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Lys Pardo, One of the Highlights for the Holidays in Christ The daughter of John Brown pays homage

to his father in a concert given in the Auditorium of Peter I of Torrijos (Toledo) this Saturday at 21 pm. Just start the programming of the Festival of the Christ of the Blood of the town May 13, 2013 - The nostalgic will look into the trunk of his memory and remember events, accompanying the images of what happened in the music playing at the time. Looking back, many citizens will hear background voice of Juan Pardo left their songs now in the hands of his daughter, Lys Pardo, who after several albums released with their own songs, has decided to make, which will be released in the coming months, a tribute to his father. One of the scenarios where the tour will be released to the public Spanish this work. The singer, who will perform Friday morning in Cartagena (Murcia), has moved this morning along with her guitarist, Fernando Calderon, to the Press Room of the Municipality of Torrijos to present the show that both offer this Saturday in the town and has advanced in this concert primarily prevail proximity to the public, while being intimate dynamic and fun, and that at all times there is an interaction with the viewers who are also invited to sing. "It really generates a special energy and that's what we want people to leave with a smile from ear to ear, who has traveled back in time, because you want that are not songs that we have grown and that go with that nostalgia, for that's nice, what wonderful songs and saying I want more, "said the artist, who in recent years has been residing in Chile which has performed from north to south. When marking a decade of retirement from the stage of Juan Pardo, the youngest of 33 years decided to pay tribute with this Spring tour and the new album which will hear the best known songs composed by his father, who achieved all topics them the number one of the charts in our country as "With a sip of Champagne", "You told me goodbye" stage of Brincos, "Anduriña" which played with Junior, "caught" several generations or "Tell me about yourself" (popularized by the Pecos.) In this show, tribute, Lys Pardo play updated versions of a dozen songs that have stood the test of time and remain as classics in the musical imagination of the Spanish, the latest addition to his solo production as "War Horse" or "Rough Music". Councilman Economic and Social Promotion, José María Flores, thanked Torrijos have chosen this artist for a concert so important to her, but are not cost to the municipal coffers, since the show is funded solely through entry, which is worth 10 euros. In fact Flores, has conveyed its gratitude to all groups and associations that allow despite the economic crisis, the parties can stand and schedule despite this situation a calendar of events that dot the entire month of May, turning all these around the big day, on May 19, holiday for torrijeños, which traditionally come in that day morning at 11.30 has the colorful wreath held in the Plaza del Cristo de la that in the same Instead, it follows an outdoor Mass concelebrated by several priests of the area, while in the evening, people throughout the region is moved to see the procession with the popular image of Christ. As for recreational activities, in addition to this concert, other events may be mentioned as the X Trophy Interregional "Don Quixote" of bodybuilding and Physical Fitness, which will take place this Sunday at 11 am at the Palace of Peter the Popular Dancing with the orchestra "New Talisman" convened for Friday 17 ha ho 22.30 "Night with Dj younger torrijeños" scheduled for the same day at 23.30 h in the Maesa Fairgrounds. As for Saturday, May 18, the day before Christ, will, among other things, a tribute to the bolero in the Auditorium of Peter I at 21.30 h and a concert starring young Youth Orchestra Sioux at 23 Maesa h. On the other hand, will take place May 22 XIX Toledo Music Festival, 25 the V Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships Castilla La Mancha. Despite all this offer, yet the Councillor for Economic and Social Flores hopes that these parties, "whether of transit" to other future programming that will not look as subject to economic constraints as those of this year, if While the City Council is aware that Torrijos is no time to waste and priorities are different, as is to go for jobs and want more or less money the torrijeños have fun at these parties that as said Flores, " get unite us all "in that devotion to Christ. Press Contact: Ayuntamiento de Torrijos Media Relations Ayuntamiento de Torrijos Plaza de San Gil, 7 - 45500 Torrijos (Toledo) 925 770 801 La hija de Juan Pardo, Holidays, Torrijos, Christ

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