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8 / March 2013

Kazilimani, the new face of KPMG Zambia

Featured CEO: Jason

The War for Talent:
is gender diversity a solution?

Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata
The Gender Journey: where we are going and where we have come from

Faces of the 21st century Zambian Woman

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THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013

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Founding Editor’s Note

Gender Journey
name is important. In our culture a name is so important, we aren’t even allowed to name our own children. Only Grandparents to the new born or other elders in the community are entrusted with this precious act. I had my second child abroad. The rule in that country was that hospitals could not discharge new born babies without a name. I recall pleading with my father long distance to hurry up and find a name so that the hospital would release us. My father was amused by this, the ridiculousness of naming a child quickly. I now know that there were uncles, aunts and most importantly, the spirits to consult; in-laws to inform; and a wife (my Mum) who also wanted to name the child, to negotiate with.


the Faces of the 21st Century woman

Our magazine is now a toddler, three years old in May. Our graphic designer, Ivor, gently reminded me that the baby still had no name. It didn’t take long to think of the name The Alchemist. That is what we call you, our readers, and our members - Alchemists. You are Alchemists because every day you do extraordinary things without even realising it and usually without recognition. The magazine is your toolkit, your mouthpiece, it aims to celebrate and showcase extraordinary women and men, people who can inspire us to excellence and to realise our full potential. As women, we are adept at making the


THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013

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extraordinary things we do look ordinary both in our personal and professional lives. Next time you attend a work-related cocktail notice how differently men and women present themselves. Men always want you to know ‘who’ they are, or rather how important they are – business cards will be proffered and titles thrust upon you on contact. Women seem almost embarrassed of their big titles, shrinking as they are pressed for this information, a business card fished out from the bottom of handbags and presented apologetically. When I come across women who refuse to hide their success lest it offend others, I am immediately captivated. It takes tremendous courage, especially for a woman, to allow their light to shine. We are conditioned from birth to take on the biblical role of helpers to our menfolk in this society, ensuring we don’t overshadow them becomes our second nature. I also find, and this has been supported by research, that people hold women to a higher standard and that women are also expected to show a humility not expected of men. I have had the privilege of meeting many phenomenal Alchemists over the last three years, each have inspired me in different ways. The one I found most inspirational was Mizinga Melu, the

former Managing Director for Standard Chartered Bank Zambia. Not a month went by when she didn’t appear in the local papers. When she spoke of her success at one of our Mentorship events, it was factual and unapologetic. She received a standing ovation from all the women who attended. When we look at the gender journey in Zambia, I am amazed at the extraordinary women and men who defied tradition to create a society where women can become CEOs. My mother’s uncle, over 60 years ago, defied tradition and custom by insisting my mother continue her education. This was against the general consensus of the elders in her village who had planned for her to get married at the earliest opportunity. A generation later, the Permanent Secretary Gender, Edgwide Mutale, shared with us at the opening of the “Alchemy Women on Board, Board of Directors Workshop” how she was strongly discouraged from leaving her family to pursue her Masters abroad by family members. More recently, at the launch of the UNZA Alchemy Women in Leadership Chapter a student told us how she was discouraged by her friend’s mother from pursuing a science degree because it would reduce her marriage prospects. I found it discouraging that we are still having this discussion in the 21st

Century. When reflecting on the gender journey, there are a few ‘names’ that we need to discuss and debate as Zambian women. Diversity. Empowerment. Equality. Culture. These names are often thrown about casually in the gender dialogue, without us really understanding their significance or relevance for that matter. What do these words mean to us? What do we want them to mean? It is important that we define these for ourselves within our context. Speaking to my peers it is clear that the gender journey meant education and financial freedom for our mothers, this is what they wanted for us. What do we want for ourselves going forward, and more importantly, for our daughters? We have lined up extraordinary women this year to have this dialogue with us this, to share with us their views regarding these names to better enable us to see where we need to take the gender journey going forward. We are calling these formidable women the Faces of the 21st Century Woman, and who better to kick this off than, our very own First Lady, the formidable and extraordinary Dr Christine Kaseba.

Chimango Chikwanda
Founding Editor


THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013


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– The First Lady of the Republic of Zambia by Chimango Chikwanda


Misogyny, Patriarchy and Politics by Linda Kasonde

13 Dr Christine Kaseba

29 Undressed: Women,

9 Your Self: Detoxify you

relationships by Nankhonde van-den Broek

41 Jason Kazilimani – The featured CEO is Jason Kazilimani, the Managing Partner for KPMG Zambia by Nankhonde Kasonde van-den Broek

Gender Diversity a solution? By Chimango Chikwanda

35 The War for Talent – is

19 The Law and You: The Anti-Gender Based Violence Act (GBV), a solution to GBV or just window dressing by Linda Kasonde
Saving for that rainy day by Beatrice Nkanza

22 Money Matters:

Winning Strategy by Natasha Chiumya

24 Women in Business: A

THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013

What not to wear by Chimango Chikwanda

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2 The Gender Journey – the
Faces of the 21st Century Woman by the Founding Editor Chimango Chikwanda

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THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013

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performing surgery or running chiefdoms today. From the women who supported the struggle for independence in the shadows of their husbands.’ In the corporate world change is the new normal. wife and mother. candidness. wife and mother in a way that has profound meaning for me.Editor’s Note I didn’t see this coming… I can’t think of a time in my life that reminds me of what I am living now. You either evolve or become irrelevant. Dr Christine KasebaSata. The plan for 2013 seemed so clear in December.8 / March 2013 . It’s April and I have a strong sense that somewhere between New Year’s Day and now. The theme for this year is ‘Faces of the 21st Century Zambian Woman. Through our theme we celebrate evolution. on boards. Her energy. flying planes. to the women sitting in cabinet. Our ability to cope with change determines our success. humour and focus make me even more determined to achieve my goals as a professional. We kick off this theme with the accomplishments of Zambia’s First Lady. It would be such a disappointment to keep climbing the ladder only to realise that it had been leaning against the wrong wall all that time. 7 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. I lost direction. yet I find myself already off course: time to re-visit my strategy. The AWiL Board was honoured to spend an afternoon in the garden at State House with a true professional. We look at some of the faces of excellence that represent this change today.

whether personal. but merely a slight detour to reaching our destiny.Sometimes events change the course of life and sometimes those changes spring from the choices we make. setbacks are not catastrophic. In her analysis of the AntiGBV Act. To support you in developing your winning strategy. In HR Matters Chimango helps us understand why women make a difference by asking a very important question: Where is your organization on the stupid curve? At the national level. professional or national. in practical ways. Natasha sets out a simple seven step plan in her regular Entrepreneurs 101 column. In this issue. we look at the momentum that has been gained on the gender-agenda. Remember. Jason Kazilimani. I discovered how we all make choices in life and how. it acts as a guiding light to our destination. success is found in deliberate actions and not random! Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek EDITOR IN CHIEF 8 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. when we decide to commit to something. shares with us the runway lights that have helped him make it to the top of his profession. If not. it’s never too late to re-visit your strategy. if you don’t have one yet. As we reflect on March and all the events that celebrated women. we look at some issues affecting the wellbeing of women. A strategy can help us chart the way.8 / March 2013 . In his interview. Chief Executive and Senior Partner at KPMG. Linda invites us all to question its impact. Through our inaugural Womenon-Board programme we opened a door to influence the debate on the role of women in decision making. I invite you to check in with yourself to confirm whether you are indeed gaining momentum on your very own gender journey. maybe it’s time to make a plan. I always think of the runway lights that help aeroplanes land at night.

Your Self Detoxify 9 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013 YOUR RELATIONSHIPS How often do you wish you could change your personal and professional relationships and make them happier places to be? As a Life Coach I guide you to explore 4 things we all do that contribute to toxic relationships. and provide some easy-to-follow ideas for making our daily interactions work better. .

In technical terms.a relationship systems coach will use tools to help couples or teams take responsibility for their toxic communication and consciously design ways to make the relationship a better place to be for everyone. communities. the relationship is described as the third entity: created. we need to be relationship-intelligent. THIRD ENTITY: OUR MARRIAGE ME YOU Third entity: EXCO MD CHIEF ADMIN CFO HEAD SALES 10 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. includes understanding the emotional experiences of those around you and culminates in the ability to identify and collaborate with groups. for example. Relationship intelligence starts with understanding yourself. Conflict in a relationship is inevitable – the key is to make sure it is constructive. The secret to relationship systems coaching is the recognition that the client is the relationship and not the individuals. there is the relationship itself.8 / March 2013 .T o get the most out of our relationships and be true to ourselves and our life and work partners. productive group identity. teams. This third entity has its own needs and its own voice. Put all those ingredients together and you can catalyse the capacity of teams and groups to move beyond the personal to a powerful. when two people get married or when a team comes together to achieve a shared objective. There is more to a relationship than just the people. This coaching model is all about uncovering what the relationship needs from all the different parties involved to make it thrive. Alongside them. We are all involved at least some of the time in toxic relationships .

People do not quit companies. John Gottman (expert and bestselling author) calls these behaviours the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. friend or colleague. your friends or colleagues? When? 2. Contempt Sarcasm. If you recognise some of your own behaviours here. What things do you avoid talking about in your relationships? 3. belittling. one party will want to tune out completely. A complaint addresses a very specific failed action. whether it is with a spouse. you attack them. People do not quit marriages. In the workplace. A criticism includes negative. It is the repeated use of Kaponyas day in.8 / March 2013 . of saying. they quit people. namecalling and hostile humour: contempt is the most poisonous of all the Kaponyas. An attacking spouse will not back down or apologise in the face of your defensiveness. Defensiveness We all tend to defend ourselves when criticised. In the home. feel? What to do about them? Just reading about the Kaponyas has probably made you think about how you are managing your key relationships. When do you react with defensiveness or fail to take responsibility for your contribution to relationship problems? behaviour will feed even more the contempt in the other. So how do you change and improve your relationships? Here are some suggested antidotes to toxic relationships – used properly they will neutralise the toxicity whether you are receiver or giver and help you build better relationships. after one or more of the other Kaponyas has been raging in a relationship. day out. there is a huge difference between complaint and criticism. Rather 11 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. he is contributing to it just as much. Criticism or blame When you criticise your spouse. refuse to engage and silently stonewall. Stonewalling Often. You are more likely to have such thoughts if your differences are not resolved soon after they occur. cynicism. a friend or a colleague. toxic teams experience poor performance and high employee turnover. when in fact. In turn. Of course you will always have some complaints about them. only natural but beware. they quit people. don’t panic! Most people bring Kaponyas in to their relationships from time to time and usually it’s fairly harmless. and you. To them. that is destructive to relationships. it’s you”. Maybe you can identify which of the 4 Kaponyas are present in your relationships? than defusing. your defensiveness is really just another way of throwing the blame back. this 1. It can even go as far as being harmful to physical health. I call them the 4 Kaponyas. When do you treat others with contempt? How does it make them. The defensive party may feel above the conflict. It conveys disgust and condescension. Are you ever critical of your partner. toxic relationships lead to stress and pain. “it’s not me. 4. a friend or a colleague. Contempt is fuelled by long-simmering negative thoughts about a spouse. however. it actually escalates the conflict. research shows that reacting like this very rarely works. hurtful words about the character or personality of the person on the receiving end that do untold damage to relationships.The 4 toxic behaviours in relationships There are 4 toxic behaviours that are lethal to any relationship.

identify the unwanted behaviour. find a way to relax. Avoid using ‘you’ and don’t assume you know what the solution is. Differentiate between what is fear and what is actual dangerous in the situation. When receiving criticism. Look at your fear of speaking. Try asking: ‘what is your intention in saying that?’ They may not be aware how they are coming across. cynicism. Contempt: if you are feeling like acting with contempt Use a sentence like: “I feel… I want. Contempt: if your spouse/ friend/colleague is acting with contempt Express your feelings. believe that the person criticising you (especially if they are close) is doing it because they care about you. Take responsibility for your impact and rephrase what you wanted to say. Repeat what you heard and ask for clarification. name-calling.” Realise that constructive conflict is only possible from a basis of respect. Stop any sarcasm.Toxic Behaviour Criticism Antidote Complain about a specific behaviour instead of criticising the person. what information is it giving you? What part of your identity is at stake? Get grounded in who you really are before speaking. ‘I ‘m hearing you say that I’m not trustworthy. G them on the impact they are having on you and help them give you feedback in a better way.. Show your spouse/friend/colleague that you respect and trust them and that their image is not at stake This will lower their defences and you will have a more productive conversation about the issue at hand. For more information go to www. For example instead of or send an email to nankhonde@gmail. Make sure you are conveying to the other person that you understand what they are saying.8 / March 2013 . Focus on ‘what does the relationship need from us now?’ instead of ‘who is doing what to whom?’ Blame will not get you anywhere. For example: ‘it is true that I often don’t leave enough time for unpredictable delays and I can see how that would make me untrustworthy.’ Defensiveness: if you are feeling defensive Defensiveness: if your spouse/ friend/colleague is getting defensive Ask them what they heard you say It is quite possible that they misunderstood you or that they felt criticised without you being aware of it. It is harming your relationships more than you think. For example.tuntulu. and indicate willingness to resolve the situation. Active listening: people often get defensive when they don’t feel heard. Can you agree on how to handle this? How? What do you need from the other person? And what do you need to do? Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek is an internationally trained Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach. etc. Clarifying their intention will help to get at the deeper purpose behind what is being said. Stonewalling If you are flooded. People sometimes use Kaponyas unconsciously or when they don’t know what else to do. It is their unskilful way of providing useful feedback. Can you clarify that?’ Search for the truth in what you are hearing. She runs a Life Coaching practice called ‘Tuntulu’ based in Lusaka. Go a step further and turn the complaint in to a ‘you didn’t tell me about the event’ try ‘I don’t want to miss another one of those events. Most complaints are requests. Zambia. 12 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. what can we do to avoid this next time?’ Don’t make the situation personal.

8 / March 2013 . Christine Kaseba-Sata 13 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.Alchemist feature Dr.

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. 14 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. quietly visiting charities and playing hostess for her husband’s visitors. We are grateful as Alchemy that she gave up time in her busy schedule to open up her life to us and we are proud to have her on board as an Alchemist.By Chimango Chikwanda First Lady. let’s go and sit in the garden. With trepidation. or how her favourite pastime was playing video games. it seems. we sat on our hands to stop ourselves from doing “a he heya” (high-five) with her. I didn’t think she stood a chance. She was also a professional . where she shared with us her personal and professional successes and disappointments with a candidness and warmth that surprised us. A When the new Patriotic Front Government came into power. and accessible. is supposed to be in the background.she was funny. is highly visible. At times we forgot she was the First Lady. or indeed any woman. A truly powerful person does not feel compelled to remind you of their power. I realised that the lack of a backlash was largely due to her personality . Maureen Mwanawasa just to name a few. The more educated the less popular being the rule of thumb.on time and prepared for the interview. When she arrived. Following our meeting with her. Dr Christine Kaseba. sisters and as professional women.” This set the tone for our meeting. she spoke to us as equals: as working mothers. but all over the world. The First Lady is truly a powerful person. not just in Zambia. gracious. we were ushered into a meeting room where we sat around a big conference table. We laughed as she told us stories of her youth and her new life in State House: feeling suffocated by her loss of freedom. down to earth. I looked on with a sinking feeling as the First Lady. I was surprised when the backlash didn’t come. Hillary Clinton. she said “You know what? This is too formal. When she sat down. appeared nearly weekly in the local papers at various events and opening. I waited for the backlash that is customary when a First Lady. In this case our First Lady is a Medical Doctor.8 / March 2013 . daughters. wives. she recounted amidst much laughter at her unsuccessful attempt to shake off her bodyguards by lingering in a lingerie department of a department store.

badminton and ran the 400m. Anything in the public domain can be discussed. Within a week of my husband being sworn into office. How has being a woman affected your career? Positively. He even allowed me to bring boys home and study with them. I do have support from Cabinet Office in organising these events. Another role I play is that of the nation’s Chief Hostess. It’s a role that can be daunting. What type of student were you? I did my secondary education at Mindolo Girls in Kitwe.I played soccer. It really did feel like what one imagines it must be like being in Chimbokaila (prison). I received notification of my retirement from a 30 year career in the public’s interest. but was something which amused my husband and children because they know how fiercely independent I am and how much pride I take in being able to look after myself financially. being in an environment with other top students from different schools was a challenge for me. I went from being a mother of 4 to being a mother of 13 million overnight. I have had to hone my skills at reading body language and even mind reading at times (she laughs). even to a friend’s home. Lastly. It’s a role that can be daunting. It was easier to deal with patients than to try to please everyone. where I knew what to do. requires a routine clearance at least two hours in advance of the visit. Also difficult was the complete loss of my privacy. so I sometimes glean from the daily newspapers issues he might be dealing with. volleyball. I went from being a mother of 4 to being a mother of 13 million overnight. I encountered other students who were just as academically strong as I was and even more so.First and foremost. I feel compelled to participate in the arrangements and give my input. As a result. which is a big advantage given the different responsibilities we have. You talked about how your father enabled your studies. Being financially independent has always been important to me. Women are natural multi-taskers. I was the first one in my class to go to university and the only one to study medicine. the President has a responsibility to sell Zambia to the outside world. I have to do this to determine what type of day he has had at the office. I learnt to relate to boys early as peers making it easier to compete and work with them at school. The first one is to be a shoulder for the President to lean on. This can be hard. My uncles wanted to marry me off after grade nine but Dad said no. where I was Deputy Head girl. What don’t you like about being the First Lady? Losing my independence and freedom. Each visit. Not earning my own salary and having to ask my husband for money was hard for me. The second role I play is being a mother to the whole nation. I need to support him in that endeavour. 15 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. I play a number of roles. I was an all-rounder . What does this new role mean to you? That’s a good question. Based on my experience so far. the President’s job prevents him from coming home and sharing his day at the office. in fact boys from other schools used to refuse to participate if they knew I was on the team from Mindolo. Both were inspiring as servant leaders. On appointment no one gives you a job description on what your role is. Who has had the most influence on your life? Who do you most admire and why? My father. I went from pursuing a career which was familiar. to one where I wasn’t sure what was expected of me. visit a friend at their home. I excelled in science quizzes. He was a no-nonsense kind of man who supported female education in the days when it was still unheard of.8 / March 2013 . but when an event is being hosted in my name. Other sources of inspiration were Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. The saying tells us that behind every great man there is a great woman. Due to matters of national security. Not being able to spontaneously decide to go shopping. I had to leave an integral part of my life behind whilst I still had so much to offer. he even offered to pay the dowry they wanted. your privacy is stripped from you. and are greatly admired for this by many. congratulations on becoming Zambia’s First Lady. The transition to this new role was difficult for me. Having become accustomed to being at the top of the class at secondary school. You have to define it for yourself. or join them for coffee at Manda Hill was a source of frustration. University was a different world. I have security around me all the time.

in addition to their careers they have multiple obligations and duties – work. Kabinda Kawesha. Dr Christine Kaseba. If women are given a workplace which facilitates them attending to these obligations. As women the fact that we bear children makes the traditional workplace a challenge. The midwives were very supportive. It’s not about how many times you have fallen but what you have learnt in the process. Pixie Yangailo. cleaning. Maternity leave is the obvious place to start. I know that some people do get sick during pregnancy. However. One obstacle I encountered as a woman was that it is always much harder for us to be promoted through the professional ranks. employers will find whatever costs would be associated with the above to be minimal compared Names from Top Left to right: Chimango Chikwanda. Some of my peers.8 / March 2013 . to my team. When I was pregnant I worked until the very last day. Chikwashi Chitofu. Linda Kasonde. My leadership style is very much to lead from behind and to give credit where it is due. I would rather be promoted on merit than on gender. Success is a dynamic thing. I have been talking about maternity protection across the country. Were the women supportive of you when you became head of department? Yes. How do you define success? People define success differently. however. Having said this. Mwansa Nejelsani. cooking. Senior Doctors. and homework. The opposite of success is failure. were not as supportive as I expected them to be. Kondwa Sakala-Chibiya. Women are hard workers. My appointment as the first female head of department at UTH was based on merit and I am proud of this. In a nutshell it is the achievement of the goals you set yourself. Women have to prove themselves and be consistently better than the men. We are held to a higher standard. Bottom left to right: Beatrice Nkhanza. they were. once they realised that my success was their success I noticed a perceptible change in their attitudes. pregnancy in itself is not sickness. leading by example. Having said this. I used to openly discuss contraceptives with interns and encourage them accordingly. recommending an increase from the current 12 to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. Jacqueline Jere-Folotiya 16 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.Women also benefit from positive discrimination. Agatha Yowela. just to name a few. Another possible solution is to introduce flexible hours for working mothers. There is a perception that women don’t support each other but that wasn’t my experience. Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek. women need to make informed reproductive choices so that they can benefit from both a successful career and children when the time is right. What do you consider to be the most important issues facing Zambian women and what solutions can you offer as First Lady? The workplace needs to become a friendlier place for women. A woman who is physical present at the office by mentally at home worrying about the wellbeing of her baby is not as productive. like in the accessing of scholarships particularly those designed to promote female education. As women we need to change our mind-set and not use pregnancy as an excuse to not perform. although I understand the principles behind positive discrimination.

go beyond it! Recognise early on what you can do well and run with it. Do you believe that our cultural norms and traditions are an asset or hindrance to female empowerment? To a large extent. to the benefits. Lastly. The sky is not the limit. I did in the early days advise the cooks on how he liked some of his food. Women are the engine of the family. How do you manage your job and being a wife and mother? It is difficult. Husbands also have a responsibility to challenge some cultural and traditional norms that hinder women being empowered. you mentioned prolonged periods away from your children. Women were made after men. for example. It feels nice to have the door opened for me even if I can do it myself. “be yourself. particularly in rural areas. God has made you a helper. He refused to accept this. We endure and we create. Look at the ingredients that made them successful and try and get those in your life. There is a Nigerian proverb about this . A lot of women succumbed to the cultural pressures and did not complete their education. they need to know that they must live their lives without regretting what they could have done but didn’t because they were women.8 / March 2013 . so it wasn’t a shock to him that I couldn’t cook for him. If you improve the health of a woman you can tackle poverty. Remain a wife and not a man in the house. Women. the man is still the head of the home. he insisted on the baby staying with him at home. if they are healthy everyone around them will be well. However. if we want to be taken seriously. Another example is violence against women in the name of culture. are still being battered and we need to talk about it openly and engage men in this dialogue. A satisfied woman is far more useful and loyal to a company. Do you cook for the President? I’m not allowed to for national security reasons (she laughs)! Fortunately my husband has never been one of those fussy men who only eat their wives’ food. It is not easy but you have to balance everything and remind yourself that much is expected. I do believe. I initially informed the President that the baby would move to my mother’s house. Don’t look up to a role model and try to replicate them. have faith in yourself”. He supported my decision to pursue my education this time and subsequently when I had my fourth child and left for the UK to do my specialisation in obstetrics and 2 As you pursued your career. achievers. express yourself. This is an important lesson for them as they become wives and mothers. If I were to do it again knowing what I know now. Look at the ingredients that made them successful and try and get those in your life. as women. so God had time to refine (laughs). We are free thinkers. My children need to know that I am a human being with aspirations separate from them and my husband. men can’t have don’t need to fight your husband for supremacy.Don’t look up to a role model and try to replicate them. You find that one thing suffers because a lot is expected of women. a helper and to remember that you are doing what you are doing out of love. to paraphrase Bruce Lee. but that was the full extent of my involvement in the kitchen. When I had my second child. No matter how many certificates you have. Do you have any regrets in not being there for them? No. I would do it again. Collins and Porras: Built to Last: Success Habits of Visionary Companies (used to describe goals 10-30 years from now) 17 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. in line with our Christian and traditional teaching that in marriage. there is so much women can do given the right conditions and opportunities. culture has been a huge barrier. but even those who are educated are still limited by culture. One sure way of doing this is to set targets without restricting them to gender and evaluate these irrespective of gender. Women in leadership roles have to put in twice the effort compared to their male counterpart. What advice would you give to women starting out in their careers? Well. we need to perform and deliver. I left my child in the care of my husband for a six month period. for example when it impedes the education of girls and women. What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal2 for 2013 and beyond? To be the United Nations Secretary General (the AWiL Board applauds)! gynaecology for 4 years. what is more important is to accept your role as a listener. What would you want people to remember you for as First Lady of the Republic of Zambia? That I worked hard to change the mind-set of Zambians towards women and promoted their wellbeing.

adolescent health. including palliative care. Dr Kaseba has worked at University Teaching Hospital and at the School of Medicine at the University Teaching Hospital of Zambia. FIRST LADY AND MEDICAL PIONEER Dr Christine Kaseba. and the 2012 Leadership Award by the GAVI Alliance. tuberculosis and malaria. Dr Kaseba has received global recognition for her efforts. cancer management. Alchemy was lucky to find a space in Dr Kaseba’s diary to spend some time to talk to her about her work. and maternal death reviews. comprehensive abortion care. Dr Kaseba continues to find time in her packed schedule to offer technical advice to committees and working groups on PMTCT. First Lady of Zambia. is a leading obstetrician and gynaecologist who has passionately offered her professional services to Zambia’s public sector for close to 30 years. including the 2012 Award for Outstanding Leadership in Cancer Control from the American Cancer Society.8 / March 2013 . initially obtaining a diploma at Trinity College Dublin and passing her Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists exams in the UK. Dr Kaseba studied medicine at the University of Zambia and decided to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology. some of the changes that have happened in her life since September 2011 and how she manages to successfully combine her professional. In her quest to improve quality of life for all Zambians. emergency obstetrics. She is also a World Health Organisation Goodwill Ambassador in the struggle against gender based violence. Well respected throughout Africa for her work with women and children. cancer. advocacy and strategic management. EMONC and reproductive health. where she was chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from 2001-2007. and gender based violence. political and domestic roles. She also holds qualifications in population leadership. 18 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. during which time she has led national programmes in safe motherhood. especially for women and children. Her experience in ante and post-natal care spans many years. Dr Kaseba has championed the fight against HIV/ AIDS. advocate and trainer of service providers and civil society.Profile DR CHRISTINE KASEBA-SATA. She leads the Forum of African First Ladies’ initiatives to tackle cervical and breast cancer and is also working with the global business coalition on HIV/AIDS. the 2012 Susan G Komen Foundation’s Global Award of Distinction. family planning. Dr Kaseba is an expert contributor. Her considerable energy in mobilising awareness and support for cancer screening initiatives in Zambia has led to unprecedented demand for. and government support of.

in many cases of GBV in Zambia. social or economic abuse against a person” on the grounds of their gender. coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty”. Under the Act. GBV is now defined as “any physical. According to UNICEF statistics. physical. There is no denying that Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases are fraught with difficulty. 64% of Zambians live below the poverty line. or is likely to result in. courtship. This means that a victim can no longer be turned away from a police station on the grounds that the assault is a “family” or “domestic matter”. including threats of such acts. reporting them may divide families or lead to stigma and shame. 1 of 2011 cannot completely redress these real issues but it is an important first step in protecting victims. It is also significant that emotional and economic (monetary deprivation) abuse are now also recognised. The Act – The Good news The good news is that there is now a wider definition of GBV. these cases were largely viewed as “domestic” disputes.8 / March 2013 . sexual or psychological harm or suffering to the person. and • The prohibition specifically extends to “domestic relationships” which includes marriage. familial relationships and employer-domestic worker relationships and the catch-all any other relationship that a court may deem a domestic relationship. the perpetrator is the bread winner of an extended family – reporting this breadwinner could condemn several families dependant on the perpetrator to abject poverty. It is difficult to determine whether the incidence of these cases is increasing or whether the incidence of reporting these cases has risen. parent-child relationships. Victims were. In the recent past.The Law and You The ANTI-GENDER BASED VIOLENCE ACT: A remedy for GBV or just window dressing? T 19 By Linda Kasonde he number of reported gender based violence cases has increased exponentially over the past few years. family or private issues that should be dealt with within the family structure. and still are. THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. It includes: • “violence that results in. The new Anti-Gender Based Violence Act No. reluctant to report such cases for fear that their cries would fall on deaf ears either in the community or at the police station or simply want to protect their family or their own “virtue”. roommates. mental.

The increase in the number of reported cases is a positive development in that it indicates that more victims are fighting back and refusing to be disempowered even in the face of these inadequacies in the law and societal pressures not to report these crimes. an application may be made by that child’s care giver. raping the victim. • A police officer to whom a complaint is made must act promptly and offer assistance to the victim in order to receive medical assistance. Subsequently. these do not currently exist. Cultural taboos still exist around discussing sexual acts. distances between these two points may be significant and reaching them costly. However this interim order will only stand until the application can be heard with both parties present. The third positive development is that victims can now get protection orders. Victims must rely on the shelter provided by the YWCA which is inadequate for the large numbers of potential victims. for example. the Anti-GBV Act falls short of what it promised more protection for GBV victims. The application for a protection order can be made in a court situated where the victim resides. a language that some victims do not understand . police officer. telephoning the victim or even coming within a hundred metres of the victim. This is compounded by the formality of the court process which is conducted in English. In the case of a child. 20 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. however. The Act provides for publically funded shelters. be a ‘onestop-shop’. which underlying cause is the subordinate position of women in society. carries on business or is employed so it doesn’t necessarily have to be the place where the abuser resides or where the event occurred. • A Victim Support Unit at a police station should. A victim may apply to court for an order. referred to in the Act as a Protection order.which is intimidating at best. The process for reporting a GBV crime requires a number of steps as follows: • the crime has to be reported at a police station first. take the victim to a safe place. The efficacy of the Act rests on its implementation and applicability. In other words there doesn’t have to be a pattern of violence. but more so when the victim has been traumatised. • the victim must travel to an approved government medical officer for a medical report. The interim order can only be made final after affording the abusers the opportunity to be heard. • Counselling is not provided as the place where the offence is reported. the court can issue what is called an interim protection order on the application of the victim without the abuser being heard. Central to this is the ease with which the victim is able report the crime and navigate through the ‘system’. The interim order may be granted for a period of three month which may be extended for a period not exceeding three months. In the case of an emergency. there is no specific penalty provided for emotional or economic abuse for example. The application for a protection order must be heard in chambers as opposed to open court so there is some element of privacy for the parties. If the abuser does not show up at court the order will be made final. policy makers and legislators need to find solutions to address what is a serious threat to our society. the Act does little to improve on the situation pertaining before the introduction of the Act. one that requires courage and sacrifice. More and more women. not necessarily where the event occurred. Standing up to perpetrators is a difficult journey. Fundamentally. The effect of the protection order is that it may restrain an abuser from threatening to or actually physically or emotionally assaulting the victim or her associates. but is a worthy pursuit in addressing a scourge that is a serious indictment on our society. medical officer or a NonGovernmental Organisation (NGO). The procedure is as follows: • A victim of abuse may lodge a complaint at the police station that is most convenient to the victim i. In other words. Reference must still be made to the antiquated Penal Code to charge offenders. In rural areas.e. The Act – Limitations The Act breaks new ground in Zambia by recognising forms of abuse such as emotional and economic abuse as an offence for the first time. forcibly detaining. restraining the abuser or his agent or associates from carrying out a threat of GBV. the major drawback of the Act is that it does not provide for specific penalties for the new GBV offences. depriving the victim of food or shelter.8 / March 2013 . and advise the victim to preserve any evidence related to the crime. GBV.Another positive development is that there is now a clearly articulated procedure for laying a complaint. the victim. In addition the reporting system and the court system need to be made less daunting for victims who have been traumatised by their experiences. The court process itself could be made more victim-friendly by being fast-tracked and being held in closed proceedings. ideally. Under the Act a single act may amount to GBV. the only recognised crimes are those provided for in the Penal Code. asking a victim to describe the ordeal in public is often humiliating and degrading for many victims. Without specific penalties being provided to support the newly recognised crimes. contacting the victim at work. social worker. But while the passing of this Act is a step in the right direction. Lastly the Act provides for the provision of publically funded shelters for victims which must meet statutory minimum standards. are reporting cases of defilement even when they involve close male relatives or breadwinners. enable them to retrieve their belongings.

Helping participants to identify what a budget is and why it’s important to the organisation and the participant as manager Budgets and the Operational Plan . where the budget sits and it’s relationship with the operational plan Writing a Budget .Helping participants appreciate how their role as manager influences and affects finance within the organisation Understanding Financial Terms . who it’s important to and the categories within it (operating.Providing participants with an understanding of the five accounting groups and introducing them to the three key financial statements The Profit & Loss Statement (Income Statement) . why it’s important and how the cash flow cycle works The Cash Flow Statement .500 Copperbelt Date: July 18-19 Venue: Moba Hotel Duration: 2 Days Cost: K2.Looking at the planning cycle. Email: info@alchemyhrs.Asking participants to review the balance sheet to identify what it does and does not tell them whilst ensuring they understand capital.Identifying what cash flow is. Executives and Board Members who need to understand the financial implications of their day to day decisions and the impact they have on the business. Intended for: This interactive programme is aimed at Managers. assets and liabilities and the accounting equation Cash Flow .8 / March 2013 . developing categories and defining budget line items Budget Planning Practice .com Phone: +260 97 4088655 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.A look at budgeting methods.Addressing the barriers of financial jargon in order to ensure participants feel included in discussions around finance Financial Statements . The finance course covers the core financial statements and provides important experience and practical examples in the following areas: An Introduction to Finance .The importance of monitoring the budget.A practical activity that helps participants develop an effective budget plan Monitoring the Budget .A walkthrough of this statement with a focus on net profit and gross profit and why they are important The Balance Sheet . the different budgeting options.Understanding how to interpret a cash flow statement. investing.Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training Programme Alchemy Women in Leadership will be running the training programme Finance for Non-Financial Managers. checking variables and making cash flow projections Key Financial Ratios – what information can be gleaned from key financial ratios Date: June 27-28 Venue: Intercontinental Hotel Duration: 2 Days Cost: KR2.500 21 Alchemy Women in Leadership. financing) Working with Budgets . including variables.

The days of ‘something will come up’ or ‘what’s the point?’ are over. ou’re a successful woman – you work hard. Then look at the rest. Think of it in the same way as your rent cheque or your ZESCO bill – it’s just one of those monthly expenses. There are some expenses you clearly can’t avoid. Your savings are for emergencies. Do you really need the for that rainy day… Y most expensive vehicle? Do you really need that new pair of shoes – gorgeous though they may be? Could you perhaps get a cheaper mobile phone plan. Set up a direct debit and when your salary hits the bank. And tough as it may seem. but austerity across much of the Western world will not completely pass us by. Beatrice Nkanza.8 / March 2013 . Sort those bills in to the essentials pile. for now. an increase in the kids’ school fees or a leaking roof? Financial experts say that we should all have the equivalent of between 3 and 6 months’ salary tucked away in a savings account to help us manage life’s emergencies. first female CEO of the Lusaka Stock Exchange. shares some advice on how to be financially prepared for life’s emergencies. We live in uncertain times. major car repairs. Sounds like a pipe dream? It’s not. get that amount transferred straight in to a savings account. resist. Then. those must-have shoes are just not an emergency! There’s no time like the present. But just imagine how much more you could enjoy it if you knew that you. you play hard and you love your family. Next time someone tells you Zambians don’t save. Everything’s just fine. The global recession may not have hit Zambia directly. and your nearest and dearest. Leave the never-ending cycle of salary advances behind and start saving for peace of mind. we’d have a very full piggy bank by now. were protected? Decide how much you want to save each month. How would we cope with sudden family illness or disability. Jobs for life are a thing of the past. pass on the cappuccino and that ‘just one more glass of wine’? Nobody’s saying you shouldn’t enjoy life – of course you should.Money matters Saving If we had a Kwacha for every time we’ve heard someone say that there is no savings culture in Zambia. We all know that there are no guarantees in life. you know what to tell them… 22 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. when temptation raises its head. But it does require some effort. First work out what you spend each month.

Lusaka. Ocean Ventures Ltd.8 / March 2013 7308 Chibengele Road. Email: unitedhorizons2006@gmail.We supply: • Wood flooring • Vinyl flooring • Raised access flooring • Commercial carpeting (Van Dyck) Superior Water Resistant Floors for registered clients We are the sole distributors for Inovar in Zambia. 0979 571785. 0977 334747 *Terms and Conditons Tel: +260 211 286039 Mobile: +260 977 893333. 23 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. 5off % * .

In Zambia. It provides a sense of direction and forward momentum. this should only be a sentence or two such as “To be a high turnover. You can’t cast the net wide and cater to everybody. Clearly. Again. a road map of where you want it to go. Research shows that businesses with a written vision grow 50% faster than those that don’t. high occupancy guesthouse with happy customers” 5. It will define the optimal state of your business in the future. Is it growing or not. Nor does it have to be complicated or require special courses or workshops. Your goal should feed into your vision. Make 2013 count and start it off on a winning note! . As the owner of the business your strategy should excite you and motivate your employees. the better. A strategy is a constitution for your business. having a written strategy is key to your business’ success and growth. 7. A winning strategy that drives you and your staff to excellent performance need only be a page long. this could be the perfect time to think strategy and chart the course for your future success. For your business.8 / March 2013 A by thinking broadly about the economic environment. How will we do it? This last question is a critical step that requires you to think about action points. Developing a strategy does not have to be a long drawn out process. an important document that will enshrine our rights and values and become the foundation from which our country will grow democratically. Who are we targeting? This prompts you to think about your target market. Get your staff involved and bounce around a few ideas. 6. growing or stagnating? Then take a step down and think about your sector. What are our objectives? Take each component of your goal and develop a simple measurement that your business will work towards. A good strategy should capture your personal and business values. A well thought out strategy can be developed from answering seven simple questions. Others would call this your mission statement because it describes the purpose of your company. The shorter. now you need to break it down further. “Premier Guest House is a guesthouse that provides bed and breakfast services. Who are we? Answer this question with is a short statement that succinctly describes your business. Start 24 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. there has been a laborious process of developing a new constitution. Set out the necessary steps that will make it happen. There’s no point having a great strategy that gathers dust on your desk or languishes in your laptop. Strategy means having a vision for you company. Remember that you’re producing your strategy. you need to have a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is. What is our goal? You have your vision. It should be stated in an inspirational way and “stretch” you and your team. Let’s use the example of a guesthouse. The answers to these questions form your winning strategy! This doesn’t have to be a long document that leaves you feeling depleted or overwhelmed. 3. the greater the clarity. Take a look at the complete strategy for our guesthouse example and adapt the answers for your business. The more succinct. Having a broad understanding is perfectly fine for your strategy. Our guesthouse may come with an a vision that states “To have a highly motivated team provide the best value for money in the hospitality industry. is your economy thriving. is it competitive or not? Are there any government regulations that affect your industry positively or negatively? You do not have to do hours of research to answer these questions. Develop and cultivate your niche so that you can make the best use of your limited resources. Make 2013 count and start it off on a winning note. not preparing a consultancy report. 2. For example our guesthouse can take the goal of “high occupancy” and have a corresponding objective of achieving an average occupancy rate of 70% in a set period of time. If you’re in a competitive market as most business are. 1.Entrepreneurs: Business 101 A Winning Strategy By Natasha Chiumya A new year brings with it time to reflect and make a fresh start. you’ll be surprised by the results you get when you get others that work in your business involved. Why are we in business? This is an important question as the answer will set out your business’ vision.” 4. What environment do we operate in? This question is meant to solicit information on your market.

Establish effective internal controls 25 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Premier will differentiate itself in the market by pursuing a cost leadership strategy that will target the following clients: Non-leisure clients visiting Lusaka for a few days e. establishment of conference facilities including IT equipment and the expansion of restaurant facilities Occupancy: To achieve 50% occupancy in the first year and 70% occupancy in the second year Customers: To have 80% of clients be repeat business and 90% of customers express satisfaction with the services provided What are our objectives? • • • How will we do it? 1. through internal revenues. teachers.g. Motivated staff 3. door-to-door marketing daily • • • • • • • • • • Recruit employees and train them to carry out their tasks Communicate the strategy to them Provide incentives for good performance Record expenses and revenue and strive to keep costs low Comply with legal and tax requirements Ensure cleanliness and neatness at all times Ensure food is fresh and well prepared at all times Solicit and act on customer feedback Establish systems/record keeping to comply with the above Develop manuals to guide staff on the above 2. NGOs. businesspeople Cost-conscious institutions needing accommodation for staff visiting Lusaka e.g. consultants. growing economy Tourism is a priority sector with the number of tourists increasing annually Hospitality is growing and a very competitive sector Government reforms are in place to empower citizens. Intensive marketing • Employ a young and aggressive marketer who’s moderately compensated but highly incentivised • Use face-to-face. government Turnover: To finance. establish one stop shop for SMEs and reduce cost of doing business To have a highly motivated team provide the best value for money in the hospitality industry To be a high turnover. farmers Cost-conscious clients based in Lusaka for short/long term business assignments e.8 / March 2013 . the upgrading of room facilities.g.Advert A Winning Strategy for Premier Guest House Who are we? What environment do we operate in? Premier Guest House is a guesthouse that provides bed and breakfast services • • • • Why are we in business? (vision) What are our goals? (mission) Who are we targeting? A steadily. high occupancy guesthouse with happy customers • • • • The lower income market segment.

we asked the students if they had any questions they’d like to ask us. put her hand up and smartly asked us the 6 million dollar question . Beauty and Wellbeing What to not wear Presentation over. would summon me. A (Kangaroo Courts) I had to endure. the 26 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Despite the onset of exam stress. sit me down and solemnly give me all the reasons why I couldn’t dress the way I did to work. Chimango Chikwanda started her first job 15 years ago. One of the young women. not exaggerate.Health.what are we supposed to wear when we go to job interviews? Her well-chosen question took me back to my first senior management position and the numerous shinina sessions Fashions may have changed since the founding editor of the Alchemist. Apparently the men in the plant wouldn’t respect me or take me seriously.8 / March 2013 . “maternity wear should discreetly cover. lchemy recently visited the University of Zambia to meet some of the country’s finest. but here she explains that the fundamental rules of work wear remain the same if you want to make great first impressions and stay at the top of your career. The “Mamas”. mostly secretaries advanced in age and close to retirement age (and many of them friends of my mother). a recent graduate. the young women were keen to find out what Alchemy was all about and how we could help them prepare for today’s ultra-competitive workplace.

And lastly. The way your clothes fit when you are standing is very different to how they fit when you are sitting down. We still laugh about it nearly 20 years later. The sit-down test . not that much has changed. Be wary of So have things changed over the years or do these fundamental rules of interview and office wear still stand today? Amber Kallor (www. a friend of mine famously caused a large institution to rewrite and reprint its entire conditions of service document just to deal with her dress 27 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. teetering into an interview with sky high stilettos was considered ridiculous. in my time the rules of thumb were: 1.well chosen bold jewellery may make you stand out. argues Kallor. especially if the job you’re interviewing for requires confidence and pizazz. 4. though too big and it’s not going to help you get the job. ladies. and many. Her favourite abovethe-knee bright red dress allegedly rendered her male colleagues paralytic with desire and totally unable to concentrate on their work. Peeping bras and thongs have absolutely no place in interviews or at work. Wear a suit . though if I had a very smart. And in oprah-wear-to-interview bump”. over-thetop shoes and other distracting accessories. 2.cnn.a well-tailored outfit indicates conscientiousness and attention to detail in other areas. This is consistent with my experience working in the corporate. 5.too much cleavage and too much thigh may lose you the job or get you the job for all the wrong reasons. Flat or modestly-heeled shoes: back in the day. Closed-toed. laughing with my peers and trading war stories about the so-called Mama Mafia.8 / March 2013 . Never wear anything sexy . scuff-free shoes that you can walk in comfortably are also recommended. recently discussed the new rules of office and interview attire – an essential read when preparing for an interview. visit http:// edition. see-through blouses and 6 inch heels. Please Dress for success and go get that job! To read Amber Kallor’s workplace dressing advice in’s the office not a cabaret. 4. Dr Christine Kaseba. This may well just come back and bite you when you least want it to. skirt length – too short is a no-no but too long may. I once worked in an organization where candidates who came for interviews looking like Investment Bankers had to work that much harder to persuade the panel that they could work in a factory environment. I would consider wearing it now. underwear should remain exactly that. good luck. a splash of colour in moderation may show high levels of confidence or creativity. Stick to the classics . especially when we see the short skirts young professional 21st century women wear to the office these days. Most people who work together dress alike. Go undercover . Accessorise with aplomb .avoid trendy pieces when interviewing for law firms or investment banks. Understand the culture of the organisation and dress accordingly. In the Zambian environment. make you look frumpy. As my peers and I trade horror stories about mini-skirts. tasteful suit with a knee-length skirt. a personal plea. who told us to make sure that whatever we wore didn’t display more than we really wanted it to when we sat down! Kallor agrees. underwear. Create your own halo effect .this was a top tip given to us initially by the First Lady.Kallor suggests you survey the organisation you plan to interview for to see what the people who already work there wear. she asserts. Step out of the shadows although Kallor appreciates black.! To come back to our graduate’s question. 1. of course I dismissed their friendly advice. Avoid gaudy jewellery. I would still tend to wear a below-the-knee skirt. Being young. grey and navy always work well. 5. many more pearls of wisdom. 6. 3. Subtle make-up . even if they do match your outfit! On behalf of AWiL. About the same time.Oprah. I realise that perhaps we have now become the Mama Mafia. 6. 3.

But don’t panic. Luckily. and. To ensure that you are wearing the correct size bra and experience a new world of comfort and pleasure. your bra size will change a number of times and as the bust has no muscle. push-up bras to accent your natural assets… So many different styles and types that it’s not surprising many women need a little help from an expert. you should be measured by a trained bra fitter at least once a year.indd 1 2012/09/21 2:19 PM Does your bra measure up? B 28 By Woolworths Zambia pregnancy.8 / March 2013 . missing out on the opportunity to look their fabulous best. elieve it or not. or during THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. As a result. there’s now a quick and easy way to make sure you are wearing the right bra. bras with a deep plunge front for wearing with that special dress and. but more than 70 out of a hundred women are wearing an ill-fitting bra. Like women. During your lifetime. so lack of the correct support can even start to affect the neck and face. they’re walking around feeling uncomfortable. weight gain or loss. T-shirt bras. Visit our specialist consultants today at Manda Hill. activities and fashions. that help is now at hand in the lingerie department at Woolworths. if you love the strapless or halter neck look. muscle tension and even headaches. Levy Junction or at our Makeni Mall store. lifechanging bra-fitting service for customers at all our Lusaka stores. needlessly suffering backache.6629 WW Bra Fit Voucher 84x155. a flexible multi-way bra. Breast bio-mechanic research carried out by the University of Portsmouth in the UK in 2010. Then there are bras with underwire and bras without. bras come in all shapes and sizes: there are bras designed for specific body types. Woolworths has introduced a free. confirmed that the majority of women tend to buy the wrong size bra. The good news is that Woolworths’ trained bra fitters can also recommend the right style of bra to suit your lifestyle – sports bras. bras with wider straps and additional support for the larger bust. especially after a growth spurt.

intelligent. to emulate her. It affects all women in society. I sat back and waited for a flood of people to reply and show that they were as outraged as I was but I received a very muted response and mostly from people living outside of Zambia. is it okay for women to be denigrated when they choose to stand up and be heard? To me this was a wake-up call. She was insulted terribly and I believe we as women need to take a stand against such attacks as I am very certain the same would not have been said about a man. then the society is going to do well. courageous and principled. I am of the view that we need more leaders.” Patriarchy has been defined as “a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it”. Our society appears to find it acceptable that women should be subdued at all costs to maintain its patriarchal status.8 / March 2013 . Recently Wikipedia 29 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Misogyny is defined as a hatred or dislike of women manifested through sexual discrimination. It’s one thing to criticise someone because of their political views but it’s another to sexually demean and objectify that person in order to reduce that person’s significance. And if they’re doing well. United States President Barack Obama recalling his mother’s words once said “You can tell how far a society is going to go by how it treats its women and girls. 2 I think Zambians and women in particular need to stand up against the sexualisation of women in leadership”. She struck me as being very articulate. gender based violence and sexual objectification. I was however horrified to read the comments posted about her on a Zambian [online journal] page following the interview. then they won’t be. and if they’re not. and it seems the easiest to do this is to remind women that they are just sex objects and have no right to comment outside of this role Women make up just over 50% of our population and the population of most nations in the world. It got me thinking does no one else see a problem here? I became worried about what this is saying about our society.Feature Undressed: women. particularly women. patriarchy and politics By Linda Kasonde I posted something on the Alchemy Women in Leadership and my own Facebook page which read as follows: “I was very impressed by Catherine Namugala’s interview on ZNBC where she was trying to rally MMD members to save their party because she recognises the role that the opposition plays in a democracy. misogyny.

the world watched masses of people in India take to the streets in protest against violence against women exemplified by the rape and beating of a young woman on a moving bus. whether it is physical. All I saw when I watched her on TV was a person presenting her views in a professional and articulate manner. recently remarked that “there is a dangerous and unfortunate culture of hate speech and vicious anti-women debate emerging in Zambia’s political and civil discourse.” When will enough be enough for us? For women in leadership. As her boss had never done this to anyone else it started a rumour that perhaps the baby was his. 30 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Men. stripped naked on the streets for being “improperly dressed”. fathers of daughters should equally reject all acts of violence against women. The thinking that women should be voiceless. But protest we must for we are not powerless. Women should be the first ones to reject violence of any kinds against other women. her political ideologies or her personal situation or moral pedigree. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once said: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice. Enough is enough they said. I do not know Catherine Namugala. Who has not heard of a hard-working and intelligent woman who has worked her way up the corporate ladder through merit only to be accused of having slept with the boss? Recently someone told me a story of how her male boss had sent an email to all staff congratulating her on the birth of her baby. If we as a nation cannot take our women forward we as a nation will be left behind. The Vice-President’s wife. but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”. Here at home we hear an increasing number of stories of our girls and women being defiled and raped. emotional or psychological. as husbands.Here at home we hear an increasing number of stories of our girls and women being defiled and raped. It is my conviction that these acts of violence are done all in the name of putting women in their place. Charlotte Scott. beaten in their homes and brutally murdered like young Ruth Mbandu and Hatambu Hambulo. stripped naked on the streets for being “improperly dressed” “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice.8 / March 2013 . we also see patriarchy replicated in the workplace. brothers. but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”. The denigration of women has far reaching implications on our society. Mrs. powerless and forever beneath the men in their society is no longer something that makes economic. social and political sense.

. on average. there is no doubt that use patterns here follow general global trends. the communicators.. active social media users of either sex tend to be influential people offline too. and the one to watch…Tumblr. The face of today’s average internet user is adult. women have 55% more wall posts.So move over son. in a 2011 study. roughly the same number of friends. The Pew Research Center. the average visitor to a social networking site is female. O f interest to all organisations and movements.5% of their online time on social networks compared to a mere 2.6% following news and current affairs. whether commercial or not. for fun. Twitter and Linked-In compared to 29% in 2008 and just 5% in 2005. commercially. social media should come naturally to women – the gatherers and sharers of information.Innovation: Gadget Girl MOVE OVER SON. 2011). And those internet savvy women use social media professionally. 53% of active adult social networkers follow a brand.. MOM WANTS TO USE THE COMPUTER… T he growth in the use and popularity of social media in recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal. And whilst internet and social media statistics for Zambia are hard to find. It seems the village pump is now the online social network. mom wants to use the computer. and as citizens – witness how young women activists used social media during the Arab Spring. and has a degree (Nielsen.. . the collaborators… The Huffington Post (2011) reported that whilst men and women Facebook users have. 31 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. revealed that 60% of adult internet users now spend time on social networking sites like Facebook.. wearing lipstick and decidedly female! In the US. Facebook = female but Linked-In = male. especially with the advent of smartphones and the accessibility of social sites by mobile.8 / March 2013 . American internet users spend 22. aged 18-34.

Our Alchemist is: • Female • Between the age of 25 and 44 • Lives in Zambia • Lives in Lusaka FaceBook Page How old are you? How we are using our We are also happy to see men reading our publication as well as the youth and the 65+.8 / March 2013 .Alchemy Women in Leadership Survey Thanks to Facebook. we now know who you are. Where you live… 32 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Please continue to give us feedback so that we can make sure we meet your expectations.

8 / March 2013 . follow the link http://www.Who do you want to read about? We always want to hear from 33 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.Executive Mkwandi Chibesakunda . So far the following names have been submitted as features for future issues: • • • • • • • • Chieftainess Nkhomesha – Chief of the Soli people Mulenga Kapwepwe – Art and Culture Specialist Mampi .surveymonkey.Singer Charity Lumpa – Executive Mizinga Melu .Executive Joyce Nonde – First female Trade Union leader Dora Siliya .Politician Please vote for the one you would like to read about the most by responding to our survey.

8 / March 2013 .34 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.

8 / March 2013 .Feature how getting your organisation off the Stupid Curve could be the solution 35 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.

pdf http://online. the Drucker Institute.html Wall Street Journal Not his real name 36 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. advocates for a ratio of 20:1 between the CEO’s and the average employee salary. Examples of scarce positions include Artisans.8 / March 2013 . Investors are often surprised to find middle managers earning salaries as high as USD180. Engineers. what prevents them from rising. Alan Manda5. or they end up in ‘women friendly’ sectors or professions like the NGO sector. The scarcity for highly experienced and/or specialised skills in many sectors has resulted in a war for talent in most industries. Experienced Bankers are renown for bank hopping.000 total package per year in a market that is still considered relatively small.wsj. justifying the growing discrepancy between management and unionised salaries is becoming increasingly difficult. yet very few women make it anywhere near the top of the corporate ladder. perhaps they are not employed on leaving university. he also spoke of the Employee Pay Ratio (the gap between the highest paid and lowest paid employee) being disproportionally large in many of these organisations. thereby compromising diversity of thinking and business solutions. and of course IT Specialists. the legal profession or Human Resources._How_smart_are_you/$FILE/Women_in_leadership_Nov2010. 3 4 5 http://www. Exactly what happens to these women is a mystery – do they stop to have children. then we can only conclude that companies are actively and significantly limiting their talent pool. It describes the ‘stupid’ wastage that occurs when women fail to climb to senior levels in an organisation. the cost of business was becoming increasingly unsustainable due to spiralling labour costs. If we accept that talent is evenly spread between men and women (the ratio of women graduating from Australian universities is 50:50).com/Publication/vwLUAssets/Women_in_leadership. I had had this discussion just a few days before with an MD of a large multinational in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sector. This has been matched with Trade Unions capitalising on this and demanding that this gap be closed by awarding higher negotiated increases.ey. offering a service to a client one month and then calling the same client the following month offering them the same service but from their new employers. and why there are so few women at the top. This is a topical issue in the west following the financial sector crises over the past few years. This plus the empirical evidence which exists in America and Australia showing that those organisations which had more balanced gender ratios at Board level performed better financially than those that did not should suffice to make CEOs at least reflect on why more women are not entering the workplace. 4 Incidentally.“The stupid curve was a term coined over 10 years ago. are they not promoted. Indeed. Even the HR Manager following widespread industrial unrest last year is being wooed by organisations large and small Recruiting and deploying from 50% of the talent pool is impacting the cost of doing business in Zambia. The US think tank. Brand and Marketing specialists. The cost of ignoring this phenomena are high and continue to rise.” 3 I read with interest in one of the daily newspapers that Government is setting up a sub-committee to investigate high salaries and salary disparities in Quasi Government organisations. Moving to the Smart Curve The argument underpinning the concept of the Stupid Curve is based on findings in Australia where equal numbers of men and women enter most companies in the early stage of their careers. The Minister who announced this lamented at the injustice of Drivers earning higher salaries than Ministers. According to Alan.

Being equity-successful requires: • A CEO who will personally champion diversity and hold the senior team accountable for delivery • Dialogue with employees as they enter and exit the workforce and over the course of their engagement • A robust plan that can be monitored. 37 The second thing to do is decide where on the curve you really want to be. no matter how well crafted. measured and reported • Detailed. Paper diversity plans that sit on a shelf and gather dust. techniques and principles • Communication • And on-going review. The second thing to do is decide where on the curve you really want to be. Step 3 is to invest time and energy in deciding what you need to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be.8 / March 2013 . meaningful performance metrics • Relevant change management tools. This is yet another opportunity for Zambia organisations to take the lead in getting ahead on the gender agenda. successful gender equity and diversity programmes. The first thing a company needs to do to get gender-smart is honestly assess where it currently lies on the curve. will not move your business forward if they aren’t accompanied by stretching performance targets that are in turn accompanied with management rewards. THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.Moving to the Smart Curve The ‘smart curve’ is designed to help companies devise meaningful.

frivolous. A US study conducted showed that: • men are less receptive to women in leadership positions • Women were considered more likely to be rated as being too easily influenced. We have identified skills which research has shown hinder women. competent. Leadership is being defined as less objective.Advertorial Alchemy Women in Leadership Workplace Programmes CEOs are no longer defined as professional managers. bossy. Alchemy Women in Leadership Workplace Programmes has developed a series of courses aimed at imparting key skills important for women to better enable them attain leadership positions and to lead teams. or. THE ALCHEMY WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP JOURNEY 38 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. quarrelsome in a study where the women assumed leadership roles whilst men were considered able. Anyone in a position of leadership will benefit from this programme. skilled and intelligent. This seems to disadvantage women who believe through their hard work that they will be noticed if they are being judged on their characteristics which are not consistent with the definition of leadership. but more your ability to lead through your personality. more simply. their charisma. with their abilities deriving largely from their personal characteristics. Organisations who believe that diversity is important are encouraged to send male participants to show commitment and to ensure that men are part of the gender dialogue. but instead as leaders. domineering.8 / March 2013 . emotional. These programmes will benefit participants that are relatively new to the role of leadership or are in need of a fresh perspective to their leadership role.

8 / March 2013 .Leadership Module I Leadership Module II Leadership Module III FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCIAL MANAGERS Finance for non-Financial Managers: Fundamentals Finance for non-Financial Managers: Advanced PRESENTATION SKILLS ½ day WOMEN ON BOARD – BOARD OF DIRECTORS TRAINING 2 days BOARD OF DIRECTORS DIVERSITY WORKSHOPS 2.5 hours MENTORSHIP TRAINING ½ Day TEAMBUILDING/DEVELOPMENT Customised Training offered 39 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.

Women on Board Alchemy Women in Leadership (A. non-profit) • Duties and Responsibilities . 40 Alchemy Women in Leadership. how to prepare. advisory.500 per participant – all meals and material included. Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. the need to be assertive. Organisations in Zambia who aspire to be most admired or respected status are increasingly searching for female Board Directors to ensure diversity and to add value to their Boards. • Preparing for being on a Board . vs. trends. and the importance of networking and managing your profile/image • Personalized feedback and on-going consultation .com Men interested to attend are welcome to do so – we value diversity. the Government of the Republic of Zambia has committed to 30% women in leadership positions through the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa. help with bios/interviews for future opportunities. Proceeds from this event go towards the Alchemy Women in Leadership Girls’ Scholarship Foundation.the right CV.participants will receive personalized feedback and receive on-going alerts on board openings. Research has shown that companies perform better with women on Boards. Course Fees are KR2.what you need to know about serving on boards in today’s environment: risks/rewards.8 / March 2013 . It is also ideal as part of a Board orientation or induction programme. If you would be interested to participate or sponsor this event. getting referrals.WiL) Workplace Progammes in collaboration with the Institute of Directors is proud to announce the Programme Women on Board. types of boards (corporate. the importance of mentors. contact Alchemy Women in Leadership on the contact details below or send an email to info@alchemyhrs. manage and optimise your performance on the Board. Email: info@alchemyhrs. but have not received formal Board of Directors training. Board Chairman and Board Secretaries who will come and share their experiences on Boards ensuring practical and relevant insights. The Training will be held on. Invited to present and participate on this programme will be CEOs. • who are on Phone: +260 97 4088655 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. 17 July 2013 at Moba Hotel in Kitwe and is a one day course. Course Content • Boards Today . etc. how to leverage this need for diversity • Addressing and Remedying Challenges faced by Women joining Boards – perceptions of women on Boards. This programme is targeted at women working in all sectors: • interested to be considered for Board positions • new to Boards. Board of Directors Training tailored for women.what is expected of directors? Board of Directors Training Programme • Diversity in the Boardroom – why it matters. In Zambia. or • who own their own businesses or organisations.

Feature CEO Senior Partner and Managing Director KPMG Zambia 41 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013 Jason Kazilimani .

I remember my late father asking me to examine all my options. Emmanuel Hachipuka. He is also an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. Married to Mulenga Yamba Yamba-Kazilimani with one son. Jason has over 18 years of experience with KPMG in Zambia. I guess THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. He convinced me to become a chartered accountant instead and after some tough aptitude tests and interviews. then heading Zambia Railways and one of the first qualified accountants in Zambia. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of the United Kingdom and the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). He is a former member of ZICA’s Council and has chaired its Technical and Education Committees. Jason has worked with clients across a wide range of industries and also obtained some non-traditional experience on secondments to Mopani Copper Mines and Mpongwe Development Company in senior financial management roles. Jason holds an MBA in Financial Services from the London School of Business and Finance.O 42 ur male Alchemist is Jason Kazilimani Jr. This was 1987. Senior Partner and Managing Director of KPMG in Zambia. Nigeria and the United Kingdom. did you ever imagine you would become Senior Partner and Chief Executive of one of the world’s top audit.8 / March 2013 . Prior to joining KPMG he worked for the Accounting and Finance Department of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Limited ( ZCCM ). what would they be? The first one must be that life-changing decision to become a chartered accountant rather than a lawyer. I obtained a scholarship from ZCCM. tax and advisory service providers? The thought never crossed my mind. Jason has captained Chainama Hills Golf Club. chairs the Finance. Outside office hours. Investments and Audit Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Lusaka and is also a member of the Resource Mobilisation Committee of the University of Zambia. If you were to choose 5 actions you took or pivotal events that got you where you are now. I had actually wanted to be a lawyer at first and was accepted by UNZA. Back in the day. when you graduated from university. He arranged for me to have a chat with Mr.

poem.the motto of the British SAS. kept my head down and did what needed to be done to get admitted when the time came. integrity and open and honest communication. . these dovetail nicely with the KPMG values. It has a certain ring to it and says a lot in just a few words.and spiritually. particularly in banking and financial services. I could very easily have stayed on in Lagos but something made me accept an offer to return to Zambia to head KPMG here. Nigeria was a truly amazing place to be. If you could meet or be like one person in the world (living or not) who would that be and why? There are different qualities that I admire in different people. This calls for advance preparation and great attention to detail. What are the values that guide your life? Hard work. Being there significantly enhanced my career and helped me grow professionally . Winston Churchill was a fearless and charismatic leader who galvanised the British people against Nazi Germany even when the odds seemed heavily stacked against them in the earlier years of World War II. Tiger Woods. My late father was intrepid and brutally frank. and there really was never a dull moment. song. movie. was the personification of focus. It is a turbulent market. Equally important was my decision to join KPMG Nigeria in 2007. in his prime.that’s where it all started. It has a certain ring to it and says a lot in just a few words.the motto of the British SAS. You could say we’re a good fit! What drives and inspires you in your professional life? I always strive to ensure the highest quality in whatever I do and expect the same from my team. saying or quote that has changed your world view or carried you through difficult times? I would say ‘Who Dares Wins’ . but three big steps that led me to where I am now.8 / March 2013 have readily accepted out-of-thebox assignments like short-term secondments to farming and mining companies. whilst at the same time being very generous and empathetic. Is there a book. Once you take care of each tree. So not five. I find these experiences invaluable and they have helped me develop my non-technical skills and enhanced my emotional intelligence. What was the lowest point in your career and how did you recover from it? I suppose it was when I was informed that I would have to wait a while longer before being admitted as a partner – I had to wait an extra two years before making partner in 2004 because of changes to the admissions process at the time. the forest will take care of itself. I think I learnt more in my 4 years there than I could have learnt anywhere else. I have learnt never to take anything for granted. determination and the idea that practice makes perfect. I could easily have quit then and found a lucrative job in industry with all the trimmings and perks but I kept the unhealthy emotions in check. I have also tried to always be ready to learn and open-minded and 43 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. I would say ‘Who Dares Wins’ .

What are your interests outside the office? Golf and reading. I captained Chainama Hills Golf Club for a year in 2006. I will talk about a few books that made a lasting impact on me. Seriously. John C Maxwell’s ‘Talent Is Never Enough’ and ‘The Difference Maker’ come to mind. I have two books lined up in this category that my wife. Readers who are interested in the book can place an order for it with us. In my childhood. Never give up. Decide what you want to do. It gives a vivid account of the horrors visited upon the people of Congo by King Leopold and the Belgian colonialists. plan to achieve it and stick to it. As John C Maxwell says. Do not shirk hard work and aim to be the best in whatever it is that you choose to do. What are you reading now? A book that was a birthday gift from my staff at KPMG by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones and entitled ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? What It Takes To Be An Authentic Leader’. it is what you do with your talent that counts. They are both by Stephen Covey: ‘The 8th Habit’ and ‘The Speed Of Trust’. ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ by Adam Hoschild is a book that really touched me. It would be too hard to pick just one. 44 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. African Writers’ Series.Richard Templar’s ‘The Rules Of Wealth’ and George C Clason’s. For a combination of fiction and history. As part of the Executive Book club section we invite the Alchemist of the month to share a book that has made a significant impact on them. So you may be talking to a future bestselling author right now! What advice would you give to young people starting out in their careers? In one word: focus. I used to be a very regular golfer before I moved to Nigeria and I am now trying to get my game back. Work at developing and sharpening your Godgiven talents. Not to neglect spiritual matters. James Hadley Chase. I had a truly voracious appetite for books and would read at least 2 every week: fiction at first. I have also been active in the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants and have contributed a couple of articles to its journal – one on money laundering and the other on the Nigerian banking crisis.What’s next for you? What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal? I want to write a book. I would recommend Cindy Trimm’s books and also found ‘Way Of Blessing’ by Les Crause and ‘The Way To Effective Prayer’ by Daphne Crause to be particularly enlightening. Mulenga. For self -improvement. talent is not enough. What would this book be for you? Now that’s a tough question. Do not get distracted. I devoured the whole range – classics. And of course money matters and personal finances . I wrote a couple of short stories whilst waiting for my Grade 7 results but never got them published. Also be open to learning. My parents were both in the teaching profession and there were literally thousands of books in the house – they’re still there in the library at the family farm. I read widely across various topics so if you will allow me. I guess the title is self-explanatory. I am a member of two 16-balls. accept constructive criticism and get stronger from it. you name them. the Hackers at Lusaka Golf Club and the Chai Masters at Chainama Hills. assures me I will enjoy.8 / March 2013 . I am blessed to have grown up in a home with a very strong reading culture. ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ – in fact I think this very small book should be made mandatory reading for all young people as it provides good simple principles for savings and investments.

WiL) Zambia is an initiative dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership in the workplace and the broader Zambian community. Anglophone Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek (Editor AWiL Magazine) – Regional Chairman for African Board for Coaching. DHL Clare Simmonds (Director AWiL) – Director PwC Zambia Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek Monica Musonda 45 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Malawi and Tanzania Charity Lumpa (an Alchemist and Mentor) – MD Airtel Zambia Victoria Mupwaya – HR Director Barclays Bank Betty Meleki (one of our first Alchemy members) – HR Director NAPSA Monica Musonda (Featured in May 2010 edition) – Young Global Leader.AWiL on the move! Norena Chiteba Alchemy Women in Leadership (A. World Economic Forum Brigitte Muyenga – Commissioner Finance. Join us in congratulating them. Zambia. Zimbabwe. Zambia Revenue Authority Nomsa Mataka – Managing Director. Consulting and Psychology.8 / March 2013 .com  Charity Lumpa Norena Chiteba (Alchemist) – 1st female President of the Zambia Squash Association Chileshe Kapwepwe (Alchemist and Mentor) – Alternate Executive Director IMF Africa Group.  We are happy to see the following women appointed to new or higher decision making roles this quarter increasing our voice and influence.  If you know of other new appointments please post them on our Facebook Page or send us an email on info@alchemyhrs.

Charlie and • Andrew many talented Ourwitnessed generation can create this world if we engage young leaders with diverse skill-sets people in technology who sought to into building more effective and just health systems.8 / March 2013 . eight countries began their fellowships THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.History Global Health Corps Global Health Corps is the creation of a team of six twenty-somethings who met through a History summit focused on engaging young people in the future of global health—the 2008 aids2031 Young Leaders Summit hosted by UNAIDS and Google. We support this joined to design our programming and if we engage young leaders with initiative. a student campaign to fight AIDS in Africa. and Soon after meeting. Our Founding comprehensive health care. Barbara and Jenna had both been inspired by time serving team of six twenty-somethings who met abroad within health organizations in South Africa and Panama. Dave and Jonny worked at FACE AIDS. we created constantly spoke with young people who an action plan and quickly began developing Global Health Chikwanda and Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek at GHC interview with Barbara Bush sought opportunities to serve in health. young people changing lives. Global Health Corps. For more information on the GHC visit and Zambia. Working at Google. launch new careers in granted We share the beliefs that: our first grant in December 2008. and • Our generation must build a world Alchemy Women in Leadership applications for our first class of fellows in which everyone has access to interviewed Barbara Bush. Our Founding Program Director. our • Our generation will step forward to www. Jonny worked at FACE AIDS. on Program inaugural class of 22 GHC fellows from serve. experiences inspired a shared vision that led to granted our firstChimango grant in December 2008. Panama. joined toled design our programmingplan andand training driven her own experience supporting health growing community of fellows and quickly began by developing alumni devoted to health equity. Global Health Corps is the creation of a We came from different backgrounds. By August 2009. Katie Bollbach. soon of openedinspired in February and together we have built an everSoon after meeting. Dave and • Our generation will step forward to serve. Charlie and through a summit focused on engaging Andrew witnessed many people in technology who sought to launch new careers in young people in the future of talented global health. a student campaign to fight AIDS in Africa. Katie Bollbach. training driven by her own experience diverse skill-sets into building more supporting health initiatives in Rwanda effective and just health systems. we created an action vision that to GHC. Google. We came from We share the different beliefs backgrounds. and health—the 2008 aids2031 Young Leaders constantly spoke withand young people who sought opportunities to serve in health. and applications for our first class Allfellows of our experiences a shared 2009. of the US President George W Bush. All of our Summit hosted by UNAIDS Google.ghcorps. Working at Google. the daughter opened in February 2009. that: 46 Barbara and Jenna had both been inspired by time serving abroad within • organizations Our generation mustand build a world in which everyone has access to comprehensive health health in South Africa care. soon • Our generation can create this world her visit to Zambia. Corps. Google.

8 / March 2013 . Speak. Feel free to invite friends! • • When: Friday. You provide the energy. food. Rhodes Park Watch the trailer for "The Carrier" below: http://www. "The Carrier" follows a young. Hope to see you there! 47 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition April 26th. See. KPMG Building (Elunda 2 Building).com/watch?v=6oYyQxr8Bis People can also "Like" our Eat.Like Forward Come to a free film screening and discussion of "The Carrier" by Director Maggie Betts! Free h’orderves and refreshments will be provided after the film. Where: 2nd Floor. you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with leaders who have come together around the possibility of an HIV-free Zambia. HIV-positive Zambian woman who sets out to keep her baby and community virus-free. the Addis Abba Roundabout (aka the FedEx Roundabout). facebook page directly from this newsletter (so feel free to do so!) We provide the space. and action. commitment. During the discussion. and inspiration. pregnant. 2013 at 17:00hrs.

This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives.George Eliot Bemba proverb: Cikulu tacalululwa! Literally: Greatness cannot be changed and become small.” .” . With authentic examples and time-tested wisdom. If the game of power is inescapable.” . Recommended by Travis Mulenga. there is no use in trying to opt out of the game. insists that the choices people make-not merely the skills they inherit-propel them onto greatness. Recommended by Mr Jason Kazilimani. ‘Talent is never enough’.” This book is a must read for anyone in business or for anyone seeking to improve their relations with others.” .Executive book Club Recommended by the First Lady. This book talks to today’s corporate culture which is fixated on talent above all else. It’s what you add to your talent that makes the greatest difference.” . Robert Greene’s book is an exploration of how life is never truly fair. Power is more subtle than you might think. Some talented people reach their full potential. “Until all of us have made it.” In every setting.Margaret Thatcher 48 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. . commonsense solutions that can empower women to achieve their full potential.WiL favourite quotes .” Thirty years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the United States. men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry. none of us have made it. Meaning: Your elder brother will never become your younger brother. the go-to guru for business professionals across the globe. (or) A chief cannot be changed or his decision altered. “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country. Maxwell shares thirteen attributes you need to maximize your potential. It is about having the ability to relate and to connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.Albert Einstein “It’s never too late to be who you might have been. You can have talent alone and fall short of your potential. Or you can have talent plus. while others self-destruct or remain trapped in mediocrity. people want power.Rosemary Brown “Leadership is about empathy. . What makes the difference? Maxwell.8 / March 2013 A. As Greene says: “If the world is like a giant scheming court and we’re all trapped inside it. Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In.Oprah “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. and offers compelling. and really stand out. Sheryl Sandberg examines why women’s progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled. In Lean In. the first line of ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ is an admission many people are never willing to make: “The feeling of having no power over people and events is generally unbearable to us--when we feel helpless and miserable. They want the feeling that they are in charge of themselves. it is what you do with it that counts. Greene’s book will help you recognize areas of your life to influence others and also how to recognize when a “power-play” is being used against you. better to be an artist than a denier …. explains the root causes.

Director AWiL 5 6 49 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Mabel Chishimba. Permanent Secretary . Director AWiL 2. Edwidge Mutale.Ministry of Gender and Child Development 3. Nyangu Kayamba. Director AWiL at the open of Alchemy Women on Board . HR Director Zambian Breweries Plc 4.WOMEN LEADERSHIP IN NETWORK (A-WiL) in pictures 1 2 3 4 Main Picture: Chimango Chikwanda. Kondwa Sakala-Chibiya. Shupi Mweene. Clare Simmonds.8 / March 2013 . Director AWiL 5. Managing Director of Best Brands Zambia Ltd and Chisha Kumisuku. Director Corporate Planning & Strategy 6.Board of Directors Training Programme Other pictures L-R: 1.

8 / March 2013 . Miriam A Chiyaba. Chairman Kara Counselling 3. Sabina Mubanga Luputa. Kabinda Kawesha. Orlean Moyo 7 50 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Director AWiL. IOD Representative 5. Permanent Secretary . and Shupi Mweene 6. Lunch 7. Lwimba Kalumba. Mumba Sata and Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek 8. Dolika Banda 4.2 1 3 4 5 6 Main Picture: Edwidge Mutale. Chief Executive Officer of The Institute Of Directors 2.Ministry of Gender and Child Development Other pictures from top to bottom 1.

First Lady and Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek 2. Mwansa Njelesani 6. First Lady 7 51 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. Jacqueline Jere-Folotiya 4.8 / March 2013 . Pixie Yangailo 3.2 1 3 4 5 6 1 Main Picture: Alchemy Women in Leadership Board at the First Lady interview Other pictures from top to bottom 1. Linda Kasonde 5. In the garden 7.

Many of these girls without the financial support would drop out of the education system after primary school or before completing their secondary education.8 / March 2013 .WiL there is a way.WiL E-Zine) . • Advocacy and partnerships with government and other organiastions which focus on gender.Where there is A . expertise and networks to equip them with the highest level capacity to lead. Modelled on the Yunus Centre concept of a Social Business Enterprise... • The provision of scholarships for secondary and tertiary education for girls.a platform for women to raise issues and challenges as well as providing important information. Alchemy Women in Leadership. The Foundationis also be dedicated to supporting a mentorship programme for thegirls by providing them with role models. this initiative is dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership throughout the Zambian workforce and the broader community through: • The Alchemy Women in Leadership electronic magazine (A. Alchemy Women in Leadership Alchemy Women in Leadership (A.WiL) Zambia was launched in November 2009 and registered in June 2012 as a not for profit organisation. • Workplace programmes designed to address gender inclusion at decision making Phone: +260 97 4088655 52 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No. • To partner with the Government of Zambia and other gender focussed organisations in supporting and promoting women in leadership.WiL provides scholarships from secondary school to university to girls. Email: info@alchemyhrs. Alchemy Women in Leadership Scholarship Foundation A. • To empower and inform Zambian organisations with strategies that support the development of a more gender diverse workspace. Our Vision • To support female leaders (current and future) with leading-edge skills.

WiL updates by e-mail Yes I prefer that this donation be used for: General Scholarship Fund (scholarships for girls at secondary and university levels) Workshops Fund (Leadership. 53 THE ALCHEMIST / Edition No.8 / March 2013 .ALCHEMY WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION DONATION FORM Name: _______________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City: ______________________________Post Code: ________________ Country:______________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________ No I wish to remain anonymous Yes I want to receive A. and Gender Forums) General Support (general and administrative costs of managing the organization and community education activities) I would like to donate: KR10 KR50 KR100 KR500 No KR___________________________ Other I would like to donate the above amount: Monthly Annually This is a one off payment Checks or Cash payable to: Alchemy Women in Leadership Zambia Quarterly By Bank Transfer Account name: Alchemy Women in Leadership Zambia Bank: Stanbic Bank Account No: 0140036918101 The Alchemy Women in Leadership Zambia is a non-profit organization. Management.