Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life

By: Matt Ryan


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Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life

Table of Contents
Part 1 About Procrastination
What is Procrastination Causes of Procrastination Adverse Effects of Procrastination

Part 2 Conquer Procrastination
Getting Over Procrastination Day 1 List What You Recognize Day 2 Answer The Questions Day 3 Create Your Calls of Action and Act Day 4 Effective Planning Day 5 Super Tips For Success Conclusion Additional Resources Make Money With This Guide Copyright Information


For a chronic procrastinator this can lead to numerous problems that extend from the mental health aspect quickly into physical health 4 . procrastination on a chronic level can be a sign of serious psychological or physiological disorders. their mental health and their physical health. and in it’s most serious forms. Many times when a person reads this. fear of a failing performance or a heightened self-conscious that induces anxiety. “to put off until another day. procrastination is far more than simply ‘putting things off’ or ‘delaying action’. How can a person engrossed in the act of being perfect.” But. defer. can bear with it serious complications to the procrastinators life. “to defer action. Additionally. This inclination can lead to factors that cause a perfectionist to delay action. to delay” and. Studies have shown that procrastination and perfectionism are often very closely related.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Part 1: About Procrastination What is Procrastination? Procrastination according to the dictionary is defined as. Procrastination. defer their actions towards their goal of perfection? Perfectionism entails the penchant to negatively evaluate outcomes and personal performance. when gone unchecked for too long. they quickly dismiss it. delay. such as fear of the outcome. or is first informed of it.

They are not realistic with time scenarios and are often 5 . Thus.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life problems. The relaxed type procrastinator and the tense-afraid type procrastinator. if gone unchecked. Procrastination itself comes in the form of two very different types. the tenseafraid type procrastinator procrastinates because of a sense of being overwhelmed. relaxed type procrastinators are often considered to be living in a state of denial. guilt. The Tense-Afraid Type of Procrastination Completely different from the relaxed type procrastinator. These psychological factors could easily manifest themselves into serious physical health problems. This impression is merely a façade and an evasion to elude questions and confrontations about why they are delaying to this. Procrastination. Relaxed type procrastinators look upon their responsibilities as being negative aspects of life and avoid them by placing their efforts on the things in their life they view as pleasurable and live their lives giving others the impression that very little worries them. that or the other. The Relaxed Type of Procrastination The relaxed type of procrastination refers to the individual that avoids situations and events that could cause them any form of displeasure. decreased productivity and feelings of crisis. will lead to increased levels of stress.

6 . or to take it easy before completing one task or starting another. Negative feelings of varying degrees also contribute to the delaying of action by this particular type of procrastinator. This is ‘unwinding’ is temporary and quite ineffective. They wind up becoming uncertain of their goals and the direction of their life. It’s not uncommon to find many tense-type procrastinators slowly withdraw themselves from society and even limit their contact with friends and family. the more it transforms itself into something much more than simply ‘putting things off’ until another day. In turn. which makes them uncertain about the viability of and the attainment of such goals. the individual increases the stress and apprehension about the task they’re putting off and in turn. which can quickly lead them into depression.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life over reaching with their short-term goals. this becomes a cycle of failure preceding failure upon yet another failure and can often lead to a breakdown in relationships and social skills. It is common to hear them referring to the need to unwind. In doing this. increasing their feelings of apprehension and guilt. self-confident individuals. Dealing with their negative feelings in this manner only leads to more stress as deadlines loom and the time for whatever they are delaying nears. The deeper the procrastination goes. which leads them to feeling awkward around goal-oriented.

it should be noted that procrastination and depression are frequently linked and very closely related. Gone untreated this could lead to even more serious life and health issues. it’s important to understand the deeper and more underlying causes that bring it about. By understanding these things. Procrastination and Depression Finally.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Before we can go into effective steps to overcoming procrastination. If you or someone you know has taken procrastination to such chronic levels that even the smallest signs of depression are detected. it is highly advisable to seek professional medical attention. we’ll be able to better understand the reasons behind the steps and procedures that help one overcome procrastination. 7 . The characteristics of each are extremely similar and have the tendency to feed off of each other.

is that the fundamental reason that something is being put off isn’t because it’s a duty the procrastinator doesn’t want to do. relevance and lack of confidence. perfectionism is perhaps the leading cause of procrastination.’ What the person making the statements may not realize. The onlooker will sometimes say. Some of the most common underlying causes of procrastination include attempting perfection. however. they typically assume that the person doing the procrastinating is simply lazy. evaluation anxiety. the sooner you do it the sooner it’s done. fear.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Causes of Procrastination On the surface. Perfectionism As odd and paradoxical as it seems. combined they become a seemingly formidable mountain of terror for those that are stuck in the ways of chronic procrastination. Each of these reasons is hard enough to overcome once they reach the stages of being chronic. It is more than likely the effect of a variety of reasons that rest below the surface and are deeply ingrained. 8 . overwhelm. left stagnant in the early steps of development.’ or ‘what are you waiting for. This leaves projects or tasks either dusty in the planning stages or if they do get started. The perfectionist often feels that if something is going to be done. it might just as well be done perfect or not done at all. which is often the case. when an outsider looks at a person who is actively procrastinating. ‘Just do it and get it done with.

This cause debilitates the procrastinator and leads to them not moving forward in their careers or family life because some simple thing isn’t as perfect as their mind feels it should be. The chronic procrastinator does not know what the outcome will be or how it will affect them and this causes their thoughts to tangle and become tense.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life What ends up happening in the life of the ‘perfect procrastinator’ is they start. They never seem to be able to follow through and others sometimes say they are ‘underachievers. Invariably.’ Being tagged with this term generally leads to even greater amounts of procrastination. The perfectionism cause of procrastination can easily be followed by and cause the enhancement of certain fears that the procrastinator has as well. fear of failure and fear of success can stop the chronic procrastinator dead in their tracks. and then stop and they start. then stop and start. this usually results in a negative outcome and increases the depth of their fear the next time they are presented with a similar 9 . delaying action and ultimately not completing tasks and goals they set for themselves. They freeze and put off any action until they are confident that they know exactly how it will come about. Fear of how people perceive them. In their most basic form. Fear Succumbing to one’s fears makes it easy for them to start putting things off. these fears are all fears of the unknown.

Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life situation or opportunity. As with all other forms of procrastination. This can happen quickly without warning. The person who suffers from being overwhelmed will typically be the kind of person that likes to help others. It doesn’t take long for this to become habit of life and common way of living for those that slip into the grasp of chronic procrastination. allowing lack of confidence to continually control their actions will lead to even greater procrastination and also begin to include other procrastination causes as well. they’ll take on so much responsibility that they will suddenly freeze with inactiveness. this procrastinator often has great ideas and plans but never even gets them off of the ground because they do not have the confidence they can actually accomplish what they have set out to do. Overwhelm The feeling of being overwhelmed can quickly lead a person to procrastinating because they don’t know what to do next. 10 . Lack of Confidence With lack of confidence as a cause for procrastination. Once the feelings of being overwhelmed take hold it is sometimes very difficult for this person to make even the simplest decisions. They don’t know what the most effective action to take is because there are seems to be so many things that need to be done.

Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Evaluation Anxiety Exactly as the definition of the words in the term mean. in the case of relevance. This leaves only a life of sought after dreams that are either only partially fulfilled or never even acted upon at all. it’s completely about how the procrastinator associates the benefits of a task with him or herself. or going to be. Relevance Sometimes procrastination isn’t about outside influences. With this as a cause of procrastination it becomes hard to be motivated simply because there is no visual or evident benefits for the tasks or duties at hand. Once this feeling begins. Often procrastination takes place when a person feels that whatever they are supposed to be. business failure and disillusionment from friends and family members. the person who suffers from it will put things off or only place half of their effort into whatever task or tasks they may be performing. With the constant pressure of this anxiety. important life duties are left undone or not completed with the thoroughness in which they could be. 11 . Slipping to frequently into this type of procrastination can often lead to job loss. doing isn’t relevant to themselves or their life. evaluation anxiety is the anxious feelings in regards to how you or something you are doing is going to be evaluated by other people.

important projects. career or business? Let’s now take a look at some of the major effects these causes of procrastination can have on your overall well-being. 12 .Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Do you recognize any of the aforementioned causes in you life? In the way you handle your day-to-day tasks.

This will then lead to the procrastinator being isolated and with feelings of being alone and helpless. accusations and the procrastinator isolating themselves from the people they care about. Although many of these effects may start out as small annoyances they can quickly become serious problems that go beyond simple procrastination. procrastination can also have major effects on other areas of life. This breakdown will start with relationship issues such as perceived nagging.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Adverse Effects of Procrastination Procrastination has multiple negative effects on a person’s life. from bills not getting paid to deep depression to physical health problems. blaming. It is easy to see how chronic procrastination can lead to serious depressions. The culmination of time and the breakdown effects of the procrastination will ultimately lead friends. A procrastinator will 13 . co-workers and loved ones to create a distance between themselves and the person procrastinating. Effects on Relationships The effects of procrastination on relationships can become quite serious and lead to the breakdown of working and personal relationships. Effects on Quality of Life As if the loss of important relationships isn’t enough.

irritability and guilt are major signs that a person is either becoming overcome by their procrastination or they are already to that point. missed chances for raises and lowered productivity are all major effects of procrastinating at work. Low self-esteem. so will the stability of the procrastinator’s mentality and emotions. Failure upon failure will mount up and become frustration upon frustration and begin to slowly deepen procrastination within the person.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life often find himself or herself feeling spiritually and emotionally empty due to the lack of forward and positive progress in their life. 14 . being extremely self critical. Effects on Mental and Emotional Stability As the quality of life begins to diminish. Missed career opportunities. but. also will enhance all of the other negative effects procrastination has on a person’s life. This makes it not only difficult to pull out of. Effects on Work and Career Very similar to relationships. procrastination in it’s chronic stages will lead a person to become isolated at their place of work and will jeopardize their opportunities for advancement and career satisfaction. Feelings of loss and the inability to visualize becomes more apparent and a constant part of his or her life. If they have also experienced lost or diminishing relationships their quality of life can spiral out of control in a sudden manner.

all of this combined into a whole. it can still have effects on work and the career. The procrastinator’s mind will often be wondering off and thinking about whatever it is they have put off and not be concentrating on doing their job. It’s typical to find insomnia. will greatly and systematically lead to a decline in the person’s health. especially when combined and compounded up each other. The more this effect takes place. a little procrastination is normal and in certain circumstances can even be comical. much less advance. irritability and restlessness as normal parts of the life of a chronic procrastinator.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life If the procrastination isn’t such that involves the work environment but is more related to personal time. Sure. once it’s left the realm of being an occasional occurrence and entered the realm of being chronic: It can have lasting and serious detrimental ramifications on the life of the person procrastinating and the lives of those that surround him or her. the less likely they will be to keep their job. Physical tensions will build. Effects on Physical Health The previous effects on a person’s life due to procrastination. however. 15 . can contribute to high blood pressure and other stress related health problems. ________________________ The seriousness of procrastination and its effects upon a person’s life are quite clear. nervousness and anxiety attacks become prompted by the pressures of not getting things done when they should be done. As the pressures of the procrastinators life begin to build.

Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life After taking a look at some of the issues and consequences that result from procrastination. do you recognize any of them in someone you love? Do you recognize anything in yourself? 16 .

As you read through Part 1: About Procrastination. a problematic habit in your life. then procrastination could be a factor in your life and has. the more likely you’ll be to take the measures needed that will head you in the direction of overcoming procrastinating and surpassing it’s negative aspects. you have to make this recognition. or has the potential for developing into negative effects on your goals and on your life’s path.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Part 2: Conquer Procrastination Getting Over Procrastination? The first step in conquering the procrastination demon is. The better you understand that this is. It doesn’t matter if what you recognized is small in nature or large. to come to the understanding that it is creating negative effects on your life. like other negative habits. the fact is that you have recognized that procrastination is a part of your life and is beginning to exhibit it’s limiting effects. 17 . did you recognize any of the examples and descriptions in your own life? Did any of the examples or descriptions spark others in your mind that might be causing negative occurrences in your life? If you’ve recognized or thought of even one thing in the first part. In order to effectively change a habit or negative pattern that has developed in your life. or is leading to. Take your time with this first step.

Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life The steps are listed as day-to-day tasks to ease the burden and lessen the feeling that they must be all completed as quickly as possible. 18 .

Tip for larger tasks: If one of the tasks on your list happens to be something that is a very large project or can be broken down into smaller steps. Actually perform the physical task of writing these down. While you’re writing this list. take your time and write down everything you can think of that you procrastinate about. The smaller the size of the task. take a moment to think about each thing you write down. this action on your part will make them more real in your mind and help you connect to the fact that they are something you need to deal with.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Day 1: List What You Recognize Now that you have successfully recognized that there are some things in your life that you procrastinate about. 19 . When you’re thinking about these items take into consideration the following four questions: Why you procrastinate with this particular item? How has continually putting this item off negatively affected my life? How would my life be different if I stopping putting this item off? What can I do today. Now. Again. right now. ‘I don’t want to do it’ is not a viable reason for why you’re putting something off. be honest with yourself and don’t cop out by using easy reasons. when you’re thinking about these items and your reasons for procrastinating about them. the easier it is to manage and the less likely you’ll feel overwhelmed. take a moment and go write your list. to begin changing my habit with this particular item? Additionally. grab yourself a pen and paper and make a list of them. Get directly to the heart of the matter and dig right into the real reason. then break it down into those steps.

Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Small or large. 20 . if it’s something you’re putting off it is having an effect on your life. we’ll get started on the next step. When you’re done.

Why all the writing? In addition to the fact that physically writing something down helps ingrain it into your memory. Next write the question. Avoid writing easy answers like. We’re going to start answering those questions I asked you to think about.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Day 2: Answer The Questions Welcome back. get yourself a few more sheets of paper and pick your pen back up. write the answer out. I bet that list you made and the questions that you asked yourself have already got your mind spinning and your desire for making positive changes is deepening. ‘Because I don’t want to do it. What I have found works best for this step is to have a separate sheet of paper for each of the items you have written on your list. Focus on the question for a bit and then in your own words and with as much detail as you can. ‘Why do I put off –enter task here-?’. At the top of your paper write the item or task that you have recognized as being something you actively procrastinate with. you’re going to perform the physical action of writing your answers on a piece of paper. This leaves you plenty of room to write the answers you’ve come up and to also make any additions or notes at a later time. That’s right.’ Answers of that nature will not help you drill down to the real reasons that you’re procrastinating. That’s good!! Now that your list is complete. 21 . you are also doing all of this writing to help you begin a new habit: The habit of taking action when action needs to be taken.

created negative effects in my life?’. I have to pay late payment fees.’ Next write the question: ‘How has putting off –enter task here. write the question: ‘How would my life be different if I stopped putting off –enter task here-?’.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Example: Maybe one of the tasks you have written down that you put off is ‘Paying My Bills’. reconnect fees or other fees and I have even had property repossessed because of this. As with your reasons for why you put a particular item off.’ Next. Because of this I feel that I am letting myself and my family down by not being able to provide the extra things in life that could make their lives easier and happier. Take your time and write down. be as real and as detailed as you can with your recognition of the negative effects this is having on your life. A reason you might write down for putting off paying your bills could possibly be something like this: ‘I put off paying my bills because when I’m done I have no money left in my bank account and it makes me feel that the time and effort I invest in my job leaves me with no rewards. to the smallest detail everything that you can think of that has occurred because you have put this task off. 22 . Example: Here’s an example of what an negative effect may be for the ‘Paying My Bills’ item: ‘Not paying my bills on time costs me even more money.

get as detailed and full of feeling as you can with this answer. What could you have? What wouldn’t you have to deal with? What dreams and goals could you bring about faster? Example: Staying with our ‘Paying My Bills’ procrastination task.’ 23 . you might answer this question like so: ‘If I paid every bill on time I wouldn’t have to pay the extra fees associated with the late payment and I could use the money that I save to take my wife and kids out to dinner.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Again.

In the space below the last question. It doesn’t matter how small or large this action is.’ 24 . Example: Still with our ‘Paying My Bills’ task. Go ahead and get out the papers you have for each of the individual tasks or items that you procrastinate about. write this question: ‘What can I do today to stop putting off –enter task here-?’. just make sure it is something positive towards the completion or fulfillment of the task. Now. For each task you have written down as something you put off doing. write at one call to action for it. you might create your own call to action for this task in this manner: ‘Today I can pay my electric bill that is due next Tuesday. By asking yourself this question you are creating for yourself a call to action. how they affect your life and how things could be different if you didn’t procrastinate on these tasks. You should do this for each of the tasks you have a separate paper for. we’re going to get on with making the changes and taking the actions you need to take in order to help bring about the better things life has to offer you.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Day 3: Create Your Calls of Action and Act Over the first two days of this process you’ve identified the things you put off.

you will surely be able to complete those that need to be done soonest. How you prioritize is an entirely personal. neat pile it’s time to get busy completing the actions you’ve told yourself to take. Since you have them in order of importance. This allows you to be more efficient and also helps to lower stress. you can come back tomorrow and finish the rest. Now that you have your tasks prioritized and placed in a nice. After you finish the first. however. Start with the first task at the top of the pile and perform the action you have stated that you could do today. arrange your stack of papers in order of importance. you should keep in mind whether something has a deadline that needs to be met or whether it is something that can wait yet another day without generating more negative effects.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Prioritize your tasks. move to the second and continue in this manner until you’ve completed every task. that’s okay. first. After you have given yourself one call to action for each of your tasks. 25 . By prioritizing your tasks in order of importance you insure that you complete those that absolutely need to be completed within the time frame they need to be completed in. If you do not have the time to complete all of the tasks.

which will help you succumb ingrained fears and make your next set of tasks much more likely to be successful. your week. let’s get started. this is particularly true of Day 3. If you still have actions to complete from yesterday. the easier it will be for you to overcome your feelings of being overwhelmed. On each piece of paper you should write at the very top and in the center. With the right plan in place you will be able to maximize the use of your time and eliminate your feelings of being overwhelmed. ‘My Week’. write the days of the week starting with whatever tomorrow is and also the actual date that day is. You will gain confidence in your abilities. All right. In Part 1: About Procrastination you learned that one of the core causes of procrastination is the feeling of being overwhelmed. go ahead and complete them right now before moving on to this step. tomorrow is Sunday. your month or even your year. the better you Complete Important Tasks First Before taking on new tasks or projects it is key to complete all of your important tasks prior to adding new ones. so I would start with Sunday and 26 . An easy way to deal with this feeling is to effectively plan your day. As I am writing this. Go had and get out two more sheets of paper. The more your practice planning.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Day 4: Effective Planning Over the previous three days of work you have essential been practicing the beginning steps of planning. On the left hand side of the paper and equally spaced down the left hand side. Don’t worry if this takes the remaining free time you have for today as it’s more important to complete one step before moving on to the next. will get at it and the better you get at planning.

starting with tomorrow list each and everything you absolutely have to accomplish on that particular day. breakfast and check emails 7:45AM . allow yourself twenty minutes. 2007: 6:00AM . 2007: 6:00AM . Include as much detail as you can: what time of day. This will help you move through your day with a feeling of accomplishment and a more positive attitude.6:30AM Wake up. brush teeth etc 6:30AM . Schedule Unpleasant Tasks Early In The Day When possible schedule unpleasant tasks early in your day. The reason you’re doing this is so you never leave yourself short of time and if anything unexpected occurs.7:45AM Coffee. read news 8:30AM .11:30AM Attend church Monday April 2. have breakfast 7:30AM . As you write this schedule be very lenient with your time. how long it will take. who it will be with.10:00AM HR meeting 10:00AM – 12:00PM Rough draft proposal for Project X 27 .6:30AM Wake up. brush teeth etc 6:30AM – 7:30AM Make coffee.9:30AM Get ready for and go to church 9:30AM .8:30AM Check email. Example: Sunday April 1. you will have time to fit that in without placing stress on your schedule.9:00AM Work correspondence 9:00AM . if something typically takes you fifteen minutes to complete. Again.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life then ten lines down I would write Monday and so on and so forth until I came to Saturday.8:00AM Travel to work 8:00AM .

Pay special attention to how the amounts of time for each task panned out. During the week. The more detail you can put into the planning of each day. or if they were completed quicker than you had scheduled. You should also pay particular attention to whether certain tasks took longer than you had scheduled. you can go ahead and make subtle changes to the rest of your schedule to reflect the time differences. If you notice any significant discrepancies in the amount of time a certain task takes and this occurs three or more days in a row. review the day’s schedule and take notice of how well you stuck to your schedule. follow this schedule as strict as you possibly can. Now. review again how everything went. If your job or your daily activities vary. leave a large enough block of time to account for this. the better you will be able to plan the time to manage it successfully. fill it in on the sheet. As soon as you are aware of what you will be doing during this block. Day 4 Follow Up Routine: At the end of this first week that you have scheduled. make a new schedule for your next week and modify accordingly and still keeping in mind to leave yourself plenty of time to finish certain tasks. Before you go to sleep each night. 28 .Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life 12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch 1:00PM – 4:00PM Finish beta formulas for Project W 4:00PM – 5:00PM Work out at company gym 5:00PM – 5:15PM Travel home I think you get the picture.

29 . remember that the more you do this. Finally. and the amount of time they take. By the time you’ve reached the end of the third week you should have your daily tasks.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life At the end of the second week. the better you will become at it. As weeks come and as weeks go you will be building a habit of successfully planning your time. nailed down to where they are almost an afterthought. will be building your habit of successfully accomplishing the tasks that are required for your daily goals and your life’s goals. do the same thing for the third. which in turn.

in the process you’ve successfully completed things you would normally have put off or stressed yourself out about. Your reward? NO WRITING FOR TODAY ☺. and great tips to help you continue on your journey of positively achieving your goals. ‘I have to do this. Instead of saying. However.’ Create a positive atmosphere in your mind. You’ve learned simple techniques for maximizing your time and reaching your goals more efficiently.’ try saying instead. You’ve made it to Day 5. I have also included in this list the tips that are included throughout the text.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Day 5: Super Tips for Success Hey. Many of these tips you will be able to use as you continue with your weekly schedules. some you will be able to implement immediately and others will help simply get motivate. there are so many of them that I was unable to find room to fit them all in. rather than a negative one. Super Tip #1: Change your thought process about the things you need to do. how about that. Let’s get to ‘em. So. 30 . ‘I choose to do this. Day 5 is a simple listing of things that will make your goal of overcoming procrastination a little easier. I’ve interspersed throughout the course of this book certain tips and tricks to help you along the way.

don’t say yes to added responsibilities that will stress your schedule. If you know you are going to be short on time. you don’t always have to go it alone. Super Tip #5: Do not stray from your time restrictions. Super Tip #3: Don’t expect everything you do to be perfect. Just do your absolute best.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Super Tip #2: Ask for help. This will only serve to overwhelm and slowly break down your successful goal achievements. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will bounce through your goals and how much fun the rewards can be. have a reward prepared for that success. It doesn’t matter with what. Ask for help. pencil them in on the very first day you have the opportunity to complete them. get started on the next goal. Super Tip #6: Purchase a day planner and use it. As you successfully complete each goal. if you’ve reached a standstill on a project or if your simply having trouble with something in life. After enjoying your reward. Use the day planner to plan each and every day and stick to it. take pride in what you’re doing and get whatever it is your doing. 31 . As you learn of events or tasks you will need to attend or perform. It’s better to be slightly less than perfect than to not have done at all. This is also much easier than the ‘sheets of paper’ method used in this book. This works particularly well when you have taken a large project and broken it down into smaller goals. done. Super Tip #4: Offer yourself rewards. or if your time is already maximized.

it will be much easier to find the ‘flow’ and keep moving. The key is to begin taking action.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Super Tip #7: Reward yourself. Super Tip #9: When you’re planning your tasks. Once you actually get started. Super Tip # 12: If you have a large project or a task that can be broken down into smaller steps. As you complete certain tasks. Anything you can do to take away distractions so that it is easier for you to focus on your tasks. Only take phone calls or answer emails at certain parts of the day. successfully complete a day or a week allow yourself something that you save to do for special occasions. Super Tip #11: When possible schedule unpleasant tasks early in your day. then break it down into those smaller steps. use your mind to develop a very clear mental picture of the task already completed. Super Tip #10: When confronted with a task or project you’re uncertain of how to proceed with. Feel the feelings you’ll feel when it’s done and keep your focus on the end result. Complete each small step systematically and you’ll quickly achieve your larger goal. This will help keep you motivated to seeing it to the positive end results. 32 . Keep your work area clean and organized. just get started doing something with it. More often than not they are rarely as horrible as your mind has made them out to be and the sooner they are off your plate the easier it will be for you to move through your day with a feeling of accomplishment. Super Tip #8: Limit the commotion in your surroundings.

which will help you succumb ingrained fears and make your next set of tasks much more likely to be successful. 33 . Super Tip # 15: Before taking on new tasks or projects it is key to complete all of your important tasks prior to adding new ones. Super Tip # 14: By prioritizing your tasks in order of importance you insure that you complete those that absolutely need to be completed within the time frame they need to be completed in. The habit of taking action when action needs to be taken will lead you to be able to take action quicker and sooner in the future.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Super Tip # 13: Get into the habit of taking action. This allows you to be more efficient and also helps to lower stress. You will gain confidence in your abilities.

that’s the end of the report and this guide to overcoming procrastination. If you are struggling and feeling as if you’re not making headway. patience and persistence it can be done and thousands of people do it everyday. I hope you have enjoyed the process and that it has helped you start getting things done and achieving your goals: big or 34 . keep going. You are no different than they are.Break Procrastination – Take Back Control Of Your Life Conclusion Well. Procrastination can be very difficult to overcome and keep at bay.breakprocrastination. Keep the process moving and before long it will become a habit and way of http://www. You can do it too!! To Your Success and Your ‘Self’. Matt Ryan http://www. However: with time.

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