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Research Methods in International Relations Week 2 – 26/02/2013 4 themes in order to have knowledge: the first theme is epistemology, it is about

knowledge. Epistémé is knowledge and logos is discourse in knowledge. knowledge. The second theme is philosophy of science. In english the usage of science is more technical. For example literature is considered as a science. The third is philosophy of language. Language is important in social sciences and humanities because we do much with language. Another is IR debate on method. In generating knowledge you have to follow certain parts. Research to take you to knowledge. In each theme we have some subheads. Under epistemelogy, we have position and norm. In order to get the true knowledge that we can use, we have to base on knowledge on the object as it is. Because there is going to be an object knowledge, knowledge above something. We have to get the position of the object of knowledge as the object presents itself. I want to know about something, i need to see, touch, weigh, feel that. The key concept is observation. I need to observe, how can ı challenge my knowledge without observing. And we put the emphasis on physical properties. All this observation leads to facts. I have knowledge as a result of these. According to another view, there is also norm. Norm refers to believes, conventions, ideas and uses in human society. According to one view, norms are as important as positions. Observation may not be enou[Company E-mail]gh we need to understand. You may have many references to the society, you understand the society. These are values. Values are as important as facts. When
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In english it is theory of

that means science is going to look very much religion. According to first argument to be scientific. Under philosophy of science. The criteria to test whether or not something is scientific should be falsifiability. it has to be verifiable. When we make theory if it is not falsifiable. it is not scientific and not theory. In the first statement there is no need for intervention of the society. Language is a toolbox we have. it means it is not scientific. Under this perspective something is what is understood by it. The second idea is falsification. This is the game view of language.we talk about facts. language is static unlike the second view. Under philisophy of language. something is what it means. the key word is obsevation. it has equivalent in reality. Under the IR debate on method there are 2 views. when we have values we have certain perceptions. language is not a picture of reality. the second view embraces the context. According to this view. In the pictorial view. In the second statement we are taking the audiences into the statement. testible. The second idea argues that verification makes science dogmatic. According to one view. it is moving all the time. we have two subheads. According to second view. There is world and language and between them there is a human language. Human language comes about in order to name the object which we are surrounded in the world. One is the classical view or historical method and the other is scientific method or quantitative method. In the secon view. If everything has to be verifiable. One is verification and the other is falsification. the meaning of piece of chalk is the property of the chalk. If a theory cannot be falsifiable. This is pictorial view of language. with language we play games. The first view ignores the context. language is a picture of reality. Page | 2 u D n Jeto n i j g ka i . Whatever in language. we have 2 views of knowledge.