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.first put the soya chunks in hot water...after 10 mins remove them and squeeze all the water. a small bowl put 2 tbsp maida,2 tbsp corn flour,ginger garlic cut into small pieces, green chilli small pieces, soya sauce 1 tbsp ,salt and water and mix the batter like pakodi batter. add soya chunks into the batter and mix well until all the chunks gets coated well. 4..heat the oil and put the chunks in the oil and deep fry them. in another pan put 2 spoons oil add ginger garlic pieces, chilli pieces, onions(sliced). 6...after onions are fried add tamato sauce, sya sauce and salt to taste. now add the fried soya chunks and saute them . add sugar and mix well.. mix corn flour in the water and pour it in the pan... put the lid and let it cook for 2 mins. 9...remove the manchurian from the pan and serve it *Generally jeera samba rice is used to make tomato biryani, if u want u can use basmati rice too. METHOD:    Wash and soak the rice for 15 minutes in 1 cup of water. Puree 2 tomatoes in mixer and keep aside. Grind the shallots(small onion),garlic,ginger and fennel seeds into a fine paste using little water.    Chop the onions and mint leaves finely. In a pressure cooker, heat oil and ghee. Add the sliced onions and mint leaves. When onions turn brown, add the grind paste to this and saute in a low flame till the raw smell goes off.  Add the tomato puree.   Add chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt. Saute for few minutes in a medium low flame till the raw smell goes off and the oil oozes out on sides. Add the green peas. If u don’t get get green peas you can skip it else u can add Butter beans too.      Mix well and add the coconut milk. I added the sTore bought one.If making at home add the first milk. You can dilute the first milk little by adding 1/4 water water to 1/2 cup thick coconut milk. Add the rice now. Close the lid of the cooker and keep the flame to medium. When it gives one whistle, keep the flame low and let this be like this for 10 minutes. Switch off the flame after 10 minutes.   Fluff it with a fork once the pressure is released. Serve hot with any raita. We had with Potato fry, onion raita and i served Curd Rice and Fruit custard. Note:      If using basmati rice, reduce the water to 1/2 cup. do not skip mint leaves and coconut milk. While grinding the masala you can saute the shallots in oil and grind, which will enhance the taste. you can add a tsp of cashew nuts while grinding. Bay leaves can be added while adding onions. Technorati Tags: Tomato biryani,thakkali biryani,tomato biryani recipe,biryani with coocnut milk,how to make perfect tomato biryani INGREDIENTS: BABY CORN ONIONS 2 PACKETS(15 NO. APPROX) 2 NO AND 1 NO FOR GARNISHING CAPSICUM TOMATO CASHEW NUTS REDCHILLI POWDER CORIANDER POWDER CUMIN SEED POWDER KASOORI METHI TOMATO SAUCE GARAM MASALA/KITCHEN KING MASALA CUMIN SEEDS MILK SALT TURMERIC POWDER OIL 1/2 NO 2 BIG RIPED 5-7 NO.(OPTIONAL) 1/2 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/4 TSP 1/4 TSP 1/4 TSP A GENEROUS PINCH A PINCH 1/2 CUP AS NEEDED A PINCH 2 TBLSP METHOD:  Wash the Baby corn and cut them into big pieces .  Roughly chop the 2 onions and saute them in a kadai(add a few drops of oil) till it turns into a nice brown colur.  Roughly chop the tomatoes and the capsicum into cubes.    In a pan cook the baby corn till it becomes soft. It took 10 minutes for me to get them cooked. Add a pinch of turmeric and little salt while cooking.  When it is done, drain the excess water and keep the corns aside.  In a mixer jar, add the sauted onions, tomatoes, redchilli powder,coriander powder,cumin seed powder,tomato sauce , kasoorimethi, cashew nuts(if adding and i didnt add) into a smooth paste.   In a kadai add the oil and saute the capsicum and cubed onion for a minute. Keep it aside.   In the same oil throw in the cumin seeds and add the ground masala. Saute them in a low flame for 5 mins.  Add the cooked Baby corns and the milk to the gravy.   Now add the capsicum and onions to this. Put off the flame.   Serve it hot with Roti/ Naan. It tasted even so yum with Peas pulao also. Tomatoes can be replaced by 1/2 cup of store bought tomato puree. I used the Everest Kitchen King Masala and it gave a wonderful flavour to the curry NGREDIENTS: [SERVES 3] BABY CORN ONION CAPSICUM GINGER GARLIC PASTE SAMBAR POWDER SALT TURMERIC POWDER CUMIN SEEDS (JEERA) OIL LEMON JUICE 15 1-2 1/2 1 TSP 1 TSP AS NEEDED A PINCH 1/4 TSP 2 TSP FEW DROPS (OPTIONAL) METHOD:   Wash the baby corn and cut them into small pieces as shown in the picture. Pressure cook this till 3 whistles by adding little salt and turmeric powder.   I made ginger garlic paste using mortar and pestle. It was very flavourful and much better than the store bought ones. In a pan add oil and throw in the cumin seeds. Add the ginger garlic paste . Saute in a medium low flame for few minutes and add the onions. Chop the onions in a slightly bigger size.   After few minutes add the cubed capsicums. Saute for few minutes.Let this be crunchy. Now add the sambar powder, salt. Mix well and cook in a medium low flame for few minutes.     Add the cooked baby corn, drain if the water is too much. Little water is ok. Mix well and saute for few minutes. Switch off the flame and squeeze the lemon juice ( if adding) Mix well. If you want you can add coriander leaves too.  Serve with Roti or with rice. We had with vegetable rice. Technorati Tags: baby corn recipes,baby corn stir fry,easy baby corn recipes,baby corn masala,side dish for roti You might also like: NGREDIENTS: BABY POTATES 10 NO TOMATO PUREE ONIONS RED CHILLI POWDER EVEREST KITCHEN KING MASALA CORIANDER POWDER GINGER GARLIC PASTE FENNEL POWDER YOUGURT 1/2 CUP 1NO.. 2 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/2 TSP(OPTIONAL) 1/2 CUP FULL CREAM MILK/CREAM CORIANDER LEAVES OIL SALT 1/4 CUP FEW 2 TBLSP AS NEEDED METHOD:  Boil the potato and peel the skin. the potaoes should be firm. Do not over cook.    Chop the onions finely. Heat a kadai and add the ginger garlic paste and saute for few minutes till the raw smell goes off. Now add the onions and fry till they turn pink.    Add the tomato puree to this and mix well. Add the chilli powder, coriander powder, masala powder and salt to this. Adding fennel powder is optional. But if you have do add this it will give a nice flavour to the gravy.  Add the yogurt and give it a nice boil.   Now add the potatoes to the gravy. Before adding potatoes to the gravy prick the pototoes with skewers or fork. This helps the masala to go inside the potatoes.    Close the gravy with lid and keep it in a low flame. Stir in between. Keep in the flame for 5 mins. Add the milk/Cream to this and mix well..   Garnish with coriander Leaves. Enjoy hot with Roti/Peas Pulao. Note. 1. While boiling the potatoes do not add any water. Just pressure cook them for 3 whistles by keeping it in a vessel. 2. Add half salt to the potatoes while cooking. 3. If you are using cream add 2 tblsp of cream. CHANNA MASALA/SIDE DISH FOR ROTI This time i am posting a recipe which is my one of my family’s most favourite food. Everybody have their own way of making their channa masala. I am sharing my own of making this masala. INGREDIENTS: CHANNA 2 CUPS ONION TOMATO GINGER GARLIC CUMIN SEEDS CORIANDER POWDER CHILLI POWDER TURMERIC POWDER 1 NO 2 NOS. SMALL PIECE 3 NOS 1/4 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/4 TSP A PINCH GARAM 1/4 TSP MASALA/CHOLEMASALA POWDER SALT OIL GREEN CHILLI CORIANDER LEAVES AS NEEDED 2 TBLSP 2 NOS. FEW METHOD:   Soak channa for 6 hours. Pressure cook it ,by adding salt to it, till 4-6 whistles. Grind ginger, garlic,cumin seeds, one tomatoand chilles into a fine paste.  Chop the onion and a tomato finely.       In a kadai,add oil and fry the onions for few minutes,till it becomes pink. Add the chopped tomatoes. Saute till it becomes mushy. Add the ground Masala. Saute for few minutes. Throw in the coriander powder, chilli powder, turmericpowder and the garam masala/cholemasala powder.    Saute till it leaves oil on sides and a nice aroma comes. Add the cooked channa to it . Mix well and keep it in a medium flame.    Add a cup of water Boil for 10-15 mins in a slow flame. Transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with coriander leaves. You might also like: MIXED VEGETABLE CURRY/SIDE DISH ROTI This curry i usually make with frozen vegetables and can be done with fresh veggies too. It is an excellent side dish for roti/ naan. Even it goes well with ghee rice/jeera rice. INGREDIENTS: MIXED VEGETABLES TOMATO ONION CAPSICUM GARLIC GINGER(OPTIONAL) PANEER CHILLI POWDER CORIANDER POWDER KITCHEN KING MASALA OIL MILK KASTURI METHI SALT 1 CUP 2 NO 2 NO 1/2 NO 4 NOS. A VERY SMALL PIECE FEW CUBES 1/2 TSP 1/2 TSP 1/4 TSP 2 TBLSP 1/4 CUP A PINCH AS NEEDED Method:     Chop one onion, tomatoes roughly. Cut the capsicum into cubes. If using the fresh vegetables, cut them finely. In a kadai, add a tblsp of oil and saute the paneer, capsicum and vegetables seperately for 5mins.    Saute the onion , garlic, ginger and tomatoes in the kadai,for 5-7 mins or till the onion turns brown. Keep the flame in meduim. When it is done switch of the flame and allow it to cool.  Transfer everything in to the mixie and make it into a smooth paste by adding the coriander powder, chilli powder and kitchen king masala.       In a kadai, add 1 tblsp of oil and saute the ground masala. Add the veggies,paneer and capsicum to it. Add salt as needed. Mix well and allow it to boil for 3 mins. Add the milk and boil for 2 mins. Switch off the flame and add the kasturi methi to it.  Transfer it to a serving bowl. Note: While sauting the veggies, dont over cook them. Let them remain crunchy. If using fresh veggies, u can add cauliflower, carrot, beans, peas too. You can replace kitchen king masala with any garam masala. You might also like: MIXED VEGETABLE KURMA| VEGTABLE KORMA |SIDE DISH FOR ROTI I very rarely make kurma at home,since my hubby is not a big fan of kurma. But this version i learnt from my friend,and when i tried it my hubby liked it .So now i am here to share the recipe of this simple and easy Vegetable kurma. The recipe doesn’t involve the addition for GARLIC. INGREDIENTS: MIXED VEGETABLES SCRAPPED COCONUT ONION TOMATO GREEN CHILLI SOMBU(FENNEL SEEDS) FRIED GRAM CASHEWNUTS CURRY LEAVES 1 CUP 2 TBLSP 1 NO 1 NO 2 NOS. 1 TBLSP 1 TSP 7-9 NOS.(OPTIONAL) FEW METHOD:   Parboil the vegetables(i used carrot,beans,potato and frozen peas and microwaved them). Chop the onion and tomatoes.Slit one green chilli.   In a kadai,add a tsp of oil and temper with 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds and curry leaves. Add the green chilli,onion and tomato one by one.   When it is done add a little water and cook for few minutes. Grind the coconut,one green chilli ,fried gram,1/2 tblsp fennelseeds and cashewnuts(if using) into a fine paste.    Add the vegetables,ground paste to the onion,tomato mix. Check for salt. Mix well. We enjoyed this with rotis. OATS IDLI RECIPE | INSTANT OATS IDLI INDIAN DIET RECIPES I have been thinking for a long time to post some diet recipes for a long time but somehow it got postponed but after getting many request from readers to post some diet recipes without any delay i thought i should post some Indian vegetarian diet recipes using the ingredients easily available at home. Though i didn’t get the pictures very satisfied due to poor lighting, hope to update this soon when i make this next time. The original recipe i tried from here but replaced with broken wheat instead of semolina. Generally i don’t personally diet too much but will not over eat also. I do walk for 30 to 45 minutes everyday and started yoga recently. Just keep in mind that whenever you want to be on diet , do not skip any meal , just try to avoid deep fried junk food and sweets. Eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water. Before trying this Oats Idli i was worried about the out come but it turned out very well and i enjoyed with pudina chutney. My hubby who came from Office little early yesterday relished this Oats idli too. INGREDIENTS: (YIELDS 5 IDLI) OATS 1/2 CUP BROKEN WHEAT | SAMBA RAVA 1/4 CUP OIL YOGURT GREEN CHILLI GINGER (GRATED) 1 TSP 1/4 CUP 1-2 1/4 TSP BAKING SODA | ENO FRUIT SALT 2 PINCHES MUSTARD SEEDS CHANNA DAL URAD DAL CURRY LEAVES SALT CARROT (GRATED) TURMERIC POWER WATER 1/4 TSP 1/4 TSP 1/4 TSP FEW AS NEEDED 3-4 TBLSP A PINCH AS NEEDED METHOD:   Roast the Oats ( i used Quacker quick cooking oats) for 3-4 minutes. Powder this finely. Roast the broken wheat for 2 minutes in a medium flame.   In a kadai add little oil and add mustard seeds, ginger, channa dal, urad dal, finely chopped green chilli, chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves. Switch off the flame and add the grated carrots.  Add this to the powdered oats and broken wheat mixture. Add yogurt, salt ,turmeric powder and required water to reach the idli batter consistency.    Add the baking soda | eno fruit salt to this and grease the idli plates. Pour this oats idli batter to this and steam it for 10 to 12 minutes. Insert a knife to check whether it is done .   Take out from the moulds and enjoy hot. It tasted well even when it not very hot. The pudina chutney went well with this and will post the recipe soon. Note:    You can replace broken wheat with semolina. Pour into the moulds after adding the yogurt and water. You can add any veggies of your choice. Technorati Tags: Instant oats idli,Indian oats recipes,SouthIndian diet recipes,Oats recipes,breakfast recipes OATS UPMA | OATS UPMA RECIPE INDIAN DIET RECIPES After trying out Instant Oats Idli , i wanted to explore more Indian version of Oats recipes. I tried out this Oats Upma for a weeknight dinner for myself ,and i liked it too. so after 2 days i made the Oats Upma again for me and my hubby. We both liked it and yesterday when i made the Oats Upma again i clicked the pictures too. This Upma is made in a jiffy and to be more honest , it tasted pretty good . So over to the recipe of Oats Upma: INGREDIENTS: OATS(QUICK COOKING OATS) WATER ONION 3/4 CUP 1/4 CUP – 1/2 CUP 1 CARROT(CHOPPED FINELY) GREEN CHILLI GINGER (GRATED) OIL MUSTARD TURMERIC POWDER URAD DAL ASAFOETIDA CURRY LEAVES LEMON JUICE 2-3 TBLSP 1 1/8 TSP 2 TSP 1/4 TSP A PINCH 1/4 TSP A PINCH FEW 3-4 DROPS(OPTIONAL) METHOD:  Dry roast the oats for few minutes without getting it burnt.   Chop the onions finely and slit the green chilli. In a pan, add oil and add the mustard seeds, urad dal, green chilli, ginger and when the mustard splutters and the urad dal changes color add the onions, followed by that add carrots, and curry leaves and asafoetida. Saute well and add salt.   Once the onions becomes translucent add the roasted Oats and sprinkle with 1/4 cup of water. Close the lid and cook for 1- 2 minutes in a low flame. Take out the lid and mix it again, if you feel it is dry just sprinkle 2-3 tblsp of water and mix well. Keep in the flame for few minutes and switch off the flame.  Add the lemon juice to this and mix well.  Always serve hot. Notes: 1. You can add any veggies of your choice. Adding capsicum give a nice flavour to this. 2. Always serve this hot . 3. Actually i made and clicked it and it took 15 minutes. After that i sprinkled 2-3 tblsp of water and sauted for 2 minutes in a low flame. It turned out moist and soft. Technorati Tags: Oats recipes,Indian Oats recipes,easy oats recipes,Indian diet recipes,Healthy breakfast recipes BHEL PURI|BHEL PURI CHAAT RECIPE Bhel puri is a popular Mumbai chaat recipe made with a wonderful combo of ingredients. We all love bhel puri and I love to make this at home too. More than me Varsha, my daughter enjoys eating Bhel puri and making it too. When all the ingredients are ready she loves to prepare her own bhel puri as she always love to eat it spicy. So i will mention my specifications and sit back with my favourite book and bhel puri will be served on my hand. Though there will be little mess in the kitchen , still it is always a bliss when someone serves you food. But for this post i made Bhel puri according to my own taste and there is no hard and fast rules to strictly follow the quantity of ingredients.Just add according to your taste. INGREDIENTS: MAKES 3 SERVINGS PUFFED RICE| PORI BOILED POTATO(cubed) PLAIN SEV PAPDI SWEET CHUTNEY GREEN CHUTNEY ROASTED PEANUTS CHAAT MASALA 1 AND 1/2 CUPS 3 TBLSP 1/4 CUP 10 3 TBLSP 1 TBLSP 2 TBLSP 1/4 TSP RED CHILLI POWDER SALT POMEGRANATE ONION TOMATO RAW MANGO CORIANDER LEAVES LEMON JUICE 1/4 TSP TO TASTE 3 TBLSP 1 1/2 2 TBLSP FEW FEW DROPS METHOD:  Finely chop the onions, deseed the tomato and chop them into small pieces.  Chop the raw mangoes finley and the boiled potatoes into cubes and chop the coriander leaves finely.    In a wide bowl add the puffed rice| puri, and add the chopped onions, tomatoes,raw mango,peanuts,potatoes. Add the sweet chutney, red chutney,red chilli powder, chaat masala, little salt( all chutneys and chaat masala contains salt). Mix well.  Now add the papdis. Crush the papdis and add. Add the plain sev and add the pomegranate.Lastly add lemon juice.  Mix well and serve immediately.  While serving garnish with plain sev . Note: 1. You can add finley chopped apple and pear if serving for kids. 2. If pori is soft, you can slightly roast it in a pan and add. 3. Always make it just before serving else it will become soggy. Technorati Tags: Bhel puri,mumbai chaat recipe,how to make bhel puri,easy chaat recipe,Indian chaat recipes You might also like: PAANAGAM | PANAKAM | SRI RAMA NAVAMI RECIPES MASALA VADAI/PARRUPU VADAI CARROT RICE RECIPE PEANUT CHUTNEY TOMATO RASAM LinkWithin Posted by JEYASHRI SURESH at 4:02 PM 7 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Chaat Recipes, Snack Links to this post Tuesday, April 30, 2013 HARA BHARA KABAB| HARA BHARA KEBAB RECIPE Hara bhara kabab is a potato, spinach and green peas patties usually made for starters or tea time snacks. Few months back during India trip my brother in law was casually telling me that my co-sister is good in making this hara bhara kebabs. Though is a doctor by profession ,she is a very good cook too. I noted the recipe of Hara bhara Kebab from her and i tried it once after coming back home. But that time i had some problem with my camera, somehow couldn’t get the pictures of the kebab on that day. After that i thought of trying but some how, any one ingredient will be missing in my pantry.So finally today i have all ingredients to make this hara bhara kabab and most importantly have mood to make this too,i made today and i am posting the recipe of how to make hara bhara kebab. INGREDIENTS: [MAKES 6 KEBABS] POTATO PALAK | SPINACH LEAVES GREEN PEAS(FROZEN) CORIANDER LEAVES GREEN CHILLI GARAM MASALA CASHEW NUTS CORN FLAKES SALT 1 10-12 1/4 CUP FEW 2 1/4 TSP FEW 1/4 CUP AS NEEDED OIL TO DEEP FRY METHOD:  Boil the potato and peel the skin and mash it nicely.  blanch the spinach and peas in hot water. Just wash the spinach and immerse in hot water for a few seconds and take it out. I used frozen peas, if using fresh ones, pressure cook the peas and drain the water.   Grind the coriander and green chilli in a mixer. Grind the cornflakes in the mixer into a fine powder.   Drain the water completely from the spinach and green peas.This step is very important. If extra moisture is there the kebabs will not turn out well. it will break while frying and become soggy. Mash the green peas with hands and chop the blanched spinach finely.    In a wide bowl, add the mashed potato, blanched peas, spinach,coriander chilli paste ,salt.garam masala and add the powdered corn flakes. Add cashew bits and bind everything together with clean dry hands. Make it into round patties or oblong shape.   You can place a half cashew on the top the kebab and fry. Heat the oil for deep frying and when the oil is hot gently place the kebabs into the oil. do not over crown the pan. Fry the kebabs in a medium flame on both sides. Drain the excess oil in a kitchen towel.  Serve hot with tomato ketchup or green chutney. Note: 1. Drain the water completely and squeeze out the excess water nicely from the palak and peas. 2. Instead of corn flakes you can add besan |chickpea flour . roast it nicely in a low flame for 10 minutes and add to the potato spinach mixture. 3. I used plain cornflakes. 4. UPDATE:You can add extra 1/4 cup of powdered cornflakes if you feel it is not binding well. Actually a reader tried this recipe and asked me over phone that during the first batch itdissolved in oil. I told her to add extra 1/4 cup of powdered cornflakes and 1 tblsp of maida if she wants. It turned out perfect Technorati Tags: hara bhara kabab,hara bhara kebab,vegetarian kebabs,Indian vegetarian starters,kids friendly recipes,how to make kebab You might also like: MULLU MURUKKU | DIWALI SNACK RECIPE POTATO CUTLETS PEAS MASALA RECIPE | GREEN PEAS MASALA THATTAI (CRISPY SNACK) KARA BOONDHI RECIPE LinkWithin Posted by JEYASHRI SURESH at 3:50 PM 23 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Snack Links to this post Tuesday, April 23, 2013 CHILLI PANEER DRY RECIPE| PANEER RECIPES Chilli paneer is a mouth-watering paneer delicacy which generally consumed as such ,as a starter. Generally indo- chinese dishes are liked by all of us at home. Varsha used order Chilli paneer even for roti also when we go out for restaurants. She always insist me to make Chilli paneer at home but i somehow never avoid deep frying panner but then i thought once in a while making it is ok, and proceeded to make Chilli paneer (Dry) at home. It turned out pretty well and i never know Chilli paneer can be made very easy. INGREDIENTS: SERVES 3-4 PANEER CUBES CORN FLOUR ALL PURPOSE FLOUR | MAIDA RED CHILLI POWDER SALT BAKING SODA 2 CUPS 2 TBLSP 2 TBLSP 1/2 TSP +1 TSP AS NEEDED A PINCH OIL ONION GARLIC GINGER PEPPER POWDER SOYA SAUCE CAPSICUM SPRING ONION FOR DEEP FRYING + 1 TBLSP 1 4-5 CLOVES A SMALL PIECE 1/2 TSP 1 TBLSP 1/2 FEW (FOR GARNISHING) METHOD:   In a wide bowl add the corn flour, maida, salt , baking soda and 1/2 tsp of red chilli powder. Mix well into a thick batter.(not too thick and not too thin) like idli batter.  Add the paneer cubes to this. I get the cubed paneer here. i didn’t thaw it. just added after taking out from freezer.    Keep this aside for 10 minutes. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying. When the oil is hot add the paneer cubes. Do not over load the pan. Let it not stick together. When it becomes golden brown take out and drain it in the kitchen towel.       Repeat this for the rest of the paneer. Chop the onion, garlic and ginger very finely. Cube the capsicum In a pan, add oil and add the chopped garlic, ginger and onions one by one. When the onion turns brown, add the red chilli powder and pepper powder and little salt. Add soya sauce to this.   Add the cubed capsicum to this and saute for few minutes. Now add the deep fried paneer.   Mix well and serve hot. Garnish with spring onion. I will post the recipe of Chilli paneer gravy version soon which is little few steps extra from the chilli paneer dry recipe. Note: 1. While deep frying the paneer, ensure that it is not over loaded, else it may be join together and will become soggy. 2. always the oil should be hot. 3. If you want you can add 1/4 tsp of pepper powder and ginger garlic paste to the batter before frying the paneer. Technorati Tags: CHILLI PANEER DRY,CHILLI PANEER RECIPE,PANEER RECIPE,INDO CHINESE RECIPES You might also like: PANEER DO PYAZA RECIPE | PANEER RECIPES PANEER AND CABBAGE SANDWICH | PANEER RECIPES PANEER DOSA RECIPE | PANEER MASALA DOSA KADAI PANEER – SIDE DISH FOR ROTI-PANEER RECIPES PANEER KOLHAPURI | PANEER RECIPES | SIDE DISH FOR ROTI LinkWithin Posted by JEYASHRI SURESH at 2:33 PM 27 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: Paneer Recipes, Snack Links to this post Thursday, April 4, 2013 MASALA POORI | MASALA PURI CHAAT RECIPE Masala puri chaat is introduced by my friend who makes this often for her daughter. the day when she told about this masala puri chaat i wanted to try it out and she forwarded the recipe which she noted down in her mobile through an sms. I tried this on the very next day when Nags and Raks visited my place i made this, in fact i took a chance and tried for the first time. It came out very well and we all enjoyed it along with Khaman Dhokla. So as promised in my Home made pani puri post, i am sharing the recipe of masala puri chaat recipe. Actually the amount of chutneys we use in this recipe purely depends upon your taste. INGREDIENTS: SERVES 4-5. DRIED GREEN PEAS SWEET CHUTNEY GREEN CHUTNEY GREEN CHILLI RED CHILLI POWDER CUMIN POWDER CHAAT MASALA SALT 1 CUP 2 TBLSP 1 TBLSP 2-3 1/2 TSP 1/4 TSP 1/2 TSP AS NEEDED CORIANDER LEAVES ONION TOMATO SEV 1/4 CUP 1 1 TO GARNISH METHOD:  Soak the dry green peas for 8 hours or over night. Pressure cook this by adding little salt till 3 whistles.  Take out 1/4 cup of cooked peas and grind the rest of the peas into a smooth paste along with coriander leaves and green chilli.   In a pan add oil and add the ground green peas puree to this and saute in a low flame for a few minutes. Add little water to this and add the red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder , chaat masala and little salt.  Mix this well and let it come to nice boil . This will take 2-3 minutes. Switch off the flame.   Now let us arrange the masala puri chaat for serving. Break the pani puris and put it on a bowl or plate.  Add the green peas masala puree to this. Add 3-4 tblsp of this masala.  Add 1-2 tsp of the green peas which we reserved after cooking the green peas.  Add the sweet chutney and green chutney .  Add the finely chopped onions and tomatoes.  Garnish with Sev and coriander leaves. Note: 1. If you don’t have puris at home you can try with Papadis. 2. The original recipe which my friend told includes the addition of yogurt, but i didn’t add. 3. If adding yogurt,add a tblsp after adding the cooked whole green peas. Technorati Tags: masala puri recipe,bangalore iyengar bakery style masala puri,masala puri chaat recipe,Indian chaat recipes,Chaat recipes HOW TO MAKE PANI POORI PURI | PURI RECIPE Pani poori , puris is the one which i was thinking to post for a long time. When i made masala poorislast week, i used the store bought puris , as i was running out of time and added to that kiddos were at home as they have holidays. Today finally the school reopened after 2 weeks break and i tried out this cute little puris and they turned out super perfect. INGREDIENTS: [MAKES 35- 40 PURIS] SEMOLINA | RAVA 1/2 CUP |SOOJI ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 2 TBLSP |MAIDA WATER SALT BAKING SODA OIL 3- 4 TBLSP AS NEEDED A PINCH FOR DEEP FRYING METHOD:   In a wide bowl, add sooji, maida, baking soda, salt and mix together. Add water little by little to make a stiff dough.    Cover and keep it aside for 15 minutes. Take a small lemon sized dough and thinly roll into rotis applying oil on the rolling pin and the counter top(if you are rolling on the counter top, else on the surface where you are rolling) Cut this into small rounds with the help of a cookie cutter or a small lid.     Heat the oil for deep frying and put the small round discs into this and deep fry them on both sides. the oil should be hot, else pooris will not puff. Do not over load the frying pan. Take out from the oil and drain it on the kitchen towel.  Store it airtight containers. Notes: 1. While frying always ensure that the oil is very hot. 2. You can add plain soda water instead of water for kneading the dough, which will give more crispier pooris. My pooris were crispier too. Stay tuned for the interesting MASALA POORI recipe coming soon. Technorati Tags: how to make pani poori,puri,poori recipe,crispy pani pooris recipe,Indian chaat recipes ALOO BONDA RECIPE| A GUEST POST FROM RAK’S KITCHEN Last week during the kids Sport day event at school, when i met Raji , she told me that she will do a guest post for me during sometime next week as i will be busy moving and settling down. That’s indeed a big surprise for me. Without any fuss, immediately i said “okay” . Actually it was quite difficult for both of us to figure out the recipe but finally we ended up in Aloo bonda recipe, also called as Urulai kizhanghu bonda in Tamil. Raji of Rak’s Kitchen doesn’t need much introduction. But still if you don’t know about her blog just click HERE to know more about her blog. She has a wonderful space with detailed recipes and gorgeous pictures too. Thank you so much Raji for this beautiful post . I will try this Aloo bonda soon at home. Over to Raji now: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aloo bonda/ urulaikizhangu bonda is a classic tea/ coffee time snack and can be made easily. It is sure a kids favourite as it has potato stuffed inside. I wanted to try this for long time, made only once before. But somehow, I haven't made it, that often. Jeyashri asked me to do guest post last December itself, but I didn’t promised her to do one as I myself do last minute posts at my blog. Now since she was busy shifting her home, I thought of doing a guest post and fill her blog by a post . Though I tried this after years, I was happy with the result, as I was bit worried how it would turn out. So here”s the snack, that would be a family pleasing snack. Aloo Bonda Recipe Cooking time : 30 mins Makes 12 bondas Ingredients Potato Onion Green chilli Ginger, finely chopped Turmeric Salt 3 1 2 1 tsp 1/8 tsp As needed To Temper Oil Mustard Urad dal Curry leaves 2 tsp 3/4 tsp 1 tsp 1 sprig For the batter Besan flour 1/2 cup Rice flour Ghee Pepper (black) powder Asafoetida Turmeric Cooking soda Salt 1/4 cup 1 tsp 1/2 tsp 3 pinches 2 pinches 1 pinch As needed Method 1. Pressure cook potatoes for 3 whistles, peel off the skin once done and mash it well. Keep aside. In a kadai/ pan, season with mustard urad dal and curry leaves. Add finely chopped ginger, green chilli and onion. Fry till transparent without changing colour. Add turmeric and salt. 2. Add cooked, mashed potatoes and mix well so that the turmeric blends evenly. Stir for 2 minutes an drizzle a tsp of oil. Transfer to a plate and cool down. Make 12 equal sized balls and set aside. 3. In a mixing bow, mix everything under ‘For the batter’ table with little water to make a batter, it should be thick enough to coat the potato balls. 4. Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the potato balls dipped to coat it well in the besan batter mix. Turn over in a minute to cook evenly on both sides. Cook in medium flame. 5. When its evenly golden fried, drain it over kitchen tissue. Notes o o o o The stuffing part can be made to suit your taste buds. You can vary the potato masala by adding mint leaves, red chilli powder etc. ; The batter Should be thick, otherwise, the look of the bonda will not be round and smooth. You can replace pepper powder with red chilli powder as will in the batter. Ghee ads a wonderful flavour along with pepper and adds crispiness too. Enjoy hot with coconut chutney (getti chutney), as a tea/ coffee time snack. Technorati Tags: aloo bonda recipe,urulakizhangu bonda recipe,tea time snacks,snacks recipe,snack recipes EGGLESS VANILLA SPONGE CAKE RECIPE | BASIC CAKE RECIPE | NO EGG NO BUTTER RECIPE Few days back when i was talking to my friend who recently got a baking oven, asked me a recipe of a basic cake recipe. I suggested a few eggless baking recipes from my blog . But i wanted to try a a basic eggless vanilla sponge cake too. I already tried this Vanilla sponge cake from Sharmis Passion and i thought i will make it again and blog the recipe too. This cake turned out super soft and moist. I wanted to bake it in a loaf pan, but ended up baking in a round spring foam pan only. I added little tutti fruitty to the cake. You can skip that and bake a plain cake too. While uploading the pictures i realized that this is my 300th post too. Thanks Sharmi for the perfect recipe. We enjoyed the cake very much. INGREDIENTS: ALL PURPOSE FLOUR(MAIDA) YOGURT SUGAR BAKING SODA BAKING POWDER COOKING OIL VANILLA ESSENCE MILK 1 AND 1/2 CUP 1 CUP 3/4 CUP 1/2 TSP 1 AND 1/2 TSP 1/2 CUP 1 AND 1/2 TSP 1 TSP TUTTI FRUITY 1 TBLSP(Optional) METHOD:  Cream sugar and yogurt ( use yogurt in room temperature) till the sugar gets dissolved.     Add baking powder and baking soda to this mixture and mix well. Keep it aside for 5 minutes. Add vanilla essence. Add oil to this.  In a wide bowl add the flour and slowly add the wet mixture to the flour.   Mix well to get a creamy texture. Add tutti fruity to this and mix well.( if using)     Pre heat the oven to 180 degree C for 10 minutes. Grease the baking pan and dust it with flour. Transfer the cake mixture to the baking tin. Bake it for 35 –40 minutes at 180 degrees C till the center gets completely cooked. Check it by inserting a tooth pick in the center. If it comes out clean then it is cooked.     After 20 minutes just brush the top of the cake with milk to get a glaze. when it is completely cooled keep it in the refrigerator for 3 hours and cut the cake. This step will make it to get perfect pieces without crumbles. But i didn’t do as i have to click soon as the weather was getting bad and it was about to rain. (Natural light will work out best for pictures) Note:    Never allow the batter to sit for a long time as this will make the cake hard. 3/4 th cup of sugar is normally perfect but i prefer to have little extra and so you can make it as 1 cup also. The taste of yogurt will not be felt in the cake so you can move on to try out this recipe without any second thought. Technorati Tags: Eggless vanilla cake,easy eggless baking recipes,Eggless sponge cake recipe,basic cake recipe,baking beginners recipes,how to make an eggless cake,cake without egg | butter PEAS MASALA RECIPE | GREEN PEAS MASALA SIDE DISH FOR ROTI Peas masala recipe is a new recipe which i recently tried in my kitchen and it turned out very well and very different from the usual onion tomato based gravy i make. It came out very similar to the restaurant style peas masala.Try out this easy peas masala recipe , an easy and rich peas gravy , and enjoy with Jeera rice or Phulkas| Rotis. INGREDIENTS: GREEN PEAS* ONION TOMATO CORIANDER LEAVES GREEN CHILLI CASHEW NUTS 1 CUP 2 1 ONE HAND FUL 3-4 5-6 YOGURT|CURD KASOORI METHI GARLIC MILK GARAM MASALA OIL 1 TBLSP 2 PINCHES 2 PODS 1/2 CUP 2 PINCHES 2 TBLSP METHOD:  Chop the onions and tomato roughly. In a pan, add 1 tsp of oil and add the onions, tomatoes , coriander leaves, green chilli and garlic and saute for a few minutes.   Soak the cashew in warm water for 10 minutes and grind this along with yogurt into a smooth paste. Grind the onion tomato mixture into a fine paste.   In a pan add oil and add the onion paste and add the cashew yogurt paste. Mix well and saute for few minutesin a low flame. Add the garam masala.   Saute well in a low flame till the oil leaves on the sides. Now add the peas. [*If adding fresh peas, cook this separately and add. I used frozen peas.]    Add the milk and little water to this to get a gravy consistency. Add salt. Cover and cook for few minutes till the peas gets cooked(if using frozen peas) and to get the masala blended with the gravy. Add kasoori methi in the last and coriander leaves to garnish.  Enjoy this with hot rotis as we did. Even my little one loved with pooris. Technorati Tags: green peas masala,peas masala recipe,how to make peas masala,side dish for roti,poori side dish recipe,restaurant style gravy CAULIFLOWER PEAS KORMA RECIPE | SIDE DISH FOR ROTI Usually kurmas are doesn’t take place in my kitchen frequently, though i make chapathi almost everyday. Me and my hubby are not a great fan of kids and my daughter too. One day when i made rotis for dinner, I was very clueless what to make as a side dish for roti and finally i landed up in making cauliflower and peas korma. Without any much complaints everyone had this. INGREDIENTS: CAULIFLOWER( MEDIUM SIZE) GREEN PEAS ONION TOMATO CORIANDER SEEDS FENNEL SEEDS COCONUT SHREDDED CURRY LEAVES CARDAMOM OIL CASHEW NUTS GREEN CHILI GARLIC PODS CUMIN SEEDS SALT 1 NO 1/4 CUP 1 NO 1 NO 1 TSP 1/4 TSP 3 TBLSP FEW 1 NO 1 TBLSP 7-9 NO 2 NO 2 NO 1/4 TSP TO TASTE METHOD:   Cut the cauliflower into small florets. Cook the cauliflower and peas ( i used the frozen peas) in a pan adding little salt to that.   Drain the water and keep it aside. chop the onions finely.   In a pan add little oil and add the onions and saute till golden brown. When it is done add the tomato and saute for 2 minutes.   since i added tomato paste i didn’t saute this. Add green chilli, garlic, fennel seeds, cardamom , coriander seeds, cashew nuts and coconut to this and grind this into a smooth paste.  In a pan add oil and throw in the cumin seeds and add the curry leaves and immediately add the ground masala.  After a minute add the cooked cauliflower and green peas to this , mix well and let this boil for 2 minutes in medium low flame.  Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with rotis. Technorati Tags: Cauliflower korma,Peas masala,how to make korma,easy gravies,side dish for rotis | chapathi,South indian Kurma CAULIFLOWER CURRY RECIPE When I posted the recipe of Peas Pulao I mentioned that i will post the recipe of cauliflower curry too. Though i made this many times after that, somehow i couldn’t click and today finally i clicked and sharing the recipe of Cauliflower curry|Gobi curry recipe. INGREDIENTS: CAULIFLOWER FLORETS ONION REDCHILLI POWDER TOMATO KETCHUP SALT OIL CUMIN SEEDS TURMERIC POWDER CORIANDER LEAVES 2 CUPS 1 NO 1 TSP 1 TBLSP AS NEEDED 2 TBLSP 1/4 TSP A PINCH FEW   Wash the cauliflower florets in hot water and drain all the water completely. Chop the onions finely.    Heat oil in a pan and add oil , cumin seeds to this. Then add the chopped onions to this and fry till it turns golden brown. Add the red chilli powder, tomato ketchup and turmeric powder.    Now add the cauliflower florets,salt and mix it nicely. Cook this in a medium flame till it becomes soft. Garnish with coriander leaves.( I was running out of it, so i didn't use)  Serve with any pulao or roti. You might also like: