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Nama:Winda Puspita Sari Class: VI.

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Mid-term :prose
a). Which parts or what points in ten indiands constitute/effectively lead in thestory ( in ten instabilility? Illustrate your point. The indians just introduce in the beginning of the story. It tells about nick had a relationship with indians woman named prodence mitchel. At first he said that she is not his girl because Carl and Frank always mocking him with her. However he felt so happy inside himself about that mocking. He love her but at the end of the story his father tells him tht he looks prudence with Frank in the woods. It makes Nick shocked. He asks his father what they have done and how they are. His father tells him that I just hear them threshing around and they look happy. From the illustration we can see that Nick’s love is unstable. He just believe what his father have told him without finding the truth. And the end of the story we don’t know how the ending about the relationship b).judge the palusibility of the plot in ten indiands. In the story tells that nick’s who is and american feel in love with in indian girls. From the beginning until the end of the story the have shown that they don’t like the indians from Mrs garner said , “ them indians”. Indians just scum of american society. Moreover, the thought that the best indian was the death of indians. So , if Nick’s marriages Prudence it means be already to expelled from americand society. c).judge how effective is the exposition to expose the coming events in the story ( in ten indians ) The story could be an effective if it has these points : place , setting , ( chararter , time , bacgkround ). In ten indians , all of those items have mantionad. The story took place at big wagon, a region in america, intoducing the character are the indian just in the beginning of the story. d). Characters and freedom. What limits factional characters freedom? Point how it works in ten indians.what limits nick’s portroyalt in the story. The necessity of being fitted into a satisfying artisic whole limits fictional characters freedom. It works quite effectively in the story ten indians. When nick’s father gold him yhat he saw prudence in the woods with a man.

That scene tells us that nick’s father like to nick.Pick a scene in the story to help you show contextual method. Nick’s in ten indians belongs to complex character. At the beginning of the story.The tittle ‘ ten indians ‘ the name prudence Mitchel tend to be used to reveal something about the characters. . He may dislike prudence at the end of the story. However. h). Nick’s characters is lifelike. nick got brokrn heart. He did not look at nick’s eyes when telling him about prudence.He should have confirmad it to prudence first. However . what we expect from the label and the fact about those labelled as such. So we can conclude that he lied to nick. express what these label reveal. For the moment. g). we know that Nick likes Prudence. when his father told him that he saw prudence with a man in the woods. he did not confirm it makes the story artistic.