restos de excremento adheridos a los pelos alrededor del ano (alteración de dilberries. Sp.v. v. Rampa de la basura (vagina). of dingus. Cena (genitales fem. see bouncy-bouncy. Diplomático (pene) (raro). Sp. US. q. dirt chute/dirt-chute2. US. OED (AS).v. (orig. The penis. sl. is also current US. The vagina... dinosaur. dipstick/dip-stick. Varilla para medir el nivel de aceite (pene). Sp. US.) (pene). sl. found: «There was a young lady of France Who went to the Palace to dance. The penis. Sp. To copulate with a woman. Tabby was the girl for me» ( EIC. dinghy. sl. dinners. dingleberries2. as sl. E. Cecil = ‘penis’. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). See flong one’s dong. From the earlier US. Standard English for ‘gadget’. OED. sl. Sp. dirt box1. The breasts. The madam of a brothel. how about checking our dipsticks. dink. It has been used as a euph. sl.: «. Sp. Sp. From the Dutch ding. Sp.. borrowed from engineering. Mojar a Cecil en la grasa picante (introducir el pene en la vagina) . Sp. And now she can’t button her pants» (Limerick). directress. The breasts. Sp. dinner. 18 th c. Acción de mojar en el cacharro del dulce de azúcar (coito anal). dip it. dinkie. The penis. 18th-19th c. Sp.. dirt box2. dilberry bush). She danced with a Turk Till he got in his dirk. mojar. The anus. Bote neumático (pene).. dinky one’s slinky.). The female genitals. Sp. for ‘fellate’. préstamo del lenguaje técnico) (vagina). The penis. (Of males) to masturbate.’» (Cheri). Cosa (del holandés ding) (pene o coito). var. US. q. Car imagery. According to MCDONALD. Still occ.). Caja sucia (según MCDONALD. From Scots. For other reduplications. Sp. Sp. ‘Colgajo’ (pene. OED (AS). The dim. See wick. a var. The anus. Sp.. US. it would be a corruption of dilberries (see dilberry bush). 152). US. Dinosaurio (pene).v. Sp. Dried faecal matter attached to the hair around the anus. dip one’s wick. to engage in sexual intercourse. Meterla. To put lipstick on his dipstick. q. Sp.if I wished to dip my gingambobs. 1958. Cosa (pene.. To sweeten it some He steeped it in rum. Br. According to MCDONALD. US. Sp. The penis. The penis. The vagina. 39).v.: «There was a young bounder named Link Who possessed a very tart dink. v..dinger. dingle-dangle. ‘thing’. dingleberries1.). for ‘penis’ in to dunk the dingus. of dink. q.owing to the management and advice of our rare directress» (FH. Caja sucia (ano).: «. Probably from the US. dinkus. Of a man.. Of a man. and for copulation in to do the dingus. Arándanos (pechos de mujer). dip in the bush.v. Introducir el pene. The penis. de dink. Cenas (pechos de mujer o pezones). Meterse en la maleza (hacer un cunilinguo). Sp. See ding/dinger. sl. diplomat. de dingus. Sp. to engage in sexual intercourse. Meter los cataplines (copular el hombre). . dip one’s gingambobs. Rampa de la basura (ano). Br. sl. 18 th-19th c. q. 1980. or the nipples. dirk. q. colloq. Austr. Anal coition.v.. q. Sp. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’.. ‘type of dagger’. Lex. sense cranberries. sl. Rare. From their feeding function. sl. Nautical imagery. Cosita (dim. Tipo de daga (del escocés) (pene).. Directora (madama de un burdel). Sp. And he’s driven the ladies to drink» (Limerick). Sp. To practise cunnilingus. dip in the fudge pot. Sp.: «’Now. E. 1953. dirt chute/dirt-chute1. homosexual use. Sp.v. dip Cecil in the hot grease . To insert the penis in the vagina. dingus. bouncy-bouncy). The penis.

sl. Agujero sucio (ano o. Semen. who requires discipline and correction. Into leather (see leather2). He was lame but he came With his dame like a flameA discharge is a wonderful thing». Sp. a1618-1910).v. Also. Carretera sucia (ano.dirt road/dirt-road. To copulate. See converse. dirty-leg. palabrota. Amin’s most spectacular accusation was that (Princess) Elizabeth (of Toro) had made love to a Frenchman at Orly Airport. US. A brothel. Sp. Br.) is a clear reference to sodomy Sp. 11/2. Gay jargon. Sometimes shortened to puzzle. dirty water.v.). See get the dirty water off one’s chest. and humorously. at pistol). Fin de semana inconfesable. a virgin. Trabajo sucio en el cruce de caminos (coito). discipline. According to J. Palabra obscena. menos frec. q. In current pornographic literature. Used as a euph. The anus. Sp.. Still found. dirty is often used in the sense of really good sex. Lugar sucio (burdel). wants ‘daughter’. dirty old man. a pornographic book. Pierna sucia (prostituta).. quotation of 1983 (under Ugandan). It was a strange charge. discourse. and ejaculation: «The spouse of a pretty young thing Came home from the wars in the spring.» (Forum). underworld. dirty weekend. dirty joke/story. occ. en go up the old dirt road. Coition. discover one’s gender. Br. Used by Shaks. Sp.v. dirty. q. Agua sucia (semen). sl. E. a dirty weekend.-a. Sucio perro (libertino).. Sp.. is also fairly common. dog (OED. a dirty joke/story. Sp. Sucio. Sp. despicable fellow (OED. Discurso. Sp. c1325-1880). Based on an alleged incident in which an African princess. Sp. To reveal one’s homosexuality. like in the following limerick where it is used punning on dismissal from service in the army. An older man who is too sexually interested in younger women or men. 1932: «A dirty old man of Madrid Cast lewd eyes on a plump-bottomed kid. Sp. To ejaculate. discuss Uganda. and ejaculation. we find: «Times 7 Sept. Copulation. caught making love to a Frenchman at Orly airport. Sucia ‘doncella’ (prostituta) dirty spot. esp. dirty book. See also dog and dog. pasado con un. Sp.. A lecher. A code word used in ‘personal’ ads by sadists seeking masochistic sexual partners: «Father figure. to. US. plática (coito). OED. explained that she and the man had been “discussing Ugandan affairs”. to come out of the closet. Disciplina (código usado en los anuncios de sexo para prácticas sadomasoquistas). a vulgar or obscene word. very strict. Chiste verde. See dirty. a dirty word. discharge. a joke involving sex. See dirty.-a amante. Go up the old dirt road (q. A sexually illicit weekend. Sp. E. GREEN (1998) puzzle comes from Fr. pucelle. 1599-1970.). sl. Sp. See also dirty old man. OED. Sp. for anything morally unclean or impure: a dirty book. a sexually illicit weekend. Sp.’ –and he did!» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. dirty puzzle.: a cunning/lucky. Descubrir/dar a conocer uno su género (salir del armario) (jerga gay) . A prostitute.but one that nevertheless received worldwide publicity and gave rise to the phrase ‘ Ugandan . vagina). etc. Viejo verde. See also bondage. Libro porno. dirty hole.. perhaps because in Woody Allen’s words: «Sex is only dirty if it’s done right» (in Mayfair). Quoth he ‘Oh what joy! I’ll bugger that boy You see if I don’t. since the 17 th c. dirty dog. In the OED. to refer to a worthless. Descarga/descargar (eyacular/eyaculación) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. dirty work at the crossroads. 18-26. “A nasty slut” (GROSE). etc. Dog has indeed been used in standard English since at least the 14th c. meaning just a chap. dirty word. ‘vagina’. (see quot. See dirty. The anus.

to have an orgasm: «Lifted then to the utmost pitch of joy that human life can bear [. Manchar. 124). Sp. of both sexes: «Elena was dissolving under her fingers» (DOV. if the devil dress her not» (V. dive. vi. To copulate: «In the Garden of Eden sat Adam. Retozar con (copular). at expire. Sumergirse (hacer un cunilinguo). Also in combs: «In liquid raptures I dissolve all o’er. sorprendida haciendo el amor con un francés en el aeropuerto de Orly. A brothel. but when he turned up he was a total dish! » (Mayfair). US. Plato (nalgas).sl. To perform cunnilingus. / Melt into sperm and spend at every pore» ( The Imperfect Enjoyment. for ‘to defile’. 90).. To seduce and seduction. Now also used for male homosexual activity..he went on to talk of [. Sp.. pillory. The expressions Ugandan affairs. 150). dive in the canyon. «He will to his Egyptian dish again.. disport.. 785-786). To copulate. She sometimes still dreams that she’s chaste» (Limerick). derretirse (excitarse sexualmente u orgasmar) . to dishonour: «A girl who would not be disgraced Would flee from all lovers in haste. 19th c. Sp. sl. To masturbate.practices’». Syphilis. The vagina. the. 1961: «.. Sp.» (II.: «I know that a woman is a dish for the gods. Sp. E. Ugandan activities and Ugandan discussions have been used too. and still current (see quot. Sp. dish1). dish1. . v. La enfermedad (odiosa) (sífilis). and the whole process of that nature» (FH.. To perform cunnilingus. US. sl. From dish. Sp. & C. Sp. To render impure... 64). See quot. Also the loathsome disease (la odiosa enfermedad). Used by Shaks. Disporting himself with his madam.v. It all went quite well Till one day she fell. dish2. / The silver-shining queen he would distain» ( Lucrece. 17th c. Retozar amorosamente (copular). Cuneta (vagina). respondió que “estaba discutiendo asuntos de Uganda”) (en la actualidad. 2nd Earl of Rochester. OED. The term is still applied in contemporary English to sexually attractive women or men: «I was expecting a geek with glasses in a cardigan. often found in the erotic literature of the 17th c.. as a place of disorderly entertainment. in LEWIS. Sp. dissolve. 1393-1841. OED. q.] I dissolved» (FH. disgrace.). 130).. 1877: «. Retozar (copular). OED. disport amorously. at French disease. dissolving trance. Copulation. To get sexually aroused. as he is but Night’s child.. Bucear en busca de perlas (masturbarse la mujer). To render impure. John Wilmot. disorderly house. See quot. A very attractive man or woman.-a (de dish.] with the great bum» (Teazer). To remove the penis from the vagina after coition. Casa de desorden (burdel). Sp. dislodge.] indictments for keeping a disorderly house. Trance disolutivo (eyaculación). Desmontar (bajarse de una mujer tras el coito). Sp. An old euph. Sp. al sexo gay). Also. Sp. Deshonrar/deshonra (seducir/seducción). disport oneself with. Disolverse. sl. Used by Shaks. Sp. Discutir sobre Uganda (copular.. A sexually attractive woman and by extension the female pudenda. dishonour. disease. defile sexually.. carting. Sp. E.and she had’m» (Limerick). Sumergirse en el cañón (hacer un cunilinguo). Muy atractivo. For in all of creation There was only one man.. Plato (mujer/hombre atractivos) (usado por Shaks. Sp. in A. The buttocks. Lex. Sp. Sp. dive for pearls. Desgraciar (deshonrar). at tenant. Sp. Br. y aun corriente hoy día). ditch. dismount. at lance). To get off the woman after coition. She was filled with elation. dishy.that dishy bloke [. Sp. ii.: «Were Tarquin Night. 274275). mancillar (usado por Shaks. Ejaculation. de un supuesto incidente ocurrido a una princesa ugandesa que. aplicado tamb. Said of a woman. See quot. distain.. Desalojar (sacar el pene tras el coito). Br.

do a bottom wetter. Hacer una orgía (copular). To masturbate. Br. Sp. de do-it-yourself. To copulate.To general filths / Convert. Don’t wait till your hair has turned grey’» (Limerick). Hacer un poco de baile del culo (copular). used in ‘personal’ ads: «Male DIY fan seeks female DIY enthusiast for mutual pleasure over the telephone. To copulate. Sp. Masturbation. do a good turn to. Sp. Hacer un trabajillo en la puerta delantera (copular el hombre con una mujer). To copulate. Sp. y aun corriente). do a blindful bit. Sp. Usu. Sp.. dicho del hombre) . abbrev. i. Echar un polvo ciego (copular). Sp. do a game in the cock-loft. o’ th’ instant. business1). To afford (a woman) sexual satisfaction. E.. raincoat. do a drop-in. To perform cunnilingus. but the euph. She said: ‘Do it now. Sp. Dejarse caer (copular). diver. Divertirse un poco (copular). The penis. Then. Hacer un poco de cama (copular). Echar un polvo (futter es un euf. Hacer un marrón (cometer sodomía).. Black sl. do a bit of fun..» (Forum). include: (one-piece) overcoat. Hacer un poco de negocio (copular) (v . Sp. A condom. Sp. man. An act of coition. sl. do (it). do a bedward bit. See business1. do a brown.v. green virginity. To copulate. See bit. Sp. Sp. US. Buzo (pene). do a ballocking.» (Timon. do a dry waltz with oneself . See fun2. Calentar la cama (copular). dive into the sky. q. US.. Sp. Sp. IV. To copulate. do a futter. See brown2. Sp. Mojar el trasero (copular). Cicatriz divina (genitales fem. To copulate. Sp. To sodomise. colloq. sl. Black sl. said of the woman. bit). do a bit of bum-dancing. Sp. To permit copulation. To coit with a woman. do a grind. Male use. fonológico por fuck). Hacer un roce con el taco (copular. do a favour/favor. do a dive in the dark. do a four-legged frolic. must be older as it was used by Shaks. diving suit. To copulate. To have sexual intercourse. Sp. Sp. Sp. Lanzarse de cabeza al cielo (sodomizar). Hacer un favor (permitir el coito. The female genitals. Traje de bucear (condón). Echar un polvo (v.I. glove and jacket. Homosexual sl. Jugar en el desván (copular). See four-legged frolic. Sp. masturbación). Hacer(lo) (copular) (usado por Shaks. 1913-1967. dive into the bushes. dicho gen. Futter is a phonological disguise of fuck. D. To coit with a woman. To copulate./ Do’t in your parents’ eyes. To copulate. To coit with a woman.. do a flop. Sp. Abrev. OED.: «. sl. Sp. do a brush with the cue . do a bit of business. To copulate. See grind. OED. 1893. To copulate. divine scar.. To copulate. do a bit of front door work . Sp. Lanzarse en la oscuridad (copular). de la mujer). Still fully current: «There was a young woman who lay With her legs wide apart in the hay. . grind). Old-fashioned. To commit sodomy. of do-it-yourself. dicho del hombre). usada en anuncios de sexo (‘hazlo-tú-mismo’. Hacer un favor a (dar gusto a una mujer) (antic. See wet. To copulate.Y. Sp. Also to do/have a dive in the dark. Br. Said of a male. Sumergirse en la maleza (hacer un cunilinguo). Sumergirse en la oscuridad (copular/coito. 19th c. See favour/favor. 5-7). Sp. To copulate. Similar euphs..). To insert the penis in the vagina.). do a bit. Bailar un vals seco con uno mismo (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. From the action of flopping into bed. Sp. Hacer una juerga de cuatro piernas (copular). Because of the protective quality of this clothing item. Echar un polvo (v. Sp. To copulate. calling a ploughman.dive in/into the dark. do a belly warmer. E. Sp Efectuar una entrada (introducir el pene en la vagina).

To coit with a woman. do handiwork. sl. E. do a mount. Br. do a spread. Sp. for pregnancy). See nibble. E. Abrirse (copular. Tocar una melodía (realizar sexo oral). Another rhymed expression for to masturbate (of a male). do a job/the job. sl.do a grouse. To copulate. jumble y giblets). From horseracing jargon.. sl. Limited use. do a rudeness to. To coit with a woman. See rush up the straight. Br. To coit with a woman. do a jig-jig. Sp. Sp. See jumble and giblets. sl. Br. do a knee-trembler. sl. Lanzarse por la recta (copular). do a hoist-in. Copular (v. To perform oral sex. Sp. See hoist. Sp. euph. To masturbate... 18th-19th c. do a squeeze and a squirt. Sp. Br. do a tune. Sp. To copulate. Hacerle el trabajo a la mujer (dar gusto a la mujer en el coito) . Br. To coit with a woman. Pegar un tiro en la diana (copular el hombre con una mujer). do a rush up the straight. To copulate with a woman and give her pleasure. Sp. Picar (un pez) (copular). 19th c. do a kindness to. To copulate with the woman on top. Apretar y lanzar el chorro (copular el hombre).. E. sl. Obs. Usually said of a male. do a jumble-giblets (or a jumble-up). Sp. To copulate. To copulate. See wet. To copulate.. Sp. Br. See flong one’s dong. Sp. Sp. do a mow. do a nibble. Hacer un tiembla-rodillas (realizar el coito de pie). E. E. do a put. do dice in the dark.. See mount. 19th c. Sp. Cazar un urogallo (conseguir copular con una mujer). To copulate. Sp. Sp. Dar un salto en la escalera (copular) (v. do a perpendicular. gen. sl. 19 th c. See job. sl. ride Saint George). Cabalgar (copular). To find and copulate with a woman. do a leap up the ladder. Sp Hacer/originar una preocupación interna (copular con una mujer y tal vez dejarla embarazada). sl. E. Hacer un baile (copular). To coit with a woman. Sp. E. E. To copulate. Br. From the female point of view. Jugar a los dados en la oscuridad (copular) (raro). Now practically obs. Divertirse (copular). sl. Sp. do a tumble-in. “To copulate” (F & H). do a slide up the board. See also knee-trembler. Either from the ‘running down’ of the bird or from grouse. Br. flong one’s dong). Dar un revolcón (copular). 19th c. do an inside worry. Sp. Sp. George. dicho del hombre). Sp. To copulate. sl. To copulate. Br. Now obs. To coit with a woman.. Br. To copulate. v. do a shoot up the straight. 18 th c. 19th-20th c. v. Hacer una grosería (copular el hombre con una mujer). E. dicho de la mujer). 19 th c. Sp. Sp. See jig-jig.. Sp. Sp. Montar (copular). See have a leap up the ladder. Br. To copulate. do a ride. E. Hacer un solitario con la polla (expresión rimada para ‘masturbarse el hombre’. Dar un empujón (copular). Hacer un perpendicular (realizar el coito de pie) . 19 th c. Sp. Hacer un/el trabajo (copular). To copulate. and US. Ser amable con (copular con una mujer). Levantarla (copular). To have sexual intercourse while standing. do a shot at the bull’s eye. Sp. E. Dispararse por la recta (copular el hombre con una mujer) . Since c1850. do a wet’un/a wet one. Sp. Sp. See ride Saint George. do a St. Sp. to insert the penis in the vagina. To copulate. Low Scottish. ‘to shoot grouse’. do a loner with one’s boner. Br. E. Hacer un húmedo (copular). . do a woman’s job for her. Hacer un San Jorge (copular con la mujer encima. To copulate while standing. To coit with a woman and perhaps impregnate her ( inside worry being a 17th c. To copulate. See mow. sl. Sp. do a push. Ponerla (introducir el pene en la vagina). To copulate. Hacer trabajos manuales (masturbarse. Deslizarse por la borda (copular el hombre con una mujer). See have a ride. have a leap up the ladder).

Sp.’ » (Playbirds).: to do it dog-style/doggie-style/dog-way . but it must be older as it was used by Shaks. 379-381). I have done thy mother» (Titus. I. Sp. as obs. Hazlo tú mismo (masturbación). In homosexual contexts. Doctor – you know. Sp.” she gasped between breaths» ( Mayfair). just thinking of you. Hacer el avío (copular el hombre con una mujer). Seguir los dictados de la naturaleza (copular). Also just do it doggie/doggy: «”Let me guess – you were doing it doggy. Lex. To sodomise. To copulate with. usu. . dicho del hombre). ‘let’s get down to brass tacks. found in ‘personal’ ads. Lex. do oneself (off). Villain. To coit vaginally from the rear: «Doing it doggie-style is now one of our favourite ways of enjoying each other» ( Pent). Sp. said of a man. To have sexual intercourse. Sp. Sp. 19 th c. To masturbate. 1873-1961: «The ship’s dog’s name was Rover The whole crew did him over.. Sp. 322). E. Trabajar la popa (sodomizar). ii. to D. To masturbate. Scots.I hate the Moor And it is thought abroad that ’twixt my sheets ’Has done my office» (Othello. abbrev. Trabajarse a alguien (sodomizarlo o hacerle una felación) do someone doggy-style/doggy style. To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear: «”Do me doggy style. To masturbate (of either sex).I. gen. OED.. do some good for oneself. It can also be said of a woman: «She also poked me with her fingers and at the end did me with a long vibrator» (Playbirds). do miracles. ‘And what positions do you use?’ ‘We always do it dog-fashion. do it dog-fashion. en Otelo. dicho del hombre) do someone1. To copulate. To copulate.: «Aaron. gen . ‘All right’. Hacer daño a (copular el hombre con una mujer). to sodomize or to perform fellatio. Ir por libre (masturbarse)..do ill to. Sp. Vars. 1913-1967. See service. as sl. Sp. do oneself off. do someone’s service. iii. Masturbation. Sp. al referirse Iago a la supuesta usurpación de su lecho conyugal por parte del ‘moro’). To have sexual intercourse with a woman. do someone2.. Sp. Hacerlo a su manera (masturbarse. to seduce. Hacerse un bien (copular o masturbarse. do it the Greek way. went on Edward. freq. Trabajarse uno mismo (masturbarse). Hacerlo como los perros (penetrar a una mujer vaginalmente por detrás). Sp. To copulate with a woman. To coit with a woman. To have anal intercourse. To do what befits one’s nature. Sp.Y. Austr. To masturbate: «’And since you arrived that magic day’. do it one’s own way. Sp. Sp. To coit vaginally from the rear: ☺«A man goes to the psychiatrist for a variety of psychosomatic aches & pains. To masturbate. (Of a man) to copulate with. They ground and ground the faithful hound From Singapore to Dover» (Fragment of rugby song). OED. Hacerlo a la griega (analmente).. do someone’s pooper. occ. 1230-1647. Sp. See Greek. Hacerlo como los perros. sl. OED. To copulate. Hacer un servicio (copular). says the psychiatrist. do one’s business. . Sp. Hacer milagros (copular). Gay jargon. How often do you have intercourse with your wife?’ ‘Three times a week’. Sp. Used by Shaks. Hacer uno su trabajo (copular el hombre con una mujer) (usado por Shaks. ‘I have done it to myself every single night in bed. do one’s kind. Sp..). Trabajarse uno mismo (masturbarse). 76). do one’s office. Hacerlo con uno mismo (masturbarse).. IV. sl. Sp. do it with/to oneself. and the guy’s dick ‘accidentally’ slipped into your butthole”» (Barely Legal). do-it-yourself. Trabajarse a alguien (copular con él/ella) (usado por Shaks. Sp.: «Iago. Usually said of males. do over. ‘What’s the big idea?’ ‘Well how else are we both going to watch television?’» (Rationale I.. do it up brown. Hacerlo por el marrón (realizar coito anal) (jerga gay). Seducir y copular. to masturbate. on our hand and knees’. do it doggie-style/doggy-style. Sp. Usu. Br. do one’s own thing. Also. Hacerlo como los perros. To coit anally.

do the natural thing. To copulate. for ‘copulation’. Sp. in a perfunctory manner. do the dingus. 18th c. (Of a male) to masturbate. Hacer el gran tour (hacer caricias orales por todo el cuerpo). Sp. Hacer lo que se debe (casarse con la mujer a la que se ha dejado embarazada) . in HENKE. “Calm down. Sp. US. And if busie Love. come away Boy. Cometer el pecado de Onan (masturbarse el hombre. Mirth and Wine. There are vars. Sp. 17th c. To copulate with a woman. A lass that is Neat. do the divine work of fatherhood . Sp. Said of males. “will you give her another chance?”» (adapted from More Rugby Jokes.do the bowling hold. Hacer las tareas de la casa (copular de forma rutinaria). I’ll give her seventy thousand. Sp. do the naughty. See naughty. do the story with. we find bed-time story. ‘There isn’t much doubt I do better without In handling my everynight chores’» (Limerick). Prostitutes’ cant.: «’I just can’t be bothered with drawers. v. Sp Hacer travesuras (copular). in BURFORD. onanism1). See around the world. 18 th c. Sp. Saying. To perform a sexual act with a casual partner: «Then give me Health. To masturbate a woman. To copulate. See onanism1. Hacer la cosa (copular). do the nasty.. When lusty young Blood is on fire» ( Pills. There’s a sweet. To copulate. E. do the grand tour. do the feat. Come. If it’s a boy. do the chores. sl. Perhaps related to this. Sp. Now what do you think of that?” “And if it’s a miscarriage. q. Call me now!» ( Barely Legal classifieds)». “I’ll do the right thing by your daughter. Hacer el hecho (copular). US. and can well do the Feat. Sp. Then send for me with speed» (The New Academy of Complements. Br. Sp. See dingus. From the action of holding the bowling ball with spread fingers. Sp.” asks the father. intrenches. To copulate: «She took her leave and away she went When she had done the Deed. Tirarse la juerga de los cinco nudillos (masturbarse el hombre). sl. Realizar la hazaña (copular). Realizar la hazaña (copular). do the five-knuckle shuffle. . do the deed. Realizar el divino trabajo de la paternidad (copular el hombre con una mujer). do the do.v. And bring me my longing desire. Hacer los deberes (copular de forma rutinaria). 1979). To masturbate. 33). 141). To copulate. soft Page.. Hacer lo natural (copular). He goes straight away to see the man and threatens to kill him.” says the man. Contar una historia (copular. To copulate with a woman. do the dirty on a girl . To copulate. Sp. I will settle a hundred thousand pounds on him. Sostener la bola con los cinco dedos (masturbar a una mujer) . do the homework. of mine. (Of a man) to marry the woman he has made pregnant: ☺«A father is very angry when he hears that his daughter has been made pregnant by a very rich young man she’s going out with. Sp. do the right thing (by a girl) . do the trick. dicho del hombre). sl. Hacer lo obsceno (copular). To seduce her and then abandon her. To copulate: «Ho Boy! hey Boy. Portarse suciamente con una chica (seducirla y luego abandonarla). Wealth.’ Said one of our better-known whores. Sp. Sp. To copulate: «Let’s do the nasty. esp. See do the chores. To copulate. Sp. and if it’s a girl. if it chance to come again.. do the sin of Onan.

dog2. c1620 (see quot. The days when a woman is menstruating. sl. by John Wilmot. The penis or the female genitals. Muelle (genitales fem. to do the solitary rumba. Sp. at scut2. To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear.. considered as the object of the sexual chase. Samuel Johnson. used by Shaks. narrow space into which a ship moves and may fit snugly»). in «reference to anal intercourse carried out ‘doggy-fashion’»: «Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore. you know.). Rawlinson Mss. sl. The penis. to. A young girl. Tunney/Decided to shop their dofunny. Br. Sp.. Br. Sp. and the two-finger (taco) tango. Sp. docking. Hacer lo que Eva hizo con Adán o viceversa (copular). US. Sp. Sp. or the price of a dog. To copulate. Nautical imagery («a long. E. do what Eve did with Adam. and then turning them into the street» (GROSE). doctor. Atracar en el muelle (copular o desvirgar).: «. dobber. Earl of Rochester. to.. it consisted in cutting off all their clothes. E.». to humans. do the two-finger slot rumba. Sp. 17 th-18th c. petticoats. to. since the 1500s. Cosa. Nautical imagery. Origin uncertain. Castigo infligido a las prostitutas por los marineros a los que habían contagiado una enfermedad venérea. The penis. To copulate: «I’d never had a woman purposely restrain me from doing what came naturally. ‘pincho’). Hacer lo que Eva le hizo a Adán (copular). Also. usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611. for a male prostitute. make the beast with two backs). do what Eve did to Adam/what Adam did to Eve . it is used in King James’s Version of the Bible of 1611 as a euph. in DIETZ. Sp. The penis. The female genitals.» (Fragment of limerick). Cosa (genitales. Doctor Johnson. dock1. Muelle (culo) (raro).). esp. dog1. but occ. A euph. dodad.). To copulate. Sp. dock. sl. PARTRIDGE gives the following explanation: «There was no one that Dr. . Nombre propio (prob. US. Hacer la bestia de dos jorobas (copular.). 23:18). Nautical imagery. consistente en desnudarlas y echarlas a la calle.. Sp. to coit/do it dogfashion/dog-style/dog-way and to dog-fuck.: doofunny. Now rare (see quot.. Also. Johnson was not prepared to stand up to». Sp. sl.. Vars. Sp. do the work of increase. Sp. prostituto. del hombre). From the sense ‘gadget’: «Two young girls who lived in Ft.. Sp. See make the beast with two backs. perhaps from the Scottish dob = prick.. The genitals. Sp. sl. the male genitals. to deflower (F & H). Sp. Br. Perro (pene). Sp. dufunny. Also used in the phrases to stroke the dog and to walk the dog. aluduendo al coito anal realizado como los perros).. moist. los masc. shift and all. célebre lexicógrafo del siglo XVIII) (personificación del pene). See also trick. See doodad. E. v. Sp.... the two-finger ballet. etc. (Of a woman) to masturbate.v. según MACDONALD. Sp. at dell). Hacerlo como los perros. Now rare.. 78). Tocar la rumba de la raja con dos dedos/la rumba solitaria/bailar el ballet/el tango de los dos dedos (masturbarse la mujer).(Pent). por extensión. do the two-backed beast. Castrar/capar (dicho gen. at shittle-cock). Black sl. According to MCDONALD. quizás del escocés dob. Hacer el avío (copular con una pareja casual). esp. US. Sp. Hacer el trabajo de reproducción (copular). Scottish use. doe.I’m really digging that big dog as it slips in and out of my slippery cunt» (FU. de los animales y. Perro (prostituta vieja o. sl. 18 th-19th c. In «My Mistriss is a Shittle-cock». To coit. More commonly. Pene (etimología incierta. Sp. Br.Does the trick worth Forty Wenches» ( A Song. dog days. Generally said of animals.. To copulate. q. 159). Cierva (muchacha joven a perseguir sexualmente) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. To copulate. To castrate. sl. Seguir los dictados de la naturaleza (copular). dock2. See quot. E. The buttocks. dofunny. close to their stays.. An old prostitute. ‘masturbate’. just jumping in and kissing her and [. Días de perro (días en los que la mujer tiene la regla). aparato (pene o genitales fem. US. into the house of the Lord thy God. do what comes naturally. transf. dog. since 16 th c. «A punishment inflicted by sailors on the prostitutes who had infected them with a venereal disease.] whatever would follow.» (Deuteronomy.

A house of prostitution. dojigger. DOM. Abbrev. (ver dog2. Sp. The genitals. 18th-19th c. de dirty old man. dojiggus. Sp. Sp.. Sp. los masc. Sp. Delfín (pene. found nowadays as a euph. Quite common in the 1960s.v. dohickie. See thing1. Sp. Sp. gen. Someone who practises dogging. Sp. en to flog one’s dolphin. seguido de indiferencia dándose los participantes la espalda). for prostitute: «Oriental dolls. in the phrase to flog one’s dolphin (q.. Abbrev. The buttocks. etc. A derog. dolly1. previa cita por e-mail o teléfono móvil. dolphin. Often used as a euph. The practice of carrying out or watching sexual activities in semi-secluded locations such as parks or car parks.: doojigger. It was used till the 18th c. Vars. Sp. aparato (pene). . Muñequita (gay afeminado). doggy-style/doggy style. Muñequita (pene). A young. Sp. de dominant usada en anuncios de sexo: dom mistress. esp.Richard fucked her doggy-style until she screamed in ecstasy» ( Knave). Modo del perro (coito largo y agotador. doggy-fashion/doggy fashion. Como los perros (penetrar a la mujer vaginalmente por detrás). dohinger. the male genitals. Como los perros (penetrar a la mujer vaginalmente por detrás). esp. (To coit with a woman) vaginally from the rear: «Her favourite position for fucking is doggy fashion. 1906-1968. usado como euf. tochus). q. ‘masturbate’.). Muñeco (prostituto joven).v. for ‘prostitute’. dogger.» (Men’s World). The glans: «Then she transferred her attention to my knob. Esp.” 10-year-old child: “Dog-fashion too. Como los perros (penetrar a la mujer vaginalmente por detrás). Br. See tochus. esp. for a female pet. dog’s rig. but getting rare.”» (Rationale I.v. dog-fuck/dogfuck. como ‘prostituta’) . Cosa. often arranged by e-mail or text messages.v. 103). Sp. followed by back-to-back indifference” (GROSE). dogging. dom. doghouse. US. Sp. 42).there were plenty of good reports about it [dogging] from satisfied doggers in the forum section. To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear. pero raro en la actualidad). 6-year-old child: “Look at those dogs playing around. a prostitute.dog-fashion/dog-style/dog-way. aparcamientos.. etc. Muñeca (joven gay atractivo). Br. Follar como los perros (penetrar a la mujer vaginalmente por detrás). E. 63). to exhaustion.. OED. etc . Sp. From the sense ‘gadget’.” 8-year-old child: “They’re fucking. “Sexual intercourse. dojiggy. frec.) (joven atractiva) (usado hasta el siglo XVIII como euf. Prostituta puerca y desordenada. Sp. See doll2. US. de doll. Cosa. From ‘doll’. Persona que practica dogging. An attractive young homosexual male..v. como parques. Sp. Cúpula (glande). Sp. 1833-1894. sl. a favourite or a mistress. $10» (Barely Legal classifieds). OED. q. sl. E. viejo verde. dolly-mop.» (FU. A drab.v. q. q.). Sp. Cosa. por ‘favorita’ o ‘querida’ y en la actualidad. The penis. Sp. of dirty old man. sl. dome. From the sense ‘gadget’. OED.. Abrev. pretty young woman. etc. An attractive young woman. as a euph. doll1. Muñeca (joven atractiva. 1648-1706. dolly boy. sl. at play dolly up/dolly down/dolly sick. doohickey. Trasero (v. dojiggum. Abrev. Sp. q. dohickus. dojiggie. sl. dolly2.: «I jumped in the car and set off to go dogging» ( Mayfair). sexy. (To coit with a woman) vaginally from the rear: «.. Sp. Br. (To coit with a woman) vaginally from the rear: «This time I fucked her dog-fashion. A trendy. used in sex ads: dom mistress.. sliding her tongue over the dome before she gobbled it into her mouth» (TSM. aparato (genitales. Freq. Pájaro muñeca (joven sexy y atractiva) (corriente en los años sesenta. dolly3. The penis.). aparato (pene). attractive woman. Vars. por ‘prostituta’). doll2. dohicky.). term for an effeminate homosexual. at slave. See quot.: dohickey. A young male prostitute. The penis. Sp.). dokus.. Sp. dolly bird. ☺«Three children are watching two dogs in the street.: «. so I decided to give it a go» (Mayfair). Sp. E. The penis. See also dolly1. sl.. from dominant. etc. dom bitch. Perrera (burdel). US. Muñequita (dim. See quot. Sp. Copular o espiar a parejas que lo están haciendo en lugares públicos semi-ocultos. dom bitch..

Dominación (sado-masoquismo). or Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio (1844). The penis. Copulation. dueña (del español) (aplicado en inglés a la novia). en su forma abrev. are common vars. El pato Donald (polvo. dominant. Isabelle. Tocar la campana (copular. sometimes abbreviated to D/T. Sado-masochistic practices. 216). 1845-1936: «He was afraid he might be impotent. tamb. a. 156). Echoic: the sound of a bell. . Sp. (Miembro) dominante (en las prácticas sado-masoquistas). as coarse sl. 1873. A woman. dominance training. such as the smell of latex. and fetishists -. a sweetheart. See prong. = fuck. Sp. in LEWIS. Earl H. Br. The menstrual period.v. domination. for sado-masochism. a libertine. Lex. Sp. Donald Duck. argot rimado austr. Institute of dominance and training academy. the name was adopted in various popular imitations of his play: Molière’s Don Juan (1665). From Spanish doña. occlusion masks and other implements of torture.: Duck rima con fuck). Byron’s unfinished Don Juan (1819-24). He was afraid that his father. Austr. A-waving of his balls.» (Hustler). Maestro perezoso (viejo impotente). known as a Don Juan. ‘I’ll whip your fucking arse’» (Mayfair classifieds). domine do little. To perform cunnilingus.. Doña.). Also. Sp. nd. Ponerse la barba (hacer un cunilinguo) . (Mujer) dominante (en las prácticas sado-masoquistas). Don Cypriano. “The world is round as these are. Often used in sexual ads. The breasts: «Those domes divine are driving me demented» ( The Twin Buttes. Cúpulas (pechos de mujer). libertino). Aflicciones domésticas (la regla). usado frec . dominant/passive -those who sit like pashas while the slave carries out their every whim. sl. Sp. dong. A rake. The penis. Sp. Sp.. dona/donah. Sp. domestic afflictions. en anuncios de sexo. Austr. 1930: «Along did come the Queen of Spain And glimpsing there his dong.. Dominación (sado-masoquismo). Emmons. A euph.devoted to servicing the master or mistress. See beard. OED. E. Don Juan (calavera. to. Sp. dominance. Sp.( Hustler). ‘They say my vagina’s The nicest in ChinaDon’t ruin it by donging it wrong’» (Limerick). for instance. A euph. 43 Having a large penis. sl. “An impotent old fellow” (GROSE).guys or gals who get off on something specific. Don Juan. “Oh. To coit with a woman: «Said a pretty young whore of Hong Kong To a long-pronged43 patron named Wong. OED.domes.. don the beard. both q.. The dominating female in sado-masochistic practices: «Mistress Ava is a dominatrix of international renown. Sp.” Columbo said. Sp. rhyming sl. for sado-masochism often used in sex ads: «Domination. submissive -. was more potent and more knowing» ( DOV.». dicho del hombre). See also female domination. Sp. See female domination. chains. Don Cipriano (personificación del pene). After a legendary Spanish nobleman whose dissolute life was dramatized by Tirso de Molina in his El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (1630). dominance. Clases de dominación (prácticas sado-masoquistas. Sp. Used by Sir Thomas Urquhart in his translation of Rabelais (17 th c. Forthwith was smitten with desire And knew not right from wrong. dong. 19th-20th c.. OED.. The active member in B & D: «Professor Ava quickly recites the foremost types of participant B & D personalities: dominant/active – partners who take complete charge and utilize whips.. D/T). dominatrix.

sl. Cockney rhyming sl. Sp. Of unknown origin. q. Br. sl. doodle flap for ‘a flaccid penis’.. Trasero o prostituta de un mendigo (etimología desconocida). From the sense ‘gadget’.” “Just wait a bit. to. for ‘masturbate’. q. E. From dork. Copular (de dork. for a whore. E. Lex.). US. sl. From the sense ‘gadget’.. E. From the alleged admiration of gays for Judy Garland’s performance of Dorothy. Sp. See thing1. dotado como un burro). dookickey. and rumoured to be donkey-rigged too» (Fiesta). doodle-case and doodle-sack. Sp. “a beggar’s trull. See door. 18th c. Que se toca el garabato (hombre que se masturba).. in the phrase donkey-rigged. Austr. Puerta (genitales fem. 19th c. It’s an old euph. Also. Burro (pene. Cosa (pene. The penis. dormouse. door mat. Cosa (pene.). q. sl. E. dog2. v. See also backdoor and front door. The vagina. Sonido onomatopéyico de campana (pene). doodad. A male masturbator. dooflicker.. A male homosexual. Sp.Sp. 1964: «I could feel Lauren’s velvety lips contract around my demanding dork. dork. Also dodad. “An archaic term for male homosexuality and pederasty reputedly practised by a tribe that conquered the Peloponnesus in the 12 th century B:C. E. for a big prick See donkey. Sp. Etymology unknown.» (Fragment of limerick). Sp. The female genitals. From ‘doofer’. Garabato (pene de un niño) (según PARTRIDGE. Sp. doodle-dasher. Esp. relacionado con cock. 19th c.”» (From «Christopher Columbo». to yank one’s doodle. Pene (etimología desconocida). 1974). Sp. Br. The penis. used shut the door. The penis: «A cowhand out in Seattle/Had a dooflicker flat as a paddle. Australian juvenile sl. “And don’t forget essentials. dork. The penis. an alteration of ‘do for’. For I’ve a mind to have a grind And check on your credentials. Br.» ( Pent). donkey. Rhyming sl. usado tamb. Sp. Sp. The flaccid penis.. aparato (pene). The female pudenda: «I felt him more than once pushing at the door» ( FH.). door. Felpudo (vello púbico fem. the heroine in the film The Wizard of Oz. 19th c. used as a synonym of thingumbob (see thing). Front-door is still occasionally heard for the vulva. Estuche para el garabato (vagina). doodle-sack.. Br. “The podex” (F & H). The female pubic hair. Sp. Que toca la campana (pene).v. v. for the female pubic hair. as US. Sp.” (PARTRIDGE. sl. Cosa (alteración de do for) (pene) . See quot. thing1). Dorothy’s friend. Ben Jonson. sl. for a male masturbator. The penis. Lirón (genitales fem. Cosa. To go doodling and to be where Uncle’s doodle goes are sometimes heard for ‘copulate’. Sp. heard for ‘penis’. doodle flap. dopey.. The penis. en donkey-rigged. Dorian love. To copulate.(juego de palabras entre ‘saco para el pene’ y un antiguo apodo dado a la gaita). esp. Sp. “A child’s penis”(GROSE).” (Goldenson & Anderson’s Dictionary of Sex). and doodledasher. said of a man with a notably long penis: «The trouble was that her long-term boyfriend had been a rough and rakish figure. Sp. PARTRIDGE (1961) suggests that it is related to cock via cock-a-doodle-do. como insulto: tonto (etimología desconocida). sl. Sp. Genitales fem. dohicky). The penis.I feel that duty calls. Amor dorio (homosexualidad y pederastia) (supuestamente practicadas por los dorios. From dong. Garabato lacio (pene en estado flácido). por el canto del gallo: cock-a-doodle-do). doover. The penis. Amigo de Dorothy . and door mat and front door mat. The female genitals.v. Early door is 19th c. Br. tribu que conquistó el Peloponeso en el siglo XII) . donkey dick. at tenement. 163). for example. OED. Based on an old nickname given to the bagpipes. Con polla de burro (argot rimado: donkey dick rima con a big prick). Sp. sl. E. 1700s-pres. in the sense of a woman refusing to copulate with a man. sl.. occ. Br.” said Isabelle. 18th c. a rugby song).). and where Uncle’s doodle goes. See dohicky. Pene. Uncle’s doodle is also occ. donger. Sp. Sp. Sp. doodle. doodle-case. Also used as a word of abuse = a stupid person. Of unknown origin... for ‘vagina’. Sp.v.. doob.

Penetrada por dos hombres a la vez. and i. Sp. from the use of two locomotives to pull a train and perhaps punning on ‘head’. Since ca. sl. o acción de desvirgar y dejar embarazada). US. ‘sleep’. a sort of ideograph for the penis and the anus. sl.). From the pugilistic sl. Un doble (grabado porno mostrando genitales masc. double-header1. “A pornographic picture of a man’s and a woman’s genitals. Prostitutes’ jargon. Austr. A prostitute who gives a blowjob to two men simultaneously: «Double header! My hot hungry mouth is always hot for cum» (Hustler classifieds). Purgaciones (gonorrea). Sp. Doble descarga (eyacular dos veces en una misma sesión amorosa). . dose. giving. The clitoris. Consolador doble. Programa doble (dos orgasmos en un corto espacio de tiempo). pox). Punto (ano) . Sp. double discharge. De doble cañón (prostituta que ofrece coito vaginal y anal) . See mouse1. Sp. E. Copulation by a male with two females in each other’s presence.( CI). (Of a woman) to masturbate. Gonorrhea: «He had a little dose of clap. OED.v. 19 th c. doss-house. esp. Any venereal disease. gay jargon. Simultaneous syphilis and gonorrhoea. sl... From the standard term for a common lodging-house.. from Greek dosis.. based on its appearance. double-barrelled. Casa de dormida (burdel). dose of pox. esp. Hacer doble click con el ratón (masturbarse la mujer). double-ended dildo/double dildo. double. dot1. to send to dorse. The euph. to dose. See also two-headed dildo. Sp. E. 1914-1968. double event. From F. A dildo with two heads: «Within minutes the two of us were in the bedroom. the glans penis. a. Austr. in to give/get a dose. dicho del hombre). dot the i. For a male to reach orgasm more than once in a short span of time. Poner el punto sobre la i (realizar coito anal). Sp. A brothel.. or defloration and impregnation. See also two-headed dildo. y fem. Punto (clítoris). sharing the pleasures of a double-ended dildo». she purged both before and behind. syphilis. must be older though. From dot. Purgaciones (gonorrea). for ‘anus’. Tumbar de espaldas (del argot pugilístico to send to dorse) (copular. 1920” (PARTRIDGE. Sp. dose. usually gonorrhea. pull the train). Sp. ‘to throw someone on his back’. Sp. Ultimately from Latin dorsum. See pull the train. Br. To copulate anally. double-donger. Sp. sífilis (v. Enfermedad venérea. Br. double-click one’s mouse. Sp. Bisexual. US. Sp. Sp. dose of clap. 203). double feature. sl. that it had not even calm’d them» (FH. Prostituta que realiza felaciones a dos hombres simultáneamente. Sp. q. to infect or be infected with it. Acontecimiento doble (sífilis y gonorrea. Con dos modos distintos de caminar/con dos andares (bisexual) (jerga gay).. esp. But with laughing. 19th c. Br. Sp.. street ballad (in BURFORD. sl. Sp. Two ejaculations in one session of lovemaking: «But still there was no end of his vigour: this double discharge had so far from extinguish’d his desires.. ‘back’. dot2. An occurrence of venereal disease. Sp. Sp. Dos locomotoras (coito de un hombre con dos mujeres) (v. double-header2. for that time. Penetrated by two men simultaneously: «Hear me moan as I get double fucked» (Mayfair classifieds). 275): «As Roger last night to Jenny lay close He pulled out his Budget and gave her a Dose: The tickling no sooner kind Jenny did find. from medieval Latin dosis. 19th c. US.before the ladies attach themselves at the bung with a double-donger» (Hustler).». Sp. since it is to be found in the following 17th c. sl. See pox. Often abbrev. sl. Said of a prostitute offering both vaginal and anal copulation. double-gaited. The anus.. Sp. from doss.» ( TPc. 1974). dorse. double fucked. 219). Consolador de doble punta/consolador doble. E. heroína en la película El Mago de Oz). A dildo with two heads: «. To copulate with a woman.(gay) (por la supuesta admiración de los gays por la actuación de Judy Garland en el papel de Dorothy.

The buttocks. Sp. Now also. Puerca (prostituta). ahora. an elderly lesbian. A prostitute. Br. to copulate. o fem. double time. a gentle. down-leg/down leg. Bocado velloso (genitales fem. 10th c. Paloma [antes. Abreviatura de drag queen (gay travestido). 18 th c.). sl. downstairs. sl. Sp. sl. OED. Also.” Sp. Sp. down-leg.when I found out that my first scene was going to be a DP my knees started clanging together» ( Leg Action). Sp. 1561-1857: «. 19th c. 19th c. Extra-marital copulation. Br.. Sp. for the penis. for the genital area or the anus. . E. sl. pasta (pene) (curioso euf . E. The male or female genitals. 19th c. sl. ‘lesbiana vieja’].. A woman’s sexual surrender. Sp. c1530-1856. GROSE has double jugg. Riddle 45. The penis. US. “To lay her out for copulation” (F & H). Downshire. Pierna de abajo (pene). A contemptuous name for a lesbian. del siglo X). include: downwards.double insertion/penetration. Br. Simultaneous penetration of a woman by two men. o fem.). Sp. E. Br. used it in this sense).. Ahí abajo (genitales. Horas extra (coito extra-marital). Sp. Abrev.. Sp. to DP: «. Sp. Swelling and standing up. the anus. Jarras dobles (nalgas). Can. sl. Oráculo doble (genitales fem. Doble penetración (penetración simultánea de una mujer por dos hombres).). Sp. dove. I’ll board her. o ano). Homosexual jargon. Abbreviation of drag queen (q. douche bag/douchebag2. douche bag/douchebag1. down below/down there. downy bit. The female genitals.). masc. double oracle. Condado del vello (vello púbico fem. Sp. Br. perhaps derived from dock. E.. a prostitute..» (EIC. “A man’s backside.: «I heard of something rising in a corner. presente en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter...). Dónut (genitales fem. double-sucker. lo usó en este sentido). Often abbrev.no doubt the young doxies of today would throw up their skirts to accommodate you. Bolsa de la ducha vaginal (prostituta). Similar euphs. See quot. “To ejaculate twice without removal” (F & H).v. double juggs. Sp.v. Traditionally. “A term descriptive of an abnormal development of the tissues of the labia majora» (F & H). 17 th c. OED. usada en anuncios por palabras drab. lifting its cover. at twin orbs. Sp. the prince’s daughter Covered that swelling thing with a swirl of cloth» (Contemporary English version by Craig Williamson. in DÍAZ. doxy/doxie. Tumbar a una mujer (para efectuar el coito). DP. 19th c. Sp. Sp.. Sp. in the expression to work the double oracle. Piso de abajo (genitales. The genital area or the anus. E. E. See double insertion/penetration. I. male or female. Sp. Abajo (los genitales o el ano). DQ. down goes her topsail. double one’s milt. and US. de double penetration. downwards. Punning on overtime working and two-time.. The proud-hearted bride grabbed at that boneless Wonder with her hands. the buttocks. A dirty and untidy woman. masc. Bolsa de la ducha vaginal (lesbiana).. doble penetración (penetración simultánea de una mujer por dos hombres).) used in classified ads. Sp. sl. and down below or down there. a play on the nautical signal of surrender: «Yonder’s another vessel. Sp. for the male or female genitals. 95-96). In The Exeter Book. The female pubic hair.’mujer cariñosa’ (Shaks. to cheat. Ramera. down a woman. en to work the double oracle. 40). Doble chupón (labios vaginales menores dobles). The female genitals.. E.. also used for ‘being unfaithful to one’s lover’. sl.: «That was the only place where she experienced any life – down there where she clutched herself with both hands» (TCn. Doblar la lechaza (correrse dos veces sin sacarla). down goes her topsail» ( C. i. Br. From vagabonds’ cant. dough. doughnut/donut. Arriar el palo mayor (ceder una mujer al requerimiento sexual del hombre) . q. The genitals. / If she be lawful prize. A contemptuous name for a prostitute. The female genitals. 130). loving woman (Shaks.. The penis. 52). Masa. Sp. Sp. sl. Br.

Homosexual jargon. the. drag king. que ‘arrastraban’ por el escenario) . Dragona (gay que suele quitarle los planes a otro) (jerga gay).. drag). OED. sl. q. To masturbate. A woman’s clothes worn by a man. among others. deliberadamente provocativos. Sp. Because they receive a lot of dirty water. as things which one draws on.do not you ladies go naked beneath your skirts?’ Indeed. A male homosexual transvestite. In fact. See also lace curtains. A garment for the lower part of the body and legs. loose-morale creatures of ill repute’” 44: «’. punning on ride saint George. dragon2. Used in Austr. Long skirts. Sp. drain the main vein. as if sword from scabbard. known as ‘drawers’. naked weapon. but it is still occ. esp. From the verb to draw. Reina de travestidos (gay travestido). ‘urinate’..v. Sp. ‘semen’. have one’s will of a 44 HAWTHORNE. drain the (one-eyed) monster. draw the blinds.v. The penis. como bigote. Sp. The term has now become slightly old-fashioned. Uncircumcised foreskin. gay jargon. and quarrel). an old prostitute.). v. Said of a male.he was turned off by the gay world in general – the gay bars. 17th18th c. sl. Desenvainar (la herramienta/el arma) (sacar el pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks . I confessed. A prostitute. See ride St.. Sp. E. which drag.. By analogy with drag queen. esp.. Sp. drag queen. Sp. The woman uppermost in the sexual act. that was the truth (though the unclean habit of wearing a sort of short trousers.. corset and linen chemise worn against the skin were all the cladding felt necessary [.. Sp.... drapes. ride Saint George). 19 th c. at carnal desire.. Dragón (prostituta vieja. 1941: «. Sp.drag. a petticoat or two. Vaciar la vena principal (masturbarse el hombre). OED.). Perhaps from the clothes worn by actors on stage. en to drain the dragon. A lesbian exhibiting provocative macho clothes and features. To ejaculate: «I get a never-ending stream of desperate housewives gagging to drain my balls» (Mayfair). raro). (Of a man) to bring out his sexual organ. Cortinas (prepucio no circuncidado). the faggot-looking drag queens at gay parties. drain the dragon. sl. q. q.] Contrary to present-day opinion. Sp. draw (one’s tool/one’s weapon). Sp. to draw him off. Rare. Sp. 1567-1893 (“in some early instances the word appears to mean stockings”). Br. drain. drawers. Said of a male. the main vein and the (one-eyed) monster. Homosexual jargon. Said of a male. To masturbate. To masturbate. The female genitals. draw his fireworks. Sp. etc. Br. Homosexual jargon. Sacarle los cohetes (hacer eyacular al hombre) . E. (see quots. Lesbiana que exhibe ropa y rasgos ‘macho’. Vaciar al monstruo (tuerto) (masturbarse el hombre). drain one’s balls.v. Sp. To pull back the prepuce. esp. Used by Shaks. juego de palabras con ride saint George. drag party/ball. Dragón [pene. prob. El dragón sobre San Jorge (coito con la mujer encima. such as a moustache. being usually replaced by panties or knickers. Ropa de mujer llevada por un hombre (travestido) (quizás por los vestidos que llevaban los actores en el teatro. Uncircumcised foreskin. Sp. p.. . Sp. at cuckold-mad.). do the chores. Similar combinations with the same imagery include to drain the lizard.» (THH. A party to which male homosexuals will come in drag (wearing a woman’s clothes). “until the last decade of the eighteenth century our female ancestors cared not a jot about covering the lower part of their anatomy with a separate garment. dragon1. George. etc. OED. Tubo de desagüe (genitales fem. 171). (por analogía con drag queen. 9. was creeping in from the continent)» ( EAP. A gay male who habitually takes away another homosexual’s lover or date. dragon on/upon St George. To masturbate. 1870-1968. See drag. q. US. found (see quots. See also blinds and curtains. vaciar al dragón (‘orinar’ o ‘masturbarse’)]. To make a male ejaculate. Vaciar al dragón (masturbarse el hombre). knickers. 25). in the expression to drain the dragon. Sp. dragon lady. at that time the only women indelicate enough to wear drawers –a masculine garment– were said to be ‘lewd. Said of a male. Sp. Sp. Descorrer la cortina (descorrer el prepucio). Cortinas echadas (prepucio no circuncidado). drain the lizard. Vaciar al lagarto (masturbarse el hombre).v. Also. draw drapes. Fiesta o baile de travestidos (v. Vaciar las pelotas (eyacular).

and left no partition. Árbol de propulsión (pene). Casa de vestidos (burdel) (raro). que sólo llevaban las mujeres de mala reputación). 1786. and paying by prostitution” (F & H). sl.. usado tamb . Sp. dress-lodger. Meterla en su sitio (penetrar sexualmente). 21). por panties o knickers) (hasta la última década del siglo XVIII. 73). A wet dream. Sp.. in Measure. A prostitute. with just a small covering for the sex organs. Car imagery. 117). Trasero (del escocés) droit(s) de/du seigneur. before she cohabited with her husband. See wet. Why don’t you come closer?’» (Men Only). Chica a la que viste su señora o la dueña de un burdel a las que luego está obligada a entregar parte de sus ganancias como prostituta. drive the nail up to the head.). sl. in BURFORD. fed. a veces en sentido figurado).v. To coit with a woman: «I was able to hear all they did and to count on my fingers the number of nails they drove. dress for sale. Sp. droddum. M. en la actualidad y sustituido gen.] ‘But I’ll have one drive.. Sp. he drove it up to the guard» ( FH. To penetrate sexually: «It gave me a chance to plant my feet and drive home even harder. tickle and valley).. Sp. in LEWIS. Sp. 81).. To coit with a woman. Sp. The penis. porque hasta entonces se consideraba impropio usar bragas. Beber (copular). drive (it) home. drive.. dream whip.. dressed in nothing but a fig leaf .C. Sp.» (Hustler). A sexually attractive male or female. E.» (TGF. dreamboat. Sp. antic. Synonymous with ride: «She screamed at the sight of his Prick. by Captain Morris. Taladrar (penetrar el hombre a la mujer). Sp. Sp. Sp. .making then the right and direct application. To effect a deep insertion of the penis: «. Sp. Still occ.-a con sólo una hoja de parra.he had drove the nail up to the head. OED.woman. if I’m ripped up alive By this Great Plenipotentiary’» («The Plenipotentiary». drink at/from the fuzzy cup.M. dribbling dart of love.he drove his lovely cock in to the very root» (TSM. drill. Dardo del amor goteante (pene) (usado por Shaks. US. 278).. 18th-20th c. Sp. q. Also transf. To insert the penis completely: «. drive into. Practically naked. driveshaft. Batido en sueños (polución nocturna). Meterla hasta la empuñadura/la raíz. Sp. OED. An alleged custom of mediaeval times by which the feudal lord might have sexual intercourse with the bride of a vassal on the wedding-night. “(Scots) The posteriors” (F & H). See quot. 1923. 2-3: «Believe not that the dribbling dart of love can pierce a complete bosom». A brothel. To copulate. found: «[in a review of a porno movie]. Sp. Sp. translated by C. drive a nail. drive it in to the hilt/to the root . at nag. drive it up to the guard. To perform cunnilingus. dress-house.. To copulate (with a woman). 1784-1961. but the intermediate hair on both sides» ( FH.the only beauty never gets drilled.. drink.. Sp. iii. Clavar un clavo (penetrar el hombre a una mujer). Bote de ensueño (hombre o mujer sexualmente atractivos). To insert the penis completely: «. Sp. dripping (for it). Clavar el clavo hasta el fondo (introducir el pene en su totalidad). Sp. Chorreando (de deseo) (muy excitada sexualmente).. Vestido en venta (prostituta). Mardrus and Powys Mathers. I. Beber en la taza velluda (hacer un cunilinguo). The penis.. Sp. in a fright [. Bragas (lig. Vestido. and clothed by another. Cabalgar (copular. dicho del hombre). (Of a woman) sexually aroused: «’I’m positively dripping. because of the astonishing noise which they made in doing it» (From The Book of a Thousand Nights and One Night. Derecho de pernada (supuesta costumbre medieval por la que el señor feudal podía copular con la novia de su vasallo la noche de bodas antes de que ésta lo hiciera con su marido. Penetrar a una mujer. To coit with a woman. 145). “A woman boarded... Now rare. Br. Sp. la palabra significaba al parecer ‘medias’. 1823-1870. Meterla hasta el guardamano. Used by Shaks.

Copulation.dromaky. Sp. sl. Sp. drop´em. etc. duchess. cerca de Covent Garden) (prostituta). near Covent Garden. Prostituta (del nombre de una actriz que hizo el papel de Andrómaca). 19 th c. Gay jargon. from drum. drop one’s drawers/knickers/panties.M. Muslo de pollo (pene). drumstick. “Occ. Also to drop one’s beads. was a whoring centre. Sp. dry-fuck/dry fuck1. dry bob. gay jargon. Sp. or without orgasm. Austr. 94). sl. for a house. when very large. ‘vivienda’) . Polvo en seco (sin eyaculación). debido a un ‘gatillazo’). To have anal intercourse. in M. dry bob. Also as a verb: «He was dry-fucking me as we stood in the middle of the room» (Pent). Anal intercourse without any form of lubricant. and S. Echar el ancla en la bahía del culo (realizar coito anal).v.. drop hairpins. OED. Polvo en seco (con la ropa puesta. clases de dominación (prácticas sado-masoquistas). simulado. Syphilis. Also drop one’s batch (see quot. a lodging. dropping member. Dejar caer alfileres del pelo (indirectas sobre la propia homosexualidad) (jerga gay). (Of a woman) to allow copulation. with the clothes on: dry-fuck. [From a strolling actress who personated Andromache]” (F & H). Sp. E. o sin llegar a eyacular). Copulation without ejaculation.v. Sp. The flaccid penis. Bajarse las bragas. Sp. in the form dubbies which suggests a deformation of bubbies.. Soltar la carga (eyacular).. Sp. dry hump. sl. Sp. 1974). 1786.To copulate wearing a condom: dry run. Fiebre de Drury Lane (sífilis. From the lower part of the leg of a chicken. de drum. sl. dry run.” (PARTRIDGE. q. To ejaculate.Sp.. prob. Sp. . Pechos caídos. Drury Lane vestal. dubs. The female breasts. See drop one’s drawers/knickers/panties. if impotent or diseased. sl. Used in combinations to indicate: 1. US. dry. Sp. Drury Lane ague. Br. when Drury Lane. drop one’s load. q. (Gran) duquesa (gay de rol pasivo) (argot carcelario).Copulation without ejaculation: dry-fuck.C. Pezones (etimología incierta: forma abrev. drop anchor in poo-bay. On the other hand.. US. Austr. 278). 1971: «’. in BURFORD. Polvo en seco (coito anal sin lubricante) (jerga gay). See Drury Lane vestal. argot de los bajos fondos para ‘casa’. Sp. Sado-masochistic practices. superdroopers. See drop hairpins. Polvo en seco (coito sin eyaculación. dry hump. Abrev. dry run.and if you just hold your breath while climbing the stairs maybe you’ll see the nymphomaniac too and you’ll get a dry fuck’» ( TCp. prison sl. US. A male homosexual with a passive role. thieves’ sl. v .. Sp. See also come out. dry hump. E. Bajárselas (las bragas). The nipples. Sp. US. E. Copulation without ejaculation. 3. Seco (dicho del coito sin eyaculación. for dry-bobs and frigs With the Great Plenipotentiary’» («The Plenipotentiary». Sp. si son de gran tamaño). sl. Sp. Abbrev.. Sp. con la ropa puesta). Sp. imitation intercourse with all the clothes on. Casa (burdel. 2. of dominance training. droopers. US.Simulated copulation. de dubbies. E. (Of a woman) to allow copulation. drop one’s beads.. Also. To reveal one’s homosexuality by dropping hints.) . o por analogía con dugs. sl. sl. de dominance training. The penis. prob. due to impotence: «‘I’ll make up. please the pigs. A brothel. sin quitarse la ropa o con condón). Vestal de Drury Lane (centro de prostitución en el siglo XVIII. wearing a condom. Also superdroopers. Dejar caer cuentas (indirectas sobre la propia homosexualidad).v. Shields. etc. particularly N. Sp. 18 th c. Black sl. when pendulous. Br. Drury Lane vestal). A prostitute. Also. q. esp. alteración de bubbies. grand duchess. dubs may have been influenced by dugs. q. Sp. Copulation with one’s clothes on. dry-fuck/dry fuck2. Br. Miembro caído (pene en estado flácido). “(provincial) A prostitute: north of England. Coarse sl. D/T. at missionary position). Polvo en seco (con condón o simulado. drum.v. esp. Br. Sp.

Sp. dust cover for cunt. Sp. sl. Dulcinea (prostituta). Based on this silent quality of the female genitals. sl. E.Sp. for the nipples or teats. Mojar el músculo del amor (copular. The buttocks. Rare. dumb-squint. esp. Sp. ‘to masturbate’. duff. But you won’t be parental» (Fragment of a rugby song). Sp. The female genitals. Bizco y mudo (vulva). putz. E. dust the family jewels. dump. sl. The breasts. Copulation. wally. A condom. Durex.. A cheap brothel. Pasta (pron. From the dipping of a biscuit. heard in feed the dumb glutton. and mouth that says no words about it.v. como insulto: tonto). de dough) (nalgas o lesbiana de rol fem. dummy. E. sl. The penis. dunk the dingus. You may get the works. sl. 1530-1878. The female genitals. vaginal balls). The vagina. dial. q. US. Br. 15th-16th c. The breasts. OED. and the female genitals in to feed the dummy. dicho del hombre). A chaperon. q. US. mistress. A sexual aid for women (see vaginal balls): «’Duo balls’.. Sp. Refugio subterráneo (vagina). A prostitute. en to work the dumb oracle. US. sl. dumb oracle.v. Sp. dung-stabber. Dulcibel. Derog. Pudines (pechos de mujer). Sp. de la conocida marca de preservativos).v.. secreción sebácea acumulada bajo el prepucio.. E. dunk the love muscle. Durex (condón. mouth thankless. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. aplicado a los pechos de una mujer. OED. sl. ‘to copulate’. Quitarle el polvo a las joyas de familia (masturbarse el hombre). Br. Sp. Sp. Punning on a mouth that cannot speak and great sexual appetite. tamb.. From Spanish dueña. Origin obscure. Sp. male or female. esp. Vertedero (burdel barato). Smegma (q. now contemptuous». sl. Sp. Sp. E. Also. at twin glories. duck-butter. Sp.v. From a dial. From the well-known trade name for contraceptive sheaths. carabina). US. raro). in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. sl. Dulcinea. 19th c. dicho del hombre). Sp. underworld. Durex is a girl’s best friend. schmuck. 18 th-19th c. See quot. Trasero (etimología desconocida). said Belinda [. The vulva. dummock. Scottish. dugs. Ubres (tetas o pezones) (de origen incierto. «As applied to the breasts. . Sp. To coit with a woman. To coit with a woman. Mojar la cosa (copular. Dos pelotas (juguete sexual usado por las mujeres para masturbarse) (v. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sp. Guardapolvo del coño (pene. or semen. perhaps connected with Swedish daegga and Danish daegge. Pato (gay o lesbiana). Sp. semen). duo balls. E. in to beat/bash/flog/whip one’s dummy. a lesbian with a feminine role. A prostitute. Apuñalamierda (gay de rol activo) (usado pey).. etc. Br. twat. Oráculo mudo (genitales fem.). Lex. q. relacionado quizás con el sueco daegga y el danés daegge.). a fool’. Br. dunking. 1932: «A poke with a bloke may be quite incidental.). con matiz despectivo). Dulcibel (prostituta). en to beat/bash/flog/whip one’s dummy (masturbarse el hombre) o to feed the dummy (copular). Acción de mojar la galleta (en el té o el café) (coito). dugout. Sp. sl. Still occ. duenna. US. “The posteriors” (F & H). sl. pronunciation of dough. See family jewels. Like other words for the sexual organs –prick. The penis.] ‘I sent away for a pair after reading an advertisement for them in the last issue of The Oyster’ (TSM. Br. E. [PARTRIDGE. 19th c. in tea or coffee. dumb glutton/dumb-glutton. A gay male who plays the active role in anal intercourse.v. dumplings. ‘to suckle (a child)’. Br. Sp. Homosexual.– it has come to be used as a term of abuse: ‘a stupid person. Br. Sp. in the expression to work the dumb oracle. etc. US.. Dueña (del español) (acompañante. 257). OED. q. Glotón mudo (genitales fem.duck. 1708-1877. Based on the eye metaphor. we find: dumb oracle.. dumpling-shop.). US. sl. Tienda de pudines (pechos de mujer). [PARTRIDGE. 19th c. Pelele (genitales. ‘mamar el bebé’) (usado hoy día. Sp. Manteca de pato (esmegma. usado tamb. campus sl.

meaning ‘in trouble’. Dikey (OED. to. The testicles. 1965. argot rimado: door rima con whore). see bull2. Dutch cap. iii.). sl. Br. « A woman enjoyed with her pattens on. Used by Shaks. by Judy Grahn. Obs. Polvo holandés (eyaculación masturbándose entre las tetas). q. Sp. Oreja entre las piernas (genitales fem. Homosexual pun relating dike. Dutch dumplings.. to the dikes of Holland. Dutch widow. The buttocks. Sp. From the meaning ‘to plough’. tit-fuck/titty-fuck and diddyride. The female genitals. Sp. Black sl. Lang. Sp. Cockney rhyming sl. 1942. E. OED.v. 44-46). A lesbian. Lesbiana masc. Br. According to PARTRIDGE (1961). For synonyms. To copulate (with a woman). Army sl. the lesser lips. for a whore. Sp. A bolster soldiers who are far from home hug to as a substitute for their wives. 362). (Of a male) masturbation between a woman’s breasts. Esposa holandesa (muñecas inflableso algúnu otro sustituto sexual de la esposa). See also quot. dykon. The posterior. in India or in desert country. OED.).. Pudines holandeses (nalgas). dicho del hombre) (usado por Shaks. Sp. he’s my drudge» (All’s Well. Dutch wife. lesbian. 1922. perhaps from dust accumulated by shorts wearers.). Chica holandesa (lesbiana) (juego de palabras con dikes. Obs. born 1940. Duquesa (mujer disfrutada por el hombre sin quitarse las botas o con los zuecos de ella puestos). See also French fuck. A masc. Sp. sl. Dutch kiss/Dutch-kiss. Melissa Etheridge. Sp. Dutch boy. Lombriz de tierra (pene).: «The town is called “Beaver City” because of the many beautiful coeds there» (Pent). early door. Dutch wives and Dutch husbands are euphs.lapping Julie’s eager beaver» ( Pent). for life-sized machines or devices used in masturbation. Gay jargon. OED. Muchacho holandés (gay que anda con lesbianas) (jerga gay). esp. Sp.. dutchess. diques de Holanda). at tilth/tillage.. Sp. The penis. From the sl. Beso holandés (intimidades sexuales). is said to be made a dutchess» (GROSE). A randy woman or her genitals: «. spec... Sp. dyke/dike2.. Sp. The female genitals. Pregnant and not married. Icono lesbiano (fusión de dyke y icon) (jerga gay). Sp. E. Plumero (trasero. Plumeros (testículos). adjective. ear between the legs. by 1948. A gay male who hangs out with lesbians. Origin unknown: «The women-loving-women in America were called dykes and some liked it and some did not» (A History of Lesbianism. Sp. A contraceptive device. q.] If I be his cuckold.. Tapón holandés (diafragma). 1964) is the corresp. Arar (copular. such as K. in. Sp. of the vulva.duster. or to indulge. Viuda holandesa (prostituta). Sp. Dique (genitales fem. dyke/dike1. Sp. Dutch girl. See also bull-dike/bulldike. Sp. Often shortened to beaver. E eager beaver. the female genitals. bollera (etimología desconocida).v. or by a man in boots.v. I. or Ellen Degeneres. in COOTE. A lesbian icon. Sp. Dutch fuck. Also. A prostitute. consisting in a rubber diaphragm fitted with a ring that is filled with a spermicide and inserted in the vagina. Dutch.. Puerta temprana (prostituta. sl. More generally. OED. rare. Br. dusters. . Castor ansioso (mujer sexualmente excitada o sus genitales) .: «Clown.D. q. Gay jargon. He that ears my land spares my team [. 19 th c. in sexual intimacies. específicamente los labios menores de la vulva). En situación holandesa/en apuros (soltera y embarazada). earthworm. Indulgence. 1608. Homosexual sl. US. o genitales fem. Sp. ear.

Polvo fácil (mujer fácil). easy. for ‘copulate. Though not spec. include: comfort.Iachimo. among others.ease. de Ugandan affairs – v.. easy catch. Lex..: «He married me knowing full well that I was an ‘easy cunt’» (Fiesta). Aliviar la naturaleza (copular o masturbarse). Still current today usually applied to a girl who is willing to copulate on the first date: an easy lay. easy glove. Sp. easy cunt. To relieve someone’s sexual needs. A girl or woman who is easily persuaded into sexual intercourse. Guante acomodaticio (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. my lord. Sp. Ben Jonson and Marston. Used by Shaks. To perform cunnilingus. for example. more rarely. she goes off and on at pleasure». Since the 18th c. Shortened from woman of easy virtue. easy rider. easy mark. one who is willing to copulate on the first date: «. Similar euphs. To copulate or to masturbate. 272. registered in the OED.. 1967.). Carne fácil (mujer fácil). Sp. Often said of a girl or woman who is easily persuaded into sexual intercourse. Sp. Used by Shaks. an easy mark. See quot. Aliviarse (masturbarse). A sexually satisfying lover. Your lady being so easy» (Cymbeline. with this meaning. argot rimado am. and a widow’s comforter for ‘dildo’. at frig.. iii. iv. sl. Coño fácil (mujer fácil). OED. Sp. Sp.. q. V. A girl or woman who is easily persuaded into sexual intercourse. in the latter sense as US. console. II.. easy-meat. 38). relieve. Sp. eat at the Y. Extra-marital copulation. Comer (en Shaks. A girl who is easily persuaded to have sex. Also. eat. punning on the Y representing a woman’s open legs. A Private Eye refinement of the in-joke Ugandan affairs (see discuss Uganda). easy make. easy virtue. Blanco fácil (mujer fácil). o chulo de prostituta). in the 16th-17th c. Sp. an easy woman . In use on the Pacific Coast of America. Comer en la Y [hacer un cunilinguo. 1967. 45-46). Fácil (dicho de una mujer) (usado por Shaks.. Actividades Este-Africanas (coito extramarital. To masturbate. Sp. a whore: «This woman’s an easy glove. realizar sexo oral).many British guys think all American girls with blonde hair are easy to bed. a pimp who lives off a prostitute’s earnings. for ‘masturbate’. The stone’s too hard to come by. Sp. Used by Shaks. Now used in the sense of ‘fellatio and cunnilingus’. i. Sp.: west rima con breast). A girl or woman who is easily persuaded to have sex. discuss Uganda). A prostitute. Introducir el pene en la vagina con cuidado. O. Sp. easy cunt. solace. Sp. Mujer fácil.I picked up an easy lay at the local pub. Coarse sl. 208). ease oneself.. Sp. copular. 1927-1976: ☺«Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood: ‘’Now I’ve got you and I’m going to eat you’. Sp. From the sense ‘an easy target’. doesn’t anybody just fuck any more?’» (Archivos Secretos.». East African activities. I’m not an easy catch. and the first letter of the YWCA. . OED. an easy make.: «Posthumus.. to ease/relieve oneself.v. ease nature. etc.( Razzle). Young Women’s Christian Association. Buen jinete (amante satisfactorio. and ease nature. Not a whit. in the sense of ‘having sexual intercourse’: «Apemantus. To insert the penis in the vagina: «Her tight pussy gripped my cock as I eased my in right up to the hilt» ( Mayfair). Pesca fácil (mujer fácil).» (Mayfair). A prostitute. Sp. Used in New York. so they come by great bellies» ( Timon. OED.. they eat lords. var. A girl who is easily persuaded to have sex: «. Rhyming sl. I. A girl who is easily persuaded to have sex. Sp. where Diana Capilet is accused of being ‘a common customer’. easy-meat. 1912. the euph.). an easy catch. Este y oeste (pecho de mujer. actualmente. easy lay. Aliviar (las necesidades sexuales de alguien). Little Red Riding Hood: ‘Eat. juego de palabras entre la primera letra de YWCA (Asociación Cristiana de Mujeres Jóvenes) y la Y como representación gráfica de las piernas abiertas de una mujer]. has a long tradition in English classic literature (it was used with an innuendo of sexual gratification by Chapman. in All’s Well. east and west. eat. one who is willing to copulate on the first date. Sp. = breast. ease it up a woman/ease one’s way in . (Mujer) de virtud relajada (prostituta).. OED.). eat.

Br. Edie. Sp. esp. to. ecstasy. Insert the penis in the vagina. Sp. The Shame of a City. Sp. To perform oral sex. To be pregnant. To perform fellatio. Decadente.: «. was the Mayfair professional. without vigour. Sp. 151). sl. sl. eat hair-pie. From Latin effetus. Used by Shaks. Br. To perform cunnilingus. Orgasm: «He rammed it up to the trigger grip And fired three times three But to his surprise she closed her eyes And smiled in ecstasy» (Fragment of «Eskimo Nell». US. Piccadilly and the railway stations’: John Gosling & Douglas Warner. the best of the street-walkers. in the phrases Manhattan eel and eel-skin.: ☺«A little boy describes to his horrified mother how he has watched his older sister and her beau kill an eel which ‘popped out of his pants and dug its way into her. Comer pastel de harina (practicar anilingus). Comérselo. euph. eff. Comer rosa (hacer un cunilinguo). 1960. A condom. Sp. Eel = ‘penis’. ‘to make feminine’ (from femina. Prostituta barata (argot policial londinense). To perform cunnilingus: «.’ The mother faints» (Rationale I. Sp. Homosexual [queer en Pig Latin (v. esp. q. eerquay. Comer por dos (estar embarazada). effete.eating pussy is one of my specialties» ( FU. sl. Efe (follar. of effeminate. del latín effetus. To perform cunnilingus. Still occ. eat pound cake. eat out. eel1. Sp. Sp. E. A man who looks or behaves like a woman. Sp. US. degenerate. out + fetus. from ex.). 97). of effeminare. Pig Latin for queer.: «Thunder shall not so awake the beds of eels as my giving out her beauty stir up the lewdly inclined» ( Pericles. used in the 20 th c. abbrev. 98). Despelleja-anguilas (genitales fem. abbrev. To copulate. Occ. US. breeding: that has brought forth young. Londoners’. Comerse el minino (hacer un cunilinguo). ii. “A cheap prostitute. US. 61). in colloquial language. effect intromission. Sp. hence worn out by bearing. glosario de términos especializados)]. Comer pastel o hamburguesa de pelo (hacer un cunilinguo). Tech. See quot. Sp. Black sl. From Latin effeminatus.. see fuck. c1430-1860: «He was not effeminate. 19th c. Afeminado. Sp. 144-46). eat someone’s meat. The female genitals. Anguila (condón. E. to effie. IV. . effie. eat sausage. Humorous. OED. For similar euphs. Sp. Comer pastel de pelo (hacer un cunilinguo). The penis. From the first letter of fuck. Sp. Sp. Éxtasis (orgasmo). since ca. eat jam. Afeminado (forma abrev. Piel de anguila (condón). de effeminate). eel2. 1945.). Sp. He held himself well. Homosexual.. exhausted. eating for two.-a (practicar sexo oral). eat pink. A colloq. a rugby song). to be. eat pussy. eel-skinner. Sp. colloq. or “Toms” as they were called. Comer salchicha (hacer una felación). Comerse la carne de alguien (hacer una felación). past part. ‘debilitado tras haber engendrado’). and the worst the Edies of the East End. effeminate. A condom. To perform cunnilingus. To perform cunnilingus: «Eat pink! Pussy licking lesbians!» ( Barely Legal classifieds). degenerado (afeminado. Comer mermelada (practicar anilingus).eat fur-pie/furburger. 1974). eat it/someone. Comer fuera (hacer un cunilinguo o una felación). eat/have a tuna sanwich.while I went on eating her out» ( FU. To perform anilingus. woman). Sp. police. Weak. Sp.. To perform anilingus. Comer un sandwich de atún (hacer un cunilinguo).. Sp. Sp. underworld. en Manhattan eel y en eel-skin). sl. de la primera letra de fuck). Anguila (pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. at aesthete. New Zealand sl. Sp. OED. eel-skin. To fellate. To perform cunnilingus or fellatio. effeminate. 17901981. Sp.. Efectuar la introducción (del pene en la vagina). Sp..v. esp. ‘From the point of view of the police. and US. his gestures were manly» ( DOV.” (PARTRIDGE.

to melt. stones or balls. to come (off). like in the following version of a popular limerick: «There was an old monk in Siberia Whose existence grew steadily drearier. Huevos en el cesto (testículos.v. In legal English. There are lots of euphs.. Elephant and Castle. to spunk. eggs in the basket. The female genitals. the ejaculated semen. A term used by psychoanalysts to denote a daughter’s attraction towards her father and hostility towards her mother.. 1578-1878: «. The testicles. to release. an intellectual. An ageing male homosexual. Sp. si es majestuoso y orgulloso) (popular en San Francisco en las décadas de los sesenta y los setenta) (jerga gay). Eyacular y semen eyaculado. elope. Br. 178). eggs.. pronunciado ‘asl’le’). the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. responsible for the murder of the latter in the Greek tragedy. Sp. Rare. said of a girl who runs away from home with her boyfriend. . to climax. «it may also allude to the biblical Susannah’s mysterious appeal to the lecherous elders». the fruit. to cream. The anus. and even more freq. ejaculate. Homosexual Black man. An elderly homosexual male who chases homosexual youths. de Abyssinian medal. The breasts. to unload oneself. OED.: to fire (off). Sp. but occ. The penis. to discharge. Sp.. Sp. ‘mayor’ y berry. Electra complex. and knew he was near to ejaculating» ( Pent). The testicles. 19th c. forma abrev. From Latin ejaculari. Complejo de Electra (atracción de una hija por su padre y hostilidad hacia la madre) . Less common than cods. to get off. of Abyssinian medal. in a spasm of joy that sent him rolling over the bed» (DOV. 1927. Sp. OED. to pop off. q. sl. Reina egipcia (gay negro. Cabeza de huevo (intelectual) (pene). we can cite: to spend. found in erotica (see quot. for arsehole. Baya de sáuco (homosexual viejo. among the euphs.effusion. to spew. sl. the marks of a plenteous effusion. to pop one’s cork. Army sl. Elefante (ano. ejaculatio precox. for seminal emission. US. The discharging of the male sperm. E. OED. From Anglo-Norman aloper. to loose off the lot. Named after a public house which stood at the start of the old London to Brighton road. to squirt. A pun on ‘elder’ and ‘berry’. Rapid termination of the sexual act on the part of the male. to drop one’s load. pronounced ‘ars’le’. elders. Ejaculation: «Then I plainly perceived. esp. with the purpose of getting married. said of a wife who runs away from her husband in the company of her lover. ‘to hurl out’. Sp. to let fly. rhyming sl. From an elder tree in full leaf. to jet one’s juice. ‘to hurl out’. if he is stately and proud. Sp. to go off. to throw the lot. at white gravy).v. applied to a man. elephant2. OED. rhyming sl. Br. to spurt (off). 1892-1959. To eject semen from the body. Sp. raro). egg-sucker. Derrame (eyaculación). Sp.» (FH. to run away. Till he broke from his cell With a hell of a yell 45 According to NEAMAN. Sp..v. and dysphs. Saúcos (pechos de mujer) . Elefante (genitales fem. From Latin ejaculari. q. raro). Not common. on the cushion.I could feel him tense. Egyptian medal. OED. ‘tipo de fruta’ y por tanto. Egyptian queen.v. 194). Elefante y Castillo (conocida taberna que se encontraba al principio de la carretera de Londres a Brighton) (ano. word for a highbrow. esp. var. elderberry. 1603-1966: «Suddenly he had an ejaculation. to shoot (off). to get one’s nuts/rocks off. 1913-1963. Sp.. gay jargon. Huevos (testículos. to finish.) (raro). US. etc. An obs. Abbrev. usu. Occ. Sp. Sp. OED. etc. homosexual). See also white of the eggs. q. to blow one’s load/wad/the lot. From Electra. elephant1. and among the dysphs.). Eyaculación precoz (del latín). Sp. Chupa-huevos (gay viejo que persigue a los jovenes) (jerga gay) . The anus. sl. de Elephant and Castle. From the sl. gay jargon (popular in San Francisco in the late 60s and 70s). E. juego de palabras entre elder. Medalla egipcia (la bragueta abierta. his first. Eyaculación.). form of Elephant and Castle. to let go. egghead. argot rimado: Castle rima con asshole. Sp. to spit. Latin for ‘premature ejaculation’. 1338-1884. but in popular language also. 45 Austr. Also. US. ejaculation.. var. q. to spill oneself.

Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate.. Sp. emasculate. Still current in the 18th c. (Of a male) to masturbate. emission. for penis. Fugarse una chica de su casa con su novio o. OED. to make love (with): «In spite of their savage encounter Elena could not have an orgasm» (DOV. With the same imagery –the sexual areas viewed as the most distant parts in the body– we also find: end-piece.. 98).). encounter. to do it with a woman who copulates regularly with two or more males contemporaneously. Castrar. empty oneself.on his drawing out. To castrate. i. Vaciar la basura (eyacular). empty someone. Often found as a delicate euph. to. Chimed in an old queer. encore. and you say you’re ill. E. Often found as a delicate euph. To be sexually intimate with a woman. Sp. 55). etc. Sp. ‘ungirded’. Vaciar (hacer eyacular). To ejaculate. You’re over the hill46 brother. Sp. The penis or the glans: «A pretty young man from Southend Decried sodomy to a friend. ‘Don’t worry my dear. Sp. A love-bout. Sp. for the glans. amorous encounter.). To clasp in one’s arms. The vagina.. at lists of love). en ocasiones a un hombre.. Elliptical. See also finish. 114). Encuentro (íntimo. Sp.amoroso/sexual) (usado por Shaks. to.. sl.v. empty one’s trash. . empty tunnel. Ejaculation. To ejaculate: «He emptied himself in her and fell on her breast without a word» (DOV. aplicado tamb . empty the cannon. Black E. for copulate.). Also used in combs. Un bis/una repetición (una segunda erección en una sesión amorosa.. Sp. She yielded with grace To her lover’s embrace. copulation. from seminal emission (from Latin emissio seminis). OED. as in the following version of a popular limerick: «There was a young lady of France Who decided to give it a chance. Army sl. Pregnant. irse la mujer del domicilio conyugal con su amante. Descargar la pistola del sexo (masturbarse el hombre). Vaciarse (eyacular).] But when she wants an encore.: intimate encounter. forma elíptica de seminal emission). You’ll find it’s quite nice-in the end’» (Limerick). empty the sex pistol. 1592-1865. an. 15991860. Make a man ejaculate: «. Descargar el cañón (msturbarse el hombre).. q.. un segundo polvo). to hug. Abrazar (copular). enceinte.). embrace. illicit embraces. From F. Emplear (copular el hombre con una mujer) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Abrazo(s) (coito).. Used by Shaks. Sp. OED. 46 To be over the hill= to be finished. over the hill» (Fragment of rugby song). red-end and blunt end (Br. from Late Latin incincta. end. 244). enceinte. Sp. extra-marital copulation. Emisión (eyaculación.. menos frec. 1599-1660. Encinta (del fr.. Sp.Rose had emptied him. when emission was over with him. Used by Shaks..And eloped with the Mother Superior». Sp. a complete embrace . I. Sp. OED. etc. to share her embraces.he was not ready to embrace me» ( EIT.. sexual encounter.: «Your tale must be how he employ’d my mother» (King John. A second erection at one ‘session’ of love-making: «You can fool the dear wife with the cleverest lies [.» (EIC.» (Playbirds). 1646-1885: «.: «.: a conjugal embrace. 110).» (FH. Also in combs. Sp. Tunel vacío (vagina). To have an orgasm: «Then off he came and blushed for shame So soon that he had ended. lit. 148). Terminar (orgasmar). employ.. Copulation. Sp. end1.. And now all her sisters are aunts». embrace(s)..(see quot.

used in ‘personal’ ads. 221). Sp. end of the journey. Also ends. del final de la novela de L. engage. Sp. El enemigo (el pene). vi. Sado-masochistic practices. Sp.. English guidance. make (both) ends meet. Sp. Sado-masochistic practices. Artes inglesas (prácticas sado-masoquistas. Practicar sexo seguro (masturbarse). and fully considered him. See quot. The penis: «Phoebe lay down by me. English guidance and English vice.. supple both ends of it. fit ends. and is still current. Máquina (pene). Extremo (trasero). for the female genitals. English arts. English culture. Final del viaje sentimental (genitales fem . Sp. to get one’s end in and to peel one’s best end. where engine is used elliptically for fireengine: «There was an old spinster of Tyre Who bellowed. sadism and masochism. viewed as the most distant parts in the body. Punta(s)/extremo (genitales fem. a la camarera»). a code used in ‘personal’ ads.). It is an old euph.end(s) and nether end.. a code used in ‘personal’ ads. Sp. Sado-masochistic practices. An orgasm. código usado en los anuncios de sexo) . Inglés (código usado en anuncios de sexo. Used by : «Because she was enforced. To violate a woman. A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy: «I put out my hand and caught hold of the fille de chambre’s. Sterne ‘Viaje Sentimental por Francia e Italia’: «alargué la mano y le cogí .: «His enforcement of the city wives. Guía inglesa (prácticas sado-masoquistas. a code occ. and drawing out the engine of love-assaults.: «. Sp. and to have/get one’s end away/off. código usado en los anuncios de sexo) . latter-end. hind-end. Austr. 262). V. engagement.» (Richard III. endless belt.C.». Connected with sexual deviations. and ask’d me archly if. enforcement. enforce. Sp. To copulate. To masturbate (of either sex). 8). Combate (coito). See also foe. in BURFORD. 53). From the military sense: to begin to fight the enemy: «The hero being mad with rage. Brought his engine around. a code used in ‘personal’ ads. a code used in ‘personal’ ads. at Battersea Park. Resolved for to attack again. English discipline. . Imponer. forzar (violar) (usado por Shals.. The female genitals. and rear-end. 286).. A prostitute. Final del viaje (orgasmo). Sp. Sp. viewed as the most distant parts in the body. for copulate. The buttocks. as it was used punning on an engine of war in the 17 th c. Used by Shaks. Now practically obs. The penis. And extinguished her burning desire». now that I had seen the enemy. engage in safe sex. I was unwilling to engage» («The Citadel». end piece... butt-end.. Sterne’s novel. to wet one’s end. Copulation: «I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the pleasure of an early morning engagement» (EIC. Sp. endowment. Sp. enemy. Sp. Sp. III.). Enforced copulation.). From the end of L. Punta (del pene o glande). Sp. 46). Sp. Sp. match ends. See English discipline. Pieza del extremo (pene). Sp. The penis.» (FH. See end1.. Sado-masochistic practices. Cultura inglesa (prácticas sado-masoquistas . for coit with a woman. Sp. See belt2. English. referido gen . as at a ready-made breach.M. código usado a veces en los anuncios de sexo) . the. Imposición ( violación (usado por Shaks. M. as in the following limerick. English arts. stain’d and deflower’d?» (Titus.sl. iii. I was still afraid of him? » ( FH. Sp.he unbutton’d. The female genitals.. Also freq. 1786. ‘My cunt is on fire!’ So a fireman was found. end2. to get one’s end wet. for the buttocks. a prácticas sado-masoquistas). fit end to end. código usado en los anuncios de sexo) . Disciplina inglesa (prácticas sado-masoquistas. esp. in combs. A good-sized penis: «He was able finally to sink about half of his endowment into my well of wantonness» (CP. end3. end of the sentimental journey. 38). Entablar combate (copular). Atributos (pene de buen tamaño).. English culture.. drove it currently.. Correa sin fin (prostituta). engine. end.

To please. English rose. English vice. Seeks Gentlemen Only» (Mayfair classifieds). Sp. enob. OED. a1600. diversión (coito) (Shaks. Entrada (penetración). for ‘cunt’. One who partakes of the characteristics of both sexes. 1609-1881. 9-11). Punning on the pubic hair. for ‘fan’. entertainment. 48): «And then he thought to venture her. mottob. Sp. Still current: «It was in this romantic setting that we first enjoyed each other» ( FOF. 175). Thinking the fitt was on him. Art Student. slabs. 120). Other back sl. 1598-1950. Penetrar (a una mujer). Vicio inglés (prácticas sado-masoquistas). “A typically attractive light-complexioned English girl”. used mutual entertainment. A boy’s buttocks. as it is to be found in «Walkinge in a Meadow Greene». Menstruating. for ‘bosom’. esp. . OED. Sado-masochistic practices. epicene. Pene (de bone. for ‘balls’. Sp. to. enjoy. Copulation. enjoyment. 12). for ‘copulate’ and enjoy oneself. Sp. Sp. It is an old euph. Epiceno (del latín epicoenus) (con características de ambos sexos). / But not possesst it. Sp. enter the ring of fire. Sp.English method. Centinela inglés (pene erecto). The erect penis. To insert the penis in the vagina completely. Penetration of the male: «. for ‘big breasts’. with copulation: «I have heard of a sect that maintained [that] when the husband was asleep the wife might lawfully entertain another man. Sp. at come. Sp. enjoy favours. fig. (Of a woman) to masturbate. escrito al revés). of both sexes. Sp. Meter hasta la empuñadura. Freq. iii. Entrar en el círculo de fuego (masturbarse la mujer) enter to the hilt. q. entry. entertaining the general . A witty alternative to French letter. Homosexual sl.v. English sentry. Disfrute (coito). used in England in the 19 th c. Sp. To masturbate. del hombre). Disfrutar (favores/la hospitalidad de alguien/los placeres del amor) (copular) (usado por Shaks . enjoy the hospitality of. But when he came to enter her The point turned back upon him». Molletes ingleses (nalgas de un muchacho). entertain. he entered me from behind» ( CI). Sp. dicho gen . Entrada (penetración). entretenimiento mutuo). Rosa inglesa ( típica chica inglesa atractiva de tez clara) . English Rose.. mosob. OED. the entry into the body of the woman» (LCL. Sp. Sobre (condón. enjoy the pleasures of love . for bone (bone spelt backwards).. Copulation: «’Good evening. Gen. naf. To copulate. Beautiful. A condom. q. / Not yet enjoy’d» ( R & J. include: tenuc. Entretenimiento. envelope. Sp. enter (a woman). Also.: «O.). and though I am sold. Sp. occ. and gib tesurbs. ‘effeminate’. Petite Blonde. Penetration of the male: «It was the moment of pure peace for him. Disfrutar favores (copular.). enter the forest. q. 27-28). To penetrate sexually. terms. torrac. for ‘carrot’.v. From Latin epicoenus.Curt pulled her legs over his shoulders and he made his entrance» (Pent).» (M.: enjoy favours. Still fully current: «This time. Used by Shaks. See another quot. ii. heard. Back sl. Sp. to occupy sexually. in adult entertainment. see little visitor. Homosexual intercourse against the thighs. To copulate with a woman. I have bought the mansion of a love. (Of a woman) to masturbate. enjoy oneself.. alternativa al más común French letter. Entretener (copular). Método inglés (coito homosexual entre los muslos). for ‘bottom’. Disfrutar de uno mismo (masturbarse). You are searching for entertainment?’ » ( EGT. Sp. Sp.. 1902-1968: «Anna. etc. V. Sp. Sp. for ‘masturbate’. said of a man. Percy Ms (in BURFORD. Tener al general de visita (tener la regla). Entrar en el bosque (masturbarse la mujer). Shaks. entrance. For synonyms. in combs.. III. English muffins. Sp.v. usó mutual entertainment.

A euph. Deseo erecto (pene en erección). OED (AS). 52). pl.. Occ. sl. if he made love to her. Sp. Ayudas eróticas. . In ancient Greece. See also coprolalia. noun of action. Noon till midnight. from Eros. Erecto(s) (dicho del pene. 1594-1885: «. essence.. essential part. Another term for sex aids or marital aids. Acquired in college. Ejaculation: «. Likening the emission of semen to the eruption of a volcano.. use. erotolalia.] after some minutes [. 224). A prostitute. Sp. an older man who desires or pursues a younger man.. Erección. 1651-1865: «There were erotic Chinese pictures on the walls» (DOV.-a. used as a euph.. a man) for entertainment. Erótico. OED. To ejaculate. Coition. Sp. geyser. erotic aids. and Robert had a second erection» (LB. ‘to set up’. Sp. Hermana extraviada (prostituta).).. en anuncios de sexo).» (EIT. 34).» (Men’s World). or clitoris) enlarged and rigid through the engorgement of erectile tissue. 239). Acompañamiento. Sexual desire (OED.. The male genitals: «. Sp. and in sleep my essential part had swelled. Sp.. 167). for semen. Sp. en anuncios de sexo). (Of the penis.. Eskimo pie. nipples. (En la antigua Grecia) hombre mayor que desea o persigue a un joven. erotic crucifixion.» ( FU. escort agency. and generally experience sexual terms is known as erotolalia. sexual love. amatory. erotica.). See part(s). Zonas erógenas. Sp. See quot. Career Girls & Students» ( Mayfair classifieds). erotic. A frigid woman. 242).. Parte esencial (genitales masc. Often used in sexual ads: «Exclusive London Escort Agency for the finest selection of Models. erect desire. 217). 1932-1990. 74).equipment. erection. 145). erect.. 1861): «At five o’clock Paris always has a current of eroticism in the air» ( DOV. Esencia (semen). o fem. erotism/eroticism.. 1897-1990.. A person. Erotic literature or art. US. but no more» (DOV. that it was Jean’s essence which flowed together with her own moisture» (DOV. for a prostitute in sexual ads.. compañía (prostituta de agencia.. erupt... OED (AS). escort. a young woman. 1854-1967: «.a group of hungry writers who were turning out erotica for sale to ‘a collector’» (DOV. Often used as a euph. Sp. usado frec.» (Forum). caressing. Sp. To derive pleasure from the use of obscene words during sexual intercourse: «A sexologist told me one time that this desire to hear. Sp. 1849) or sexual pleasure (OED.he asked us if we wanted to inspect his ‘equipment’» ( FU. etc. usado frec . Erupción (eyaculación). Sp..] an eruption took place» ( EAP. of erotikos. Sp.] was so dextrous at raising my spirits that [. erastes. The erect penis. erring sister. for the erect penis: «And once he dared to place his erect desire against her buttocks..but they were still kissing. the Greek god of love. from eros.: «It’s not long before I erupt inside her. Erótico. Sp. corresponding to erectus. Sp. Sp. prostitutes for hire: «Beautiful leggy 19-year-old escort would love to keep you company in London. at spike. From Greek erotika. Zones in the body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation and arouse sexual desire. Sp. Agencia de acompañamiento (alquiler de servicios de prostituta.v. Crucifixión erótica (coito). OED. hired to accompany another person (gen. Sp. q. Prostitutes for hire. punning on someone’s essential being. Concerning sexual desire or sexual pleasure. OED.my young friend [. OED.. 57). eruption. as well as escort agency. los pezones o el clítoris). Sp. The genitals. Greek for sexual love. of erigere. Erotolalia (empleo de lenguaje obsceno durante el coito). Erupcionar (eyacular). and distilled liquid: «She felt that Pierre would know. male or female: «I had neglected to cover myself. as during sexual arousal.. Literatura o arte eróticos. Pastel esquimal (mujer frígida). Of nineteen erogenous zones» (Limerick). usu. 1889-1967: «There was a young student named Jones Who’d reduce any maiden to moans By his wonderful knowledge. past part. Sp. Equipo (genitales masc. From Latin erectionem.. erogenous zones. From erotikos.

Disculpe mi francés (dicho a veces por los ingleses como disculpa tras soltar un taco). Sp. Mujer mala (prostituta). Sp.). See triangle. everlasting wound. or I would send them to th’ Turk.: «It was thought she was a woman. en 1977). (Of a woman) to masturbate. Br. Not common. Sp. “An Austr. Etcétera(s) (genitales fem. A castrated person of the male sex... Herida sempiterna (genitales fem. E.. Tapered body with jutting buttocks. 1955. Estrella vespertina (prostituta). rare. OED. Eunuco (usado por Shaks. exchange flesh. The female pudenda. See spit1. 19th c. Literary. Br. E. 18th-19th c. Menstruation. Ethel. .). Sp. 24). Eve’s curse. After King Arthur’s sword. Sp.. evil woman. Eva (genitales fem.). An erection. que suelen llamar a los genitales de la pareja por su nombre de pila) (recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. sl. evening star. (see quot.] and with a loud cry accomplished my evacuation» (EGT. to make eunuchs of» ( All’s Well. 130). The female genitals.). See French1. Used by Shaks. wife or lover. de un programa de radio austr. Sp. Intercambiar carne (copular) (usado por Shaks. Sp. Used by Shaks. Sp. 85-86).). Evacuar (eyacular). every night about this time. Ejaculation: «At length I could stand it no further [.. evacuation. Nombre de mujer (apelativo cariñoso dado a la vagina) (de uso privado entre amantes. Sp. exchange spit. The penis. Sp. eternal vale of man’s delight. US.» ( EGT. Acentuación europea (culo prominente). Sp. the. Sometimes found as the external disturber of the peace. A derog. To copulate. iii. Intercambiar saliva (besarse o copular). Br. IV. excuse my French. Valle eterno del placer del hombre (genitales fem. sl. Tesoro público. Sp. Eve’s custom-house.: «Do all they deny her? And they were sons of mine I’d have them whipt. “An elderly strumpet or ‘piece’” (F & H). 1974). Cultured. The penis. sl. Evacuación (eyaculación). Excavar en el Tunel del Amor (masturbarse la mujer).). Ex. A prostitute. ex. 271-273). Nombre de mujer (homosexual o afeminado). excitement. The female pudenda. culto) (raro). La espada del rey Arturo (pene) (euf. European accentuation. La maldición de Eva (menstruación). excavate the Tunnel of Love. E. Can. OED. The vagina. The female genitals. and was turn’d into a cold fish for she would not exchange flesh with one that lov’d her» ( The Winter’s Tale. See curse. See Nancy/nancy2. From the Greek eunokos. Sp.). Carne de oveja (prostituta vieja).with only two plunges he evacuated. US. Sp. La aduana de Eva (porque ahí es donde Adán hizo su primera entrada) (genitales fem. Eunice. Sp. hacienda (genitales fem. ewe-mutton. Sp. It is quite common to name the partner’s genitals after his/her own Christian name. evacuate. “Because that’s where Adam made his first entry” (GROSE). sl. Sp. 19 th c. The female genitals. catch-phrase referring to coition: since ca. Sp. sl. Sp. From the exchange of genetic code between the sperm and the ovulating egg taking place during fertilization. Sp. Todas las noches sobre esta hora (coito. exchange DNA... eunuch. nickname for an effeminate male or a male homosexual. c1430-1963. The female genitals.). A prostitute. To ejaculate: «. Homosexual sl. To copulate. Sp. at poperine pear). Sp.et caetera(s)/et cetera. Excitación (erección). Sp. Used by Shaks. II. eternal disturber of the peace . Sp. also.) (usado por Shaks. sl.. Sp. Br. exchequer. lit. Sp. eternal triangle. iv. E. ‘a bedchamber guard or attendant’. Sp. Eve. Eterno pertubador de la paz (pene) (raro). such a person employed as a harem attendant.). 1929. El eterno triángulo (relación amorosa en la que uno de los cónyugues tiene un amante). Private. Ex radio announcements” (PARTRIDGE.. Intercambiar ADN (copular). A former husband. Excalibur.

orgasmo. Sp. como ‘pezones’). Sp.. explode. found for the meatus: «A blob of milky cum still covered the tiny eye on his knob» (TSM. Ejaculation. for ‘anus’. Tail pipe (q. meato) [usado por Chaucer como ‘ano’ (v . Estar esperando (estar embarazada). dicho del hombre) . tamb . .: blind eye. extension cord. I need someone who is not scared to do the wild thing outdoors» (Swank fantasy personals). exhaust pipe. dicho de ambos sexos).v. Sp... The erect penis. 1968. Adultery..we spent together in a copious explosion of pleasure» (EIC. Ejercicio (coito). Punning on the pubic hair. in reference to anal copulation: (eye doctor is an underworld term for a male homosexual)..» (Mayfair). The anus. college boys as a euph. OED. Sp. Explosión (eyaculación. at die in a woman’s lap). Chaucer used nether yë as a euph. Sp. exhibitionism. roundeye. pezón. Alargadera (pene erecto). sl. Used by Shaks. bronze eye. Austr.Charles. Actividades extracurriculares (adulterio). external disturber of the peace. Sp.) is the US.] wound up too high to be let down by a single explosion». and the tendency of both organs to become suffused with moisture»47 (see quot.. The peak of sexual pleasure likened to the death throes: «. Exhibicionista. Sexual intercourse outside marriage. But eye is used for ‘anus’. deadeye. explosion. an orgasm (of both sexes): «Elena’s body was so burning hot that she feared one more touch would set off the explosion» ( DOV. Sp. sl. true to nature’s laws. for any of the human orifices.. q. 1882. exhibitionist. Sp. eye. Explosión de placer (eyaculación.. second eye (all q. explore. for the anus in his Miller’s Tale (744): «And Absolon hath kist hir nether yë. used eye(s) as a euph. long eye. at act. It has been used as a euph. Explotar (eyacular. Explorar (tocar con intención sexual). nether eye) y por Shaks. Ejercitar la derecha (masturbarse el hombre –juego de palabras con ‘ejercer su derecho’) . Indecent exposure of the sexual organs. expire.. Sp. 142). Sp.). in one breath expiring and ejaculating. Perturbador externo de la paz (pene).. Copulation. etc. US.execution (of love). as a manifestation of sexual perversion. See eternal disturber of the peace.(FH. for the female genitals «because of the shape.. The person who does this is called an exhibitionist or a flasher (q. Pasear al hurón/armadillo (copular. Ejecución (del amor) (coito) (usado por Shaks. Also. for ‘the nipples’. 307). sl. Sp. Shaks.I love to explore my body. at expire. To copulate with a woman.). See quot.v.so there should be no sign of the sort of exercise normally enjoyed there» (EAP. 49). Expirar (orgasmar). Sp. Ejaculation.. 218-19). 1893-1965: «I’m looking for exciting times with a man that is an exhibitionist. extracurricular activities. Tubo de escape (ano). and for the nipples: «When at their mothers’ moist’ned eyes babes shall suck. To have an orgasm.. 47 PARTRIDGE. Sp. Sp. brown eye. explosion of pleasure. It’s also occ. explore the bush.. i.» (1 Henry VI. Copulation: «.. Sp. the garniture of hair.»48. Sp.] the true-mettle springs of his instrument of pleasure [.). version.v. To ejaculate or have an orgasm: «It was an amazing sensation. orgasmo.v. mainly in comb. 1929. ano. Sp.. Sexo extramarital.. (Of a man) to masturbate. and I could have let her carry on till I exploded» (Pent). tamb. exercise the ferret/the armadillo. Exhibicionismo. orgasm (of both sexes): «. (Of a woman) to masturbate.’ y en pl. OED. exercise one’s right. To touch sexually: «. 1893-1964. OED. Ojo (genitales fem. languish’d not long in the dissolving trance [. One who indulges in exhibitionism. Car imagery. 48 «And Absolon has kissed her nether eye». To be pregnant. and eyes. Also used by US. OED. eye is sometimes found as a dysph. 70). expecting/an expectant mother. black eye. exercise... to be. extramarital sex. See quot. I. dicho de ambos sexos). 20). In contemporary US. Explorar la maleza (masturbarse la mujer). Sp. The penis. for ‘copulation’. Sp. orgasmar). como ‘genitales fem.

A man who prefers cunnilingus to any other sexual activity. Sp. The female genitals. sl. sl. Que realiza masajes faciales (face aquí = genitales) (vibrador). Sp. tamb. A homosexual male. Sp. 1895-1969: «. The female genitals.» (Gore Vidal in Playboy). Sp. Las cosas de la vida (la función sexual explicada a los niños). face fucking. Can. Agujero del ojo (orificio externo de la uretra). See also regulator. OED. 19th c. Sp. From Midlands dial. A male homosexual. See facial and get a facial. sl. Lesbiana. Sp. Perhaps by analogy with the blind eye that weeps. 16 th c. Macho marica (hombre heterosexual que gusta de la compañía de homosexuales) (jerga gay). Used by Shaks. Sp. Sp. Sp. faddle. 23). eyes. with the fellator lying on his/her back. A heterosexual woman who goes out with homosexual males because she feels safer in their company. The human sexual function. at eye).). facial. sl. as presented to a child... esp. fruit fly). q. Orig. faggot). Sp. eye opener2. The nipples. Adocescente marica (fusión de fag y teeny). Sp.. Br. Sp. GREEN. face man. E.). facts of life. Mujer que gusta de la compañía de maricas. From Latin fac. 1923: «. Fabricación de caras (engendrar niños). US. US. See faggot.I first heard the facts of life from older friends» ( THH. The vagina. Sp. Marica (v. US. A lesbian. Melindroso (en dial. The penis. Sp. (see quot. do! + totum. Amante del cunilinguo (hombre que prefiere esta actividad sexual a cualquier otra) . the. Follada de cara (felación con la persona que la realiza tumbada de espalda). fag2. Semen. “Begetting children” (GROSE). 19th c. Literary. fussy person” (J. sl. From the standard meaning ‘a person employed to do all kind of work’. fagateeny. The penis. Sp. and the name of an Irish dance. sl. 1998). Ojos (pezones) (usado por Shaks. Abre-ojos (pene). face massager. The external opening of the urethra. gay). Pene. Sp. Sp. Fellatio. Br. eye opener1. US.. fading. Vagina (quizás por alteración de vadge). sl. A vibrator. gay jargon. a Persian poetic metaphor for the penis. A teenage homosexual. Abre-ojos (miembro activo en el coito anal). fadge. Br. Sp. Facial (eyaculación en el rostro de la pareja). fag3. Sp.v. an over-particular. Sp.. eye-hole. 1969. Also fruit fly. E.. See eye.v. Ejaculation on the partner’s face: «It seems like squirting pussies is all the rage in porn right now. Ojo que llora más cuando más contento está (vagina). faddle. punning on the euphemistic ‘fade’ for die. “A male homosexual. An orgasm. Br. E. Sp. eye that weeps most when best pleased . The vagina. del latín fac (haz) + totum (todo)]. much like facials were a few years ago» ( Swank). Crema facial (semen). OED. fag hag.. . E. sl. Sp. Morir (baile irlandés) (orgasmo). Oculista (doctor de ojos del culo. gay jargon. Still current as US. fag stag. q. face cream.a clear majority thought that fags should be allowed to serve in the Army.eye doctor/eye-doctor. Br. fag1. Heterosexual male who enjoys the company of homosexual males. sl. all.. US. sl.. Factótum [genitales fem. Sp. See face.. de los Midlands) (homosexual). Sp. Cara (genitales fem. Perhaps a corruption of vadge. OED (AS). E. factotum. 19th C. face-making. Homosexual sl.. porque se siente más segura con ellos (v . F face. The active partner in anal intercourse.

gay jargon for an elderly homosexual ( an uncle or an aunt) who ‘protects’ a young one. 10). of the fair sex) (las mujeres). a magazine featuring male nudes. To menstruate. fairer sex. sl. perhaps from the use of ‘faggot’ as a pejorative slang term for a woman. El sexo más bello (var. to beat them up. sl. to blackmail them. Partes bellas (genitales fem.» (EAP. also. the. To ejaculate prematurely. see little visitor. fall down. ‘fall’st upon thy face? / Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age» ( R & J. Sp. Sp. Sp. See part(s). gay male.). A type of curved sword. Gay jargon. I. I do believe I am a member of what you call the fair sex”. faggy. E.» ( Othello. in the sense of falling from virtue: «But I do think it is their husbands’ faults / If wives do fall. Used by Shaks. Sp. a1200. fall off the roof. To copulate with a man extra-maritally. OED. Hada (afeminado o gay).). sl. Faggotry is a derog.. q. Sp. Caer hacia atrás (tumbarse una mujer en incitación o preparación al coito) (usado por Shaks . to1. 55-56). Sp. A fag-joint is US. Furrow=vagina.. Sp. inviting to or preparing for sexual intercourse. 19th c. Sp. Var. El bello sexo (las mujeres). Caer en el surco (eyacular prematuramente). Sp. faggot princess. Based on to fall from grace. Br. See quot. Sp. said Vicky» (Playbirds)..: «’Yea’. (Of a woman) to assume the supine position for copulation. 1914-1970. Hada halcón (joven atractivo usado por la policía como señuelo para arrestar a los gays. a male homosexual: «If there’s anything worse than being a fairy it’s being a miser» (TCn. fairy. iii. of the fair sex. One that acts as a stereotypical. Br.. fair parts. Sp. Sp. To become pregnant. US. 1722. which is also occ. Sp. US. The female genitals. fall. sl. faggot-master) A whoremonger” (F & H). or by criminal elements. IV. 1665-1800: «”Yes. Sp. Caerse del tejado (tener la regla). fag hag/fag-hag. fail in the furrow. quoth my husband. role. fairy godmother US. Juego limpio (fornicación).. fall back. faggoteer. iii. and shared it.faggot. Sp. usado tamb. o por bandas perseguidoras de gays. the. Cimitarra (pene). fall in the furrow. para darles una paliza). Sp. por malhechores. fairy lady. Sp. Caída (coito). An attractive. con matiz pey. Faggoty is the corresp. To surrender one’s virginity. Sp. “(also.he knew of my enthusiasm for the fairer sex. Caerse del manzano (entregar la virginidad). used for ‘penis’. Sp.). Sp. Sp. Fiel sirviente (pene). OED. fair sex. Women. ‘to sin’. The penis.. A derog. to2. at make a pass (at). US. for a meeting place for homosexual males. sl. Used by Shaks. young man or boy used by the police to entrap gay men into performing a sex act in public. Putañero. faithful servant. heard also as a term of abuse. OED. 83-84). falchion. fall backward. term for male homosexuality or the world of homosexuals. Sp..v. An act of intercourse. or by gay bashers. A lesbian with a fem. Caer de espaldas (copular la mujer tumbada de espalda). and a fag-mag. Caer al suelo (tumbarse la mujer para copular). para hacerles chantaje. fall. fair play. Señora hada (lesbiana de rol fem.. now obs. Also the fairer sex. Marica. Sp..). «. A homosexual male. Mariconería (homosexualidad masc. (Of a woman) to fall and then lie on her back. como insulto (origen incierto. term for male homosexuality or the world of homosexuals. 20). fall off the apple tree. Hada madrina (gay mayor que ‘protege’ a uno joven) (jerga gay). Of uncertain origin. For synonyms. (Of a woman) to assume the supine position for copulation. Often abbreviated to fag (OED. . “Fornication” (F & H). quizás del significado argot ‘mujer’. fairy hawk.. See die in the furrow. Women. Marica princesa (gay afeminado) (jerga gay). sl. Faggot is freq. effeminate. OED. An effeminate man or boy. o mundo de los gays). 1923). Caer (quedarse embarazada). Sp. faggotry. a heterosexual woman who goes out with homosexual males (see fruit fly). fall.). The penis. E. adj. Fallar en el surco (pegar un ‘gatillazo’). Caer (cometer adulterio una mujer) (usado por Shaks.

fanny1.. var. 1812-1969. fancy man1.. sl. 18th-19th c. q. Also aging actress. sl. Golosina (genitales fem. Planificación familiar. A house of prostitution. Sp. Short for fanny1.. The penis. Sp. Sp. A woman’s lover. Sp.the blanket was small [. now obs. to. family of love. See also ringerangeroo. The testicles. Sp. the. Forma abrev. See also birth control. fancy-pants. Amante de una mujer. Ponerse a ello. Sp. The female genitals.. found in rugby songs: «Maids when you’re young Never wed an old man. He’s got no faloorum He’s lost his ding doorum. freq. Sp. Br.. A woman who has had sex before marriage. For he’s got no faloral faldiddle faldey. OED. fancy-work. pet name from Frances. to copulate with’. US.. 1812-1969. Sp. E. is a US. E. sl. o prostitución). Tener familiaridades con (copular). querida. Sp. Nombre inventado para ‘pene’. 345). sl. The female genitals. Sp. Calzoncillos de fantasía (homosexual). falsies. A prostitute. Sp. prostitution. To coit with a woman. when a woman stops for a red light she always sits there and puffs her hair? – Because she doesn’t have any family jewels to scratch’» ( Rationale I.).).. E. To get up her flue Was like touring the zoo. Sp. Sexual intercourse: «. familiar to/with. Prostituta (v. Br. term for a male homosexual. sl. fallen woman. sl. Caribbean (Jamaican). One of the many fanciful formations used as euphs. 17 th-18th c. de fanny (genitales fem. Sp.v. Br. Punning on their value and their reproductive function: ☺«’Know why. gay jargon. to be. fancy house). Mujer caída (que no llega virgen al matrimonio). A derog. Tetas postizas. 232). Austr.. 1943.] were in such close connection that familiarity was certain to ensue» ( EGT. fancy house). E. Sp. OED... Perhaps from Fanny. Amante.. fallen angel. Prostituta (v. From the 18th-19th c. US. familiarity. Casa de fantasías (burdel). Sp. Sp. Angel caído (gay).. fancy house. A male homosexual. as Br. Sp. The penis. Sp. for the taboo of sex. Cheaters. Abanicar (calmar los ardores de una mujer). The control of the number of children in a family. and tweedle dum dee. Sp. The male genitals and pubic area. fang. sl. Sp.. Br. OED. poner manos a la obra (empezar a copular). 19th c. q. Sp. use of fancy woman and fancy piece as a prostitute. 19 th c. Estrella caída (gay ya viejo) (jerga gay). en rugby songs (canciones cantadas en el vestuario por los jugadores de rugby tras un partido). sl. E. See organ2. fallen star. fancy girl. fancy-bit.». 1879-1980: «There once was a lady called Annie Who had fleas. sl. Familia del amor (término colectivo para ‘prostitutas’). . An elderly male homosexual. c1450-1605. An old euph. Familiaridad (coito).v. Colmillo (pene). sl. faloral faldiddle faloorum. Also. A pimp. Lex. fancy piece. Br. Show business imagery. Sp. E. esp. To begin to copulate. to cool a woman’s ardours. OED. The female genitals. fan. lice and crabs up her fanny.fall to it. For he’s got no faloral faldiddle faloorum. fancy woman. E. Chulo de prostituta.v. by the use of contraceptives. Sp. Br. The penis. Labor (de costura) (genitales fem. Órgano de familia (pene). family planning.. q. Las joyas de familia (testículos).] and (the) three adult bodies [. 18th-19th c.. E. Prostitutes in general. OED. fancy man2. family jewels. frec. Also the crown jewels. for ‘to be unduly intimate. Br. A prostitute.. A padded bra worn to make a woman’s breasts look larger. fan. A man’s mistress. family organ. sl. Sp.

1676-1824. Br.v. fast worker. See quickie/quicky. The anus. Sp. fanny fair. fanny-hill. a brothel. literal del latín mons pubis). Aceite vaginal (secreción vaginal). OED.. Padre confesor (pene). “The female pudendum” (F & H). feat1. used as a euph. See fast. juego de palabras con fun fair. term for a male homosexual. as sl.v. The buttocks or the anus. at willie/willy).v. Monte de Venus (trad. Sp. A prostitute. posible juego de palabras con el significado ‘rápido’ de fast). Tira-pedos (culo. c. Favor (coito como regalo de la mujer al hombre o viceversa) . c1374-1850.). [etimología incierta: quizás dim.v. sl. A prostitute’s customer. libertino. Used in many combinations. fast). Hazaña (coito. esp.. q. Sp. Sustancia de padre (semen). Sp. Falla (vulva). q.). US. fast-fanny. 19th-20th c. quickie/quicky). the last favour. Sp. fanny2. sl. Pagano (cliente de prostituta). actualmente en USA) . favour/favor. A lit. Genitales fem. in to do the feat. Lex. fart-daniel. The cleft in the female external genitals. a. The mount of Venus. según NEAMAN. farthole.v. E.and her fanny-oil began to come through the hairy hole» (Playbirds). A pederast. to whom they were assimilated in lustful character. immoral. the vulva. Sp. and identified with the Greek Pan. See quickie/quicky. E. OED. Sp. Agujero de pedos (ano). Br. Sp. Mujer inmoral. Disoluto. . dial. fast. 19 th c.v. represented as men with horns and goats’ legs like the Satyrs.There were wild beasts in each nook and cranny» (Limerick). Sp. See quot. fast house. en to do the feat.. sl. Prostitutes’ jargon. Coarse sl. From Latin Faunus. Sexual intercourse. Trabajador disoluto (seductor. Sp. Sp. Uno rápido (v.). “A double-sucker (q. to yield one’s favours.. q. E. for a man with strong sexual desires. for ‘a sucking pig that is the youngest of a litter’. ‘parque de atracciones’). See fanny1. Labios vaginales menores dobles. Teenager regarded as a sex object by a gay male. A prostitute. Faunillo (adolescente considerado como objeto sexual por un gay) (jerga gay). See fast. the ultimate favour. father confessor. Perhaps a misprint for ‘fare-daniel’. prostituta (v. a fast woman or a fast-fanny. q. feak.) (pederasta). cariñoso de Frances (según el OED) o. 1745-1856. The female genitals. A lecher. y tamb. Feria del culo (genitales fem.. perseguidor de mujeres). One of a class of rural deities.. etc. Occ. por ‘cerdito más joven de la camada’) (genitales fem . fat-cock. Sp. OED. Semen. Fanny Hill. Culo (usado orig. Dissipated. farting-clapper. The penis. See fast. Tirapedos (ano). a seducer of women. The female genitals.. translation of the Latin mons pubis. fare. Sp. OED. Sp. fart-catcher. Sp. a god or demigod worshipped by shepherds and farmers. In GROSE. q. 1928.. and chiefly US. fast). Sp.representado como un hombre con cuernos y patas de cabra como los sátiros. A pun on ‘fun fair’. dios o semi-dios romano. fanny-artful. Atrapa-pedos (homosexual) (pey). Prostíbulo (v. Sp. Sp. farter. A brothel. it probably entered the language as a tribute to the protagonist of John Cleland’s erotic novel of 1749. adorado por pastores y granjeros -Pan en la mitología griega. Br. sl. Br. E. See also stuff1. Sp. Lechón (quizás ortografía errónea de fare-daniel. Sp. Sp.). a prostitute.. According to NEAMAN. Trasero.. fault. Sp. orig. Sp. Vaginal juices: «.)” (F & H). to enjoy favours. Polvo rápido. a life of pleasure (prostitution in US. del nombre de la protagonista de la novela erótica de John Cleland Fanny Hill]. Sp. father-stuff. Sp. Sp. Lex. ano). Gay jargon. Sp. faunet/faunlet. Fauno (del latín faunus. from his walking behind his master or mistress». fast fuck. GROSE lists it as «a valet or footman. Folla-padres (por analogía con motherfucker. Sp. sl. Sp. Coño ladino (genitales fem. a woman-chaser. fanny-oil. dial. Copulation thought of as a gift granted by the female to the male (see quot. we find combinations such as: fast life. Prostituta (v. a fast house. fast one. coarse sl. faun. fatherfucker. 19th. A derog. to grant the favour. 1811. Fashioned after motherfucker. fast woman. The buttocks. The fundament. fast). esp. etc. at fucker. The anus. Based on this meaning of fast. See also crack1.

Comer fuera de casa (engañar a la esposa) (usado por Shaks. feed the kitty.). Said of a male. Dar de comer al glotón mudo (copular. Dar de comer al minino (copular). The breasts. See pulse.v. . Sp. to feel or caress someone’s body. Biberones (pechos de mujer). E. to. monkey1). ‘testicles’. in a sly or seemingly inadvertent way. 17th-20th c. The pubic hair.). E. 19 th c. Sp. Sp. feed the bearded clam. Federados (haciendo el amor). Sp. To perform fellatio. OED. Sp. sl. US. (Of a woman) to copulate or masturbate using a dildo. A caress or touch of the genitals. at love’s true arrow. at deer). See monkey1. breasts. /poor I am but his stale» ( The Comedy of Errors. To caress a woman in love-making preliminaries. dicho del hombre. feed the dumb glutton. Sp. Sp. Used by Shaks. dicho del hombre). Sp. the sex organs. E. feel one’s way to heaven.v.).). Plumas (vello púbico). To caress or touch the genitals.’ Boy: ‘Well reach in here and you’ll feel nuts’ (punning on nuts. To masturbate. sl. Tocar hasta llegar al cielo (realizar caricias previas al coito) . II. breasts. Sp. 1932. To touch a woman’s genitals. Sp. buttocks. feed the pussy2. feel her pulse. feed from home. Fecundar.. To coit with a woman. Austr. en cop a feel. Alimentar (copular) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Coition. E. Sp. Now obs. q. Sp. (see quot. Br. (Of a woman) to masturbate using a dildo. E. fecal-freak. Sp. fecundate. Tocar. 1930: ☺«Girl. 13). To be false to one’s wife. (Of a woman) to copulate or masturbate using a dildo. Br. Dar de comer al mono (copular. Br. To copulate. Sp. I feel so silly. feed the dummy. Sp. sl. he breaks the pale. See pound cake. E. Sp.: «Too unruly deer. Obseso fecal (que le gusta recibir sobre su cuerpo las heces de la pareja). Comprobar/tomar el pulso (tocar los genitales fem. feel. Br.feat2. Pussy = ‘vagina’.. buttocks. Br. Sp. From Latin fecundare. 19 th c. sl. Dar de comer al poni (copular la mujer o masturbarse con consolador). A lecher. Hazaña (pene) (raro). putañero experto). The penis. Soldado de cama de plumas (libertino. Dar de comer al muñeco (copular).)... Sp. (Of a woman) to copulate or masturbate using a dildo. popularizado por la tira cómica de Barry McKenzie).. feature with. Sp. feed the pony. an expert whoremonger. ‘to fertilize’. E. feed. sl. Sp. feed the chooks. 100101). Sp. and ‘a fool’)» (Rationale II. Sp. feeding bottles. Dar de comer al gatito (copular la mujer o masturbarse con consolador).. See quot. feed the cat. i. feed someone’s monkey. Freq. feather. Love-making. Baile de cama de plumas (coito). Used by Shaks. sl. To coit with a woman. etc. Not common. Sp. Sp. To copulate. Now obs. feel in one’s pocket for one’s big hairy rocket . Alimentar la cara (hacer una felación). feed one’s face. Here dummy = ‘penis’. sl. Br. v. To have sexual intercourse with. sl. Palpar en el bolsillo buscando el gran cohete peludo (masturbarse el hombre). sl. federating. To impregnate. Dar de comer a los pollos (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. feather-bed jig. in cop a feel (q. feed the pussy1. Dar de comer al minino (masturbarse la mujer con consolador). esp. Austr. but see feed the pussy and feed the dumb glutton. colloq. Dar de comer al gato (copular la mujer o masturbarse con consolador). There are many variants with the same imagery: to feed the cat/pussy. OED. From the British expression for ‘baby-bottle’. a. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. Tocamiento (frec. / And feeds from home. 18 th-19th c. Sp. sl. (Of a woman) to copulate or masturbate using a dildo. etc. feel. To copulate. Given currency by Barry McKenzie comic strip. feather-bed soldier. Austr. OED. See jig. Compartir cartel con (copular con. 1721-1876. Here dumb glutton = ‘vagina’. to the boy who is petting her: ‘Oh. Dar de comer a la almeja barbuda (copular la mujer o masturbarse con consolador). 19 th c. Br. etc.

A man who fellates. Sp. fellatrix. Fango (prostituta o alcahueta). ii. for the female genitals: «They moved again. felch..). because muzzled ferrets were often put into rabbit-holes by hunters to drive rabbits into waiting nets. Br. 1930: «. OED. OED. ferret. q. q. Bisexual. dim. To coit with a woman. fellate. A woman or relating to a woman. 1593-1771). 1887-1901. Acción de lamer el ano de la pareja (hombre o mujer) tras realizar coito anal (jerga gay). OED.» ( King Richard II. To perform fellatio. is much more frequent. with women’s voices. q.. term meaning ‘to screw’.. Dominatrix is the name given to the dominating female. she to offer the deepest recesses of her femininity. (forma abrev. Lex. US. Reina del anilinguo (homosexual especialista en este tipo de actividad) (v . female domination. as obs. in the expression to hide the ferret. 1725). Sp. tamb.F. Br. Sp. equally obs. Tocar (los genitales de alguien). lo usó en el sentido de ‘afeminado’).. menstruation.» (TCp.US. OED. Sp. 1887-1901. Perhaps a corruption of ‘fecal’. ‘to suck’. femme. Mujer (del fr. «. To copulate. E. Freq. female1. Cazar con hurón (copular. Sp. From ferret. fem. dicho del hombre). the characteristic qualities that make a woman.. a dangerously attractive woman... q. (OED. de fellator). Felación. woman. OED. from fellatus. Sp. of femina.. sl. A lesbian. Mujer que realiza felaciones (fem. III. Sp. feel up. A prostitute.. E. Persona que nada entre dos aguas (bisexual).boys. 1887-1969: «An Admiral of old called Horatio/Was inordinately fond of fellatio. Sp. Also.). fen. Sp.. Shaks. ferret. v.v. she was never a deep-throat artist» ( Pent). 17 th-18th c. 17 th-19th c. a bawd. etc. The female genitals. used it in this sense: «. Still heard nowadays. a1700.. Hombre que realiza felaciones. A passive homosexual: a male homosexual. A passive homosexual or a lesbian with a fem. Back. role. Género femenino (genitales fem. femininity/feminity. dependant on a dominating butch lesbian to replace the mother you hardly knew’» ( Playbirds). Fem. Used in many euphemistic comb. Properly.feel oneself.: «My Ferret seeing that . Br. of fellator. From O. E. The penis. Also spelt pheeze. Sp. feminine gender. the penis. genitales fem. c1315-1868. Sp. sl. femelle. From the French for ‘woman’: «’You assumed the role of a femme lesbian. and clap their female joints / In stiff unwieldy arms.). Sp. Dominación femenina (prácticas sado-masoquistas. From the meaning ‘mud’. Sp. 1968.v. sl. esp. Mujer (lesbiana).. but often used in erotica as a euph. fellatio. From a dial. ‘filth’. See felch. to. Can. Sp. A sado-masochistic practice consisting in deriving sexual pleasure from being tied up by a woman and submitted to other vexations. Sp. fence-sitter. See femme. vaginal secretions.feeling her up with his free hand. French for ‘fatal woman’. » (Fragment of limerick).while she has always been adept at fellatio..» (DOV. Sp. sl. femenino. OED. from Latin femella. To masturbate.: female disorder/problem/trouble. Tocarse (masturbarse). felching. Sp. de femme. OED. con la mujer como dominante). Hacer un anilinguo a un hombre (etimología incierta. 144).. To caress the genitals of a person. Often shortened to fem. Sp. 1912. A male homosexual who specializes in performing anilingus. Hacer una felación. A sexual act in which the partner’s penis is sucked or licked. fellator.) (gay o lesbiana de rol pasivo). felch queen. 112-14). Sp. female spendings. Feminidad (condición de mujer.. found in English classic erotic literature as a synonym of ‘effeminate’ (OED. See sit on the fence. Sucking semen out of one’s partner’s arse (male or female) following anal sex’. role.). Sp. A woman who fellates. Mujer fatal (del fr.v. felch. To hide the ferret. Atornillar (copular). feeze. quizás alteración de fecal). OED. female2. Gay de rol pasivo o lesbiana de rol fem.v.formation from fellatio. Modern Latin. Sp. or a lesbian with a fem. 243). To perform anilingus on a male..-a (Shaks. past participle of Latin fellare. gay jargon. sl. Mujer. femme fatale. felch). / Strive to speak big.

in BURFORD. Hurón (usado por los cazadores para cazar conejos) (pene). 18th c. 19 th c. 19th-20th c. fey. 17th c. fettle. To coit with a woman. Tocar el violín (copular. Sp. sl. frec. Sp. To masturbate. Lit. See roseleaf. sl. FF. OED. E. 19th c. 77).. and to fetch. See mettle. From the standard meaning ‘fairylike’. Austr. or a particular non-sexual part of the body (feet. From the French fétiche. Said the fiddlers. What merry men are we». Buscar semen abundante (masturbarse el hombre). ‘affected’. sl.. sl. to. fetch. He called for his wife In the middle of the night. dicho del hombre). To copulate with a woman (the vagina as a stringed instrument). found in sex ads. en ocasiones. en anuncios de sexo. to. Afeminado. Sp.Into her hole did run But when he came into her Hole No Coney could be found. homosexual. y. freq. (Objeto) fetiche. fiddle-bow. Sp. Semen y eyacular. as in the following fragment of a popular rugby song: «Old King Cole was a merry old soul. hair. Sp. I put it again It found her out at last The Cunny then betwixt her legs Did hold my Ferret fast» ( Percy Ms. And he called for his fiddlers three. Pétalo de rosa (fr.. for penis.). Said of males. of fist-fucking. From the standard meaning ‘scour’. ferry. to ejaculate.(Velvet). . I thanked him for nothing but bid him begone For my little Fiddle should not be played on» («My Thing is My Own». fetch milk. Fiddle diddle dee diddle dee. found. sl. Abrev. A homosexual male. Limpiar (copular.. Lex. 55). ‘rose petal’. pene). Still occ. as sl. fetch mettle. Semen. OED. underclothes.. Br. leather. porque ‘transporta’ a muchos hombres). «I’m very interested in shooting fetish-based movies» ( Mayfair). 1632. etc. Transbordador (prostituta. Violín (genitales fem. To masturbate. And a merry old soul was he. 211). A prostitute. And a very fine fiddle had he. Sp. 17th c. Arco de violín (pene). Br. Fetichismo. The object that arouses this pathological excitement is called a fetish: «I have a fetish about women’s feet». fetishism/fetichism. 1897-1963. A sexual disorder consisting in being excessively attracted by some kind of inanimate object (often rubber. in BURFORD. French term for anilingus. sometimes as a euph. E.) (anilingus). Sp. The penis. Abbrev.. Ir a por leche (masturbarse el hombre) fetish. dicho del hombre) (en el OED aparece definido como “tomarse libertades con una mujer”) .. ‘sorcery’. E. Sp. Sp. E. feuille de rose. Since c1700: «A Master of Musick came with an intent To give me a Lesson on my instrument. Sp. See fetishism/fetichism. The pudenda (the vagina as a stringed instrument).. or shoes). Br.] that when we are children we are much more inclined to be fetishists of one kind or another’» (DOV. See also quot. at dominant. Humorous: comparing her to a means of conveyance since she ‘carries numerous men’. US. The person who suffers from this disorder is a fetishist/fetichist (fetichista): «’I think [. sl. Pills. fiddle. Br. fiddle. Sp. follada con el puño. for «to take liberties with (a woman)». de fist-fucking. Sp. Sp. Sp..

E.. Luchar con armadura (copular con condón).» (Pills. fig leaf. for bum. The penis. E. agricultural imagery (see quot. was certainly known in the 17 th c. Typical instruments for martial music. The female genitals. Higo (pene) (raro). Br.fiddle-stick/fiddling-stick. in French. sl. The pubic hair. In MOQ. Sp. in Spanish. . E. The penis. Said of males. is still used in present-day English: «On the tenth day of Christmas My true love got from me Assorted pubic wigs Foliage for her fig And a phallus of the finest ivory» ( The Twelve Days of Christmas. E. H. encuesta realizada por R.: «. at cavern). etc. The euph. vijg. El quinto miembro (pene. US. Perhaps from the fig leaf covering the genitals in paintings. g. To wear a condom in sexual intercourse. The wonderful moist conductivity towards the centre» ( Figs. fig-fruit. 19 th c. argot rimado: drum rima con bum). 18th c. X. Br. To masturbate. 164). used as a euph. 69). Pífano y tambor (trasero. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. Fifí (del fr. since there are allusions in some Renaissance playwrights. Arco de violín (pene). Br.. Br.. 19th c. e. fife and drum. A heterosexual male who innocently enters a homosexual bar..19th c: «The Italians vulgarly say. fifth limb. still hard and ferocious.. US. fig2. E. (and) the Greek word for a fig was used as a euph.. gay jargon. figa. vulva). Br. in Portuguese and higo. schoolgirls’. in Dutch. Hoja de parra (vello púbico). 49 The song refers to Irish women’s vaginas. fifi. Sp. The vulva.. fight. See another quot. esp.. According to MCDONALD. esp. Sp. Luchar con el pavo (masturbarse el hombre). Higo (genitales fem. Sp. 19th c. 84). by Rod Carroll. ¡Vergüenza! (recordatorio a una chica de que debe tapar sus genitales) field. por ‘prostituta’) (gay) (jerga gay).I’ll keep my Fiddle-stick out of their Cases49. in LEWIS. before the 19 th c. in DÍAZ. the fig-fruit: The fissure. Cockney rhyming sl. The buttocks. by D. Fifi. Still occ.). Campo (abrev. Sp. From the common saying «superfluous like a fifth wheel on a car». Lucha/luchar (coito/copular). and as ready for the fight» (EIC.). 1979). sl. Sp. fig1. Sp.). in It. Fruto de la higuera (vulva). Also. short from battle field (see quot. fifth wheel. The vulva. en to prune the fifth limb. the yoni. in to prune the fifth limb.. «. Fifí (apelativo cariñoso dado por un hombre a los genitales de su pareja de dicho nombre) (recogido en MOQ. etc. Sp. at stop (a hole. figa. Sp. fie-for-shame.. figue. Rare. sl. Br.’ Johnny: ‘If the bed is too short my fiddle-stick out’» (Rationale I.and the warrior. A homosexual male. The expression to give someone the fig. Sp.. fight in armour. de ‘campo de batalla’) (genitales fem. to masturbate. A catch-phrase reminding a girl that her genitals should be covered. comparable to the modern fuck you. for the female genitals in English. The penis.v. gay jargon. but there is no evidence that fig was spec. 18 th c.. q. for a prostitute. Quite freq.. did not wish to stop fighting» (GL. Sp. sl. / They stink like Privies. «figs have been identified with the female genitals since ancient times. to make an insulting gesture by thrusting the thumb forth between the first two fingers. E. From the Latin ficus. fight one’s turkey. Sp. From French sl.. La quinta rueda (del dicho ‘superfluo como la 5ª rueda en un coche’) (un heterosexual que entra sin darse cuenta en un bar para gays) (jerga gay). Pet name for the female genitals. in HENKE. in Men Only). 1885-1930. Sp.. 110).. which is to be found in other languages as well. Sp. it stands for the female part. in classic bawdy verse: «I was naked as he. Lawrence. 1988-89). Presents Indicative . found: ☺«Teacher: ‘Johnny give me a sentence with the word “fiddle” in it. sl. for the female pudendum». Copulation and to copulate. at standard). Sp.

A fille de joie who all of a sudden decides I’m the missing romantic link in her life» (CP. (masturbarse. Sp. Sp.E. Austr. hence ‘penis’.).. Sp. An attractive young woman. fille de joie. Obscenidad (prostituta). Why should he die? Lucio.. To masturbate. c1350-1871. 17th-18th c. filled in. final favour/favor. sl. From O. con el hombre arriba). eyacular dentro de la vagina). Sp. for filling a bottle with a tun-dish». filth2. To masturbate.v. 172). OED. US. An orgasm. sl. for a woman’s breasts and buttocks. the bodily shape. to masturbate to orgasm. The penis. Also finger oneself off. The penis. dicho de la mujer y....) for to coit with a woman and to fill a woman’s pannier . fill someone up. Sp. sl. Sp. Austr. Properly. Tocarse (masturbarse.: «Wayne filled me up again before he went to work the following morning» ( Fiesta). Austr.» (DOV. Sp.: «Duke. ‘Why be bothered with screwing? It’s safer and cleaner To finger your wiener. Used by Shaks. Llenar una botella con un embudo (copular) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. menos frec. OED. filth1.fighting-cock. (see fill a bottle with a tun dish). 164).. de la mujer). To ejaculate inside a woman. Favor final/definitivo (coito). final spasm. fill a bottle with a tun-dish. but commonly used as a euph. 17th-18th c. A prostitute.. final crisis. E. (Of a male) To masturbate. 174).. to be.-a). Liberación final (orgasmo).» (FOF. Llenarla (eyacular dentro de la vagina). From the French for ‘daughter of joy’. The filling imagery was used by Shaks. of a woman: «. Sp. finest tobacco pipe. And besides you can see what you’re doing’» (Limerick). To make a woman pregnant.I felt an uncontrollable urge to finger myself». Latin for the primary or essential position for sexual love. Gallo de pelea (putañero). figure. E. Ser llenada (ser follada). file one’s fun-rod. the missionary position (q. Mujer alegre (del fr. Sp. An orgasm: «By now neither of us was prepared to terminate our pleasure without experiencing the final crisis» (EIC. Sp.» (CN. Br. . final paroxysm. Since the 17th c. Usu. Similar euphs. 173-174). of a woman. finger oneself.. sl.(CI). Espasmo final (orgasmo). A whore. a1023-1860. 23).-a (obsceno. ii. 1705-1970: «I had gotten myself into more than I had intended. Obscenity. 50 A funnel. filthy. finger. US. Sp. III. Copulation: «We finally had each other’s ‘final favor’ (to use that charming eighteenth-century term) in Brian’s basement apartment. for to make a woman pregnant. Postura primaria de Venus (del latín) (postura del misionero. La mejor pipa para tabaco (pene). said of a man: «A thrifty old man named McEwen Inquired. To copulate. 132).) (prostituta). filly. OED. Potranca (joven sexualmente atractiva). Sp. Sp. Sp. A whoremonger. fill in.50 (Measure. Pregnant. Sucio. sl. but occ. finger. 1535-a1897. Sp. and to fill in. Sp. Sp. Sp. include: to fill someone up (q. An orgasm: «My entire body quivered with erotic exaltation. Llenar (dejar a una mujer preñada). Sp... Tocarse. To coit with a woman. Llenar (copular. dicho gen. Sp.v. An orgasm. Llenar el cesto de la mujer (dejarla embarazada). one men are willing to ride. fill a woman’s pannier. To make a woman pregnant. Sp.. Paroxismo final (orgasmo). See pipe1. fylth. del hombre). (Of a woman) to be coited: «Viviane had time to feel how good it was to be filled. to ejaculate inside a woman’s vagina. Obscene. Obscenidad. OED. Western sl. obs.). Usu. figura veneris prima. to. Figura (pechos y nalgas de una mujer). sl. but I wasn’t to obtain final release just yet. Crisis final (orgasmo). Br. Llena (preñada). Sp. Sp. filled. fill her. ‘foul’. E. Sp. final release. Br.. Dedo (pene). Limar la barra de la diversión (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. Why. sl. 18th-19th c.

Sp. to1. Br. used esp. US. 19 th c. fire. and in the dysph. There is a precedent in the 17 th c. Juego amoroso previo) (prob. fingers of fire.).. for ‘to achieve a sexual orgasm. 51 Knew. Sp. Sp. Can. To masturbate to orgasm: «If you had sex with a really disappointing lover and you failed to come. Homosexual (argot can. To make someone have an orgasm: «’Darling. Sp. To make someone have an orgasm: «There once was a man from Lasair Who fucked his girl on the stair. US. Sp. Pills. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Prob. Terminar (masturbar a alguien hasta el orgasmo). Sp. sl. 104).finger artist.. Let’s go to the beach’» ( DOV. Artista con los dedos (bueno. The female genitals. “Masturbation (said of women only)” (F & H). As nothing did him ail. a private college where girls are prepared for entry into fashionable society. Sexual foreplay. Terminarse uno mismo (masturbarse hasta el orgasmo). 255). Trabajo de dedo (masturbación. . como objeto de manipulación sexual). finish someone off. fingerfuck/finger-fuck. But little kenn’d51 this bonny Lass. Sp. var. a lesbian. Also to finish off: «’. The nipples. A private brothel. A common euph.. in WILSON. Pastel para el dedo (los genitales fem. Terminar (orgasmar). Dedos de fuego (pezones). Sp. The banister broke And he quickened his stroke And finished her off in midair» (Limerick). in the expressions to fire off..: «Frankie got out at South Clark Street.would you finish yourself off in the bathroom afterwards?» (Mayfair). to fire in the air. Disparar (eyacular). To infect with a venereal disease: «So to the tavern we went– a curse on the palace: For her love was so hot it soon fired my Arse» («The Long Vocation». Sp. To ejaculate. 18th c. Sp. finish someone. III.). finger-fucking. lesbiana en jerga gay). 76). Dedo de pasión (clítoris). a var. at apples. I can’t go on with this. q. fink. for sexual passion. 230). Follada con el dedo (masturbación. finish oneself (off). See quot. Sp. Dekker used wet finger: «I have heard many honest wenches turn strumpets with a wet finger» (HWI.v. Sp. de firkytoodle. And there she saw her Johnnie-man Finger-fucking Nelly Blye» (Bawdy version of a US. to2.v. sl. Looked in a window so high. 110-11). as a noun: «I gave her a quick finger-fuck» ( Pent). of firkytoodle. Infectar (pegar una enfermedad venérea). The clitoris. when T.-a masturbando a la pareja. See quot. E. used in English classic erotic literature with an innuendo of venereal disease: «Poor Donald he rose up again.but I want to finish it off. Sp. Also. q. to fire a shot. finkydiddle. Follar con el dedo.. Escuela privada de señoritas (burdel). tamb .. Terminar a alguien (hacer orgasmar a alguien). as an object of manual manipulation. finger of passion. finish the job. Said of a woman. With a pun on ‘finishing school’. at little finger of passion. gay jargon. You must finish me! » (POP. underworld.. E. To end is a synonym. dicho de la mujer). dicho de la mujer). Sp. Sp. A very common euph. finish. Rematar la faena (masturbarse la mujer). finishing academy. finger pie. folk song. Sp. Sp. but also freq. finger job. Sir. To insert a finger into the female genitals. I can’t wait. A male homosexual. A person who is good at masturbating his/her sexual partner. Br. fire. Masturbation. Also. fire. in BURFORD. Of both sexes. «to ejaculate outside the vagina or to have a premature ejaculation». iii. sl.

Disparar una carga (eyacular). Sp. firkytoodle. See draw his fireworks. See play (at) the first-game-ever-played . Also to shoot (off)/ let go of one’s wad/ wring the wad . The female genitals. Sp. Sp. 19th c. first game ever played. «by a simple semantic shift». Chimenea (genitales fem. The vagina. iii. 18th-19th c. Sp. sl... Here wad stands for ‘accumulated semen’. Sp. Sp. Fuegos artificiales (orgasmo). T. . fire ship/fire-ship. Disparar (eyacular). 1979). Ejaculation: «No Nymph alive with so much Art. Sp. Sp. To ejaculate. Sp. Petardo (pene). fire one’s wad. kiss like a scallop. for a woman with a venereal disease or her vagina. contagiada de una enfermedad venérea) . por un simple cambio semántico). The penis.. era una palabra inglesa corriente entre los siglos XI al XVII. E. my piece remained unfired. Sp. sl.. fire the flesh musket. Sp. firk was a very common English word from the 11th into the 17th c. Eufemismos fonéticos por fuck (según SHIPLEY. 1672-1748): «I played with her for quite some time And learned to my surprise She was nothing but a fire-ship Dressed up in disguise» (Fragment of rugby song). An orgasm. in HENKE. Br. 18th c. and despite her most ardent caresses. Disparo (eyaculación). Fuegos del infierno (genitales fem. El primer juego jamás jugado (coito). the.. fire one’s piece. with more or less the same meaning as the more recent foreplay. To copulate: «. From a word meaning ‘beat’. 66-70). 19 th c.. to1. To masturbate and to ejaculate.). A Br.. Sp. To ejaculate: «. The penis. fire her up. Disparar balas de fogueo (eyacular semen sin espermatozoides) . firebrand. y podría ser el origen de fuck. Br. barco de fuego (mujer. fire blanks. Disparar el rifle del amor (masturbarse y eyacular). The female genitals. I.» ( Pills. 23-29). q. E. SHIPLEY (Maledicta. Receives her Shepherd’s firing. fire the love rifle. as a prostitute with a venereal disease (OED. Named after an early rifle which required rubbing to produce sparks to ignite the priming. HENKE. o enfermedad venérea). sl. To ejaculate.] / And. Sp. term used in the 18th c. To masturbate and to ejaculate. The penis. Disparar el cañón (eyacular). firk/ferk/furk. fireplace. Sp.. E. / And tickle him with thy mother tongue» (A. sl. Dispararle (copular el hombre con una mujer). Sp. fire a load. generalmente una prostituta. fires of hell. fireworks. ‘golpear’. fire off. sl. Copulation. Sir» ( Pills. Fuego (pasión sexual.). To ejaculate: «I moaned loudly and fired a huge load into her steaming pussy» (Pent). US. Sp.do you hear? good action! / Firk like a flounder. Sailors’ sl. E.. Br. Copular como una solla. failed to stand» ( EIT. Brulote. a frequently-heard disguise of fuck. From the standard meaning: a large burning piece of wood.Sweet Dol / You must go tune your virginal [. Disparar el taco (eyacular). firing. Disparar el mosquetón de carne (masturbarse y eyacular). From the standard meaning: a small firework that explodes loudly. 152). Sp. According to J. close. 154). Tea (pene). firk like a flounder. Término usado en el siglo XVIII con el mismo significado que el más reciente foreplay (juego amoroso previo). firecracker. 1979). firk..Had Fire about her Tail.. See fire.v... and it could be at the origin of fuck. Lex. To copulate. Sp. III. sl. Br.the next time I met with his sister. firing-piece. Sp. To coit with a woman. Sp.. firelock. War imagery: «This led Mary to place her hand admiringly upon my firing-piece» (EIT. 18th c. (Of a male) to copulate without impregnation due to sexual impotence or other cause. E. Trabuco de pedernal (vagina). 19th c. Cañón (pene). Sp. Sp.

. how’s business?’» (Rationale II. US. for ‘prostitute’ in the 19 th c. Br. A prostitute. fish pond. Used by Shaks. US. q. Tomar pescado (hacer un cunilinguo). See also crack1. Persona que copula por primera vez. US.. Sp. A male homosexual’s wife. in Hamlet.first tear of pleasure.). to.. fish market. Pecera (vagina). Sp. merely to draw that first tear of pleasure!» (DOV. Pescado (preso gay). a pimp. fish2. Sp. Hija del pescadero (prostituta). 160). fishmonger. I don’ wanna. A prison homosexual. Pez/pescado (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. Pescado (genitales fem.). 172-173: «Polonius. Esposa del pez (esposa de un homosexual). A prostitute’s customer. But when the old bishop Could not get his fish up. And then – the first time she does it for money!’ [. .a kiss. Sp. sl. A condom. Sp. A procurer. 52 An offensive word for an Italian.v. A person who has his/her first experience of intercourse: «Teen first timer (just 18) Hear me moan as I sit on your cock» ( Mayfair classifieds). homosexual jargon. Pescado y plato (coito) (raro). Sp. girls. Primera vez. Then. The penis. argot rimado am. US. Br. underworld. E. II. La primera lágrima de placer (gota de líquido preseminal). Sp. fish3. fish-shop.” » Sp.). Still current as US. sl. Fisura (raja de los genitales fem. of course. fishing-rod. Sp. Sp. at fishmonger). objeto de muchos chistes). Sp. Sp. dated. Sp.. A brothel. Pescado (jerga de prostitutas por ‘cliente’. Sp. Pescadería (genitales fem. fish. Reina de peces (reina de los mares) (muy afeminado). Pez/pescado (pene) (raro). Sp. The first experience of intercourse: ☺«What are the four times in her life that a woman blushes? – Well. The vagina. fissure1. The vagina. Mercado de pescado (burdel). Tanque para el pez (vagina). “Anyhow. The female genitals. The vagina. Pescado (lesbiana de rol fem. fish-box. She said. fish for mackerel. fish1.. Sp. ‘primo’) . Sp. Do you know me my lord? Hamlet. Pescado y camarones (chulo de prostituta. Sp. Sp. rhyming sl. fish tank. chulo de prostituta) (usado por Shaks.).. A very effeminate male. fish bowl. Prostitutes’ jargon. for pimp.: shrimp rima con pimp). just on the tip. Excellent well. the first time with somebody besides her husband. 16). fish4. sl. Not common. one who can be easily cheated. fish queen. the vulva. por el olor vaginal característico. the first time. fish-skin. fish6. fishmonger´s daughter. 16th-17th c. that’s the first time she has to pay for it herself!’ » (Rationale II. fish and shrimp. Used by Shaks. Allegedly based on the vaginal aroma. A lesbian with a feminine role. E. A drop of pre-seminal fluid: «. Pescar caballa (masturbarse la mujer). Sp. but found in the following limerick from 1952: «A Mexican nun named Sor Juana Was hot as a wop52 primadonna. A prostitute. Not common. passing a fishmarket: ‘Hello. Sp. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Caña de pescar (pene). Piel de pescado (condón). Pescadero (proxeneta. esp. fish5. first-timer/first timer. (see quot. y aun corriente en argot norteamericano). Sp.. The cleft in the female external genitals. Sp. To perform cunnilingus. ii. Sp. Also front fissure. Sp. Sp. From fish1. sl. The vagina. Estanque para peces (vagina). sl. fishwife. you are a fishmonger». Loose fish. 234). E. Copulation. sl. The penis. first time.] ‘What about the fourth time?’ ‘Oh yes. was Br. a feature present in many jokes: ☺«Blind beggar. fish and dish. US.. The female genitals. Pecera (vagina).

See quot. See bayonet. The cleft between the buttocks. To be menstruating. pavement. Masturbation. Bandera (pene). Sp. Br. From the name of a member of a sect in medieval Europe who whipped themselves in public as part of a religious penance. homo). Juerga de cinco nudillos (con la vieja bomba de mear) (masturbación masc.). Apañar (dejar embarazada). Said of males. US. fist-fuck1. five-letter woman. Sp. fit end to end. fix. Encajar extremos (copular). Sp.sl. To secure a prostitute or promiscuous woman for someone. Sp. pornographic literature concentrating on flagellation. fist-fuck2. flag-about. Cinco contra una (masturbación masc. underworld. Follarse con el puño (masturbarse el hombre). Bayoneta calada (pene erecto).v. Sp. Sp. Castrar.). From Latin flagellare. US. A prostitute (a bitch). fixed bayonet. Follar con el puño (introducir el puño en el ano). the/to have the flag out . five-finger solo. Sp. La bandera está izada (tengo la regla). five-fingered widow. To masturbate. fist-fucking. . To make a woman pregnant. E. Masturbation. Encajar extremo con extremo (copular). fix her plumbing. q. Abortions. for intromission or masturbation” (F & H).. Mujer de cinco letras (golfa) (por analogía con four-letter-man. sl. Cinco contra uno (masturbación masc. (Of males) to masturbate. Masturbation. Proporcionar lo necesario (buscarle a alguien una mujer casquivana o una prostituta) . Insertion of the fist in the anus. Br. Sp. She looked so becoming He fixed all her plumbing. too. Solo de cinco dedos (masturbación masc. fit ends. Sp.v. see little visitor.). OED (AS). to whip. fist it. 19th c. Sp. US.). Usu. The erect penis. Br. five-knucke shuffle (on the old piss pump). The penis: «That man is undoubtedly rare Who can stare at a bare derrière And be so unimpressed By Sweet Fanny. Sp. To insert the fist in the anus.. sl. E. Sp. Vars. sl. Arreglar su cañería (copular el hombre con una mujer). 19th c. For synonyms. One who whips himself or others for sexual gratification. To castrate. flag’s out/up. Sp. Said of males. E. E. Manipular al mister con el puño (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. Sp. Fisura (raja del culo). See end1. Masturbation. five on one. five against one. Also. de flagellation (flagelación o literatura porno sobre la misma). Sp. Br. Said of males.fissure2. Sp. A street-walking prostitute. Br. Homosexual sl. to FF in sexual ads. abbrev. Said of males.. Said of males. To copulate. Masturbation. fix a woman up. Humorous.). Shortened from flagellation. To copulate. To copulate with a woman (see also plumb): «A plumber from Lowater Creek Was called in by a dame with a leak. Sp. Sp. Said of a man. fix someone up. I can fix for you. Also flagger. flagellant.: flagellator and flagellist: «I sell sex to moral wrecks And drugs to damn your nerves. 1974). From ‘flag’. Trotacalles (prostituta callejera). “To take a man by the penis. “Prompted by four-letter-man” (PARTRIDGE. Homosexual sl. Sp. sl. at mounts. 1958. Forma abrev. And didn’t emerge for a week» (Limerick). Sp. 19 th c. Sp. Sp. q. Viuda cinco-dedos (masturbación masc. flag. That his flag doesn’t wave in the air» (Limerick). undressed. Cogerla en el puño (agarrar el pene para penetración o masturbación) fist one’s mister. sl. sl. fladge. 19th c. Acción de follar con el puño. E.

In the 19th c. and to coit with a woman.v.v. flagstaff. Enseñar el culo (v. ‘pertaining to thieves. Sp. See flash. flapper2. A close-up of the female genitals in porno mags or films.. esp. To exhibit or expose part of one’s body. underworld. a prostitute. The male or female genitals. copular (prob. to. or sl. Colgajo (pene). A flash man. “A venereal disease” (F & H).. we soaped each other. a1700-1839. flapjacks. Sp. Burdel (v. Austr. flagpole. Flat breasts. From the standard term for a flat cake. flap was also used as a euph. The penis. flapdoodle. flash-house). “The posteriors” (F & H).v. OED. flash. q. OED. Sp. de flank. of onomatopoeic origin: a sudden blow. q. which now means foolish talk. q. Burdel (v. o fem. Sp. flap shot. 19th c. 19th c. Sp.v. q. From engineering: flange meaning ‘projecting or raised edge used to make connection’. fuego. An immoral young girl. Still current. 1846-1978: «I love to flash my tits in public!» ( Barely Legal classifieds)». flash-house).). From flap.. The penis: «First. Sp. Asta (de la bandera) (pene). Lesbian love and incest. flash-crib. to). Tortas (pechos lisos).)]. OED. Br. flange. too. Sp. Homosexual de modales exageradamente femeninos. sl. Joven inmoral. flap. parte externa del muslo). flash dona/flash moll. From the colloq. flash-cove. 1631-1892. Flagelación (como medio de obtener placer sexual). flamer. 1870-1997: «. Flip-flap is a var. OED. A flashily dressed prostitute. Asked a flapper he thought he was tamin’: ‘Have you your maidenhead?’ ‘Don’t be silly!’ she said. en to run one’s hand up the flagpole (q. Of unknown origin. in the sl. Primer plano de los genitales fem. 249). Sp. prostituta (de flap. a former lover. Trasero (prob. Prob.v. flash case. Asta (de la bandera) [pene. Also to give a flash.. a flash woman. Prostituta vestida de forma ostentosa. sl.. . Marcel was shivering with the voluptuousness of it». Quite freq. Sp. flapper1. A burning feeling of passion. campus sl.). Sp. See flash-house. tramps or prostitutes’. Sp. and the object of one’s love. The female genitals.(DOV. To expose one’s buttocks. Llama.. E. flagellation. Br. fuego (enfermedad venérea). pasión y la persona objeto de pasión. Sp. in an old flame. A flashily dressed prostitute. flash. q. The penis. flash a moony. Sp. from flank. 17 th c. Sp. as dial. frec. genitales fem. Sp. Prob.. saving our flagpoles for last» ( Pent). The practice of flogging or being flogged as a means of producing sexual pleasure. Sp.v.. Sp. flame2. An ostentatiously feminine homosexual. sl. phrase to run one’s hand up the flagpole (q. Br.). onomatopeya de golpe repentino). to. E. briefly and indecently. en revistas o películas porno.) (origen desconocido). for the female genitals. the outer part of the thigh. US. Mujer frívola. and flash-house a brothel. See flash-house. Llama. See moon. Flagelante (que se flagela a sí mismo o a otros para obtener placer sexual) (del nombre de una secta religiosa de la Europa medieval cuyos miembros se flagelaban en público como penitencia) . Borde saliente para realizar una conexión (genitales fem. And flagellists quite a few» (Fragment of rugby song). flash-house). sl. Burdel (v. Bobadas (genitales masc. See flash-house. Prostituta vestida de forma ostentosa. nonsense. Ser un exhibicionista. 1889-1936: «A certain young sheik I’m not namin’. A frivolous woman. Also flash dona and flash moll. 1647-1840. ‘masturbate’. the prostitute under his protection. OED (AS). OED. meaning of flash .We’ve a special line for perves. moon. the genitals. OED. ‘But I still have the box it came in’» (Limerick).v. flame1. Lex.. esp.the black boots of flagellation in French novels. Sp. Sp. was a pimp. flankey. Austr. Sp. Sp. E. a1340-1885..

1920. flash-house). A prostitute´s customer.. ‘to lose an erection’. Cultured. 29). Sp. Sp.flash-house. Buscador de o tratante en vellocino (putañero. Linterna (pene). flea and louse. Sp. sl. i. Sp. Sp.and being chased through the park by a flasher» (Men’s World). “Whoremaster” (F & H). Vellocino (vello púbico). Sp. See flash-house. sl. From the original meaning ‘an explosion of gunpowder without any communication beyond the touch-hole’. Rueda pinchada (pene en estado flácido). 1979). flatbacker. Sp. To expose one’s genitals. US.. Sp. flat fuck. tramps or prostitutes’. flask-ken. flash-cove and flash-ken. E. Polla lisa (genitales fem. a1700-1839. flash-crib. In dressing of the Leather I straightway whip my Needle out. A pimp. or to an inferior racehorse... flash/fly the red flag. deflowered” (F & H). vagabundos o prostitutas’). A brothel. Burdel (v. See red flag. The penis. decrepit prostitute. US. 18th c. sl. sl. Attested as Can. underworld. flat tire/tyre2. Prostituta protegida por un chulo.. Sp. fleece-hunter or monger. From the name given to a soldier’s sleeping bag. Sp.“ A bully to a bawdy-house” (GROSE). ‘pertaining to thieves. 19 th c. Burdel (del significado coloquial de flash: ‘referente a ladrones. in to pick up a flat. Rueda pinchada (prostituta abandonada por su chulo que no la encuentra ya suficientemente rentable) . Car imagery. Sp. Chulo de prostituta/macarra de burdel.. esp. meaning of flash . in HENKE. for whorehouse.v. a. Sp. Flecha (del fr. comparados con los masc. Lila. flat tire/tyre1. flashlight. now obs.) is to work as a prostitute. flash-tail. Pulga y piojo (casa de putas. Falla (vulva). q. flash woman. 19 th c. The female genitals as compared with the male’s. From an 18th c. Follada lisa (coito entre lesbianas). An old. From the colloq.) (pene) (euf. E. Lesbian activity consisting in rubbing the genitals together. US. Sp. flêche. flaw.v. See flasher. Br. Rare. Br. Sp.: louse rima con whorehouse). since c. Espalda lisa (prostituta que sólo consiente en hacerlo tumbada de espaldas. And I tack’em close together» (Pills. 18961976: «For years I fought off pass after pass. flax-wench. The pubic hair: «The top of the console. q. cant term for a gullible person. Trabajadora del lino (prostituta). “A prostitute” (F & H). French for ‘arrow’. sl. still current as an idiom for short-lived success. Br. From to flash. v. “’Cracked in the ring’. fleece. A prostitute under the protection of a pimp. 18th c. flash man. Also flash-case. Sp. un éxito pasajero (coito sin eyaculación). pushing against his buttocks from behind. Que enseña la cola (prostituta). . E. One who exposes himself indecently. A prostitute. flash the/one’s meat. Sp. The penis. The vulva: «But if by chance a Flaw I find. Sp.v. Sp. Sp. argot rimado am. Sp. Sp. an exhibitionist. E. A brothel.). OED. Exhibir la carne (enseñar los genitales). US. sl. Desvirgada. A prostitute who consents only to intercourse on the missionary position (lying on her back).). prostitutes´ jargon. and to go flat (q. Una llamarada. primo (cliente de prostituta). flasher. flat cock. flat. en la postura del misionero). flawed. To be menstruating. dirty phone calls. Br. fleece). Saco de pulgas (nombre dado al saco de dormir de un soldado o a un caballo de carreras de poca categoría) (prostituta vieja y decrépita) . fleabag. Copulation without ejaculation.v. Sp. Exbibicionista. culto) (raro). Sp. rhyming sl. underworld. US. Sp. A prostitute abandoned by the pimp that no longer finds her sufficiently remunerative. A flaccid penis.e. See a bit of flat. E. Br. To go flashing it (q. OED. flash in the pan. Ondear la bandera roja (tener la regla). thrust forward the heavy sex and the light fleece that crowned it» ( SOO.

See also chamber. q. Shaks. c1175-1585). Percy Ms. flesh one’s will. La carne (relaciones u órganos sexuales) (Shaks .) as a synonym of whoremonger. 16 th-20th c. A bawd. with flesh include: flesh-company for sexual intercourse (OED. flesh-shambles. in BURFORD.. Sp. flesh one’s sword. Sexual intercourse. 37-38). Vendedor ambulante de carne (chulo de prostituta. 86). sexually’ (OED.) for ‘copulate’. the sensual appetites. used flesh. Tratante en carne (putañero) (usado por Shaks. for the buttocks. 27). 1522. a whoremonger. Cojines carnales (trasero). defined in the OED as «luxuries or advantages regarded with regret or envy».. From O. The female sexual charms. Br. IV. flesh. V.. 16. A brothel. A variant of flesh-market given by F & H. Mercado de carne (burdel). pos. Tratante en carne (alcahueta). To copulate.E. US. Rather freq. E.. fleshmonger. Sp.: «He hath perverted a young gentlewoman here in Florence. Partes carnales (genitales fem. flesh cushions. también. i. III. OED. flesh-peddler. Sp.). OED. OED. E. Cámara carnal (genitales fem. Sp. Show me those fleshly principalities. phrases with reference to sexual intercourse and the sexual organs. A wencher. E. Sp.. Mercancía carnal (mujeres. of a most chaste renown. sl. 16th c. q.).). A brothel.the overexcited male ejaculated into my flesh chamber. OED. flesh-fly.). The buttocks. fleshly-part and fleshly-idol for the female genitals.. Now obs. A pimp.v. 330). Sp. 1630. Sp. Sp.» (CN.). obs. pero que fue un centro de prostitución en el Londres del s. the area in London where most of the important newspaper offices used to be from the 19 th c. and this night he fleshes his will in the spoil of her honour» (All’s Well. US. Sp. The female genitals: «. flesh-market. sl. and to flesh and flesh it (Br. Hurí/paloma de Fleet Street (lugar donde se encontraban hasta hace poco tiempo las oficinas de los más importantes periódicos londinenses. Br. Mosca de la carne (putañero). Parte carnosa del muslo (nalgas). those of unchastity. fleshly part of the thigh. XVIII) (prostituta)... Also. To coit with a woman. c1200-1882: «Sweet hart shall I put my Flesh in thine?» («As I Was Redeinge by the Way». prostitutes: «Your Ladyship. Br. The female genitals. sl. Sp. a fool and a coward?» (Measure. flesh-broker. . 3). A brothel. until a few years ago. referring to the body of a beloved woman or a prostitute. Fleshly is an old euph. sl. Sp. Sp. prostituta. flesh. bíblica: Éxodo. 88): «Show me those fleshly principalities. 3: “lujos o ventajas mirados con añoranza o envidia”).Fleet Street houri/dove. Sp. Fábrica carnal (burdel). flesh-company. ref. E. iii.. sl. Used by Shaks.). flesh factory. Olla de carne (burdel. a1300-1620. sl. to. in sins of the flesh. See part(s). Emplear el sable para satisfacer el deseo carnal (copular el hombre con una mujer) . flesh merchandise. Sp. fleshmonger (q. lo usó refiriéndose al cuerpo de una mujer amada o al de una prostituta). Sp. Sp. fleshly principalities. Sp. Confusión de carne (burdel). Used by Robert Herrick (1591-1674) in his poem ‘Show Me Thy Feet’ (in LEWIS. flaesc. 1522. A prostitute. a procuress. esp. E. as Fleet Street.v.v. prostitutas). fleshly idol. for ‘carnally. i. a prostitute. and US. I conceive. The buttocks.: «And was the duke a fleshmonger. The female genitals. 16th c. “A whoremaster” (F & H). Other euphs. Sp. Pecar (pecados de la carne). Compañía carnal (coito).. Sp. 13-15). / Doth traffic in flesh merchandise» ( LP. for ‘to copulate’. fleshly parts. fleshly chamber/fleshy chamber . To copulate. 16. was a whoring centre in the 18th c. Show me that hill where smiling love doth sit. a1700. fleshpot. Women regarded as sexual objects. obs. and flesh cushions. 19th c. thy thighs. for ‘pimp’. Sp. perhaps with a Biblical reference: The fleshpots of Egypt (Exodus. flesh-factory. Used by Shaks. Used in euph.. Ídolo carnal (genitales fem. flesh-broker and flesh-peddler. flesh-market and fleshpot for ‘brothel’. and flesh one’s will. Materializar el deseo carnal (copular) (usado por Shaks. 18th-19th c. sl. Br. Also flesh it.).

gay jargon. 1702. Sp. Bisexual. flip-flops. Flip-flops is a variant For other reduplications.. flit. Perhaps from the meaning “the less important side of a gramophone record. Sp. flinking. etc. . US. jóvenes o viejos (prostituta). (Of males) to masturbate. Sp. flog off. young or old” (F & H). floater. Azotarse la carne de vaca (masturbarse el hombre). flog one’s dumb brother. flip. (Of a male) to masturbate. al pelele. An affair. at set up shop. Of a male. or their breasts themselves. See bean3.Having a living fountain under it. flog one’s donkey. Br. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. E. The clitoris. For other reduplications. US. Sp. Sp. trick. El otro lado/la cara B (del disco) (ano) (jerga gay). etc. See flip oneself off. Tocarse la habichuela (masturbarse la mujer). flip-flop1. Principalidades carnales (encantos fem. gay jargon. A frivolous woman. Sp. Que revolotea (gay). Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). flip-flop2. Sp. Que se da la vuelta (gay de rol pasivo). From the light fluttering movements of an effeminate. Masturbarse el hombre. Sp. or their breasts themselves. for ‘copulate’. Que liga con todos. siguientes entradas) . Sp. 18 th-19th c. (Of a male) to masturbate. Austr. flirtina cop-all. See stable2. A gay male with a passive role. (Chicas de) tetas saltarinas. fleshy excrescence. flick one’s Bic/dick. Flotador (pene). US. The anus. Sp. flip over... sl. Var. One of the terms meaning ‘cheat. See flip. Gay jargon. (Chicas de) tetas saltarinas (var. E. one’s dummy . Azotar al hermano mudo (masturbarse el hombre). fling-dust/fling-stink. Sp. OED. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’.– which have been used as euphs. term for a male homosexual. llevar al huerto (copular el hombre con una mujer). flick one’s bean. Sp. Pene. Que se da la vuelta (gay de rol pasivo). A derog. Because he flips over for anal intercourse. Often used in many other combinations with the same hitting imagery: to flog the bishop. 1616-1679. flog one’s beef. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sexo oral recíproco o cambio de roles en el coito anal (jerga gay) . see bouncy-bouncy. Sp.. flicker. US. fugle. Girls with bouncing breasts. Levanta polvo/mal olor (al caminar) (prostituta callejera) . Mutual oral sexual intercourse. Azotarse (masturbarse el hombre). Black sl. sl. flimp. Sp. flip oneself off. flick the switch. The penis. OED. or a change of roles in anal intercourse. to. Sp. Sp. F & H have: “a street-walker”. Bisexual (jerga gay). To date women to prevent being suspected of being gay. Sp. flipside/flip side. Gay jargon. Excrecencia carnosa (clítoris). flog one’s dong/dick. 1942. deceive’ – jape. Sp.. Sp. Sp. Sp. etc.: «Listen to me flick my bean» (Mayfair classifieds). Sp. sl. al obispo. See quot. Mujer frívola. mump. (Of a man) to masturbate. Salir con mujeres para disimular la homosexualidad (jerga gay). Pulsar la perilla de la lámpara (masturbarse la mujer).). See flap. flip. The penis. See flong one’s dong. Short and not very serious sexual relationship: «But I didn’t have my fling with Jenny very long. (Of a woman) to masturbate. (see following entries): «He’s content to flog his dick through his pants at the mere sight of her» ( Hustler). Br.” Sp. of flip-flaps. see bouncy-bouncy. Rebaño (conjunto de prostitutas explotadas por un chulo). (Of a woman) to masturbate. Sp. sl. Austr. flip-flaps. Sp. and J. (v. sl. 87).». Sp. “A wanton. Austr. de flip-flaps). fling. flock. flog one’s dummy. Girls with bouncing breasts. OED. Masturbarse el hombre. Sp. To masturbate. to flip. Azotar (al pene. flip-flap1. flip-flap2. etc. Azotar al burro (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. Besar o acariciar lascivamente a una mujer.» (FU. To masturbate. GREEN has: (“the dust or dirt that she stirs on her walk”). Sp. sl. Aventura (lío amoroso de corta duración). Sometimes abbrev. Engañar. (Of a male) to masturbate. Contemptuous names for a prostitute. Azotar al pelele (masturbarse el hombre). “To kiss or wantonly to caress a woman” (GROSE).

floppers). It has been suggested that it may come from Flossy. flog the salami. (Of a male) to masturbate. A bra. en to pound one’s flounder y fondle the flounder). Ejaculation: «She felt the thick flood begin. to. 19th c.. Used by Shaks. flog the frog. Sp. Sp. Sp. flower1. Azotar al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre). flog the hog... colloq. Sp. Nombre de mujer (prostituta). (Of males) To masturbate. flogging. flog one’s mutton. (Of a male) to masturbate. Sp. Saltarinas (tetas). Sp. but the connection is not proved. Ser promiscua (derivación regresiva de floozie). flood. Sp. A male homosexual orgy. Azotar al perro (masturbarse el hombre). a1700-1785. The penis. (Of a male) to masturbate.but canny: A buck for a fuck. whose torpid powers require stimulating by flagellation” (GROSE). flood. q. » (Fiesta). Azotarse la carne (masturbarse el hombre).. See roll in the hay. Sp. E. as a euph. (Of a male) to masturbate. flooze. floral arrangement. Revolcón en el pajar (v. to dinky one’s slinky. Copulation on the floor or on the carpet. Chica de pueblo (venida a la ciudad para ejercer la prostitución). To penetrate the vagina. esp. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). (Of a male) to masturbate. Dejarse caer (penetrar la vagina). Austr. (Of a male) to masturbate. in the USA. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’: to crank one’s shank. to. Origin unknown. Sp. flopper-stopper. flog the mule. flog the dolphin. (Of a male) to masturbate. flossie. Florence. of floosie. The breasts. Br. Azotar al General (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. A very rapid copulation. Sp. See quickie/quicky. From the female Cristian name. Azotar al salchichón (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. for ‘prostitute’: «There once was a floozie named Annie Whose prices were cosy. Sp. who were often reduced to prostitution after coming to the big cities. To sleep around. A spelling var. Inundaciones (menstruación). See floosie/floozie/floozy.» (Fiesta). Sp. flog the bishop. floppers. Prostituta (var. / . Sujetador (v. de floosie). Menstruation. To ejaculate: «Then he flooded me. Azotar a la mula (masturbarse el hombre). flogging cully. ‘masturbate’. Azotarse la salchicha (masturbarse el hombre). to hack one’s mack. Whipping for sexual stimulation. Sp. floosie/floozie/floozy. A woman’s virginity. (Of a male) to masturbate. Azotar la carne de cordero (masturbarse el hombre). Azotar al madero (masturbarse el hombre). 18 th c. etc. flourish. Floreo (en esgrima) (polvo rápido). E. Sp. Sp. flong one’s dong.. (Of a male) to masturbate. Esp. Sp. flog the dog. Sp. Azotar a la rana (masturbarse el hombre). Backformation from floozie.: «Blondie’s floppers jiggled above me. 1911-1984. Ramo de flores (orgía gay).. Azotar al obispo (masturbarse el hombre). esp. Polvo en el suelo o en la alfombra. OED.» (Hustler). Because of the swinging movement when the woman walks. the. roll in the hay). obs... “A debilitated lecher (commonly an old one). to slam one’s spam. Sp. Inundar (eyacular). Sp. Sp. to fluff one’s duff. Azotes (como estímulo sexual). in to pound one’s flounder and fondle the flounder. flop in the hay. A prostitute. sl. Sp. sl. A common sado-masochistic practice. A girl or woman of disreputable character. Sp. (Of a male) to masturbate. Often used. Platija/solla (pene. See little visitor. to flub the dub. OED.flog one’s log. Sp. Br. Sp.: «(I) Threw my affections in his charmed power. Viejo sado-masoquista que sólo se estimula con la flagelación. Fifty cents for a suck. Sp. a common name for the English country girls. And a dime for a feel of her fanny» (Limerick). (Of a male) to masturbate. US. Inundación (eyaculación). sl. flounder. to yank one’s yam. flog one’s sausage. to lube the tube. to tweak one’s twinkie. to yang one’s wang/crank. See floppers. flog one’s meat.v. floor fuck. to flick the/ one’s Bic/dick. (Of a male) to masturbate. floods. Sp. Sp. flop in. flog the General. Azotar al delfín (masturbarse el hombre). Sp.

Prostituta (variante de floosie). flue. as obs. sl.. fluzey. OED. A male homosexual (see flute1). The penis. Prostituta (var. 19th c. flower of chivalry.: one-holed flute.Reserv’d the stalk and gave him all my flower» ( A Lover’s Complaint. see angel1. The testicles. The female pubic hair. For synonyms. flowers1. daffodil. (Of males) to masturbate. US. flower3. From the soft fur of rabbits and other animals.).). flub the dub. Sp. Sp. A spelling variant of floosie. See quot. “A whoremaster” (F & H). Sp. q. 146-147). the female genitals. flute1. Sp. If you’ll come to my palace. flowers and frolics. see angel1. euph. Br. Flautista (gay). flute player. Sp. Sp Cañón de la chimenea (vagina). de floosie). For synonyms. Flores y juegos (testículos.). sl. skin flute and living flute.). Ave nocturna (prostituta o genitales fem.). For synonyms. fluff one’s duff (Of males) to masturbate. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’.v. 66). at rear her mainmast first. ‘to practise fellatio’.). A male homosexual. Some names of flowers are used as terms of abuse applied to men to imply lack of masculinity: buttercup. From a type of small. Sp. in the phrase to play the (skin) flute and to blow (on) someone’s flute. . by Horace Walpole. Sp. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). Semi-lex. Flor (virginidad) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. blow!» ( A Prophetic Homily. From the French fleurs Lex. sl. Jaula para moscas (genitales fem. Sp. A male homosexual. Flor (genitales fem. An effeminate man. sl. fluter. esp. 19 th c. flute2. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’. Sp. Sp. Sp. The menstrual discharge. See quot. (see flowers and frolics). The male genitals: «Then he bared his lower front to me – a powerful flower. A spelling var.. Flauta (gay). fluzey. Rhyming sl. sl. To a guard he cried. I’ll finger your phallus. Sp. Flautista (gay). o gay afeminado) (jerga gay). and flute player.v. Vars. fly-ball. you’re cute. Sp. = ballocks. 19th-20th c. ‘a male homosexual’: «Young Frederick the Great was a beaut.). Sp. flowers2. Flor de caballeros (genitales fem. Flor (afeminado o gay). flower4. ‘Hey. Maceta (genitales fem. flower-pot.). swift vessel. The female pudenda.» (CN. lily. Sp. fluff2. Sp. Gay jargon. argot rimado: frolics rima con ballocks). daisy. Flores (mensuales)/tiempo de flores (la regla). flower-fancier. Still used. see angel1. q. silent flute. E. stuck . Also monthly flowers and flower-time:: «Her monthly Flow’rs. Also. de flowers and frolics. Baseball imagery: a ball that may be caught ‘on the fly’. Flor (genitales masc. Sp. See flong one’s dong. Sp. Sp. And then I shall blow on your flute’» (Limerick). Flores (testículos. in BURFORD. argot rimado: frolics rima con ballocks). E. sl.. or the female pubic hair.). at fanny1. 1743. The female pudenda. Sp. flower2. fly-by-night. likening it to the chimney tube. fluff1. Pelusa (lesbiana de rol fem. Rhyming sl. Sp. Sp. q.).. the vulva. 260).. fly-boat. Barco rápido (genitales fem. Sp. pansy (all q. The testicles. Amante de las flores (putañero). Br. of floosie. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). See flong one’s dong.v. See little flower and pink flower. Flauta (pene). Br. the menses. an alternative form of fun and frolics. Irish usage. man. like her chaste mother’s. US. A lesbian with a feminine role or an effeminate male homosexual. The female pudenda. c1400-1859. Pelusa (vello púbico fem.v. A male homosexual. Sp. Now obs. E. Pelota que puede cogerse al vuelo (del béisbol) (gay) . a male homosexual. fly-cage. The female genitals. The vagina. The female genitals. A prostitute.

E. Sp. “To experience the menstrual flux” (F & H). Sp. Frequent in the erotic literature of the 16th-18th c.). from Pretty Little Games for Young Ladies and Gentlemen: With Pictures of Good Old English Sports and Pastimes. Br. esp. Sp. See sixty-nine. a prostitute. To ejaculate. An act of sexual intercourse accomplished in the air. Papamoscas (genitales fem. at French disease. Espuma (semen). sl. sl. fly the red flag. Caso ‘follativo’ (genitales fem. by William Combe. and US. y coito. a small pocket. for the pudenda and copulation. 16th-17th c. F & H give fly-woman and fly-dame as variants Sp. To penetrate a woman sexually.). Menstruation. to. about to ejaculate. Ondear la bandera (hacer la calle). punning on ‘vocative’ and fuck (see quot. fabulous + girl.. Ondear la bandera roja (tener la regla). Around his neck her arms she flings. Lanzar una estocada (en esgrima) (copular. at animal. Black English for attractive. Bijou threw herself on it to gather the last spurts» ( DOV. While o’er the downs the courser strains. See quickie/quicky. And pours in love’s delicious potion». El enemigo (pene). Br. See quot. fly-trap.fly-catcher. con la mujer en una mecedora y el hombre en postura acrobática). ‘a cares not what mischief he does. (Echar) un polvo rápido (corriedo el riesgo de ser sorprendidos) (según GROSE. he will foin like any devil. GREEN. A very rapid copulation. foe. from ‘foil’. foam. Used by Shaks. a kind of small sword = ‘penis’. foe. Echando espuma por la boca (a punto de eyacular). fly girl. at root1). GROSE has: “to enjoy a woman with her clothes on. Behind her buttocks move like springs. The penis. II. practised with the woman in a rockingchair and the man in an acrobatic position. Sp.: «In good faith. with drawings by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827). 1893-1994. Usar el florete (penetrar a una mujer). woman. Fencing imagery. Sp. 173): «Well mounted on a mettled steed Famed for his strength as well as speed Corinna and her favourite buck Are pleas’d to have a flying fuck. sl. While Jack keeps time to every motion. Ondear la bandera (tener la regla). Sp. to. fobus. esp. flying Philadelphia fuck. A small sword. Pequeño bolsillo (genitales fem.). Polvo volador (fantasía sexual consistente en echar un polvo en el aire).. 19 th c. Sp. nor child» (2 Henry IV. sl. as a euph. (Of a prostitute) to walk the streets. The penis.. (Of a man) to copulate. The female pudenda. focative case. flying sixty-nine. i. “disfrutar de una mujer sin que se desvista o sin ir a la cama”) .” (J. sl.). “Perhaps there is a link with fob. Sp. Used by Shaks. “The female pudendum” (F & H). Sp... prostituta). 19th c.” Sp. Attested as Canadian. fly the flag1. OED (AS).. he will spare neither man. Sp. the1. Br. at frig. foil. El enemigo (la menstruación). is forcefully described in the following verses. flying fuck. See flash/fly the red flag. fly the flag2. uado por Shaks. Sp. Sp. Chica/mujer/dama fabulosa (joven promiscua. Sp. 19th c. . This old fantasy of man. foam. From ‘fly’. Semen: «Finally the penis shuddered violently. dicho del hombre) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. 1998). Sp. sl. A refined variety of fellatio. Florete (pene). flyer/flier. the famous caricaturist (in LEWIS. A lewd or sexually promiscuous young woman. With fiery eye and loosened reins. 183). foaming at the mouth. Br. the2. The female pudenda. Sp. in to take a flyer/flier. E. en juego de palabras con vocative. and as the white foam appeared at the tip of it. US. Br. Sp. E. Sp. or without going to bed. See quot. Trampa para cazar moscas (genitales fem. if his weapon be out. (Of a man) extremely excited. ‘vocativo’). See quot. Polvo volador de Filadelfia (fantasía sexual consistente en una felación. 16-18). of copulating in midair. Echar espuma (eyacular). E. See also enemy. E. with risk of interruption.. foin. foil.

punning on the verb to foot. Sp. fool around (with). Gay (de foop.. gay jargon. Catholic version): «Abimelech king of the Philistines [. fooper. Hacer una paja a alguien con el pie. fool’s trap/fool-trap. To copulate. for thieves do foot by night. q. a man who is particularly aroused by a female’s feet: «I knew you were a foot-man from the way you were looking at me while I was dancing» ( Leg Action). «. 12). (Of a male) to masturbate. Also. entre ‘caminar’ y foutre. Sp.). fool with oneself. foot. a whore. Sp. escrito al revés). for poof (q. she said» (Knave). French for fuck: «Take heed. Sp. Br. Reina de pies (gay fetichista de los pies) (jerga gay). E. Acariciarse la platija/la solla (masturbarse el hombre). fuck en fr.. Acariciar (sexualmente o copular) (usado en la versión católica de la Biblia). From foop. Also fooper. Lila. o. ser promiscuo. . signifying the cully who pays. 19 th c. tamb.. Whereupon said the porter ‘Oh. probably as a cuckolding instrument. a male homosexual. foot soldier. Prob. Used by Shaks. for ‘to have sexual intercourse’. A male homosexual. a man who is particularly aroused by a female’s feet: «I’m a tropical beauty searching for worshipping foot lovers. Sp. A man with a foot fetish. back sl. “An expression among impures. de poof. Tontear con uno mismo (masturbarse)..). Hombre de pies (fetichista de los pies). E. ere summer comes. fondle one’s fig.. 183). Soldado de a pie (prostituto callejero) (jerga gay).. foot-man. prostituta). 17 th c. Sp. The female genitals. escrito al revés). Gay (prob.. Said of a female. Sp.: «’I wasn’t fooling around with Andrea Puxford behind her husband’s back’» ( TSM. Also. boyfriend. Acariciarse (masturbarse).. From the standard meaning ‘to introduce surreptitiously’. To have a sexual relationship with someone else’s wife. foop. have open eye. Br. back sl. fool-maker. The penis. Sp. Br.he had never fooled around or seen a prostitute until he came to us» (THH. Trampa para tontos (genitales fem../ Take heed. See quot.). Sp. Sp. Sp. Burlador (pene. Pie (copular) (juego de palabras usado por Shaks. Sp. occ. Also fool-sticker. to be promiscuous:.foist/foyst. or cuckoo-birds do sing» ( Merry Wives. Said of a male. de poof. Sp. To do homosexual sex acts. foot queen. fondle the/one’s flounder. E. in opposition to a flash man” (GROSE). 121-22). Sometimes used as a euph. To masturbate with the feet: «’I’ve always wanted to foot-wank a man’. pray take my daughter. A male homosexual. prob. sl. i. Br. q. sl.-a). etc. 26:8. US. foot-wank.v. Sp. pagano (cliente de prostituta) foop. Sp. at touch yourself. fondle oneself. to. como instrumento para poner los cuernos). Sp. fool with one’s tool.. I want to know what makes you worthy of being mine» (Swank fantasy personals). Sp. sl.v. foolish. Or in the following popular limerick: «There was a young student at John’s Who attempted to fondle the swans. q. To caress sexually.v. To masturbate.v. US.sl. gay jargon. See also foot-man.] saw Isaac fondling his wife Rebecca». Tontear (con la pareja de otro. Sp. for poof. US. Realizar actos homosexuales (prob. II. college students. Sp. menos frec. Acariciarse el higo (masturbarse la mujer). ‘walk’ and foutre. E. The birds are reserved for the dons’». To masturbate. for example in the following passage from the Bible ( Genesis. A homosexual male with a foot-fetish. Masturbate. Amante de pies (fetichista de los pies). 19th c. A male street prostitute. Meter disimuladamente (copular el hombre con una mujer). foot lover. fondle. US. See also foot lover: «I knew you were a foot-man from the way you were looking at me while I was dancing» Sp. A man with a foot fetish. To copulate. Tontear con el instrumento (masturbarse el hombre). sl. To masturbate.

. From the meaning to get together. foreskin-hunter. disease Homosexual sl. a dandy. The female genitals. Patio delantero (genitales fem. Sp. The breasts.: «As fit [. The prepuce: «With my partner’s guidance. A boy under the age of consent. punning on foot and ball. Sp. fore and aft. 19 th c. » (All’s Well. 159). From the O. One who is excessively concerned with fashion and elegance.. to copulate. footsie/footsy-footsy/footsy-wootsy/footy-footy. ‘fc’sle’. Nautical imagery. Caricias furtivas con los pies. foreskin. Sp. Sp. Sp.). 1929: «I adore men who enjoy hours of foreplay as much as I do! » (Pent). or a homosexual with a venereal. E. Forzar (violar). etc. Capataz (prob. force. fine Fopps do here arrive. promiscuously they swive» ( A Ramble in St James’s Park. A prostitute offering both vaginal and anal copulation. Placer previo (al coito). Extra-marital copulation. argot rimado: aft rima con shaft). See chamber and let out one’s fore room and lie backwards. Petimetre. place. Nearly always in the expression to play footsie/footsyfootsy. juego de palabras con la parte de delante del hombre) (pene). Polvo a la fuerza (argot carcelario por ‘violación anal’) . Prob. foreplay. sl. Sp. sl. used as a prefix meaning ‘before’ in time. Entrar por el pasadizo (penetrar a una mujer). US..v. force one’s ardour/ardor on/upon.v. Antesala/cuarto de delante (vagina). fore-and-after. 18th c. sl. foregather. Sp... Br. Earl of Rochester. Br. fore-buttocks. And here. E. fore-hatch/forehatch. Sp. Dedo índice (pene) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Based on the nautical term and its pronunciation. See also jail bait and San Quentin quail. OED. Fruta prohibida (del Árbol de la Ciencia en el Jardín del Edén) (sexo ilícito). pisaverde (etimología desconocida). 18th c. forefinger. Sp. Sp.. Br.). forbidden fruit2.. Br. 1535-1868.). copular) (genitales fem. 19 th c. sl. Anal rape. 19th c. 21-24). place. The penis. foregut. E. The penis. q. Sp.football field. force-fuck. E. Reunirse (copular). Prepucio. sl. foraminate. 53 Isabel’s ring. adverb fore.] as Tib’s rush53 for Tom’s forefinger. forbidden pleasure. q. To rape a woman. Sp.. 19th c. Escotilla de proa (genitales fem. rank. Sp. Possibly rhyming sl. Sp. II. + skin. Of uncertain origin. The female genitals. Sex in general. sl. Sp. Rare. Sp. + play. Sp. 1672-1876: «Footmen. An attractive girl who has not reached the age of consent» US sl. The vagina. foreman.. 19th c. ‘fuck-sle’. Br. Sexual stimulation practiced in preparation for copulation. Based upon the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden: «In fact. Br. 19th c. Amorous and clandestine touching and rubbing of feet between a couple. q. Sp. Sp. Culos delanteros (pechos de mujer). Sp. The female genitals. sl. Entrañas de delante (genitales fem. From the nautical terms fore and aft. Br. E. by John Wilmot. OED. Sp. of the male. Br. OED. Sp. rank. Foreplay. “A prostitute” (F & H). ii. sex of an illicit nature. etc. ‘make a passage’. adverb fore...).. E.E. sl. Proa y popa (coito. in BURFORD. The female genitals. The female genitals.) (raro)..E. Placer prohibido (sexo extramarital). Castillo de proa (genitales fem. sl. esp. used as a prefix meaning ‘before’ in time. etc. a1300-1871. for shaft. Coition. forbidden fruit3. Sp. OED. 1935. Fruta prohibida (muchacho menor de edad o gay con una enfermedad venérea). Penetrate a woman.). 1672. To copulate with. Prison sl. I worked the prepuce (foreskin) up and down the shaft» (Pent). Sp. Proa y popa (prostituta que ofrece coito vaginal y anal) . OED. Desfogarse con (copular el hombre con una mujer). Br. fore-room/fore room. the idea of sampling forbidden fruit made incest all the more exciting» (THH. Nautical. 22). Sp. To copulate. 17 th c. Used by Shaks. sl. forbidden fruit1. Campo de fútbol (probable juego de palabras con foot y ball.v. 19th-20th c. E. . forecourt. E. Sp. fop. Cazadora de prepucios (prostituta).e. usu.. Fruta prohibida (chica atractiva menor de edad). forepleasure. E. From the O. Juego previo (al coito). Lit. forecastle. Now obs. i.

to avoid fornication. From Latin fornix. rub. eg. rub. A venereal disease. also used by Shaks. 151). by the Christians. The female genitals. and let every woman have her own husband» ( I Corinthians.M.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. lugar donde se colocaban las prostitutas). used for ‘copulate’.). Sp. in Merry Wives (V. in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible . rub.). 19 th c. E. could my Cuckold do so! Good lad. And sheltered by gentle hill» («The Citadel». sl. thence fornicare. Br. Lex. and to taverns». usu. To masturbate. 7. ‘an arched vault where prostitutes stood’. ‘before’. “The female pudendum” (F & H).forest.). But the more it was softened. 10-11). arco de triunfo en tiempos del Imperio y. Sp. still beating and beating. 2). rub. sl. Masturbarse el hombre (del significado argot de forks: dedos) fornicate. come hither tomorrow But pray! can’t you use it once more e’er 54 you go?’» («A Lusty Young Smith».. 1786. Fragua (donde el hombre va a trabajar con su ‘martillo’) (genitales fem.. v. To prepare a woman for copulation. Found freq. let every man have his own wife. A prostitute. juego de palabras con la parte de delante de la mujer) (genitales fem. with your Hammer. 285). Sp. M. But when she was tight It seemed quite all right. for 'fingers'. to. The female pubic hair. And asked if to work at her Forge he would go. The female genitals as a forge where man can go to work at with his hammer: «A lusty young Smith at his vice stood a-filing Rub. later.). Used by Shaks. Still fully current: «There was a young lady named Flynn Who thought fornication a sin. i. 18th c. .. sífilis o gonorrea) (juego de palabras entre el nombre de la flor y las graves consecuencias de la enfermedad venérea). Austr. forget-me-not. forfended place. OED. In this pleasant way They add to their pay Which at Wheesley and Beasley is measley» (Limerick). Pills. fornication.. A pun on the name of the flower and the serious consequences of the disease. Lugar prohibido (genitales fem. esp. forewoman. Sp. where Falstaff is said to be: «given to fornications. full of sorrow ‘O! what would I give. 197). Horquilla (prostituta) fork oneself off. E.C. The Smith would then go. in BURFORD. Quoth the Dame. Nomeolvides (enfermedad venérea. forge. Sp. Capataza (prob. Sp. fork. From forks. esp. when unmarried). fork. did his Iron by vigorous heating Grow soft in the Forge in a minute or so. Sp. Frequent in classic bawdy verse: «Through it runs a purling stream. It’s in a forest sweetly hid. syphilis or gonorrhea. for ‘extra-marital copulation’. Sp. V. As often ’twas hardened. To commit fornication (to copulate. Br. Whose force would turn a little mill. OED. in BURFORD. it hardened more slow. Fornicar (del latín fornix.. in and out ho! When to him a buxsome young Damsel came smiling. sl. Six times. rub in and out.. a1300-1874.. 1611: «Nevertheless. posteriormente. 1552-1824: «The typists at Wheesley and Beasley All fornicate steadily and easily.: «But have you never found my brother’s way / To the forfended place? » ( Lear. ‘an arch of triumph’ at the times of the Empire. 54 Erroneous for ere. Bosque (vello púbico fem. Sujetar con la horquilla (colocar a la mujer para el coito).

1611 (I Corinthians. 17 th c. sl. Hombre de cuatro letras (homo). come.M. Sp. Fuerte (genitales fem. B. One who commits fornication. for now.the stain of desire [. Sp. though Fort Bushy for ‘the female pubic hair’ is sometimes found. 17th c. in Canada (see next entry). The penis. Used by Shaks. (see quot. Sp. Sp. argot rimado: four rima con whore). Fornicador (usado frec.. cunt. The penis. in polite language: «Banish the use of the four-letter words Whose meanings are never obscure The Anglos. Fuerte de la Maleza (vello púbico fem. Thy Fort. Fuente (porque echa semen) (pene). at deer). because it ejects semen: «. 19th-20th c. Sp. four-letter words.. sl. fountain2. 138). Sp. Br. The female genitals. Obs. OED. Sp. The female genitals. E. four-legged frolic. See chamber. of Anglo-Saxon origin. sl. sl. fart. The vagina. The female genitals.: «I know thou art young and tender Although thy Cunt be rough. in BURFORD. Br. 19th c. Were vulgar. Cuatro piernas (coito).. four legs... Fort Bushy. They are gen. (see quot. 292). twat. rhyming sl. A prostitute. if thou’lt to me surrender. “The penis” (F & H). E.So everyone filled her with gin» (Limerick). Words associated with sex or excretion which are considered rude and offensive. Br. fountain1. Fornication. Sp.). Now obs. Used esp. The female pubic hair. fornicating-engine/-member/-tool. E. Fornicador (pene). fornicator2. Used in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible. Fuente del amor (genitales fem. 5. E. Sp. y aún corriente). quim.). so called because the most obscene words in the English language do have four letters: arse. four-letter-man.. The female genitals. ‘The Bumper Toast’. en clara alusión a los genitales fem.. shit. sl.. and are usu. esp.). To strengthen one’s back for the rigours of copulation. Fornicación (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks. Br. 1377-1869.). fortify the back. a1786. Fuente (genitales fem. Sp.) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Sp. Fuente de la vida (genitales fem. fountain of love. 19th c. and do/have/perform a four-legged frolic . Br. Adultery. forty-four. elsewhere in English erotica: «In Rags or Brocades she is equally great Her Fountain gives rapture to all that bathe in it. Sp. Used by Shaks. E. at scale).. The pudenda or the breasts. Fortalecer la espalda (para los rigores del coito). The act of copulating. cock. Sp. Sp. obscene and impure. for ‘ whore’. Juerga de cuatro piernas (coito). fornicator’s hall. Freq. 19th c.. fountain of life. the Saxons those hardy old birds. E. when I am weary of walking on two legs. in BURFORD. ball. M. Sábanas sucias (fornicación). 108-111). Sp.. Br. what a pleasure she may do me to turn me to some goodly ass. ‘to copulate’.C. Sp. fortress. foul sheets.. Br. But cherish the use of the weasling phrase That never quite says what you mean You’d better be known for your hypocrite ways . wank. fornicator1. 160). Copulation: «I honor her for her cunning. foul play. o pechos) (usado por Shaks. en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611).). E. E.. Sp. sl. piss. I’ll man it well enough» (Merry Drollery II. sl. V. Fortaleza (genitales fem.). and help me to four» (End. Br. Sp. etc..] sprayed there like a perfume by the fountain of a man. Cuarenta y cuatro (prostituta.» (DOV. sl.». ii. 9): «I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators». Máquina/miembro/instrumento fornicador. replaced by euphs.. A homosexual (homo). fuck.. A variant of stained sheets given by F & H. Salón del fornicador (vagina).-a (pene). fort. Sp. Juego sucio (adulterio). E. in Canada.

1963. in such expressions as ‘you’re a pain in the Francis’. A dysph. Zorro (mujer atractiva).Than as vulgar. sl. Sp. Now rare. To have sexual intercourse with the local women. a woman-chaser. Sp. US. Sp. Frank/frank. ‘eres más molesto que un grano en el culo’.. See quot at fox2. prison sl. The female pubic hair.!» (V.. a. a menudo a frat o fratting). sl. usado por los soldados aliados durante la 2ª Guerra Mundial. Copulation. See fox1. Refriega (coito). US. a voyeur. fox’s bush. used during WW2 by the Allied soldiers. a paramour.. and derives pleasure from it: a peek-freak. 1908-1986: «A freak is basically anyone who needs fantasy. obsessed with urine. for ‘prostitute’. en expresiones como ‘you’re a pain in the Francis’. 173). q. Sp. Sp. Sp. freak1. foxy. 98). Rare. Shaks. de Francis.. US. Preñada. frail-job. The posterior. Sp. Women. sl. (personificación del pene). A condom. A derog term for an effeminate homosexual male. a1592-1871. used it in 2 Henry IV: «A foutre for the world. The penis. and combat..the pretty blonde girl with whom I had enjoyed a ‘whoresome foursome’ with the King and our generous host [. Frances. Obs. Sp. Austr.] behind the fox’s bush» ( DOV. Frágil (lesbiana de rol fem. q. franger. franion. A kind of sword. q. foutre. sl. The penis. Sp. popular in America in the 1950s esp. usado por Spencer en el sentido de mujer inmoral). Coition.. OED. fox3. frankfurter. Sp. frat/fratting. OED. 111). See also fair(er) sex and weak(er) sex. ¡Joder! (del fr. Francis/francis.) (argot carcelario) fox-hunter. Atractiva dama (homosexual de aspecto fem.) (argot carcelario). Cazador de zorros (libertino. fraternize/fraternise. Foxy is the corresponding adjective.). iii. Sp. Found in English as an imprecation. War imagery: «. The penis. Sp. See fraternize/fraternise. whose hair bristled when his hand reached out for it [. A lecher. fray. a rugby song). Sp.v. A person who is obsessed about something specified.).). Sp. frail sex. eres un incordio) . a su vez del latín futuere) (usado por Shaks. US. sl. fox2. Un cuarteto (cuatro personas copulando). from Latin futuere. The female genitals: «Her sex he called ‘the little fox’. Of obscure origin. An attractive woman. Perhaps related to French letter.v. Of obscure origin. esp . US.. French for fuck. Nombre de varón.. abrev . prison sl. Sp. Four people involved in sex together: «. Galán (de origen oscuro. Trabajo delicado (coito). See also battle. Atractiva (de fox1. Palabras de cuatro letras (tacos).v. fox1. US. fragrant. as obs. Nombre de mujer (trasero) (raro). foxy lady. A lesbian with a passive role.. If it’s big. foursome.] Elena had a little mole hidden [. The posterior. Fraternizar (copular la tropa con las nativas. the. Sp. .. Sp. «girl or woman». Also fouter.) . La maleza del zorro (vello púbico fem. Sp. Lex. to frat and fratting. frail. Tommy. Pregnant. fox4. She replied... ‘Sometimes.. From this type of sausage: «A young British army deserter Asked his girlfriend if intercourse hurt her. Sp. etc. OED. Sp. US. 1571-1810. like salami. But not when it’s like your frankfurter’» (Limerick). sl. a piss-freak. Tipo de sable (pene). A lesbian with a passive role. A gallant. OED. Zorro (genitales fem. From frail. 246). Often abbrev. Frail-sister and frail-one are US. Used by Spencer in the sense of a loose woman. Salchicha de Frankfurt (pene).. obsessed with peeking.I was more than ready for the fray» ( EIC. Condón (relacionado tal vez con French letter).. sl. Sp. obscene and impure» (Fragment of «Ode to the Four-Letter Words». Sp.). A euph. calavera). El sexo débil (las mujeres). Zorro (lesbiana de rol fem. Sp. Nombre de varón (trasero) (popular en América en los años ‘50. forma fam.] asked if she could join us» (TSM.

or the person who gives it: «. Oral sex. free fishery. The anus. to practise fellatio or cunnilingus (OED. French kiss.).. 1749-1967. In MOQ. Freddie. French joke. etc. free-hold. Fred. «I maintain that it is the little freebies giving it away in the First Avenue bars who spread this hazard (venereal disease) » (THH. Sp. French2. Cliente de prostituta obseso/perverso. Something which is given free. 1958). to.: «He profer’d me Jewels and great store of Gold But I would not Mortgage my little Free-hold» (Pills. Sp. Que pasa de coños (impotente). French job. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. OED. French dressing. “Impotent. Peca (ano). Una que trabaja por cuenta propia (prostituta sin chulo ‘protector’). AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. Sp.. 19 th c. (Of a male) to masturbate. trabajar por cuenta propia (trabajar una prostituta por su cuenta. v. French culture. Br. Sp. encuesta realizada por R. Amor libre (practicar el sexo sin barreras de ningún tipo) . prostitutes’ jargon to free sex.. Pet name for the penis.. usu. sl. in the humorous phrase excuse/pardon my French (1895-1966). Sp. jerk off and French» (Fragment of limerick). Espectáculo gratis (vista de los muslos o pechos de la mujer al descuido) . A prostitute who works independently and is not ‘protected’ by a pimp. in BURFORD.. Spicy: (very) French. free love. sl. French language . E. OED. freak trick. Austr. Sp. French. Sp. US. Nombre de varón. In MOQ. 208). 4). esp. Ir por libre.» ( THH. 1958). 132). free-lance/free-lancer. From supposed Gallic tastes: a French (OED. free samples. Muestras gratis (coito antes de la boda). sl. Pet name for the penis. Sp. freckle. 1958: «There was a lascivious wench [. The female genitals. freeze. mantenido por ésta). US. US. de Fred (apelativo cariñoso dado por una mujer al pene de su pareja de dicho nombre) (recogido en MOQ. in prostitutes’ jargon. Feudo (genitales fem. a homosexual. X. sl.in the early afternoon I would usually give all my freebies to the young kids. 17th-18th c. US. fellatio. Sp. OED. sl. The female pudenda. Sp. A man who engages in unusual or brutal sexual activities with a prostitute. See perversion. Propietario vitalicio (chulo de una prostituta. A man supported by a prostitute. unable to do ‘the trick’” (F & H). Obseso. without charge. or punishment in order to achieve his interpretation of erotic gratification» (THH. Improperly. Br. Hacer un francés (practicar sexo oral). Pervertido (gay. See French2. underworld. free of fumbler’s hall. Promiscuous copulation at will without legal or moral constraint. 1814-1971. Sp. free the hostages.degradation. free-lance. French novels. Sp. freeholder. fuck. sin chulo o copular una mujer con muchos hombres). dim. 186).. Austr. Humorous: he pays no rent for his occupation. (of a woman) to copulate with many men. perversion). Sp. freak2. freebie/freebee. Copulation with a woman prior to marriage. To practise fellatio or cunnilingus. Congelación (negativa de la esposa a realizar el coito con su marido). spec. 18th c. X. (Of a prostitute) to work independently. French is also used euphemistically for ‘bad language’. Francés (picante). French1. to. Criadero de peces gratis (genitales fem. French art/French love. 1988-89). Regalo (sexo gratis) o prostituta que hace ‘regalos’. See also French abortion.. Sp.] she’d bugger. A wife´s deliberate withholding of sexual intercourse. sl. 1988-89). Nombre de varón (apelativo cariñoso dado por una mujer al pene de su pareja de dicho nombre) (recogido en MOQ. freq.. sl.. Sp. cunnilingus or fellatio. free show. Sp. Sp. encuesta realizada por R . Applied in US. to French. the. E. pervertido (de origen oscuro). A glance at a woman’s thighs or breasts. Sp. Sp. 211).: «A scrawny white hooker who had been the victim of a “freak trick” – a customer who gets his kicks from brutally beating girls – was nursing her wounds» ( THH. See also French kiss and French postcards/ French prints. or cunnilingus. without her knowledge or consent. Liberar a los rehenes (masturbarse el hombre). Sp.).

Sp. sífilis). Syphilis. syphilis. French cannibal (OED.) and French scabs (17th c. Un francés (condón). French crown. Sp. Sometimes abbr. syphilis. Sp. a French. 1592). OED. Gallic disease and morbus Gallicus). Cf. Cultura francesa (código en anuncios sexuales para indicar preferencia por el sexo oral) . Sabañones franceses (enfermedad venérea. See French3. 85-86): «Some of your French crowns have no hair at all». The passive partner in fellatio. a sheath. 1607). French pox. French marbles (OED. 1979): «The French-man swore they did his nation wrong. Th’ Italian look’d upon him sterne and grim. French cap. as you can see in the following curious anonymous verses of the 17th c. 1612). q. Homosexual sl. esp. French mole (OED. esp. Gorra francesa (condón). Called maladie anglaise by the French. esp. That it was borrow’d from their flocke and race. Sp. 1598-1772. Homosexual sl. French disease. See French letter. French passive. Copulation. «You are an honest trusty Lad. French4. Arte francés/amor francés (felación). See French3. Sp. And said the Spaniard had it before him [. French complement (OED. French tricks. 18th c.v. Sp. en jerga gay) . 17th c. I.training. French complement. Sp. 1979). As he was closely foyling at a Wench» (Rowland’s Complete Works. French chilblains. sífilis). French aches. esp. That said the pox did unto them belong. And is returned filthy full of French. French lessons. 1979). French chilblains (17th c. As though no other had the fault to wench. Sp. Sp. See French3. French cap. the French have never accepted this dubious credit. Though apparently the English have always blamed the French for the spread of this disease. In single combat. Sp. Sir» ( Pills. French vice and French way. Sp. Corona francesa (sífilis. French disease. Francés (enfermedad venérea). French gout. ii. (See also French crown. There is a clear allusion in Shaks. (in HENKE. sífilis). 1688). Fellatio. to French. Syphilis. Complemento francés (enfermedad venérea. syphilis. French connection. Venereal disease. French safe and French tickler.). French art/French love. Venereal disease. French culture. Venereal disease. US. sífilis). in HENKE. Gay jargon. 1678). Sp. Giving it nicknames by the tearme of French. From the baldness produced by advanced syphilis. esp. The spitting out of semen after fellatio. French fever. Sp. Venereal disease. Dolencia francesa (enfermedad venérea.. syphilis: French aches (OED.). Used in ‘personal’ ads to indicate a preference for oral sex. esp. Sp.] The Spaniard vow’d he manifest could show. (una felación). being hurt by chance. among others. malady of France. And I’ll wager ne’er had the Disease. For he would prove to the Italians face.. French infection. (Midsummer Night’s Dream. esp. See French3. French active. Francés activo (el que recibe una felación. French cannibal. French goods (OED. See French letter. Sp. in HENKE. Caníbal francés (enfermedad venérea. French measles (OED. Enfermedad francesa (sífilis). A condom. A contraceptive. He fetch’d it from the Indies long agoe». French abortion. 1664). spec.. por la calvicie que ocasiona esta enfermedad) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. esp. syphilis. 1614).. a condom. or the disease: «This Gentleman hath served long in France. the one being fellated. and indeed it is not strange for different nations to pass the buck to one another. French3. Francés (sexo oral). . sl. Venereal disease. Conexión francesa (coito). Aborto francés (acción de escupir el semen tras una felación). French stuff. esp.

occ. Sp. . See French3.. Contar un chiste francés (estimular el ano con la lengua). suggesting fellatio. Comida francesa (genitales de una francesa). used by Sir John Harington (1561-1612) in Against an Old Lecher (in HURFORD. 17 th c. Loose-fitting and usu. Venereal disease. 1926-1990. She said: ‘Will you lie with me?’ I replied with some tact ‘As a matter of fact I have brought a French letter with me’» (Fragment of rugby song). Servicio de doncella francesa (juego sado-masoquista en el que la mujer toma el rol de doncella francesa Victoriana. hechas de seda o satén). sífilis). Pudenda of a French woman. occ. Sp. Sometimes abbreviated to letter: «There was a young man of Cape Horn Who wished he had never been born. aplicado tamb. curiously called capote anglaise (English overcoat) by the French. French gout. E. All I need is a demanding man» ( Swank fantasy personals). Homosexual sl. Canicas francesas (enfermedad venérea. Aliño francés (semen. esp. A common euph. 112): «Since thy third curing of the French infection. sífilis). Priapus hath in thee found no erection. full leg. French marbles. French maid service. de media pierna.. OED. Teaching fellatio. Carta francesa (condón) (curiosamente capote anglaise. Sp. French fare. See French3. más rara vez. Gota francesa (sífilis o. Sp. Sp. esp. in prostitutes’ jargon for ‘fellatio’. Sp. gonorrea). French fever. Enseñanza de la lengua francesa (enseñanza de técnicas felatorias). French language training. Sp. Sp. used referring to fellatio or cunnilingus. He wouldn’t have been If his father had seen That the end of the letter was torn» (Limerick). with a short.. Sp. esp. Mercancía francesa (enfermedad venérea. pushing my tongue between his lips» ( Men Only). Semen. Bragas francesas (no ajustadas. Venereal disease. para los franceses). Fellatio or cunnilingus. Infección francesa (sífilis). French joke. Beso francés (beso dándose la lengua. Sp. Sp. French goods. c1856-1968: «I dined with the Duchess of Lee.. syphilis.. for a kiss made with mouths open using the tongue (OED.French dressing. An educational experience comprised of a male prostitute instructor and a female pupil learning how to perform fellatio. French infection. To stimulate the anus orally. French knickers. Br. complaciendo todos los deseos de su pareja). en alusión a la felación). made in silky or satin-finish material. to tell a. Syphilis and. lace-trimmed ladies’ knickers.then (I) leaned over and french kissed him softly. A French is freq. Sado-masochistic game in which the woman takes the role of a submissive maid of French origin like the ones employed in Victorian and Edwardian eras as a status symbol: «My name is Michelle and I love to give erotic French maid service. Sp. French fuck. Sp. often abbreviated to French. To ejaculate on a woman’s breasts. frec. Fiebre francesa (sífilis). syphilis. con encajes. Sp.». French kiss/french kiss. a tongue kiss. Polvo francés (eyaculación sobre los pechos de la mujer). esp. Trabajo francés (felación o cunilinguo). freq. French lessons. en ocasiones al sexo oral). OED (AS). French job. A condom. Lecciones de francés (enseñanza de técnicas felatorias por parte de un prostituto instructor).. ‘abrigo inglés’. French language expert is someone who is good at it. gonorrhea. sl. Homosexual sl. Sp. 1923). 1930): «. Homosexual sl. Sp. verb (OED. to French kiss is the corresp. “Syphilis” (F & H). A variant of French disease. French letter.

Sp. Gay jargon. cunnilingus or fellatio. French postcards/prints. erotic or pornographic pictures. Sp. Paja francesa (correrse en las tetas). French tickler. Sp. cunnilingus or fellatio. 1655-1725. etc. See fresh meat. French Revolution. fresh. Frenchy/Frenchie. en jerga gay). Un bocado fresco (coito con una virgen o amante nueva) (v. Fellatio. Sp. French passive. A la francesa (sexo oral. See French3. OED. esp. From Latin frenum. tamb. Francés pasivo (el que realiza una felación. Venereal disease. The gay movement. spec. A condom equipped with ridges or larger protuberances designed to increase vaginal stimulation. 1850-1931. Oral sex. Gay jargon. Verdura fresca (coito con una virgen o una nueva querida (v. Condón francés (con protuberancias. Asunto francés (sexo oral. Oral sex. ‘garganta profunda’). Frenillo (en los no circuncidados. Curiously called ‘American cards’ by the French. Sp. 1967: «I put cucumbers covered with ribbed condoms in her cunt and bananas covered with French ticklers» ( HTSYOL. French scabs. Lunar francés (enfermedad venérea. fresh meat). French tricks. Viruela francesa (enfermedad venérea. Sp. gay jargon. syphilis. Sp. fresh meat). Que practica el ‘francés’ (que realiza felaciones) .v. Venereal disease. See French3. syphilis. etc . The active partner in fellatio. Sp. French way. French active. spec. Sp. See fresh meat. OED. See French3. fresh fish. the. Sp. Postal francesa (hombre guapo. See French fuck. 1979. OED. French throat.French measles. Infected with syphilis. Sp. Sp.-a (que se toma libertades sexuales). esp. Frencher. 1897. A handsome man. para los franceses). Pescado fresco (coito con una joven prostituta) (v. Venereal disease. French wank. . Afrancesado (sifilítico). Also. Venereal disease. Sp. US. 1598-1772. One who practises fellatio. Sp. 1503-1740. una nueva pareja o una joven prostituta). Oral sex. obs. Cf. q. To ejaculate on a woman’s breasts. sífilis). 1848-1953. Sp. Copulation with either a virgin or someone the coiter has not yet grown accustomed to. en jerga gay) . Sp. 161). Sp. Br. Sarampión francés (enfermedad venérea. Also fresh meat.v. frenum. novels. OED. membrana que une el prepucio con la parte inferior del pene). sífilis). Un francés (condón). obs. Sp. Garganta francesa (felación) (por analogía con deep throat. OED (AS). films. específicamente cunilinguo o felación). esp. Copulation with a virgin or a new mistress.). esp. Carne fresca (coito con una virgen. esp. spec. French mole. (Copulation with) a new young prostitute. Orig. fresh meat. the fellator. 19 th c. Trucos franceses (sexo oral. Widespread sl. E. A condom. películas. or a young whore (see meat1): «I wasn’t looking for action replays. Fresco. Sp. Enfermo del mal francés (contagiado de sífilis). OED. esp. esp. específicamente cunilinguo o felación. esp. French vice. OED. French pox. sl. syphilis. 218). Sp. Preservativo francés (condón). US. syphilis. específicamente cunilinguo o felación). bridle. French safe. novelas. Frenchified. the membrane connecting the foreskin to the underside of the penis. French postcard. Sarna francesa (enfermedad venérea. See French letter. Syphilitic. Erotic or pornographic pictures. Vicio francés (sexo oral. Sp. que estimulan la vagina). Also fresh bit and fresh greens. material erótico o pornográfico: grabados. fellatio and cunnilingus. La Revolución Francesa (el movimiento gay) (jerga gay). sífilis). Apt to take sexual liberties. I wanted fresh meat every time» (Pent). fresh bit. etc. for ‘condom’. fellatio and cunnilingus. Postales francesas/grabados franceses (ilustraciones eróticas o pornográficas) (curiosamente ‘postales americanas’. Sp. spec. fresh meat). sífilis). Sp. Sp. fresh greens. Sp. In uncircumcised men. específicamente cunilinguo o felación). Oral sex. French stuff. q. Sp. “A rip-off of deep throat” (ASHLEY. Copulation with a virgin or a new mistress. French-sick..

to rub. 52). heroína en la película El Mago de Oz). An effeminate male. ultimately cognate with Latin fricare. Fricción. Fetch gentle Mistress Frances unto me’» ( The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. Br. friendship. An old euph. Sp. 255). 59). he exclaims’» (from a common English joke). sl. 1598-1946: «Mother! You know. smaller”. answers that he doesn’t know. She feels the foe within it. so dainty as you be. etc. from fricare. From an old term originally meaning ‘rub’ or ‘chafe’. frig1). fribble. Also in homosexual use. Sp. c1700.Sp. frig1). OED. asks: “Are they like two melons?” “No. Rhyming sl. Also. Vars. at fifty-five / A man can only frigg her». From the meaning ‘frivolous person’. Amistad (relaciones sexuales. Pet name for one’s own genitals or a sexual partner’s. fress. female masturbation (see quot. sl. Sp. A prostitute. “No. “Like two eggs?” “Yes. my fellow. frig1. 17th-18th c. ‘frotar’). (v. 17th c. as in the following song by Rochester. friend of Dorothy. as a noun. fricatrice. Sp. friend1. Sp. Sp. 33). he says. friends to stay. Flat or underdeveloped breasts. From the name of the friar who was Robin Hood’s companion. Copular (v. To have oral sex. friend2. Masturbar(se) (derivado en último término del latín fricare. Teaze me no more!’. Masajista (prostituta). From the alleged admiration of gays for Judy Garland’s performance of Dorothy. for a sexual affair. and waking frigs. Copulation. Sp. fried eggs.. smaller”. in BURFORD. A male homosexual. Sp. perhaps?” “No.fresh ware. ‘eat’. For synonyms. Friar Tuck. Comer (practicar sexo oral. see little visitor. Amigo. Sp. a homosexual. the heroine in the film The Wizard of Oz. OED. for a lover of either sex.: my friend. chum. del yiddish). = fuck. The panting lover’s fainting moan. Just in the happy minute. ‘to rub’. . Mercancía fresca (coito con una joven prostituta). a1601. willing to help him. masaje (coito). in BURFORD. hombre o mujer). Often used in sexual ads. at dry bob). Fraile compañero de Robín de los Bosques (polvo. Frívolo (gay de aspecto o maneras afeminadas). To copulate with. Amigo de Dorothy (gay) (por la supuesta admiración de los gays por la actuación de Judy Garland en el papel de Dorothy. E. (good) buddy. Quite frequent for female masturbation. Sp. 1680 (in HURFORD. A woman’s period. To masturbate continuously: «I was frigging away happily until something made me look up and turn my head towards the door» (TSM. Copulation with a young whore: «But so it is ‘I must have fresher Ware: Wherefore. From Latin *fricatricem. 1490-1967. frig2. (Also frig oneself). fricace. my best friend. Huevos fritos (pechos lisos o poco desarrollados). 1605-1871.(‘My Little Lodge. smaller”.. a. argot rimado: Tuck rima con fuck). frig away. Massaging imagery. Sp. Humorous: ☺«‘A young man who enters a lingerie shop to buy his girlfriend a bra is asked by the shop assistant: “Size?” The young man. and the shop assistant. E. From Yiddish. “Like two oranges. Close personal friendship has been used as a euph. OED. Sexual relations. Br. usado frec. en anuncios de sexo). about a female swineherd who suddenly awakens from a sexually exciting dream: «Now pierced is her virgin zone. She hears a broken amorous groan. “Like two coconuts”. Sp.-a (amante. taken aback. but fried”. Dame Baud. Masturbarse sin parar. my little friend. Amigos de visita (la regla). Nature thus kindly eased In dreams raised by her murmuring pigs And her own thumb between her legs. She’s innocent and pleased». Sp. To masturbate (someone). Frightened she wakes. (my) special friend. Amigo (los genitales propios o los de la pareja).

43).” The girl overcomes her astonishment. Usu. frillies. and I will be grateful to you forever.searched his pocket until he found the powder which procures a woman’s pleasure. Sexual play. en frog’s mouth (boca de la rana). frigamajig. frig1). because of their alleged liking for frog’s legs. frigging2. Rana [genitales fem. The penis. and have had no further problems with erections» ( Knave). Sp. to play sexually. Said of males. frisk. Sp. frog2.I wanted him to play with my pussy [. Sp. I am not really a frog at all but an ensorcelled prince. Retozar (copular. a phallic symbol. Copulate. Not common. sl. 19 th c. “Sweet lady. A condom. Sp. From a slang word for gadget. in frog’s mouth. To masturbate. At last.. Austr. a derogative name given to the French. Masturbar hasta el orgasmo (v. 1586-1970. frigging1. Sp. Frigidity is the name given to this sexual disorder. A prostitute. so that I may regain my human shape. resp. did Marianne want to admit that she was cold. Male and female masturbator. Smearing his weapon therewith. and holds it in her bosom all night. but occ. ver frog/froggie). frigster/frigstress. of a female: «My moaning brought him up to the bathroom where he found me frigging myself off» ( Mayfair). Please take me and hold me in your bosom till dawn. Sp. to copulate: «I have learned a lot from our Summer School frolics. Rana (pene) (raro). Sp. the vulva: «. Sp. Aparato (pene). Sp. From Latin frigidus. with a yell. cavort. Masturbarse (dicho gen. as in the following well-known joke: ☺«A beautiful princess is walking through the woods when a frog speaks to her. underworld. it is now usually applied only to women who are sexually unresponsive. Not common.and that’s the story she told her mother the Queen the following morning when she found her in bed with a stranger» (adapted from Apuntes Secretos. Frigidez (v. frigid. See also caper. frig oneself (off). OED. See also caper. 1900-1970.. Br.. A condom. sl.. in LEWIS. Un ‘franchuti’ (del mote dado a los franceses.. based on ‘frog’. Br. copulation. 1660-1962: «No more than a soldier wants to admit being frightened. Lencería con perifollos. 17th-19th c. de la mujer. said of both cold women and impotent men. takes the frog to her room in the palace. he thrust it into the frog’s mouth» (GL. The female genitals. Frilled undergarments.. Sp. frigidity. Retozona (prostituta). frilled lingerie. and romp. Orig. ‘cold’.v. Nombre propio de varón (personificación del pene) (raro) . v. Sp. But at his first trial He said with a smile. Piel de rana (condón. resp. Sp. Sp.. He burst from his cell. Penis. From frisk. esp. Frotar el músculo del amor (masturbarse el hombre).) (v. “I’ve had the same feeling by hand”» (Limerick). Sp.). Sp. Frígida. Retozar (copular). frig the love muscle. Sp. Masturbación. frog1). . frigid). sl. frog’s mouth. Boca de rana (genitales fem.. frigid.. To masturbate to orgasm: «. q. To masturbate. coito). frig1). vulva]. And buggered the Father Superior» (Limerick). common sl. OED. del significado ‘franchuti’ de frog. esp. frogskin.. See frigid. Coito. Sp. But she was being psychoanalyzed» ( DOV. E. Sp. Que se masturba (hombre o mujer. frog/froggie. and romp. frisker. frog1. OED. E.frig off. for a Frenchman. Copulation: «An innocent boy in Lapland Was told that frigging was grand. The penis. frolic.] and bring my clitty out of its hood and frig me off» (Mayfair). From ‘frog’. E. por su supuesto gusto por las patas de rana) (condón). found. See frog1. Sp. frisk. Masturbation: «There was a young monk of Siberia Who of frigging grew weary and wearier. cavort. Fritz. Br. 74). 84). frolic.

87). Sp. /Whilst the front gate gives pleasure every way. See front door. 112): «Thy nobler part. The female genitals: «. For synonyms. The female genitals. See also crack1. Fisura frontal (vulva).v. See also door and backdoor..(1933) we find: “The special perversion of frottage consists in a desire to bring the clothed body and usually though not exclusively the genital region into close contact with the clothed body of a woman”. for the vagina. Semen. underworld. para obtener placer sexual (erróneamente considerado en otras épocas por algunos siquiatras como una perversión o perturbación sexual) . 19th c. gay jargon. front attic. Car imagery. E. Sp. ropa interior de seda. A sexually frigid gay male. which but to name In our sex would be counted shame. front parlo(u)r. The female genitals. The cleft in the female external genitals. See front door. A bra. See also front door. or her genitals. From a French word meaning ‘rubbing’: «This divorcee has been practising frottage for all her adult sexual life» (Mayfair). esp. frottage. By age’s frozen grasp possessed From their ice shall be released And soothed by my reviving hand». 23).). front garden. at backside. Sp. parte de delante (pechos o genitales de la mujer). congelado (sexualmente frío o impotente). Impotent. by Rochester. Br. Also froe. Hombre que practica el ‘frottage’. front gut/frontgut. for the vulva. front parlo(u)r. Br. front window. A prostitute. sexually cold. The female pudenda. Sp.). Sp. Tripa delantera (genitales fem. wife. for the pubic hair.» (EIC. we find some other euphs. Sp. front door mat. A man who practises frottage. Recibidor delantero (genitales fem. front bottom. silk lingerie or leather or rubber wear. front bum. o ropa de cuero o lycra. 1892-1984. Sp. frozen fruit. front-suspension. Entrada delantera (vulva). See chamber. see soap. The female pudenda. froth. Culo delantero (genitales fem. The vulva: «There was a young fellow from Crick With a willie remarkably thick. for the female genitals: front attic. front-room. and front door mat. frotteur. sl. . Sp.). Ventana delantera (vulva). Culo delantero (genitales fem. Br. frozen. The female genitals. Sp. The female pubic hair. Afeminado (del fr. via Dutch vrow. Austr. Sp. Helado. Suspensión delantera (sujetador). It used to be wrongly considered a sexual disturbance by some psichiatrists. See front door. woman. Puerta delantera (genitales fem.. OED (AS). 19th c. But he chose a young bride With a front door so wide That they easily managed the trick» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. esp. See front door.). front door. From German Frau. sl.). See quot. Br. Sp. The vulva. E. The vagina. The vulva. US.). Sp.. Sp. front window.. sl. Sp.front. A fetish about touching oneself or being touched through clothes. Effeminate.. From the F. Señora (del holandés vrow) (prostituta). q.v. q. sl. frow. Fruta congelada (gay frígido) (jerga gay). front bum. E. onomatopoeic for the rustling of draperies. onomatopeya del sonido producido por el roce de artículos de confección) . front room. the vulva: «He thrust his tongue fully into my wide-open and pulsating front fissure» ( CN. Delantera. Cuarto delantero (vagina). Espuma (semen).).. as a means of obtaining sexual gratification. E. Sp. Jardín delantero (genitales fem. Sp. In A Song of a Young Lady to her Ancient Lover. and in the OED’s first quot. Fetichismo consistente en una preferencia por tocar o ser tocado con la ropa puesta. Sp. Sp. Sp.. The vagina. Puerta delantera (vulva). Based on their frontal position. Felpudo de la puerta delantera (vello púbico fem. 18th-19th c.Only the rider can enjoy that race. frou-frou.. front fissure. front gate. A woman’s breasts. 1647-1680 (in DÍAZ. front entrance. Sp. Ático delantero (vagina).

sl. Fruta del árbol prohibido (pechos de mujer). A male homosexual. futter. Cesta de la fruta (genitales masc. US. Fruta y verduras (genitales masc. 1). Sp. A well-disguised euph. SHIPLEY ventures the possibility that it comes from firk. Jugo de fruta (jerga gay por ‘semen’). A male homosexual.. 1960. Orig. E.v. OED. and it was not included in the OED. Árbol frutal/’frutero’ (gay). Puesto de fruta (lugar de encuentro de gays). From fruit (see fruit. US. The OED makes it cognate with the German ficken. Apparently. to1. fruitful vine. as a less likely source. Some of its commonest phonological disguises are : fug. fruit for the monkeys. Sp. A woman’s breasts. progeny. sl. Ensalada de fruta (grupo de gays) (jerga gay) fruit-stand. an embryo.v. fruit juice. Humorous (see quot.v. and bears fruit in nine months. fruiter. at breast).). Sabroso/’sabrosón’ (gay. by a simple semantic shift. A man who considers himself heterosexual. fruiter.fruit. Fruta (gay) (originariamente argot carcelario). Now rare. fruit basket2. Sp. Overripe fruit (q. sl. OED. Austr. Punning on banana. Sp. but fruit of love and love’s fruit are still current. fruit picker. sl. de fruit. q. it was usually printed f---. SPEARS gives the Latin pungo. into the 17th c. a1300-1834.. fruit that made men wise. A male homosexual. 19th c.) fruit fly. US. until 1972 (Supplement. lass or neuter. fruit and veg. ‘to beat’. fudge. Homosexual sl. The penis. ‘to prick’. at prick. fruit of the banned tree of knowledge . a). gay jargon. fruity. Orig. For as long as they’re tender The question of gender Is a relative one– to a fruiter!» (Limerick). ‘to beat’. Sp. US. 1503-1971: «He started to fuck me more fiercely. fruitcake. fruit-plate. Of obscure etymology. Follar (palabra ‘obscena’ por . futz and muck. Sp. fruit. a. Sp. at breast (See also melon). E. Gay jargon. sl. fry bacon. Sp. See other quots.). See quot. related to futo. con alusión a banana) (jerga gay).v. US. Sp. a Hebraism. Sp. Fruta que hizo a los hombres sabios (coito. Fruto (descendencia). A male homosexual. Sp. fag hag. at aesthete. fruit puff.. US. Cesta de la fruta (genitales fem. fruit salad.» (Fiesta). Gay afeminado. prison sl. Sp. fuck has always been regarded as improper. T. which according to ERNOUT & MEILLET comes from the Latin futuere. Also. firk/ferk/furk. The female genitals. a phoetus in a woman’s womb. ‘to strike’. Br. sl. vol. alusión al Árbol de la Ciencia en el Jardín del Edén) . the product of love. Sp. etc.. A meeting place for homosexual males. Humorous. and bitch. gay jargon. Sp. fruit(s) A woman’s breasts. gay jargon. Orig. 1895-1971. Offspring. US. Plato de fruta (gay). To copulate and to copulate with. Also. fruit basket1. Lex. Sp. Sp. Sp.v. fuck. Recoge-frutas (heterosexual que en ocasiones busca la compañía de homosexuales) (jerga gay). Fruta para los monos (pene. Because it has flowers every month. To copulate. OED. Viñedo fructífero [genitales fem. Sp. in fruit of the body/ loins/ womb. Homosexual.. The female genitals. Also. OED.. esp. Sp. heard for an old homosexual. A group of gay males. J. q. The male genitals. q. and so do SPEARS and MCDONALD. Pastel de fruta (gay). and both he and MCDONALD relate it to the French foutre. A homosexual male.). 17 th c. A woman who prefers to be with homosexual men because she feels safer in their company. Copulation. porque tiene ‘flores’ (regla) todos los meses y da fruto a los nueve meses]. Mosca de la fruta (mujer que se siente más segura en compañía de homosexuales). as taboo. US. q. Fruta(s) (pechos de mujer). Semen. Br.) is occ. standard English from the 11th c. underworld: «The Anglican Bishop of Ceuta Enjoys sex with a lad. Sp. referring to the Garden of Eden and the apple from the tree of knowledge. Freir tocino (copular). The male genitals. Sp. Sp. See quot. but who occ. seeks out homosexuals for sexual satisfaction.

To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. attributed to John Wilkes. fuck for all one’s worth. fuck around. Corrida (líquido seminal). por simple cambio semántico. Sp. Sp. To copulate repeatedly. honey-fuck. An act of copulation. fucks like a ferret on heat?’» (TSM. Used as a vulgar expletive. Sp. fist-fuck. Sp. de firk. Hours later she phones. to pound away. a zipless fuck. and finally in desperation the wife goes out to see if she can borrow some canned goods from her mother. From these animals’ proverbial promiscuity: «’Katie. See piss flaps. etc. ass-fuck. relacionado con futo. simultaneous copulation of two men with one woman. fuck from behind. A mighty maze. fuck it!. at attempted assault. To fuck with a lot of different people: «”I’m just fucking around”» (Barely Legal). Sp. in BURFORD. in phrases like he/she is a good fuck. “The seminal fluid” (F & H). simulated coition between males. fllossie/floozie/floozy. quick fuck and stick it in/into. SPEARS y MCDONALD. For I’ve had him myself down in Leicester’» (Limerick). to grind away. to poke away. See quot. fingerfuck. copulation with one’s clothes on.v. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta quedar exhausto. fuck buttock. Solapas de la jodienda (labios de los genitales fem. 1874-1969: «A young woman got married at Chester. fuck away. Sp.: fuck hole. is it true that Toby Starbuck. Sp. dog-fuck. expressing anger or disgust.SHIPLEY aventura la hipótesis de que pueda proceder. inglés estándar por ‘golpear’. Follar como conejos/visones/armiños/un hurón en celo. 1680-1965: «Let us (since life can little more supply Than just a few good fucks. US. OED. Follar con unos/as y con otros/as. and to copulate in this way. as taboo. 361). ‘golpear’.). To coit anally. entre los siglos XI al XVII). penilingus or anilingus. Follar sin parar. ‘Away’ is often added to other similar verbs to convey the idea of prolonged vigorous action: to bang away. Polvo. The labia. a pornographic film. A woman or a man considered as sex objects. que según ERNOUT & MEILLET procede del latín futuere. Dar por el culo. butt-fuck or shit-fuck. anal intercourse. cunnilingus. ‘You’re in luck. Que tiene un polvo (hombre o mujer). 269). To coit with a woman vaginally from the rear: «My husband won’t fuck me from behind. vagina. fuck him!” “I did. There are many combinations with fuck. . You open here Thursday. often in exclamatory sentences: fuck you!. por último. fuck like a bunny/like a mink/like a stoat/like a rabbit/like rabbits/like a ferret on heat . if I may use the old Somerset saying.: ☺«An actor sits by the phone day after day. have a fuck. “Hello.!” fuck1. tummy fuck. Usado como vulgar improperio: “¡que te jodan. insertion of the penis between a woman’s breasts. See other quots. cluster fuck. all of them coarse sl. (all q. lesbian activity consisting in rubbing the genitals together. fuck him!. to fuck vigorously. I want you to fuck me from behind while I finger myself» ( Mayfair classifieds). and to have a fuck. Her mother she kissed and she blessed her. flat fuck. dry-fuck. Sp. to2. fuck pole. etc. OED. to copulate. to bump away. Sp. Lex. esp.” “Well. tit-fuck. tongue-fuck. fuck2. homosexual jargon. bunny-fuck. etc. 1764. a fuck film.”» (Rationale II. Sp. J. fuck flaps. for mighty pricks to scan» (An Essay on Woman. lo jodan.T. and then we die) Expatiate free o’er that loved scene of man. etc. doing crossword puzzles and waiting for his agent to call him about a booking. To copulate continuously.excelencia. To be sexually promiscuous. baby’s arm. bum-fuck. He’s a stunning good fuck. to go on copulating. Says she. to hammer away. honey? I’m in your agent’s office at the Paramount.). Follar vaginalmente por detrás. buen follador/a. fuck. 281). copulation with practically a stranger. at fuck the hell/the life out of someone. to plug away. fuck3. penis. Sp. etc. con el francés foutre. or without orgasm. to hump away. de etimología oscura: el OED lo relaciona con el alemán ficken. There is nothing to eat in the house.

US.I fuck myself again even harder. to fuck vigorously: «.. she said in a low. «. Sp. fuckable. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta dejar/quedar exhausto. Follarse uno mismo (masturbarse). fuckathon. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta dejar/quedar exhausto. . Sp. fuck someone’s brains/head out. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta deja/quedarr exhausto. maratón). To masturbate.» ( Leg Action). Picadero (habitación o apartamento donde un hombre lleva a sus ligues). Sp. Sp. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion.. 112). fuck off. Sp.I was ready and willing to fuck my brains away. Sp. Sp. fuck one’s brains away. fuck the hell/the life out of someone. and we were fucking like crazy before we knew it» ( Pent). fuck muscle. Follar duro/con fuerza. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion.. fuck oneself.. sl.-a. fuck like/as if/as though there was no tomorrow . fuck the living shit/hell out of someone.”» (Barely Legal). Austr. US. Follar como si el mañana no existiera/como desesperados.). fuck the arse/ass off someone/fuck someone’s arse/ass off .: «Steve and I agreed she was without any shadow of a doubt very fuckable» (Mayfair).. fuck someone’s brains/head out. US. 165). for group sex. Br. and he fucked me silly» (Fiesta).(all q..fuck like crazy/mad... fuck without complications.fuck the hell out of me. to fuck vigorously: «Our groins locked and bucked in a good. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta dejar/quedar exhausto. (Of a woman) to masturbate. sl. often found in pornographic literature are: fuck someone hard.. Sp.. sl.» (TCp. To copulate vigorously. por analogía con marathon.. fuck someone hard. sexo en grupo (palabra inventada.-a/atontado. Sp. sl. Fuck me for all you’re worth’.. one you would not mind copulating with. fuck pad. Sp.he moved in and out expertly whispering into my ear that he had always wanted to fuck my arse off» ( Fiesta). See shaggin’ wagon. See also love shack. watching porn on the TV and fucking each other’s brains out!» (Mayfair). The penis. fuck someone’s arse/ass off.. «.-a/sin sentido. Sp.. Also fucksome.. 91).we took our clothes off. fuck the arse/ass off someone . Maratón de jodienda.v. gay jargon.. «. and US.he made us gulp back our drinks so’s he could get me home and fuck the daylights out of me» (Razzle). throaty voice» (FU. sl. Nonce word. and US. to fuck vigorously: «. Sp. Follar como una serpiente de cascabel/como un potro salvaje. Follable (hombre o mujer). To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. fuck the living shit/hell out of someone .she ushered me into another room so I could fuck her senseless» ( Mayfair).it [his prick] rammed right into me all the way.-a.-a. fuck like a rattlesnake/like a wild stallion . Sp.. Follar hasta dejar exhausto.-a. Sp. fuck like/as if/as though there was no tomorrow . to fuck vigorously: «Nicola’s piano lesson never finishes before half past four. Follar como locos. A room or apartment where a man takes the women he seduces. Sp. 117). etc... fuck one’s brains away. «. To fuck one’s partner vigorously: «”How do you like to be fucked?” “Hard. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta deja/quedarr exhausto. fuck someone senseless/silly/stupid. fuck the hell/the life out of someone. to fuck vigorously: «’. Follarse (masturbarse). fuck someone senseless/silly/stupid. Sp. To masturbate: «. fuck for all one’s worth. modelled on ‘marathon’.. To copulate vigorously: «... Sp.as Tex kissed the back of my neck and fucked the holy shit out of me» (FU. fuck the daylight/the shit/the holy shit out of someone . E. A sexually attractive person. US. 125). El músculo de follar (pene) (jerga gay). fucking-like-there’s-notomorrow kind of rhythm» (Hustler). To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. Sp. Caravana para follar. Follar duro/con fuerza/hasta quedar exhausto. said by men. So there’s plenty of time for you to fuck the arse off me» ( TSM. Sp. steady. to fuck vigorously: «We spent the rest of the weekend drinking from the mini bar. fuck truck. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. To coit one’s partner to exhaustion. to fuck vigorously: «Now I couldn’t way to get on top of Karen and fuck the living hell out of her» (CP. Follar sin complicaciones (masturbarse la mujer). Other examples of amorous exaggerations. Usu.

Sp. etc. usado también como insulto).: «His tongue was almost as long as his fuck-pole» (FU. fuck-finger. Bonkfest is a var. And Man must fuck. Sp. Now obs. Also used as a general term of abuse. fuckboy. From fuck + Fest. follador/a) fucking. Br. Máquina de follar (máquina legendaria que puede dar placer sexual a ambos sexos).fuck-beggar. Then [. Tirarse a Dª Puño (masturbarse el hombre). sl. fuckster. I comes home for me fucking tea. 131). Sp. Sp. Persona follada (en oposición a fucker. and takes her round the fucking back and across the fucking fields and into the fucking woods. but quite common in classic bawdy verse: . Folla-mendigas (hombre viejo y acabado cuya única opción es hacerlo con mendigas). It is also occ.’ said the Judge.. then we have sexual intercourse’» (Son of Rugby Jokes. E. Then I goes up the fucking pub and I have several fucking pints. A derog.-a para follar. fucker.. Amigo. US. Sp. A worn-out old man who can only expect to be accepted sexually by beggarwomen. You will totally enjoy yourself» ( Swank fantasy personals). Que folla con el dedo (pey. in BURFORD. Occ. Muchacho para follar (joven homosexual mantenido).’ ‘Well. and in comes fucking Nelly. fucking machine. Sp. The person being fucked.-a. A derog. Follable (hombre o mujer). fuckery. Coarse sl.OED. OED.v. Orgía (de fuck + fest. Fist. Coarse sl. Said she. See also fingerfuck/finger-fuck. German for ‘celebration’: «Hi. The vagina. fuck-freak. coarse sl.. 274). Also. attributed to John Wilkes. en jerga gay. So I buys fucking Nelly a couple of fucking drinks. ‘if you want to stay out of jail. a nymphomaniac. Sp. the anus in homosexual sl. E. Lugar de jodienda (burdel). fuck-house. the opposite of fucker. fuck-fist. (see bonk).’ ‘Go on. Said the Judge: ‘Now tell us everything you did that night in detail. sl. 18th c. por ‘mujer que se masturba’). heard applied to a very sexually active person. US. jodido. One who copulates. fuck Mrs. An orgy. q. It would fit either sex. Often used as a mere intensifier to express annoyance.] Sir.v. ano). Follador (persona que folla o genitales. Sir. 1598-1961.v.. campus sl. A friend or acquaintance you have sex with regularly without being a boyfriend or a girlfriend. fucksome. Sp. a1568-1971: «Fucking’s the end and cause of human state. See fuckable. term for a female masturbator. Br. finish the story. Br. 54). I don’t like to say any more.: ☺«There was a rough navvy (unskilled worker) up for burglary. Sp. Palo de follar (pene). and then I have a wash and puts my best shoes on. Pajillero. Sp. So if you want to join our fuck fest don’t be afraid to call. Sp. Me and my boyfriend love to fuck but we also love to share. Said of males. term for a male masturbator. Agujero de la jodienda (vagina o. Jodienda. fuckbuddy. Casa de la jodienda (burdel). sl. fuckfest/fuck fest. Sp. Concave or convex. applied to the genitals: «There was a young fellow named Charteris Put his hand where his young lady’s garter is. The verbal noun corresponding to to fuck. Sp. Sp. “I don’t mind. Sp. A whoremonger. And was perfectly simple to clean» (Limerick). And up higher you’ll find The place where my fucker and farter is. it ain’t decent. A brothel. The penis. Sp. Ninfomaníaca. A brothel. or God will not create» ( The Universal Prayer. Sp. A woman who is obsessed with copulation. To masturbate.”» (Limerick). but he seemed to have a reasonable alibi. Also fuckery. fuckee. A legendary machine which can provide sexual pleasure to both sexes: «There was a young man called McLean Who invented a fucking machine. go on. q. alemán por ‘celebración’). q. fuck pole/fuck-pole. A catamite. 1762. fuck-hole. E.’ ‘Well.

‘Foquifoqui’ (coito y copular). sl. A prostitute. the. Sp. Br.. From the sense. Quite freq. A euph. To masturbate. to caress sexually. a1786. be. an orgasm: «She lay back weary from desire and caresses. fuck-tunnel. Sp. full-in-the-belly. Sp. ‘What’s this I see My lord the King’s a fumbler?’» («David and Bathsheba». Sp. orgasmo). o varias enfermedades venéreas simultáneas) . Empaquetador de dulce de azúcar (gay). fug. Con la barriga llena (embarazada). full moon. A phonological disguise of anus. perhaps from a hare’s or rabbit’s scut. ‘By Jove!’ says she. A homosexual. To copulate. 1640-1818: «King David then he fucked her once And fain he would have fucked her twice. Sp. Sp. in English classic bawdy verse. 297). Putañero. to).. Br. Used by R. fumble.the increasing rigidity of my fuckstick. fulfillment. The buttocks. full treatment. E.( Hustler). Sp. a hare’s or rabbit’s scut. US. Cola de liebre (trasero). Said of males. fulfil oneself. The culmination of a sex act.. US. 134). for fuck coined by Byron in Don Juan (1819-24). Realizarse (masturbarse hasta orgasmar).. fugo. The penis. fugle/fugel. From the standard meaning ‘to handle awkwardly. Palo de follar (pene). Sp. US. Sp. when Fulham was a whoring centre. Cola de liebre (vello púbico fem. Penetración completa. sl. To masturbate. 1508-1762. full penetration. sl. v. Sp. Pregnant. Lex. A sexually active woman. fud2. Realización (culminación del acto sexual. El tratamiento completo (coito incluído. The female pubic hair. OED. Sp. . fud1. Sp. against just a sexual massage. 1576-1786. 19th c. fuck-stick/fuckstick. Br. Sp. sl. 18th c. A phonological disguise of fuck. OED. To be sexually satisfied. 170). Luna llena (culo al aire. Copulation and to copulate.. and North dial. The vagina.’ OED. full house. to. fuckstress. Sp. See bouncy-bouncy. A common phonological disguise of fuck. Br. to have an orgasm: «She divined Leila’s struggle to be fulfilled and her defeat» (DOV. mump. Sp. The bared buttocks. Sp. Of uncertain origin. por fuck usado por Byron en Don Juan). flimp. or ‘bunghole’” (F & H). fudge. One of the terms meaning ‘cheat. Tunel de la jodienda (vagina). Folladora activa o prostituta. Sp. and fumbler.. Fulham virgin. Sp. Scots. Sp. See moon. 110). for ‘copulate’. but without fulfillment» (DOV. “The rectum. or a prostitute.M. Simultaneous gonorrhea and syphilis.. OED. Sp. To masturbate to orgasm. fuck the/one’s fist.«Fucksters. fudge packer.). Eufemismo fonético por fuck. (El) completo (gonorrea y sífilis.. Sp. a sexually incompetent man. etc. fulke. or other venereal diseases at once. fucky-fucky. esp. Burns. trick. you that would be happy Have care of Cunt it clap ye» ( Advice to a Cunt-monger. fulfilled. Eufemismo fonético por fuck. Of unknown origin. sl. US. 1785-1804. Recto o ano (origen desconocido). E. The maximun possible penetration of the penis in the vagina. Sp. E. Sp. Tirarse a la viuda cinco dedos (masturbarse el hombre). or dial. fuck the five-fingered widow. Copulation. Sp. Said of males. Eufemismo fonético por fuck-hole. colloq. deceive’ – jape.– which have been used as euphs. as Scot.. in BURFORD. using one’s hands or fingers awkwardly. sl. sexually impotent.. in BURFORD.C. Also fucky-fuck. orgasmar). fudgehole. en un salón de masajes) . Follarse con el puño (masturbarse el hombre). Also.-a. Virgen de Fulham (prostituta) (Fulham era un centro de prostitutas en el Londres del siglo XVIII) . Realizarse (quedar sexualmente satisfecho. fumbling. in the language of massage parlours.». 18th-19th c. 18th c. But his cock would stand no longer. sl.: «. Engañar (copular). Copular (euf. To be sexually incompetent. Sp. M. c1675. moon.

19 th c.. The female pudenda. fundamental features.my cock was still rock-hard [. ano. 51). fun and frolics. fumbler’s hall. The vulva. OED. 18 th. And then her frilly panties To reveal her furbelow» (Fragment of rugby song). for copulation in sexual ads. “The posteriors” (F & H). Surco (genitales fem. from the prodigious intense heat his fiery touches had rekindled there. Sp. en la literatura erótica y en anuncios de sexo). fun-bags. fun and games.. Piel (vello púbico fem.. and in erotica: «. was used in the 17th c. Sp. The female genitals. Austr. OED. Sp. o prostituta vulgar). An allusion to cunnilingus. fur pie. 19th c. sl. Prostituta que ‘no trabaja’ cuando hace mal tiempo. sl. Sp. Br. Illicit copulation or amorous games... Hamburguesa de piel (vulva). ‘to copulate’. Sacos/bolsas de la diversión (pechos de mujer). the anus. A blend of fuck and lunch. The female pubic hair: «I savoured the moment when my penis parted her moist fur.). Sp. The buttocks. Sp. Sp.. Rhyming sl.19th c.v. See fumble. The vagina.] feeling that part of me I might call a furnace-mouth. E. E. Casa de diversión (burdel). as furbelow. Palo de la diversión (pene). Asunto sospechoso (coito o juegos amorosos ilícitos). college students. 1893.. Polvo a la hora del almuerzo (fusión de fuck y lunch). furburger. Since at least the 17th c.). See chamber. The testicles. Sp. Sp. queer). Sp. The breasts. “(prostitutes’) A girl that shirks her trade in bad weather” (F & H).. 35 ). fun1. sl.). usado frec. the anus. and liver. I just thrust my cock up the leg and right up her funnel» (Razzle). por ‘coito’. A brothel. Sp. Rasgos fundamentales (culo. fur.). Horno (vagina). en alusión al cunilinguo). Sp. fun-zone. “An old impotent man” (GROSE)..v. US. Irish usage. sl. ano (del latín fundamentum). Sp. Parte para la diversión (genitales fem. Sp. Amatory play. sl. Br. funniment. The female genitals. Chimenea (vagina). Br. E. funker. Pastel de piel (genitales fem. sl. fumbler. The vagina. and to have (a bit of) fun (with) . The vagina: «I didn’t bother pulling her knickers off.I have been several times myself attacked by elderly fumblecods who attend (the baths) simply to pick up a young man upon whom to satisfy their lusts» ( EAP. Still current: «First she removed her stockings. Diversión y juegos (amorosos) (euf .. q.] readying itself for another round of fun and games» (FU. Diversión y juerga (testículos. funnel. Anne’s fundament wide open to Kim’s probing digits» ( POP. funny. Viejo manoseador torpe (viejo impotente) (v.. furnace-mouth. Br. q. Sp. furnace. Br. funny bit.: «. argot rimado irlandés: frolics rima con ballocks). punning on the location of the pubic hair and the fur edge on a dress. fumblecods. Sp. The vulva: «He [. sl. sliding slowly and deliciously into her hungry body» ( Fiesta). Sp. A truncation of fundament. Boca del horno (vulva). funch. Diversión (genitales fem. The posterior. 19th c.. Sp. Copulation. OED. culo. Lex. E.). Sp.. Sp. with the same meaning. Salón del acariciador (vagina). Sp. 1297-1871: «The entry is easy now. furrow. Raro (gay) (v. at snout. Intercourse at lunchtime. The penis. nalgas). 102). A derog. Sp. Sp. Agricultural imagery. fun-house. The female genitals. fumble). = ballocks. See also monkey business. From Latin fundamentum.. Acariciar torpemente (ser sexualmente incompetente). Queer. Tocahuevos (mujer promiscua. 120). Forma truncada de fundament. Sp. Zona de diversión (genitales fem. fun2. US. funny business. The female pudenda... E. Culo. Diversión (coito). term for a promiscuous woman or a low prostitute.. funstick.See other quots. Sp. Her silken legs to show. Sp. 17th-19th c.» (FH. . Often used as a euph. 1920-1970. Sp. fundament.

US. The female genitals. Sp. at battering ram. Sp.. The female genitals.after Melanie Moore sucks whipped cream and cherries from Ann’s furry pie. vagina). juego de palabras: gaff her). US. Taza velluda (genitales fem. E. Mata de la aliaga (vello púbico fem. obs. sl.. Sp. To copulate with a woman. tamb. From the vulgar or dial. found in the 20 th c. v. at take on. at key to the kingdom of heaven. Gabriel’s horn.).). jocosa de creature. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Burton’s. 199): «With that the flat-capped Fusby smiled And would have blushed -but that she could not».) gable. ‘hook or spear used in fishing’. aplicada a menudo a los animales). de girl (prostituta. The penis. The female genitals. OED.. See quot. en to drink from the furry cup. Amordazar los labios del amor (masturbarse la mujer). The female pubic hair. furze-bush. de la var. 17th-19th c. from gaff... Br. pronunciation for girl (see girl1). Sp.). in to drink from the furry cup . fuzzy cup. 1927). Oral sex connotations: «. Sp. de goodies. A pun on gaff her. inventado por Sir R. Sp. a prostitute. gag the lips of love. gag one’s meat hole. esp. A contemptuous designation applied to women. A boy’s future. G G. o ano). Sp.v. A wanton woman. Sp. sl. The female genitals. Sp. Br. gaffer. the testicles. See quot. Arpón (pene). Sp. From ‘a house gable’. futz1.. The female pubic hair. Coito (eufemismo fonético por fuck). Sp. US. The female genitals. triangular in shape. Of unknown origin. future. Sp. A phonological disguise of fuck. Abrev. US. Sp. Pastel peludo (genitales fem. Sp. Pene (alteración del italiano cazzo). Aguilón (genitales fem. Sp. futz2. furry hoop. The vagina. Pelusa (vello púbico fem. sl. A partial phonological disguise of the taboo fuck. fuzzburger. with prickly stems and bright yellow flowers. Hamburguesa de vello (genitales fem. Coito (eufemismo fonético por fuck). See quot. q. dicho del hombre. Amordazar a la almeja (masturbarse la mujer). q. “A coinage of Sir R. . esp. Sp.. the word is used referring to a prostitute in the following passage from «As Oyster Nan Stood by her Tub». Pills (in BURFORD. of goodies. gadso. q. After a species of bush. fusby. sl. sl.. humorous. Burton que lo emplea constantemente en Las Mil y Una Noches. sl. See hoop. sl. Eufemismo fonético por fuck. The scrotum and its contents. Sp. US. del significado estándar ‘bonitos pelos rizados’). Sp. at wienie. Sp. ‘Critter’ is a jocular var. Taza peluda (vagina. con connotaciones de sexo oral). c1705. Br. The vagina.. futy. vulgar o dial. 1719-1845. sl. The penis. See also fuzzy cup. E. Criatura peluda (genitales fem. Sp. US. 19th c. Sp. often applied to animals.. The penis. US. Abbrev. gaff. gag the clam.). The female genitals. Aro peludo (genitales fem.v. (Of a woman) to masturbate. sl. sl. El cuerno del Arcangel San Gabriel (pene). Futuro (de un muchacho) (escroto y su contenido). and copulation. Aparato (pene).. Italian cazzo” (F & H). girl1).v.furry critter. gal. fuzz. furry pie.. of creature. furry cup.Amordazar el agujero de carne (masturbarse la mujer). See tool. “The penis. From the standard meaning ‘fine. Pron.» (Hustler). gadget. futter. Usu. curly hairs’. Still occ. A phonological disguise of fuck. golosinas. The female genitals or the anus. Genitales fem. (genitales fem. Sp. Arponearla (copular. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Prostituta (etimología desconocida). Sp. Sp. The female genitals. E. Sp.: «When she wanted a new way to futter/He greased her behind with butter.). who makes continual use of it in the Thousand Nights and a Night” (F & H).» (Fragment of limerick. See quot.

Br. and ‘a ladies’ man.. Br. said of males. 55 A var. gallimaufrey/gallimaufry. “At bawdy-houses. 19th c. Also. a1601. gamahucher). Sp.. Hacer galopar al lagarto (masturbarse el hombre). esp. Lex. From ‘hand-gallop’ in horsemanship. Sometimes abbrev. That many Gallants wish full oft to play but with her Cunny» («The Bee-Hive».» ( CN. To masturbate. to.v. gallop one’s maggot. Br.v..the two pairs of boys were now at the game. Galopador (pene). Olla podrida (genitales fem.. Sp. Sp.. to gam. 1673-1849). Joven prostituta o chica desvergonzada que acabará siéndolo. c1230-1964: «.sl. a1680-1798. Sp. therefore give me my Jill!55» (The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. 1606-1969: «. 162).. Sp. To masturbate. An erection. E.. prostitutes. sl. Sp. Galantería (relación o intriga amorosa). Enfermedad gala (sífilis). amorous intercourse (1678-1874). Wrong spellings are freq. To copulate. copular o la mujer con la que se copula).and then incited him with cries and slaps. sexual intercourse. Pills. 125). 17 th c. game. Coition. Army sl. to gallop faster and faster» ( DOV. spelling of Gill (shortened from Gillian). a woman regarded as a sexual object: «I come for Game. From an obs.) of Rabelais. sl. Hacer galopar al antílope (masturbarse el hombre). E. Sp.). Sp. Galante.: «I’ve French-kissed young women from Wales.v. Urquhart. gallop. Forma truncada de gamahuche. or an intrigue with one of the opposite sex (1706-1750. an act of copulation. a wench. Shaks. Sp. Cockneys’.. The penis. Hacer galopar al gusano (masturbarse el hombre). en la erótica inglesa con referencia al amor sexual). Sp. Gallo de pelea (putañero). galloper. as sl. From ‘hand-gallop’ in horsemanship. gallop one’s/the antelope. . Juego amoroso en el desván (coito). 51). game in the cock-loft. gallantry. Sp. for wanton women.gallant. (Practicar el) sexo oral (del fr. ‘to copulate’. El juego amoroso/el oficio (prostitución). Gallic disease. 18th-19th c. said of males. A whoremonger. Sp. a familiar or contemptuous name for a woman. sl. Synonymous with French disease. Sp. Juego amoroso. q. Prostitutas en un burdel. Sp. Shortened form of gamahuche. Sp. by Thomas Nashe. gallop. for ‘referring to sexual love’ (OED. common in the expression to be on the game ‘to be a prostitute’(see on the game)... gallop the lizard. Amorous sport or play. Galope (erección. The penis. game-cock. lewd women” (GROSE). Austr. Taladro galante (pene). in BURFORD. game1. q. Freq.. gamahuche/gamaruche. 1865-1968: «She had learned an exquisite art of gamahuche in her time as a sex slave. Sp. an easy gallop. and to have a game in the cock-loft . ‘lograr una erección’). Also. game2. or the woman with whom you do it: «. Galopar/galope (coito. Courtliness or devotion to the female sex. OED. 55). term meaning a sort of stew: «a hodge-podge made up of the remains and scraps of the larder» (GROSE). Br. From the French gamahucher. Sp. a lover’ (OED. E. Also as noun.).. the. obs. OED. Br. gam. en to raise a gallop.» (EIC. (To perform) fellatio or cunnilingus. To masturbate. (practicar sexo oral). And I’ve been gamerouched in Marseilles» (Fragment of rugby song).. game pullet. OED. now esp. Used in the English translations (Motteux. E. used daughters of the game as a euph. 1675-1844.they had allowed her to get off the game and to retire at the unusually early age of twenty-eight» ( Playbirds). Sp. Markedly polite and attentive to the female sex. or forward girl in the way of becoming one” (GROSE). 218). Prostitution. in BURFORD. a1700. Of males. in to raise a gallop. From Wales And I’ve played with my balls at Niagara Falls. gallant wimble. galán (frec. OED. q. found in English classic erotic literature as a euph. an easy gallop. Sp. OED. a1450-1886): «Her Belly is both White and Soft and downy as any Bunny. The female pudenda. “A young whore.

Jardín del amor (genitales fem. A social gathering of men only. Lex. and garden-engine and gardener. 1601-1668: «How clapt! Gad! this my reputation touches! ‘Twas my best ware. He also used it in the sense of prostitute: «She’s impudent my lord. as sl. gaper (and gape) over the garter” (F & H). (gentleman’s) pleasure-garden. Sp. garden. Sp. Active male homosexual. Also homosexual use. One addicted to amorous sports. A homosexual boy. The penis. Sp. garden-engine. 1687. See gap. gander-party. The penis. See also catamite. Br. in BURFORD. illicit acts of copulation. garden of love. 46-47). gardener. Jardín (los genitales fem . garden goddess. Tapa-huecos (pene). The cleft in the female external genitals. Br. sl. o el vello púbico fem. The female pudenda or the female pubic hair. Used by Shaks. gaper. my Lord.). 17th c. Ganímedes (joven troyano portador de la copa de Júpiter) (muchacho gay). Ganymede.). Br. See also crack1. gap-stopper1. The rules of courtly love. 19 th-20th c. Sp. US.. US. 169). gap. Casa de putas. gamba). as obs. Fiesta de gansos (fiesta de hombres solos)./ And was a common gamester to the camp» ( All’s Well. q. Polvo múltiple (coito de varios hombres con una mujer. sl. “A prostitute. The penis. Diosa del jardín (prostituta). Sp. garden-house. Deformación del español ‘garbanzos’ (pechos de mujer). garbonzas. OED. Zounds! ‘twas my Dutchess. garden-gate. a los homosexuales). garbage can. Also stop-gap1 (q. Sp. 176).v. from Spanish garbanzos. gaming-house. iii. Sp. a lewd person.» ( Last Night’s Ramble.. E.). US. sl. 19th c. 184-185). gams.. 19th c. in English erotica: «’This garden’s been plowed so many times. See also hose. usu.gamester. Seto del jardín (vello púbico fem... Sp. (to). E. Puta de cuartel . Sp. Máquina del jardín (pene). Also. The inner lips of the vulva. Cubo de la basura (prostituta vulgar). 1591-1708. gander.). also in combs. Adicto.).» (Pent). The legs of a person. You are a merry gamester. vulva).. The female pubic hair. Lex. found for the anus. 1953: «Gang bang barmaid» (Mayfair classifieds). garden-house. Casa-jardín (burdel). A low prostitute. Sp. The female pudenda.. Sp. OED. V. my Lord Sandys. in general. with or without her consent. E. 19 th-20th c. sl. Tapa-huecos (putañero). gamings. Very freq. Sp. con o sin su consentimiento) (aplicado tamb. gap-stopper2. 1866. (orig. OED. college sl. US. gang bang. Br. Sp. They are just too firm for their size.: front garden. Sp. las de una joven atractiva) (del it. for penis. 17th c. Sp. the shapely legs of an attractive woman. Puerta del jardín (labios menores de la vulva). perfumed garden. a soldier’s trull” (F & H). sl.: «Anne Bullen. Br. garden hose. I. Gang shag is a var. Sp. Yes. garden of Eden. Manguera del jardín (pene). ‘leg’. Sp. The female genitals. Jardinero (pene). for a brothel.). sl... etc. The penis..). Piernas (esp. sl. garden-gate. sl.. sl. Sp.v. Sp. Br. Hueco (raja. if I make my play» (Henry VIII.). Homosexual jargon.. Sp. Sp. Back garden is occ. “The female pudendum. gamba. An occasion on which several men have sexual intercourse one after another with one woman. Sp. Juegos amorosos (ilícitos).. OED. garden-hedge. The breasts. garden of Eden. Jardín del Edén (genitales fem. garrison-hack.’» ( CP. the vulva. From the It. US. iv. Boquiabierto (por encima de las ligas) (genitales fem . Sp. “A house of ill repute” (F & H). From the Trojan youth whom Zeus made his cup-bearer. all games of chance. Ganso (homosexual de rol activo). “A whoremaster” (GROSE).-a a los juegos amorosos (usado por Shaks.. Prob. A prostitute. E. Who never yet was by foul gamester leap’t. E. A brothel. E. found as a substitute for the commoner stag party. whether male or female. Occ. garden of love. Sp.Sandys. Sp. garden-hedge.: «But Extra is quite sharply photographed and dispels mainly the illlusion that those gigantic garbonzas are the real McCoy.

F. dicho de una prostituta y en este sentido lo usó Shaks . is relatively recent (it began to be used around 1935. Garrote (del español) (pene) (raro). a brothel. merry. OED (AS). Rare. Iago. gator mouth. now obedient to the intimations of love and nature. The vulva: «I felt the tongue poised at the very gateway to my soul. Sp. by itself and in combinations: gate of horn. Those who take part in gay bashing are called gay bashers. Puerta de la abundancia (genitales fem.] the soft gateway to the entrance of pleasure» ( FH. a gay man was a whoremonger. prob . Sp. and ‘gay’ was applied to the world of prostitution: gay woman. Agresión física o verbal a los gays. Sp. used it in this sense. gash2. E. gate. orig. Br. Puerta(s) del paraíso (vulva). gate of horn. spec. ‘All right. gay bashing. Sp. 30). The female genitals. OED. Sp. US. A girl who gives head. gateway to the entrance of pleasure. Puerta de entrada a la ciudadela fem. Puerta (genitales fem. Spanish for ‘stick’. gateway to one’s soul. See also wound. for the female genitals. Current sl. 1893-1982. E. Puerta del cuerno (de la abundancia) (vulva). An old euph. a wanton woman..). folks. so her husband cuts its throat and throws it in the toilet. como forma abrev. Sp. See grumble and grunt. Que usa ambas puertas (bisexual). Sp. 51). campus sl. a prostitute.. Sp. sl. de geycat. prostituta. 148)..v. Sp. gay piece and gay bit were all terms used for a prostitute. For synonyms see angel1 and Nancy/ nancy2. and a gay house. Sp. The vulva: «’I want to look at the gateway to the heavens’» ( POP. 19th-20th c. now firmly established in the English language and adopted by other languages as a sort of international word. US.garrote. probably as an abbrev. Homosexual. 1935. goes to the toilet. A voice issues from the depths of the china bowl: ‘If she can live with a gash like that. for cunt. Now rare. male or female. 1893-1982: ☺«A wife complains of the parrot’s swearing. i. Sp. Shaks.. gay (dicho de un hombre o de una mujer. gate of paradise. Sp. Sp. then silence).My thighs. gates of Hell. 19th-20th c. . garden-gate. Puerta de la vida (vulva) (raro hoy día). at battery). gash1. gate(s) of paradise. A few minutes later the wife. The vulva. La mujer como objeto sexual. II. Sp.). gate of plenty. gai. Puerta de entrada al cielo (vulva). gateway to the heavens. gate of life. The vulva. Sp. I can begin my sermon’» ( Rationale I. etc. corte profundo (genitales fem. Homosexual. Br. Sp. The female genitals. Boca de lagarto (mujer que hace felaciones) gay. See quot.. OED (AS). gate swinger. ivory gate. The vulva: ☺«Preacher. 385). Puerta de entrada al placer (vulva). but usu. for a homosexual boy). often found in English erotica (see quot. específicamente vulva). The vulva: «. applied to the male: «I’m not gay and never will be. gladly disclose [. gasp and grunt. of geycat.Never lack’d gold. now that the gates of Hell are closed. 33). See alligator. The lesser lips of the vulva. beginning his sermon: ‘Will all the women in the congregation please cross their legs. at victor. argot rimado: grunt rima con cunt). The female genitals..’ (Shuffling of feet. See gate. The use of gay for homosexual. Puertas del infierno (vulva). to be gay was to be wanton or promiscuous.. Women considered sexually. empezó a usarse con el significado actual de homosexual alrededor de 1935. underworld and prison sl. gate of plenty.» (CN. gate in the orchard. Puerta del huerto (labios menores de la vulva). for I couldn’t live without pussy now and then» (Pent). gateway of the feminine citadel. Herida. who is menstruating. The vulva. 217). gay wench. al hombre) (del fr. Sp. Rhyming sl. gay girl. alegre. gator. gai. tail-gate. so can I’» ( Apuntes Secretos.. and yet went never gay» ( Othello. In the 17th c. the vulva. sl. Sp. Physical or verbal assault of homosexuals.).. From (O). en el argot de los bajos fondos. (vulva). Sp. pero aplicado gen. The vulva. says: «. gate of life. The penis... gate in the orchard. Jadear y gruñir (genitales fem. q. Puerta de entrada al alma (vulva). speaking about his ideal woman. A bisexual person.

Sp. Sp. as arch.. gay bit. See also bazooms. Sp.v. de bazooms).. Joven homosexual mantenido. q. gay piece. gaydar. 17th c. Castrate. colloq.. aplicado indebidamente a una prostituta).: «. sl. Gay (pey. See bazooms. OED. Sp. to. US. gay cat. 17th c. Br. Chica alegre (prostituta). Sp. Sp. A brothel. Sp. A catamite.] staring at my gaying stick. E. gay woman. A brothel. gayboy.. de geycat. the Three. E. Rhyming sl. gaychick. and Can. for ‘copulate’ till the 17 th c. gear1. or coming out of. Gema. E. mujer alegre. Homosexualidad. Sp. gazoongies. E. Sp. Sp.» (EIC. Capar. Lex. False breasts. Homosexuality. 151). gender. Br. Sp. sl. Moza alegre (prostituta). gazungas.. 17th c. gay in the arse/groin/legs. A blend of gay and radar. A prostitute.. sl. gazongas. Hombre alegre (putañero). gayness. Sp. A whoremonger.).) (‘más maricón que un ganso’. Palanca de cambios (pene).she was lying upon her back [. Sp.gay as a goose. Sp. M. = queer. The ability to recognize gay men on sight. Chica ‘gay’ (lesbiana). Br. Par de pelotas ‘geisha’ (juguete sexual usado por la mujer para masturbarse). Sp. come tell me truly What length o’gear. gay man. See vaginal balls. E. A prostitute. Sl. Very evidently homosexual. gay dog. Orig. geld. of unknown origin. gay girl. Pollita alegre (lesbiana) (jerga gay). gay house. Br. Mujer alegre (prostituta). gay it. Sp. OED (AS). Br. sl. . Sp. 17th c. E. The breasts: «Meanwhile. Marriage gear is still current.. See seminary1. A lecher. A lesbian. Alegre de culo/ingle/piernas (inmoral). The breasts. Sp. Br. sl. q.v. Equipo (pene). gay deceivers.M. 1891-1947. gear2. A prostitute. var . Culo (etimología desconocida). Tetas (var. Br.. To copulate. ‘Geisha’ (del japonés: persona de aptitudes placenteras. geisha duoballs. Sp. A male homosexual. Sp. attributed to Robert Burns. c13001850. Sp.. Car imagery. A Japanese girl whose profession is to entertain men by dancing and singing. gay jargon.. The term was quite popular in the 40s and 50s. E. Sp. Sp. por ‘copular’ hasta el siglo XVII).. US. gazoo. gem. 69). From the Japanese geisha.. Br. Br. geisha. Loose. See also tool. but it is dated now. 17th c. ‘person of pleasing accomplishments’. Austr. sl. a gay joint my goose would be cooked» (FU. sl. Sp. Br. gay wench. ‘to beget’. Sp. de bazooms). US. Sp. a1786. 19 th c. imprecisely applied to a prostitute. E. 19th c. 17th c. sl. gazooney. OED.. The penis. Tetas (var... joya (pene). Sp. To beget. Muchacho gay (gay). Engendrar (usado como euf. gay joint. Sp. E. Perro alegre (libertino). Lauren’s gazongas bounced every time we went over a bump in the road» (Pent). US.C. Homosexual (argot rimado: gear rima con queer). Homosexual. más maricón que un palomo cojo). Gato alegre (joven homosexual. Tetas (var. sl. de bazooms).: «A lesbian madam named Janet cruises the gay-girl bars like Cookies. Sp. Seminario alegre (burdel). Used in gay bashing. A prostitute. engender.. US. The penis. US. Tool imagery: «My Dame. A homosexual boy.sl. It was used as a euph. sl. A prostitute. The penis. gaying instrument/gaying stick. Sp. sl. and Harry’s Back East to find working girls» ( THH. q. Engaña-gays (pechos postizos) (popular en los años 40 y 50. 17th c. A meeting-place for homosexuals: «If anyone ever saw me going into. when well called home Will serve a woman duly?» («Nine Inch Will Please a Lady». gay-girl.. The buttocks.. Sp. Casa alegre (burdel). Sp. Sp. OED. ahora obs. Prostituta. The breasts. in BURFORD. Pieza alegre (prostituta) gay seminary. Lugar de encuentro de ‘gays’. See bazooms. Variant of geycat. 78). From Latin generare. Radar especial para detectar gays (fusión de gay y radar).v. See jewel. 299). gear stick. E. 1973. underworld.. The penis. Lesbian. Sp.). Instrumento/ palo que da alegría (pene). 1486-1634. Alegrar la cosa (copular). sl.

OED. in the dysphemistic personification of the penis. generating/generation tool. 144). Genitive case!. Sp. US. 1876: «A young bride and groom of Australia Remarked as they joined genitalia: ‘Though the system seems odd. the. sweet and tender. After three days He returned in a haze. Sp. 173). Sp.) (juego de palabras entre el caso gramatical y lugar para engendrar. Sp. gender-bender. See weak(er) sex. The penis. (in LEWIS. Used by Shaks.-Mistress Quickly. general. gentle(r) sex.gender. Tubo para engendrar (pene). OED. make-up.. 56 Punning on whore. 130). No longer quite sure of his gender» (Limerick). William?. sl... Alas to give her small content. Often used to refer to transsexual activities.William Page. The penis: «While on the bed the nymph reclined. Went out with two dons on a bender.never name her. Sp. the. And who for greater joys do hunt Than rising bubbies and Cunt» ( Pretty Little Games for Young Ladies and Gentlemen: With Pictures of Good Old English Sports and Pastimes . Also. genitalia.» (EAP. The female genitals. a pop singer or follower of a pop cult) who deliberately affects an androgynous appearance by wearing sexually ambiguous clothing. Genitales. Sp.). Vertido genital (semen). Reproduction imagery. His fingers to her touch hole sent. genitive case. The vagina. the famous caricaturist).William. by William Combe. Sp. See also entertaining the general. i. gentle art. We are thankful that God Developed the genus Mammalia’» (Limerick). Sp. 1390-1808: «He pressed his genitals against hers. El sexo (más) gentil (el sexo fem. Sp. usado por Shaks. General Custer.. genital organ(s): «I have subsequently received the opinion that the Sudanese Negro possesses ‘the largest genital organ of all the races of mankind’» ( EAP.. Herramienta para engendrar (pene). heard. generation tube. A larger thing would give more pleasure. «A person (esp. Copulation. Humorous: because it rises in front of a lady. See quot. The male or female genitals. She always loves to have full measure. 1756-1827. Vengeance on Jenny’s case! fie on her!. Género (sexo masc. esp. The penis.. Sp. o fem. Sp. if she be a whore» ( Merry Wives. Ay. 1980. Sp. ‘concerning birth’. ». Caso genitivo (genitales fem. child. The female sex: «I would not like it to be thought that I am normally fearful of the gentle sex. 34). Caballero (pene. Genghis Khan. punning on the grammar term and ‘a place to engender’: «Sir Hugh Evans. porque se ‘levanta’ ante una dama). El arte gentil (coito). Lugar para engendrar (vagina). Gengis Kan (pene).. The external organ or organs of generation.» ( DOV. The penis. with drawings by Thomas Rowlandson. Sp. Genitales. genial emulsion. General (personificación del pene) General Custer. Semen. at oval reservoirs. Sp. Sex (masculine or feminine): «A Peterhouse man. 49-54). From Latin genitalis. What is your genitive case plural.).). Between her swelling breasts it goes. Genitivo. The penis. the. Damons resolv’d to please his mind. Occ.Evans. horum. Reproduction imagery. Sp.-horum56. etc. Que oculta deliberadamente su género/sexo (unisex). college sl. Latin. OED. gentleman. genital(s). His generation tube he shows. . generating-place. IV. harum. El general Custer (personificación del pene).

Sp. sl. See rise. Sp. Sp. sl. Black sl. for ‘to kill’. Sp. ‘grande’ y stonkers.gentleman of leisure. George called. geography. sl. Black sl. Homosexual acts. Private. E. George2). Br. to. Sp. (It might come from ‘stonker’. 121). Sp. sexuales. dicho del hombre). get a leg across/over. (Of a woman) to be coited. george. get a facial. See ride. Sp. Large breasts. usually said of a male. Sp. Sp. To coit with a woman. E. get a man/a woman. Sp. gentleman’s pleasure-garden padlock . Nombre de varón (usado en Austr. for ‘concentrated artillery bombardment’). Caballero del ocio (chulo de prostituta). presumably because of its onomatopoeic vividness. To invite to sexual activity. a lady of leisure (q. get a pair of balls against one’s butt . Caballero de la puerta trasera (gay). Br. Conseguir un par de pelotas frente al trasero (copular. To copulate with a woman. Sp. See green gown. but is now more widely used. get a shot of leg. Conseguir un hombre/ una mujer con fines matrimoniales (obs.. Probar el palo de crema (copular. Recibir la eyaculación de la pareja en el rostro. Sp. Sp. Sp. to be. Lograr una erección. George2. Conseguir una dosis de pierna (copular). gentleman of the backdoor. To receive a man’s ejaculation on the face. gentleman’s pleasure garden. Dar un paseo a caballo (copular. en 1977) . green gown). Sp. Sp. Nombre de varón (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. Poner a una chica en apuros (dejar embarazada a una chica soltera). George1. Sp. 19 th c.). dicho del hombre). « gert is an ancient variation of the word ‘great’. gentlemen’s games. German helmet. Now it is used in the more general sense of obtaining (sex with) a person. See in trouble. A male homosexual. To achieve an erection. Conseguir un mango para la escoba (copular. See George2. . A pimp. Because it is something to be explored. To get pregnant. Br. y Canadá como palabra clave para ‘menstruación’). To copulate with.” Austr. dicho gen. dicho de la mujer). dicho de la mujer) . lugar a explorar). v.) o simplemente. Jardín de placer del caballero (genitales fem. get a green gown. gert stonkers. Lex. Austr. (Of a woman) to be coited. According to MCDONALD. “Menstrual cloth” (F & H). dicho de la mujer. To copulate from a woman’s point of view ( creamstick = ‘penis’). Sp. Nombre de varón (seducir). Candado del jardín de placer del caballero (compresa). Gay jargon. The glans. get a girl into trouble. 19th c. “The female pudendum” (F & H). or from ‘stonk’. del hombre). Atracarse de pudin de tuétano (quedarse embarazada). Georgy. US. for ‘to obtain in marriage’. Sp. v. US. sl. Casco alemán (glande). E. Austr. as obs. de ‘stonker’. for a prostitute. Ponerle a una el vestido verde (copular. Ha venido George (tengo la regla. que suelen llamar a los genitales de la pareja por su nombre de pila. Black sl. Sp. sl. argot australiano por ‘matar’ o de stonk. get a handle for the broom . get a go at the creamstick . military sl. argot militar por ‘bombardeo artillero intenso’) . 1390-1738.v. Sp. get a bellyful of marrow-pudding . get a ride. Sp. See broom. From marrow-pudding = ‘penis’. Sp. sl. To copulate. Juegos de caballeros (actos homosexuales) (jerga gay).. US. Sp. Echar la pierna por alto (copular. I hope?’» (TSM. To seduce.) being a common euph.. Invitar a copular. The expression reputedly originated in rural dial. OED. recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta.. A female codeword for ‘menstruation’. and Can. Geografía (genitales fem. The penis. though the etymology of stonkers is more doubtful». See also backdoor gentleman and usher of the back door. get a rise. To make an unmarried girl pregnant: «’You haven’t got a girl into trouble. Pechos de gran tamaño (etimología incierta: según MCDONALD gert podría ser una alteración de great. “I’m having my period. Sp. The female genitals.

. To succeed in copulating with a woman: «. Ponerse en contacto con el fuero interno (masturbarse). get in/into bed (with). Sp. Sp. get a woman in the pudding club. 19 th c. get about her. 19 th c. Sp. Sp. dicho de la mujer). sl. Sp. «There’s no quicker way to get 57 Obs.. get home. To penetrate a woman: ☺«Why don’t prostitutes vote? – Because they don’t care who gets in (punning on sexual penetration and to be elected)» ( What Rugby Jokes Did Next. Rodearla (penetrar a una mujer). Meterse en la cama (con) (copular con). sl. Sp. Refers here to the anus (wind) and the urethra (water). Sp. that which is exposed to deterioration by both the wind and water. dicho de la mujer) (raro) . (Of a woman) to masturbate. Br. get hulled between wind and water .. Ponerse a ello/ a trabajar (empezar a copular). usually of the male. See quot. get in the saddle.-a). 19th c. get hot pants. get a stinky pinky. echar un segundo polvo). Subirse a la silla de montar (copular.. Tender words. said of a woman. Meterse entre las sábanas con (copular). Sp. Sp. Br. To make her pregnant: «Boy meets girl. Sacar el meñique pestoso (masturbarse la mujer) get a wet bottom. sl. To coit. E. dicho de la mujer). Br. from the woman’s point of view. Recibir un golpe en el culo (copular. Meterse entre los volantes de una mujer (seducirla). get down off. said of a woman. cling and kiss. at measure. To copulate with a man. E. Sp. US. Poner manos a la obra (empezar a copular). Comes the pay off.I fantasized about getting into the tight pants she wore» ( Pent). get between the sheets with. Penetrar( a una mujer). Bajarse sobre alguien (realizar sexo oral. get an encore. dicho gen. Sp. Sp. To copulate. get down on someone. Sp. get hard.: get down to it/to business. Crafty feel. Visions of a promised land. get among a woman’s frills. To copulate. Ponerse dura (tener una erección). etc . 19 th c.v. holds her hand. heavenly bliss. get down to it/to business. To coit with a woman. To penetrate a woman. To achieve an erection. Conseguir una repetición/un bis (lograr una segunda erección en una sesión amorosa. From a nautical expression describing the taking of a cannon ball in the vulnerable part of a ship’s hull.. To masturbate (of either sex). get an arselins57 coup. Not common. Sp. 19th c. get in/into her pants/knickers/bloomers. de go down on someone). Sp. Sp. E. Ser golpeada cerca de la línea de flotación (copular.. (Of a woman) to be coited. 17). get hilt and hair. dicho del hombre). To begin to copulate. get caught. Ser cogida (quedar embarazada). Br. Tener las bragas calientes (ponerse cachondo.get a shove in one’s blind eye. get in/into. See wet. or dial. . Meter a una mujer en el club de la salchicha (dejar embarazada). Vars. To seduce a woman. get at it/to it. Dar en el blanco (copular y orgasmar. To copulate from the woman’s point of view. and to copulate to orgasm. for backwards. Sp. sl. at get soft. Sp. Sp. del hombre). E.. To copulate. Vars. at encore. of go down on someone. To copulate (with): «We are always on the verge of getting into bed together» (LB. 141). Mojarle a una el trasero (copular. Recibir un golpe en el ojo ciego (copular. A var. dicho de la mujer). sl. var. See another quot.: to get at/to it. here’s the rub. Recibir empuñadura y pelo (copular. dicho de la mujer). colloq. Blind eye = ‘vagina’. See pants. See also play at stink-finger. Sp. To have a second erection at one ‘session’ of love-making. See quot. Sp. US. To have been made pregnant. See get off2. q. He’s got her in the pudding club» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp. get in touch with one’s inner-self. To begin to copulate..

the nurses are always grabbing the doctors and getting it on» (Leg Action). US. To perform coitus interruptus. (Of a man) to have many sexual partners. get off/out at Battersea Park. Tener una erección. Sp. To derive sexual pleasure on something: «Whatever game we’re indulging in. with might and main [.I now find myself getting laid twice a day. Also. To masturbate. get Jack in/into the orchard. Conseguir más culor que el asiento de un inodoro (tener muchos ligues. every day.v. Meterla en su sitio (introducir el pene en la vagina) .. Gateshead is the stop before Newcastle on Tyne railway station. Desmontar (tras el coito). get off/out at Gateshead. Sp. orgasmar. sl.. Paisley is the station before Glasgow Central. 54). Apearse en Gateshead (estación de tren anterior a la de Newcastle) (practicar el coitus interruptus). Sp. Sp. To perform coitus interruptus. To copulate.. Obtener placer sexual con. or to ejaculate. To achieve an erection. is the railway station before Victoria Station in London. To achieve copulation. Redfern is a railway station immediately before Sidney Central. Apearse en Paisley (estación de tren anterior a la Central de Glasgow) (practicar el coitus interruptus). ‘You mean that ain’t your finger?’ » (Limerick). afraid of getting it on in front of women. 165). Battersea Park. Lograr una erección. To dismount after coition. Sp. I’ve sure got it in!’ Said she. sl. Sp. Masturbarse. Sp. US. Sp. dicho del hombre). get it. the only thing that matters is that we both get off on it» ( Mayfair). To practise coitus interruptus. Orig. Follar. See achieve/achievement. Austr. Orgasmar. Sp. get laid. Apearse en Haymarket (estación de tren anterior a la de Waverley en Liverpool) (practicar el coitus interruptus). said of both sexes: «. (orig.” (GND). Sp. See also get off on. Sp. Meter a Jack en el huerto (copular). To perform coitus interruptus. 26). OED. get more arse than a toilet seat. get off/out at Edge Hill. get off/out at Redfern. To insert the penis in the vagina: «. ‘Well.: ☺«What’s the difference between frustration and utter frustration? Frustration is the first time you find you can’t get it up the second time.... Sp. get off on. Austr. get it up. by this young nymph» (Pent).» (CP. To have an orgasm. See lay. Sp. Sp. To practise coitus interruptus. Lex. get it home. Apearse en Redfern (estación de tren anterior a la Central de Sidney) (practicar el coitus interruptus). To have sex. sl. . Sp.into her knickers than champagne» ( Teazer). to orgasm. Sp. Practicar el sexo. Sp. To perform coitus interruptus. Said he with a grin. get it in. eyacular.. Apearse en Battersea Park (estación de tren anterior a la de Victoria en Londres) (practicar el coitus interruptus). Also to get down off: ☺«The hedgehog (getting down off the hairbrush): ‘Anyone can make a mistake’» ( Archivos Secretos. get it off.). get it on2. get off/out at Haymarket.. Apearse en Edge Hill (estación de tren anterior a la de Liverpool (practicar el coitus interruptus). Sp. dicho de un hombre) get off1. sl. Utter frustration is the second time you find you can’t get it up the first time» ( Archivos Secretos. q. get off/out at Paisley.] he got it completely home» (FH.: «In porno movies. See orchard. US. Sp.till at length. To insert the penis: «There was a young German named Ringer Who was screwing an opera singer. as sl. Conseguirlo (lograr copular). 100). get it on1. get off2. To have an erection: “You have only one male model and he wears a g-string. Sp. Meterse en sus bragas (conseguir copular. copular. Haymarket is the station before Edinburgh Waverley. To have sexual intercourse with. Edge Hill is the stop before Liverpool Lime Street railway station. 1973: «It wasn’t easy getting off in the slender confines of a jet lavatory. Meterla.

Mojar la punta (copular. get one’s finger in. (Of a male) to achieve coition. E. Disparar la pistola (copular o eyacular). Meter el extremo (penetrar a una mujer). Arch. See also have one’s ashes hauled Sp. get on board. dicho de la mujer).). get one’s chimney swept out. To mount and coit with a woman. sl. Sp. To ejaculate: «. get one’s end wet. To be coited.. Sp. it is US. Partirle a una el pelo por la mitad (copular. Br. Br. Sp. get on with the job. Sp. Deshollinar la chimenea (copular desde la perspectiva de la mujer) . To orgasm. Sp. E. But now that I am twenty-four My quim has lost its charm And I can get my finger in And half my fucking arm» (Rugby song). To lose no time in beginning to copulate. get one’s kettle mended. US. Sp. Recargar las baterías (copular. get one’s end away/off. To become acquainted with someone with a view to sexual intercourse. Sp. Sp.. Aventar las cenizas (visitar un burdel. (Of a male) to achieve coition. get one’s kicks. greens). from the point of view of the woman. don’t you? » (FU. (Of a male) to have sexual intercourse.get off the gun. Sp. Meter el anzuelo (copular. With its variant to get one’s gun off (q. Sacar las galletas (eyacular). sl. Pasarlo en grande (orgasmar). get one’s batteries charged.you want to get your gun off. it would seem. Car imagery. Irse con (empezar una relación sexual con). 232). To manage to fondle a woman’s genitals. To copulate. sl. for ‘copulate’ or ‘ejaculate’. dicho del hombre). Sp. v. get one’s corner in. Sp. US. Sp. have one’s ashes hauled). v.. 1915. dicho del hombre). sl. To coit with a woman. OED. to be excited or pleased. sl. Introducir la punta (penetrar a una mujer). Sp. Sp. 19 th c. US. Sp. Sp. Ponerse a trabajar sin pérdida de tiempo (empezar a copular sin pérdida de tiempo). get one’s gun off. to copulate with a female: «I had to wait another two years before I would get my end in again» ( TCp. get one’s cookies off. get one’s cookies. US. dicho de la mujer). 19 th c. (Of a woman) to masturbate: «When I was only seventeen I found I had a quim And if I struggled very hard I could get my finger in. Montar (a) (montar el hombre a la mujer y copular con ella). Meterse el dedo (masturbarse la mujer). . to copulate with a female: «Lil. To copulate with a woman. get one’s banana peeled. get one’s hook into. dicho del hombre). To mount and coit.. from the point of view of the woman. To ejaculate. Engrasar el eje (copular. (Of a male) to have sexual intercourse. Conseguir galletas (copular). 89). get one’s jollies. To copulate. wouldn’t let him get his end away» (Fiesta). Sp.v. From the colloq. To have sexual intercourse. Arreglarle a una la tetera (copular. dicho del hombre). sl. Quitar la punta de enmedio (copular. Here corner = ‘penis’. dicho del hombre). To copulate. sl. To visit a brothel. sl. Sp. Sp. To copulate with a female. get on top (of). Sp. sl. Meterle mano (a los genitales de una mujer). Sp. get off with. Conseguir verdura (copular. Sp. Sp. Sp. get one’s hair cut. expression to get a kick out of something. Subir a bordo (montar el hombre a la mujer y copular con ella). get one’s greens. Disparar la pistola (eyacular). See greens. get one’s end in. US. Car imagery. Divertirse (obtener placer sexual). get one’s hand on it. dicho del hombre). US. get one’s ashes hauled. get one’s axle greased. To obtain sexual pleasure. (Of a male) to copulate. Pelarle a uno el plátano (copular.

214). Lex. get outside of. dicho del hombre). get some action. sl. Riding imagery. Sp. Sp. To copulate (with). Sp. US. get one’s rocks off. Sp. sl. Orgasmar. said of a male. oats. “To take liberties with a woman” (F & H). as vulgar. get some cold cock. Estirarle a una la piel (copular. See leather1. Riding imagery.stroking it in a frenzy [. he’d get soft again» (FOF. Recortar la mecha (copular. Sp. Sp. Cascarle a uno las nueces/los huevos (copular. To copulate. Sp. get one’s leg lifted. US. sl. Echar la pierna por alto (copular. one’s). To copulate. Orig. of either sex.. get one’s wick trimmed. dicho de la mujer). To copulate. To masturbate to orgasm: «. To have sexual intercourse. as coarse sl. get one’s nuts off. get over someone. See also grease the wheel. sl. Sp.. Sp. get one’s nuts. get one’s oil fixed. Comerse una rosca (conseguir copular). To have an orgasm. 87). from the point of view of a woman. To copulate. Here wheel = ‘vagina’. seguramente con más de una mujer) . Nuts = ‘testicles’.. Car imagery. Conseguir lo que se quiere de una mujer (lograr copular con ella). get one’s wheel greased . dicho de la mujer). dicho del hombre). US. get one’s oats (from). To achieve copulation. Sp. dicho de la mujer). salirse con la suya (conseguir copular). Recibir un disparo en la cola (copular. get oneself off. Tener acción (copular). get one’s oil changed. of women only” (F & H). get over the garter. Ponerse blanda (perder la erección). said of a man. . to succeed in finding a sexual partner. from a woman’s point of view. Sp. To copulate freq. Comprobar el aceite (copular. Nuts = ‘testicles’.] until he was able to get himself off» (CP. To lose an erection: «I kept sucking away but as soon as he got hard. Engrasar la rueda (copular.. See trim. Sp. 1970. Montarse sobre alguien (copular). dicho de la mujer). Sp. dicho de la mujer). Coarse sl. (Of a male) to copulate. sl. said of a male. as US. Conseguir lo que se quiere. get one’s share. To achieve coition with a woman. Conseguir carne de cordero (copular). To have an orgasm (of both sexes). To copulate.. 18 th c. get shot in the tail. OED. Sp.. Sp. Sp. Conseguir su ración (copular con frecuencia. get one’s nuts cracked. US. Sp. US. Sp. (one’s). See oats. To sodomise. Cambiar el aceite (copular. to ejaculate. E. sl. Lex. from a woman’s point of view. dicho de la mujer). OED. See achieve/achievement and have one’s will on a woman. Sp. 1948: «German George is another pathetic case who needs to be cruelly degraded before he can get his rocks off» (THH. Car imagery.. of the male. get some. To copulate. get some brown sugar. Sp. Recibir el abrazo sexual (copular. To copulate. (Of a woman) to be coited. To copulate. Sp. Sp. usually with more than one woman.. Sp. Br. Sp. Sp. Comerse una rosca (conseguir copular). Austr. To copulate. Vaciar los huevos (eyacular).get one’s leather stretched. dicho del hombre). from a woman’s point of view. dicho gen. To copulate. Conseguir nueces/huevos (orgasmar. get one’s way with. get soft. Llegar más arriba de la liga (propasarse). dicho de la mujer). To copulate. 132). Sp. get some arse/ass. Echar la pierna por alto (copular. dicho del hombre) . OED. from the point of view of the woman. sl. “To receive the sexual embrace. to ejaculate. get one’s leg across. To copulate. get one’s will of a woman. OED (AS). Levantarle a una la pierna (copular. Masturbarse hasta orgasmar. get one’s mutton. get some cock. usu. To ejaculate. Lex. get one’s leg over. Divertirse. dicho del hombre). See achieve/achievement. correrla de joven (v. Sp. 1889-1978. Tomar pollo/polla (echar un polvo. Tomar azúcar moreno (sodomizar). sl. del hombre). Sp. Sp. eyacular). 1719-1995. To achieve coition. (Of a man) to copulate or achieve sexual intercourse (with). Tomar pollo frío (copular.

E. To masturbate (of either sex). Sp. tail1). 18th c. Sp. Sp. i. See works. (Of a woman) to get excited. Br. Hacer travesuras (copular). To coit with a woman: workman’s. v. Commonly used as a rude insult. sl. get there. dicho del hombre) . v. Llevar de pesca al pequeño hombre del bote (masturbarse la mujer). 53). sl. See achieve/achievement. To copulate and to deflower. See sugar-stick. Sp. Conseguir el palo del azúcar (echar un polvo. v. get stuck into her Rory Douglas .get some cooze. See quot. To receive a man’s seminal emission. OED. See cunt2. Echar un polvo (v.L. To coit with a woman. Dar placer sexual. v. Meterse bajo las sábanas con (copular). Sp. dicho de la mujer). sl. To achieve an erection. Dar por el culo. See Roby Douglas. Sp. at boink. To copulate with: «. Sp. get the horn. To copulate US. sl. get up to tricks. to. you talk greasily. We are both professionals and very attractive.. Echar un polvo (dicho del hombre. get some pork on one’s fork. Ser rellenada (ser jodida o sodomizada. get what Harry gave doll. Sp. 17th c. To be coited or sodomised. sl. Sp. Br. Then will she get the upshoot by cleaving the pin. Llegar allí (conseguir copular). Escalar el palo (copular. To achieve coition. get up the pole. nooky). dicho de la mujer). sl. Reunirse (copular). To copulate. E. To coit with a woman. See cooze. Quedarse atascado dentro (copular. Subir por ella (copular. get some cunt. Sp. To ejaculate. Sp. See quot. To give someone sexual pleasure: «With so much porn in your life. get some skin. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Br. To copulate. Conocerse uno mismo/una misma (masturbarse). get wet. get someone in the ass. usado tamb.. To copulate: «My name is Stacey and my husbands name is Michael. at play tricks. Come. get some round eye. Echar un polvo (dicho del hombre. get to know oneself. IV. Sp. See horn. get some pussy. Sp. See break through. To copulate. get up her. pussy).: « Costard. get some nooky. Conseguir un ojo redondo (realizar coito anal). Lograr una erección (v. To copulate. To coit anally. v. 1955. v. We love to get together with hot couples or someone single» (Swank fantasy personals). US. from a woman’s point of view. Atascarse en su Rory Douglas (realizar coito anal. . Conseguir lo que Harry le dio a la muñeca (copular. get stuffed. sl. come. Recibir todo el tinglado (copular. To sodomize. get the upshoot. dicho del hombre). dicho de la mujer. works). Roby Douglas). Echar un polvo (dicho del hombre. horn). Mojarse (excitarse la mujer). get the sugar-stick/have a bit of sugar-stick. dicho del hombre). (Of a woman) to masturbate.. what gets you off?» (Mayfair). your lips grow foul» (L. get some tail. Recibir el disparo (recibir el semen) (usado alusivamente por Shaks. Sp. To copulate with a woman. To copulate. said of a woman. Since the 17 th c. To copulate. Sp. get the works. Sp. Br. cooze). Sp. Sp. Echar un polvo (dicho del hombre). E. get together. 134-36). sl. See nooky. Sp. (Of a male) to obtain some sexual intercourse. To copulate from a woman’s point of view. get the little man in the boat to go fishing . US. Sp. como insulto: ¡que te zurzan!). Sp. Austr.Maria. get stuck into. sugar-stick). To copulate. get someone off. Sp. Sp. Sp. Used by Shaks. get some leg. even when she got under the sheets with you» ( TCn. Sp. Conseguir piel (copular).. Conseguir pierna (copular). get some trim. sl. get under the sheets with. E.). See wet. get the dirty water off one’s chest. get through. US.L.with Claude (a French prostitute) there was always a certain delicacy. Llevarse un poco de carne en el tenedor (copular. Sp. To copulate with a woman. Atravesar (copular o desvirgar). To copulate with a woman. Sp. See round eye/roundeye. Tirar el agua sucia (eyacular).. Copular.

as attested by the name sheila-na-gig given to carved figures of women with grotesquely enlarged vulvae found in English churches». in the sense of impregnating a woman.v. Emprendedor (libertino. E.. Esp. Sp. Sp. Dejar embarazada (usado por Shaks. “Wanton women.v. “Woman’s privities” (GROSE). Bolo de la risa (var. ‘to copulate’.» (A Man’s Yard. Sp. Mujeres lascivas/prostitutas. Partes íntimas de la mujer (v. gig2. Back sl. Sp. in the phrases to join giblets. E. Used by Shaks. ‘masturbate’. From to giggle. q. GHM. Br.v. Sp.get with child. and trouble-giblets. Of unknown origin. v. V. Back sl. A very old euph. que se encuentran en algunas iglesias inglesas). to suppress a laugh” (GROSE). US. 58 Used here by Shaks. at meeting. Esp. The female and male genitals. nombre irlandés o anglo-irlandés dado a las figuras talladas de mujeres con vulvas grotescamente agrandadas. Sp. iii. muy antiguo. but a ‘stick for mixing drinks’. gigg. in the phrase to jerk one’s gherkin. 59 CHAPMAN. Vulva (de origen desconocido. The vulva.). Sp. getting any/getting enough (lately)? A catch-phrase used by men. gig2). society in general. OED 1935 (under gay). from WW2. a whoremonger. Hacerlo subiéndose (montar para realizar el coito) . getting up of a woman’s belly . «Origin unknown. Abbreviation of Gay Hispanic Male used in classified ads. putañero). Meterse dentro del forro de sus enaguas (copular. Sp. in BURFORD.). for big breasts. getting it climbing. Now obs. perhaps from Irish or Anglo-Irish. now the commonest term for homosexuals.. Sp. Perhaps shortened from gigi. Abreviatura de gay hispano. 299). q. Menudillo (genitales masc. de gigi.. gherkin. perhaps coiting her: «I shall answer that better to the commonwealth 58 than you can the getting up of the negro’s belly. Sp.. prostitutas (de to giggle. Prostituta (de origen desconocido). en to join giblets y trouble-giblets o testículos en argot austr. aunque podría haberse originado en Australia. usado al menos desde el siglo XVII). To copulate. Sp. Rhyming sl. 49). 18th c. of giggle-stick. giblets. Sp. See giglet/giglot. o fem. See also with child. or ‘to cohabit as husband and wife without being married’. Sp. Sp. meaning: “Have you had any (or enough) sexual relations recently?”. A homosexual boy. Ano (origen incierto: quizás forma abrev. Sp. usada en anuncios por palabras. where it is not rhyming sl. Hacer subir la barriga de una mujer (dejarla embarazada) (usado por Shaks . the Moor is with child by you. Sp. gib tesurbs. Possibly originated in Austr. geycat. giggle-stick/giggle stick.: «At that time he got his wife with child» (All’s Well. Also. Sp. get your muttons. A var. Palo de la risa (pene. a prostitute. It’s an old euph. The penis. c1600. See enob. To make pregnant. in the sense of community of people. late 1600s.. donde giggle-stick no es argot rimado sino ‘palito usado para mezclar cócteles’ ). of either sex.. de giggle-stick) (pene). Perhaps from angling. Underworld and prison sl. The anus. gig3. Br. q. OED. the testicles. Gigante (pene) (euf. = prick. Pepinillo (pene. en to jerk one’s gherkin. sl. gig1. Sp. Lancelot» ( The Merchant of Venice. “To coit with a woman” (F & H). . Armed services sl.). To copulate. q. Sp. A lecher. Said to be at the origin of gay (q. E. ‘the penis’. esp. getter. sl. gigglers.). get within the lining of one’s smock. sl. esp.v. ‘aguantar la risa’). Gato alegre (muchacho gay en la jerga de los bajos fondos) (término que al parecer dio origen al actual gay..). dicho del hombre)..). Sp. Pechos grandes (de big breasts escrito al revés). Used by Shaks. The penis. to be. The penis.: «It is a dwarfe in heighte and length And yett a Giant in his strength. a1225-1780. III. current Austr. sl. Sp. giggling-pin. ¿Te comes una rosca (últimamente)? (quizás de la expresión usada por los pescadores: “¿Pescas algo?). q. argot rimado: stick rima con prick. podría venir de sheila-na-gig. gigelot.).v. Conseguir la carne de cordero (copular). The penis. for a wanton girl. esp. A baby gherkin is a small penis. por big breasts. giant.59 Br. 19th c. sl. según CHAPMAN.v. used at least since the 17 th c. 32-34).

a flirt” (F & H). Very old euph. gigolo. OED. q.giggy. The female genitals. in The Exeter Book. de giglet/giglot. he was married”» (ASHLEY. del siglo X).). Joven atractivo (jerga gay). Juguetes (testículos. gin. My lord hurries and heaves from behind With a catch of cloth. 1977. and Austr. sl. Br. Usually abbrev. keen coming in. Sp. y austr. gigi. pericia (coito. tunnelling a tight road.. incorrectamente usado como prostituta en argot US . gimlet. Masc. quizás de gig1 + -let (sufijo dim. ‘smartness’. Prostituta (abrev. See jiggumbob. sl. Chulo de prostituta. Ano (var. sl. presente ya en una adivinanza del Libro de Exeter.v. woman of the streets or public dance-halls”. Echar jengibre (robarle el dinero a un cliente de un burdel la prostituta y su cómplice). The less unfavourable sense (that of romping girl) seems due to association with the verb to giggle. in DÍAZ. Sp. Gay jargon. ginger beer. relacionado con el verbo to giggle. Used freq. Say who am I» (Contemporary English version by Craig Williamson. Sp. q. Cockney rhyming sl. ginger. as it is to be found in the 10 th c. según WENTWORTH & FLEXNER). “tall thin woman. Austr. Vagina. Mujer australiana aborigen. Mujer alegre (prostituta. gimmick. “Ginger?” “No. A var. a young man. The southern thruster Urges me on. Baratija (genitales fem. q. 30). form adap. from the French gigole. Gaseosa de jengibre (gay. Sp.). usado tamb. adaptada del fr. ano (argot reduplicativo. 1798-1895. giglet/giglot. Sometimes he drags me Hot from the hole. to ginger: «”I grew spices for a man in India”. “A wanton. Serving my lord. Sexual activity and the female genitals. The vagina. The penis. An attractive young man. a1340-1885. gin burglar. ginch2. supported financially by an older woman in return for his sexual favours. Ladrón de mujeres aborígenes (hombre blanco que tiene encuentros sexuales esporádicos con mujeres aborígenes australianas) (v . A reduplication. perhaps related to 1950s Austr. Sp. the anus or the rectum. o moza acicalada). Sp. a native woman or wife. esp.) y el posterior de mujer casquivana. I burrow beneath A belly. Sometimes improperly used for a prostitute in US. Of obscure origin.” (una moza acicalada).v. Sp.v. Barrena de mano (pene) (euf.v. a strumpet (the earliest form being gigelot). sl. mujer de la calle o cabaretera). Habilidad. gill. (Of a prostitute and her accomplice) to rob a client by taking money from his clothes. of gigi. A prostitute. muy antiguo. genitales fem. US. of surfer origin. OED. sometimes shoves me Down the snug road.) (raro). gigole. as an insult: up your gigi! Sp. for a white man who has casual sexual relations with Aboriginal women. sense.) + –let. 19 th c. mujer casquivana) [de origen incierto. Artefacto (pene). a wanton woman. See tool. jiggumbob). of giglet. perhaps from gig1 (q. The penis. Sp. Limited use. to. Also ginn or jin (a native word). 1922: «’I never thought you would stoop to being fucked by one of your gigolos on our marital bed’» ( TSM. Sp. el significado original de prostituta.v. and Br. Orig. tamb. q. An abbreviation of Gillian” (F & H). A man. Sp. gin). v. Vars. Sp. A female Austr. Riddle 62: «I am the hard punch and pull of power. ‘elegance’. mantenido (forma masc. OED. como insulto: ¡ métetelo por el culo! gigler/goglet/gigle/gig. aboriginal. Sp. “A wanton. ‘skill’. GROSE has gimcrack or jimcrack: “ a spruce wench. Austr. Bold thrusting out. Sp. argot rimado: beer rima con queer). 129).. later just a romping girl. de Gillian). Prostituta gimcrack. gill-flirt. Sp. The testicles. de gigi. given by F & H. ‘aguantar la risa’]. according to WENTWORTH & FLEXNER. 42). Origin uncertain. Sp. E. . A homosexual. ginch1. From the meaning a cheap ornament or gadget. Prostituta (vars. for queer. Sp. gingambobs.

girlie parlour. The vagina. 1711-1815. girl shop. 19th c. featuring young women. (OED. girlie house/parlour/club/bar. a sweetheart. de alguna frase comprimida en una sola palabra). OED. Sp. Chica de alivio (prostituta). girlie club and girlie bar are all euphs. Br. Casa/salón/club/bar de niñas (burdel). scantily dressed or in the nude: a girlie magazine/mag. ginn. girl-penis. Occ. US. sl. to give it to someone (also to coit with a woman). Sp. girlie pictures. E. Copular (etimología desconocida. Metro para medir chicas (pene). girl goo. Sp. de mujeres desnudas o semi-desnudas (dim. A prostitute.). etc. Sp. espectáculo. A prostitute.v. Chisholm. Sp. En la calle de las mujeres (fornicación).. 149). to give . Br. unable to restrain myself. and US. Sp. pron. girlie. Gitano Joe (personificación del pene). Sp. girl meat. of vagina. an old girl being an elderly male homosexual. See girlie. A prostitute: «Pantyhose are a hell of a nuisance for us girls of the night» ( FU. because it can be used to ‘measure girls’. The penis. for brothel. A brothel.v. a. etc. Vaginal juices: «[She] shakes like a newborn colt after her pussy shoots girl goo all over the place» (Swank). Pene de chica (clítoris). girlometer. gay jargon. Sp. Diminutive of girl = a little girl. 19th c. OED.To ejaculate: to give one’s gravy. girl’s week. Caused a lexicographical schism When he asked to know whether ‘Twere known which was better To use. Var. give. E.. Sp. Sp. girl about town/of the town. A prostitute: «Hot local girls! Real sex connections» ( Barely legal classifieds). prob . girl of the night. Used as a euph. Br. Sp. Sp. to give it to her (q. girl2. Gipsy Joe. US gay jargon.To coit (with a woman): to give someone a fucking/a screwing/a frigging. 1942). to give a woman a shot . La semana de las chicas (la regla).). Prob. pron. Sp. gism. 1711-1815. novia (en ocasiones.. Sp.. Sp. entertainment. Jugos vaginales. etc. Sp. A brothel. The clitoris. to give her the business. girlie magazine/mag. girl street.. a telescoped phrase” (SPEARS). See girl1. q. Lesbian sexual activity: «I decided to show her I wasn’t a stranger to the delights of girl-on-girl action. Chica de la noche (prostituta). con implicaciones de relación ilícita). 19th c. 3. The penis.. Sp. de girl). Sp. to give a woman the works. girl-on-girl action..ginicomtwig. ortográfica de jism).. to give her a stab. “To copulate” (F & H). Sp.v. A man’s favourite female companion. a girlie show. Acción chica con chica (actividad sexual entre lesbianas). Semen (var. sl.to spell ‘gism’» (Limerick). Girlie house. used with implications of an illicit relationship. in. A porno magazine. The female genitals: «I bent immediately. Calle de la mujer (vagina). Semen.g or j. sl. Sp. for copulation. The vagina. Una chica de/en la ciudad (prostituta). Sp.. de vagina). girl of ease. Sp. See also a girl about town/of the town and a girl of ease. E. 19 th c. The menstrual period. girl3. First a term of endearment (OED. “Generic for fornication” (F & H). abrev. ginny. applied to publications. q. of gin. “Prob. sl. in the following senses: 1. A male homosexual prostitute. now gen. según SPEARS. 1859-1962.(Of a woman) to permit copulation: to give oneself. Tienda de chicas (burdel). an abbrev. to give standing-room for one.: «The ancient orthographer. See girlie. Mujerío (burdel). 2. A var. Carne de chica (genitales fem. to give a hole to hide it in. Br. girl1. to give juice for jelly. Chica (prostituta). 124). A male homosexual. to kiss and taste the sweet girl meat» (CN. spelling of jism.. Chica (gay) (jerga gay). A brothel. etc. Sp. Revista. 1860). girlery. to copulate vigorously. Revista de niñas (revista porno). E. OED. to give hard for soft.» (Mayfair). Amiga. Vagina (prob. Chica (prostituto gay) (jerga gay). Sp. girl street. girl friend/girl-friend.

To copulate anally. Sp.).. See poke. Sp. 289).. Br. From head. Dar un buen meneo (copular. To copulate.. Shot = ‘an ejaculation’. sl. To perform fellatio or cunnilingus. Dar una lección en suma. dicho del hombre). Disparar un tiro a una mujer (joderla). sl. give a flash. To give a woman memories or a reputation.. Dar acceso al cuerpo (permitir la mujer el coito). See green gown. Br. Dar cabeza (introducir el pene). To practise fellatio. US. Chica de toma y daca (prostituta). v. dicho del hombre). E. Sp. dicho del hombre).. give her a length. To coit with a woman: «’We’ll give ‘em green gowns in the churchyard!’ » (EIC. give a lesson in addition. Lamer el cucurucho (hacer una felación). green gown). See length. Sp. give a hole to hide it in. US.mutton for beef. To coit with a woman.To perform fellatio: to give head . Sp. give a lesson in simple arithmetic. v . to copulate with her. give her one. 18 th-20th c.. Sp. give access to one’s body. give cone.v. Sp. multiplication. 47). To permit copulation (of a woman). give a little. the opposite of take. glans. give a woman a shove . Sp. US. Darle a una mujer todo el tinglado (copular con ella). To coit with a woman. permitir la mujer el coito.» (EGT. (Of a woman) to permit copulation. To ejaculate: «I lifted myself from him and saw that indeed he had paid me the compliment of giving forth his essence. used by Ben Jonson. give hard for soft.she walked off. (see quot. 16th-17th c. To exhibit the genitals. eyacular. sl. Sp. sl. Sp. To coit with a woman. 172). See Irish toothache. to give way. sl. sl. Sp. Darle un empujón a una mujer (copular con ella). Echar un polvo (dicho del hombre). Sp. Sp. give her a bang. and division . Dar duro por blando (copular. 5. dicho del hombre). Darle un largo (copular. To coit with a woman: «. Entregar uno su esencia (eyacular). Hacer fuego (copular. Teenagers. give a green gown. A play on ‘to discharge a firearm’ and ‘to discharge seminal fluid’.: «I must confess there has been no feeling nicer than having this Greek boy giving me head» ( THH. q. realizar coito anal. Pete. give fire. give forth one’s essence. See works. at harquebusier). See multiplication. from the point of view of the insertor: to give. A prostitute. dicho del hombre). To coit with a woman.. Hacer una felación o un cunilinguo. to give the old man his supper. US. Sp. Sp. Irish toothache). Dar [copular. Now obs. Dar un poco (permitir la mujer el coito con cuentagotas). Sp. give head2. Dar cataplasma para el dolor de muelas irlandés (permitir la mujer el coito. hacer una felación. To coit with a woman. To copulate. Sp. Poner el vestido verde (dar un revolcón a una mujer.. (Of a woman) to allow copulation. with me standing behind. give a woman the works/give her the works . give a hot poultice for the Irish toothache . To coit with a woman. See multiplication. Sp. sl.. To coit with a woman. thinking about how much I’d like to give her one» (Teazer). E. prostituta (ver give and take girl)]. give a woman a shot. Sp. To coit with a woman: «I grabbed hold of her thighs and proceeded to give her a good seeing-to» (Fiesta). Sp. sl. Proporcionarle a ella un pasado (copular. Dar una lección de aritmética simple (copular). kept asking me to give them a flash» (Mayfair). 4. briefly and indecently: «One of them. Dar un agujero para meterla (permitir la mujer el coito). give and take girl. give her a poke. resta. (US. Sp. 6. (Of a woman) to allow copulation but rarely. give her a past. dicho del hombre). To coit with a woman. US. multiplicación y división (copular) . 19 th-20th c. give a good seeing-to. give head1. Sp. Echarle uno (echar un polvo.. Sp.A prostitute: A give and take girl. Echarle un polvo (a una mujer). Hacer una breve exhibición de los genitales. subtraction. 19 th c. Sp. Sp. . To coit with a woman.. 19th-20th c.

(Of a woman) to surrender one’s virginity. Sp. To cuckold. entregar su cuerpo) . To copulate. to give one’s body. Dar un sandwich de muslos (permitir una mujer al hombre eyacular entre sus muslos). Sp. gen. ‘semen’. give someone a gobble. give it to me. To copulate with a woman. Darlo todo (permitir el coito. Sp. To ejaculate. sl. come.a woman who gave herself like a whore. (Of a woman) to make a man ejaculate between her thighs. of a female). Shaks. give it (all) to. sl.» (All’s Well. Entregarse (aceptar la mujer el coito) (usado por Shaks. give her the business. of a woman) to permit copulation. give someone the enjoyment of one’s person. dicho del hombre). Sp. Sp. Cambiar carne de cordero por carne de vaca (copular) . Sp. give her the works. US. To have an orgasm. give someone a fucking/screwing/frigging. Sp. See stab. Sp.. 17 th-19th c.. sl. E.give her a stab. To proffer sexual favors. Darle a alguien las balas (copular. give oneself1. etc . to give one’s treasure. give mutton for beef. give oneself a (helping) hand. for ‘testicles’. Sp. To masturbate.: «. Sometimes used with a pun on ‘punishing’: «’Come on. See give. and mutton = ‘vagina’ or vice versa. Entregar (una mujer) su tesoro (la virginidad). la mujer. to give one’s body. Beef = ‘penis’. To have an orgasm: «Come now. Sp. give someone the bullets. Darle el asunto (copular. To coit with a woman. must be older though as it was used by Shaks.. US. to permit copulation (usu. ii. Still fully current: «. (Of a woman) to accept sexual intercourse. give it to. give oneself2. dicho del hombre) (usado a veces en el sentido de ‘darle su merecido’). Dar su salsa (eyacular). / But give thyself unto my sick desires. Give it all to me. from bullets. 1860-1967. Echarse una mano a uno mismo (masturbarse. Like you never did before.). at pistol)... Sp. Similar expressions include: to give one’s all. (Usu. give horns to. Darle una puñalada (copular. de la mujer). Sp. E. Sp. Echar un polvo. now. E. dicho del hombre). v. See works. tamb. who despised the men she gave herself to» ( LB. give someone a thigh sandwich. give one’s treasure. Sp. sl.. Conceder el disfrute de su persona (permitir el coito. Dárselo/darlo todo (orgasmar). dicho del hombre). be promiscuous. give nature a fillip. dicho gen . To debauch with drink and women. de la mujer). Sp. give someone the finger). To coit with a woman: «So I just lay there with a stiff prick [. come now. of a woman) to permit copulation. To copulate. See business. 31). Juice = ‘semen’.. give juice for jelly. Poner los cuernos a. To coit with a woman. Give it to me. dicho del hombre). sl. used bullets as a euph. dicho gen. give out. See give someone the finger. See quot. and possibly as an allusion to ‘semen’ (see quot. dar (hacer favores sexuales). give one’s body. Hacer una felación. (Usu. Br. and jelly = ‘vaginal juice’. US. Give yourself now» ( DOV. Sp. The euph. Br. Sp. 84).. Entregarse (orgasmar). at give it (all) to. To coit someone. give one’s gravy.Stand no more off. Usually said of a male.. Sp. Dárselo a (copular. sl. To fellate: «The only snag is that now she wants me to shave my cock and balls to save her from getting my pubes between her teeth when she gives me a gobble» (Razzle). To copulate with a woman. Repartir. I deserve it’» (Fiesta). give one’s all. give someone the bird. dicho del hombre). See horns.] and gave it to her by mental telepathy» (TCp. 101). Entregar su cuerpo (permitir el coito. OED. Sp. Cambiar jugo por gelatina (copular. I tell you. Sp. Sp. IV. Br. Darle todo lo necesario (copular. Sp. To coit with a woman. Sp. etc. Dar el pájaro (hacer la peseta. Dar un estímulo a la naturaleza (entregarse a una orgía de vino y mujeres) . . dicho gen. 34-35). del hombre).

meaning fuck you! or stick it up your ass! US. flirt. globes2. Also to make time with. sl. Castrar. Globos (pechos de mujer). The female genitals. (Of a woman) to surrender one’s virginity. glans/glans penis. to glory. The head of the penis. Gloria (pene) (raro). From Latin glans. penis..» (FH. The anus. Sp. Sp. Sp. gixie/gixy. for ‘die’. Sp. See bunny1. Sp. q. gigle. Glándulas (pechos de mujer). de la mujer).. 77). gladius.» (Fragment of limerick). (Usu. The OED (1611-a1693) has the following for gixy: “[Obs. Sp.. Entregar el tesoro (entregar una mujer su virginidad). glory hole2. and in the 1611 quot. The penis: «A squeamish young student named Brand/Adored caressing his gland. To copulate.v. US. The testicles: «. Here old man = ‘penis’. Glande (del latín glans. Ceder (permitir el coito.v. 114).. Not common. Dar palo (copular. give up one’s treasure. Sp. Gay jargon: «Slide my cock up your glory hole» (Mayfair classifieds). Also. 194). Sometimes abbrev. Bisexual used in classified ads. GLB. Sp. Dar el dedo (hacer la peseta). US. Darle al perro un hueso (copular. Agujero de la gloria (genitales fem. give the dog a bone. give up one’s soul. globular reservoirs. Abbreviation of Gay. Sp.” Sp. Sp. and homosexual use.. Sp. US. The penis. Glándula (pene). To castrate. Sp. Sp. give stick. lesbiana. a strumpet” (F & H).. Sp. To ejaculate. To have an orgasm. E. to copulate with a man. Sp. The testicles. Sp.. To coit with a woman. Glándulas (testículos). Black sl. See glory hole1. Sp. Globos (nalgas). which is extrasensitive in uncircumcised men» (Pent). Sp. give up the ghost. The testicles: «. Sp. See also mammary glands. as a symbol of the erect penis. Entregar el espíritu (orgasmar). To make an obscene gesture by putting up one’s middle finger.. dicho del hombre) . 103). Sp. From the common euph. Dorothy causes the globes to bounce up and down» (POP. and most gently indeed. Pun on dog = ‘penis’ and bone = ‘erection’. give standing-room for one. glory hole1. glib.: “a minx. Latin for ‘sword’. give way. bisexual. Hacer sitio para uno de pie (permitir la mujer el coito). Darle al viejo su cena (permitit la mujer el coito) . Sp. Br. glory1. (Of a woman) to permit copulation. globes3.] A wench”.feeling. squeezing those tender globular reservoirs. (Of a woman) to permit copulation. milk-glands and sweat-glands.). . gland. Lesbian. Sp. ‘bellota’). A woman’s breasts. give the time to. give the fuzzy bunny a carrot. The penis. ‘acorn’. Globos (testículos).. Espada (del latín) (pene). glory2.. sl. Gloria (genitales fem..give someone the finger. glands1. (Of a woman) to masturbate using a dildo. OED. To give someone the bird and to throw/flip a bird are vars. Agujero de la gloria (ano) (jerga gay). dicho del hombre). sl. Darle al conejito de pelo rizado una zanahoria (masturbarse la mujer con un consolador) . Prostituta (etimología desconocida). usada en anuncios por palabras.. 1650-1881: «He cautioned me to hold only on the foreskin and not let my fingers rub against the glans. To copulate. give the old man his supper.. of a female) to permit copulation. glands2.sl. See treasure. Depósitos en forma de globo (testículos). See also oval reservoirs. From stick. with a spasm which almost seemed to shake the room.» (EIT. See make standing room for a man. gixie. dicho gen. Sp. and reservoir of joy. Sp. for ‘die’: «At last. The breasts: «Supporting her breasts with her hands. 19th c. the two gave up the ghost simultaneously.. Dar la hora a (copular). Entregar el alma (eyacular). 33). Perhaps connected with GIG. The female genitals. callet.reaching for my hand (he) placed it upon his tool and the pendant globes beneath» (EIC. The bottom cheeks: «She has the ivory globes of Anne’s bottom in her hands» ( POP. globes1. Violence imagery.). From the common euph. “A wanton wench. Sp. Abreviatura de gay. q. Sp.

go at it.. ‘buttock’. as opposed to just fondling. Around the World in Eighty Days. go-between. 17th c. go around the corner. To copulate. Región glútea. To go the whole hog is sometimes heard. From the slang expression (orig. V. Sp. 17th-19th c. ’Nana is a truncation of banana. glove1. Ir a cabalgar (copular). Intermediario. for a procurer. sl. US. The buttocks. sl. Hacerlo completo (no limitarse a caricias. a bawd. Br. at pander). To be sexually aggressive. used bed-presser. Humorous. Also as a verb: «I did go between them.» (All’s Well. 1767. Doblar la esquina (masturbarse la mujer). Br. Sp. Br. and also goer-between (see quot. Lex. To go coiting with prostitutes. OED.» (Fiesta). Shaks. 253-255). said of a woman.I’d never let my fiancé go all the way. sl. Also to go around the world in eighty ways .. E. US. Sp. A hole in a stall partition in a men’s public restroom. Technical euph. A condom. To engage in sexual intercourse. Sp. To copulate: «We went at it like hell that night» ( Pent). Guante (vagina). See bed-hopping. go bed-hopping. q.. Agujero de la gloria (agujero en el tabique separatorio de un servicio público por donde practicar felaciones) (jerga gay). To go coiting. gnarled tree trunk. Ponerse a ello con gran empeño (copular con energía y entusiasmo). gnat bites. US. gluteal region. he loved her– for indeed he was mad for her. go bed-pressing. Sp. usu. Fábrica de pegamento (vagina). There is an interesting precedent in Chapman. said to be used for fellatio. go astray.). The vagina. 1924-1979. (see whole voyage). glove2. (Shaks.) for someone who behaves in a crazy or violent manner. but often found as a euph. Dar la vuelta al mundo (de ochenta maneras) (hacer caricias orales por todo el cuerpo. To copulate energetically and enthusiastically. gnaw the ’nana. go ballocking. too.. glue. . Pegamento (semen). Sp. Guante (condón). from the way apes behave when they are captured or caged. Sp. To be sexually promiscuous. Gay jargon. OED. dicho de la mujer) . Sp. used it in this sense.). Quite frequent among teenagers: «. esp . poner manos a la obra (copular). to deviate from virtue.. 157). sl. Blacksmith’s work imagery. 1598-1887).. Sp. See also easy glove. When he woke up all covered in glue!» (Limerick). iii. Ir de juerga (copular).. sl. Sp. From Greek glutos. but more than that. Sp. as a prelude to fellatio or cunnilingus. Comportarse como los monos (ser sexualmente agresivo) . Tronco nudoso (pene). (Of a woman) to masturbate. go along for the ride. as an intermediary (OED. Semen: «An old Chinese poet named Woo Fell asleep in a rubber canoe. and no pleasure if the glove was too tight» (DOV. To copulate. sino llegar hasta el coito). como preludio a la felación o el cunilinguo) (de la novela de Julio Verne La Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Días). To kiss or lick the whole body of one’s partner. Picaduras de mosquito (pechos demasiado pequeños). Sp.-a). Morder el plátano (hacer una felación). Also mosquito-bites. Sp. Sp. Ir saltando de cama en cama (ser promiscuo. Ir de putas. Sp. 18 th. Sp. US. See tree. See also limit. He was dreaming that coolies Were tickling his goolies. 1900. go at it hammer and tongs.glory hole3. Sp.. go ape. Small breasts. E. as I said. sl. Sp.v. Ponerse a ello. E. Descarriarse (desviarse de la virtud. Sp. punning on Jules Verne’s famous novel. To perform fellatio. Sp. A woman’s vagina: «It gave no pleasure if there was too much room. OED. Sp. 19th c. Ir a planchar camas (copular).. glue factory. go a-whoring. go around the world. go all the way/the whole way. celestina (usado por Shaks. To copulate. Sp. esp. The penis. 19th c.

Sp. Ir de pelea de gallos (ir a copular).” “Just a minute. To perform cunnilingus. 19th c. To go coiting. tal vez con una prostituta). Ir a la Y por la cesta del almuerzo (hacer un cunilinguo. To go coiting. eat at the Y). go bush-ranging.. go down2. go down1. at cunny. sl. to copulate. Sp. Ir a coger nidos de pájaro (copular. Bajar (una erección). To go coiting. “Either from the running down of the bird or from grouse. 19 th c.” She disappears into the back of the shop and comes back three minutes later. He was embarrassed to find that there was only a female assistant. US. go blind. sl. Ir a vender carne (ir a copular. E. desinflarse (perder la erección. Sp. go flat. (orig. Sp. E. Sp. go Hollywood. Sp. Sp. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Ir a hacer garabatos (ir a copular). Ir en plan comando (no llevar ropa interior). Ir a hacer cosquillas en el culo (ir a copular). US. go down like a submarine. go down to the Y for a box lunch... sl. Not wearing underwear. Sp. 19 th c. Br. To go coiting. Sp. Sp. sl. Sp. To go coiting. Br. Br. Sp. to fake. Ir de pesca (ir a copular). Pun on cock = ‘penis’. To go coiting. Br. Br. Used in New York. To go coiting. Said of males. dicho del hombre). go deep-sea diving.go bird’s nesting. 17th c. Sp. Ir a copular (v. To masturbate. See flash-tail. To coit with a woman. go fishing. Sp. sl. (Of an erection) to disappear: ☺ «A man went into a chemist’s to find a cure for his persistent erection. See eat at the Y. Sumergirse como un submarino (realizar una felación con gran entusiasmo) . de to fake. For a woman to submit to copulation. To go coiting. Nest = ‘vagina’. Sp. Sp. See quot. US. Ir a copular. Ir a cazar urogallos (ir en busca de una mujer para copular con ella). go goosing. go flesh mongering. to go limp. 17th-19th c.. To work as a prostitute. To go coiting. I’ve had this erection for two weeks. lex. I’d like to consult my partner. Bajarse (acceder la mujer al coito o copular. perhaps with a prostitute. To go coiting. “I’ve talked it over with my partner. go bum-tickling. Tener un pinchazo. sl.. US.. tener un ‘gatillazo’). To go coiting. Punning on the old popular belief that you risk going blind if you abuse masturbation. sl. E. go bum-working/go bum working. go down on someone. Br. but she did her best to assure him that he could speak freely. US. Sp. sl. go commando. To perform cunnilingus. Sp. Br. Sp. 1974). go doodling. go cunny-catching. 19th c.. sl. E.. go drabbing.). Ir a bucear en las profundidades marinas (masturbarse la mujer). or to run down a woman” (F & H). dicho del hombre). sl. to shoot grouse” (PARTRIDGE. Sp. Sp. 19 th c. Ir a cazar conejos (ir a copular.”» (adapted from What Rugby Jokes Did Next. E. go flashing it. Sp. as sl. Ir enseñándolo (ejercer de protstituta). Realizar sexo oral. E. Br. Sp. Hacer como en Hollywood (sodomizar). 19161978: «’Every male I’ve ever gone down on got off on experiencing the unexpected’» (Playboy). To go coiting. Sp. 17 th c. 19 th c. See flat. Ir a robar traseros (ir a copular. Ir a explorar la maleza (ir a copular). Sp. To have oral sex. Sp. sl. “To quest. Volverse ciego (masturbarse el hombre) go bum-faking. go down for a box lunch. Sp. please sir. To practise fellatio or cunnilingus. saquear). See drab. Ir a trabajar traseros (ir a copular). Br. Ir a la lucha del trasero (ir a copular). ”Well. Ir a copular. Sp. drab). 19 th c. E. and I can’t get it to go down. dicho de ambos sexos) . Ir/bajar al sur (realizar sexo oral). and the best we can offer you is the shop and fifty pounds in cash. 19th c. E. To lose an erection. sl. Br. 25). . Bajarse por la cesta del almuerzo (hacer un cunilinguo). sl. OED. ‘to plunder’. sl. go cock-fighting. To sodomise.. E. E. go (down) south. sl. sl. go bum-fighting. sl. 19th c. go grousing... and of a man or woman. go buttocking. E.. E. Perhaps from the sl. v. Bush = ‘pubic hair’. To go coiting. US. Br. Br. To perform fellatio with great enthusiasm.

dicho del hombre). sl. for ‘to have carnal knowledge (of a woman)’: «And he (Abram) went in unto Hagar.. E. to ejaculate: «Whenever I felt in danger of going off I would stop moving. go off half-cocked/at half-cock. Sp. Lex. 102). Sp. 92). Correrse como una ballena (eyacular) (usado por Henry Miller en Sexus).go hunting. sl.). To ejaculate prematurely. pues fue usado alusivamente por Shaks.» (FU. 19th c. 1928. after the Heb. Ir a coger gorriones (ir de putas). sl. go over the brink. II. Sp. 19th c.. Sp. To lose an erection. dicho de ambos sexos).. Ir a cazar genitales (ir en busca una mujer para copular con ella). 17 th c. Penetrar a alguien. dicho de ambos sexos). OED. To copulate with great vigour. go in out like a fiddler’s elbow .» (LCL. To coit with a woman vigorously. Salir con. to give someone an orgasm. Sp. go jock-hunting. and to send someover over the top . as it was allusively used by Shaks.. Sp. Ir en busca de traseros (ir a copular). Sp. To go whoring. Sp. pero más frec. said of a man. but usu. Br. iv. E. go sparrow-catching. Br. Br. of either sex: «From Deidre’s twitching body. Penetrar. go limp.-a de espaldas (copular). go inside someone. in 2 Henry IV. I knew she was ready to go over the edge» (Hustler). 127: «No more. To have an orgasm. See leather1. 19th c. Br. “To copulate” (F & H). go rump-splitting. E. 59). Used by Henry Miller: «Bango! I went off like a whale» (Sexus. To lose an erection: «My prick had gone soft on me. To stop liking sex: «“I started calling this sex line 2 months ago when my wife went off sex”» (Mayfair).. of either sex. Sp. go jottling. Ir a estirar cuero (ir a copular). Sp. “To copulate. To have an orgasm: «This made her gasp out: ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ as she went over the brink. feeling the stream of tenderness flowing in release from his bowels to hers. Fallar el disparo.. Sp. Also to send/push someone over the edge. A pun on the misfiring of a gun. 16.-a (masturbarse. go stargazing on one’s back. Ponerse lacia (pegar un ‘gatillazo’). and US.. Sp. To penetrate a woman. go it alone. Ir a contemplar las estrellas tumbado. Ir a partir traseros (ir a copular. Sp. dicho del hombre). To masturbate.. Sp. Austr. disparar antes de tiempo (eyacular prematuramente) . Sp. Sp. To go coiting. To date sb. E. go in unto. Portarse mal (copular). go leather-stretching. Sp. To go coiting. E. go quim-wedging. 19th c. 4). and she conceived» (Genesis. to jottle. Derramarse (orgasmar. must be older though.. To go coiting (rump = ‘the female genitals’). sl. go off sex. used in most English versions of the Old Testament.. Entrar y salir como el codo de un violista (copular con gran vigor. Dejar de gustar el sexo. To have an orgasm. Pistol. I would not have you go off here». Ponerse lacia (pegar un ‘gatillazo’). sl. Ir a partir coños con una cuña (ir a copular. correrse) (aunque la 1ª cita dada por el OED . See limp. To go coiting. Penetrar (a una mujer) (usado frec. To penetrate a woman: «And he went in to her softly. The euph.. go over the top. 292). el euf. Euph. Sp. Sp. de un hombre). Sp. Disparar(se (eyacular. es mucho más antiguo. See also go over the top. Br. To go coiting. as sl. go soft. Br. Sp. go over the edge. Sp. Sp. Derramarse (orgasmar. Sp. dicho de ambos sexos. of either sex. Ir de cacería (ir en busca de coito). Hacerlo solo. To go coiting (quim = ‘vagina’). go off. E. sl. go naughty. To have an orgasm. 19th c. Derramarse (orgasmar. . sl. Br. go like a rat up a rhododendron. data de 1928. go/grow and go soft.» (TSM. See naughty. dicho del hombre). Sp.. E. dicho de ambos sexos). and to do a jottle” (F & H). sl. go out with. Also. Subir como una rata por un rododendro (copular con gran vigor). go rumping.» (TCp. To penetrate a woman.. Copular (etimología desconocida). en la mayoría de las versiones inglesas de la Biblia). Sp. go in to/go into. go off like a whale . 75). To ejaculate.

Sp. incluso el coito). go the whole hog. Punning on Herefordshire. Ir a tocar el trombón (copular). Not common. Sp. 255). 277-78). OED. From c1865. 19 th c. Nueva York. Sp.UU convertido en Christine Jorgensen). 1945. Sp. sl. Sp. but getting rare. See poop chute. Sp.. for ‘copulate’: «A much-worried mother once said. Sp. by George Jorgensen. 15). To have anal intercourse. Still current. Poner manos a la obra (empezar a copular) (usado por Shaks. más corrientes por ‘copular’).. OED.: ☺«The foolish bride who does not take off her wedding gown because her husband said they would be ‘going to town about eleven o’clock’» ( Rationale I.» (All’s Well. Hacerlo completo (hacerlo todo.. Ir a tocar instrumentos de cuerda (ir a copular). Br. To begin to copulate. go to Paul’s (or Westminster) for a wife. E. 19 th c. as Christine Jorgensen. go to bed (with).: «Yet I was in that credit with them at that time that I knew of their going to bed. Getting rare. Renounce homosexuality. go through a woman like a dose of salts. Ponerse a trabajar (empezar a copular) (usado por Shaks. a war veteran and a photographer in Long Island. as it was used by Shaks. go up the chute. Do it just once again. “To go whoring” (F & H). Llegar al límite (hacerlo todo. i. That’s the way. To go coiting. go to work. See also Danish pastry and Copenhagen capon. at copulation). From the pioneering sex-change surgery undergone in a private clinic in Denmark in the 50s. and helped compile the first serious study on transsexualism. Since late 1880’s. Ir a la ciudad (hacer las cosas como Dios manda) (dejar las caricias y empezar a copular). The euph. Ir a Dinamarca (sufrir una operación de cambio de sexo. Acostarse (con) (usado por Shaks. To (stop petting and) start copulating. Br. See strum. Ir a robar coños (ir en busca de mujeres para copular con ellas). Volverse normal (dejar de ser gay o lesbiana). See go all the way. go to town. Sp. Subir por ella como una rata por una cañería (copular con gran vigor). Sp. To have a sex-change operation. to. 1977.: « Escalus. euphs. Br. Sp. 148). Paul o a Westminster en busca de esposa (ir de putas). go to Hairyfordshire. . Sp. concretamente a George Jorgensen. Atravesar a una mujer en menos que canta un gallo (penetrarla). sl. go strumming. V. ‘My dear. To copulate. US. go through a woman. Lucio. go to Durham. Ir a St. go twat-faking. To copulate. Sp. go supperless to bed. veterano de guerra y fotógrafo de Long Island. I will go darkly to work with her. Subir por la rampa de popa (realizar coito anal). go up her like a rat up a drain pipe . New York. go the limit. you‘ve been kissing young Fred Since six. porque en este país se llevó a cabo la 1ª operación de este tipo en los años ‘50.go straight. To coit. Still current: «. Ir al Condado del Pelo (copular. Sp. meaning ‘to do something well’. Ir a Durham (copular. for women are light at midnight» ( Measure. A vulgar version of to go through a woman. And then think of going to bed’» (Limerick). Said of men and women: «You said you wanted to forsake the lesbian life and go straight» ( Playbirds).). sl. To go coiting. 19th c. To copulate (with). 26. Returned to the USA. From the common saying. See tromboning. Sp. E.. go to Denmark. it’s now ten. iii.). To penetrate a woman sexually. Sp. de 26 años. Sp. incluso el coito)...when he finally got me completely naked he really went to work» ( FU. Sp. que volvió a los EE . who wanted to become a woman. go tromboning. Sp. E. sl. E. To penetrate a woman sexually. Still one of the most freq. (see quot. To retire without a copulation. juego de palabras entre Herefodrshire y hairy) go to it. 18 th c. See at limit.. V. y aun uno de los eufs. sl. must be older though. To copulate with a woman. raro). Used by Shaks. To copulate with great vigour. Sp. she became a celebrity. Atravesar a una mujer (penetrarla). Used by Shaks. Br.. Acostarse sin cenar (sin copular).

Go coiting. and Munch the Trunch’. Pegote de semen.. Bajar al Sur en Dixie (practicar cunilinguo o anilingus) (raro) . E. sl. Also. E. there’s not a young man in the village that she hasn’t gone wrong with!’ ‘Ah. occ. To have anal intercourse. Subir por la calle de la mostaza (realizar coito anal o un anilingus) . q. Sp. Engullir (hacer una felación). E.v. Br. Since the 16th c. To practise fellatio. US. Br. gobble-prick. US. Christopher Robin has got his knob in. E. Sp. a prostitute. ‘One more time. From the name of a large.. Sp. Sp. Sp. Not common. See quot. US. pene) (Shaks. go vaulting. To perform fellatio. the penis. Br. Br. Portero (en hockey) (clítoris). See also give someone a gobble. freq. To sodomise. (see quot. Cabra (hombre muy lascivo o. Sp. gob the knob.19th c. Tragarse el líquido viscoso (hacer una felación). To date a person of the opposite sex. Sp. Sp. at hot).» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. From ice hockey. goalie. gobbler. 71). 19th c. A very lascivious man. And gobbled him off in the duomo. “A rampant. to perform anilingus. go with. go up the old dirt road. Sp. knob2). Baile de la cabra (coito). at bazooms..-a). Who suddenly cried: ‘Ecce Homo’. usa la comparación ‘as prime as goats’. See jig.. To perform fellatioand an act of fellatio: «Inside the yard at Buckingham Palace. dicho de la mujer). Gob= sl. goat’s jig/gig(g). go wenching.» (Fragment of rugby song). Tragón/tragona (felador. Engullir el pene (hacer una felación. See wench. Br. See work the dumb/double/hairy oracle.. hard. . Ordeña-cabras (nombre dado a un pájaro que al parecer chupa leche de las ubres de las cabras) (genitales fem. See knob2. or cunnilingus. ain’t it?’ » (Rationale II. then after lunch. goat-house. sighs Jack resignedly. Trabajo de boca (felación). gobble pork. 17th. See goo.go up the mustard road. The penis. v . Ir de monta (ir a copular). God’s revenge on a woman. gobble off. Sp. Engullir carne de cerdo (hacer una felación). menos frec . Sp. go working the double/dumb/hairy oracle. 18th-19th c. A brothel. Ir/salir con.. Ir de putas (v. sl. Sp. go way down South in Dixie . Casa de cabras (burdel). Sp. Subir por la vieja carretera sucia (sodomizar). Engullir [(hacer una) felación o un cunilinguo]. Humorous. spherical sweet for sucking. Also. for ‘mouth’. 19 th c. sl.. sl. Copulation. gobble. Ir de mujeres. E. goat-milker. Sp. as a lover». Fellatio. ‘it’s a small village. gob. goat.. go womanizing. Traga-pollas. sl. US. Venganza de Dios contra la mujer (pene). To go coiting. A fellator. Br.. He tracked his man down To the heart of the town. sl. The breasts. 19th c. lustful woman” (GROSE). gob-job. The female pudenda. well’. o prostituta). To practise anilingus. Sp. 19th c. Sp. In the OED (1892).. To perform fellatio. Sp. to. ardientes como cabras). Sp. I’ll reciprocate. sl. Ir a trabajar el oráculo doble/mudo/peludo (ir a copular). Sp. Used by Shaks. Br. to keep company with. Christopher Robin’s still gobblin’ Alice. E. Alice is down and she’s gobblin’ Robin. go wrong (with). Also. sl. Sp. gobble the goo. sl. From gobble. Says Alice. gobstoppers. Sp. To go coiting. Mass of thick semen: «Before long my wet mouth had him pumping gob after gob down my throat and on my face» (Swank). To practise fellatio: «There was an old bugger of Como. (to). wench). The clitoris. To go coiting. (Of a woman) to copulate extra-maritally: ☺«Jack is being warned by a friend that the girl he’s about to marry is the ‘wrong un’: ‘Why. Sp. we find: «in vulgar use. Sp. sl. Hacer lo que no se debe (con) (copular fuera del matrimonio. E. sl. Caramelos grandes redondos (pechos de mujer).

Canal regalo de Dios (pene). a1601 (in BURFORD. Sp. time): five months gone. characterized by a burning sensation when urinating and a mucopurulent discharge from the urethra or vagina.» (Men’s World). 19th c. good. E. Army sl. for a sticky substance. Sp. The testicles. Sp. Sp. q. Clap. 1880-1964: «. q. Buscador de oro (pene).. The testicles. La regla de oro (v. Sp. Nido del jilguero (genitales fem. Sp. Pet name for the penis. The penis. US. golden rule. q. Sp. gonies. 1747-1935. From gonads.. a major US. Sp. sl. From the US. Sp. Sp. Sp. Br. used by Thomas Nashe in «The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo». Ducha dorada [antes=eyaculación (de la lluvia de oro. Pelotas de golf (testículos). US. Reina de duchas doradas (gay con predilección por las ‘duchas doradas’. vertida por Zeus en el regazo de Danae). The female pudenda. Ben Jonson used rain showers for ‘ejaculate’ with the same imagery. golfballs/golf balls. term for gonorrhoea. See also girl goo. 192). Sp. Testículos (del griego gonos. ‘seed’ + rhoia. A pun on the shower of gold that Zeus poured into the lap of Danae. Origin unknown. seed’. meaning ‘thief’.) (homosexual compañero de un vagabundo). etc.v. the. v . Now golden showers is used. From the Greek gonos. sl. French for dildo (q. The testicles. ‘flujo’). Var. ‘semilla’ + rhoia. Embarazada de (tantos meses). Rare. sl. OED. Sp. Sl. An infectious venereal disease. Semen. Also. semilla)... sl. going up the Hershey Bar road.v. absolute code).godemiche. to indicate a preference for a sexual perversion consisting in being urinated upon by your partner: «Pitchers of beer were to be brought to Ludwig continuously as he tried to set a record for duration of golden showers» (CP. Subir por la Avenida Hershey (de la marca Hershey de barras de chocolate negro norteamericano (hacer un anilingus) (v. 1547-1884: «But soon she had to see a doctor To find out what disease had pocked her. Cacahuete (pene). Ano (origen desconocido). in The Alchemist (IV. US. gonorrhoea. Pez de colores (pene). Dónut dorado (vulva). 24-27): «Now Epicure.my gonads inflated to the size of tennis balls. goo. gold-digger. sl. Sp. brand of chocolate. esp. Rain her as many showers as Jove did drops Unto his Danae». The vulva. gonga. An allusion to purchased copulation and perhaps to copious seminal emission. 56): «Hold wide thy lap. Sp. Líquido viscoso (semen). OED. goldfish. Pequeño ganso (var. Sp. Sp. goober. goldfinch’s nest. q. See absolute code. gonsil. From a colloq. godgiven groover. See quot. Pregnant (for a spec. to be a good lay. Sp. The anus. is a sl. gonif. To be good in bed. Testículos (derivado de gonads). Gay (del significado argot ‘ladrón). The diagnosis short and clear Revealed a dose of gonorrhoea» (Fragment of rugby song). i.v. gone.v.v. or colloq. Austr.. gunga and gunger Sp. sl. Sp. OED. de gunsel. ahora=lluvia de orina sobre la pareja] . Br. of gunsel. to be. Gonorrea (del griego gonos. From the US.). Sp. Consolador (del fr. at wrong hole. From Hershey. golden doughnut. q.). To perform anilingus. Often used in jokes based on a pun with its literal meaning: ‘to behave well’: ☺«A girl who has just made love says to her partner: “My . generación. gonads. A homosexual. From Greek gonos. golden shower. Bourneville boulevard). OED. golden shower queen.). ‘flux’. Heighten thyself.v. talk to her all in gold. tamb. in ‘personal’ ads. word for ‘peanut’. 1879-1966. A homosexual male who enjoys golden showers. my lovely Danae And entertain this golden showery sea That dribbling falls into thy Treasury». The penis.. The penis. golden shower). ‘generation. sl.

sl. sometimes. goolies. A prostitute. “I thought it was the Queen. for ‘a sexually enjoyable occasion’. Testículos (según MCDONALD. to be a . in green goose and Winchester goose. Buena chica (prostituta experta). Br. prob. Sp.-a (en la cama). was I?”» ( Archivos Secretos. to be good in bed. Gansa (lesbiana. esp. Sp. Sp. goofer. underworld for ‘pederast’. Sp. raro). at glue. Gansa y pata (argot rimado por fuck). 55). ‘to copulate’. Sp. ‘objeto redondeado’). “(American) A low prostitute” (F & H). del indostano goli. Pacific Coast. through the Br. The female and. gen. occ. ☺«Little girl to little boy – probably Little Johnny Jones ( Jaimito): “If I invite you to my room to study with me. The testicles. Prostituto para homosexuales que sólo acepta el rol activo (jerga gay). X. that’s the meaning of goose in the following story: ☺«The court fool finds the King bending over and gooses him. goodies. OED. Prostituta vulgar (origen desconocido). Army. A male prostitute to homosexuals who takes only the active role. is a hell of a man and a damn good screw into the bargain» (Fiesta). Huevos de gansa (testículos. 1937. Sp. Sp. Buen polvo (persona. 32). he says. los fem. prob. 1879-1967: «A young lady sat on a quay. según PARTRIDGE.”» (Rationale I. esp. and. of Irish origin. the genital or anal regions. goose eggs. Gansa (prostituta). the male genitals: «Well. Pinchar en el culo/meter el dedo en el ano (con intención sexual o simplemente como broma)/follar (argot rimado: forma truncada de goose and duck. more specifically. I’ll wear his fucking balls for earrings» ( Barely Legal). OED. Venereal disease. and current US. del sinónimo fr. Ser bueno. I do generally like to feel the goods first» (Mayfair). tickle. Lex.mother always told me to be good. for ‘the penis’..-a en la cama. Sp. “At a bagnio in Covent Garden. usu. Sp. 1591-1727. 17 th-19th c. gousse). A truncation of goose and duck. Sp. A prostitute. goose girl. See Winchester goose. heard. The penis.. Just as proper as proper could be. 1988-89). Sp. good girl. a woman) considered sexually. The female genitals: «If any guy touches my goodies without my express permission. que es buena en la cama) good man. Not common. Sp. According to CHAPMAN. Gooser is obs. OED. Sp. Sp. since it was already used in the 17th c. E. que rima con fuck).” » (Apuntes Secretos. Golosinas (genitales fem. See also friend2. to goose. Occ. . Buen amigo (pene) (término recogido en MOQ. See lay. en ocasiones abrev. Buen rato (coito). He is told he will be forgiven only if he makes an excuse even more outrageous than his deed. Sp. let me tell you. «to poke. Sp. in the phrase to have a good time. good-time girl. gook. since ca. Rhyming sl. of course. The testicles. A person (esp. to G. A sexually experienced prostitute. In Hindustani the word goli is used to denote a round object such as a bullet. una mujer. Sp. Gansa (enfermedad venérea). esp. encuesta realizada por R. goods. Chica para pasar un buen rato (prostituta). To be good in bed: « I am married to Dave who.. goosing («prodding someone roughly and rudely in the anal region. 1918. Buen hombre (buen fornicador).. See quot. good time. Gay jargon. “That’s easy”. Mercancía (genitales. (a person) in a sensitive part. abbrev. sl. good screw. = fuck. 1974). goose2. etc. A young fellow goosed her. 161). So she thanked him and went home to tea» (Limerick). AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. In MOQ. goose and duck. And roughly seduced her. goose3. A bit/piece of goods/stuff is often found in English erotic literature as a woman considered as a sex object. a G). it was apparently introduced from India.. Sp. as a coarse and amiable joke») is still occ. Ser bueno.). According to MCDONALD. = fuck». Often abbrev.. pebble or ball. Used in the US. Ex the synonymous French gousse” (PARTRIDGE. esp en to have a good time pasar un buen rato (copular). as sl. “A lesbian. good lay.. Sp. Used by Shaks. It is an old euph. goose1. a vigorous fornicator” (GROSE). que ‘tiene un polvo’. good buddy. do you promise to be good?” “I promise to be fantastic.

sl. The female pubic hair. del yiddish) .. gooseberry. hacer de carabina. Sp. sl. esp. Sp. The penis.). Br. a prostitute. hence oral sex. at melons). gorilla salad. Gran duquesa (homosexual de aspecto y modales afeminados). graduate2. To cuckold: «Likewise all you Men with handsome Wives Take care they don’t forsake you For if they lack Mony. Sp. in to play gooseberry. Sp. gorilla in the washing-machine. Sp. The penis. Sp. Sp. Ensalada gorila (vello púbico abundante. A loose anus.» (Fragment of The Ladies of London. Sp. grab a piece of cake. E. Calabaza (pene) (raro). grand duchess. To cuckold. Agricultural imagery.60 as sure as your Life They will a cuckold make you. US. sl. From the Yiddish goy. Pudin de grosellas (mujer lasciva/prostituta ( raro). The penis. to plant horns on.. sl. sl. Sp. US. Sp. Br. Poner los cuernos a. gooseberry-bush. gooser1. 19th c. An elderly gay male. Br. . Graduada (soltera experta en conocimiento carnal).. OED.. US. Grosellas (testículos o pechos pequeños). Ama de llaves (madama de un burdel). Sp. term for an old homosexual male of ostensible effeminate looks and manners. sl.. Que mete el dedo en el ano (pederasta). Sp. and US. esp. gooseberry-grinder. Ardilla [pene.. 60 Money. Black sl. gooseberry-ranch. gooseberry-pudding.. E. popular ballad. Sp. Carabina. sl. To practise cunnilingus.. graduate1. Sp. Sp. El Gran Cañón (ano ensanchado) (jerga gay). E. They’ll graft such a pair of horns on your head That you can hardly bear them.goose’s-neck. Sp. A brutal and cruel pimp. “(American) A brothel” (F & H). 17 th-18th c. Lincoln Tunnel. E. The madam of a brothel: «These were the girls that composed the small domestic flock. A woman who is an expert in sexual practices.. Agarrar un trozo de pastel (copular).)]. 19 th c. US. Sp. gooser2. accompanying them when they want to be alone. From the image of the skinned neck of a fowl. 19th c.. Grand Canyon. which my governess train’d up with surprising order and management. Cuello de ganso (pene). sl.v. Sp. como comida). in the phrase to choke the gopher (q. 173). US. ‘masturbate’. Chulo gorila (chulo de prostituta brutal y cruel). US. gooseberries. occ. 19 th-20th c.v. Also. underworld. goosing-slum. Sp. goytoy. gay jargon. Sp.. graft/plant horns to. sl. goose1). Burdel (v. esp. Que pincha en el ano (pene). US. E. sl.. Punning on the hairy nature of the gorilla. en to choke the gopher (q. Sp. Sp. Br.v. See goose1. A derog. governess. Thick pubic hair. Sp. Br. Br. Br. meaning ‘gentile’.» (FH. en to play gooseberry. ‘small breasts’ (see quot. Mata de grosellas (vello púbico fem. and salad as food. “An unmarried woman who has taken her degree in carnal lore” (F & H). gorilla pimp. To copulate. An uncircumcised penis. grandma. the posterior. Sp. Injertar (poner los cuernos). E. sl. graft. E. 1837-1889. Esp. Juguete gentil/no judío (pene no circuncidado. gourd. Sp. used as a nickname for a non-Jew. Br. 115). US. sl. in BURFORD. A pederast. Tritura-grosellas (ano o culo). underworld. The anus. A chaperon (q. Now rare. 18th c. Graduada (prostituta). 19 th c. The penis. A wanton woman. Rancho de grosellas (burdel). a 17th c. E. con implicación de sexo oral: juego de palabras entre la naturaleza peluda del gorila y ensalada. 19th c. sl. The testicles. Also.). Abuela (gay viejo) (jerga gay).. one who ‘plays propriety’ with a pair of lovers.). Gorila en la lavadora (hacer un cunilinguo). US. Not common. Gay jargon. A brothel. gopher.

for ‘to copulate with a woman’.. Sp. Embarazada (del latín gravidus. Viuda de yerba (antes=soltera que ha cohabitado con uno o más hombres. Sp. . Semen. US. OED. said of a woman.. grease one’s pipe. Sp. To masturbate. Sp. etc . grapple. 18th-19th c. dicho gen. used gratify his amorous works (reward him with her sexual favours) (see quot. Shaks. To masturbate. Of males. at melons. usó gratify his amorous works. OED. Dama canosa (gay viejo) (jerga gay). ahora=viuda temporal. grease the monkey. Engrasar el palo (masturbarse el hombre) grease the axle. Engrasar el eje (masturbarse el hombre). An unmarried woman who has cohabited with one or more men. 1528-1785. Shaks. for the female pubic hair (see quot. gravid). gravy. grease the piece. OED. Satisfacer las pasiones/los deseos (copular) (Shaks .] several meetings followed. Conceder el favor (permitir el coito. Sp. o. Sp. An elderly gay male. Br. Often found as euphs. Since the 17 th c. Sp. ‘recompensar sus atenciones amorosas’). gay jargon. sl. Now more commonly applied to a married woman whose husband is absent from her.after their passionate grapple in our car [. (to). gravy-giver. grease the flagpole. 19th c. gravidate. 19 th c. E. Sp. Of males. Engrasar y arrendar (practicar sexo anal) (jerga gay). Sp. Of males. for small breasts. Sp.. The self-driving chap. at amorous works). 1597-1867. 55). Pomelos (pechos de mujer). Sp. mujer cuyo marido está ausente). Sp. Sp. To permit copulation. To have anal intercourse. Sp. gravy-maker. Sp. See quot. Of males. The testicles. Sp.. A euph.. The breasts. To masturbate. pesada). Gay jargon. both q. Of a female. 1846. See quot. grass. Yerba (vello púbico). Sp.. Used almost exclusively in the expression to strangle one’s grannie (q.). masturbarse el hombre)]. Of obscure etymology. Uvas (testículos). at melons. grapes1. He greases his pole and Provokes his own sap. To masturbate. Dador de salsa (genitales fem. To masturbate. To masturbate. grease one’s pole.. Pregnant. E. heavy. and still current: «. To be/make pregnant. Sp. US. grapes2. Abuelita [pene.grannie. Of a male. He humps himself nightly And lives a great life» (Still More of the World’s Best Dirty Jokes . menos frec. Salsa (semen). War imagery. Engrasar el asta de la bandera (masturbarse el hombre). Fabricante de salsa (genitales fem. grapefruits. Of males: «Y stands for Yanker.. Br. E. Of males. gray lady. Sp. To masturbate.» (Forum). grant the favour. gratify one’s passion/desires. pene). used bottom-grass as a euph. 1623-1677. To masturbate. Sp. gravid. grease the gash. Br. at nag.v. To copulate with great vigour. usu. Engrasar al mono (masturbarse el hombre). The pubic hair. Uvas (pechos demasiado pequeños). The penis. sl. See quot. See also white gravy. Sp. Sp. de la mujer). The female pudenda. Sp.v. sl. grass widow. Luchar/lucha cuerpo a cuerpo (copular/coito). Also bull-gravy and beef-gravy. sometimes also the penis. OED. sl. Engrasar la herida (masturbarse la mujer). Estar o quedarse embarazada (v..). ‘masturbate’. at brakes). Engrasar la pipa (masturbarse el hombre). Engrasar el hueso (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. Absolved of the need of A quarrelsome wife. Engrasar la pieza (masturbarse el hombre). grease one´s bone. usado casi exclusivamente en to strangle one’s grannie (‘estrangular a la abuelita’.. The female pudenda. From Latin gravidus. grease and lease.

Sp. Sp. green goose2. Coition. Sp. in to do it the Greek way . Prostitutes’ jargon. Ganso verde (cornudo) green gown. i. anal sex» ( THH. Here wheel = ‘the female genitals’.. 218). Sp. up the asshole instead of the cunt. Sp. To copulate. 19th c. “A cuckold” (F & H). I. Sp.. Who swore e’er I went I shou’d have a Green-gown» ( Pills. E. Greek trade. Verdulería (genitales fem. copulating on the grass’: «The Sun was just Setting. the. Sp. green meadow. Engrasar la rueda (copular).). See green sickness. Cambridge Univ. 1979). basada en la supuesta predilección de los antiguos griegos por esta práctica sexual) . green-grocery. The female pudenda. green grove. Sp.grease the wheel. Anal intercourse: «Another request is for Greek style. 61 Caius College. great divide. To get/have green gowns was actually quite frequent in English classic erotic literature in the sense of ‘girls lying on the grass with their lovers. A Greek is freq. Anal copulation. Sp.). Sp. Sp. 182). Br.. Anal copulation. Humorous: «She stripped her garments one by one With an air of conscious pride And as she stood in her womanhood They saw the great divide» (Fragment of rugby song). 19 th c. Br. Al estilo griego (coito anal). green-goods. Cultura griega (coito anal). Vestido verde (producido por un revolcón sobre la yerba) (coito) . the Reaping was done. in prostitutes’ jargon for this kind of service for which a special price is usually charged. A la manera griega (coito anal).. Anal intercourse: «The desire of a Caius61 man named Eric Is to be ‘had’ in a manner Homeric: Which implies ‘twixt the cheeks.). sl. Greek. The posterior. Enfermedad verde (nombre dado a las alteraciones producidas en las solteras por falta de varón). Anal intercourse: «Then I graduated to Greek culture by rolling her over on her belly and shoving my dick up her ass» (FU. E. Arboleda verde (vello púbico). Prado verde (genitales fem.). Br. From the supposed practice of the Ancients [“though Professor Knox authoritatively informs us ancient Greeks sanctioned only intracrural activities (friction between the legs of a boy)]” (ASHLEY. Yerba verde (vello púbico fem. The female pudenda. US. Greek style. That is. Sp. Greek love. Sp. Anal intercourse: «I told her that sometimes I liked it Greek fashion. ‘Down where the green grass grows’» (Fragment of rugby song). sl. Sp. La gran línea divisoria (canal de los pechos de la mujer). 103). esp. Mercancía verde (prostituta inexperta). Greek way. The male or female pubic hair. in HENKE. Greek culture. Amor griego (pederastia). 97). El lado griego (el trasero) (jerga gay). sl. green goose1. The female pubic hair: «He said. The cleavage between the breasts. Then whom should I meet. And over the Common I tript it alone. Sp.L. The erect penis. Griego (coito anal) (calumnia étnica. Comercio griego (coito anal). .» (FU. Pederasty. To give a green gown is to coit with a woman. E. 1979. Sp. Gran hombre (pene en erección). but young Dick of our Town. 19 th c. green disease. Since he deems other methods barbaric» (Limerick). 187). Greek fashion. Gay jargon. ‘Where did you block her?’ I said. or to deflower her. A la manera griega (coito anal). Sp. the. Gansa verde (prostituta joven) (usado por Shaks. and to get/have a green gown. sl. Used by Shaks. Sp. great man. A young inexperienced prostitute. In the way of the Greeks.: «The spring is near when green geese are abreeding» (L. A young prostitute. Greek side. to copulate from the woman’s point of view. green grass. to coit anally. 18th c.. Sp. Sp.L.

To copulate vigorously and for a long time. sl. Sp. to. See quot..greenhorn. grind1. griddle. Also sometimes spelt groyne. grip the groin. Sp. The female genitals. From to grind. from O. as obs. Agarrarse la ingle (masturbarse el hombre). Br. See quot. grope. Sp. Homosexual jargon. Lex. Yóquey gris (genitales fem. Sp. Copular (lit. And removes in an instant the sickness called Green. Also green disease: «Its juice taken inward’s a cure for the spleen. Rhyming sl. grind. The penis.v. The female genitals. Sp. Sp.E. masturbation. grinding-tool. An act of copulation. Br. at couple. Casa/tienda de la molienda (burdel). See quot. To copulate repeatedly. grindan. green sickness. grind like goats. (To perform) any sexual foreplay.. an undebauched young fellow. Br. But when they could not make her a whore 62 Now greenhorn is colloq. occasioned by celibacy». OED.E. o fem. 19th c. An anaemic disease affecting young women about the age of puberty. sin parar.. Also. at mill. As they revel in the joys of fornication. See grumble and grunt. in the expressions to get/have/give/go for one’s greens. Verdura (coito.. groove. to make grain into flour. virgen). Sp. Plancha (para poner la ‘salchicha’ (vagina). The penis. Pale-faced spinsters shag like stoats. From to grind.. Afilar la herramienta (copular. as sl. Sp.» (Fragment of rugby song). Comestibles (genitales fem. And the whole damn world stands by and gloats.. grinding-house. grapian. Sp. argot rimado: grunt rima con cunt). Copular con ahínco. grind away.). A pun on grind.» (Fragment of rugby song). A male virgin. groin.). 13.. sl. Sp. moler). for ‘copulate’. esp.). groan and grunt. Lex. Esp. Br. E. The vagina. grind2. grey jock. 62 A pun on green. To grip the groin is occ. esp.). The female genitals. ‘to copulate’. which gives a pale or greenish tinge to their complexion. Refunfuñar y gruñir (genitales fem. Sp. OED. Of males. grindstone. ‘an erection of the penis’. found for ‘masturbate’ (of males). gristle. GROSE (1785) defines it as «the disease of maids. Sp. Sp. Sp. for ‘someone who lacks experience and can be easily deceived’. did I feel that stiff horn-hard gristle. The vulva: «I wanted him to hurry and put his finger into my moist groove and to probe my vagina» (Fiesta). OED. ‘inexperienced’. q. The female genitals. and horn. to reduce to small particles by crushing between two hard surfaces. Molienda (coito).). Sp.. 17th-19th c: «Then. por los adolescentes). To masturbate.. 53). Cartílago (pene). Herramienta para la molienda (pene). as sl. the penis and testes.-1664: «The two wicked elders Susanna would grope While she sent out her maid to fetch her some soap. Sp. at dong. Machacársela (masturbarse. and to rub groins together. 1893-1969. Follar como cabras. Br. From O. 1598-1966. Enfermedad verde (nombre dado a las alteraciones producidas en las solteras por falta de varón). E. o masc. Lex. groceries. From the standard meaning ‘to feel with the hands’. sl. Sp. E. sl. battering against the tender part» (FH. usado esp. Copulation. Humorous: to put in the weenie. E. Metonymy used for the male or female genital area.. To copulate (with). E. Cuerno verde (novato. A brothel.=cunt. 1889-1967. Piedra de amolar (genitales fem. grind one’s tool. Ranura (vulva). 1583-1846. dicho del hombre). OED. greens. Br. ‘to copulate’. OED. sl. en to get/have/give/go for one’s greens. Also grinding-shop. ‘copulation’. See also do a grind and have a grind. Sp. 18th-19th c. To coit with a woman. Ingle (genitales masc. To be sexually promiscuous: «Long-legged curates grind like goats. Sp. for the first time. . To masturbate. Sp. E. Some use among teenagers.

. Charley Hunt. . Rhyming sl. Acariciar. Sp. ( growl and grunt) or from the slang word for dog. E. v. gross indecency. grasp and grunt.» (EIT.. 66). flowers and frolics. breasts). (var. 1612-1680. Ingle (zona genital). Groping for trouts in a peculiar river» ( Measure.. grove. sl. sl. See indecency. on feeling her body respond to my embraces. Sexo en grupo (orgía). Levy and Frank. genitales fem. argot rimado: grunt rima con cunt). sl. 18th c. See also cave and cavern. bottle. Sp. Friar Tuck. Br. etc.. Urogallo (la mujer como objeto sexual). Used by Shaks. colonial/Colonel Puck. Moby Dick.. Niagaras. cabman’s rests.They swore she had swived with another before» ( Susanna. for copulation (=fuck). argot rimado por cunt). The vagina: «. de growl and grunt. grouse. Copulating with a woman.). Sp. 1870-1957. The female genitals.= cunt. 18 th c. thousand pities.). expressions include: gasp and grunt. Indecencia mayor. Sp. I. Sp. group sex. Rhyming sl. But what’s his offence? Pompey.: «Nor. of growl. See groin. almond. An arrangement. Bristol City. Sp. Most of these expressions are generally reduced to their first part: grumble. and since then I’ve shagged quite a few famous musicians» ( Mayfair). Sp.. almond rock. growler. The female pubic hair. orchestra stalls. To kiss and pet. Uncle Dick. in DÍAZ. group marriage. Raciones molidas (coito). fife and drum. Pescar truchas con la mano en un rio privado (copular. ii. An orgy or a group of people engaged in sexual activity: «How can I help her to overcome her guilt feelings and feel freer about group sex? » (Pent). for the buttocks (=ass. Colleen Bawn. Refunfuñar y gruñir (genitales fem. growl. grouse. Tommy Rollocks. dickory dock. Copulation. Sp.. Sp. titties. grumble and grunt. Sp. Rhyming sl. sharp and blunt. Sp. Sp. for penis (=cock. sl. The var. Donald Duck. A girl who follows pop stars and makes herself sexually available to them. abusos deshonestos (coito anal). q. Seguidora de cantantes/estrellas (dispuestas a acostarse con ellos). The female genitals. Colleen. etc. Br. in which several men live together with several women. Sp. cattle truck. The female genitals and the female pubic hair.as Kim’s fingers begin an exploration of her thick-lipped grotto» ( POP. Gruta (vagina). etc. ballocks). See grouse.v. The female genitals. Jersey cities (US. growl and grunt. sl. etc. Sp. The system has been adopted by some communities in more recent times. 108). Genitales fem. grove of eglantine. orchestras. to. for cunt. Sp. 1967: «That experience convinced me that being a groupie was fun. group-grope. growler is Austr. Niagara Falls. groupie/groupy. Barclays Bank.. grouse. q. Forma abrev. colloq. Gruñir y refunfuñar (genitales fem. etc. The genital area. Jodrell Bank. Matrimonio comunal. by Samuel Butler. tocar (como preparación al coito). for the breasts (= tits. groping for trouts in a peculiar river .sl. for the testicles (=balls. US. etc. ground rations. Arboleda de escaramujo (genitales o vello púbico fem. was I amazed to find my own way to that grove where sweetness resides.). Caricias en grupo (orgía).. (argot rimado: grunt rima con cunt) o de un término argot por ‘perro’. cluster marriage. Besarse y acariciarse sexualmente. grotto. for the female genitals and sexual intercourse (= cunt). dick). alleged by some anthropologists to be a primitive form of familial relationship. brace and bits (US. Sp. Other rhyming sl. Austr.). bum). Women considered sexually. Black sl. Arboleda (vello púbico fem.. Var. Here peculiar = ‘private’. for an erection (= horn). cobbler’s awls. and is also called communal marriage or. etc. An orgy or a group of people engaged in sexual activity ( group sex).. Manchester City. etc. sharing sex with one another.) groyne. Marquis/Marquess of Lorne. dicho del hombre) (usado por Shaks . tale of two cities. growl and grunt. Sp. etc.. 135). de growl. as husbands and wives. bottle and glass. Sp. OED. Khyber pass. OED... groan and grunt..: «Mistress Overdone.v.. sl. for masturbation (=wank).). Khyber. 83-86). E. Anal intercourse.

gully-raker.). sl.. sl. (var. llamado así por el Dr. and the English guinea was first coined in 1663. Navy Fleet or works near naval bases. («’Ere I would say. Sp. I would drown myself for the love of a guinea-hen. E.). de gunsel (homosexual compañero de un vagabundo). a homosexual youth. primero que propuso esta teoría). was used by Shaks. According to SPEARS. Br. . G-string. US. there is probably a sexual contrast to cock” Sp. Sp. Guerrilla (pene) (raro). gunshel. who first proposed this theory. Pequeño ganso (homosexual compañero de un vagabundo. 1604-1708. Sp. Escopeta (pene). A blend of gay and yuppie. Var. esp. The female genitals. gummer. Golfo (genitales fem.v..). little goose. Allegedly. in BURFORD. or from a prostitute’s faked groans of pleasure. in English bawdy verse: «But now we are quite out of Fashion: Poor Whores may be Nuns Since Men turn their Guns And vent on each other their passion» (The Women’s Complaint to Venus». Gaviota (prostituta. gulley/gulley-hole. Punto G. G-spot. a male lover. standing there with nothing on except a tiny G-string. Sp. gunga/gunger. From grummet. Br. Also sea gull. Ojal (término marinero) (genitales fem. Taparrabo.v. OED. E. joven ejecutivo dinámico y triunfador). US.v. Vars. Not common. spelling of gulley. Also spelt gully. From the colloq. sl. So. 1968 gives the following explanation: “The female to peacock. Sp. obs. 19th c. The penis. Freq. I iii 315-318). a German-born US. Sp. The female genitals.). ‘Yuppie gay’ (fusión de gay y yuppie. Sp. Brecha en el barranco (genitales fem. q. A very small piece of cloth worn to cover the sexual organs: «I felt really wicked. spelling of gunsel. guerrilla. 19 th c. US. Mamada ralizada por alguien sin dientes gun. 19th c.). Sp. After the guinea-fowl. Marrana (mujer promiscua o prostituta. a prostitute.sl. at get one’s gun off). q. A prostitute. sl.v. A var. q. Sp. gully. Named after Ernst Graffenberg (1881-1957). gosling. See gulley/gulley-hole. name for pig. E. Br. E. suspenders and high heels» (Pent).. Nautical. a centre of sexual feeling in a woman’s vagina. a prostitute was so called «perhaps in reference to her fee». OED (AS). Sp.v. grummet-hole. The erect penis. stockings. The penis.v. The female pudenda. 19th c. Sp. ortográfica de gulley.» (Fiesta). The female genitals. but this does not seem very likely as the euph. 1982: «I then moved my thumb up her love-tunnel until it touched her G-spot.grummet. alemán nacionalizado norteamericano. q. A promiscuous woman. Sp. The penis. Graffenberg. 1914. por sus gruñidos de placer fingidos). sl. Sp. gonsil. from German gänslein. sl. de gunsel (homosexual compañero de un vagabundo).. Also. gynecologist. del yiddish).v. PARTRIDGE.. Still current (see quot. q. Sp. spelling of gunsel. Gully-raker was the penis. gun(t)zel. guided missile. Ojal (término marinero) (genitales fem. US. A seaman term: «A metal eyelet in a sail that reinforces the hole through which a rope is drawn». I would change my humanity with a baboon» . Genitales fem. Austr. grunter. . Sp. Var. Humorously. 196). gunsel. A prostitute. A blow job from an old toothless person. guppie. la que sigue a la flota estadounidense). all dated. of gonga. gunshel. sl. Gallina de Guinea (prostituta) (usado por Shaks. gulf. Que hurga en la brecha del barranco (pene) (v. From Yiddish genzel. 1984. Sp.. Misil teledirigido (pene en erección). gonsel. 1699. OED. A tramp’s young companion. forty-seven years after the writer’s death. one who follows a US. gun(t)zel.Othello. gull. q. q. (supuesto punto central de sensaciones en la vagina. Rawlinson Mss.. Sp. guinea-hen. esp. A homosexual yuppie.). Var. Black sl. OED (AS). Br. Var. gulley/gulley-hole).

).. The rectum. of Augustus. etc.» (Fiesta).. Sometimes abbreviated to gym. E...» (EAP. The female pudenda. gusset of the arse. gut-sticker. E. 18th-19th c. 1901-1941. E.: «. (etimología desconocida) H ha’penny. Gimnasio (forma truncada de gymnasium) (genitales fem. Ejaculation. Sp. Sp. etc. Entrepierna (en la ropa interior) (genitales fem. gutter. comb. Sp. Que mete la nariz en la entrepierna (lesbiana). gym. A sodomite. and to have a bit of gut-stick (q. Since c1860. hack one’s mack. gymnasium. gusher. Chorro (eyaculación. Sp. gut-scraper. gusset-nuzzler. Escribir a máquina en la entrepierna (masturbarse la mujer). who works out in a gym. Entrada a las entrañas (genitales fem. gut-entrance. From the meaning ‘the intestines of an animal’ employed as an envelope for black puddings.’. “The female pudendum” (F & H). gut. gut-reamer/gut-stretcher. The penis. The female genitals. sl. sl. Chorro (eyaculación. Sp. gusset typing. semen eyaculado). Br. A muscly gay male. E. The female pudenda.. Sp. gym queen.. Female masturbation. Sp. Austr. gut-monger.). Folla-rectos (sodomita). Maestro de la entrepierna (putañero). A sodomite. Ensancha-rectos (sodomita). for ‘sodomite’: gut-fucker. Tratante en rectos (sodomita). Sp. Ejaculation. Sp. Sp. A sodomite. See gut. and almost a roar of rapture. Getting rare.Ben’s hoarse cries heralded a new gusher. Reina de gimnasio (gay musculoso que va al gimnasio). Sp. See flong one’s dong. gyvel. Medio penique (genitales fem. sl. Sp. Carnicero del recto (sodomita). Rasca-rectos (sodomita). Sp. gut-reamer. to copulate. 67). hack. sl. Sp. Sp. and mainly schools’. de Augustus (afeminado). gut-stuffer. 17 th-18th c.. and stood up with such pride that it was almost vertical. A sodomite. Shortened from gymnasium. Pincha-rectos (sodomita). Br. gut-fucker. gut-sticker. Used in a number of coarse sl. Recto. Sp. Abreviatura de gay blanco. Abbreviation of Gay White Male used in classified ads. A sodomite. gussie. Rellena-rectos (sodomita). OED. Sp. Sp. “A wencher” (F & H). Sp.). gutbutcher. E. o la mujer como objeto sexual). Genitales fem. A sodomite. gut-stick/gutstick. . The female genitals. E. GWM. gut-butcher. gusset. Raja del culo. ejaculated semen: «.. Br. (Of males) to masturbate.gush. gut-scraper.v.. Both Br. A lesbian.his gutstick was too fervidly excited. sl. 196). ejaculated semen: «(He) shed those tears of joy that attend its last moments. Orig. “(Scots’ venery) The female pudendum” (F & H). The female genitals and women as sex object. Expresión rimada imaginaria (masturbarse el hombre). Menudillo (pene). not without an agony of delight. Sp. guy-magnet. Sp. “The inside edge of the buttocks” (F & H). sausages. A sodomite..).. Dim.). Sp. gut-stuffer. Sp. Br.v. usada en anuncios por palabras. Alcantarilla (genitales fem. Sp. gut-monger. Sp. Gimnasio (genitales fem. Br.) (común entre mujeres hasta hace unos años. A prostitute. q. It used to be common among women. Sp. 20 th c. one of the many nonce rhyming expressions used for ‘masturbating’. as the gush escaped him» ( FH. Sp. Etymology unknown. ahora raro). Shortened from hackney q. semen eyaculado). See stud-magnet. 19th c. sl.v. Dim. gut-stretcher. sl. An effeminate man. Caballo de alquiler (forma truncada de hackney) (prostituta).. gusseteer.

From hackney carriages used in the past for rent. Sp. in the expression to work the hairy oracle. The penis. The penis. esp. Oráculo peludo (genitales fem. The female genitals and copulation. E. half a crown. Br. hairy oyster. 57): «Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water. War imagery. Sp. y coito). E.. sl. Sp. E. US. Sp. Cutting imagery.: «Thither went I and boldly made enquire If they had Hackneys to let out to hire» ( The Merrie Ballad of Nashe his Dildo. The penis. The vulva. current sl. Copulation. sl. Sp. hairy one.. Sp. Herida de hacha con pelos (vagina).). Sp. Pelo (coito). Condado del pelo (genitales fem.. 51). at nunnery. Premature ejaculation: «’Katie. Sp. 1579-1679. The female pudenda. 19 th c. Sp. Devirgination.hacker. sl. The female genitals with reference to cunnilingus. q. Higo peludo (vulva). hairy cave. 19th c. E. halberd/halbert. hairy oracle.as I pressed upward into the farthest reaches of her hairy cave» (CP. in BURFORD. US. See ring. Sp. See also fig1. sl. hair. esp. Alabarda (pene).. Austr. Rueda peluda (pene) (raro). sl. Sp. E. A prostitute. Sp. Sp. Sp.). Cueva peluda (genitales fem. hairy checkbook. Hamburguesa de pelo (genitales fem. juego de palabras con Herefordshire). Said of women (Br. hairy wheel1. hairy axe wound. See hole. sl.. Talonario de cheques peludo (genitales fem. Caballo de alquiler (prostituta). pero actualmente. 187). on Celeste’s upraised buttocks and exposed hairy fig» (POP. sl.). hairburger1. hair-divider/hair-splitter. Traficante en pelo (putañero). E. Mary peluda (genitales fem. A hairy gay male. said of men (US. Sp. In the bawdy version of a popular nursery rhyme (in Archivos Secretos. The vagina. Sp. sl. Austr. Sp. 159). Sp. Since c1870. hairy Mary2. sl. Parte-pelo (pene). hairy ring. (q. to copulate. From the female pubic hair. as considered the object of cunnilingus. hackney. A virile male. Sp.. Sp. half a cob. Excitado. The female genitals. See quot. US..v. 68). hairy hole. hair-monger. E. The vulva: «. Sp.v. Also a bit of hair. hairy. Sp.. The female genitals: «.her eyes on the tableau. El peludo (pene). Peluquero gay (jerga gay). Getting rare. 19 th c. Sp. hair-trigger syndrome. The penis. Acuchillador (pene). Br. hairy Mary1. sl. hair-chest. E. esp. The female pudenda. Var.). The female genitals. Empanada peluda (vagina). at stand to. hair-court. Agujero peludo (genitales fem. The penis. See axe wound. a1601. sl.. hairy fig.. Sp. hairy wheel2. OED.).). sl. gay jargon. Sexually aroused. en to work the hairy oracle. Br.). 19th c. The female genitals.. Hairyfordshire. obs. Anillo peludo (ano). Empanada de pelo (vulva). Jill came down with half a crown . by Thomas Nashe.. A whoremonger. See quot. US.). do you know anything about the embarrassing medical condition known as the hair-trigger syndrome?’ ‘Isn’t that something to do with a man finding it difficult to stop himself cumming too quickly?’» (TSM. Mary peluda (gay peludo). Patio del pelo (genitales fem. Br. hairy pie. 19 th c.. sl. A homosexual male hairdresser. Br. Síndrome del gatillo que se dispara con nada (eyaculación prematura). Sp. The female genitals. Ostra peluda (genitales fem. Punning on Herefordshire. Sp. Sp. de un hombre).). Br. Austr. US. sl.). of hair-pie. Rueda peluda (genitales fem.-a sexualmente (dicho de una mujer en el siglo XIX. sl.-at attention. Sp. hairburger2. Br.. De pelo en pecho (hombre muy viril). E. 19th c.). The penis. Sp. hair-pie. 19 th c. Br. The anus. Media mazorca (pene) ( raro). The vagina. The female pudenda. Not common.

). . erotic literature of the 18 th c. Austr. Said of a semi-erect penis: «He swiftly shed his clothes and stood in front of Minerva with his thick circumcised cock dangling at half-mast» ( TSM.: 63 «Both James II and William III issued ordinances on the Coinage. Sp. hand job/hand-job/handjob.. E. To caress sexually. To masturbate (of either sex). US. Rhyming sl. sl. tit-hammock being a var. Not common. Gaseosa manual (masturbación masc. From the child’s game. Ironic. Austr.» (Fiesta). “Mainly Scots. Forma truncada de Hampton Wick (pene.. sl. sl. But Queenes themselves are forc’d to stoop to thee» ( The Piss-pot’s Farewel. hand-gallop. Sp. Coito (del nombre de un juego infantil). sl. 14). The back of the thighs and the buttocks. to Hampton or Wick.). Also.). Clavar una estaca (penetrar sexualmente). The penis. 245). usu. Principe danés. half-squarie. Sp. Said of males.. Masturbation. Hueso de jamón (pene). hammie. “Copulation” (F & H). Said of a male. Golpear con el martillo (copular sin parar). OED. Prostitutes’ jargon. the female genitals. At the Court even the massive silver chamberpots were called in». 1974). A district in London. E. US. Mitad y mitad (jerga de prostitutas por ‘felación seguida de coito’). half-mast. los genitales fem. personaje de la obra de Shaks . The breasts.). Sp. Mitad y mitad (bisexual). at. US. Trabajo manual (masturbación masc. q. 1552-1875: «Presumptuous Piss-pot! How did’st thou offend? Compelling females on their Hams to bend? To Kings and Queenes we humbly bow the knee.. hammer a peg. dicho del hombre). 16th-18th c. and still current. Sp. Sp. Julie gave each of us an expert hand-job. Hueso de jamón (striptease masc. hand work. Masturbation. occ. Sp. Sp. Sp. 192. Br. del mismo título (personificación del pene) (raro). The penis. Sp. Viaje a mano (masturbación). Hamlet. hammer. in the pl. Masturbation. hand-fuck. sl. from hammer. half and half2. hand trip. handle. Hampton Wick.. Sp. 191). Sp. The penis. Sp. Sp. sl. Sp.But not for fetching water». Media luna (cornudo. Sp. sl. half and half1. hand-pumping. To penetrate sexually: «. sl. Hammock for two is also US. hammer away (at).. Distrito de Londres (pene. Bisexual Sp. Hamacas (pechos de mujer). Trabajo manual (masturbación). hand shandy. Jamón/jamones (pantorrillas y culo). To copulate continuously...” (PARTRIDGE. Rhyming sl. 17 th c. A male striptease. The penis. handie-dandie. to.: «Hand-pumping has traditionally suffered from a reputation as the last resort of the orgasm» ( Hustler). argot rimado: Wick rima con prick). Because a half-moon is shaped like a pair of horns. argot rimado: Wick rima con prick). (Of a man) to copulate: «I had a wank imagining. menos frec. sl. A cuckold. E. (see Hampton Wick). Of males.: «In return. forge). Martillo (pene. Galope a mano (masturbación masc. US. BURFORD. for a bra. Sp. to. Medio decente (prostituta). Golpear con el martillo (copular. tamb. offering freely that delightful notch into which no man could but hammer a peg» ( EIC. Hampton. (see forge).. Media corona (versión obscena de una conocida rima infantil) (desvirgamiento). Masturbation. Sp.). in BURFORD. p. Also. often abbr. The penis. demanding that silver plate of all descriptions be handed in for melting down for coinage. Bombeo a mano (masturbarción masc. ham/hams. 63 1701. Already found in the Br. Echar un polvo con la mano (masturbarse). Masturbation. Both Br. ‘penis’. A media asta (con el pene medio erecto). Sp. Sp. hammer.. Sp.she threw up her legs. = prick. Masturbation. v. Sp. hambone1.me hammering her soaking pussy» (Mayfair). por los ‘cuernos’ de la luna.v. A prostitute. Br.). An act of fellatio followed by copulation. hambone2. Modelled on blow-job. Black sl. Sp. Sp. half-moon. Said of a male. hammocks..

This hanging imagery has been used for the penis (gen. E. handle for the broom. sl. ‘colgajo’ (pene en estado flácido). handle is occ. Rhyming sl. E. Juegos malabares (juegos sexuales atrevidos o prohibidos o rollo amoroso).. sl. Sp. que suelen llamar a los genitales de la pareja por su nombre de pila. The female pudenda. See hanger. Lo que cuelga. Sp. Sp. Que sobresale del asiento (culo amplio que se sale de la silla). From a tale by Poggio. ostra peluda). 18th c. Sp. Colgar fuera (copular o sodomizar). The female pudenda. why. for the testicles: danglers. v. Sp. at baldrick). taking and holding the fine handle that so invitingly offer’d itself.).v. = hairy oyster. OED (AS). The flaccid penis. El anillo de Hans Corvel (genitales fem. sl.v. 19th c. See handle. Calienta-manos (pechos de mujer). hang-down. to commit sodomy. 1939-1986. Sp. Sp. To masturbate. the. From the standard meaning (since the early 1800s): the conjurer’s use of a handkerchief in prestidigitation: «Twelve per cent (of wives in Lisbon) suspect their husbands of hankypanky – and they’re wrong too: half the men admitted cheating on their wives» ( Mayfair). Sp. The female pudenda. hand-warmers. Colgantes (pechos de mujer).. Sp. The penis: «Louisa then. hangover. happy hunting grounds. Then you go about to do What should be done unto» (Pills. Sp. Sp. Sp. hang one’s bugle in an invisible baldrick. pendulum. Br. as US.) an inspection of the genitals for signs of venereal disease). Tocar (acariciar sexualmente). There might be a connection with Carvel’s ring. The flaccid penis. Sexual activity or play. hanger. Naval sl. of a surreptitious nature. and Austr. Hans Corvel’s ring. Broom = ‘penis’.. handle. handle one’s genitals. esp. 1979). Used by Shaks. See also hanger. Large buttocks which hang over the chair. Sp... Br. hangings. handstaff. 160). Sp. Claustro feliz (genitales fem. to.). The penis.Each time the sporran swings. penis dependens (Latin). Br. v. To copulate with a woman. From the 19th c. E.. Austr. Tipo feliz (pene). hang up/hanging Johnny. sl. at frig. . 18 th-19th c. and for the breasts: hangers (Austr. Coto de caza feliz (genitales fem. in HENKE. and the skirt swings. The female genitals. US. q. hang out of. The breasts. hangers. hanky-panky. Johnny colgante (pene en estado flácido). for an erection: to hang a hard.» (FH. To set penis in pudenda. The breasts. baldrick). Sp.«When your Hand puts out the Candle. in a dangle parade (prick parade in Br. Colgantes (genitales masc. sl. Sp. Nombre de varón (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. Sp. The penis. And you at last begin to handle. sl. Sp. happy minute. in phrases such as to handle one’s genitals. 194).. found as a euph. Sp. From the meaning ‘the handle of a staff or lance’. q. (see quot.). dingle-dangle. Carvel’s ring). Hank. Mango para la escoba (genitales fem. for ‘masturbate’. Sp. Palo para desgranar o mango de una lanza (pene). See also dang. happy cloister. 19 th c. in a flaccid condition): hang-down.. E. To play hanky-panky is to copulate. argot rimado: happy cloister rima con hairy oyster. Colgar el bugle de un tahalí invisible (introducir el pene en la vagina) (usado por Shaks. To have an erection... An orgasm. Also.).. etc. Colgarle a uno una erección (tener una erección). dangle (freq. Sp. recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. Valle feliz (genitales fem. The penis. sl. hang a hard. The male genitals: «. The penis. 19th c. Army sl. Sp. the other hangings must swing too» (DOV. happy fella. Sp. Mango (pene). Private. happy valley. The female genitals. Colgajo (pene). sl.. Tocarse los genitales (masturbarse).). El minuto feliz (orgasmo). hang up/hanging Johnny. US. en 1977) . See quot.

. also. at sodomy). Sp. See also hard-on. a prostitute (OED. OED. An erection. ‘vagabond’. as sl. Though not included in the OED.). Parte dura. ‘lugar prohibido’). OED. 287). and stiff.. c1330). Male masturbation.). boner.» (Teazer). Used first as a vagabond. juego de palabras con hair. pene erecto). 1893. A pun on hair. Pornografía dura. 1611: «Should he deal with our sister as with an harlot?» (Genesis. III. hard labour. A prostitute. The part of a Muslim house reserved strictly for wives and concubines (see quot. ‘limpness’. Very frequent in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible . culto) (raro). A shortened form of hard-core pornography. 1634-1872. Prostituta (del fr. haricot2.. not common. Sp. An erection.. dangerous adventure.. Erección. Sp. q. pene en erección) .v. Sp... como ‘prostituta’ y hare-finder (busca-liebres). hard mouthful. Punning on heroic deeds. The female genitals. Lex. The female genitals. como proxeneta]. very explicit pornography: «Claire’s been doing hard-core for a few months now. Sp. She was the mistress of her trade.). Habichuela (pene) (euf. 186). a low fellow (OED. for ‘prostitute’. argot rimado austr. Nautical imagery. 34: 31). The penis. Bocado duro (pene erecto. hard-core/hardcore. Masturbación masc (juego de palabras entre la dureza del pene y ‘trabajos forzados’). The female genitals. Sp. Used by Shaks. (haricot bean = queen). erecto (erección. prong-on. ‘It’s Tyrannosaurus: Long. Sp. q. harem1.» (TCp. the erect penis. Puerto de la esperanza (genitales fem. OED. together with hard. its antonym being detumescence. US sl. An erection. harbour/harbor of hope.Portia is Brutus’ harlot.: «. hard-on. Sp. rhyming sl. Austr. See also seraglio.. Also used by Shaks. / Stiff’ned with hard achievements. . and a stiff penis: «We render thanks to your puissant self [. 1893-1972: «I had a sort of lingering hard-on all the while.» (Pent). thick. Sp. algo duro (erección). Sp.. From Old French herlot.» ( KBP. Cultured. the erect penis: «His hardness filled me. French for bean.: bean rima con queen). Harén (colección de prostitutas bajo la tutela de un chulo). a/a bit of hard. and still current: «In the days of old there lived a maid. antiguo herlot. harlot. rod-on. An erection. Habichuela (homosexual. Sp. then as a buffoon (OED. for ‘erection’. bar-on.. hardness. ‘forbidden (place)’. II. (Of the penis) erect. I. See quot. Sp. bone. at boat2. Logros duros/difíciles (erección). hard achievements. hard-bit. Puerto natural (genitales fem. biggie. erección). ‘vagabundo’) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611 y por Shaks. Tumescence is a common technical euph. 74). haricot1. as a euph. Sp. bar. hare. 9-12). From the Arabic harim.. and a morning pride is colloquial for a ‘morning erection’ (a piss hard and piss-proud in coarse sl.v. not his wife» ( Julius Caesar. a rascal. A male homosexual. and harefinder for a procurer: «Cupid is a good hare-finder» ( Much Ado. Sp. an erection. OED. i. hard.harbour/harbor. harem2. A collection of prostitutes serving under a pimp ( a stable.). Duro.. Liebre [genitales fem. Sp. 1893-1972: «A palaeontologist –Locke– Found a fossilized Jurassic cock. pelo) (usado por Shaks.). i.. and finally as a strumpet. a1225). for ‘erection’. Sp. 1432-1860). and a blue vein/veiner are all current coarse sl. Dureza (erección. ii. A prostitute of high repute The harlot of Jerusalem» (Fragment of rugby song). then as a fornicator (c1386).. An erection. Harén (del árabe harim. black and porous And wow! It’s still hard as a rock!’» (Limerick).] For thus refreshing of our wearied limbs. bone-on.

que viene de vuelta (dicho de una mujer que tiene experiencia sexual) . To do the sex act with someone. sl. Arpón (pene). War imagery: «. The penis. en to bury the hatchet where it won’t rust. The penis. Nombre de varón (personificación del pene). haul one’s own ashes. character. Hacha (pene. OED. harpie. 1988-89). (raro). Arpía (nombre dado a un monstruo mitológico. The penis. Completamente desnudo. E. . ‘to copulate’. hatchet. –but I will not keep her long» ( Richard III. Also. in the dysphemistic expression to bury the hatchet where it won’t rust. Cadera (metonimia por ‘culo’). Sp. sl. Nautical imagery: «There was a young lady named Scratch Who had a rectangular hatch. holandés de Sudáfrica) (gay). Harry.). The penis. Sp. esp. Sp. sl. Can. / Could prime his powder. Sp.). term for a large sausage. Aventar las cenizas (copular. To masturbate. haulkin.). ii. with a woman’s face and body. Sp. de to feel – ‘tocado’] (genitales fem. Sp. Naked. Sp. E. After the giant rabbit in the movie. nude. US. Caballo viejo y cansado (adaptación del fr. haul someone’s ashes. The pl. Sp. OED. con rostro y cuerpo de mujer y alas y garras de pájaro) (prostituta). harlot). hat. Sp. as can be seen from the following quot. Puterío (v. US. Br. taken from Aldous Huxley: «Oh. Harvey. pos.harlotry. Sp.-a (posible juego de palabras de starkers y hairy).v. It still keeps its euph. In MOQ. encuesta realizada por R. hare. the conduct of a harlot. see altogether. V. US. sucio y rapaz.. Sombrero [juego de palabras entre felt (fieltro) -. Sp. Liebre (de haas. ‘enterrar el hacha donde no se oxide’. Occ. Rare. and past participle of feel). haul one’s ashes. and give fire. Mosquetón (pene). properly the fleshly hind quarters of a quadruped. haunch. From the mythological harpy. Sp. haunches is also used. sl. in the. Sp. Sp. The female genitals. OED. Harry Starkers. nautical sl. A male homosexual. US. A collective noun for harlots. A prostitute. haridelle. Pun on words: hat. Escotilla (genitales fem. From a US. The female pudenda. Sp. sl. used. 19th20th c. X. So she practised coition With a mathematician Who had a square root to match» (Limerick). have.. Sp. has been there. A playful formation on starkers. v. personaje de dibujos animados (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene de la pareja) (recogido en MOQ. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. Conejo gigante. Br. I. ‘prostitute’ and ‘a hat is frequently felt’ ( felt. Aventarle las cenizas a alguien (limpiarle el sable a alguien) (masturbar). US. de hatch o hatchway). dealing with harlots and the practice or trade of prostitution. 19th c. esp. an old overworked horse. Esp. Sp. and hit» (A. Presumed to be an alteration of F.). haridelle) (prostituta vieja y acabada). (Of a woman) having sexual experience. 19 th c. 228-230). The buttocks. sl. pdo. For synonyms. the material a hat is made of. Possibly from hatch or hatchway. harquebusier. From Afrikaner haas. South African sl. Que ha estado allí.. harpoon.. v. sl. material del que suele estar hecho el sombrero y felt –part.v. and US. 54-58).. Of a male. hatch. E.. unchastity. From harlot (q. To copulate with.. 1377-1858. sl. Pet name for the penis. The penis. copular). harridan. q. in the sense of possessing a woman carnally: «Was ever woman in this humour woo’d? Was ever woman in this humour won? I’ll have her. a fabulous monster.an old harquebusier yet. hatchway. Used by Shaks. a jade. Orig. sl.. Sp. in the phrase old hat. To copulate (see quot. have one’s ashes hauled). See also have one’s ashes hauled and get one’s ashes hauled. sl. and perhaps ‘hairy’. The female pudenda. Escotilla (genitales fem. rapacious and filthy. 17th-19th c. 1594-1970. The female genitals. hatchi. Aventar las propias cenizas (limpiarse uno mismo el sable) (masturbarse el hombre) . at put a lid on her saucepan). An old decayed harlot. Escotilla (genitales fem. hasie. Sp. Salchicha grande (pene). and a bird’s wings and claws. a1225-1866. OED. Br. a1700-1865. Sl. Sp.

Sp. have a bit of fish. and ‘having a good time’. Tomar un poco de carne de cerdo (copular. have a bit of fun. Br. Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Tomar un plátano con (copular con. dicho del hombre). have a ball. To coit with a woman. have a beef injection. have a beanfeast in bed. To copulate. Sp. Hacer un trabajillo en la puerta delantera (copular. To copulate. have a bang. To copulate. dicho de la mujer). conserva aun su carácter euf. have a bit of beef. US. Tomar algo liso (copular. dicho de la mujer). To copulate with a woman. To copulate. Tomar carne de vaca (copular. See bang. Tomar un poco de pescado (copular. have a banana with. Sp. have a basket lunch. Sir Gerald again. To indulge in sodomy. dicho del hombre). And then by six men. . Tomar (copular con) (usado por Shaks. To have sexual intercourse. See crumpet. Sp.. Echar un polvo. E. Almorzar de cesta (hacer una felación o un cunilinguo). have a bit of flat. Ponerse una inyección de carne (copular. To copulate. Sp. Sp. dicho del hombre). To copulate. See bit. have a bit of pork. Br. Tomar un poco de polla (copular. Sp. Hacer un poco de baile del culo (copular). I’m surprised you haven’t had her» ( Brave New World. military sl. Sp. (Of a woman) to be coited.she’s a splendid girl. have a belly warmer. To copulate. To coit with a woman. have a bit of mutton. Hacer negocio (copular). to masturbate (of a male). To copulate. Sp. crumpet). de una canción popular entre 1905-30: ‘I had a banana with Lady Diana’. have a bit of Navy cake. Darse un atracón de judías en la cama (copular). ‘I had a banana with Lady Diana’. Sp. To copulate. from the point of view of the woman. Tomar un poco de pastel de la Marina (entregarse a los placeres de la sodomía). Tomar un poco de crema (copular. Copular. Sp. And the band at the Waldorf-Astoria». sl. To copulate. have a bit. Also. Sp. dicho del hombre. To copulate. Sp. Tomar un poco de carne de cordero (copular). dicho del hombre). dicho de la mujer). Sp. See brush. Tomar un poco de coño (copular. Sp. To copulate. Calentarse la barriga (copular). To perform fellatio or cunnilingus. have a bit of business. To copulate. have a bit of cunt. Br. have a bit of front door work. Perhaps from the popular song (c1905-30). To coit with a woman. sl. Tomar un bollito caliente untado con mantequilla (copular. To copulate with a woman. 45). Divertirse un poco (copular). Sp.). 1893. have a bit of meat. Tomar un poco de coliflor (copular. Tomar trasero (copular). have a bit of curly greens. Tomar un poco de mermelada (copular. Sp. Sp. Sp. dicho del hombre). To coit with a woman. To copulate with a woman. have a bit of cream. OED. Tomar un poco de habichuelas rizadas (copular. have a bit of bum. dicho de la mujer). Sp. Tomar un poco de carne (copular). Pasarlo muy bien (copular o masturbarse el hombre). See business1.‘me tomé una banana con Lady Diana’). sl. To copulate. Sp. have a bit of brush. and from the following limerick: «There was a young lady named Gloria Who was had by Sir Gerald Du Maurier. From a woman’s point of view. Sp. Echar un polvo. A pun on ‘copulating’ (see ball). dicho del hombre). 19th c. have a bit of cauliflower. have a bit of giblet pie. To copulate with a woman. have a bit of cock. To coit (of a woman). dicho del hombre). Sp. dicho del hombre). Sp. have a bit of jam . To coit with a woman. have a bit of bum-dancing. Sp. v. E. have a bit of crumpet. Wonderfully pneumatic. Tomar un poco de pastel de menudillo (copular). Sp..

See cue. Sp. see little visitor. have a bit of split mutton . Sp. Cenar con pollo (copular con un menor). Sp. dicho del hombre). sl. have a bit off. US. US. To sodomize. To copulate. To coit with a woman. from a woman’s point of view. have a country cousin with one. Tener una cita con Palma Rosada y sus cinco hermanas (masturbarse el hombre) . Tomar un poco de pastel de conejo (copular. de rabbit pie. See chicken1. US. Sp. Sp. Llevar una bola de masa encima (estar preñada). sl. Tomar una taza de té (hacerlo en los urinarios públicos) (jerga gay) . Tomar un poco del otro (copular). have a bit of sugar-stick. Tomar un poco de col de verano (copular. To copulate. dicho del hombre. Sp. sl. Sp. have a bit of ship’s. Br. esp. have a bit on the side. Echar un polvo. Sp.-a por (esp. have a dumpling on. Br. Sp. To coit with a woman. have a crush on. To be pregnant. 1951. dicho del hombre). have a case on. To coit with a woman. For synonyms.-a). E. Sp. Sp. Tomar algo del economato de la Marina (sodomizar).have a bit of rabbit-pie. from a woman’s point of view. prostituta). have a bottom-wetter. To have an affair: «. Sp. have a bit of summer cabbage. Br. See cabbage. (Of a woman) to be coited. To copulate with a woman. have a dash in the bloomers . See cuddle. From the meaning ‘have a hostile encounter’. Tomar un poco de palo de crema (copular. To coit with a woman.whilst you were having your bit on the side» (Men’s World). Said of males. Sp. dicho de la mujer)..). From rabbit pie. have a drop-in. To coit with a woman. Sp. have a bit of skirt. Mojarle a una el trasero (copular. Tener una escaramuza con una mujer (copular con ella). See tearoom queen. To copulate. 19 th c. Sp. dicho del hombre). have a chicken dinner. OED. Sp. Echar una carrera en las bragas (copular. See bout. Sp. To be menstruating. have a double shot. have a bit/a taste of the gut-stick. To insert the penis in the vagina. dicho de la mujer) . por alguien mayor que uno. Now obs. have a brush with a woman. have a cup of tea. To copulate. See wet. Sp. To be in love or infatuated with. have a cuddle.. have a brush with the cue. have a date with Rosie Palm and her five sisters . Probar el menudillo (copular. Sp. Rozar con el taco (copular. See crush. . homosexual sl. dicho del hombre). sl. To be pregnant. To copulate. Hacer un asalto (copular). See sugar-stick. desde el punto de vista fem. 19 th c. Sp. To be very much in love with someone. Sp. Sp. Darse un abrazo (copular). crush).-a por (v. have a cut off the joint . To have sex in public toilets. Estar colado. have a bit of the other. Estar colado. Tomar una tajada del canuto (copular. Usar un poco de falda (copular. Sp. Tener algo aparte/extra (tener un lío extra-conyugal) . Sp. dicho de la mujer). Masturbation. have a bit of the creamstick/cream-stick . Hacer una introducción (introducir el pene en la vagina). Sp. dicho del hombre). have a bit of rough. See ship’s. Sp. Tomar un poco de palo de azúcar (copular. Disparar dos veces (eyacular dos veces seguidas). sl. 18th-20th c. a prostitute. a young person with an older one. To copulate with a minor. E. Tomar un poco de cordero partido (copular. Tener a un primo del campo en casa (tener la regla). See crush. dicho de la mujer). Cockney. Sp. Sp. have a bun in the oven. E. “To lie with a woman” (GROSE). Sp. from a woman’s point of view (creamstick = ‘penis’).. To ejaculate twice in one session of love-making. dicho del hombre). (Of women) to coit. Tener trato duro (copular. have a bout.. See gut-stick. To copulate. To coit with a woman. Tener un bollo en el horno (estar embarazada).

: «When gods have hot backs what shall poor men do?» (Merry Wives. See have fifty up. Sp. have a hot back. Sp. have a house or tenement to let. have a ride. have a leap up the ladder. Tener un amiguito (tener la regla). have a romp in the hay. To coit with a woman. have a little friend. sl. See rod on. Echar un polvo (v. OED. See nibble. To be menstruating. V. To copulate. Said of a widow who wants a male comforter. have a game in the cock-loft. v.. have a pudding in the oven . Br. 18th c. have a St.. Hacer un San Jorge (copular. Sp. To copulate. Tener la barra recta (tener una erección). Br. The cocktail is gin on the rocks. ride Saint George). have a poke. To have a love affair. sl. have a grind. have a moustache. Tener la espalda caliente (ser lascivo. To copulate. Tomar una rebanada del canuto (copular. See ride Saint George. dicho del hombre). Probar (copular). at dong. Tener algo aparte/extra (tener un lío amoroso. Subir por la escala (copular. Br. Sp. To be having a love affair. con la mujer en posición dominante. australiana aborigen). shot). have a hundred up. To copulate. Emprender un alegre asalto (copular). dicho del hombre). Montar (copular). See romp in the hay. Coger un puñado de arenques (tocar sexualmente a una mujer). To copulate. Sp. See crush. Lex.. Tener una vivienda que alquilar (dicho de una viuda que quiere consuelo masc . To be lecherous. To copulate. Br. To copulate. have a handful of sprats. have a slice off the joint. Br. Ponerse bigote (hacer un cunilinguo). have a thing for. Sp. have a go. To copulate. dicho de la mujer). To copulate. Sp. 19 th-20th c. Pasarlo bien (copular). have a nibble. Sp. See mount. E. To copulate. Sp. Tener una salchicha en el horno (estar preñada). Sp. To copulate. Sp. see little visitor. US.). Sp. Here ladder = ‘the erect penis’. 19th c. Ir cien arriba (copular. To copulate. E. To copulate. have a Northwest cocktail. E. To have an erection. To touch sexually. See good time. Br. de un casado). See quot. From gin. Sp. See mery bout. have a toss in the hay. Darse un revolcón en el pajar. Sp. US. To copulate with the woman on top. See loaded gun. have a thing on the side. E. To copulate. To copulate: «Then we had another glorious fuck» ( Fiesta). 1902-1977. have a shot at the bull’s eye . Sp. Jugar en el desván (copular).. Sp. To copulate. Sp. sl. Sp. from a woman’s point of view. aboriginal’. have a knee-trembler. Used by Shaks. have a plaster of warm guts . Echar un polvo (v. Retozar en el pajar. Sp. have a loaded gun. Tener un lío con.have a fuck. To copulate. See thing3. have a merry bout. George. See ride. v. v. See toss in the hay. See also grind1 and do a grind. See shot.-a) (usado por Shaks.. 18 th c. Sp. have a taste. E. Tomar un cóctel del noroeste (copular. Br. Sp. Temblarle a uno las rodillas (realizar el coito de pie). See poke. have fifty up). have a good time. Sentir algo especial por. To be very much in love with someone. Cabalgar (copular). Echar un polvo. 12-13). Revolcarse en el pajar. dicho esp. Sp. ‘a female Austr. poke). have a rod on. See knee-trembler. For synonyms. Sp. as sl. Echar uno (copular). Sp. To perform cunnilingus. have a thing (going) with. To have sexual intercourse. Echar un polvo (v. . sl. have a roll in the hay. Sp. To have an erection. sl. grind1). Sp. Tener una sesión de barrigas calientes (copular). 18 th c. E. Sp. To copulate. morder el anzuelo (copular). To coit with a woman. See roll in the hay. juego de palabras con gin. have a shot. Sp. 19th-20th c. sl.). Sp. Sp. have a mount. sl. E. Sp. See on the side. To be pregnant. Sp. sl. sl. Picar.. Disparar a la diana (copular. 1965. Sp. OED. Tener la escopeta cargada (tener una erección). Sp.

». have an egg in the nest. dicho del hombre).. A pun on the first syllable. See carnal knowledge. have fun (with). from the meaning ‘to attack’. said a lassie named Ruth. pronounced as ‘cun’ to echo ‘cunt’. 1920” (PARTRIDGE. To copulate. To have one’s flies open. Sp. to have had it and to have had it there . Here plum-tree = ‘vagina’. have at. Dar un paseo de espaldas (copular. Limpiar la plaza (copular. juego de palabras entre Reading. To coit with a girl.have a turn on one’s back. Sp. 243). 19 th c. Tener relaciones carnales (con) (copular con) (usado en la Biblia). have been among one’s frills.: «How might one do t’ have conference with her. Often used to warn another of this embarrassing situation. juego de palabras. Br. Sp. ‘In a long-distance telephone booth. To have sexual intercourse. 1961: «Come and have some fun with a real woman» (Fiesta). Haber venido una tía de Reading (tener la regla. dicho del hombre). 1st quot. have carnal knowledge. sl. the colour of blood. dicho del hombre). Ir cincuenta arriba (del billar) (copular el hombre con una mujer) (tamb . I enjoyed the perfection Of an ideal connectionI was screwed. To copulate. used by Ben Jonson. See wank. To feel the sexual urge. Hacerse una paja (v. Sp.. since ca. Tener picor en la barriga (estar caliente). to to have relations (with). To masturbate. OED. To coit with a woman. have connection.. See adventure. Sp. Haberlo hecho por fin (no ser ya virgen). Sp. “To be pregnant” (F & H). Sp. Sometimes abbrev. Sp. Also to have a hundred up. of a male. Sp. See lay at. de pron. 18th-19th c. 16 th-17th c. con la 1ª sílaba de conference. have an itch in the belly. have egg on one’s chin. Sp. To copulate. have at the plum-tree. Tomar ginebra con hielo (copular) (juego de palabras entre gin= ginebra y australiana aborigen). Austr. have gin on the rocks. to have a hundred up. US. Hacer práctica de bayoneta (copular. wank). have carnal relations (with). To coit with a woman. if you must know the truth’» (Limerick). Also to have done the trick. la ciudad inglesa y red. E. Austr. Tener huevo en la barbilla (tener la bragueta abierta). Celebrar un congreso (copular. From billiards. sl. To copulate (with). 19:25)64: «They had relations with her and abused her all night. dicho del hombre). See itch1. at abuse). Sp. have a wank. Punning on the name of the English town. el color de la sangre). sl. have fifty up. Sp. Atacar el ciruelo (copular. Sp. aboriginal’. iii. Sp. Connection is also occ. con. 64 In The New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible (cf. have conference. ir cien arriba) (raro). see little visitor.. E. For synonyms. for ‘sexual intercourse’: «‘Last night’. Tener conocimiento carnal (copular). have an aunt from Reading To be menstruating. have an itchy back. Not common. like in the following passage from the Bible (Judges. II. Gin = ‘a female Austr. and ‘red’.?» ( A. Divertirse (con) (copular con). (Of a woman) to copulate. sl. Tener un huevo en el nido (estar preñada). “(Of women) to desire intercourse. have a wipe at the place. usado por Ben Jonson. Sp. have an adventure. “To have ‘known’ her” (PARTRIDGE. Sp. . Haber estado entre sus volantes (haber copulado con una mujer). Sp. E. Establecer contacto (copular). All mostly Br. have bayonet practice. Conference = ‘copulation’. To have a love affair. To copulate with a woman. See turn. To copulate (with). have done it at last. sl. Br. 1974). To have got rid of one’s virginity. Tener una aventura. See place.. Sp. Sp. Sp. found as a vague euph. Sp. 1974). To copulate. parecida a cunt). Atacar a (copular. See also parley and converse. Picar la espalda (estar caliente una mujer). dicho de la mujer).

See one off the wrist. sl. Copular.F. in odd places» ( Pent). See pants. 136). Estar cachondo. have it in. quizás de la creencia antigua y medieval del semen como veneno si no se descarga regularmente). (Of a woman) to be menstruating. sl. To be sexually aroused (by someone). Br. (Of women only) to coit. have joined the club. To be very much in love with someone. have knowledge of. as colloq. Sp. To copulate. E. Tomar salchicha caliente de cena (copular. Sp. See crush. 38:16). have it off. Sp. To masturbate (of males). Hacerse una con la muñeca (masturbarse el hombre). ‘the male member’.. OED. dicho del hombre). Br. have it dog-fashion. have live sausage for supper. Tener el cargamento a bordo (estar preñada). sl. have had it there. Tener más pinchazos que una diana de dardos de segunda mano (tener muchos amantes una mujer). Br. have intercourse. Tener conocimiento (carnal) de. 52). OED. or to be impotent from advanced age. Sp. have it on1.. Haber ingresado en el club (estar embarazada).-a). meterla. sl. OED. Sp. sl. come at and come in unto): «’Come. Sp. To copulate. eyacular. See banana2. Tener picores en las bragas/los calzoncillos) (estar cachonda. To achieve orgasm. To have got rid of one’s virginity. Tener plomo en el lápiz (tener una erección). Pelarle a uno el plátano (copular. 1970: «At this stage I somehow assumed that we were going to have it away back at her flat» (Playbirds). from a woman’s point of view. en las versiones católicas de la Biblia) . o ser impotente por la edad). have improper intercourse with. OED. have it up. Lex. Sp. Estar copulando.-o). (Of a woman) to have many sexual partners. Introducirla. Sp. have hot pants (for). aplicado tamb. Sp. ‘by intervention’. have itchy pants. . sl. E.. Sp. (Of a man) having sexual intercourse with a woman. have lead in one’s pencil. To be sexually aroused. To copulate. From pudding. dicho del hombre.-a muy fuerte (estar muy enamorado. OED. Sp. To be pregnant. Sp. ‘commerce’. Black sl. E. ultimately from Latin intercursu. Tomar salchicha viva de cena (copular. To be sexually exhausted from ejaculation. Darle a probar la crema al minino (copular y desvirgar). Sp. Realizar el acto sexual (usado frec.. US. Sp. Sp. To coit vaginally from the rear. not knowing that she was his daughter-in-law» (Genesis. Tener la regla. 1927: «I had hot pants for him the minute he rang my doorbell» (FU. have one’s cargo aboard. 1937: «From then on we’d try to have it off anywhere we could.-a. have hot pudding for supper. have one off the wrist. as colloq. Lex. have no more ink in the pen. Sp. Hacerlo como los perros. 1941. To copulate with. Sp. have one’s ashes hauled. 1798-1973. To copulate. Sp. To be pregnant. let me have intercourse with you’. Sp. for example. Sp. Sp. Tener una erección.have given pussy a taste of cream . Tener contacto sexual indebido con una mujer (cometer adulterio) . To have an erection. It keeps its euphemistic value: «He’s supposedly a hundred and two years old – and still gets it up to have intercourse daily» ( CP. Sp. US. Copulate and deflower. Sp. To copulate. Haberla tenido ahí (no ser ya virgen). in passages where King James’s version has other euphs. para el coito entre homosexuales. 19 th c. Copular. Perhaps from the ancient and medieval concept of semen as poison if not regularly vented. E. 19 th c. dicho de la mujer) . have it on2. “To possess a woman outside marriage” (F & H). See knowledge. dicho de la mujer) . Often found in Catholic versions of the Bible. have got it bad(ly). Also used of homosexual activity. Sp. From O. entrecours. Sp. See pen1. (Of a man) to have an erection. Sp. See also have done it at last. See up (a woman). US. have one’s banana peeled. (see. To effect intromission. have more pricks than a second-hand dart board . Aventar las cenizas (limpiarle a uno el sable. Br. Entrarle a uno. have it away. sl. No quedar tinta en la pluma (quedar exhausto tras eyacular.

“You nasty rotten bleeder!” she said. have one’s end away/off. when another streetwalker asks him if he wants his watch fixed. 258). “I had it fixed a year ago. Sp. have one’s lust on a woman. he replies. Satisfacer el deseo en una mujer (copular con ella). have sex with someone you love. See period1. up the stairs and into bed. have one’s oats. 67). dicho del hombre). For synonyms.v. Mainly legal or tech. For synonyms. For synonyms. Cascarle a uno las nueces/los huevos (echar un polvo el hombre). To be menstruating. Sp. have one’s watch fixed. Arreglarle a uno el reloj (copular) (usado a veces por una prostituta como invitación al abordar a un posible cliente) . 19th c. of course. oats.. have pleasure (with). Without a word he upped her skirts. sl.have one’s cut. See achieve/achievement. To achieve coition: «Though a little frightened. Said of males. Tener a la abuela en casa (tener la regla).. OED. have one’s grandmother in/with one. have one’s way (with). Sp. Tomar verdura (copular). Darse el lote. To coit with a woman: ☺«This miner returned home to find his plump wife bending down over the sink. Sp. Sp.. she let him have his way. eyacular). (Of a male) to achieve coition. have one’s leg over. have one’s fill. have one’s roses/the roses.” Said scoutmistress Gorse. dicho del hombre). Sp. have one’s aunt with one. Tener relaciones (con) (copular con). Sp.» (Fragment of rugby song). To copulate. at have carnal relations (with). Salirse con la suya (copular). Satisfacer el deseo en una mujer (copular con ella) . to copulate with a female. Having finished he gave her bare behind two or three vicious blows. To copulate with. See quot. have relations with. Tener placer (con) (copular con). Tener al amigo en casa (tener la regla). “Do you want your watch fixed?” He is told by a buddy that is simply a form of solicitation. Sp. Sp. To coit with a woman: «Well. Tomar su ración (copular. Quitar la punta de enmedio (copular.” “That is for not looking round to see who it was. To be menstruating. See quot. Practicar el sexo con alguien a quien quieres (masturbarse). 85). Hacer que baje el amor (orgasmar.”» [here running puns on ‘function’ and ‘suppurate’] (Rationale I. to be made to ejaculate. See roses. (Of a male) to coit with a woman. see little visitor. Sp. have one’s love come down. Correrla de joven. and all the thanks I get for it is a good hiding. have one’s period. To be menstruating. have sex.” » (Limerick).» (LCL. Tener las rosas (tener la regla). To copulate. q. have one’s auntie in. dragged her drawers down and quickly had his will on her. Sp. (one’s). Sp. have one’s nuts cracked. Soon I had my right leg over. To copulate: «A boy scout was having his fill Of a brownie’s sweet charms up a hill. at play ball with. Tener a la tita en casa (tener la regla). To have sexual intercourse. see little visitor.. Br. have one’s greens. Black sl. To be menstruating. To masturbate (of either sex). (one’s). dicho del hombre). To be menstruating. My girl scouts are all on the pill. have one’s friend in. Echar la pierna por alto (copular. Sp. Sp. used by prostitutes when soliciting: ☺«A sailor in Atlantic City naïvely refuses a streetwalker’s invitation. to ejaculate. 1929: «’You say that you and Simon now have sex whenever possible?’» (Mayfair).” he said» (adapted from Son of Rugby Jokes. A year later. and it’s been running ever since. Sp. To be menstruating.. “We’re prepared. (Of a man) to copulate. To copulate. Practicar el sexo. Also make one’s love come down. washing up. Sp. E. Sp. Tener el periodo. yes. To copulate (with). To have an orgasm. Sp. Sp. “I stood there and let you have your will on me. Occ. See oats. Tener a la tía de visita (tener la regla). see little visitor. To coit with a woman. Sp. have one’s will of a woman. see little visitor. Sp. For synonyms. . v. Sp. and accepts the next such offer.

see little visitor. Tener algo/uno en el horno (estar preñada). Realizar el acto sexual. To copulate. have someone away/off. Sp. To be menstruating. Tener la marea alta (tener la regla). v. OED. «the expression recalls Dumas’s heroine of La Dame aux Camelias. Sp. Tener que meterse debajo del agua para librarse de las perseguidoras . To feel a strong sexual desire for somebody. See rag. to cause to achieve an orgasm. have the floods. have the flag out. Tener las rosas (tener la regla). To be pregnant. To copulate: «A prudish young damsel named Rose Is particular how men propose To ‘Let’s have intercourse’.. Coarse sl. alusión a la heroína de La Dama de las Camelias de Dumas. 1962.» (Fragment of Rugby Song). have some arse/ass. etc. See little visitor. have the/one’s roses. have swallowed a watermelon seed . have the painters/decorators at home/in. have the hots for someone. copular. See quots. Sp. And your wife has got the rags on [. who indicated whether or not she was menstruating by wearing a red or white flower». To copulate with a woman.. Sp. Tener a los pintores/decoradores en casa (tener la regla) . Sp. As you revel in a smooth ejaculation. To be menstruating. según NEAMAN. etc. 1947: «. have something to do with. Tener puesto el trapo (la compresa) (tener la regla). to. 1971. Sp. Tener el mes (tener la regla). as colloq. have the high tide.have sexual intercourse. She says gaily. Sp. Sp. To be menstruating. have the monthlies. sprain one’s ankle).. Sp. 1968: «She had me off in a second. Tener una inundación (tener la regla). ‘Of course’. have sprained one’s ankle. have to swim underwater to get away from it. To be pregnant. sl. .» (Playbirds). For synonyms. OED. To be menstruating. Haberse torcido el tobillo (quedarse embarazada sin planearlo. have the rag(s) on. Sp. Austr. the. have something going with someone. But to ‘Let’s fuck’. (Of a man) to have too many lovers. Tener a los rojos en casa (tener la regla). To copulate. See also flowers. To be menstruating.. Sp.but we don’t have the hots for each other anymore» ( FU. Echar un polvo. to have an affair with. have something/one in the oven. See also thing3. To be menstruating. see little visitor.] Then jam it up the jacksie of your favourite choirboy. matener una relación). To have a close (sexual) relationship with. at come across and hug. have the reds. have the flowers. OED. she turns up her nose» (Limerick). To be menstruating. For synonyms.) . Sp. have some cunt/cooze/nooky/pussy. Sp. Haberse tragado una pepita de sandía (estar preñada). Sp. Sentir calentura por alguien (desear). que indicaba si tenía o no la regla llevando una flor roja o blanca. OED.... Tener algo que ver con (tener relaciones sexuales con). Sp. See cunt/cooze. Tener las flores (tener la regla. see little visitor. Tener algo con alguien (tener relaciones sexuales con. See reds.. To be menstruating. For synonyms. Humorous. Sp. See sprain one’s ankle.. To copulate with. Echar un polvo a/hacer correrse. Sp. To be menstruating: «When you find yourself in springtime with a surge of sexual joy. Sp. Echar un polvo. Sp. According to NEAMAN. Lex. 8). resp. Sp. Ondear la bandera (tener la regla).

and the site of a theatre. hawk it. ( FU. 26). Used by Shaks. at traffic with oneself. head1. a hunter of maidenheads. Héctor/chulo de Haymarket.v. Vender la carne (ejercer la prostitución). head chick..C.haven. 1903-1959.. built by Sir John Vanbrugh in 1704. She clapped up the whole British fleet» (Limerick). To be a prostitute (the vagina being likened to an oyster). Prostituta que incluye la felación (head-job) entre sus servicios.).v. Name given to the pimps who lived in the neighbourhood of Haymarket. Venderlo (ejercer la prostitución). gay jargon. sl. and I love to suck on a joint. Vender la mercancía (ejercer la prostitución). usada por Shaks. 17th c. also. in BURFORD. Ambling out one fine day In a casual way.’» («The Plenipotentiary». La cama.] was firmly embedded in the luscious moist haven provided by nature» (TSM. Sp. Vender el músculo (ser prostituto. low. “To be a prostitute” (F & H). Cockney’s. sl. Sp. porque Haymarket era una zona frecuentada por éstas en el Londres del siglo XVIII). Faros (pechos de mujer). hawk one’s meat. hawk one’s brawn. Sp. (Of a prostitute) to solicit. Haymarket Hector. E. Vender (una mujer) su perla (ejercer la prostitución) .. having traffic with thyself alone .. the glans: «‘My stars!’ cried Her Grace. in to hit the hay..his colossal cock [. esp. Mostly Cockney. v. 25). 157).. To be a prostitute. A cuckold’s horns... El que debe ser obedecido (pene). A low prostitute. See also give head1. Fellatio or cunnilingus. hay-bag.. maidenhead). US. Sp. Sp. secreción sebácea acumulada bajo el prepucio).v.. Prostitutes. A prostitute who includes fellatio (head-job) among her services. hay. ‘Its head’s like a mace.». as Haymarket65 was then an important entertainment area in London frequented by prostitutes. US. Someone who is very good at fellatio (see give head1).v. Saco de paja (prostituta vulgar). head2. Prostitutes’ jargon. Sp. Haymarket ware. E. OED.v. Caza-virgos. 19th c. The breasts.. . head cheese. To be a male prostitute (offering his charms to women). headlamps. Sp. Sp. Haymarket was still the scene of a thrice-weekly market for hay and straw. 19 th c. and to have a romp in the hay. esp. hawk her pearly. himen. head-fruit. to go to bed. q.. Queso en el glande (esmegma. Sp. Br. esp. Br. E. q. Forma truncada de maidenhead. E. 1937. Traficar consigo misma (masturbarse la mujer) (usado por Shaks. at roll. para mujeres u hombres). Still current: ☺«(The height of male bragging) A man with a very large penis tells the woman. head job. sl. Sp. Br. Sp. q. Vender la carne de cordero (ejercer la prostitución) . 1786. The female genitals: «. US. 19th-20th c: «There was a young harlot of Crete Was hawking her meat in the street. to be a passive homosexual for money. See hawk one’s mutton. Frutos de la cabeza (cuernos).v. A lecher. The penis. Masturbating (of a woman).] I like a guy with a knack for eating cunt.. 278). Sp. Sometimes abbreviated to to hawk it. hawk one’s wares. See quot. (to have) a roll in the hay. Sp.). Br. Mercancía de Haymarket (prostitutas. give head1.: «I love head jobs [.. q. head-artist. Sp. See Haymarket ware. Haymarket ware. Sp. patas abajo (sesenta y nueve). ‘Put in the head and walk slowly towards me’» (Archivos Secretos. See headlights. Sp. Sixty-nine (q. E. Br. Smegma (q. Cabeza (del glande en erección). Sp. A truncation of maidenhead. he who must be obeyed. Él (el pene).. The erect penis. sl. he.. sl.. A rarer form of hawk one’s mutton. The penis. hawk one’s mutton. Sp. OED.). Sp. Patas arriba. (v.. headhunter. in M. Sp. called the Haymarket Opera House..M. To be a prostitute. sl. 18th c. Artista en felaciones (jerga gay). v. the. The bed. 65 In the 18th c. sl. Sp. Trabajo de cabeza (felación o cunilinguo). Puerto natural (genitales fem. Sp. Sp. The hymen.). head-over-heels. Sp.

Sp. Celo. “Piled in the act” (F & H). heaped. An orgasm. Sp. E.» (The He-Strumpets.. Rare. Sp. during the breeding season. the glans. sl. argot rimado am. Sp. el glande).headlight. 204). esp. q. involving anything except copulation”. or rhyming sl. Br. Amo. Now US. underworld.. Sp. US.). underworld. Properly. the female genitals. heavy leather. A male homosexual. height of hymeneal sweets. gateway to the heavens. Sp. rhyming sl. health club.: he-haw rima con he-whore).). heat. The female pubic hair and the genitals. waiting for you! Repent . Br. sl. Br. Also. Magreo fuerte (incluyendo todo menos el coito). Sp. as it was used. Sp. Often used in comb. in the female. height of love. Sp. Sp. A male kept lover: «The men who thus their Lust confuse Do doat upon HE-CONCUBINE. for a brothel. raro). a male prostitute. Gimnasio (burdel encubierto). E. sl. Car imagery.: «As I slipped into heaven her arms tightened about me. E.» (Pent). etc. Súmmum de dulzuras del himeneo (orgasmo).» (EIC. Sp. A male brothel keeper. heels upward. for necking. 1960: «I’m 19 years old and had never had full sex before. “Kissing and caressing sexually. The penis. Sp. heavers. the way to heaven. “A filthy harlot working in the open air” (F & H). Faro (pene. See heavy-petting. punning on hard. Sp. US. Prostituta de setos (prostituta barata). Also hedge-bit. 248).. esp. sl. sl. Sp. Sp. Copulation. Esp.. Sp. OED. heavy-petting. OED... The devil is rubbing his hands. Sp. (see quot. US. 64). Súmmum de placer (orgasmo). Levar anclas (copular). Corazón (pene erecto.. An orgasm. Like in rut (q. Sp. Br. headlights. etc. E. esp. Onomatopoeic for the bray of a donkey (cf. hedge-whore. Prostituta de setos (prostituta barata). Concubino (mantenido). Con los pies pesados (embarazada). US. Quite common in erotica: «. The female breasts. Palpitantes (pechos de mujer). Faros (pechos de mujer). Beso de Hector (caricias. colloq. Con los talones hacia arriba (postura usual de la mujer en el coito) . heavy-footed. Hebe (diosa griega de la juventud y la primavera) (vello púbico fem. 1707. Sexual excitement in animals. magreo.v.» (TCn. Cuero duro (prácticas sado-masoquistas violentas). The breasts. To copulate. but. road to heaven. he-concubine. Amontonados (copulando). An allusion to the most usual sexual posture of the woman when copulating. I’d get around to heavy petting.). It is an old euph. Hebe/hebe. Sp. esp.v. Fletcher. have massages. From their position and prominence. he-haw. Sp.. headlamps. From ‘he and she’: ☺«One Sunday the preacher is exhorting the congregation with exceptional fervour: “You are sinners headed into the fire and brimstone of Hell. 17th-19th c. encargado (en un burdel).I reached an even more vertiginous height of pleasure than formerly» (EAP. Also hedge-whore. at valiant). 1768-1839. Onomatopeya de rebuzno (prostituto. 128). to make one’s heaven in a lady’s lap (Shaks. in sexual ads. 16th c. but often used as a euph. The buttocks..v. From the name of the Greek goddess of youth and spring. by J. 17th c. heing and sheing/he-ing and she-ing.. She’s after your meat» (Fragment of rugby song).. q.: at heat and on heat: «Whenever you meet her she’s always on heat If you leave your flies open. in heat is often applied to humans: «. hedge-bit. Also.. An orgasm. Corazones (nalgas). The erect penis. A low prostitute. hearts. to take to heaven. in to be in heat. heaven.: pecking rima con necking).v). donkey-rigged). Sp.: to feel one’s way to heaven. Used in Canada. See leather2. Súmmum de amor (orgasmo). Sp. Pregnant. Vars. in BURFORD... q. argot rimado austr. 17th c. Copulating. heavy-necking. Sp. Hector’s pecking. he-madam..she used to follow us around like a dog in heat. current sl. heart. Violent sado-masochistic practices. height of pleasure/joy. an establishment where one can do exercises. Sp. Cielo (coito o genitales fem. Cockney and Austr. heave anchor. for he-whore.

) (usado como euf. dial. Trasero (var. Hermafrodita (del griego hermaphroditos. hombre o mujer). sl. ‘ermitaño calvo’). q. c1626-1897).. Forma truncada de heterosexual. Humorously used for wife. The buttocks. heiny. Br.before it is too late.‘» (DOV. From the Greek hermaphroditos. behind the penis [. por hombre afeminado o mujer viril). you who have been he-ing and she-ing! Repent!”. Origin unknown. ‘other’. Var. for an effeminate man or a virile woman. of heinie. Greek).Almost everybody starts praying. en bald-headed hermit. Sp. Trasero. male or female. q. or colloq. Gallina (mujer. of heterosexual. See another quot. See Greek.)]. hetero. 52). he-whore. Someone who combines both sexes. 1594-1716.. . hickey/hicky/hickie1. Esp. 1900-1965. hen. who. OED. heterosexual. Often used in the expressions a policeman’s helmet and German helmet (q. ‘meter al diablo en el infierno’. The female pudenda. See strumpet. Sp. Sp. X. or from the meaning ‘pimple’. The glans penis: «. herring. Sp.v. A colloq. Ermitaño (pene. esp. Hershey highway. Sp. Used as a euph. A male prostitute. y fem. Calzonazos... The breasts. Haciendo de él y ella (copulando).v. en to put the devil into hell. whore. Sp. OED.).v. Pet name for the female genitals. heinie. according to the myth.. que creció junto con la ninfa Salmacis y. The penis. Sp. encuesta realizada por R. esp.v. esp. The anus. Sp. Sp. hind parts. sl. hijo de Hermes y Afrodita. Sp. US. From the Greek heteros. Humorous. a1680-1939).. Also. siguiente entrada). en a policeman’s helmet y German helmet (q. a prostitute. grew together with the nymph Salmacis. Said of a man dominated by his wife (OED. rosy and tender. 1988-89).v. 1933. esp. herself. A prostitute. Sp. a child’s penis. Here cave = ‘vagina’. v. el de un niño (etimología desconocida. Sp. the bottom cheeks: «Kim bends her head to kiss each hemisphere» (POP. he-she. Sp. Sp. hey nonny-nonny.). hen-pecked. at engage. helmet. Autopista Hershey (ano. Esa cosa de ahí (genitales fem. A female virgin.v. Ermitaño en una cueva (pene). strumpet. and thus combined male and female characters. See whore2. Heterosexual. 83).. Amor helénico (pederastia. cariño” (saludo típico de las prostitutas haciendo la calle) (prostituta) . Prostituto. esp. Sp.). sl. Esp.. q.v. Sp. in the humorous phrase bald-headed hermit. at make a pass (at). US. ‘cosa’ o sinónimo de love-bite . Pene. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. in the expression to put the devil into hell. going up the Hershey Bar road). Sp. v. Ella misma (apelativo cariñoso dado a los genitales fem. A male prostitute. Sp... Sp. q. OED. q. hermaphrodite.) (recogido en MOQ. See nonny-nonny. The penis. OED. The penis. hell. hermit. 1398-1874: «She lay back on the couch. Él-ella (homosexual..] ‘You are a real hermaphrodite. q. OED. Sp. (see going up the Hershey Bar road ). hero. A homosexual. copular). Sexually attracted to the opposite sex. v. US. v. al bañarse en su fuente. quizás del significado ‘chisme’. hemispheres. See quot. while bathing in her fountain. Dim. hermit in a cave. opened her legs and showed me a perfect vulva mouth. female (OED. nonny-nonny) . Prostituto. abbrev. de heinie. Sp. Heterosexuality is the condition of being heterosexual. 1892-1969. E. In MOQ. Also.he pulled his cock back so that the helmet was only just inside me» (Mayfair). “Hola. Héroe (pene).v. hello dearie. how do you stand on me-ing and me-ing?”» (adapted from More Rugby Jokes. the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. Sp. ‘lovebite’ (US. 18th-19th c. 51). Casco [glande. he-strumpet. of hind end. from prostitutes’ typical greeting when soliciting. Hemisferios (pechos de mujer o nalgas). Pederasty. underworld. v.v. See hind parts. adquirió rasgos masc . Arenque (mujer virgen). prostituta). esposa. Perhaps from the meaning ‘a small gadget or device’ = dohicky. Mafouka. Sp. Then a small boy calls from the back of the church: “Reverend. Infierno (genitales fem. woman. Sp. v. Hellenic love. The penis. The buttocks.

q. Esconder el salchichón (copular. gen. meterla). o copular. hide the salami. for ‘masturbate’ and ‘masturbation’. q. Esconder la salchicha de Viena (copular.. Based on the same concept of avoidance of reproduction. Expression used to indicate full insertion of the penis: enter to the hilt. To coit with a woman. Rhyming sl. Él (tu pene) (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene de la pareja) (recogido en MOQ. To coit with a woman. at naked pit. Sp. higher Malthusianism. highty-tighty (or hoity-toity). en alusión a la evitación de la reproducción) (sodomía) (disfemismo culto).] “You mean a stud with a big rig to drive up your hot’n’horny highway?”» (Cheri). to coit with a woman. US. Con la barriga alta (en avanzado estado de gestación).) (pene). Sp. In MOQ. hide the sausage. hidden treasure. Esconder la salchicha (copular.v. 1798. Malthus. sl. hijack. Sp. Tesoro oculto (genitales fem. a giddy. menos frec. “A wanton” (F & H). hilt. In an advanced state of pregnancy. Autopista (vagina). hide the weenie. Sp. To coit with a woman. Sp. A contemptible person.. hill. To commit pederasty upon a boy forcibly. Sp. por un mordisco amoroso (etimología desconocida). Sp. sl. to the. To masturbate. Br. See also wear the apron high. dicho del hombre.” Sp. q. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. meterla). Persona despreciable (prostituta).hickey/hicky/hickie2. hide the hot dog. a love-bite. He was in her to the hilt. Also. dicho del hombre. etc. Also. forest and vale. The breasts. Sp. hillocks. Hasta la empuñadura (inserción profunda del pene). Sodomy. Sp. sl. hide. cultured dysph. = cock. Animal skin imagery. See quots. The US. US. meterla).. Sp. E. From T. meterla). A mark made on the skin. dicho del hombre. Esconder el perrito caliente (masturbarse una mujer con un consolador. Sp. as a euph.: «Beneath a tree one rainy day in May. US. Orig. colloq. Austr. Also high-bellied and to wear the belly high. 1988-89). for prostitute. Occ. usu. Sp.. encuesta realizada por R . equivalent of dickory dock. and kept hollering. etc. sheathe it up to the hilt. And though she was nearly kilt. I need a ma-an!” [. Marca dejada en la piel. Sp. Maltusianismo superior (del Ensayo sobre la Población de T. The female genitals. and simple infanticide. highway. hills. A lover and his swooning lady lay. him. .v. The mons pubis. Piel de animal usada para fabricar cuero (prostituta y coito con una prostituta. Sp. dicho del hombre. The breasts. hickory dock. E. OED. sl. boom the census. See quot. Pequeñas colinas (pechos de mujer) (usado por Shaks. US. high in the belly. using a dildo. Colina (monte de Venus). Austr. aludiendo a ‘nalgas’ de mujer). meterla). A prostitute and copulation with a prostitute. sl.v. The vagina: «”Girl. Esconder el hurón (copular. Br. on the neck. by biting during sexual play. X. Sp. See ferret. To coit with a woman. at brakes). ‘Hooray!’» (Limerick). Sp.. as a euph. at fleshly principalities. and the antonymous. Secuestrar (sodomizar a un muchacho por la fuerza). hide the ferret.). dicho del hombre. romping girl. See treasure. for the buttocks (see quot. hilding. Sp. resp. Pet name for the penis. a homosexual. Used by Shaks. She loved it. Colinas (pechos de mujer). 15921713. The penis. Said of a female. thoughtless. Used in the 16th-18th c. Malthus’s Essay on Population. Sp. GROSE has: “A hoity-toity wench. for ‘copulate’. underworld. mujer como objeto sexual o. Atolondrada (prostituta). en el cuello. Rima infantil (versión americana de dickory dock. homosexual). we have: to keep the census down. a woman as a sex object or her genitals. Sp.

1988-89). 1988-89). 285). hip-hitter. Sp. the anus: «There once was a doughty Norwegian Who enlivened the French Foreign Legion.. The numerous coital positions described and illustrated in Hindu love manuals. US. ‘Bimbo’ masculino (fusión de him y bimbo) (joven atractivo./Boyet. encuesta realizada por R. “A prostitute (a corruption of ‘Irene’. Copular (juego de palabras entre ‘golpear’ y ‘llevarse bien’) . hindside and heinie (dim.himbo. Sp. Anatromical substitution used chiefly in Canada. Sp. Sp. de bimbo). Similar euphs. Sp. in L. Sp. See hind parts. Mixed metaphor: archery and ‘beat.She strikes at the brow. Dar más abajo (del tiro al arco) (copular.. Vendedora ambulante de caderas (prostituta). The penis. Sp. i. US. hiren. for they both did hit it» ( L. hind quarters. Su alteza (apelativo cariñoso dado al pene de la pareja) (recogido en MOQ. US. hinder entrance (the anus). esp. Cuartos traseros (trasero).L. Sp. To coit with a woman.L.L. Región (más) trasera (culo o ano). q. Sp. OED (AS). 116-117: «Maria. hit it. hinder parts.. Sp. hindermost region. Sp. include: hind. See hind parts. Sp. The buttocks. hit it off. heroína del drama de Poole El Mahoma Turco e Irene la Bella Griega). back part(s). His Excellency. q. The buttocks. AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. Sp. hinder entrance. Baile indostano (coito anal). The buttocks. the Kama Sutra (q.). Sp. hind parts). An attractive but unintelligent young man. Copular. hind end. to. Trasero (var. college sl.). ‘at the back’. Gay jargon. The buttocks. The posteriors. strike’. The anus. From archery. Golpe (en esgrima) (coito). See hind parts. hit.v. hips.). after part. See also backside. To copulate. both of sport and wit. Sp. Prostituta (deformación de Irene. The buttocks. Sp. latter part and parts behind. Anal intercourse. hind parts). In MOQ. dicho del hombre) (usado alusivamente por Shaks) . hindan. of hind-end). US. IV. . hit lower. In MOQ. pero tonto. encuesta realizada por R . sl. But his brothers-in-arms Who succumbed to his charms All got clap in their hindermost region» (Limerick). Used by Shaks.(see hit it and hit lower).v. trasero) (v . Poutard returned to his loving embrace of his friend’s hindquarters» (EAP. X. Posturas amorosas hindúes (descritas e ilustradas en manuales amorosos hindúes. hinder parts. dicho del hombre) (usado alusivamente por Shaks . Sp. Var. Used by Shaks.). sl. / Always a woman strives for the last hit» (C. X. But she herself is hit lower.». of heinie. hiney. To attain the sexual target of the pudenda. v. Él mismo ((apelativo cariñoso dado al pene) (recogido en MOQ. The buttocks. hind parts. V. A blend of ‘him’ and ‘bimbo’. Partes traseras (nalgas.while M.. Entrada trasera (ano). the heroine in Poole’s play: The Turkish Mahomet and Hyren the Fair Greek” (F & H). AMAN en USA y publicada en Maledicta. punning on the common idiom for to get on well. himself. From O. i. See jig. Hindu love postures. Región interior (trasero). equivalente masc. hind parts). 124-25). q. See hind parts. hence copulation: «I see in all bouts. Lado trasero (nalgas) (v. hindermost region (q. Pet name for the penis. hind-end..v. To coit with a woman.. Partes traseras (trasero). Su Excelencia (pene). A gay male. Used by Shaks. Sp.v. 124). From the physical movements of anal intercourse. hip-peddler.: «Maria. Sp. Sp. Hindustani jig. Pet name for the penis. To coit with a woman. Sp. . IV. hindside. The buttocks. A mark marvellous well shot. hind quarters/hindquarters. the male equivalent of bimbo. His Highness. among others. hit. Also hip-flipper. ‘dar en el blanco’). Hitting imagery. Sp. como el Kama Sutra. 1988. Play on a touch in fencing. Sp. The buttocks: «. OED. Golpea-caderas (gay) (jerga gay).E.v. 1670. underworld. Caderas (metonimia por ‘nalgas’). of heinie). Dar en el blanco (copular. Extremo posterior (trasero. i. hinterland. Sp.L. dicho del hombre (metáfora mixta: ‘golpear’ o ‘dar en la diana’. A prostitute.

. 68). Allegedly from the last words of Thomas Hobbes. Sp.. Esp. rhyming sl. Sp. Sexo itinerante.. in masturbatory contexts: «. dicho del hombre). v. Used by Burns. to coit with a woman. Sp. sl. A travelling prostitute. Archery imagery: «Let him by night his joys pursue And blunder in the dark. hit the sack. “Sex with a number of strangers in a short period of time. Darse en la raja (masturbarse. To become a prostitute. c1598. Here tail = ‘vagina’. ho). sl. hit the mark. 1998). While I by day enjoying you Can see to hit the mark» ( Since We Your Husband Daily See.. Sp. or why a couple in copulation were said to be mowing or indulging in haughmagandie . hoe-handle. Sp. US. US. OED. Sp.: «This is some minx’s token [.. To coit. Dar en el blanco/en la diana (copular. Sp. Sp. Autoestopista en la autopista Hershey (gay. Br. ‘to appropriate and eat or drink greedily’. hit the vein. To coit with a woman: «Yet she said. Sp. in DÍAZ. Also. . See Hershey highway. dicho del hombre). dicho del hombre). A prostitute’s beat or patch. ‘Stay! Go not away Although the point be bended! But to’t again. for ‘cock’. US.] a pintle. to beat/belt one’s hog).. hitchhike to heaven. Hershey highway). US. Viaje de Hobbe (coito. hit the slit.] the male organ of generation [. US. sl. 1588. sl. hobosex. hit the street. See also to beat/belt one’s hog. Sp. 19 th c.). Echarse a la calle. Austr.. Br. Sp. 19 th c. See also beat. From Black or Southern US pronunciation of whore. or a mistress.. To coit with a woman. hog. 23). the English philosopher and political theorist (1588-1679): «I am about to take my last voyage: a great leap in the dark». Acostarse. Sp. To masturbate. A prostitute. one who enjoys such random adventuring” (J. Used by Shaks. Sp. Only Scots. The female pudenda and to hive it. To masturbate (of either sex).. IV.] There.). Caballito de juguete (prostituta o querida) (usado por Shaks. underworld. to. hog. and hit the vein! Once more.. supuestamente de las últimas palabras de Thomas Hobbe: “Estoy a punto de iniciar mi último viaje: un gran salto en la oscuridad”). 16th-17th c. Sp. Sp. hiver. hobby-horse. en contextos referentes a la masturbación – v. Prostituta (de la pron. ir a la cama. argot rimado austr. Black sl. US. Sp.. ‘the hind-leg joint of an animal’: «. From hog. Austr. Comer como un cerdo (copular). an active gay male.hit on the tail. The penis. -give it to your hobby-horse» (Othello.. Said of a female. dial. To coit with a woman. 19th c. Pederast. Colmena (genitales fem. Dar en la cola (copular. Because prostitutes swarmed like bees to the newly settled Western towns. E. Carrera (parte de una calle que ‘trabaja’ una prostituta. GREEN. thus hobosexual. hock. hochmagandy/houghmagandy/hogmagundy/haughmagandie. 130). Sp. Sp. de whore por los negros o sureños en USA). Mango del azadón (pene). 16641721.how the buttocks came in Scots to be called waulies [. E. hive. Encontrar la vena (copular. A homosexual. ho stroll. a ludicrous formation based on hoch.. black sl. Percy Ms. and none can mend it!» («Walking in a Meadow Green». Sp. v. i. Fornication. esp.. or a heterosexual male who takes the active role in homosexual practices in prison. Prostitutas (que acudían como abejas de una colmena a las nuevas ciudades del Oeste). hitchhiker on Hershey highway. Hobbe’s voyage. prison sl. Cerdo (pene. in DÍAZ.. A whore. ho. An act of coition. by Matthew Prior. See sack. The penis. 154-55). E. Cuarto trasero de un animal (fornicación).though the latter word is a delightful one which might well gain a greater currency! » (EAP. sl. la mujer). Orig. Both Br. From the rocking motion in copulation. See ho. Sp. Corvejón (pederasta o heterosexual que comete actos homosexuales de rol activo en la cárcel. To go to bed.: hock rima con cock).she immediately gets to playing with the guy’s hog» (Swank). Hacer ‘dedo’ al cielo (masturbarse).

Ojo de cerdo (genitales fem.This shoe. US.. sl.. Agujero (gay de rol pasivo) hole-filler. Lex. and to hole for ‘copulate’.. Sp. craphole. honey hole. A var.it went on for something like five minutes –that was as long as I could hold off» ( FU. as sl. Contenerse (retrasar el orgasmo). . 77-86). dirty hole (also the female genitals). dark hole (also anus). pee-hole. From golf: «We go to Whoredean. Sp. Sp.v. we have. sl. hole of content/contentment (q. for the female pudenda in Two Gentlemen of Verona. c1340-1966. as black as coal. o ano) (euf. ii. 623-624: «Derk was the night as pich or as the cole.). Agujero (genitales fem. so as to make pleasure last longer. sl. / And at the window out she put her hole.: for the female genitals.. q... bumhole. hold a bowling ball. indeed.. you shall not miss [. Resistir (las insinuaciones sexuales del hombre) . a woman’s hole (q. at fuck). From the rounded sag of hog jowls. The female genitals. Pocilga de Venus (genitales fem. cornhole. poke/poking-hole. To hold back. The breasts. hairy hole. is to make scissors. 66 These words are italicized in The Authorized Version because they were inserted by the translators. 100). hold out1. esp. It is a very old euph.. court any woman in the right sign. who was big and powerful and who could hold out for a long time» (DOV. Sp. and many others.4) we find the following passage.. for ‘a woman considered as a sexual object’. poophole (q. with the hole in it.). or to start copulating without wasting time on preliminaries. ii.. privy hole. 116). Contenerse (retrasar el orgasmo).: «I know enough to hold back because it takes longer for girls to climax than it does for guys» ( FU. hoist. Sp. hot hole. E. for a prostitute. smelly hole. Holer is Br. 19th c.. shithole (q. or a whoremonger. hole in one. Sp. To have intercourse with a woman on the first date. For we are from Whoredean School» (Fragment of rugby song). Sp.: «I was enjoying the Russian.). Izar (copular). and for anus. talking about her lover. US. sl. The female genitals. Chaucer used it for ‘anus’ in The Miller’s Tale. arsehole/asshole (q. Sostener la bola de billar (para jugar a los bolos) (masturbar a una mujer con los dedos separados).she had to hold back the intensity and quickness of her orgasm so as to have it with him. black hole (q. 16th c. OED. pole-hole. (Of a woman) to permit copulation... V. where the Queen of Sheba. don’t we have fun. Sp.). butt-hole. fart hole.a most sweet Jew told me. 114). to hold back.v. hole1.. Contenerse (retrasar el orgasmo). Sp. See lift/hike up her nightie.66/And my bowels were moved for him». fuck-hole (q. in to hole it in one. E. y presente en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611) . screw-hole.v. To try to delay one’s orgasm. To masturbate a woman with fingers apart. to score a hole in one . q. To try to delay one’s orgasm.v.].v.». US. See highty-tighty.. present in The Holy Bible: in The Authorized (King James’s) Version (Solomon’s Song.v. When we lie down we hole it in one. Br. is my mother. brown hole.: «. Sp.. stinkhole. hold back.). etc..hog eye. sludge-hole.). a merchant’s wife hardly holds out [. Levantarse la falda (invitar una mujer al coito). says: «My beloved put his hand by the hole of the door.v. hoity-toity.. 17-19: «. bunghole (q. sweet-scented hole. hold off. better hole (one’s wife’s) and many more. To copulate. Hole can be found in a good number of combinations. blackhole. hogstye of Venus. To resist a man’s sexual advances: «.. Sp. King Solomon. mud hole. 5. only in Scorpio ‘t is very dangerous meddling» (M. 245). most of which are coarse sl. hole2.»67. usado por Chaucer y por Shaks. Hole can also be used as a dysph. in Pisces.» (DOV.] in Capricorn. Br. for ‘anus’ and ‘the external female genitals’..v. US. hog jaws.]. Sp. II.. E.. hold out2.).. A male homosexual with a passive role. Nautical imagery.. sl. muy antiguo. 67 «Dark was the night as pitch. love-hole. sl.. hoist one’s skirt.). sl. a fishmonger’s wife is very sociable. A male homosexual with an active role.v.v.Sp. [. and Shaks. / And at the windowe out she putte hir hole. Rellena-agujeros (gay de rol activo). Quijadas de cerdo (tetas caídas).). We know exactly how it is done. etc. «.».

Dar en el blanco (copular y orgasmar. q. See other woman.M. Get you some of this distill’d Carduus Benedictus. The vagina. sl. Sancta sanctorum (genitales fem. holloway. Agujeros y palos (cursos de educación sexual).). ‘todo el terreno’). sl. as Austr. A var. aplicado tamb. holy iron. Destroza-hogares (querida de un hombre casado). 64-72). sl. Hogar. A prostitute. iv. Camino hueco (juego de palabras con un lugar londinense) (vagina) . Sp. Sp. hole of content/contentment. Copulation. dejar embarazada). Sp. Mazo sagrado (llevado por los maceros en algunas universidades) (pene) .. Sagrado hierro (pene). home. Sp. Rare. Cardo sagrado (pene y coito) (juego de palabras con hole. Insertion of the penis in its sexual target: «Then pray put that pillow plump under my arse And with a good home push. See house. Holy Sacrament. E. Sex education courses. Patterned on Holy of Holies. to hole out in one. en juego de palabras con whole land. it is the only thing for a qualm. punning on ‘whole land’: «The rest of thy low-countries have made a shift to eat up thy holland» (2 Henry IV. home sweet home/home-sweet-home. a los homosexuales. holy of holies. Br. Common in the 19th c. The female genitals. Exclamación blasfema (lit.).. Carrera completa en béisbol (coito). Beatrice. sl. usado por Shaks. or a whoremonger. To have or cause an orgasm.). Sp. US.. Holanda (zona anal) (usado por Shaks . A married man’s illicit mistress. Holland/holland. hole of holes. Sp. Sp. Also. To attain the sexual target. home push. The penis. holer. Semana Santa (abstención de relaciones sexuales durante la regla) . US. sl. 22-24). Benedictus! Why Benedictus? You have some moral in this ‘Benedictus’. home. A crude mock oath and an exclamation. Hero. Sp. Sp. I have no moral meaning. The penis. E. Br. Dar en el blanco (copular y orgasmar. Sp. Empujón certero (introducción del pene en la vagina). push in your stiff tarse» («The Vigorous Courtezan». Agujero de agujeros (genitales fem. sl. 19 th c.PARTRIDGE (1961) lists it. Baseball imagery.v.C. The use of holy as a pun on hole. meaning abstention from intercourse. Sp. Moral! No. M. The penis. E. 16 th-19th c. home wrecker. of holy poker. Sp.. The female genitals. Sp. sl. now rare. The female pudenda. to impregnate. To attain the sexual target. Sp.: «Margaret. 19 th-20th c. E. c1786.. tamb . To have or cause an orgasm. Sp. Sp. ‘vagina’. To effect intromission. Punning on the London place name and a hollow way. q. III. sl..v. holy poker. Also some homosexual use. 296). Also. home run.).. Conocido establecimiento hotelero (genitales fem. Used by Shaks. Embocar a la primera (copular en la primera cita. holy fuck!.v. was already common in the 16 th c. A mace carried by bedels in some universities. sl. hole it. q. US. 19 th c. Br. holy thistle. The female genitals. Sp. Catholic girls’. and lay it to your heart. together with the var. Br. dulce hogar (genitales fem. (see holy thistle). The anal area. holes and poles. . Br. I meant plain holy-thistle» (Much Ado. Sp. campus sl. in BURFORD. 19th c. Sp. Sp.). Menstrual period. agujero. Margaret. Pun on hole (the pudenda) and thistle (the penis. por analogía con Holy of Holies. Meterla en el agujero. US. to impregnate. ii. Agujero para esconderla (vagina). Sp.. putañero. The female pudenda: «I started to play with myself as I feasted my eyes on her holy of holies» (Fiesta). sl. There thou prick’st her with a thistle. Sp. Santo Sacramento (pene. and it can be found in Shaks. 19th c. Sp. for «to become pregnant as the result of one’s first amour». Holy Week. Holiday Inn. dejar embarazada). o quedarse embarazada a la primera). Agujero del placer (genitales fem. Br. the. Prostituta. ¡sagrado polvo!). II.to prick with a thistle= to coit) used by Shaks. E. raro). E. The penis. by my troth. hole to hide it in. tamb. to. The vagina.). 19 th c..

18th c. hone. OED. Also. Austr. Miel (usado por Shaks. Panal (vagina). 1960. a term of endearment. as sl.. Sp. ‘sweet one’. SAMUEL JOHNSON. Sp. Sp.. Homófilo. homo. c1350-1968. sl. The vagina: «’He buried his tongue in my honeybox at once’» ( CI). E. US. Br. sl. honey-comb. if well-developed. Tarro de miel (vagina). US. Culo de miel (gay de rol pasivo). Piedra de afilar (genitales fem. for ‘semen’ (see quot. Now honey is still widely used as a term of endearment meaning ‘darling’. Sp. Sp. honey-hole. honey-fuck. From the standard meaning of a whetstone used to sharpen tools. from Greek philos. honey pot/honeypot. a homosexual. Honeyfuggling is partially euphemistic for honey-fuck. Sp. 1912-1973: «Elena’s desire to seduce a homosexual was a common error among women» (DOV. From the sl. considerado. A homosexual. Sp. cariño’. sl. OED. in the USA. The female pudenda.).. Tarro de miel de Venus (coito. The vagina. See homo. homosexuality. esp. honeymoon.-a (homosexual. Sp. or their genitals. Sp. 1546-1880. Sp. he feasted his eyes on the glowing skin. The vagina: «. idyllic way.. to have sexual intercourse in a romantic. honey pit/honeypit.Sp. Sp. desde el siglo XVIII. advance by handling or pressing a man’s genitals. homie. sl. The penis. A lover. From honey. OED. at sable). Pet name for the female genitals. A colloquial abbreviation of homosexual. Hombre meloso (amante). or for vaginal juices: «He parted the opening of her sex with his two fingers. A male homosexual with a passive role. tamb. to indulge in sticky caresses». OED. homosexual. Sp. US. si están bien desarrollados). To make a sexual.homie. The condition of being homosexual (q. Lex. Sp. used. . coito realizado de manera romántica o idílica). Pozo de miel (vagina).. in the sense of «the sweets of sexual pleasure.). Since the 18th c. 1719-1970: «I slipped a middle finger into the hippie’s honeypot» (Hustler). Also. 1929. Cuchillo para el cacharro de la miel (pene). Sp. Meloncitos dulces (pechos de mujer. honker.-a como miembro de un grupo social. OED.). honeydew. sl. Sp. Copulation. o la mujer como objeto sexual). loving.the juices that flow from her honey-hole» ( Cheri).» ( DOV. Agujero de miel (vagina). Sp. From homo. Sp. hombre o mujer. honey-box/honeybox. sl.a). ‘same’ + sexual. it has been used as a euph. The penis. women considered sexually.: «Homosexual relations between heroes were often celebrated in the ancient world» (Gore Vidal in Playboy).). Argot por ‘nariz’ (pene). Meloncito dulce (vagina). in his A Dictionary of the English Language (1775). ‘mismo’ + sexual). Tocar la bocina (tocar los genitales masc.. before settling down at home. Homosexual (hombre o mujer) (del griego homos. Sp. term for the nose. traditionally explained as an allusion to the feelings of married couples as changing with the phases of the moon. when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure».v. OED. en el sentido de ‘mi amor. Homosexual. Tarro de miel (genitales fem. Sp. Sp. Sp. A person who is sexually attracted to people of his/her own sex. Polvo de miel (coito con una chica muy joven. Homo(sexual). Sp. honey-baby. Also. Sp. y no como persona anormal). OED. homophile.. regarded as a member of a social group rather than as an abnormal person. freq. the delicate flow of honey. male or female. From Greek homos. genitales fem. honey-bum. 1892-1972: «The authors of Leviticus proscribe homosexuality. honey man. honk. Latin for man + -phile. tamb. en el que todo es ternura y placer”) .» (Gore Vidal in Playboy). honeydew melons. Cariñito (novio. 151). sl. ‘semen’ o ‘secreción vaginal’). The holiday spent together by a newly-married couple. 89). A sweetheart. honey. The breasts. To copulate with a very young girl. Homosexualidad. Pastel de miel (genitales fem. esp. Homo (sexual). US. The vagina. Used by Shaks. Car horn imagery. honey-pie. defines it as follows: «The first month after marriage. Luna de miel (definido por SAMUEL JOHNSON como “primer mes tras la boda. Also used as an adj.. The female pudenda. esp. The vagina. US. esp. honey-pot cleaver.). honeypot of Venus.

See horse’s hoof. The female genitals or the anus. A male homosexual with an active role. Sp. Br. Sp. sl. From «Hoover» (a trade name vacuum cleaner). if large.v. 1959: «. for poof. Sp. hoozie. hop on. ‘suggestive’. hook. Prostituta. See also bud1. Hooverism. Maidenhead. Tetas (esp. For all he had left was the skin» (Limerick). 19 th c.. Chulo de prostituta. Sp.I had to marvel at the way the gangs could get such lovely girls to go hooking for them» ( Playbirds). hood1. From the hook that baits men. usado tamb. de gran tamaño). 17th-18th c. Also a general term of abuse. Origin unknown. Juego del escondite (coito). A prostitute. A sexually promiscuous woman. hoof. Limpieza con aspiradora (felación). An active homosexual. Sp. E. 18 th-19th c. sl. Of unknown origin. Punta de gancho (erección incompleta). To coit with a woman. 1890-1973. hootchie-kootchy. Pezuña (gay de rol activo. A kind of erotic dance. From «Hoover». The prepuce: «Janet ran the tip of her fingernail around the shaft of his prick. E. Sp Capuchón (membrana protectora del clítoris). The breasts.: «After sneaking a peek at the [. The penis. hook-shop/hookshop. To start a sexual relationship with someone or to engage in lovemaking: «She hooks up with her best friend Ashley Summers and Ashley’s boyfriend at the same time» (Barely Legal). sl. a prostitute. ‘indecent’. Sp. hoop. Danza erótica (pene) (usado por las fuerzas armadas USA en Corea). you know» (Mayfair). hook-pointed (or hook-pintled). Pasar la aspiradora (hacer una felación). OED.honkers. sl. Pezuña (gay de rol activo. hook. to. Prostituta (origen desconocido). hooters. Adaline met three businessmen at the bar of the city’s historic hotel. hootchee/hotchee. sl. But try as he would It did him no good.. Orig. The membrane enclosing a woman’s clitoris: «Austyn checks under Sativa’s hood» (Barely Legal). Taking the bright-eyed girl up to their suite. hop on a babe. US. Capuchón (prepucio).. hooker. Sp. Back formation from hooker. US. Prostituta (forma abreviada de hooker). sl. the brand name of a vacuum cleaner. “Imperfectly erected” (F & H). Sp. US. argot rimado: hoof rima con poof). Tienda de anzuelos (putas) (burdel) .. Rhyming sl. Aro (genitales fem. To coit a girl. sl. A prostitute. 1845-1971: «Dressed like a Victorian schoolgirl hooker. q. Sp.. Saltar sobre (copular. como insulto (origen desconocido). A gay male. Br. Bocinas (pechos de mujer). Ensancha-aros (gay de rol activo).v. . To work as a prostitute.. Conocida marca de aspiradoras (practicar felación o cunilinguo). To do fellatio or cunnilingus. OED.» (Hustler). then around the underside of its hood» (Mayfair). A brothel.v. Sp. q. Shortened from hooker. hoop stretcher.. E. Sp. Prostituta (porque echa el anzuelo a los hombres). A pimp. Sp. sl. Sp. derivado de hoof). hooper’s/hoopers hide. Br. sl. Echae el anzuelo (ejercer la prostitución) (v hooker). To fellate. hop-picker. OED. Sp. US. hook up with. Sp. q. See circle. OED. Armed Forces in Korea. From an old name for ‘hide and seek’. (chiefly US. Sp. US. Sp. o ano). Sp. as sl. esp. Austr. Origin unknown. Saltar sobre una nena (copular con ella). they pulled a train on her mouth.). From hoof. Br. underworld: «Full ninety years old was friend Wynn When he went to a hookshop to sin. Sp. Car horn imagery. An act of fellatio. E. 1938.. the brand name of a vacuum cleaner. Sp. Austr. Danza erótica (origen desconocido). From «Hoover». Copulation. US sl. US. 19th c. sl. Sp. Premio de honor (virgo). A woman’s breasts. sl. honor’s prize. Also furry hoop. hoover. hood2. hoofo. dicho del hombre). Sp. US. Liarse con (empezar una relación) o empezar a hacer el amor . Lex. hooverize.: «Young girls with shockingly large honkers don’t grow on tree. pussy and butt» (Barely Legal). US. underworld.] hooters Blondie shoved in my face. Sp. Sp.. Sp. hoon. Also. A prostitute.

en argot US. Cólico del cuerno (priapismo temporal). A staffe to make a Countesse bedd». Esperanza del mundo (genitales fem. OED. Sp. a. Trabajadora horizontal (prostituta). Copulation. To cuckold (see horns). Sp. horn. horn works. lecherous” (F & H).). used it on several occasions. See quot. “Sexually excited.. Br.M. Rawlinson Mss. See quot. Sp. The process of cuckolding. iv. elsewhere in English classic bawdy verse: «She had horned the dull brows of her Worshipful spouse Till they sprouted like Venus’s Myrtle.v. horner. horn-mad1. horn-mad2. that I were upon the hill of Basan. c1600 (in BURFORD. OED. Very freq. obs. to outroar the horned herd! » (A & C. ‘The Father was showing me how to blow the Horn of Plenty’. Mother Superior: ‘The old rogue! He told me it was the Trumpet of Gabriel’» ( The World’s Best Catholic Jokes. 278). sl.. Used by Shaks. horn of plenty. Sp. at three-inch fool).. From an expression used for a meal taken while reclining..» (Othello. marido). for ‘a big erection’. horn. to. at cavern. Sp. A roaring horn is Austr. Br... q. E.v. Que pone los cuernos. IV.. OED. To copulate. 1785.). Cuerno de la abundancia (pene o. 61-62). Used by Shaks.). Horatio. US. Also.hop the broom. being naked seen . 19th c. There’s many a beast then in a populous city. See also cuckold-mad. as it is to be found in «A Man’s Yard». 126-28). Cuckolds in general. 1785-1972. ‘Footing’ horizontal (coito). Cornudo furioso (usado por Shaks. i. Cuernoloco (muy excitado. xiii. must be older though. he would have been hornmad» (Merry Wives. Pet name for the penis. M. 1598-1717.: «I am glad he went not in himself. US. Sp. Baile horizontal (coito). In GROSE. Refrigerio horizontal (coito). Copulation. the. Lex. sl. Sp.C. Used by Shaks. Cornudo (usado por Shaks.). Austr. Sp. Sexual intercourse. I. Sp. E. horned herd. See jump (over) the broomstick. sl. sl. 1590-1822. El rebaño cornudo (el colectivo de cornudos) (usado por Shaks. sl. Horizontalize is 19th c. E. The penis. Sp. 18 th c. 35). Sp. Still fully current: «At my place nhe sat on the settee with his legs open carelessly and he had a horn and said so when I asked are you stiff then? » ( Playbirds). Sp. c1250-1970. horizontal dancing. horizontal jogging. at peacemaker. sl. Poner los cuernos (usado por Shaks. Sp. A temporary priapism. To get/have the horn is to experience an erection and to cure the horn. for copulate. Very angry at having been cuckolded. 1786. 19th c. at horn.» («The Plenipotentiary». Sp. Br. (see quot. Iago.Sp.. Used by Shaks. 42-43).. Trabajo de cuernos (acción de poner los cuernos). to). horn of pleasure. Sp. There are other versions (see key to the kingdom of heaven). A prostitute.). The female genitals. Br.: «O. OED.. too (see quot. a husband. The penis: ☺«’Why were you so long over at the presbytery?’ the Mother Superior asks a young novice. 49): «It is a grafte Horne on a prettye head. in BURFORD. A horned man’s a monster and a beast. OED. To cuckold. to have sexual intercourse. Sp. horn colic..: «Othello.). horizontal refreshment. sl. Lex. Cuerno del placer (pene). Horacio (apelativo cariñoso dado por una mujer al pene de su pareja de dicho nombre). current sl. Shaks. as obs. horizontalize. Sp. Sp. hornify. q. as «not in polite use». horned man. III. Saltar la escoba (vivir como marido y mujer tras una ceremonia de boda fingida). Also horizontal exercise. con una gran erección). Colocarse en posición horizontal (copular). horizontal worker. The euph. See horn and roaring horn. Cuerno (erección) (usado por Shaks. The erect penis. A cuckold. obs. E. A cuckold-maker. 1607-1819: «Diana. hope of the world. if he had found the young man.

so to wear horns is to be a cuckold. hostess. A copulating female. horsewoman. IV. used as euphs. for the keeper of a brothel: «Of price. orig. Caballista (lesbiana de rol masc. E. Br.o prostituta. Sp. 1931. 18 th c. 1575-1762. OED.v. Rhyming sl. at stew1). hosie. Br. horny. horsemeat. (see quot. OED.v. Cuckolds were fancifully said to wear horns on their brow.). A sexually promiscuous woman. a prostitute. used it. Sífilis. Cachondo. A woman employed to entertain customers at a night-club.). the copulating male. The penis. hence a riding courtesan” (F & H). Pezuña de caballo (marica. Prostituta (usado en Canadá).: «You have good judgement in horsemanship» (Henry V.). Collera (genitales fem. From the ‘masculine’ position in riding. II. US. Acción de poner los cuernos (usado por Shaks. Br. Sp. Sp. Sp. Horse-pox and horse pestilence were freq.). Latin for ‘orchard’. (to).. en juego de palabras con whores) (usado por Shaks. como prostituta vulgar).. 19 th c. To mount a woman. horsebreaker (or pretty horsebreaker). The Academy of Complements. Shaks. Be Covered. OED.). gay jargon. E. Why Stand You Bare?». Poner los cuernos. horse-shoe. at trot). 19th c. Sp. 17). 67). Used by Shaks. E. Often used humorously: ☺«A drunkard asks a waiter at a bar: ‘What’s that animal on the wall with the big horns?’ Waiter: ‘It’s a mirror. horns. Fairly common in English erotic literature. Both US. Sp. usado aun en la actualidad como ‘vagina de gran tamaño’). Used by Shaks. punning on whores. Used by Shaks. A sexually promiscuous woman. obs.:«‘Tis thought you have a goodly gift in horning» (Titus. for ‘venereal disease’. and my Rosalind is virtuous» (As You Like It. Shaks.Did hornify Acteon’s crest» («Madam. 103). argot rimado: hoof rima con poof). Herradura (genitales fem.. Sp. Cuernos (usado frec. Occ.. Sp. Sp. OED.). The penis. Sp. but now said both of men and women. hortus. as though she were a horse. based on the resemblance of a horse collar to the labia majora. 18 th-20th c. Bolsa para mangueras (mujer promiscua.. “Anything insatiable. Sp. at take on. ‘to copulate’.». sl. Montar a caballo (copular. iii. in BURFORD. c1420-1650. Sp. Still current as US. Venereal disease. hose..-a. Also a prostitute. My shaved snatch was dripping with desire.. Caballo (mujer copuland -contrapunto de ‘jinete’. From horn. sl. 56-57). Sp. q.. 1889-1971: «I had been especially horny all day.) (lex. Lex. Equitación (coito) (usado alusivamente por Shaks). too (see quot. dicho del hombre) (usado por Shaks . dicho del hombre). sl. The female pudenda. horse1. horse2. and to hose. sl. The female genitals. A large penis. prostituta). Br. Now obs. horse-pox. The female pudenda. “A woman hired to ride in the park. for poof. applied only to men. c1650. good Hostess. the mate of the horseman or rider. horse. etc. for ‘a large vagina’. Sp. i. horning. but only for «to cover a mare (of a stallion)». US. and to give horns to and to graft/plant horns on. See quot. (Bonita) domadora de caballos (cortesana alquilada para cabalgar en el parque). sólo con el significado de cubrir el caballo a la yegua). to cuckold (q. por Shaks. Sp.. Cuckoldry. Copulation. Sp. A masculine lesbian. used the euph. sl.v. sir’» (Apuntes Secretos. Sp. hose bag.] . E. also in derogatory sense: a prostitute. Sexually excited. Venereal disease. q.. Sp. we will not debate [. Attested as Canadian. horse-leech. Sp. A male homosexual. Sp. Sanguijuela de caballo (prostituta). horse collar. See horse2. horse’s hoof. Sp. III. used today as a euph. Huerto (del latín) (genitales fem. Also a whore” (F & H). and Can. horse-pestilence. to. 14301942. Manguera/usar la manguera (pene/copular. sl. See horse2. 56). Caballo (pene). OED.. sl. Carne de caballo (pene de gran tamaño) (jerga gay). vii. Peste caballar (enfermedad venérea). quite often: «Virtue is no horn-maker. It has also been used as a euph.(Hustler). horsemanship.

Ardent. Often found in sexual ads. Coition. ‘a brothel’. was. Casa caliente (burdel) (usado por Shaks. hot1. 68 Sexually excited. ‘applied to a lascivious woman’ (coarse sl. en el pasado como ‘madama de un burdel’). 53). hot lips.. 1927). Sexually aroused.. OED. Sp. says the mother. Mama?’ ‘That’s Johnny’s hot dog’. venereally diseased” (F & H). whose house. ‘a highly sexed woman’. hot2. They just said: ‘No can do’. Sp. hot exercise. 63-66). E. Sp. See bottom. (OED. to have the hots for someone.. Azafata (chica de alterne. Though the seal is all hot for the deal» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. / Of most hot exercise. Sp.). please your Fatherhoods. underworld. and asks. The female genitals. Jove. etc. The female genitals. Sp. hot dog.). more than a partridge.-a) (usado por Shaks. hot juice.. Often used as a euph. Ejercicio excitante (coito). and now she professes a hot-house. hot hole2. hot-bot. Sp. Sp. . 1511-1699. hot stuff. hot beef. hot pants. is a whore. A sexually attractive Black woman. hot hole1. Sp. fue usado tamb. hot fish. Sp. 1500-1971). prostituta). The female genitals. OED. sl. most of which are sl. sl. something very exciting. or a highly sexed woman. hot line. War imagery: «We had certainly been but a few instants away from it.). hostilities. Culito excitante (culo atractivo) (jerga gay). A brothel. a hot-house. hot-box/ hot box. in character: to have/get hot pants (OED. Sp. Sp.. Hot is found in a number of expressions. ‘Mama. as they say. which. 149). in Othello (III. as hot as monkeys. De sangre caliente (apasionado. Agujero caliente (burdel). V. Agujero excitante (vagina). I think. usó la comparación as hot as monkeys. ‘And what’s that?’ asks the little boy. US. ‘to feel a strong sexual desire for somebody’. v. Copulation: «This woman. Sp.. and yet on our return we saw everything in good forwardness for recommencing the tender hostilities» (FH. love set on thy horns» ( Merry Wives. excitable. US. It is a very old euph. sl. 44). An hour later the little girl comes running in crying. pluck’d down in the suburbs. The penis.» (Vol. A wanton woman. hot-house. is a very ill house too» (Measure.a bad woman. Que tiene una enfermedad venérea. US. sir. Also hot party line and hot (phone) talk. 52).: «. a1601. v. 1598-1879. The penis: ☺«A little girl and boy are being bathed together. gay jargon. Sex talk phone service. Coarse sl. Perrito caliente (pene). used it in this sense: «Now the hot-blooded gods assist me! Remember. lecherous.). in BURFORD. i. Chocolate excitante (mujer de color sexy). Jugo caliente (semen).: «’You want me to cool off that hot box of yours?’» (FU.). A lascivious woman.».» ( The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. Caliente (Shaks. “Infected. hot chocolate. Sp. ‘to be/become sexually aroused’. Sp. US... ‘calientes como monos’). Also. a prostitute. Sp. 117-18). ‘What’s that. hot-assed/arsed. A brothel. iii. Br. Sp. by Thomas Nashe. passionate. Culo-excitante (mujer lasciva. Hostilidades (coito). (Mujer) de culo caliente. prostituta. thou wast a bull for thy Europea. Pescado picante (pene). IV. hot-assed/arsed. for amorous. hot buns.Only conduct me to this bonny Belle. Johnny put his hot dog in my bun!’ » ( Rationale I. prostituta). Sp. Semen. The vagina. Labios ardientes (genitales fem. Shaks. ‘That’s Mary’s bun’. Carne de vaca picante (genitales fem. and it is still current: «A round-bottomed babe from Mobile Longed for years to be screwed by a seal. Attractive buttocks. Used by Shaks. Línea caliente (sexo por teléfono). hot-blooded. The little girl points to her brother’s penis. lustful. Sp.. But out at the zoo. 2-4). as it was used by Shaks. 404): «Were they as prime68 as goats. Caja excitante (genitales fem. II.

which were very fashionable in the early 1970s.. sl. See tomato. US. red pepper. Br. hot mutton. From the colloq. hot talk.: «. hot party line. hot pants. a seducer of women’. Sp. Abnormally elongated outer lips of the vulva. sl.. Now obs. Tomate picante (muchacha o mujer muy ardiente. hot-shit. from the name given to brief shorts worn by girls and young women. Lugar caliente (burdel). hot nuts3. Nowadays. sl.. hot milk. Also hot rocks. A highly sexed young woman. hot number. made of crushed Indian corn. Sp. a. hot spot. 19th c. wrapped in corn-husks and baked. Ardent. with a view to sexual intercourse. hotter than hell. Sp.: «She couldn’t stand it and begged me to sink my hot rod into her» (Pent). Also.she is one hot-shit lady.. A strong sexual desire. Número caliente (teléfono donde llamar para obtener compañía sexual) . Leche caliente (semen). Tamal picante (plato típico mejicano) (prostituta). A prostitute. Car imagery (an old car that has been fitted with a new and more powerful engine). Br. Sp. hot tomato. hot to trot. a hound is US. Huevos calientes (fuerte deseo sexual). Very passionate.-a). ‘que el infierno’). Sp. a prostitute. Minishorts (muy de moda en los años ’70) (mujer ardiente/caliente) . Abnormally enlarged buttocks. A passionate girl or woman.hot meat. hot tamale. hot session. To pursue a woman. Carne picante (genitales fem. Huevos calientes (hinchazón dolorosa de los testículos producida por una prolongada erección sin eyaculación/dolor de huevos).Sp. Sp. Sp. Sp. Tía muy caliente o algo muy excitante. Semen. hot pudding. Something very exciting. I had a bad case of hot nuts» ( FU. 106). sl. as if she were a game-animal. To have/get hot pants (OED. Coition. US. Often found in sexual ads. hot stuff. hot rod/hot stick. hot nuts1. Salchicha caliente (pene o coito). flavoured with pieces of meat. Sp. for ‘a lecher. 19th-20th c. Conversación caliente (servicio de sexo telefónico) (usado frec. Hottentot deformity. Also hot line and hot party line. Huevos calientes (hombre lascivo/’calentón’). en anuncios de sexo) . sl. Also. sl. Sp. hound. sl. underworld. 73). blue balls and love nuts/lover nuts/lover’s nuts: «. See quot.I admit that. Hotentotes (nalgas. 1889-1965: «She’s hot stuff and the two of us are working on her at once» ( TCp. en anuncios de sexo) . a. From the nakedness of these African natives.. Sp. Sp. Sp. sl. US. por la desnudez de estos nativos). Sexual intercourse. Possibly referring to the phone number of one of the ‘easy lays’ a man can try when he wants sexual company. term for a hot-water bottle. let me tell you» ( Pent). Hottentot apron/veil. A turgid and painful condition of the testicles caused by a prolonged erection without ejaculation. E. Rollito de crema caliente (coito). The penis. Also. Sp. etc. Sp. to. Caliente para trotar (sexualmente excitado. hotel.Sp. A brothel. sl. sl. Hotel (genitales fem. Sp. US. Sp. or a woman reputed to be highly sexed. at whoppers. Carne de cordero picante (genitales fem. Más caliente que la leche. 1927) is to be or become sexually aroused ( to have itchy pants. by the time Kay had been gone for a week. Coche preparado (pene).. The female genitals. hot nuts2. a prostitute. From tamal. Sesión excitante (coito). Límea caliente (servicio de sexo telefónico (usado frec. Sp. The female pudenda. OED. Más caliente que la leche (lit. hot rocks.). in US. Calentona (del término colloq. Sp. a prostitute.). a typical Mexican dish. o prostituta). sl.. Br. E. Sp. Also in . passionate.. US. Br. Sp. Sp. Hottentots. A passionate and accessible woman. A lascivious man. US. Sex talk phone service. Deformidad hotentote (culo anormalmente grande). Sexually excited. Delantal/velo hotentote (labios mayores de la vulva anormalmente alargados) . E. Sp. A very passionate girl. hot roll with cream. para ‘botella de agua caliente’). The female genitals. Also hot talk. Also. 17th c. prostituta). o prostituta). Sex talk phone service. hottie. a. Often found in sexual ads. copulation. The penis. E. See hot nuts. Sp. See hot. The buttocks.

Casa en las afueras. cunt-hound. 16th-17th c. hound. E. found: «A naughty old colonel of Bute Had a habit his friends thought was cute. house in the suburbs. fancy house.. A lecher. indeed. Madre de la casa (madama. house of call. used bawdy house. See call-house.. A madam.. I must say is dark Be it by Night or Day: But if that you be gotten in You cannot miss the Way» (‘Love’s Tenement’.: «I am as well acquainted here as I was in our house of profession. A brothel. . a house in the suburbs. house of call. Cazar con sabueso (perseguir a una mujer con intención de seducirla). house of profession. include: house of pleasure. Sp. house1. OED. Sp. Still occ. 1687. this was the safest. A brothel: «.a modern house no longer deserves the title “house of ill fame” or “ill repute”. a house of sale and a house of profession. OED. from the suburbs of London which had a bad reputation in those times. See quot. A brothel. US. v. Sp. a disorderly house. house of delight. among others. house of all nations. 117). The female genitals as lodging for the male: «My House.). 1940. a seducer of women. a house of ill/evil fame. A prostitute. A brothel. E.. house of ease. He’d slip off to Spokane And proceed from the train To a house of distinct ill repute» (Limerick). “A conventionalism”. etc. Casa de alivio (burdel). houri. Sp. Shaks. 176). or just a house. Casa de mala reputación (burdel). an ill house (see quot. 1749-1973: «In short. iii. Similar euphs. Sp. a house of resort.: whore-hound. at house of pleasure. Casa de mala fama (burdel). Sp. house of assignation. sl. and also a naughty house. in BURFORD. Casa de visita (burdel). Casa de placer (burdel). as euphs. sl. house of ease. en el extrarradio (burdel). at hot-house). Sp. Sp.). See at debauchery. 17th c.comb. Posada (burdel). house of ill/evil repute. 18th c.. house-mother.. a hot-house. house2. A brothel. sl. house of pleasure. an ill-famed house. house of debauchery. 1834. A brothel. See suburb sinner. cock-hound. A brothel. a1726. Sp. in BURFORD. Sp. a house of sin. A brothel. politest. A brothel. Sp. Casa (genitales fem..» (Measure. Percy Ms. a house of ill/evil repute. Sp. house of civil reception. Merry Drollery II. a common house. but “house of pleasure” » (THH. OED. house of ill/evil fame. and. according to PARTRIDGE in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap). a sporting house. Fleet Street houri/dove). Used by Shaks. a house of civil reception. Br. Sp. 1-4). OED. sl. Casa de profesionales (burdel) (usado por Shaks. for a brothel. Sp... IV. US. Sp. the most thorough house of accommodation in town» ( FH. Mujeriego. 1756-1886. a house of assignation. at the same time. meat-hound. Casa de citas. A brothel. a place for amorous appointments. Sp. For only the lewd Quality fuck there» («Last Night’s Ramble». juego de palabras con el término usado en USA para designar a la mujer que supervisa las habitaciones de las chicas en un colegio mayor). Br. F & H have Houri of Fleet Street. Hurí (de Fleet Street) (prostituta. a bawdy house. house of accommodation. See also bower and tenement. Casa de recepción ciudadana (burdel). Sp. OED. A brothel. punning on the term used for the woman who supervises the living quarters of college girls. A brothel: «’Twas Madam Southcott near Old Dunkirk Square. A brothel. house of joy. Casa de placer (burdel). 137). Casa de desenfreno (burdel). Casa (burdel). That House of Ease for many a rampant Peer. 174).

for to coit her. The female genitals. Casa de recreo (burdel) (usado por Shaks. Br. as in the following limerick: «There was a young mate of a lugger69 Who took out a girl just to hug her. hum-job. sl. Alimentar el fuego (copular en el sobaco. Synonymous with bagpipe (q. 51). Now obs. But my bowels work well. get hulled between wind and water). under the mons pubis. Extra-marital copulation. Br. US. Golpear cerca de la línea de flotación (poseer a una mujer. Also immoral house. (Of a male) to masturbate. sl.. 18th c. Sp. Sp. tal vez del significado dial. 98-99). and humming.. quizás del uso de esta frase para iniciar una conversación) . Casa de venta (burdel) (usado por Shaks. Sp. Sp. Nautical sl. Sp. perhaps from the dial. US.house of resort. He said we shou’d soberly Nature refresh. hug. Br. to stoop’. by Thomas Nashe. Cañón (pene). o hacer una felación) . ‘doblar el cuerpo. E. . meaning ‘to bend the body. Ama de casa (genitales fem. Casa bajo la colina (genitales fem. house of venery. I. 18th-19th c. Sp. ‘And a cold in the head. improper house. The female genitals.» (Fragment of rugby song). » ( Hamlet. howitzer. but Preach’d like a Saint. sl. 19th c. sl. To copulate: «I went to our Parson to make my complaint. v. 60-61). Every night when the evening grows dim.» (Measure. humble the flesh. a1601. Trabajo de canturreo (felación. 18th c.. The vagina. esp..). ¿Cómo está tu padre?(coito extra-conyugal. Sp.. Perhaps from the opening conversational gambit. huffle. Sp.). Sp. Casa de deleite (burdel). i. Abrazar al cerdo (masturbarse el hombre) hull between wind and water. ii. Sp. used as a euph. A brothel-keeper: «My mother’s a bawdy housekeeper. house under the hill. or dial. A type of oral sexual intercourse where sensation is created by placing the male genitals in the mouth. A brothel. 1979). Used by Shaks. Humillar la carne (copular). He looked like a Bacchus. A brothel. hug the hog. Sp.. Homosexual afeminado (origen incierto.. E. A brothel. II. Sp. how’s your father. Sp. sl. Sp. housekeeper. dial.. Sp. con una 69 A small sailing boat. Casa de tolerancia (burdel)..: «Shall all our houses of resort in the suburbs be pull’d down?.). agacharse’). 19th c. etc. E. in BURFORD. From a heavy gun which fires shells over a short distance. Used by Shaks. Sp. Sp. she said. Sp. huddle. US. 19th-20th c.. Casa de seguridad (vagina). house of sin. An effeminate male homosexual.). house of tolerance . The penis. house of security. Abrazar (copular).). To copulate.: «I saw him enter such a house of sale. A brothel: «And she. house of tolerance. (see get hulled between wind and water). sl.Do you bugger?’». Origin uncertain.). To possess a woman. sl.v. Abrazar (copular). in a bit of how’s your father. Ama de llaves (madama de un burdel). She hangs out a little red lantern. house of sale. from the meaning ‘to fan a fire’ (obs. poor Wretch compelled for sanctuary To fly into a House of Venery» ( The Merrie Ballad of Nashe His Dildo. Then Nine times he Urg’d me to Humble the Flesh» (Pills. A brothel. Sp. ‘I’ve my monthlies’. US.. occ.. Br. Casa de pecado (burdel). housewife. in HENKE. E. To embrace a woman amorously. huckle..

The female genitals (with a large Mount of Venus). Sp. in the human body. etc. de hum-job) (felación).. hump oneself.: «James is also black and hung like a mule» ( Hustler). sin parar (v.: «The worst was when I gave Brendon’s roommate Eric a hummer in their apartment!» (Barely Legal)..: «He was the most gorgeous hunk of man I ever saw» (FU. meaning copulation or a woman considered sexually (US. sl. A punning on loading and transporting mutton. hump one’s hose. To penetrate sexually: «. of which we give a fragment below. hump. Sp. but Charles only one foot . 64). Lex. A variation of hum-job. A sexually attractive man/boy. hump the mutton. 158).» (CP. she sends her mother the following telegram: Am very happy. Sp. Sp. Trabajo de canturreo (var. sl. Lex... 1966-1989. At the height of the mating season He tries to bugger the sphinx. Equipado como un pollo (poco dotado).he began to hump into me. US. (bien dotado). 27). is from GROSE (1785). Masturbarse (v. Here’s one based on a misunderstanding between ‘foot’. hump into. hunk. orig.. US. OED. Sp. Coito y mujer como objeto sexual (v. Estar bien dotado. as coarse sl.. hung like a chicken. 1785-1971 (the first quot. (Of a man) possessing large genitals: «I was never fortunate enough to meet with a guy who was really hung» (Fiesta). humpy number. who says: «Once a fashionable word for copulation». Sp. a theory confirmed by PARTRIDGE (1961): «it was transported to the US. but reviving in the 20th c. (Of a man) possessing large genitals. and ‘a foot’ = 12 inches: ☺«A bride discovers on her wedding night that her husband has an orthopedic foot. See quot. but hunk and a hunk of man are now more widely used applied to a sexually attractive. ruggedly handsome man. Tío macizo (jerga gay). 51). Equipado como un toro/caballo/mulo. said either of a man or a woman. To masturbate. Masturbarse el hombre. to).. And her mother replies with another telegram: Don’t worry. «. US. macizo). Related to Flemish hunke. Sp.). hump away. El jorobado (genitales fem. Almost interchangeable with piece and bit in a hunk of ass/tail/butt/skirt. Cargar la carne de cordero (copular). your father only seven inches» (Apuntes Secretos. Pedazo (coito. Sp. To copulate. both for “an act of copulation» and for «a woman available for sexual intercourse”.. There are lots of jokes about the size of the penis. consistente en colocar el pene en la boca a la vez que se canturrea una canción). OED (AS). OED. at grease one’s pipe/pole. hump. to). hump. Which accounts for the hump on the camel And the sphinx’s inscrutable smile». con un gran monte de Venus). Copular (quizás por el arqueamiento de la espalda en el coito). (Of a male) to masturbate. as coarse sl. There is the possibility that a famous rugby song. colloq. From the repeated arching or ‘humping’ of the back when copulating. sl. etc. hump. the. the next quot. is from 1931.or remembering some gorgeous hunk you might have seen earlier» ( CP. 19 th c. To copulate. Sp.. has contributed to the popularization of the word: «The sexual life of the camel Is stranger than anyone thinks. which according to MCDONALD seems to point to its getting into disuse for a while. to. The following morning. hump. where it survives in cant». tía buena. gay jargon. To copulate vigorously: «Nick humped away at me for what seemed like hours» (Pent).» ( CN.. (Of a man) having small genitals. hump. to). Copular con ahínco.. Sp. hoy día dicho sobre todo de un hombre muy atractivo. Sp. Sp. hummer. US. A blow job.técnica especial. hung like a bull/a horse/a mule. etc. 38). Penetrar (v. hung. Sp. A piece of (food). to). Copulation.v. to be.. But the sphinx’s posterior sphincter Is all clogged by the sands of the Nile. «He was indeed gifted – hung like an old stallion. 1931. humpbacked. q. . Sp.

Hymen’s rites. Esposo de la naturaleza (pene). for «to engage in prostitution». hussy1. Pene (prob. de . ‘a big attractive man’. underworld. Colloq. Nalgas (de la frase on one’s hunkers. “A walking strumpet” (F & H). sl. excitado sexualmente) hunt-about. to marry. 1825-1972. In Greek and Roman mythology. punning on ‘hunk/hunky’. Also. together with the corresponding adjective. hussy2. She didn’t wait for you to come to her – she went out and grabbed you». Sp. OED. muy atractivo).hunk of heaven. The he/she. A prostitute. it acquired the meaning of ‘an immoral woman’. resp. sl. US. A female or male prostitute. hustler1. as sl. ‘piel delgada’). E. sl. 1930. copular (del holandés husselen. sl. ‘Fresca’ (gay insaciable). as a euph. the god of marriage. From the phrase on one’s hunkers. Sp. paradoxically one of the largest computer companies in the world. The penis. hymeneal. Flecha del cazador (pene). Abrev.. sl. Sp. hunkers. Hymen. q. Himeneo (dios del matrimonio en la mitología griega y romana) (raro hoy día). del griego humen. US. virgo (del latín. represented as a young man carrying a torch and veil. In the 17 th c. Sp. Sp. Br. Chulo de prostituta. from Greek humen. juego de palabras con macizo. Prostituta/prostituto. A sexually attractive. Sp. sl. 16011880. A sexually attractive person. ( TCn. After a dog used by Eskimos. Sp. ‘to shake’. Used. as sl. Prob. hustler2. From hustle. OED (AS). OED. The penis. 16th c.. to.. US. hunky2. Buscona (prostituta). Lex. Why I don’t know» (Fiesta).. Pet name for the penis. Sp. 1647-1889. tamb. hunky1. husbandry. A womanizer. OED. male or female. husky. to become the husband of. Br. hymen. Cazador (mujeriego). Macizo (cuadrado. Punning on ‘IBM’ (International Business Machines). Sp. A two-bit hustler is a cheap prostitute. huntsman’s arrow. ruggedly handsome man. Farming imagery. The virginal membrane. Dedicarse a la prostitución. E. for marriage. OED. Sp.. sl. Lagarta (forma contracta de housewife) (mujer indecente o prostituta). used in the English translations of Rabelais. To act the part of a husband. E. Sp. 19th c. 1756-1947). as sl. casarse. 17th c. A phonetic reduction of ‘housewife’. Sp. Sp. husband of nature.. a woman-chaser. 19781990. Br. A homosexual that needs to have sex all the time. the penis. Pedazo de carne (persona sexy. An old euph. hurry-whore. From Dutch husselen. Buscar la anchoa (hacer un cunilinguo). Sp. Sp. Copulation. Sp.v. Gay sl. US. 17th c. en una pareja de gays). Sp. consummating the ceremony of marriage (in Greek and Roman mythology Hymen was the god of marriage). hunt the anchovy. nuptials. Perro esquimal (pene) (raro). Ritos de himeneo (dios del matrimonio en la mitología griega y romana) (coito). OED. 53). Esposo. resp. husband/wife. Now rare. An attractive young woman. Br. Agricultura (coito). Puta con prisas. E. ‘sacudir’). A small penis. hustle. wedding. ‘thin skin’. Sp. in a squatting position. Sp. Not common. of obscure origin (OED. 1615-1807: «The truth is that I have never had an intact hymen. OED. sl. 1924-1970: «Germaine (a French prostitute) was a hustler. To perform cunnilingus. orig. A pimp. Sp. To copulate. The penis. ‘en cuclillas’. pene)... 17th c. Lex. Br. sl. husband. huntsman. Pedazo de cielo (joven atractiva). a piece of skin that partly covers the entrance to the vagina of some girls or women who have not had sex.-a (miembro de rol activo o pasivo. 1590-1883. US. E. in a homosexual relationship. Ejercer de marido. Sp. Also sexually aroused. de origen oscuro). US.. From Late Latin hymen. hunk of meat. I IBM (itty bitty meat). Sp. OED. The buttocks. Lex. Sp. Sp. Copulation. tío bueno. Himen.

a prostitute. for a kept mistress. Impotente. Sp. Sp. Empalar (penetrar a una mujer). Dentro (el pene en la vagina). See quot. unresponsive woman. or perhaps from the epithet mockingly applied to the Puritans. Casa inmoral (burdel). Puritan/puritan is registered in PARTRIDGE (1961) as a whore.. Sp.. a frigid woman. Gay jargon. Sp. a prostitute. Actually. oysters and honey Are sheer waste of money. (Of the penis) inside the vagina: ☺«Three words guaranteed to destroy any man’s ego: ‘Is it in?’ » (More of the World’s Best Dirty Jokes. Sp. Sp. The penis. 54). A prostitute: «She’s a most immoral lady. at hot-house. 20). improper house.. US. The penis.. Perhaps ironical. sl. Also iceberg. a frigid woman. at niche. According to the OED. Palacio del hielo (burdel de categoría). A brothel. Sp. want of power. in a delicate condition. impotence. Esp. sl. The penis. and a hundred to the brokeress» ( FH. still occ. What works is to bed a fresh woman’» (Limerick). incapable of reproduction» (1615-1859). Sp. US. Used by Shaks. Ídolo (pene). Sp. ice palace. Common in the 19th c.). 1784-1830. implement. OED. OED. but the date given (18th c. Sp. The term. Impotencia./And she lay between the sheets with nothing on at all» (Fragment of rugby song). found: «A licentious old justice of Salem Used to catch all harlots and jail’em. US. Br. A high-class brothel. ID. To make pregnant. idol. Abrazos ilícitos (coito extra-conyugal). A brothel. immoral girl/lady. impudence. since ‘pure’ is synonymous with ‘chaste’. Sp. ill house. sl. Sp. Máquina de helados (pene). Iceberg (mujer fría o frígida). Complete absence of sexual power. Pills. impure. impregnate. Also ice-wagon. 1838. 1646-1871. From Latin impregnare. Casa mala (burdel) (usado por Shaks. Sp. 1655-1858: «Said a crafty old doctor named Hammon: ‘Impotence is getting too common. A brothel. immoral house. imaginary jewel. Sp. icing expert. A counterfeit maidenhead: «. Abrev. Vagón de hielo (mujer fría o frígida). From ID card. from Latin impotentia. in. Herramienta (pene). Joya imaginaria (virgo contrahecho). See quot. sl. A fellator. From F. Sp.the purchase of my imaginary jewel [. En estado delicado (embarazada) (usado por Dickens). impotent. Sp. Sp. Experto en glaseados (experto en felaciones) (jerga gay). Pregnant. 18th c. Casa indecorosa (burdel). de identity card (carnet de identidad) (pene). A cold. An unchaste or lewd person. The penis. impale. E. Sp. the OED registers pure (1688) as slang obs. Curiously enough. Used by Dickens in Nicholas Nickleby. Extra-marital copulation. OED. The penis. See tool. 158).] at no more than three hundred guineas to myself. impotence. unresponsive woman. iceberg.) does not fit. however.International Business Machines (una de las más grandes compañías de computadoras del mundo) y de itty bitty meat (pequeño pedazo de carne) (paradójicamente: pene pequeño) . Sp. «wholly lacking in sexual power. To penetrate a woman. ice-wagon. Fecundar (del latín impregnare) (dejar embarazada). Sp. A cold. But instead of a fine He would stand them in line. Sp. is now commonly applied to a man who is unable to coit with a woman because he cannot get or keep an erection: «I just like to see women in lovely underwear. ice-cream machine. If I tried to touch you I would immediately become impotent» ( DOV. Impura (prostituta). Sp. illicit embraces. . Vergüenzas (pene). With his common-law tool to impale’em» (Limerick). in the phrase let’s see your ID.. Chica/señora inmoral (prostituta)..

in David Copperfield. of a woman) (not to) be willing to copulate. in pig. in rut. de los humanos) . See rut. de una mujer). and to get/put in the club. in drag. (not to) be. OED. in the mood. Con el traje de los domingos /en sus mejores galas (con el pene en erección) . Pregnant. que contiene las semillas). Sp. The dirty old fucker. OED. Al natural (desnudo. Sp. En estado interesante (embarazada) (usado por Dickens). In a period of sexual excitement and activity. His name it was Tucker. Said of male ruminants and. sexually excited: «The Basque realized she was in heat» (DOV. 19th c. Sp. Preñada (dicho de una cerda y. Naked. Sp. (Gen. Sp. See altogether. Pregnant. See altogether. Sp. From the standard use (of a sow). in the. Sp. copulando). Br. Naked. En celo (dicho de los rumiantes y. in the. in the. See altogether. Naked. Br. the blighter. For synonyms. the sod» (Limerick). Sp. Sp. En el club (preñada)..-a. 1796-1935: ☺«The French are queer folk. 1937. in season. in a particular condition. in the natural.in a delicate state of health . Working as a prostitute. hence fully armed. OED. Sp. and put thee in club’» (Limerick). Sp. En situación interesante (embarazada). 1850. Esperando familia. Desnudo. OED. Sp. E. and she said that she thought it was her man’s fault. Sp. Sp. Having an erect penis. in the nude.-a). See altogether. Sp. embarazada. Entre los dos. Sp. from plum pudding club (punning on ‘plump’). (To make) pregnant. Embarazada (de la vaina de los guisantes. her mother asked how it was that she was not in the family way. in the raw. drag). En la caja (dentro de la vagina. Sp. 1890-1976: «There was a young man of Cape Cod Who once put my wife into pod. En el comercio/oficio (ejerciendo de prostituta). Naked. in heat. now seldom heard. buff. for she always swallowed it all right» (Rationale II. in the. Sp. in the nuddy. Desnudo. club being an abbrev. Sp. En celo. sl. in an interesting situation. See quot. Used by Dickens in Nicholas Nickleby. see altogether. freq. by extension. Sp. no quots. when she came home after a year or two. Pregnant. Copulating. En bolas. Pregnant. in the trade. Pregnant. sl. Sp. Sp. From the standard meaning ‘fully dressed or equipped’. sl. . in the buff. OED. 167).. 170). A bisexual person. desnudo integral. por extensión. Sp. in the. En cueros (v. “Pregnant” (F & H). The bugger. dejar en estado. ni una cosa ni otra (bisexual). 1945. Said of a man wearing a woman’s clothes. 1936): «There was a girl student named Grubb Too young to be served in a pub. See up the pole. Sp. Pregnant. E. por extensión. Naked. There was a girl of this village (Leipzig) who married a French sailor. En uniforme de gala (con el pene en erección). See box. Sp. See season. in the altogether. In a period of sexual excitement and activity (see heat). OED. in one’s Sunday clothes/in one’s Sunday best. in the. v. Austr. in the club. in pod. Embarazada. From the pod of a leguminous plant containing the seeds. in the box. Naked. Said a Yorkshire churchwarden: ’Just come in the garden. in to be in the (pudding) club and to have joined the club. With an erect penis. and US. (to put) . En un estado especial (embarazada). at belly-rub. 1680-1962. and. (To put) in a/the/that/ way are vars. Al natural (desnudo. En delicado estado de salud (embarazada) (usado por Dickens). in the family way. in the). in between. See buff.-a). Ah’ll serve thee. in an interesting condition.-a. En época de celo. in the spud line. Pregnant. in full fig. (No) estar de humor (para el coito). of humans. From the starched clothes worn on Sunday for church. 19 th c. to be pregnant. to make pregnant (OED. See drag. Vestido de mujer (travestido. Used by Dickens.

speaking of the nuns and friars who inhabit his confiscated home). II. Sp. An assault of a sexual nature. for ‘rape’. Atentado contra el pudor (usado a veces indebidamente como euf. / I’ll have a saying to that nunnery» ( JM. See quot. ii. 1563-1965: «There was a young man of Belgravia Who cared neither for God nor his Saviour.. II. Pregnant. Sp. to seek carnal intercourse with them. inch of mutton. US. From late Latin incubus. indecent assault. Br. Sp. as a euph. via O. Indecencia. So she tossed him off. Sp. Sp. esp. 23). 1891: ☺«A father and son are in partnership. To be menstruating. Copulation. Copulation. OED. see little visitor. obscene. OED. Íncubo (del latín tardío) (demonio que se aparecía en sueños a las mujeres buscando copular con ellas). Sp. Used by Shaks.in the way. Dolor de huesos incurable (sífilis) (usado por Shaks. ‘no casto’. The action of exposing indecently parts of one’s body in public. c1205-1865. sl. Creced y multiplicaos (alusión jocosa a las palabras bíblicas). a1225-1868: «There was a young fellow from Bicester Who wanted to roger his sister. Incógnita (prostituta encubierta).. E. ‘impuro’). Dad. sl. Sp. reminding him that they must share their responsibilities. from incubare. not involving rape or attempted rape.). Hacerlo por detrás (practicar la sodomía). The quality of being indecent. He walked down the Strand With his balls in his hand. for anal intercourse. sexual commerce of near kindred. 1851-1970. E. indoor fishing. in-and-out/in-out. Estar indipuesta (tener la regla). Sp. Deportes para dentro de la casa (actividad sexual dentro de casa). highly unsuitable or inappropriate’. To practise sodomy.). Sp. She said: ‘Incest is awful. indecent exposure. “Well. A disguised prostitute. 1589-1871. heard in Canada. Sp. OED. increase and multiply. Sp. From Latin incestus. Sp. Sp. Sexual activity carried on indoors. The female genitals. 17th c. Used by Marlowe: (Barabas. nightmare. while he kissed her» (Limerick). Pesca en el interior (masturbarción fem. ‘impure’. The son seems worried and the father asks him why. to be. from Latin indecent. indisposed. to lie upon. iii. En camino (embarazada). [PARTRIDGE. Sp. The penis: «I am one that loves an inch of raw mutton better than an ell of fried stockfish» (DF. India (genitales fem. From the older meaning ‘unbecoming. ‘unchaste’. OED. Sp. India. Exhibicionismo. OED. Sp. Offensive to the standards of propriety and delicacy. Sp. Sp.). And was had up for indecent behaviour» (Limerick). When the girl is unmarried. the genitals. or an indecent act. . Práctica con el trineo dentro de casa (coito). Gross indecency is sometimes used as a euph. indoor sledging. incognita. incubus. in his notes to his edition of GROSE (under wap)]. indorse. An evil demon who descended upon women in their sleep. Besides it’s unlawful’. Sp. with jocular biblical allusion. indecency. Br. Individuo (gay). incest. See bone-ache. since you put it that way. incurable bone-ache. 181-84). Produce progeny. to be. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Indecente. 1934. Una pulgada de carne de cordero (pene). 18 th c. The crime of sexual intercourse between persons related within the degrees within which marriage is prohibited. See play at in and out. For synonyms. Estar en apuros (embarazada y soltera). See indorser. Pregnant. individual. See also be fruitful and multiply. from earlier Latin incubo. in trouble. Occ. but used colloq.F. A male homosexual. indecent. the stenographer is in trouble and she wants us to marry her”» ( Rationale II. OED. Dentro-fuera (coito). Sp. See in the family way. Syphilis. Incesto (del latín incestus. por ‘violación’). OED. indoor sports. at attempted assault.sl. 9091). «For though they do a while increase and multiply.

Infibulación (del latín infibulare. Sp. to be captivated with. for adultery. Infantería (prostitutas que hacen la calle a pie. 247). Rincón al lado de la chimenea. infatuated with. 1642-1698. Trousers. The first act of copulation. Sp. 243).. v. injection. Sp. a clasp or pin. Trousers. “To practise sodomy” (F & H. Muñeca inflable.-a con. the labia minora.. ingravidate. Que lo hace por detrás (sodomita). The condition of being infatuated.. See also nooky. operación prácticada a veces por los romanos a las esclavas para impedir el coito antes del matrimonio.. Sp. nooky). Sp. Sp. 1700-1856. Inefables (pantalones o ropa interior fem. the.I’m versatile about my fetishes. Labios interiores (labios menores de la vulva). rinconera (genitales fem.. tamb. “A sodomite” (GROSE). To be possessed by an extravagant passion for. The smaller lips at the opening of the vagina. From Latin infibulare. q. tamb. q. ‘broche’ o ‘alfiler’. de in + fibula. to. Sp. a1567-1863: «’How could you keep being infatuated with strange men?’» (FOF.» (FH.» (CN. that makes my infatuations even less explicable» ( FOF. from in + fibula. infatuation. from in + fatuus. ineffables. Insertion of the penis: «...). Sp. See unmentionables.I did not fight against the ingress. Sp. Inyección (eyaculación en la vagina). E. inflatable doll. infidelity. ingress/ingression. Inefable (genitales fem. v. q. Sp. inner lips. ‘foolish’..v.). inner vally. OED.» ( CN. or a woman’s underwear.. Sp. OED. The female genitals.v. To make pregnant. ingle.she clos’d her eyes in the sweet death. Sp. Conjugal infidelity is a common euph. sl. or a woman’s underwear. inner sanctum. used erroneously for the piercing of nipples or genitalia in sado-masochistic practices. Fecundar (del latín ingravidare) (dejar embarazada).. Registered in FARMER’S Vocabula Amatoria. 1896. .. Sp. 19th c. v. Prostitutes who solicit on foot. Practicar la sodomía..: «I close my inner lips around his penis and suck him inwardly» ( DOV. 18). The vagina: «The pearly dew dripped from my inner channel.. 159). 139). OED. Br. Iniciación (primera vez. initiation. To penetrate a woman. initiate. as opposed to cavalry. 81). to have one’s mind or fancy set on someone. ingle-nook. In a way. “A sodomist” (F & H). Iniciar (en los placeres del sexo). Entrar/entrada (inserción del pene).. The action of infibulating: the fastening of the sexual organs with a fibula or clasp to prevent coitus before marriage. Sodomita. v. unmentionables). of infatuare. inexpressibles.I could feel the tongue tickling the inner sanctum of my female self.. ineffable.. OED..» (EIC. The female pudenda. Infidelidad.indorser. Sp. in the instant of which she was embalm’d by an injection.. sl. 1650-1872. From Latin ingravidare (see gravid). Unfaithfulness to a husband or wife. The vagina: «. práctica aun corriente en algunas culturas primitivas) (usado a veces erróneamente por ‘piercing’ en prácticas sadomasoquistas). From Latin infatuatus. Valle interior (vagina).v. Inexpresables (pantalones o ropa interior fem . infemurate... See also sex doll. Encaprichamiento amoroso. Ejaculation in a woman’s vagina: «. the operation was sometimes performed on slaves by the Romans. See unmentionables. 33). inner channel. ingler. inflatable doll complete with all the sexual features. 1649-1882: «. Canal interior (vagina). Br. Sp. cavalry). 19th c. Sp. A life-sized.. Sp. OED. past part. Sp.. and is still a common practice with some primitive tribes. 36). Sp. Encaprichado.. The term is occ. infibulation. sold as a sexual aid at sex shops: «Try our rubber girlfriend (air-inflatable)/Perennially young (quite insatiable). Sp. The vagina: «The rubber head [of the dildo] coursed down the sides of my inner valley» (Playbirds). prostitutes who solicit from motor vehicles. Penetrar a una mujer. primer coito). infantry. the. To introduce someone to the pleasures of sex: «I felt how wonderful it would be to initiate you» (LB.» (Fragment of limerick). Sp. unmentionables). Sp. Santuario interno (vagina). E. Sp.

. Sp. Introducir/presentar a Charley (introducir el pene en la vagina) . Raja entre las piernas (genitales fem. intimate parts. To penetrate sexually. Acto sexual entre los muslos de la pareja. at niche. Introducirla (introducir el pene en la vagina). sexual connexion. instrument of pleasure.. Sp. To insert the penis in the vagina. intercrural trench. Homosexuals regarded as a separate sexual group. Sp. Freq. Copulation. The genitals. 1668-1883. insert it/the penis.v.. See also have intercourse. Used in ‘personal’ ads by sadists seeking masochistic sexual partners (see quot. for ‘the penis’. Sp. intermediate sex. o fem. Intimidad (coito). Sp. intimate encounter. Penetrar. Sp.» (FH. Sp.I was now in touch [. A pun on ‘to make somebody known to someone’ and ‘insert’. A clandestine love affair (see affair). See third sex. To be intimate is also lex. Sp. Encuentro íntimo (coito). in journalistic and forensic jargon. It is an old euph. having cleansed the chaps’ intimate parts with warm water and cloths. esp. Sp. Violentar sexualmente. See quot. Penetración. introduce Charley. rara vez. 239). A truncation of to have sexual intercourse. Chaucer used it as a euph. Used by Sir Thomas Urquhart in his translation of Rabelais. From French intrigue. Interflora (relaciones sexuales entre ‘los muchachos flores’ y las hippies.. Contacto sexual.. which was used by Shaks. intromission. not much .. Intriga (lío amoroso). 1948..) (usado por Chaucer como genitales fem. Homosexual jargon. esp. From Latin inseminare..» ( EAP. intrigue. male or female: «. for ‘copulate’ (1889-1969). See part(s). Sp. introduce it.). OED. the. 217). The penis. intromit. Apasionado por el cuero (usado en anuncios por palabras para indicar preferencia por las prácticas sado-masoquistas). from Latin intricare. entangle. Tener contacto sexual (forma truncada de to have sexual intercourse). even in intercourse» ( DOV. OED. 70 Sp. . as obs. the. sl. Sp. (Of either sex) homosexual. OED.. 1798-1973: «There is a perfection in a woman’s body that can never be possessed. See leather2. Sp. Sp. interested in the opposite sex. 181). Sp. Introducir el pene/introducirla/meterla. To insert the penis in the vagina: «There was a young virgin of Bude 70 «In wifehood I will use my instrument/As freely as my Maker me it sent». at C/P). Partes íntimas (genitales masc. OED.inseminate. US. See encounter. instrument. known completely. intercourse. El sexo intermedio (los homosexuales). Sp. The one who inserts the penis and the one who receives it. 1923. Instrumento (pene y. into leather. and have sexual intercourse. A code for sado-masochistic practices used in sexual ads. “Love-making: among the Flower Boy and Girl ‘hippies’. To insert the penis in the vagina. Sp. To impregnate with semen. 16). Sp. Sp.. interflora. No demasiado interesado. to. Sp. Sp.-a por el sexo opuesto (homosexual. for the female genitals in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue: «In wifhood wol I use myn instrument As freely as my Makere hath it sent».] with the instrument of pleasure. intrude. c1386-1718: «.. Copulation. Curiously enough. interfemoral intercourse. interfere with. resp. intercourse. y por Shaks. q. Instrumento de placer (pene).). Penetrador/penetrado (el que la mete/al que se la meten) (jerga gay) . Sexual intercourse. Sp. institute of dominance. in London” (PARTRIDGE. To insert the penis in the vagina.Lex.the girls who. 1676-1963.. como pene). 1974). OED. by natural or artificial means... hombre o mujer) . en Londres). Inseminar (por medios naturales o artificiales). insertor/insertee.I felt about my lower person the presence of an instrument which was certainly not that of a child» ( EAP. The penis: «. intimacy. OED. Instituto de dominación (código en anuncios sexuales para sado-masoquismo) . To molest or assault sexually. Insertion of the penis in the vagina. The female pudendum. Sp. genitales fem . Copulation between the thighs of the partner.

For it’s high time your Maidenhead Were in my possession» ( The Schoolmaster’s Lesson. The vagina: «. Ejaculated semen received in the vagina in the course of coitus. Syphilis. 19th c. Sp. as defined by FARMER & HENLEY. Sp. Sp. sl. 1897-1971..-a (homosexual. Sp. Irish dip. a broadside ballad. Copulation (where the jack takes the ace). Dolor de muelas irlandés (pene erecto y embarazo) (chiste británico a expensas de los irlandeses. Br. Invertido. Irish promotion. Belgia).I no sooner felt the warm spray darted up my inwards from him. Inundación (semen eyaculado en la vagina). Colgaduras irlandesas (tetas caídas). Sp. Irish root. Homosexual sl.. Intrusión (penetración). in the phrase jerking iron. Someone whose sex instincts are inverted. Masturbation. Irish whist. Boda irlandesa (masturbación). Br. . en La Comedia de las Equivocaciones. The posterior. to share the momentary ecstasy» ( FH. Irish wedding. Sp. at forge). Sp. Irish toothpick. Sp. Sp. Sexual detumescence. Sp. Sp. Maratón irlandés (una noche entera de amor). Still some use. 246). Caballo irlandés (pene impotente). Sp. Used by Shaks. Irish horse. Semen spilled extra-vaginally. E. Impotent penis. Pasto irlandés (genitales de una irlandesa). Masturbation. Irish clubhouse.. US. Club irlandés (prostíbulo refinado). Sp. Sp. Sp. A homosexual. ‘Whist’ irlandés (coito). inwards. A British joke at the expense of the Irish. Copulation. invert/inverted. Heterosexual anal copulation. Inmersión irlandesa (coito). v. A British joke at the expense of the Irish. Baile irlandés (coito). Hada irlandesa (gay). Irish toothache. at reservoir of joy. Erección irlandesa (flacidez del pene). Invadir (copular. sl. OED. based on the traditional Irish Catholicism censure of birth control which results in abstinence from sex or in unwanted pregnancies. Sexual penetration: «Then the intrusion occurred that practically tore her in two» (FU. 19 th c. Sp. «The female genitals and a pair of crude country clogs». the. Sp. Sp. Interior (vagina). The penis. hombre o mujer). though exciting. Hierro (pene). See at bogs. See dance the Irish jig. Fortuna irlandesa (los genitales y un par de zuecos). invade. Sp. Sp. See quot. Irish fortune. Give a hot poultice for the Irish toothache (q. Sp. US. 42). Irish mutton. Entrometerse (introducir el pene en la vagina). Sp. were viewed With distrust by the males For she’d fondle their rails. Sp. sl. Irish confetti. lo que resulta en abstinencia sexual o embarazos no deseados) . But never would let them intrude» (Limerick). In «A Lusty Young Smith» in Pills. Erect penis of a sodomite. Irish jig. A la irlandesa (coito anal). Still occ. for ‘a limp penis’. of the male: «Don’t be coy when I invade And kindly yield the Blessing. To copulate with. Sp. Pudenda of an Irish woman. The erect penis and pregnancy. 150). (see quot. intrusion. E. A male or female homosexual.Whose tricks. Pendulous breasts.v. Carne de cordero irlandesa (sífilis). Irish draperies. iron. Irish fairy. 19th c. Irish rise. 18th c. Irish marathon. Irish way. Confeti irlandés (semen derramado extravaginalmente). A full night of love. A refined house of prostitution. Sexual intercourse. in BURFORD. c1720. Irlanda (trasero) (usado por Shaks. but I was punctually on flow. Raíz irlandesa (pene). Sp. Sp. Palillo de dientes irlandés (pene erecto de un sodomita). The penis. dicho del hombre). 19th c. Irish pasture.) is sometimes heard for ‘to permit copulation (of a woman)’. Ireland. sl. in The Comedy of Errors. Sp. heard. esp. since detumescence is a euph.. Promoción irlandesa (masturbación). inundation. From the notion that such a mode of intercourse is used by the Irish to prevent pregnancy. basado en el catolicismo tradicional de éstos que les impide el uso de métodos anticonceptivos.

I tried to pull out.. E. If you’ve slept with that son-of-a-bitch again’» (Limerick). Mardrus and Powys Mathers. Sp. 56). strong sexual desire. but of getting pregnant. sl. at least. sex appeal. esp. Rhyming sl. 1923. itch. Sp. a male prostitute. irregular situation. Sp. ‘That’s strange. To have a strong sexual desire: «I’ve been itching as hell [. at paramour). for poof. Dardo de hierro (pene en erección)..» (EIC.. irrumation.». iron dart. and Shaks. To fellate. Sexual intercourse. o fem. or colloq. dating from the 16th c. q.v.. escozor (‘calentura’.v. Lex. iron hoof. y atractivo sexual). itching Jenny. it’s the calf . it’s not the bull they’re afraid of. Roman Catholic Church jargon for the situation in which a priest lives and copulates regularly with a woman. I’m surprised it ain’t mange. A la manera italiana (coito anal). Sp. I guess» (TCp. ‘to give suck’. Sp. for the genitals. Producción (semen) (usado en la Versión Autorizada de la Biblia del rey Jacobo de 1611).» (FH. Carta italiana (condón) (menos frec. Ello (coito. 1611-1972. Felación (del latín irrumatio).] I must be cunt-struck. q. the. 87). to. Sp. Sp. masc . Br. See also seven-yearitch. Used as a euph. Sp.. issue. esp. Es travieso pero agradable (coito. Picor. in LEWIS. que French letter. No es al toro al que temen las mujeres sino al becerrito (lo malo no es el coito sino el embarazo) . Itcher is a var. Sp. It is also freq. From Latin irrumatio. ‘the female pudenda’. 51: «. for the sexual urge. See bull1. it.. punning on tail.’ Said her mother... Italian is often used in classic bawdy verse with an innuendo of homosexuality (see quots. 1887-1947. Italian manner/way/fashion.iron bar. Copulation. ‘Irregular’ is registered in the OED (c1380-1885) in the broader sense of «not in conformity with the rule of the Church or of some ecclesiastical order».. itch1. Sp. Irrupción (inserción del pene en la vagina).. los genitales. 1887-1947. for semen in The Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible of 1611 (see quot. excitación) (usado por Shaks . Lust. Fellatio. ‘Damn it! I’ve got the itch again. To coit with a woman and ejaculate: «As the moment came. It is an old euph. both male and female.. Hacer una felación (del latín irrumare).). Sp. q. genitales). A homosexual male. Sp. ii. it’s naughty but it’s nice. for copulation and for the male and female genitals (see it ). Cultura italiana (coito anal). The penis: «The iron bar must be very hot to make the anvil groan so much!» (From The Book of a Thousand Nights and One Night.). tamb. Less common than French letter.). Sp.v.(he) stopping my mouth with kisses of humid fire. as a vague euph. makes a fresh irruption. and naughty was used for ‘copulation’ in the 19th c. translated by C. Italian culture. Also.Yet a tailor 71 might scratch her where’er she did itch. 244). To be at it is quite common for ‘to be copulating’. Sp. Sp. itch2... Tener picores (estar ‘caliente’). A condom. Sp. OED. Sp. OED. in the expression to have an itch in the belly . A sensation of irritation in the skin produced by a sexual disease: «There was a young lady of Michigan Who said. at ramrod. escozor (producido por una enfermedad venérea). The female genitals. Anal intercourse. Catch-phrase used in Australia to indicate that women aren’t afraid of sex. 19 th c. the action of the verb irrumare. Sp. in to do the naughty (see naughty). Situación irregular (en la que un sacerdote católico cohabita con una mujer) irrigate. as sl. It is a very old euph. 71 Any copulating male. . Jenny con picores (genitales fem. II. Barra de hierro (pene).. Regar (copular y eyacular). From Latin irrumare. in to have it. irrumate. esp. figuring she didn’t want me to irrigate inside» (Hustler). ‘to practise fellatio’. Sp. and dance the beginning of the world ).. The erect penis: «My hand shall keep my iron dart in place/ Lest it may slip and somehow get away. 73). Pezuña de hierro (marica o prostituto homosexual. OED. argot rimado: hoof rima con poof). Insertion of the penis in the vagina: «. Anal copulation. used it in The Tempest. Picor. irruption. Italian letter.

de jack off). E. ‘Jack cara sucia’ (mote típico dado a un marinero) (genitales fem . Sp. and box. 19th c. E. jack-in-the-box/jack in a box. The vulva. sl. (Of women) to desire intercourse. de intrauterine device. on J. A safe-sex party. Sp... Copulation. sl. a contraceptive placed in the uterus: «I find an IUD practically undetectable. as sl. Caja sorpresa (lit. Sp. argot por ‘marinero’) (prostituta portuaria). IUD. Jack Nasty-Face. without intercourse. c1600. 1959: «An elderly pervert in Nice Who was long past wanting a piece Would jack off his hogs His cows and his dogs. Jack/jack1. resp. sl. From Jack Tar. q. E. From jack off and jill off. term for a common sailor. Sp.). Sp. Abrev. A couple in a steady relationship. Br. To penetrate a woman: «.T. q. Jack! Art thou dead? Hold up thy Head!» («A Creature. de John Thomas (pene). Jack en la caja) (coito). Dim. ‘penis’. Orgía sin coito (de jack off y jill off. Br. To masturbate. Picarle a una mujer la espalda (estar 'caliente'). E. jack. Sp. Jack’s delight. US. male and female masturbation. (17th c. sl. Arthur Rank72 = wank.. que solía hacer visitas muy rápidas y no habían hecho más que anunciarlo cuando ya se había ido. ‘vagina’. Sp.. OED. A sea-port prostitute. in BURFORD. sl. A venereal disease. Sp. masturbación masc. 19th c. Sp. Allusion to fast coition... E. de John (prostituta vulgar). E. y fem. A low prostitute. The female genitals. Austr. A var. as an alternative to John/john. item. Sp. de John (pene y erección). Sp. sl. Abbrev. Jack Straw’s castle. resp. Caja sorpresa (pene). ‘very quickly or suddenly’ ( OED. 70). once it’s been fitted properly.) which is still current: «His Inke was runne. argot rimado: J. Also IUCD. Sp. An old euph.» ( Men Only). dispositivo intrauterino. Jack/jack2. Nombre propio (paja. 72 Famous British film producer (1888-1972). or before. 1963. his Penne was done. From a sl. Br. The penis. Pun on jack. J J. Jack in the box. jack off. Arthur. con alusión a polvo rápido.. El castillo de Jack Straw (juego infantil) (genitales fem. sl. The penis and an erection. Till his parrot called in the police» (Limerick). Lex. from John Thomas. Br. Sp. Austr. OED. rhyming sl. the penis.v. Sp. q. Br. Sp. Br. Black sl. Sp. Dim. See gate. US. Sp. Br. Arthur Rank rima con wank). ivory gate.). Dim. The penis. To masturbate. Jack/jack3.I could hear myself [. underworld... Sp. E. Copular. Pinchar (penetrar a una mujer). the. Sp. jab (at).v. sl. 168). Abbrev. From the pubic hair and from a children’s game of the period. To copulate.. sl. Sp. Masturbarse (var.. jack oneself off. to have an. The female pudenda. of jack off.. 19 th c. I Never Saw Fairer». for Feature. and was no sooner announced than he was off again. from a very volatile gentleman of that name who used to pay flying visits to his neighbours. A prostitute’s customer. for a sailor. 19th c. Jack/jack. Pareja estable. Intrauterine contraceptive device. El placer de Jack (de Jack Tar. of intrauterine device. Percy Ms. jack-and-jill-off-party. The penis. fill me with his maleness» (CN. Abrev. de John (cliente de prostituta). to. Enfermedad venérea .. por el nombre de este personaje.v. Pene.itchy back. Jack Robinson. Sp.] pleading for him to jab me with his weapon.). based on the expression «before you can say Jack Robinson». Masturbation. 1778-1956). Masturbar(se). . Puerta de marfil (vulva). 19th c. From Jack/jack. J.

Sp. of the commoner jack off. argot rimado: roll rima con arsehole) jam session. E. A common euph.. Br. Rollito con mermelada (ano. rhyming sl. straight. From Jacob’s dream. 1560-1883: «In the reign of good Charles the Second Full many a jade A lady was made And the issue right noble was reckoned» («The Women’s Complaint to Venus». Sp. Sp. 1896-1970. Sp. Copulating. Jane2. used in the phrase Jacob’s ladder. jaxey and jaxie. jacobs.. A condom. Sp. The backside. US. sl. Concierto de jazz improvisado (coito). a well-known brand of dry biscuits. From Jack + –sy. gen. OED. jam-tart. Personification of the penis. Jackson Pollocks.. OED. Sp.v. Semen. Sp. Mermelada (genitales fem.v. See quot. sl. por donde subían y bajaban los ángeles del Señor). The testicles. c1698. sl. o ano). Vars. Sp.. Juerga (prostituto). Jamaica discipline. Trasero (de jack + -sy. Jag-house is a brothel for male homosexuals. US. Sp. Jacob. Testículos (de la conocida marca de galletas Jacob’s Cream Crackers. and US. Burdel [a donde van los marineros (jacks)]. A male homosexual prostitute. the French equivalent of John Thomas. Sp. E. To jack off. in BURFORD.v. Nombre de mujer (prostituta). Rawlinson Mss. Penco ('lagarta'). From the meaning ‘an old worn-out horse’. Jacksie/jacksie. on Jacob’s Cream Crackers. Sp. jam2. Jacob (personificación del pene. q. A sanitary towel. The female pudenda. at come out. E. Sp. found my hot little snatch.). The testicles. perhaps a var. Sp. the anus. en Jacob’s ladder. del sueño de Jacob en Génesis. deformada de jack off) (masturbarse el hombre). sl.. q. Empujar fuerte (copular). Hacer mermelada (copular). An ill-behaved. for ‘masturbate’. . E. to.v. ending in terms of endearment.: jacksy-pardy. and behold a ladder set up on the earth. sl..jackal. Sp. jam. US. 12. sl. US. Sp. Sp. The female genitals. Also. Jag off is also US. Sp.v. Sp. sl. the arse. jam pot/jam-pot. Br. and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it». The penis. 19th c. Sp. in which a ‘jam session’ is an impromptu jazz concert by a group of musicians playing only for one another or for a small group of friends. Wife’s denial of sexual favours to her husband.. Sp. rhyming sl. La escalera de Jacob (genitales fem. The female genitals. Humorous. or a prostitute. Non-homosexual. Nombre de mujer. 28. jam making. of unknown origin. underworld. A truncation of Lady Jane. Testículos (argot rimado: Pollocks rima con bollocks) jacksy/jacksie. Sl.). From the standard meaning ‘a period of extreme emotion’. Br. (pene). 196). q. Mermelada (semen). OED (AS). (apelativo cariñoso dado a los genitales fem. 19th c. argot rimado: crackers rima con knackers).v. jag. from musicians’ sl. Jacques/Jacque’s/Jaques. esp.v. Jane1. a common dial. and jammed it in hard» (Pent). in Genesis. on bollocks. campus sl. jacksy-pardo. forma truncada de Lady Jane. Sp. A mistress. Austr. jam roll. Sp. The female genitals. at have the rag(s) on. Mermelada (sangre menstrual). E. 19 th c. for a prostitute. To copulate. Pushing imagery: «. E.he lifted my skirt. now US. Br. Br. on arsehole. See quot. Chacal (pron. sl. Tarro de mermelada (genitales fem. Trapo para la mermelada (compresa). E. Sp. 28: una escalera de la tierra al cielo. Nombre francés de varón equivalente a John Thomas. q. Black sl. a1966. 16: «And he dreamed. A brothel (where jacks go). Tarta de mermelada (querida o prostituta). sl. rhyming sl. Sp. sl. jam4. jacket. jam-rag. Jacob’s ladder.). Br. Sp. US. The anus. jam1. sufijo que indica cariño). Orig. mischievous woman. E. Disciplina jamaicana (negativa de la mujer a copular con su marido). Menstrual blood. Mermelada (no homosexual). jam3. jade.and US. q. A bout of sexual intercourse. q. q. Br. Chaqueta (condón). Br.

shortly after ‘jazz’. Lex.. perhaps from jacksy. sl. jazz oneself. jelly. “A prostitute” (F & H). From jazz. OED. 1382-1589. Also. Reina de mandíbula (felador). jazz1). Rhyming sl. E. Sp. Sp. The penis. was coined (OED. (etimología desconocida. jazz (with). Jalea (semen o. The vagina. sl. To seduce a woman. Etymology unknown. who on smelling it makes most vigorous efforts to come forth. Sp. Sp. . for ‘whore’. Engañar. recogido en una encuesta realizada por Martha Cornog y publicada en Maledicta. menos frec.. quizás de jacksy. jape. Principio masculino en la filosofía oriental (var. sl.. Tipo de pera temprana (del fr. sl. at belly).Jane Shore. (notably Liverpool). q. An ‘easy’ woman. “Prostitutes’ sl. Masturbarse (v. Obs. 18 th-19th c. US. To copulate (with).. as obs. jazz1). Jasper. US. genitales fem. Br. Mujer fácil. A lesbian and the female genitals. Br. OED. US. A lesbian. From a French name for a type of pear. Quoted by GROSE in Welch rabbit: “The Welch are said to be so remarkable fond of cheese. term meaning ‘trick. to have carnal intercourse. From jazz. and a jaw artist. US.. jelly-box. Genitales fem. jelly bag/jelly-bag2. jazz it. jazz1. A prostitute. Puertas de la vida (del latín) (genitales fem. homosexual jargon. pene). Semen. The penis. 1974). Jean-Claude. Nombre de varón (apelativo cariñoso dado por una mujer al pene de su pareja de dicho nombre). Sp. jay. jang. alluding to King Edward IV’s mistress. janua vitae. q.v. The scrotum. Still occ. E. To copulate.). Dejar preñada (v. Janey. 17 th-20th c. Sp. Sp. sl. Sp. Private. Jazz (genitales fem..” Sp.). jargonelle. Pet name for the penis. To impregnate a woman. OED. Sp. Jazz (coito).. 73 A Welchman (colloq.) (pene). deceive’. To copulate. ‘to couple’. US. Originated in the USA. Caja de jalea (vagina). US. wears denim jeans or is particularly attracted to men wearing them. Sp. Bolsa de jalea o para la jalea (genitales fem. gay jargon. Since the 17 th c. 1924. sl. de yang. a skillful one. Sp. Arrendajo (pájaro de plumaje vistoso) (prostituta). Women considered solely as sexual objects. Nombre mitológico (personificación del pene) (de uso privado entre amantes. Amante del rey Eduardo IV (1442-1483) (prostituta. Then go to the garden and piss» (Limerick). Spelling var. railroad jargon. Nombre de mujer (lesbiana. ‘to copulate’. US. atraido por los hombres que lo llevan) (jerga gay). The penis.). the musical term. Sp. From ‘janney’. Sp. Sp. US. Sp.). Sp. jazz2. jazz baby. janney. jaxy/joxy. of yang. occ. as sl. that in cases of difficulty their midwives apply a piece of toasted cheese to the janua vitae.. argot rimado: Shore rima con whore). jean queen. Sp. The female pudendum. to attract and entice the young Taffy 73. Jason. prison sl. jazz1). US. Sp.v. See quot.. A fellator. Sp. 1927. q. en 1977). seducir. Copular (v.) (pene). Nombre propio (lesbiana). Reina de vaqueros (gay que suele llevarlos o se siente esp. la mujer como objeto sexual). jazz1). Copulation. To masturbate. or the penis. Lex. jazz up. q. Lesbian usage. Bolsa de jalea (escroto. Ensamblar (jerga de ferroviarios) (copular).” (PARTRIDGE. Sp. sl. Latin for ‘the gates of life’. A male homosexual who usu. Sp. jaw queen. often offensive). sl.v. Sp. Partly jocular and mock-pedantic. secreción vaginal) . as sl. The female pudenda. The female genitals. Copular (con) (v. at mettle. Sp. ‘vaginal juice’. jelly bag/jelly-bag1. found (see quot.. Sp.v.: «There was an aesthetic young Miss Who thought it the apex of bliss To jazz herself silly With the bud of a lily. US. 1909). From an obs. The female genitals. Lex.

as it is registered by F & H. jerk off. is now obs.but I doubt its being rhyming sl. «There was a young man of Calcutta Who jerked himself off in the gutter. Jalea sobre muelles (senos o nalgas grandes. jelly-roll/jelly roll1. sl. coito y amante) (usado frec . 1937. sl. Menearse el gato (masturbarse la mujer). The euph.» (Fragment of limerick). From the widespread myth that masturbation leads to acne. Sacudirse el pepinillo (masturbarse el hombre). US. But the tropical sun Played hell with his gun And turned all his cream into butter» (Limerick). Sacudir el gusano (masturbarse el hombre). 1927-1974. Gay (argot rimado: jere rima con queer) jerk. Sacudírsela como un desesperado (masturbarse vigorosamente). To masturbate someone: «. Said of males. as sl. argot rimado: Hills rima con pills). . Rollito de jalea (vagina.. but the euphemism must be older. famosa artista de variedades de finales del siglo XIX (testículos. though in PARTRIDGE (1974) we find: “. for ‘to masturbate’. pet-form of Janet. Jenny Willocks. OED. To masturbate: «I didn’t think it possible for a guy like that to find any pleasure in jerking himself off» (TCn.and then [I] began jerking her off» ( CP. Jenny Hills was a music-hall artiste at the zenith of her fame c1870. Sacudir (copular. en USA como insulto: pajillero. Sp. From the female personal name. jenny. Rollitos de jalea (pechos de mujer). usado tamb . A catch-phrase describing large. Nombre de mujer (genitales de una mujer de color) . To masturbate. Sp. Sacudir el pavo (masturbarse el hombre). jerk someone off. Lex. acne. Made known to white people by use in early jazz groups and lyrics. dicho del hombre.. tonto. To coit with a woman. jerk one’s turkey. OED. «. jelly-on-springs. Pimples. To masturbate.jelly cave. Sacudir la jalea (masturbarse el hombre). Rhyming sl. The female genitals. Masturbarse. var. jerk away (for dear life) . Sp. Pet name for the female genitals. sl..v.” Sp. = pills. See merkin. Sacudir el jugo (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. See also jerk oneself off. US. 93). and occ. de Jenny). de Janet) (afeminado). jerk one’s gherkin/the gherkin. Rollito de jalea (pene).v.. bouncing or quivering female breasts or buttocks. To masturbate. A gay male. Sp.they were practicing mutual masturbation – jerking each other off! » ( CP. jerk one’s jelly. jerk one’s mutton. jere. 1927-1974. of jenny.. US. jerk one’s juice. as a derog. The breasts. Nombre propio (var.). jelly rolls. Nombre de mujer (forma fam.. spec. OED. Jemima. To masturbate vigorously: «All of them jerking away for dear life in the dormitories as soon as night came on» (TCn.. The penis. used. Sp. 63). A var. The testicles. Also a lover. US. q. = queer. Sacudir la carne de cordero (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. The much commoner jerk off. See Nancy/nancy2. firmes y palpitantes) . US. Sp. Granitos supuestamente producidos por la masturbación. Sp. esp. por la gente de color del Sur de USA y dado a conocer a los blancos por la letra de las canciones de los primeros grupos de jazz) . Jenny Hills. sexual intercourse. Sp. jerk one’s merkin. sl. and as an insult: a fool (also jerk-off). the vagina. To masturbate. as sl. Said of males. Sp. Sp.: «There was a young fellow named Perkin Who always was jerkin’ his gherkin. q. Masturbar a alguien.. Rhyming sl. Sp. and jerk is freq. sl. Said of males. Sp. imbécil). Very common among Black people in the South. 292). de Jenny) (afeminado. Sp. To masturbate. (Of a woman) to masturbate. Said of males. Sp.. jelly-roll/jelly roll2. frec. is US. Sp. Sp. term for a male masturbator. Masturbarse. Black sl. Sp. Jenny Hills. as sl. Sp. 279). Lex. jerk one’s maggot. tamb. in the USA. Sp. jerk bumps. Said of males. Lex. book IV. Said of males. jerk oneself off. 1896 (under jerker). Pudenda of a Black woman. An effeminate man.. 91). To masturbate. Sp. To masturbate: «”I must have jerked off ten times a day until I was sixteen or so” ( CP.. Cueva de jalea (genitales fem.

jewel. Since c1850. for the genitals. argot rimado am. The genitals of a Jewish woman. iron). pos . 17 th-19th c.v. See iron.). Sacudir el canuto (masturbarse el hombre). Sp. was used as a euph. Probably a pun on to jerk. lit. juego de palabras con jerk o jerk off. E. Sp. Lanza del judío (pene circuncidado de un judío). E. sl. jerking iron. Sp. 1923-1973. Cumplido judío (pene circuncidado). Sp. Jesuita [pene. US. v. E. to copulate. Joya (virginidad de la mujer) (usado por Shaks. jewel for the ladies. Sp. her maidenhead’: «But for the Man when e’er it chance. Very frequent in English classic erotic literature in the sense of ‘a girl’s virginity. I mean my Maiden-Head» (Pills. to masturbate. 18th-19th c. US. ‘a town known mainly as a place where trains jerk water’. for ‘the hymen’: «Marina: Whither wilt thou have me?. Juegos agitados (masturbación). jesuit1. modelled on Bristol cities. A prostitute. 18th c. 1979). Circumcised penis of a Jew. The penis. Sp. Sp. her virginity. Also. Sp. Jesuit’s fraternity. jerker.. Sp.Boult. Sp. From the female proper name. sl. Today. Br. v. 19th c.. That I shall Grace to Wed. Atizador (pene.) (v. family jewels y crown jewels). . jewels is more commonly used as a euph. for the testicles. jewel for the ladies. a male masturbator. Jessie/Jessy. OED. Carne de vaca enlatada (pene circuncidado de un judío). Urquhart. Jersey cities. Jesuita (pederasta o que practica alguna otra actividad sexual mal vista) .jerk the joint. Sp. 19th c. for ‘penis’ in the English translations (Motteux. or to jerk off. Urquhart. rhyming sl. often as the container of a woman’s jewel. naval sl. Sp. jerk town. Alhajas (genitales fem. A pederast or a practitioner of disapproved sexual practices. Circumcised penis. Joyero (genitales fem.) of Rabelais. Sp. sl. Joyero (genitales fem.. jewelry. 17 th c. o testículos). The penis. Sp. An effeminate man. Jewish corned beef. To take from you the jewel you hold so dear» (Pericles.v. Sp. To ejaculate. Also with lower-case initial: jessie/jessy.). Joya para las señoras (pene). jet one’s juice.v. The breasts. Jerusalem artichoke. Sp. Nombre de mujer (afeminado o gay). La hermandad de los jesuitas (el mundo de la sodomía. Ciudades de Jersey ( tetas. Sp. raro). in the phrase to box the jesuit (and get cockroaches) (q. sl. E. a male homose