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Sebastian Bergmann's presentation on "The State of QA Tools for PHP" at the FrOSCon 2009 conference raised demand for an overview page of PHP quality assurance tools. This page is a first attempt of creating such an overview.

The State of QA Tools for PHP
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PHPUnit is the de-facto standard for unit testing in PHP projects. It provides both a framework that makes the writing of tests easy as well as the functionality to easily run the tests and analyse their results.

phploc is a tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project.

phpcpd is a Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code. It scans a PHP project for duplicated code.

phpdcd is a Dead Code Detector (DCD) for PHP code. It scans a PHP project for code that is no longer used.

pdepend can generate a large set of software metrics from a given code base. These values can be used to measure the quality of a software project and they help to identify the parts of an application where a code refactoring should be applied.

phpmd scans PHP source code and looks for potential problems such as possible bugs, dead code, suboptimal code, and overcomplicated expressions

phpcs tokenises PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards. It is an essential development tool that ensures your code remains clean and consistent. It can also help prevent

it supports building and testing virtually any project. bytekit-cli bytekit-cli provides a command-line tool that leverages the Bytekit extension to perform common code analysis tasks on the PHP bytecode level. Classes are drawn as rectangles containing the respective methods. Arrows represent calls from one method to another method. The graphs can be leveraged to gain a better understanding of large PHP applications or even to debunk design flaws in them.some common semantic errors made by developers. PHPCallGraph phpCallGraph is a tool to generate static call graphs for PHP source code. Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects Jenkins is the leading open-source continuous integration server. PHP Project Wizard The PHP Project Wizard (PPW) is a commandline tool that can be used to generate the scripts and configuration files necessary for the build automation of a PHP project. or style-preserving source-to-source transformations such as refactorings on source code. pfff pfff is mainly an OCaml API to write static analysis. Such a graph visualizes the call dependencies among methods or functions of an application. The goal of the Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects is to provide a standard template for Jenkins jobs for PHP projects. phantm phantm is a tool that can be used to spot various kinds of mistakes in PHP applications. PHP_CodeBrowser PHP_CodeBrowser provides a code browser for PHP files with syntax highlighting and colored error-sections found by quality assurance tools such as PHPUnit and PHP_CodeSniffer. code navigations. code visualizations. dynamic analysis. . Thanks to its thriving plugin ecosystem.