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TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers

HP0-Y30 Implementing HP Networking Technologies Exam number/code: HP0-Y30 Exam name: Implementing HP Networking Technologies Questions & Answers: 68 Q&A Related Certifications: HP Certification

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Answer: A Question 4: Which view is indicated by the following prompt on an HP A7500 switch? <A7500> A.0.6.2. you must specify the protocol for each VLAN that will be included in the MST region.2 as the next hop for all traffic destined for networks not specifically listed in its route table.6.6. D. Otherwise.2 A. The switch will function as if RSTP were enabled until other MSTP parameters are defined.254. Answer: A Question 3: What is the effect of the following command.254. The switch will forward all broadcast traffic to 10. trunk B. A specific Spanning Tree Protocol must be enabled for each VLAN in the IST. The switch will negotiate its role in the MST region with other switches.0.0. aggregated D.0/0 10. issued at the CLI of an HP E5406 zl Series switch with IP routing enabled? Switch(config)# ip route 0. STP is enabled globally. B.254.6. hybrid Answer: D Question 2: You have defined VLANs and IP interfaces on an HP E5412 zl switch. access C.TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers Exam: HP0-Y30 Certification Questions & Answers Question 1: Which type of port can handle more than one untagged VLAN on an HP A-Series switch? A. The switch will act as default gateway for all hosts in the address range of 10. D. To enable MSTP. MSTP is enabled globally. system .254.0/16. The switch will drop all traffic arriving on interface 10. the switch is at default settings.2. C. B.6. What is the effect of the following command? E5412(config)# spanning-tree A. RSTP is enabled globally. MSTP is enabled globally. The switch will use 10. C.

D. SSH B. C. traffic monitoring E. a custom group for managing HP A-Series wireless products in the Intelligent Management Console (IMC) B. console Answer: C Question 5: What is a Virtual Service Community (VSC)? A. a group of settings applied to a WLAN on HP E-MSM wireless products C.TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers B. device monitoring D. entered at the CLI of an HP A9500 switch? [A9500-GigabitEthernet2/0/1] stp root-protection A. The switch will maintain 2/0/1 as its Root Port regardless of changes in the Spanning Tree topology. The switch will not allow another switch to promote itself as Root on port 2/0/1. automatic discovery B.) A. IP routing Answer: A Question 8: Which features are available after upgrading from HP PCM to HP PCM+? (Select three. The switch will transition instantly to Root if it stops receiving BPDUs through port 2/0/1. user D. Answer: D Question 7: A customer requires SFTP to transfer configuration files to an HP E5400 zl Series switch. What must be enabled on the switches to fulfill this requirement? A. HTTPS D. operator C. a group of HP E-MSM Access Points controlled by the same E-MSM access controller D. B. scheduled software updates . VLAN management C. The switch will listen for Spanning Tree BPDUs only on port 2/0/1. FTP C. a group of HP E-MSM Access Points that share the same configuration parameters Answer: B Question 6: What is the effect of the following command.

Port 22 becomes a tagged member of VLAN 200. Port 22 will no longer forward untagged traffic.E Question 9: Click the Exhibit button. C. The CLI prompts the administrator for a new VLAN assignment for port 22. network topology mapping Answer: B." Answer: D Question 10: Click the Exhibit button. D. . The operation fails because port 22 cannot be "orphaned. What is the effect of the following command entered at the switch CLI? What is the effect of the following command entered at the switch? CLI? E3500(vlan-200)# no untag 22 A.D. B.TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers F.

Port 23 is connected to the Root Bridge. console CLI C. . B. Port 23 is configured with a low Port Priority. Answer: C Question 11: You must configure an E-MSM Access Point that is configured for autonomous mode. Port 23 is connected to a switch that does not support Spanning Tree. Port 23 is connected to the Root Bridge through an intervening switch. Telnet CLI B. setup menu Answer: C Question 12: Click the Exhibit button.) A. C. web interface D. Which management interface must you use for this task? A.TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers What does the output shown in the exhibit indicate about this HP E3500-24G yl switch? (All switches in the Spanning Tree are at default settings. D.

Answer: B Question 14: What is the effect of the following command entered at the CLI of an HP E5400 zl Series switch? Switch(vlan-100)# end .TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers In the configuration shown in the exhibit. trk4 can carry traffic for multiple VLANs. A dynamic LACP link is defined. A trunk is defined with no protocol. B. C. A static LACP link is defined. users in all VLANs connected to either switch Answer: D Question 13: What is the effect of the following command entered at the CLI of an HP E5400 zl Series switch at default settings? Switch(config)# trunk a20-a24 trk4 A. users in VLAN 1 only B. D. users in VLAN 21 only C. which users can access the web management interface of the E5406 zl? A. users in all VLANs directly connected to the E5406 only D.

The CLI displays the Manager prompt. VLAN 100 is deleted from the switch. C. The trunk will automatically become a member of VLAN 101 and of all other VLANs configured for ports B21 through B24. and B23 are at default settings. Ports B21. Port B24 will continue to forward traffic for VLAN 101. D. Answer: B Question 15: Port B24 on an HP E5400 zl Series switch is a tagged member of VLAN 101. B. Answer: C Related HP0-Y30 Exams: HP0-644 HP0-285 HP2-Z15 HP0-M42 HP0-245 HP0-Y29 HS0-380 HP0-J43 HP2-B22 HP0-J35 HP3-031 HP0-Y36 HP0-D12 HP3-029 HP2-Z08 HP0-944 HP0-M30 HP3-042 HP0-M86 HP0-Y38 HP0-Y35 HP0-A23 HP3-025 HP2-Z07 HP0-M35 HP0-A13 HP0-P15 HP0-J32 HP0-S29 HS0-360 HP0-083 HP3-024 HP0-144 HP0-M33 HP0-A12 HS0-370 HP0-J31 HP2-Z16 HP0-Y31 HP0-A21 HP3-023 HP0-M38 HP0-J44 HP0-J40 HP0-P14 Popular Certification Exams: 117-303 HH0-330 190-612 HP0-D12 000-664 9A0-080 TK0-001 9E0-431 NR0-012 642-577 BH0-002 000-153 HP0-450 000-259 ICDL-Access Hot Certifications: LPIC Level 3 Sniffer Certified CCIP Professional iNet+ System Administrator . but other ports in the trunk will not. Port B24 will not forward traffic for VLAN 101 because the trunk has not been made a member of VLAN 101. D. Port B24 will not be included in the trunk until the trunk is made a tagged member of VLAN 101. What is the result of the following command? Switch(config)# trunk B21-B24 trk1 A. B22. The CLI displays the global configuration prompt. C. The CLI displays the Operator prompt.TestKing HP HP0-Y30 Exam Questions & Answers A. B.

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